Task 4
6th December 2013
Task 6
20th December 2013


  1. Grace says:

    LEG GO
    On my holiday I went to the sunny lands of Tenerife. All of my family went with me including my: twin brothers (Jasper and Keith), my older brother (Charlie) and my typical teenage sister (Lexi, short for Alexis). My family were not the only people who went. My worst enemy, Jennifer Malone, and her family went as well. My family were delighted that the Malone family could come. This was because they had a little boy called Matt who always plays with my twin brothers, a teenage girl called Amelia that adores Charlie and teenage boy called Jordan who adores Lexi. Anyway, because it was so early when we got out of the car, we decided to have a bit fun. All of us went on the beach and played beach volleyball. Even Lexi played and she hated most sports. After a while the teenagers and adults went to sunbathe while Jennifer, Jasper, Keith, Matt and I had water fights with our water pistols. Then Jennifer told me to come with her. I had a feeling that she was going to play that game that I hated: Dare or Die. The whole point of the game is that you have to do a dare that you are given otherwise the person that gave you the dare will do something naughty and blame it on you. So I followed Jennifer up to the top of the hotel roof and dared me to jump down a tube that led straight down to the middle of the road. I was thinking ‘what should I do next?’

  2. Aidan says:

    The Edge
    Bang! Gun shots were everywhere in the midday sky, which was as bright as a lamp; there was a police and criminal chase going on.
    There was a break in at the National Bank of America and the criminals had stolen one million pounds! The police were quicker than the speed of light to get in pursuit of the thieving gang but the gang weren’t about to give up. Bang! There went another bullet. The police were resistant but were being shaken around, but what really kept them going was that there was someone on the edge of the helicopter about to fire a nuclear missile that they had stolen at them.
    The police were more worried about their own life than the criminals, because even if the criminals did survive, they would get the death sentence. The police took advantage of a pause and shot the helicopter. The helicopter remained in condition but the criminal on the edge fell off! The Missile fell first and exploded and left oblivion for the criminal to land in ………..

  3. Elle says:

    One day my family and I drove to Stansted and caught a plane to America. We went to visit, perhaps, the most famous city in the whole of America, New York City.

    When we got to New York, we found our hotel that we were supposed to stay. “It is ever so tall,” Sarah stated. Then I explained that it was called a Sky Scraper. When we were booked in, we found out that our rooms were on the very top floor. Imagine how we felt when there was no lift. We had to climb up the stairs!

    There were lots of stairs to climb one, two, three, four … 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003, in the end I gave up counting. At last! We found the end of the stairs. Our apartment stuck quite a good bit out of the building.

    When we unlocked the door, Sarah went skipping across the floor. “Stop!” I screamed. It was to late. She had skipped over the hole. I went to inspect it. It was not a hole it was just a glass floor that looked like a hole.

  4. Isla says:

    The Weirdest Nightmare

    “Night mum, night Dad.” I said as I climbed the rickety stairs to my bedroom.
    “Good night Leo…” my Mum and Dad called up to me.
    As soon as I lay down in bed, I was plunged into the darkness of sleep.

    Suddenly, I was standing on a glass floor. ‘I know this place, its the CN Tower in Toronto’ I thought. Then I said aloud “It’s getting really hot in here…” But I didn’t get time to finish what I was saying because, by then, the glass had all ready melted, and I was falling.

    Down, down, down I fell, the ground rushing towards me. I knew I was going to die, my heart was racing, I couldn’t breathe, but when the ground was too close for comfort, it turned into my bedroom floor! Phew, at least it was a dream or was it all real ? There was molten glass on the carpet. Mum and Dad the light bulb exploded but I think it’s from the CN Tower.

  5. Archie says:

    Let’s Go!

    High above the Russian City war was in full swing, helicopters everywhere, Russian planes were flying swiftly up into the battlefield. The Russian air force quickly outnumbered the Irish air force, with their first class fighting machines the Russians could easily get rid of the Irish. It was a gruesome beginning, the machines started to let their engines rip, soon enormous shards of metal started falling to the ground. Down in the crushed city the petrified citizens took cover in an underground tunnel, what a fight! Back up in the bright blue sky every type of gun you could imagine was firing at the enemy fleet. Some aircrafts were even crashing into others. Finally the battle was coming to an end but there were still a few aircraft left, then all of a sudden … a blast, a bang, and a boom! One of the Russian helicopters got hit, smoke came gushing out of the side of the metal machine, the men inside the helicopter felt afraid that they would never see their families again. Suddenly the crazed pilot had an idea, as a quick as a flash he gave his quivering soldiers all a parachute and opened the escape exit, he dangled his feet over the edge, and hollered “Let’s go!” and with that they all leapt out of the bottom of the helicopter. They were frightened but brave as they jumped, they pressed the button to make the parachute eject and they glided safely to the ground.

  6. giles says:

    test for blog report

  7. Chris says:

    It was another Boring Saturday, staying at home doing my school homework when suddenly Knock, Knock, Knock!
    Moments Later, My dad came to my room feeling all excited and happy because he had booked the last tickets for the highest hotel ever.
    All day, my family and me spend precious time packing up. Until we were all done it was nearly midnight. The next day was tiring, we spend hours on the plane to Washington DC but finally we were there. Unfortunately when the introducer showed us the residence were we were sleeping, I very nearly fainted. It was like floating in the air near the edge of a cliff. I didn’t even dare touch the floor.
    I was frightened!

  8. Benj says:

    I stepped up anxiously to the gargantuan London Eye.I was petrifyied , that the pod would ascend and when it descended the cart would be deserted.The endless wait to your peril whispered a voice in my head.Eventually,I stepped into the transparent pod, a friendly tour guide greeting me cautiously.When I was younger imagined the pod,when it reach the peek it would tip upside down.My magnificent mother assuring me I was safe.The London Eye was as tall as the Empire State Building.

    The pod traveling as slow as a snail was ascending revealing all the fascinating .The mucky,muddy River Thames flowing with a speedy current.People the size of ants drawing ever further way from me.

    When reached the peek my mother reassuring me.I was shaking, thinking I was going faint.Now I could see the modern Houses Of Parliament.My panicky feeling changed, now it was the experience of a lifetime . Unfortunatly, I was nearing the end of my adventure.When I took one step off I wished I could relive the entire experience again . I was overwhelmed, my day was made!”Where next?” my mother asked.

  9. Leg Go
    One day, I went to sleep and had a strange dream. If you want to know what it is about then read on… Me and my family went out to Miniland which is in Legoland. It was just full of lego people doing different jobs ;like there was a little man being a farmer looking after cattle and chickens. I saw a train going round on a rail and a ship sailing through a sea which was just a bit of water. Then suddenly I saw my little sister Elisha starting to to break pieces of the buildings.

    I had to quickly pull her away because the security guard was about to see her. Elisha took some pieces in her hand and she wouldn’t let go of it. The security guard saw me and Elisha and he stormed up to me. He shouted at me and called my Mum and Dad to come instantly. We all tried to get the pieces out of Elisha’s hand and the we finally got it out. Later on Mum and Dad shouted at me continuously that I had to look after Elisha more better or she could have even eaten the pieces of lego which could be extremely dangerous. We weren’t allowed to ever go to that place again until Elisha was old enough to not take any more pieces. She was only two so it was going to be a long wait till she was old enough.

    I suddenly woke up and called Mum and she instantly came upstairs and into my bedroom. I told her ” Can we not got to Legoland until Elisha is old enough like roughly five years old.” Mum replied back to me asking why did I ask this peculiar question so I told her my dream and she okay.

  10. Thomas.w says:

    Wet cement dash

    It was a dark cold December eve. The hull to London gold train clattered through Essex but at it it’s next bridge waiting,
    We’re robbers…
    Then the poor old train driver saw a red signal,
    He stopped,
    Then he saw guns and swords rattle!!!
    He desperately tried to get out of the train but the doors were locked!!!
    He got bonked on the head,
    And the robbers took all the booty!!!
    But then out of nowhere came tobias the policeman!!!
    He bravely surrounded the robbers blocking them just by a pile of wet cement…
    But just he had pushed them into the cement,
    He’s helicopter began to dangle…

  11. Jenna Clark says:

    The Figure

    I was in the aeroplane going home from Florida. my ears popped, my dad was asleep and my sister was just texting.( My mum was already at home because she wasnt feeling too good.) My name is Jenna, my blonde, shiny, glossy hair (says my mum,) was all knotty and was in a pony tail.
    When we got back to the UK my blue eyes glistened because it was a beautiful frosty morning and i was relived to be back home. When leaving the departure there was thousands of people every where…( i think you know whats going to happen.) I soon lost my way and was battered between people. I had lost Dad, Lauren I couldn’t even see the plane because there was so many people! I was finally pushed out of the barbaric herd of hooligans. (called humans.) and it was my chance to see if I could find my dad or my beloved sister.
    I somehow got destracted however and, well….. there was something that sparkled from the corner of my eye. So i stupidly went after it! I dont even know WHY!! i raced towards it and I found myself in a somewhat garden!
    In the middle of an airport! possibly not!!!
    But i was i really was…! you see i dont even know myself but these things just happen to me its like the mouse and the lion again!! but this time i wasnt dreaming…
    I had to wake myself up I pinched myself four times, convinced myself seven times and finally whizzed around twenty times to find myself once again in the garden, but something happened… I cant even….It was terrifying a catastrophy! a horrifying expericence whatever you want to call it i was ….. well and truly shocked, gobsmacked, amazed, bamboozaled woow!!
    I found myself standing on thin glass! how could this happen im going insane!! it was taller than mount blanc, higher than the empire state building bigger than cloud nine!!!! Alll the way to the airport i was looking down upon!
    woahh, gosh! it was unbeliveable, undescribale and magnificent at the same time!
    what was i going to do?? then I realise this dark, tall menasing figure next to me looking down but not shocked or wowwed as i was or at all!
    In stead of looking down i look at it or him or her…and they looked at me. Now i felt worse than before, well ever.
    I was in this container taller than the clouds, next to this horrifying figure! what could go wrong? :/
    until all the glass shattered into millions of pieces and the figure had vanished and i was falling falling so fast that i couldnt breath and i coyuld see my life flashing before my eyes and when i was just about to hit the ground it was darkness. The next frosty morning i was in my bed! safe and sound, and instead of feeling realived and happy i felt disapointed! because I didnt really have an adventure! oh well many more to come!!!
    and i wonder what my next one will be?

  12. Thomas says:

    It was a bright, sunny day in busy Blackpool and I was just about to start on what I thought would be a brilliant holiday, My whole family were really excited as we had never been to Blackpool which was quite surprising as we have been to many places. Just as we neared our destination my little brother Jimmy, let out a squeal of excitement as he saw the giant amusement park. A grin as big as the sun beamend across my face as I saw Blackpool emerge in front of me. I’d studied Blackpool before so I knew where I wanted to go. I shouted out, “let’s go to the tower!” I started to ebb towards it as I wanted to be able to absorbe all this fun and excitement. A huge, exciting building towered over me. I couldn’t wait.

    I was halfway up the long, ever winding stairs when I asked, ” Can…we stop…now…for a rest?” My family then simultaneously echoed “Yes!” After a break and some tasty snacks we continued until we finally reached the very peak of the enormous builidng. As I stepped out a cold whoosh of air hit me and made me abit more lively. I stared down throught the glass and it made all the humans look like tiny ants. I quickly staggered off the glass as I heard a crack. The glass had broken and I just managed to tug my brother to safety! My safe family immediately rushed home and never spoke of it again.

  13. SKY DIVING!!!
    It was my friend Bill who started my sky diving. It was my friend Bill who went with me on my first sky-dive. In fact, Bill was, and still is my best friend.
    At first, I was so scared, I nearly had a mental brake-down, but Bill, who, in my opinion is the best person to rely on told me the secret …
    DON’T LOOK DOWN UNTIL YOU ARE ABOUT 10 FEET HIGH !!! I now even do it for charity, I call it “The Annual Sky Dive” and my friends and I (one of which is Bill )always raise hundreds of pounds . Every year I’m the first to jump and I always wish my feet were long enough to touch the ground from the plane!

  14. Jasmin says:

    The fireman standing on the roof!

    On the 26th of October there was a really heavy storm and at the very top of the gigantic building called Barclays, there was a stained glassed roof panel. The wind and the horrid rain was a terrible disaster and the stained glassed roof panel had fallen off so there was a massive puddle of water in the middle of someones office. When the rain had stopped, the head of the office called a fireman and the fireman climbed onto the roof and went to the missing panel. Suddenly…… the wind started to blow and the rain started to pour! The fireman on the roof had fixed the roof panel and put a tile in replace but he couldn’t get down and then as quick as a cheater, it was HAIL STONES! The fireman couldn’t resist the hail stones so he weirdly decided to jump off of the tallest building but died straight away after landing on his back.

  15. Hannah says:

    Walking higher, higher and higher the tall transparent stairs were truly frightening, seeing millions of tiny heads beneath me, I was heading for the top of the dome; I’d look down seeing millions of dots buzzing around beneath me. I’d been there many times though it was always just as amazing. Three quarters of the way up I heard a boom, pieces of glass began racing down towards the city. A helicopter zoomed past CRASH, BANG AND BOOM another thousand shards of glass sped past.
    Rushing down, pushing my way past, desperate to get to safety. Soon I realized I was standing invulnerable in the city. That was when they explained that the greatest landmark of all time was slowly disintegrating. My favourite place had now turned into a danger zone.
    A unique but peculiar feeling began flooding my body.

  16. Raiyaan says:

    As I walked on board the helicopter, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. For a few seconds, there was deafening silence. Then, gripping onto my seat, the colosall,red helicopter kissed the ground goodbye annd lifted off. The sensation was exhilerating. The propellors sped round continuously. WHOOSH! WHOOSH! WHOOSH!

    We were ascending faster than the speed of light . As I gazed out of the window, awe-struck, all I could make out was a blue blur. Suddenly we slowed down and as the blue blur cleared, immense lumps of cotton wool drifted into view like phantoms. Suddenly, a queer grinding noise came from the engine. Why was the engine playing up? What was happening?! As if answering my thoughtd, the pilot, a small, stout figure that usually wore a disgruntled expression, appeared with a faer-struck face.

    “S-sorry to d-d-disturb you s-sir but I have some g-good news and some b-bad news”, stuttered the panicky pilot.
    “Tell me the good news”, I said.
    “The g-good news is we’re l-l-landing”, replied the pilot.
    “And what is the bad news” I said.
    ” The b-bad news, s-s-sir, is we’re c-crash l-landing!!!”, exclaimed the piolit. ” S-sir you need to w-wear a p-parachute p-pack so yo can l-leap out of the h-h-helicopter”.
    Listening to the pilot in despair, I said in a grim voice, ” If it is the only thing to save our lives then we must do it.”
    The pilot swiftly bestowed me with a parachute pack, then led me to a glass floor where I was yo jump down and escape before I met my death.

    I looked down in wonder and gazed intently ast the miniscule trees, houses, buildings and hedges- they all looked like toys. The pilot’s voice brought me back to reality. “It’s time…”

  17. Georgia says:

    The Worst Holiday

    I was on holiday in sunny Dubai with my brother (Joey ) and my parents . Joey was not much older than me for I was twelve he was fifteen. Our parents could not come on this holiday because of a situation that happened in Japan , my Dad is a policeman , and apparently my Mum had to come too . so i was stuck with Joey and my grandparents , who are so boring.

    On the second day we were at my grandparents my brother thought it was a good idea to go up the tallest building in Duabi !!!! And of course my grandparents thought it was a good idea too.

    When the four of us got there Joey whispered to me
    “When we get up there , why don’t you stand in the glass box and look down otherwise ill tell grandma and granddad what you said about them “.

    Why ! i thought . why would joey ask me that . i then had a terrible thought , he is trying to terrify me with my worst fear , heights.

    grandma told me some boring facts about Duabi . they were either about the resteraunts or the heat , which in my case is boring. as we slowly made our way to the kilometere high top of this building , Joey gave me some very cheeky and evil smirks.

    We made it to the top . I slowly made my way towards the glass box .
    i then heard grandma say , ” no don’t do that , Erin Joey is brave enough to do it!”

    I almost started laughing about what grandma had said.Joey gave me an evil face saying i’m going to kill you , at least grandma and grandpa were here ! Joey also hates heights , so I watched very pleasantly of my brother making his way towards the glass box . then out of nowhere the glass box shattered with Joey inside !

    “Erin are you alright , ” I heard my brother say as we were about to go inside the building . Should i go into the glass box ?…………..

  18. Leila T says:

    Ocketty Joey!

    This is a story about how the tall windy building got its name.
    Joey is an archetect and loves drawing and creating but this story isnt about creating something…well it is a little bit, its about how a building got its name. Now this building already had a name. Its name was Ocketty and Ocketty happened to be Joey’s last name.

    On the 11th May 2005 Joey over heard a conversation about a broken tile on the roof of this tall, bendy building and ran over to see if he could help.
    ‘No im sorry Joey, your not fit for the job.’ Said Dean anxiously.
    ‘But…please i can do this! Just trust me!’ Joey replied convincinly.
    ‘Ok mate..but you’ve got only one chance, if you blow it it will all go wrong.’ Dean exclaimed.
    ‘Thank you bud, i could go up there an architect and come down a hero!’
    ‘Thats if you do come down!’ Dean whispered to his self walking away.
    Joey made his way to the stair to get to the pointy top of the extraordinary building. He then climbed to the top and then fixed the tile in a blink of an eye! Weirdly he saw a massive bird fly across infront of him…then he realised, it wasnt a bird it was a man! Joey leaped out off of the tall bendy building and caught the man that had either jumped , fallen or been pushed of another building. It was lucky because they had a lucky landing and no one was hurt. The man thanked Joey and it really did make him a hero! Since then they named the building he jumped off of to save a man, Ocketty Joey!

    By Leila T

  19. Peter says:

    M.I.6 Top secret Classified Files
    A few months after the promotion of James Bond to 007, we sent an a early promoted agent called JB Tomas on an assassin hunt to retrieve the biggest amount of money stolen ever in the history of humanity. 007 was on a mission we call Skyfall, to capture a traitor who used to worked for us. 007 was our 1st choice though JB hadn’t had a debut mission yet.

    He caught track of the thief trying to store the money at Barclays. JB’s code name was 0008 though he had been training for only 1 year so he wasn’t experienced on the field. JB had only been training for 1 year though he knew how to fire a gun properly. He had not been expecting backup for the thief so he was forced to stab one of them just in time. The noise the backup had made was so loud that the thief started to make a run.

    The Chase had begun…

    JB pulled out his gun and started to climb onto the lift and just had time to grab onto the bottom of the lift. The thief was now outside on the top of the roof. JB pointed the gun and the criminal said “You shoot me and the money goes down,” and he jumped off the building and deployed a parachute. JB said “Happy landings,” and shot the parachute so the man fell down and broke his neck.

    M leader of M.I.6

  20. Ben STAN says:

    My life

    I’m falling, down I go off a building , about to end my life, but before that I’ll start from the beginning. I was happy as a child everything I could of wanted but I went on and on I got, I got, but I wished I had someone to share it with. My Dad was at work, my Mum was too busy doing household chores. When I was about thirteen I had a baby brother. He was cute but naughty. When I got to eighteen I moved out the house and worked for a sky diving company, I was paid millions of pounds. I did my next dive at the age of twenty two. So here I am, at the end of it, I was getting closer and closer, until I realized I lived a happy life. I fell down and was happy as I died.

    Jack Morrison


  21. Caitlin O says:

    One delightful morning, my mum and I were going on a wonderful trip to London. It was a calm journey there but long, we didn’t mind as we were jumping with excitement and the time went quickly.

    When we got there we saw a towering building called the Lillies. I begged and begged my mum to go up there and finally she gave up and said yes. We climbed and climbed and eventually got to the top. The guide told us to stand on a clear platform and look down, so I stood on it and looked down, it was TERRIFYING. My hands were sweaty and my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. Hundred of feet below I saw people on the street looking like ants hurrying about their business.
    “Mum you have got to see this!” I shouted to her. My mum backed away but I grabbed her hand and got her on the clear platform. She kept a grip of the wall and didn’t look down. She as well was terrified and she looked at me with a panicked face.
    “I don’t care what’s down there, just get me out of here,” she whispered. We climbed down and made our way home.

  22. sammy joujou says:

    It all started on a sunny autumn day while I was working in my office. Through the vast chaos outside my door I heard a Bang! Crash! Bang! Then cars breaking abruptly making my papers dance in the commotion. I peered out the window. Cars driving normally but, then I looked out of the door. With a great swoosh! I closed my eyes……
    It felt like seconds had turned to minutes and minutes had turned to hours as my eyes gazed at something bright. It looked like a lamp when instantaneously I realised it was the sun and I was falling. Falling and gaining pace. The cars grew bigger every time I fell a meter as I looked at our floor torn to shreds, which the cars had been beeping at. My spine felt ice-cold as I screamed out nervously. The buildings grew closer in sight as I knew this would be the end. I emptied my last thoughts and my last view of this wonderful world. I closed my eyes and waited for it to happen….
    I could hear beeping now. I knew I most be close. But before I knew I was going to hit the ground something peculiar happened. Boing! I bounced! I opened my eyes to find that I was alive. I knew this was a dream I was going to tell my kids…..

  23. Sandhana says:

    worst dream ever !!!

    ” Bye grandma see you in easter ”
    It was the starting of a new year I spent the whole christmas with my grandma and dad was picking me up.
    I hopped into the car and put my seatbelt on while dad was starting the car. As a waved to grandma for last time until easter we drove off.
    I felt a bit drowsy looking at the street lights on the motorway so I closed my eyes, and soon enough i was asleep!!!
    Just then I was standing on a tall building way up high. I started walking then I looked down I was standing on thin air.
    Suddenly this black thing started creeping towards me. I ran and ran and just then Iwoke up.
    I was in my own room ,my own flat, my own bed.
    was this a true dream i don’t know but I would never like to find out again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. It was my friend Bill who started my sky diving. It was my friend Bill who went with me on my first sky-dive. In fact, Bill is my best friend.
    At first, I was so scared, I nearly had a mental brake-down, but Bill, who, in my opinion is the best person to rely on told me the secret …
    I now even do it for charity. I call it “The Annual Sky Dive” and my friends and I (one of which is Bill )always raise hundreds of pounds .
    I can also do so many stunts now, because of Bill, of course. I do flips, rolls, turns, of many-a-kind.
    Every year I’m the first to jump, I always walk to the edge of the plane, stop, wish my feet were long enough to touch the ground, put on my parachute and hurl myself from the plane. Once I’m in the air the fears just whoosh off and I’m free to be free.
    I always think that this amazing stunt show should get the ‘Stunt Show Of The Year’ award, and it did.

  25. Jazzie says:

    The surprise that changed me forever!

    Bump! The long, thin bus, as gold as a gold ingot journeyed as it whizzed over the uneven cobbles. I was really bored after a huge bump came along. I was also lonely, excited, hungry, as I had no breakfast, and I was really thirsty. I was on a school trip going to this ‘interesting and fun surprise building.’ But I don’t think it is going to be ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ because we’ve been sitting in the bus for 3 hours! (that’s half a school day!) Anyway, the bus was 10 feet long, held 27 passengers, had foggy windows (so there’s no point in looking through them because you’ll see nothing but white) and was so shiny.

    When we arrived I was relieved after a 3 and 3/4 hours journey; 225 minutes. We, my class, went to the nearest lift but it said ‘out of order’ on it so we climbed the 200 stairs to the top of the building and we looked all the way down to the ground, through some glass. That was meant to be the ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ part.

    Then we had lunch. I sat on the glass and looked at the ground while eating a sandwich and drinking some coke.

    Then the glass cracked and the next thing I knew I was falling, at 100mph, down to the ground! No one saw me while I was falling. Luckily I didn’t fall anymore! I was flying! I just gently glided to the Earth. Once on the ground I climbed the steps, with my lunch in my hands, and went back to the class.

    Finally when I got home I went to bed as it was 22:03! The next morning I felt a little unsure of something. But didn’t know what it was.

  26. Bobs says:

    It was a sunny, Sunday morning, Jess and Darren were getting ready to go to Blackpool. Darren was excited but Jess wasn’t, she was the complete opposite, she was scared that she was going to go up the Blackpool tower,

    The bad thing was that their Dad said “guess what we are going to do today” and that scared the life out of Jess she was as scared as a rabbit. Jess’ teeth were chattering now like mad, Darren said “are we going on the Blackpool pier”
    “No we aren’t” replied dad.
    “Well where are we going the” Darren said in exciment.
    “I think I know” said Jess.
    “Were then” replied Dad.
    “Blackpool tower” said Jess.
    “Correct” replied Dad.

    She was so scared and the bad thing was that she suffers with vertigo and she’s clostaphobic so its not good. She was as scared as a hog being chased by a lion. So they started to go up the tower every step of the way she was getting scared. She was really nervous when she could see how tall it was she was getting dizzy. She got to the top quite slowly, she looked down and it was a wonderful view!

  27. Daisy Parker says:

    It was a scorching hot, sunny day. The sun was shining a red and orange colour. The sky was clear and as blue as the deep sea with only a few scattered clouds here and there.

    Milly had just turned 10 and was on a luxurious holiday to New York with her magnificent mum and dad. They all thought New York was amazing. It was better than anywhere they had ever been before. The sights were amazing and so interesting to see. All the people were really friendly. There was no other place they wanted to be.

    They had been in New York for 9 long tiering days. But to their great disappointment today was their last day. They had come to the magnificent city of New York for the astonishing sight seeing. Today Milly’s brave family would climb to the very top of the enormouse Empire State building.

    It took a great 2 hours to reach the top of the building and once they had reached it everyone was exhausted. But everyone asked the same question, how would they get down?

    Suddenly they heard an excited voice coming from the speaker “welcome to the slide ride!” What was the slide ride? Everyone was quarrelling about it. They hadn’t paid for a ride. They had no choice but to slide down. It was a narrow tube that finished in the gift shop. They all lined up ready to zoom down the slide.

    They twisted and twirled down the slide and all screamed “Ahh!”. It was awesome. The ride was a great way to spend their last day and they loved it.

  28. SKY DIVING!!!

    It was my friend Bill who started my sky diving. It was my friend Bill who went with me on my first sky-dive. In fact, Bill is my best friend.
    At first, I was so scared, I nearly had a mental brake-down, but Bill, who, in my opinion is the best person to rely on told me the secret …
    Over the years I started doing sky diving lessons, I practiced and I practiced and as they say ‘practice makes perfect’, well that’s what happened to me, I became perfect (or so said my coaches (there were two, one on the plane, one on the ground)). I now even do it for charity. I call it “The Annual Sky Dive” and my friends and I (one of which is Bill )always raise hundreds of pounds. And if you were wondering were all that money goes to, it goes to the country and to various different charities. I can also do many stunts now. I do flips, rolls, turns, of many-a-kind.
    Every year I’m the first to jump, I always walk to the edge of the plane, stop, wish my feet were long enough to touch the ground, put on my parachute and hurl myself from the plane. Once I’m in the air the fears just whoosh off and I’m free to be free. Once, I remember, as I was doing a practise land, I was nearly suffocated because, when I landed, I didn’t run forward, or take the backpack that held the parachute off, so it landed on me.
    I always think that this amazing stunt show should get the ‘Stunt Show Of The Year’ award, and it did one year, when I got in a muddle and accidently did much cooler tricks than I was meant to, so did the others!

  29. joshuaO says:

    Sky dive

    I glanced at the world below me. I was petrified. My legs were shaking like jelly; teeth chattering constantly. Tiny dots moved ever so slowly below. I could not jump so I closed my eyes and a man pushed me out of the plane. “AAAHHH” I shrieked as I rushed through the cool air. I finally landed in a hay stack. “Yeah, that was awesome!” I announced.

    From that day on I became a professional sky diver and I earned 6 figure incomes every week.

  30. Tunmise A says:

    My Best Adventure Turns Into My Worst!!!

    If you have just chosen to read this story then it is not to late not to read it, as in this story but fear and fright shine upon Rachel and her family.

    One bright, luminous day Rachel and her family were at the reception of Hilton hotel checking in.

    “You are in room 25 on the 5th floor, have a lovely stay here at Hilton” said the receptionist
    “Wow this is the best hotel ever” said Rachel looking out of a glass window with silver frame.
    What a sight she thought to herself.
    “Well we better go to our room because I am extremely tired” said dad yawning and stretching.
    “Ok” said Rachel skipping towards the lift. She pressed the button and waited with her family for the doors to open. The lift arrived and they walked in with their luggage.
    “Floor 5 going up” said the lift but something very peculiar happened, the lift was going very fast and the door would not open (dramatic music) oh no!
    Rachel’s dad pressed the emergency button but the buttons wouldn’t work!
    Someone has been playing an expensive trick on them but who could that be? This remains a mystery to resolve.

  31. One late morning, there was a man going for a tour in the Shard. Suddenly, he woke up and looked at his watch. He gasped because he had to leave in five minutes. Once he was dressed, he ran out the door into his car and drove off.
    Just as he arrived, there was a really long line so he went to queue up. Although the line was long it was moving very fast because you just have to sigh your name to get in. The man was going higher, higher and higher as if the building didn’t have a top until it was time to go back down in a glass elevator. The elevator took people down one at a time so the man went first. He took his first step and heard it creak when suddenly the glass fell apart! The man held onto the edge of the building in fright and he shouted for help continuously. The police were barging in and pulled the man up with all their strength and the man was saved.
    The story was all over the news and it became a date in everyone’s diary as he was known as the glass man. The Shard became famous for the glass man and everyone wanted to experience the fright. The Shard invented a ride called the glass fright. Not only is this a business tower but became a tourist attraction.

  32. SKY DIVING!!!

    It was my friend Bill who started my sky diving. It was my friend Bill who went with me on my first sky-dive. In fact, Bill is my best friend. At first, I was so scared, I nearly had a mental brake-down, but Bill, who, in my opinion is the best person to rely on told me the secret … DON’T LOOK DOWN UNTIL YOU ARE ABOUT 10 FEET FROM THE GROUND!!! I still remember the tension that built up in the plane as I tentatively tiptoed to the door. I still remember the feeling of absolute freedom after I had cautiously stepped off of the edge.
    Over the years I started doing sky diving lessons, I practised and I practised and as they say ‘practice makes perfect’, well that’s what happened to me, I became perfect (or so said my coaches (there were two, one on the plane, one on the ground)). I now even do it for charity. It’s called “The Annual Sky Dive” and my friends and I (one of which is Bill )always raise hundreds of pounds. And if you were wondering were all that money goes to, it goes to the country and to various different charities. I can also do many stunts now. I do flips, rolls, turns, of many-a-kind.
    Every year I’m the first to jump, I always walk to the edge of the plane, stop, wish my feet were long enough to touch the ground, put on my parachute and hurl myself from the plane. Once I’m in the air the fears just whoosh off and I’m free to be free. Once, I remember, as I was doing a practise land, I was nearly suffocated because, when I landed, I didn’t run forward, or take the backpack that held the parachute off, so it landed on me.
    I always think that this amazing stunt show should get the ‘Stunt Show Of The Year’ award, and it did one year, when I got in a muddle and accidentally did much cooler tricks than I was meant to, so did the others!

  33. Shrey Biswas says:

    It wasn’t my fault that I had acrophobia. I just… had. I was terrible at handling loftiness. So, it is quite evident that I had not picked our holiday destination to be Alpstrak, the biggest curve on the tallest viewing observatory on the highest apex of the biggest mountain that humanity had conquered (A few galaxies away). It was on planet X; the one that in fact turned out to be extremely far away. We took the local wormhole, and arrived there in fifteen milliseconds. I would have preferred two seconds.

    Of course Alcrin wanted to go straight to the top and go in the glass viewing box. She knew my fear. I bet she was doing it especially for me. And my parents always listen to her, not me. The lift took a minute to ascend the 9 septillion mile route to the top. And that was the fastest one. Dad grumbled that the council needed to make that stupid list faster. For me it was too fast. My theory about her suggestion to go to the top was confirmed when I saw Alcrin’s duplicitous smile. “Hey.” she said, raising her voice so that everyone could hear her. “I’ve decided to be nice to you today. I’ll let you have first go in the box.” I noticed her nine hundred and ninety nine thousand decillion pixel HD recorder stuck in her back pocket. She was going to record me.
    “I hate acrophobia.” I thought.
    Then I remembered my handmade deluxe laser cutter and hacker that I had become inseparable to. I discreetly hacked into the camcorder and made sure that it would switch my body with Alcrin’s. Then I stepped in.

    Immediately my heart began to beat faster. My Adams apple swelled, constricting my throat. “At least I won’t be able to scream.” I told myself. I tried not to look down. But, ofcourse, as soon as I tried not to, I did. And, somehow I screamed. I tried to console myself, that I was fine, that I’d hacked into the recorder, that I was in a box. And, slowly, I stepped out. Then a grin spread over my face
    . “Your turn now.”I said to Alcrin. She was petrified of heights – even more than me. I sprayed a web of cracks across the glass with the laser cutter, made sure they wouldn’t fall apart, and smiled sweetly at Alcrin. “I’ll take care of that to you.” I told her. I slid the recorder out of her pocket and pushed her in. Her eyes widened as she saw the cracks.
    “Beep.” went the recorder.
    Time to start recording.

  34. The Glass Floor

    I had just climbed the worlds tallest tower with my family. Little did I know what would be at the top .

    Right there in front of me was a glass floor. My eyes suddenly shut and my heart was racing. I edged forward squeezing Mummy’s hand, and my sister Sally shouted with excitement. Sally had always wanted to look through a glass floor. Me, on the other hand, not so keen!. Sally has always been excited about heights, where I feel much happier on the ground.
    Mummy squeezed my hand and whispered to me, ” Go on Robyn you can do it. ”

    I finally opened my eyes and saw the most amazing sight ever!
    The people walking along the paths looked like ants marching about their merry way, and the cars looked like toys whizzing along a race track. Buildings look like they had been made of Lego and the fields looked like a babies blanket . I felt like a bird looking down with this birds eye view of the world.

    I felt so glad that I had looked through the glass floor to see the world this high up.

  35. “Lets go to London!” My little sister Betsy said.
    “Fine!” My little brother Dexter said.
    “Shall we go on the London eye?” I asked them both.
    “Yeah!” Betsy cried.
    “Fine!” Dexter said.
    “I know you do actually want to go to London you know.” Betsy said to Dexter.
    “I don’t want to go to London, I want to stay at home!” Dexter replied.
    Yep, I know, being the oldest is absolutely rubbish. I’m 13, Betsy is 8, and Dexter is 6. Mum is at work, and so is Dad. I also have my cousin upstairs who is 18. She is looking after us whilst Mum and Dad are at work. She is Olivia. She is nice, but she is not sorting out the arguments that Dexter and Betsy are starting. I leave them squabbling and I go upstairs to see what Olivia is doing.
    “They’ve decided they want to go to London.” I tell her.
    “Okay nice one, we need to go and get train tickets then don’t we.”
    “Yes,” I said, “Shall I nip to the station and you three can catch me up?” I ask.
    “If mum lets you do that then yes.” Olivia smiled.
    I smiled back at her and nodded. We arrived at the station together and I had already bought tickets.
    “We want to go on the London Eye!” Betsy told Olivia.
    “Okay then, good idea,” Olivia replied, looking up from her phone. “We’ll need tickets for that then too.”
    “I’ll buy them, I’ll probably have enough,” I said trying to help.
    “Oh no it’s okay Ruby, I’ll have enough.”
    We arrive at London. It isn’t very busy when we get to The Big Wheel! We give the man our tickets we bought earlier and jump into a carriage with no one else inside, and the wheel starts to move. I look down and can see the carriage below. we see all sorts of buildings like the Gerkin and the shard, Dexter enjoys it too which is good.

  36. Ryan w says:

    A dad was waking up, because he need to go to his job. His job was a archaeologist( if you don’t know what an archaeologist is I’ll tell you a archaeologist is a person who dig up fossils ). After every job he would come back covered in mud, his job is 8 hours long, the time he gets back is 8:40 pm. In his work he found a dinosaur fossil a medieval coin a time capsule a Viking ship and some more coins.

    He loved the job, because he loved the way that the fossils are interesting and cool. When he got home his wife and kids were preparing a surprise , when he got home he got told the surprise the surprise was they were going to a museum.

    When they got there he looked up and saw how high it was, when he entered the museum he was amazed what they have found, when he got higher his children got scared, he just told them not to look down, they took the advice and they did fine. When they reached the top they saw a clear window and saw a amazing view. When he got home he was astonished at what they had there. He would never forget this day.

  37. The Edge

    I stare down at the ground,
    I start to tremble wildly,
    My legs turn into jelly,
    I try to pick myself up but I’m scared and I feel heavy.
    My mum warns me to stay away,
    But I just can’t help myself, to stare down at the ground and think to myself.
    The world is down below,
    And somehow I’m scared of it.
    But actually I like that feeling,
    In some way you’d think you’re dreaming.
    When I go to bed and when I’m actually dreaming,
    My dreams depend on what has happened on that evening.
    So if you ever get that feeling in your tummy,
    And you feel like you’re going to fall off the edge,
    Take it on, be brave and never give up on yourself.
    And never do what I did, because what I did was silly.
    Promise, promise, promise.

  38. Will Chow says:

    The endless fall
    The fall is terrifying! Will I survive or will I die a horrible death!
    How could this ever happen to me, what did I do to deserve this?
    Endless falls of terror and fear await me soon.

    Exact horror and fear rush towards me with evil snares,
    No turning back not right now I have got to do this!
    Death feels like an option but there’s no way that’s going to happen!
    Like it or not I have to do this! I am not a coward instead I am a brave
    Edit this thing they should have a smaller drop,
    Scary feelings are running through my body with an endless stop,
    School is horrible but right now I’d rather be there!

    Feel brave not scared! I’m saying to myself but what can I do?
    All my courage and happiness are gone so it’s up to me to do this!
    Lions and snakes are not as frightening as this death-defying drop
    Luck is the only thing I have now so wish me good luck and here I go…….

  39. The Edge
    I stare down at the ground,
    I start to tremble wildly,
    My legs turn into jelly,
    I try to pick myself up but I’m scared and I feel heavy.
    My mum warns me to stay away,
    But I just can’t help myself, to stare down at the ground and think to myself.
    The world is down below,
    And somehow I’m scared of it.
    But actually I like that feeling,
    In some way you’d think you’re dreaming.
    When I go to bed and when I’m actually dreaming,
    My dreams depend on what has happened on that evening.
    So if you ever get that feeling in your tummy,
    And you feel like you’re going to fall off the edge,
    Take it on, be brave and never give up on yourself.
    And never do what I did, because what I did was silly.
    Promise, promise, promise.
    Jenny is on spring half term holidays and she’s in Paris with her mum, visiting the Eiffel Tower.
    “Mum!” called Jenny, “where are you?!”
    The crowd on top of the Eiffel Tower was humongous! Jenny had lost her mum in the crowd.
    Jenny slipped, her body skidded violently across the floor and she knocked the barriers of the tower, her feet were hanging off the edge! Everyone seemed to notice this, backs turned by the million. Jenny spied an anxious mother crying rivers of salty water every moment. The mother also turned her back to face Jenny. Jenny recognized her immediately.
    “Mum!” cried Jenny. But Jenny had forgotten where she was. She tried to stand but fell.
    Everybody gasped. Jenny grabbed the edge tightly and screamed as loud as she could. The mother ran towards Jenny.
    “Jenny!” screamed her mum.
    Her mum grabbed Jenny’s arms and pulled. The security ran towards Jenny and started pulling as well. Jenny clambered onto the side of the top or the Eiffel Tower. Jenny lay there, her head on her mother’s lap.
    And that taught Jenny to be more careful.

  40. tommy says:

    The Jump
    I ran and ran the cops were right on my tail I grabbed my bag of precious money and ran into a building I leaped into an elevator and pressed the top button.I was trapped they’re
    was no were to go except the window.It was prison or death I could’ent go back to prisonI just could’ent I decided to jump!Whoosh!Bang!Splat!People crowed around my dead body and screamed at the site of me!
    “So terrified he jumped”most of the cops said!I finally could rest in peace!

  41. Fayo I says:

    My biggest fear is heights, it once happened with an unusual story. One summer holiday I went with my friend to world seeing.
    I thought was a museum where you see amazing picture but I was fully deceived. The next thing I knew I was on a top floor glass hotel. I was terror stricken. I was I felt so broken down that I vomited causing the glass to crack; we ran and warned everyone. My friend and I ran away taking our luggage so we couldn’t get in trouble .Then when we got back to school my friend told every single student and teacher and in my neighbourhood and I got completely abashed.

  42. tommy says:

    The Jump
    I pick up my rucksack full of precious money and ran from the bank the cops were right on my tail ! I gripped my bag of precious money harder and ran into a building ! I leaped into an elevator and pressed the top button.I was trapped they’re was no were to go except the window.It was prison or death I couldn’t go back to prison I just couldn’t plus what would people think of me being in prison again! I would have no family they could barely look at me the last time I returned from Prison they would be ashamed . All I could think about is Rick why did he leave me behind I thought we were friend obviously not ! I decided to jump!Whoosh!Then I hear the sound of a gun shot I look up and see Rick tumbling down after my at least I know he didn’t abandon me splat ! I was gone but I could rest in peace!

  43. OC says:

    Along the Glass Floor

    I trembled,
    As I stepped across,
    Ice all around me,
    I glided like a swan,
    Across a lake,
    In the mysterious moonlight,
    My heart racing,
    What a huge moment,
    Hand in hand I walked along,
    With my fancy clown shoes squeaking,
    Heads turning to see,
    I’m about to fall,
    I can feel it,
    Only one person can convince me…
    I am slipping,
    What is happening?

    Down to the ground I fall,
    What is going on?
    I am rising,
    Rising into the air,
    Fluttering like a butterfly,
    All around I swarm,
    Until I gently lift myself back to the ground, And I know I am safe,
    Because I will always have faith.

  44. FC says:

    As I gazed down at the terrifying view below me, I wondered if I would I ever see home again?
    Everything looked miniature from up here, but I probably looked exactly same to the citizens down there.
    My bones were shaking, I trembled to my boots, and my teeth were chattering.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes, as the whistling wind warned me by sound.
    When my back was pushed, I was zooming down to the ground this must have been way over 100 miles per hour.
    When I forgot the seriously sticky situation, as it slowly drifted back into my mind.
    “AAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!” I screamed, not even knowing what I was doing.
    “What’s happening?” Came a familiar voice.
    “Mum” I said glad that she came “what just happened?”
    “You tell me” mum replied smoothly.


    One day my dad went on a business trip to Miami (America) but because it was so long he had to get a hotel.When he got there he went to the hotel with a see through floor he could see all the people underneath him on the road driving or on their bikes and walking.When he done his business trip, he came home and told us all about the hotel and Miami itself. He brought us back gifts which were really cool too.

  46. Lauren Cooper says:

    Finally, the summer holidays were here! Lottie, Lexi and I were going on our summer vacation to NYC for three whole weeks. Mum explained to us when we came out of our posh, modern house , “ Girls, as you know, we are staying in NYC until the holidays are over so I expect best behavior from all of you. Understand?” We nodded our heads. 10 minutes later, we were on the plane and listening to our fave music while soaring through the cool, cloudy sky. “We are here girls, come on,” Mum told us while delving in her bag. We all did what we were told and hurried out of the plane. First, we went to see a skyscraper. It was enormous! When we arrived at the 100th floor, there was a massive hole in the ground. I quickly informed Lottie and Lexi but they just laughed. “ It’s just glass floor, Lauren, nobody can fall through it!” Lottie exclaimed. I still wasn’t sure whether to step in or not, but mum was waiting for me. I swiftly jumped inside, but that was a bad move. A split second later, I was falling through the cold, breezy air of NYC. And if that wasn’t enough, my sisters and mum had disappeared, and in their place stood a tall black figure. He didn’t look up. He didn’t smile. Then, he reached out and grabbed my hand. I screamed.

  47. Adam says:

    Wistfully, I gaped at the towering, scary skyscraper, which belittle everyone. In particular, I gazed at a glassy transparent floor, which was like a wide flat marble. Curious families continuously stamped on it to see if it would break, especially immature juveniles, frantically jumping up and down, like excited frogs.

  48. Sophie H-E says:

    It was Tuesday 19th April when the dazzling , sparkling sun was gleaming powerfully down onto the quiet, calm town. There was hardly any happy people about obviously apart from unintelligent Jack and Thomas. Jack, who was jumping from a very hair raising high point of view, was very scared.

    Jack and Thomas are both silly , unintelligent men! They are that foolish that Thomas dared Jack to jump of the famous Eiffel Tower. So Jack got himself all ready for the trip down the Eiffel Tower. Thomas I don’t think I can do it. Yes you can. exclaimed Thomas, who was waiting at the bottom for him to come down.

    About ten minutes after, Jack let go off the rusty red-blood handle bars at the top of the building. Jack slowly and carefully started to get used to it and then floated down even faster. Unfortunately, he fell when was about 20cm away from the ground. Luckily, he was ok but had a little bruise that was nothing.

    Finally, pale Jack and wary Thomas went back home to write in their diaries about today and then had a pleasant , hot cup of tea and some marvellous warm soup. After that they snuggled up in their beds and went to sleep.

  49. Liam G says:

    “Deep breath, deep breath,” muttered James. James was about to leap off the Empire State Building. Media covered the ground like a blanket covering a bed, adding pressure to the situation. To James, they were ants, waiting for him to jump. James stood up and slowly walked to the edge. He took a leap of faith and plummeted to the floor like a rock. However, his parachute wasn’t ejecting.

  50. Zaid Ahmed Baig says:

    M.I.6 Top Secret Files
    3 months after the promotion of Sabina Rider to be a field agent, Barclays was robbed and 7 PURE DIAMONDS were stolen. The agency set the newly promoted Sabina on the case. She was given three defence gadgets: a Napalm hand organiser (flamethrower), a bracelet which shot 21 stunning darts and a resolza knife hidden in a handle which was sharper than a razor. The criminal’s name was Crawley Smith, a retired M.I.6 field agent who wanted more payment from the Head of the Official Secret Acts. Sabina knew where he lived and went to infiltrate his house. She found out that Crawley had hidden the diamonds in a wooden crate made of the thickest and hardest teak known to man and even that was guarded by men with machine-guns and revolvers. There was also pitbull terrier trained to kill anyone who came near the crate. Sabina reported this back to M.I.6 and they asked her if she could track down the diamonds. Sabina hesitated at first but she agreed. At twilight, Sabina went to the place where the crate was and used her gadgets to take down the diamonds’ defences. She threw her resolza at the pitbull and sent it howling into the night. Then she darted forward and retrieved her knife. Using her bracelet, Sabina stunned all 21 guards and ran forwards to the crate. and used her Napalm hand organiser to burn through the teak. Sticking her hand into the hole she had made in the crate, she felt the sharp edges of the diamonds and took them out. Her mission was completed! Just as she was making her way to the headquarters of the M.I.6 building, she fell through a hole that jutted out on the edge of the building! She tried t grab the edges but her hands were slick with sweat. Sabina Rider was going to die…

  51. Molly Nee says:


    My name is Amy and my dad is a stunt man and this is a tale about when my dad did the biggest stunt ever. It goes like this:
    I was in a really tall hotel in America when my dad decided he would do a stunt here. I asked what stunt he was going to do. The reply was “I am going to jump from our window” (which was on the top floor) down on to the street. My mum my two twin brothers and my other six older brothers and I were all petrified! I was frozen with fear that my dad might die. When he stood up none of us could speak, so my dad just opened the window stood on the ledge and jumped! He was going upside down but then quickly he changed to the right way up. He dropped like a stone. We all ran to the window but dad was still falling! Then there was a CRASH! My dad was still alive somehow but we didn’t care we were over mum who was lying down on the floor. She had fainted.

  52. Artin says:

    One sunny day,
    I was staying at the Sky High Hotel.
    It was suspended 50meters above the ground!
    It had good rooms, but the view over New York was spellbinding!
    Next morning we went to the Roller Cafe, That spun round to give you a good view of New York City.
    My mum has motion sickness, so she threw up!
    The experience was fabulous (not so much for my mum!), But I don’t think I’ll be visiting again any time soon!

  53. Vedant says:


    On 31st of January………………….
    We were going to Legoland. We were going to go swimming as well. But when we went on a bouncy castle I noticed that I was scared of heights. When we went swimming, I had so much fun. After swimming, we went back to our hotel on the top floor [I never looked out of the windows because I was scared of heights]. We then went to bed and BANG! KA-BOOM!!!…………CRACK! I quickly shot up and looked down. EEK! There was glass. PLAIN GLASS! And about 50 metres straight drop to a sea of lava! Fear hit me like a bullet. It crawled up my body, grasping me firmly. THUD! “Jack!” a woman’s voice. “Jack!” a man’s voice. I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief.

  54. vridhi bhatia says:

    In a town were there’s red rovers and cotton candy clouds there was a incident which made over 2000 people change towns and yes, this story is about that one event which changed lives and destroyed one.

    One day in Texas 2009 there were many votes happeing and some people did get what they wanted expect one man and no one knew his name it was Richard something like that .So let’s get to the main part which is a dangerous as suicide .One day the man who disagreed with the votes was , walking down the path with this heaving looking briefcase as he walked he got out a hammer and gulp ………smash he knocked the window of a shop and ran away .
    Police following him . Are you feeling tense? well you don’t know the end of it and what this man did was as dumb as pandas idea .He went to the most highest skyscraper …….. pin-drop silence ……… nobody has ever ever known what has happened to this man or to this monstrous town.

  55. Vedant says:

    One day, I woke up in my flat in the middle of the noisy city of New York. It was a normal day, me having normal breakfast at my normal breakfast table, playing normal Xbox One games on the normal living room couch, having a normal shower at my normal shower room. But the day was not normal, because something was terribly wrong………………………………………………………………………………
    but I didn’t notice it. It was Sunday so I didn’t go to school and I just lazed around all day. Then when having a cool game of cards with my sister, I was about to put a card down when I was in the middle of PARIS! What just happened! Then I was in Buckingham Palace in front of the queen [who happened to be playing table tennis at the time]! Then I was on top of a pole in New York! I fainted. THUD! I landed on the ground and had to be admitted to hospital due to severe head injury plus a broken leg. 12 years later……………………In crutches and limping to a comfy chair in New York, not even able to go near remembering the accident that made my life change forever.

  56. Vridhi Bhatia says:

    In a town, where there is red rovers and candy clouds, there was a terrifying incident, which made over 2000 frightened people sadly change small towns quickly and yes this very story is about that one shocking event which quickly changed many lives and destroyed one. One normal (although they thought it was normal) day in boiling Texas in 2009 there were many nerve wrecking votes taking place currently and most fortunate people did get the same result as they wished and voted for. Except one peculiar man who did not fully agree with these pathetic votes and shocking thing is that nobody knew his mysterious, hidden name. So, let’s gets on to the main intense part of this unbelievable story which is as dangerous as a shark. One dull gloomy day the confusing man was, casually, walking on the solid pavement with this, extremely heavy looking briefcase. As he now, dramatically stepped ‘bop bop’ he got out a very big hammer and knocked the shattered window into pieces and ran away. Serious police followed the criminal across the streets of Texas. Are you feeling tense? Well you don’t know the dramatic end of it and what this weird confusing man did was as dump as a living panda’s idea. He went quickly to the most highest skyscraper …… pin drop silence…… nobody has ever sadly known what has happened to this gloomy man or monstrous town.

  57. Sienna says:

    The Jump

    Thump, thump, thud…my heart was beating uncontrollably. Every nerve in my body warned me not to go any further. Yet, there seemed no way out, I had now had more that my fair share of misery.

    As I looked down fearfully onto the small, rundown town, I could hear my family behind me crying and screaming, “don’t jump…please!”

    Graffiti was overtaking the town and plastic bags were cluelessly roaming.

    I was going to do it…I was going to jump. Then a sudden flash came upon me, I remembered all my joyful childhood memories. At that moment I realised that I could recreate those happy feelings and regain my joyful smile.

    Without further hesitation, I turned and ran to safety like a boat running for the harbour in the storm.

  58. Shernet Chapline says:

    I have always lived in the country-side so I don’t know anything about the city. On the other hand, my best friend Mary-Anne and Great aunt live in the heart of LONDON! She has another friend for school Sophie. I know it would be a little boring without a friend but she (unfortunately) chose a friend robber. She has always been my enemy but now i’ts even more so.

    We were simply enjoying ourselves until she came along. Having water fights were our favourites. As I didn’t know my way around Mary-Anne showed me to the toilets there were two big tubes but because Mary-Anne had to go and get the ice-lollies Sophie showed me instead. It was a very silent walk.
    “Meet you down! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA and she dared me to jump in to the main road…
    Things I do for the toilet…

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