2014-2015 Results

S6 Tutoring would like to congratulate all children who took the exam this year and are proud of their achievements. The new style exam has definitely been challenging for those involved and we are confident that the school allocations in March are favourable.

The different exam style appears to have reduced the overall standardised scores and there is discussion on some forums that, although the 303 mark will not lower in terms of a pass, other boundaries in the ‘traffic light’ sheet might well be adjusted.

Standardised Score Data

Below is a graph displaying the standardized scores of clients who provided us with their feedback.

This year, as more and more parents are asking us, we have added a graph that shows the results achieved by students at private and state schools.

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We can see evidence from the correlation that students who followed a structured personalised work plan ranked highly amongst their peers. It should also be noted that students who followed the 12-36 month work plan, achieved significantly higher scores than those who were compacting the tuition into a shorter time frame.

The subtle differences of the new exam seem to have highlighted that those who had a longer period to study, had the ability to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, utilizing the extra time to gain confidence and success in the problem solving nature of the 11+ questions. We also saw our students who attended our Creative Writing Workshops register higher scores. The continuous writing titles at the end of the English exam, one of the major changes in the exam, are completely open and a good performance in this section can significantly impact a student’s final result.

We believe in providing our students with the correct teaching and learning strategies to pass the 11+ but more importantly, to maintain a very high standard at secondary school. Above all, our students require the inspiration to succeed and achieve their dreams.

We believe in preparing our students for life at a grammar school, and teach them to take responsibility and pride in every piece of work that they produce.

The exam is not the finishing post

Once the exam is completed I’m sure everyone involved revels in their new found free time. We do however advise that a work plan covering key concepts in Maths, English and Science (which we offer through our Prepare for Secondary School course) is followed prior to attending your grammar school.

It is important for us that all of our students enjoy their education. This means feeling comfortable and confident in their new school.

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