Task 5
12th December 2013
Task 7
27th December 2013

Write a Christmas story from the perspective of a Turkey


  1. Aidan says:

    Gobble Gobble

    One day there lived a kind and thoughtful turkey called Gobble. Gobble was a turkey, a leader of many some may say; Gobble was brave and whenever the other Turkeys were in trouble he was always on hand to help. But one snowy winter’s morning the farmer started to collect all the chickens’ in. Gobble went to speak to his friend Waddle and said that he sensed danger. Waddle believed him, because he was his best friend and he had never told him a lie.

    So they crawled through a secret escape route that nobody else knew about (which was a gap in the fence) and came out into the farm car park. There was an ASDA delivery truck waiting outside and the two turkeys hopped up and went into the truck.

    Gobble and Waddle got all snuggled up to keep warm, because there was a built in freezer in the truck to keep the groceries cold. The suddenly slammed shut and the truck started moving the Truck was as black as the night sky and was ice cold, but the still got through it. It seemed like eternity but the truck finally stopped.

    When the man opened the door and got the first box of groceries Gobble and Waddle jumped and found an open garden fence, so they hopped through it. On the other side, they saw a pond with ducks, a goose, hens, chickens and other turkeys. Gobble was brave, and went up to ask if they could live with them. The goose who answered them was so warm and friendly and said they could. And that was a happy ending.

  2. Thomas.w says:

    Gobbled up

    Thanksgiving day,America
    Ut oh today is thanksgiving I am stuck on a turkey farm awaiting my fait,you see today is the worst day of the year because Dad went in 2010,Mum in 2011 and my sister in 2012(and I am just about to get the chop)

    But what is that over there…

    Is it bird ,is it plane no it’s a boat!!!
    Finally I can get away see you later suckers!!!

    Somewhere of the coast of Britain,The middle of advent
    Finnaly I have got away from thanksgiving.(phew!!!)
    But wait it is nearly christmas.(omg)

    London,christmas day
    Now I am really stuck this family are just about to eat me!!!
    They bought me from the farm instead of the lamb chop,well goodbye it has been nice knowing you…

  3. The days were getting shorter and it was the last day of the term, Me and Clu were making Christmas cubes while Tuk and Tukey were decorating the Christmas tree. After we all finished Mr. Turkey handed out Christmas activities like: word searches, crosswords, and colorings. Before home time we sang carols. It was really fun and when we got home we all watched a movie called Turkella. Next Tuk and Clu were making Christmas Pudding meanwhile Me and Tukey were decorating the Christmas tree . The tree was filled with bright lights, baubles, bells, stars and a little turkey on the top. It was Christmas today! Everybody ran downstairs and started to open all there lovely presents that Turkey Claus gave us. I got a bubble maker, Tuk got a sketchbook, Tukey the nerd got and encyclopedia. Guess what clu got, the big book of manners!

  4. Grace says:

    The true meaning of Christmas
    Once upon a time there was a turkey that had always wanted to know the true meaning of Christmas. His friends were always looking forward to Christmas but like Turkey they did not know the true meaning of Christmas either. None of Turkey’s friends actually cared that they did not know the full meaning of Christmas. All they cared about was: decorating the Christmas tree, eating Christmas dinner and getting lots of presents from Santa Claus. When turkey and his friends went to ask Santa what they wanted for Christmas, Turkey asked that he wanted to know what Christmas was all about.

    “Come on Turkey, stop thinking hard it’s almost Christmas,” said Shelia the panther in her rich American voice.
    “I should stop thinking too hard, but this Christmas I will do anything to know the true meaning of Christmas,” Turkey said desperately.
    “You can find the true meaning of Christmas after Christmas, but right now, have some fun!”said Shelia.
    So Turkey and his friends all had a fun day, the day before Christmas Eve.
    Then Turkey found out that all of his friends were going to stay at their parents’ house for 3 days. One of these days included Christmas day.
    “You can’t go, Christmas will not be the same without you,” pleaded Turkey.
    “I’m sorry, but we have to, we have already paid for the flight,” Giraffe said sorrowfully.
    So turkey hugged his friends goodbye before they went on their aeroplane (Animal Airlines), not knowing what bad luck was coming next.
    On the next day, Turkey was thrown out of his flat because he was ignoring the letters about bills that were coming through his letterbox. So he had to stay on the streets, cold and hungry.
    Then on Christmas day, early in the morning, a Labrador family saw turkey on the streets and comforted him.
    “Are you waiting for someone?”Mr Labrador asked.
    “No,” said Turkey looking like he was about to cry, “I was kicked out of my apartment because I did not pay my bills. My friends have gone to fly over to Africa and I am here alone in the cold, crunchy snow.”
    “You can stay at our house until your friends come back, if you want to,” said Mrs Labrador.
    “Really?” said Turkey “Oh, thank you so much!”
    So Turkey stayed at the Labradors’ house and had so much fun. They played Christmas games, had Christmas feasts, Mr and Mrs Labrador, their puppies and Turkey sang Christmas songs around the fire with hot chocolate and blankets wrapped around them. Then they all opened their presents.
    Turkey found what the true meaning of Christmas meant. Christmas is a time when family and friends have lots of fun.

  5. Nicola says:

    I am a noisy, brown turkey and my owner is Ellie the Elf. Ellie is a hard working elf who loves her pet, and I like Ellie because she makes me feel adorable.

    On Christmas eve, Ellie did not want me as her pet anymore, because I distracted her when she was working. So, when it became night time, she put me out for Santa to collect and take home to eat in his pink, candy floss house. Over night, Santa came in his bright red costume with his black boots and tried to take me home. But when Ellie heard me shout “Cockle-doodle-do,” she woke up, got out of bed, went outside, climbed up a ladder, and went down the chimney that made her sneeze. She arrived at the bottom of the chimney and elbowed Santa out of the way, to save me.  After that, Santa went home and had quorn and trimmings 

  6. Bolu says:

    Hi my name is Larry, Larry the turkey. Have you ever wondered why you eat turkey for Christmas? I have, I think it is not fair. Why can’t you eat something else like duck or chicken? My granddad (Kevin) told me why turkeys are on the menu. So wonder no more. I shall tell you.
    It was in 1862, my great, great, great, great, great granddad was living in an uncomfortable barn on a small farm. The farmer was losing business because all his animals were starting to die, in the cold weather. All was left was a calf and my great, great, great, great, great granddad. When the calf was gone the farmer had only one animal left to eat. He didn’t want to eat my great, great, great, great, great granddad because he loved playing with him so much.
    Two weeks had passed and the famer was slowly dying (poor man), all he wanted was one last meal before he died. The famer gave up; he just had to eat my great, great, great, great, great granddad. When the farmer finished eating the turkey, he called his brother and told him that he should eat turkey every Christmas as a celebration of how good it tastes and that he should pass it on to everyone he knows so they can pass it on until loads of people start to eat it for Christmas. Three days later the farmer died.
    So don’t eat turkey for Christmas or ever cause the next one you eat could be me.

  7. Benj says:


    November 27th
    A wealthy,snobbish man pulled up tho are grand turkey farm in his white,flashy Bugiatti.My farmer lifted up his thatched hat to peer at the man.Snow was now dropping onto my wings making me flutter constantly.Chatting to the farmer,like they were old friends came onto the dreadful subject of Christmas.They were talking of preordering a turkey for their exquisite Christmas dinner.Hearing that I fluttered over to the farmer, precisely the wrong move.”Can I have this one ?”insisted the man.
    “Never he’s just been born.”exclaimed the Farmer.”Have some of those ones”asked the farmer becoming more agitated.
    “No” thundered the man “I want that one” I was petrified but I knew, knowing the Farmer I was safe.”Fine” my heart skipped a beat.Every day now onward the Farmer would feed me double the maxiumoin portion in order to fatern me up.

    December 23rd

    A truck arrived with a beefy man holding a yellow clipper and clipped something round my neck.The factory was packed the out of the blue a man clutched my neck and dragged me away.
    CHOP! The deed was done

  8. Thomas says:

    I’m a super turkey!

    Hi, my name is Thumper and I’m a super turkey! Well, you’re probably desiring to know what a super turkey does so I’m going to tell you about my best mission, ever!
    Here goes.

    So, when cold and freezing Christmas time arrives, I have to save all the turkeys that live on my farm. Each farm has their own super turkey. That year the elder of our farm was being taken to the dreaded butchers! As soon as word reached me I began planning a way to save him from a terrible fate. I heard that the elder was being sent to the Turkey father’s so I knew this mission wouldn’t be easy as no super turkey has ever succeded there.

    The terrible day arrived and when the coach left with him I hopped on board and hid. We eventually reached our destination and all the butchers menancingly towered over all the turkeys and commanded that we needed to hurry up. As soon as I was inside I glanced around the room nervously catching glimpses of their terrible tools. The elder wasd going first so I quickly pushed him away and we escaped without daring to look back to our farm. The whole of the farm was overwhelmed and held a disco in honour of me! I was very modest but inside I was jumping with joy! Now I’ve told you what a super turkey does I hope you remember that turkeys aren’t just tasty.

  9. Rachel.O says:

    Hi, my name is Terry and I live in a turkey farm. It’s not the best place to be because any day you could get killed for Christmas dinner. My last Christmas wasn’t particularly good because I was so close to getting killed. That wasn’t a good day, let’s not talk about it.

    You know I’ve always been thinking about running away from this place I always think that I might have a chance of not being killed. My friends tell me to forget about it because I’ll always get killed anyway. I don’t listen to them they’re a bunch of silly turkeys.

    So one night when all the turkeys were sleeping, I woke up and realised someone left the gate open. I knew this was my chance to escape. So I got up tiptoed past al the sleeping turkeys and ran out of the gate. I was free! I ran and ran and ran my feathers flying.
    I had run so much that I didn’t realise how early it was, it was already daytime. But then out of the corner of my eye I saw a little girl, she was with her mum and there was nowhere to hide!

    My heart was beating fast, I knew she would see me and then I would be killed and then, eaten.
    My friends were right and I was wrong, I wish I had listened to them.

    Then I heard a little girls’ voice say “Mummy, Daddy a turkey, look, can I keep it?”

    Then I heard another voice say:

    “That’s a horrible thing get away from it, I don’t want you having that”
    But then, when the mum and dad weren’t looking the little girl quickly grabbed me by the neck and stuffed me in her backpack, her backpack was smelly and dusty, it was horrible.

    Finally I heard a doorbell ring and a slam of a door; I knew I was in a house!!I thought here comes the kill, but instead I heard another slamming of a door and I was plunged onto something soft and squidgy and the first thing I saw as little girls face smiling at me.
    “Hello little turkey, I’m not going to eat you don’t worry, we can be best friends!”

    Obviously turkeys can’t talk so I just honked.

    “Aww you’re really cute I really…”

    “Bella it’s your dinner time come down now!”

    “Sorry little turkey I’ve got to go, but I’ll be back

    I really need to run away from this house it’s a crazy place, and if the mum and dad see me they are sure to kill me!
    But on the other hand the little girl will probably look after me and not let her parents see me, so I might stay in this place to see what it’s like. It might not be as bad as I think it is.

    The next day I woke up, I thought I was in the turkey farm and when I realised I wasn’t I started to honk very loudly.

    Then a voice said:
    “ssh be quiet turkey, mom and dad will find out remember”
    “Oh yes and today I will take you to school to show all my friends, they will be really impressed”

    ‘Oh no’ I thought ‘this is dreadful’

    It took about an hour for her to get ready, and when she finally was ready she picked me up carefully and put me in her back pack.
    I heard a slam of a door, then suddenly I knew I wasn’t being carried anymore I had been put down, but then a rumble and vibration disturbed my thoughts.
    We were in a car!
    I didn’t know where we were going; hopefully it wasn’t a dangerous place.

    Finally the car stopped rumbling and I was pulled onto the girls back again. I heard lots of voices shouting and screaming, where were we!
    Suddenly there was a ZZZ noise and the little girl picked me up by the legs and what I saw gave me a scare! I saw little girls all huddled together chatting, what were they going to do to me.

    “Look guys, I’ve got a turkey as a pet, that proves you can have turkeys as pets”

    I heard a lot of screaming and shouting were they screaming at me? Finally Bella put me in her backpack again, and went off to school…
    I heard the rumble of the car again; it was horrible in that back pack. It had been like 8 hours, my neck was stiff and my feathers were dirty, I wish I had stayed in the farm; at least they cleaned us there.

    Finally I was on the soft squidgy thing again. Then surprisingly the little girl cleaned my feathers and gave me some food to eat. I was very grateful.

    It’s sad I can’t go back and comfort the others when they’re about to be killed, well really it’s their fault; they should’ve told me they wanted to run away with me.

    Well that proves it you can have turkeys as pets.

  10. Jake Hallworth says:

    A PRESENT !!!!!!
    I used to detest and loath Christmas, but now I don’t! I have this friend called Billy, who saved my life. Do you want to know how?
    One Novembers evening, we were sitting down, thinking, I was thinking about what Mr Brown (the farmer ) would do with meat Christmas?! Naturally I asked Bill (as I called him and I still call him ) and he said that maybe Mr Brown would think I was plump enough to eat. He also said that he would think of a plan so that I could live a normal life . My spirits raised.
    The next morning Bill told me his ingenious plan… Feather pens! The feathers on my tail would make perfect presents all year round! Billy conversed this with his dad (Mr Brown ) and he agreed not to kill me. So now I live a normal life, just like you.


  11. rosie says:

    Hello! I’m Tommy the turkey- welcome to my blog! Today I will be telling you about Christmas from my point of view.
    As you all know Christmas is the main time of year turkeys like me are eaten. Well let me tell you this: If you were asked to think of Christmas noises what would come to mind? Crazy carol singers? Church bells chiming? Reindeers prancing on the rooftops? Our species would think of the death cries of our poor relatives going squawk squawk!
    Anyway, lets just say that when you tuck into your yummy meal, pulling loaded crackers and telling seriously cheesy jokes, let me remind you that some poor, innocent turkey has suffered just for you to enjoy yourself as much as laughing hyenas eating their favourite meal. Remember to follow me at Tommytheturkey@talkingturkey.com! See you next time! Maybe.

  12. rosie says:

    Hello! I’m Tommy the turkey- welcome to my blog! Today I will be telling you about Christmas from my point of view.
    As you all know Christmas is the main time of year turkeys like me are eaten. Well let me tell you this: If you were asked to think of Christmas noises what would come to mind? Crazy carol singers? Church bells chiming? Reindeers prancing on the rooftops? Our species would think of the death cries of our poor relatives going squawk squawk!
    Anyway, lets just say that when you tuck into your yummy meal, pulling loaded crackers and telling seriously cheesy jokes, let me remind you that some poor, innocent turkey has suffered just for you to enjoy yourself as much as laughing hyenas eating their favourite meal. Remember to follow me at Tommytheturkey@talkingturkey.com! See you next time! Maybe.

  13. rosie says:

    Hello! I’m Tommy the turkey- welcome to my blog! Today I will be telling you about Christmas from my point of view.
    As you all know Christmas is the main time of year turkeys like me are eaten. Well let me tell you this: If you were asked to think of Christmas noises what would come to mind? Crazy carol singers? Church bells chiming? Reindeers prancing on the rooftops? Our species would think of the death cries of our poor relatives going squawk squawk!
    Anyway, lets just say that when you tuck into your yummy meal, pulling loaded crackers and telling seriously cheesy jokes, let me remind you that some poor, innocent turkey has suffered just for you to enjoy yourself as much as laughing hyenas devouring their favourite meal. Remember to follow me at Tommytheturkey@talkingturkey.com! See you next time! Maybe.

  14. Jenna Clark says:

    12 long days until christmas…

    I’m a turkey named Rooth and this is a story of how i became a hero.
    I lived in an open field with other gobbers (turkeys). We all looked the same but all had different stories and different personalities. I look like any other turkey , I’m a big, amber and golden turkey like the rest with a brown tail and a blood-red gobble with an sharp golden beak and razor sharp blades as claws. A perfect hero, consequentley unlike the other gobbers I didn’t have an heroic story which saved the town!!! All I had is that I was born and telling this to people who look down at me isn’t very good, especially if the main man hates you for no good reason. His name was Atlas. He had a story for everyday of the week but I’ve never actually heard him tell a full story, when I was walking past him by the coop he was talking about flying!!! Oh how we flew threw the air like and eagle, souring so high he was in the clouds!! Eventhough I highly doubt those stories where true.

    It was finally time to start hibernating twelve days until christmas and I still hadn’t collected mice yet Then as it became sunset my mum pecked me to come inside the coop and huddle up. So there I was trying to huddle up with the other turkeys when I started to hear slow russling threw the long grass. I was suspicious and curious so I gently pushed my way out of the coop to find in coop five across from my coop, coop four, that Rachel, Lucy and Richard had all gone!! They were my only friends, my gang, my crew! Their mothers would have called them in by now the sun had gone down! I had to go look for them I didn’t even know why I was so worried and shocked they could have been in coop seven after all but I’m glad I did! By then the russling sound had suddenly stopped and I stood still because I had this horrible feeling that i was being watched… so I examined the whole field and all around, I couldn’t see anyone or anything just tall grass.
    Then suddenly I was being shot at! I turned around to find a huge monster with a bag and a mask on, this is a story! I was squabbling and gobbling but no-one heard me and before I could get back into coop four the monster dragged me into the bag. I found Rachel, Lucy and Richard!! I squabbled and blurrted out “we’vegottogetoutofhere NOW!!!”
    I had a quick escape plan to get us out of here whan I was interuppted by the monster..
    ” I’m going to cook you up and eat you tasty fellas..”
    I gulped . We all gulped, all of a sudden we felt like our throats were split open so we checked eachothers, for me to remind ourselves about the ‘mission’. We suddenly came to our senses and started pecking the bag, when I realised that the other gobbers had blunt beaks! I quickly asked them why they had blunt beaks and they complained that the monstous thing out there had grated there beaks! So it was all down to me to save them, before he ate us! Soon later I had created a hole big enough for a turkey. We all jumped out one at a time but Richard got stuck, oh no! I had to jump on the bag again and pull him out with all my strength and finally I got him out! We ran for our lives before the thing noticed that the bag was empty and when we got back to the coops all the gobbers were standing ouside their coops with their mouths open! At first I was going to ask why they were their and not in their coops but then I realised that the gobbers had seen it all! They all started clapping and cheering for me! Chanting, ROO-TH ROO-TH! It was the best feeling ever! Atlas looked suprisingly jealous because people were calling me hero instead of dweeb!
    This was the start of my story, whens your’s?

  15. Tedi says:

    Once upon a time there lived a old farmer , who was very poor and he owned five turkeys, seven sheep, two chickens and seven pigs and the farmer came up with a great idea that changed the world and this is his story.

    One day the farmer suddenly thought of a great idea.
    ”Maybe I can fatten up one of my turkeys then chop it up and eat it for Christmas dinner.”
    So he went to were he kept his turkeys to choose which one to fatten up.
    ”I think I would choose Bertha?” no she can do front and back flips. ”William” no he is skinny as a pencil and it would take me years to fatten him. ”When finally” I think I would pick you steve because you are the fattest turkey I’ve got.” so the farmer picked up steve and strained a bit because steve weighs about 2 kg and send him to the butcher shop and gave him the turkey and said ”Could you prepare him like you prepare the chickens.” ”No problem said the butcher ”Oh and by the way is this a chicken?” questioned the butcher ”No it’s actually a turkey which I’m foing to eat for christmas dinner.” exclaimed the farmer ”Wow that is genious!” ”And infact I’m going to call the government and tell him about your idea.” sid the butcher. So the butcher picked up the phone and called the gorment.

    The next day the farmer got a letter from the government saying your idea is genious and I would like some more of your turkeys and every turkey you bring you get £20 and the farmer was sold.

  16. Nic says:

    Christmas Dinner
    “Wake up wake up” shouted the cranky turkey to the tired chickens “its morning!”. “Okay okay” said the frustrated chickens. “Come on, time to do some hard work!” shouted the annoying turkey.” Alright!” Said the chickens happily “its started snowing!”. Suddenly the farmer came over and said to himself “time to toast the turkey,” with a little chuckle. “What?” said the turkey confused. The chickens said gleefully “your gonna get eaten”. As the farmer picked up the turkey. “Uh oh” said the turkey. 5 hours later the farmers family were sat at the dinner table “voila” said the farmer as he brought a huge cooked turkey in gobble ,gobble ,smack the turkey was eaten. “That was the best Christmas dinner ever Dad” said the farmers young son cheerfully.
    The end

  17. Benj says:

    One day I was stuck in traffic, feeling bored and only moving a mile every hour or so. The weather was gruesome; rain trickling down the window of the car. Out of the blue, I saw a yellow shed, with a door with the hinges broken. The torrid weather, easing the shed to one side ever so slightly. “Mum, please may I have a look in that shed?” I asked politely.
    “If you must” sighed mum, not really paying any attention. I hopped excitedly out of the car, and leaped over the silver metal bar on the motorway. The grass was soggy and squelchy, with rain still hammering on the ground. When I stepped into the shed, it looked as if it had been brutally forced open – I assumed the wind must have blown it open. Inside was an area of buttons and keys, all connected to a complex looking computer mainframe.
    Inquisitively, I pressed a button and I was bouncing up and down with excitement. Suddenly, there was a blinding light, the door was flung off it’s hinges. There in front of me was a lush green forest with exotic fruits hanging from draping vines – the scene was stunning. But wait. In the background I could hear a voice “Self detonate in five……four…..three….two….one. KABOOM!
    I was falling, falling into a bush of knife like thorns. Where to now……..

  18. Georgia says:

    The Christmas Turkeys

    In the fields of Oxford there lived two turkey called Gobble and Wobble . As by their names you can probably tell what they are famous for . Gobble, for eating , Wobble for tripping over his own feet.
    The field they lived in was a Sainsburys nature reserve were they keep the livestock / food.
    Gobble and Wobble were very lucky at Christmas , for they were never chosen to be food for a family on Christmas day, but this year was different ……..

    The farmer , Joe ,came round everyday to see the turkeys , they were feed and watered daily . The Sainsburys manager came with the farmer every 30th November to pick the 20 not so lucky turkeys. Gobble and Wobble were chosen this year , and in the Sainsburys van they thought of a plan……
    ” Are you sure ? Sounds risky , I could trip over my feet !!!!” Wobble exclaimed . Gobble nodded and the van door opened , letting the two turkeys free at last!

    They headed their way towards another field and the farmer trapped them in.

    It was another turkey field !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. joenoes says:

    Hey folks, i may look like an animated creature but i am real and tangible as you, sitting at your Christmas dinner table, waiting for pudding and lashings of rich food. When you’re doing that; think of me. Poor old turkey, being stripped of its life and off i go on my journey to the Christmas table.

    I don’t mind being christmas lunch for your empty tummies, its my destiny and that is the reason why i have been overly fed so i can be plump and juicy when you welcome me on your plate. However i wish i could go and see Amy. my friend the goat, before i go on my journey to your plate. Amy is a cantankerous old goat but she means well. she was my first friend who guided me on way around the farm. she is always grumpy like an old man.

    I saw john, the farmer come early to my dwellings and feed me again. if I’mhonest im actually hatching a plan to escape like they do in the movies, and maybe i will!

    enjoy christmas dinner and the cranberry sauce!

  20. Peter says:

    Sam’s diary Christmas Eve

    Christmas, the worst night of the year for a turkey. All that really happens is that the top 5 fattest turkeys get roasted alive and gobbled up in a flash.

    My name is Sam and its Christmas Eve. e, the day where Old McDonald choses his turkeys. I’m really scared today because I am the fattest turkey in the farm by a landslide. I’m not really the fastest either, more the slowest which isn’t helpful for hiding. The reason everybody else is scared is because farmer is going to roast everyone so he can sell us. I’m not really sure that’s true, whoops farmer is coming got to.

    STOMP! STOMP! Farmer’s huge heavy boots made a thundering noise when he thundered into the barn. He had 5 humongous pigs that looked like they’d wet their bacon, they were so muddy. Farmer exclaimed” HO, HO, HO as a little treat this year we’re having pigs not turkeys” The barn went crazy, bonkers and nuts and mixed into one.

    My new year’s resolution is sorted already. I’ve started to run around the barn every time the cockerel chants its little wake up tune. I’m now the strongest, skinniest turkey in the whole barn. Though I still hate Christmas.

  21. Chris says:

    Yesterday was a dreadful night! It was Christmas, the time of the year were every Turkey has feared of.

    My friends and me were huddling together in a cramped looking corner hoping that Farmer John would not spot us with his bloodshot eyes. We were as whispering quietly from time to time when suddenly big footsteps started approaching us. It was farmer John, every Turkey started kicking and barging, but soon somebody was caught in John’s hands. My heart nearly fell out when I recognized that my best Sally was screaming with all her might to try and escape from the tight grip. My brain started filling up with ideas but I thought that none of them would work. All I could do was watch Sally be taken away and fed to that brutal family.

  22. Sandhana says:

    It was christmas time mistletoe and turkey on the table yummy….
    worst for turkeys it’s like being sent to the slaughter well for me I don’t look in the future with me on the table being fought over.
    My name is doodle I was named [ doodle] it because I doodle every and not even think of what I’m doing.
    I’m going to tell you a story about myself.
    It was early in the morning when the last star disappeared and the farmer into or field. We were all scared and tried our best to stay away from him. I didn’t have a clue what was going on I was doing my usual job .[ doodling ] Just then I bumped into the farmer . he yelped out loud. he grabbed me by the neck and chucked me into his van. It was dirty and smelly. I popped my head out and I saw a little girl standing in front of me.She gently took me out and wrapped me in her warm, cosy scarf. She walked home cradling me in her arms. When we got got home the made me a card bored box as a bed and the hid me. I thought it was going well until the mum found out.she thought i would be good for christmas so I’m on the table its A NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so that a lesson for all turkeys byeeeeeeeeee

  23. Sammy joujou says:

    It was a beautiful, autumnal day as the sun beamed down straight onto my silky, smooth feathers. I waddled slowly over to my lunch where my friends were chatting away to one another. When I arrived the lunch was: nuts; lettuce; carrots and (my favourite) acorns. Also an array of plants hanging towards the side of the trough for dessert. Yum, an abudance of food and allowed to roam anywhere we wanted to. This is the life! I decided to take a walk.
    The cobbled path led me to the dark forest and out into the field (where most of the turkeys spend their time) I was waddling slowly when I came to an abrupt halt, I stood as still as a statue and could not believe what I was hearing. Two turkeys (Tina and Terrance to give their proper names) were talking about something mentioning names of people on the farm.
    Tina remarked “I heard that the farmer is fattening us up to pack us in plastic bags, for the store! ”
    “That can’t be true!”shouted Terrance.
    “It is!”
    My heart sank. How could he do this to us! I thought he was feeding us up because he liked us not because he wanted to kill us. There was only one thing for me to do ESCAPE! Unless I was to end up on somebody’s dinner plate…

  24. Cooper Lynn says:

    “Cluck cluck cluck! (NO! it is Christmas!)” I said.
    I am victim of a farmer in Westfield. They are going to slay and eat me! I am the most popular here though.
    But when the farmer John put down our lunch I ate loads, I mean loads! I got really fat but I didn’t mind. At least I am happy, I liked how I was the only person to eat it, so that I get every bit.

    “Cluck cluck cluck cluuck! (They are going to eat you!)” Everyone said to me, but I ignored them and when they gave me food and I ate it as quick as a flash. Then the farmer got a guillotine and put me in it. He was about to chop off my head but he pulled the wrong rope and set me free! I decided to run and so I went running as fast as Usain Bolt! I thought nobody could catch me but I did get caught.

    This time it was my end, then the farmer pulled the right rope and I said “CLUUUCK!! (NOOOOOO!!!)” And that was the end of me.
    The End

  25. Raiyaan says:

    ‘It’s coming up, it’s coming up!’ Jeff the turkey exclaimed.
    ‘What’s coming up? James the turkey asked.
    ‘Christmas of course!’….
    It was a sunny , but bitterly cold day as Jeff scampered out of his pen, realizing, much to his dismay that today was Christmas Eve. Everybody huddled together to discuss who would be chosen to go on ‘Special Offer’ the next day. Jeff felt droplets of sweat fall down from his forehead and wiped his brow. He was wonding whether it was going to be him who would be chosen and became rather frightened. It was usually the biggest and fattest turkey who wenton sale. This made Jeff feel a little calmer as he was neither plump nor stout.
    In the past Jeff remembered feeling extremely sorry for all the turkeys that had been taken away from their pen and ultimately eaten by human beings. Technically, why do humans have to eat us, Jeff wondered, when they have other food treat anyway? As I was pondering over this thought in

  26. Raiyaan says:

    As Jeff was pondering over this thought, he felt a waft of cold air blow gently against his feathers and a pair of hands wrap themselves around his body. He squeezed his eyes shut.
    Eventually when he opened his eyes, Jeff looked behind him and realised that all the other turkeys had disappeared. Had there been more than one turkey on sale? Or maybe, he thought, he was the only one on sale. Everything turned black and he met the floor….

  27. Bobs says:

    It was a chilly December, all the farmers in the United Kingdom are getting ready to kill their: cows – for beef, pigs – for pork, turkeys for turkey, sheep for lamb, geese for goose, ducks for duck etc. So this was a life for a normal turkey you wonder but no it isn’t. This story is on behalf of a turkey called Benny.
    Benny’s very jolly, mainly because he is Farmer Fred’s favourite turkey along with Barry and Benjamin and together they are called “The 3 B’s!” Even when Christmas was coming, they were still jolly. To all the other animals it was like they weren’t gonna be sacrificed for food. Everyone else was scared to their bones. So the days came closer and closer ther was still no sign of danger on their faces. Finaly the day has come by now there was no more animals wich did not aware them at all. Everything was gone about half an hour after it opened then someone noticed that Benny, Barry and Benjamin (the three B’s) had not been killed.
    The lady told the council that Farmer Fred had not killed the turkeys. The worst thing is that the council said you won’t be able to look after the animals for 6 whole months and only look after crops. Then they had to find someone to look after the animals. The only person who wanted to do it was a man call Mr Hibbywham, Mr Hibbywham was a very moody character. The bad thing was that Mr Hibbywham wanted to kill all of the animals.
    Then Farmer Fred comes back and says to the council that Mr Hibbywham killed all the animals.
    The End.

  28. A PRESENT !!!!!!
    I used to detest and loath Christmas, but now I don’t! I have this friend called Billy, who saved my life. Do you want to know how?
    One Novembers evening, we were sitting down, thinking, I was thinking about what Mr Brown (the farmer ) would do with me at Christmas?! Naturally I asked Bill, (who is the farmer’s son and my friend) and he said that maybe Mr Brown would think I was plump enough to eat. He also said that he would think of a plan so that I could live a normal life . My spirits raised.
    The next morning Bill told me his ingenious plan… Feather pens! The feathers on my tail would make perfect presents all year round! Billy conversed this with his dad (Mr Brown ) and he agreed not to kill me. So now I live a normal life making feather pens from my very own feathers, and because I’m a turkey, I re-grow my feathers overnight.

  29. IFE says:

    Oh, no it’s Christmas! Such an obnoxious day! Hi, I am Turkey, benevolent Turkey and each year someone from the family gets eaten. Mum was 2011, dad was 2012 and my sister was 2013. I live in a conspicuous farm for Turkeys. If only the humans were meek and not so carnivorous. Unfortunately, Turkeys could soon be extinct! I have to do something! I have to find a way to escape being slaughtered for Christmas. I could escape through the secret layer (through the fence) and find my way to another farm.

    The next gloomy morning, I crept through the secret layer and saw a yellow bright glorious object in the sky, but what was it? I jumped into a truck and snuggled into a small corner. As the truck drove past the lanes, I saw a magnificent farm, then the Truck stopped and I jumped off and ran to the farm.
    “Can I stay” I asked the resident Goose
    “Yes of course!” The Goose answered.
    There I lived happily ever after.

  30. IFE says:

    My family went on an adventure but were not the only family there. The Rolos were there too. The only reason they came with us was because my parents thought we were all friends however this was far from the truth. Max is friends with Kerry, while Kate is friends with Karen but I am no friend to Jez, in fact we are far from friends, we are staunch enemies.

    Both families went on the trip and all had to spread and go with each other to see different places which meant that Jez and I had to be together! Jez said she would be my friend for a day if I gave her all my gummy bears, I concurred so we proceed to the Tunnel and I had to go in first. It was so deep, dark and dusty that I could not see where I was going. All of a sudden, Jez pushed me farther into the tunnel until I was right at the edge; the city was right below me. Then Jez pushed me again and I could feel myself falling helplessly. Luckily I had a parachute so I landed safely on the ground.

  31. joshuaO says:

    My name is Toggle the Turkey and once I saw the most harrowing sight. I was in Texas when I overheard a man saying” tonight we are going to eat a bunch o’ turkeys.” So that night a they killed 12 turkeys and ate them . I was terrified as they cut the turkeys into delicate pieces of food.

    From that day on I vowed never to be amongst humans again.

  32. Tunmise A says:

    Christmas Day Turkey

    On a blizzard evening of the 25th December 2013, the Johnson’s family were having their Christmas dinner of: mince pies, chocolate pudding, roast potatoes and more scrumptious foods but don’t forget me the turkey which everyone has a bite out of.
    “Well guess what? I made chocolate pudding,” said mum.
    “Delicious but I thought we usually have our roast turkey first,” said Dad.
    “Yeah” said Zoey.
    “Ok if you must,” said mum taking the roast turkey out of the oven. A luscious smell filled dad’s nostrils, making his stomach give a loud rumbling sound.
    Dad picked up the caving knife and craved out a slice of me.
    “Oh no!” why do I get eaten every year, is it because I am mouth-watering or is it that i just look enjoyable? Probably both well there is no more point of talking as they have eaten me and sucked my bones and are about put me in the bin”.

  33. One sunny morning, laying in my bed, I was awoken by a loud singing chicken. “Cock-a-doodle-doo”. The chicken was very noisy this early morning and I found it quite annoying as I was trying to sleep. It was my half term and I didn’t want to wake up early. To be honest I was quite enjoying my dream. In my dream my mum took me to my favourite shop, Hobby craft. By the time I got to the shop the chicken woke me up. I slipped out of my bed and fell on to the floor. I found my slippers under my bed and went for a shower. Once I was ready I knew that it was my next door neighbour’s chicken so that’s where I went first.
    I arrived at their door and my eyes were deep red. They opened the door and asked me why I had come so early. I told them about the chicken but before I could finish my sentence they pushed me out the door which I thought was very rude, so I tried again, again and again to explain myself and then finally they agreed with me.

    The neighbours went to their back yard to quiet down the chicken only to find it was missing. I was very annoyed by then. So I went storming back home and went back into my bedroom only to find the chicken was sitting on my bed. I was very distraught by now and screamed. The neighbours heard my scream and came over straight away. They were relieved to find their chicken in my bedroom. To be honest I became friends with the chicken and from then onwards I didn’t mind being woken up by the “Cock-a-doodle-doo”.

  34. The countdown to Christmas
    Every year this horrible celebration comes around which means loads of turkeys get killed!!Last year it was almost me, I mean I wasn’t scared but I was a little. It’s just that the old grumps….I mean farmers come around the turkey farm searching for the plumpest turkeys and every now and again they POUNCE….. Like a lion attacking its prey. Last year they took my best friend Oscar and I was really sad…..my name is Terry the Turkey by the way, and my friend’s call me Terry.
    This year there is even more demand for turkey, and I must use my witts if I want to stay alive. I need to hide out under the old oak tree, it is just the right depth so when I hide there I don’t get stuck. But then if the sun is shining on the tree then I will use my back up plan because I can’t hide in the shadows with the sun beating down on the tree. I must hide behind the farm house under the bush. They don’t ever count the turkeys and hardly ever use the back door so they won’t notice anything, ha ha silly farmers.
    The sun is shining directly in the hole under the old oak tree!!!! So I must use my back up plan!! I have now realised this isn’t going to work as well either, because I didn’t realise that the Farmer uses the back door to come out into the farm sometimes! I stayed under the bush, when suddenly I heard the farmer say “Come on Boys! Let’s go and kill some turkeys!” With that the back door swung open and the farmer stood there at the door. He almost saw me, but I ducked lower into the bush just in time! The farmer strode around the side of the house and I made a run for the door! I couldn’t believe it – I had managed to get into the house before the door shut, I thought that if I was in the house I would still be safe. But then I thought ‘oh no what have I done…..how am I going to get out?!
    I know that the farmer is a bit silly, so I thought that if I hide behind the door then make a run for it the next time it opens, and then I might be able escape….. but I could still get caught, it was a risk worth taking….. I just hope that he doesn’t look behind the door.
    The big moment is here! The big escape where Terry the Turkey out smarts the farmer…..The door opened and I made a quick dash for it and ran under the bush. The farmer was so busy eating a cheese sandwich that he didn’t see me dash for my life.
    I sat there for what felt like hours and only relaxed when I heard the farmer say “that’s it then I have my quota time to take them to the market now”.
    I heard the old lorry rumble down the rocky and uneven path and knew that I was safe for another year.

  35. W6 A PRESENT!!!!!!
    I used to detest and loath Christmas, but now I don’t! I have this friend called Billy, who saved my life. Do you want to know how?
    One Novembers evening, we were sitting down, thinking, I was thinking about what Mr Brown (the farmer) would do with me at Christmas?! Naturally I asked Billy, (who is the farmer’s son and my friend) and he said that maybe Mr Brown would think I was plump enough to eat. He also said that he would think of a plan so that I could live a normal life. My spirits raised.
    The next morning Billy told me his ingenious plan… Feather pens! The feathers on my tail would make perfect presents all year round! Billy conversed this with his dad (Mr Brown) and he agreed not to kill me. So now I live a normal life making majestic feather pens, colourful bags, beautiful hats, and because I’m a turkey, I re-grow my feathers overnight. I love going to the window in the front room of the farmer’s house – were production is at top speed – and watching as the strings of peoples’ hearts get pulled as they see what’s on offer at the stand.

  36. OC says:

    There was once a turkey small and feathery who lived in a farm, it got taken in by its owner after the Christmas dinner. “It was a disaster” he bellowed, “he upset all the guests they went home hungry”. The turkey lived a sad life at the farm, with other naughty turkeys, his best friend Fredo said “let’s play a trick on the farmer to teach him a lesson, I will put feathers in his bed, now who wants a few feathers to get pulled out. No one volunteered “that” said Fredo, “is what I expected, so that is why the other day when the farmer was out I took this.” “What on earth is that” said the turkeys together, “that my friends is a feather duster”, “what does that do” cried one of the turkeys “it dusts things” replied Fredo proudly. So they played the joke the next day and what a success it was too. And the farmer certainly learnt his lesson and he was nice to him from now on.

  37. Fayo I says:

    It was Christmas Eve in England which is good for people but bad for turkeys. I was next in line to become stuffed with chicken; the first turkey just got shoved in the oven since the turkey was so skinny.
    I fell asleep and had a strange dream it was me trying to escape from the farmer and my bad fate. My dream could not be finished because the farmer plodded in with immense anger. I did exactly what I did in my dream ; when the farmer came closer I ran between his legs , jumped into the farmers house and ran into the boys room to hide under the bed; a few seconds later a young boy came and took me to the farmer
    I couldn’t do anything about it – I looked outside and all the turkeys were gasping in consternation.
    The farmer dragged me and with no one watching the last thing I saw was a razor sharp knife ….

  38. One Christmas eve a family where preparing a Christmas dinner with turkey everyone loved roast turkey especially the children,so every year the family would go to a turkey bird farm and pick a nice turkey, to cook and roast.So one day the turkeys had a raffle and who ever’s name got pulled out of a hat would have to eat loads to get picked to eat, so this years raffle winner was greedy a really greedy turkey the thing is as well he was very old so he was gonna die soon anyway so instead of a young person getting cooked he would get cooked. So after all his eating he was ready to get picked for the families dinner ,when the family came they picked greedy to have for their dinner but then they put him down and chose his wife to eat instead so the family when a paid for her but greedy didn’t want her to be killed so he tried to jump out of the cage but he was to late the killed her, he was so heart broken.So from that day forward they never picked a name out of a hat because it never really worked.

  39. Lauren Cooper says:

    I was nice and snug in my pen with my sister, mum, dad and of course the turkey leader – Tommy Tucker – until it was announced that this was the time of year when humans come into the farm and pick the fattest turkey for their Sunday roast. Now it just so happens that Tommy is very plump and is perfect for a roast while all of us are very thin and bony, but, we don’t want to lose our leader so we stand in front of him like a turkey barrier. Anyway, the first human came in and tossed her long, wavy hair while chatting non-stop to the farmer, Keith. “So which one is perfect for a Sunday roast? I’m having fifty people over and they expect me to cook something,” She told Keith with a sly grin on her face. Just then, she caught sight of Tommy and immediately paid for him and was on her way. The rest of us all sat down and picked a good leader. We agreed it should be my dad – Terry Tucker. The following Christmas’ nearly all of us were eaten. He is a list I made:
    Tommy Tucker 2011 (My Leader)
    Terry Tucker 2012 (My Dad)
    Tilly Tucker 2013 (My Mum)
    Tina Tucker 2014 (My Sister)
    And…I might be next!
    Thomas Tucker 2015

  40. Emma C says:

    “Ahh, we’re going to be eaten” yelled Iffy one of the stressing turkeys.
    “We’re going to eaten for Christmas dinner!” Woggle stated as he watched the clock about to suddenly chime twelve. Then something mysterious happened something big and mettle with lots of bubbly stuff (bubble rap) got delivered, into the huge turkey yard filled with turkeys, with exhausted faces from panicking.
    “Finally, we can go to the past to avoid being eaten!” shouted iffy with her wings flapping around with excitement and joy.
    “Wait a moment who said it was a thing that goes to the past?” questioned woggle as he didn`t think that iffy was right. Suddenly, zap! Iffy disappeared and woggle stood amazed thinking to himself “may be Iffy had discovered a way to travel back in time” (she actually got zapped by the wires)

  41. Adam says:

    Hi, I’m Alfie and today is the best day ever. Today is what the humans call ‘Christmas’. Every turkey on the barren farm hastily rushed around for some weird reason. Our leader, Captain Coy, made a brief speech about today’s schedule. ‘As you all know, it is Christmas and every year they relentless humans turkey-nap our friends and families,’ everyone sighed as I stood speechless, gaping at my conceited leader. ‘It has to be done, folks,’ he finished sadly. All the turkeys panicked again.
    After a few hours, two muscular men mischievously sauntered into the entrance of the farm, with wide grins spread across their massive, rogue visages. They grabbed me, I tried to escape, but it didn’t work. They carried me into a spacious house where a lady with a priceless crown elegantly appeared in a dining hall. I was lifted up into the air and into a black place. Suddenly, my body spontaneously started to heat up, until soon I couldn’t feel anything. Andy this is where my life ends. Today is the WORST DAY EVER!

  42. Diyaa Bhabra says:

    “It’s Christmas come on Mum and Dad wake up, can we go downstairs now I want to see what I got form Christmas from you and Santa!” Bellowing Tom
    Toms parents got out of bed half asleep hoping that they can an extra hour of sleep. Toms little sister Hidey was only 4 months so she got lots of clothes for Christmas. Later on in the day the Rose family went to get their turkey from Tesco when lots have been left on the shelf ready to be taken home. “ I want this turkey Mummy please” Tom cried.
    So it was settled the Rose family would get the biggest turkey in the shop! As the turkey was being cooked the children opened their presents when Mum yelled “FOOD IS READY!!!!!!”
    As everyone tucked in the turkey started to twist and turn as the turkeys legs were standing on the plate! “BRAAAAAA!” The turkey came to life! Suddenly the turkey ran off the plate and ran out the house. The rose family left the turkey and just had vegetables for dinner! They would never forget that day of the mad turkey!

  43. Darcy says:

    I was a new born turkey when me, my mummy and my daddy got killed by a big, fat farmer. We tried to escape but it was too late! Crack Crunch went our bones! Every other turkey ran and ran until they got far, far away from the farm. I don’t know but I think they never came back, or never will come back!

  44. DT says:

    Doodle Dum Doodle Doo Hello there am Turkey Fred and am here to tell you about some Christmas tales obviously about me, so last year all of mi friends were in the farm well den and farmer Joseph came along and took us to his barn and guess what yall of us had chicken to eat were not ordinary turkeys doodle dum doodle doo .

  45. DT says:

    Doodle Dum Doodle Doo,
    Hello there to you!
    Turkey Fred ,tha’s ma name,
    Chris’mas Turkey, tha’s ma game
    Yello there its Turkey Fred The Chris’mas Turkey settling in bed
    I’ve been waiting for your to tell me the story of red Fred jumping on the bed.

  46. Aaron Juhti says:

    There I was, watching my friends getting taken one by one. It was the 14th December and the days were getting colder, so with the combination of the weather and my friends disappearing I knew my life would be over so.

    I was situated on the Southern coast of England, in a farm called ‘Freddy’s Farm’. Freddy the farmer was a busy bee in December. He was always gave a grin at me when another turkey would be grabbed as a man’s meat, like he was trying to say “your next”. The days became longer and lonely, for only a few of us remained.

    I thought I’d never forget about it. But after a few days I forgot. Until one day Freddy’s bare hands grabbed me by the neck, put me on the table in the factory and took a sharp knife. I saw the knife glowering at me, wanting to splatter me. That’s when I saw my whole life flash before my eyes.

  47. Vedant says:

    On Christmas Day, one big feast was happening at the Farnleys’ home in a small village named Whitsewood in Wessex. The Farnleys had arranged for a giant feast and had invited five families of their choice. Their families they had invited were: the Harrisons, who were good friends of the Farnleys; the Lanceys, the Dickxies, the Hornleys and the Williams.
    When they arrived, it was so much fun. We played for some time and then we started to sit down to have Christmas Dinner, but little did we know that the turkey we were planning to eat was still alive but was in a coma after a turkeymobile crash in Turkeyland. The announcement was made by James Farnley and someone was about to cut the turkey when……………………..CLUCK! COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! The turkey had woken up! ‘Where am I?’I thought, ruffling my feathers and just noticing that my feathers had been plucked off! Everyone stared in awe until………”Capture him!” James Farnley shouted at the top of his voice [not a very polite incident when guests come over]. SQAUWK! I charged across the Dining table and sprinted for the door, squawking madly as I ran. I was like a Lamborghini racing against a Ferrari! “Oi! That’s our Dinner!” Shouted the families in union.” JINX! Touch wood!” And everyone ran back to the table except me and I then escaped through the door. Once outside I thought, ‘It’s a turkey’s life’

  48. Jaden Francisco says:

    Turkey Adventure…

    Hello reader. I’m Tom and I’m a turkey. It’s almost Christmas which isn’t good because another lot of my friends or family will be taken away to be cooked for Christmas dinner. This year was different though, let me tell you about this exciting adventure when I saved my family…

    Exactly on the 30th November 2016, me and other turkeys waited for that dreadful time when they’ll be taken away to a factory. Suddenly, an idea sprouted in my head . The garden hose was long enough for everyone to get over the fence meaning that we could throw it over , with our beaks, and get away. Unfortunately, it was too late. The food people came over to us and took my whole family! ‘Thats it!’, I thought . ‘I am going to rescue them!’

    When the people went inside, I attempted to throw the hose over the fence. It took me three attempts but finally I got over the fence. At the last second, I flew to the top of the truck and I am being serious – I was on the very top. Then I used my beak to make a hole in it, then I called for them.

    Suddenly, I heard a reply and mum came and flew out of the hole that I made .Then dad came, then the rest of them. I was so happy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then we flew to the pavement and walked all the way home. When the farmer saw us, we were greeted very well, we received food, we received drink, we received happiness. Nobody apart from me and my family knew that we escaped the truck but thats only for you and me to know.

    The end.

  49. Shernet Chapline says:

    Hi! I’m a turkey. My name is Alaihay I also live on Barley Lands farm. I have lived my Childhood years and I am two years into my Adulthood life.
    Christmas is the worst time of year for us turkeys. I don’t think you know why. Do you? Is it because you devour us with great mouthfuls, along with your potatoes and baby vegetables? Or is it because you get guns and shoot us and celebrate when you knock us down. No. It’s because all are friends get knocked down one by one. Early one morning the farmers daughter came to feed us. I was starving so I ate some of the other turkeys and I was so suprised when I got extra. On Christmas eve, no animal got poached but I guess we have alittle longer to live! HOORAY! (One year isn’t a very long time).

  50. Diya Jena says:

    That time of the year had come again: Christmas. Everyone says it’s such a nice time, when family get together and have fun! But then, think about us. Turkeys never reunite with family; they gat torn apart, slaughtered for people to eat at their Christmas dinner.

    I woke early that morning, only to see all the turkeys rushing about with frantic eyes. A white blanket had been laid down on the floor, and a sky with clouds that looked like cotton swarmed in the sky. Robins perched on arms of swaying, dancing trees, singing sweet songs. If we didn’t know what was going to happen later that day, we all would have thought to ourselves that the world was a wonderful, amazing place.

    Woof, woof! The hound, named Henry, had trotted up to us, leaving paw-prints behind in the thickening snow. Now the turkeys were scared to death, for, whenever Henry the Hound was here, his master, Farmer Boris would be nearby as well. Farmer Boris had small, piggy-like eyes that were filled with menace and hatred. His tiny beard that looked like dark needles sticking out of his massive chin. In his right hand, he always carried a rake, with points that were sharper than a dagger’s were. Henry the Hound had harsh, old eyes, that had seen many worse things before. His tail was normally always straight, never wagging, and his tongue never lolled out of his mouth like normal dogs’ were.

    It seems that some people are pitiful towards us, because we don’t do anything, just stare up blankly and let people chop off our dear heads. But they are wrong as well; this year, we were prepared for what was coming. Farmer Boris took one step forward with a malicious smile, and, suddenly, I sprang up, onto his face and clung on with my sharp claws. I gave the signal, (gobble, gobble) and the others scampered forwards and lunged for all parts of his body. The rake fell, and Henry whimpered and dashed away. Boris let out a scream like an elephant’s trumpeting. With all the additional weight added to him, Farmer Boris fell on to his back, squirming and wriggling as a worm would do. Another signal to my friend, Adam, and he had thrown me a long, thick rope.

    In a few seconds, Farmer Boris was leaning against the bare oak tree, his arms tied to his back, and his legs tied together. This time, Christmas was our’s.

  51. Riya Jena says:

    I stood in the middle of the fenced field, and looked at all the other, older turkeys who were running around, looking panicked. I couldn’t understand why; all I knew was that it had something to do with Christmas. The trees were as bare as rocks and the ground was littered with dead, fallen leaves. The barn in the distance creaked in the wind, threatening to fall down. The dew drops on the grass were gems, as the glittered in the light. Winter was fascinating to me.
    Some turkeys were being taken away, grasped in the hands of the horrible humans. Then, it happened. The farmer thudded towards me, and he picked me up. Little did I know my fate…

  52. Saffiya Maryam Kawther says:

    Dear Diary,

    Its that time of year when thousands of my freinds get killed to be plucked, washed ,chopped, spiced, garnished and then put in that stupid brats belly I’ ve seen it happening all the time myself.How would yo feel being eaten? Not very happy I would say . Farmer has the time to look after us and we would hope to think he loves us but instead of loving and nurturing he kills us then turn us completely nude to be eaten what is the meaning of this this horrendous situation this year I was lucky but it will be different next year as farmer whatever(I forgot his name) always killed the young one year olds as APPARENTLY TASTE NICER!

    This year for christmas THINK about what your buying and have a vegetarian dinner
    save the animals

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