11+ Tuition

What Do We Offer?

S6 Tutoring appreciate that every child has different needs when it comes to preparing for the 11+ examinations. We utilise a wide variety of work plans that can suit any budget and timescale; from parents who want their child to be tutored every day, to those who prefer to work through the learning resources with their child themselves and employ tutors to provide booster lessons in topics that prove to be particularly problematic.

How Does It Work?

We will make a home visit and carry out a series of practical assessments in order to establish your child’s current standard of attainment in English, Mathematics, Non Verbal Reasoning, Creative Writing and Verbal Reasoning. We provide comprehensive feedback and an expert recommendation on a 1-2-1 tutoring structure, tailored to suit the child’s needs in line with the parents’ preferences.

Our Commitment To You

From the outset, we outline the input clients can expect to receive from S6 Tutoring and also explain what is required from the children and their parents. We will provide the necessary level of educational support and services, and ensure that the education input goes beyond the examination itself. We encourage the whole family to take part in the tutoring process at all times and we promote a style and standard of work that the child will be expected to maintain at the grammar/ secondary school they hope to attend.

What Resources Can We Make Available?

Resource Pack

We are immensely proud of our resource pack that has been personally compiled by Stephanie Williams. Stephanie firmly believes that they are the optimum set of resources for delivering the 11+ syllabus in a way that children enjoy and comprehend. Many of our resources are unique and exclusively available to S6 Tutoring Academy clients.

The resource pack consists of three main parts:

  1. Maths
    Maths Workbooks
    Mental Arithmetic
    Problem Solving
    English Workbooks
    VR Question-type Practice
    VR Work books
    Non VR Workbooks
  2. 36 weeks of exam papers and a 10 week revision programme that is accessed via the members area of our website.
  3. 3. A tailor made reading tree, which consists of 20 books.

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