11+ FAQs & Figures

Why do children need tutoring for the 11+?

Children need preparation for this exam whether it comes from home or a tutor simply because the 11+ exam is extremely challenging. In addition, it contains elements which do not appear on the National Curriculum until Year 6 or even in some cases until KS3.

Most schools touch upon the subjects which are included but do not teach to the level required for this exam. It is important to seek guidance from a professional who has had experience within this field so that they can advise you on how to develop sufficient language skills and enables them to understand the different techniques in Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. Tutoring can help students to learn and understand various concepts which in turn allows them to apply it to the questions in the exam.

Even if you decide to do your own preparation, you might find it useful to use a tutor in the latter stages to aid in the marking of papers, providing feedback, identifying a work plan in order for you to carry out work on weaker areas. More importantly, you will need to work closely with your child to ensure corrections are done and understood.

Having had this preparation, all students are well within their comfort zone on the day of the exam and are flourishing with confidence.

How will my child benefit by attending the S6 Tutoring Academy 11+ Club?

The purpose of the 11+ club enables students to work under exam conditions every week, getting used to working to the exact level of the 11+ and preparing for the duration of each exam. Students find the three hours of working under exam conditions the most challenging which is why the 11+ Club has set this up so that they are well prepared for the exam on the day.

In terms of feedback from the mock exams, these are marked to identify their strengths as well as the areas to be developed. The results and breakdown of each of the students sitting the exam at the Club are then made available online by logging into the MEMBERS AREA to access their results & rankings.

The logic behind the 11+ Club is that students train above and slightly beyond what is expected of them so that the 11+ exam on the day is within their comfort zone.

What is Non Verbal Reasoning?

This exam is a problem solving exercise using diagrams and pictures.

What is Verbal Reasoning?

This exam is used to tests the candidate’s ability to solve problems using literacy and numeracy skills.

What score will I need to gain a place at a selective school?

This depends on the individual school and area. There is a cut off system in place which varies from year to year.

How do I know if my child is going to do well in the test?

You will be able to judge your child’s ability by their school reports which should indicate:

  • Their actual levels
  • The National Curriculum average.

Can you retake the 11+ exam?

This is the ONLY exam that cannot be retaken. GCSE’s, A-Levels and Diplomas can be retaken but this is the only exam you have one chance at passing.

Where can I get information about selective schools in my area?

Your local primary schools will be able to provide you with information. Alternatively, you can contact the National Grammar Schools Association for further information.

What subjects are tested for 11+ in my area?

Contact the Admissions Officer at your local grammar school.

What are the reasons for my child not doing well in the tests?

Nervousness and lack of preparation is the greatest negative influence, due to the exam being so difficult. Children respond well to incentives or rewards. It is important to make the reward a certainty as opposed to a condition. Other causes include the child preferring to go to the local school with his/her friends.

Buddy System

Once students have received their 11+ and or common entrance exam results, we try to set up a buddy system. This enables your child to meet with other students going to the same school as well as students who already attend that school. This also gives you the opportunity to meet other parents.

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