2011-2012 Results

Once again, S6 Tutoring Academy is delighted to say that 100% of students who received our recommended programme of 1-2-1 tutoring, Online Platform and 11 Plus Club,  passed their 11 Plus and achieved a place at a Grammar or chosen Private school. Competition for this year’s places was higher than ever and S6 Tutoring Academy is proud to announce that we are the leading tutoring providers in the county, with more of our students attaining places than the national based competition. It is clear that Grammar schools are raising the standard of the test and S6 Tutoring Academy is well equipped to deal with these changes.

Our results from the 11 Plus Club were amazing too;  nearly 80% of students who gave us feedback achieved a place at a chosen school.

Exam Results 2012

Students who passed and which parts of the course they participated in are detailed on this chart. A combination of all three components leads to higher scores and ranking in the final exam.

Exam Results 2012

Average scores for those who participated in our recommended 1-2-1, 11 Plus Club and Online Platform system are below.

English: 30.4/50

Maths: 33.5/40

VR: 65.9/80

Total: 349.5

Average Scores for those students who just participated in the 11 Plus Club are below.

English: 28.3/50

Maths: 29.8/40

VR: 61.5/80

Total: 328.7

As you can see, there is a clear distinction between those students who participate in all three areas with average ranking also being significantly higher.

Parents have also asked what improvements can be made and the progress of students in the 11 Plus Club. If we take our highest ranking student as an example, the progress will be clear.

Exam Results 2012

From week 1 and a score of 73% overall, this student improved over the weeks to a high of 91% in week 11

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