Unfortunately, Grammar / selective school places are getting increasingly difficult to secure. Knowing where to start with 11+ preparation can be a huge challenge in itself. The key competencies that will be tested in some way or form by all exam boards are:



Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Some children at top performing primary schools are given the foundation maths and English skills required, but our experience tells us that there are generally some quite significant knowledge gaps across the curriculum.

Furthermore, most children have not had any experience at all of Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. Our 11+ Resources pages offer a variety of applications and materials that we recommend.

If you would like a thorough understanding as to how your child is progressing prior to the 11+ examination, S6 are able to provide you with a full assessment. Our highly experienced tutors will test your child across all key areas and undertake a thorough gap analysis. This process will establish which areas of learning need reinforcement and which areas have not been covered by their school.

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