Task 7
27th December 2013
Task 9
10th January 2014


  1. Aidan says:

    Magic Shoes
    One busy weekend, I was walking along the street in town and found some blue shoes with a ticket and a number on the side of the road. I thought that it was a bit weird that the shoes were there, so I took them home with me to find the owner.
    At home I tried to work out the number that was on the shoes so I could call the owner; however the number was slightly smudged so it was harder to work the number. I said that I wish that they were magic shoes, and could dance on their own and suddenly the shoes started dancing around on the table. I put the shoes on and went for a walk.
    It was night by now and it was the time where all the gangs and criminals are out, so I went to see if I could stop them. Suddenly a criminal caught my eye; he had a gun and was pointing it at a little girl! The criminal turned around and laughed at me in the blue shoes and asked me what I was going to do about it. So I sprinted up to the criminal and said magic shoes, Taser and I used the Taser on the criminal and called the police and the criminal went to jail. Thank you said the little girl, and I said don’t mention it.

  2. Sasha says:

    Eva was a nine year old girl with golden locks of tangled hair and pearl blue eyes. She was as beautiful as the Summer sun. It was a warm Spring morning,mum was busy cooking inside and Eva raced out into the neat garden to play. The garden had a pond, a cherry tree and a small bench. The garden was surrounded by a thick netting of barbed wire and flowerbeds of red roses. Eva heaved her old trainers on. As Eva rushed about excitedly she perceived a shiny, blue ball behind the bed of roses. “My goodness, I’ve never seen this!” she exclaimed. She carefully picked it up and started kicking the ball all around the garden. Soon,mum’s anxious face peered out of the slightly stained window, “Be careful you don’t tear your shoes!” but it was already too late,Eva caught her trainers on the edge of the barbed wire. Rip… The trainers tore and Eva grazed her knee on the concrete floor.
    After a week or two mum drove Eva to the shops to buy some new shoes. Eva particularly liked some red sparkly shoes and found that they fitted her perfectly! In a while Eva begged her mum to go and play football in the park. Amazingly, her mum agreed! She ran off to shoot but unexpectedly she felt herself rising in the air! She peeked down to see that her shoes had become wings and were slowly lifting. Eva kicked and struggled and finally managed to flick her shoes off. She landed with a thud in a heap of mud. She told a feeble excuse to her mum, “The ball rolled in the mud and I had to clamber after it.” She decided to hide the shoes and pretend to lose them, I mean, not everybody has magic shoes!

  3. Archie says:

    It was a bright and sunny morning, I was climbing an enormous apple tree in my grandparents orchard, “just two more branches” I muttered to myself. As I reached for the last branch I screamed with joy “Finally I’ve made it, I’ve made it to the top!” I crawled deeper into the leaves then something hit my head, it was an old pair of yellow shoes! I tried to grab them but I couldn’t reach, suddenly the branch started to snap, quickly I jumped up and swiped them and fell to the ground.
    I landed in a pile of stinky but squidgy compost, I jumped up and shook off all the rotting food then ran home as fast as an excited puppy and put the shoes in the wash and took a hot, bubbly bath.
    The next day I secretly snuck back into my grandparents garden with the curious shoes. I slipped my feet into the yellow shoes and started to jump! “Whoa!” I said excitedly, I jumped really high, I couldn’t stop, I jumped so high that my head popped through a cloud. To my surprise I saw a fluffy, transparent, small man “This must be a cloud man” I thought to myself. I waved at him and gave him a grin and he waved back happily.
    When I eventually descended I rushed inside to tell my mum about the adventure I had had, she didn’t believe me! “These really are magic shoes” I said happily to myself as I hid them under my bed ready for the next adventure.

  4. Chris says:

    It was my Birthday, the time of the year were it was my turn to be the king of the day. As usual my favourate presents came from my beloved Grandmother who always gave some weird clothing. Eventually, when my Grandmother arrived she handed me a small parcel rapped in some shiny, glittery birthday paper. Without wasting any time I rapidly tiered the paper and found myself a beautiful pair of shoes. They looked perfectly ordinary until…

    Seconds after they magically started walking around the colorful carpet by them self. Not only that, my baby brother, who couldn’t walk, just came out of his crib and immediately the magic shoes rushed over to him, straight to his sweet feet and amazingly he started to walk. Wow! What a magical day it has been.

    In the land of shoes, where ever kind of shoe was made, there lived a magician who made shoes that no one could make and those shoes were called magic shoes, if you wore those the shoes they will response to your demand, for example if you told them to fly the would fly and if you told them to do ballet they would point up and gracefully dance. If you want to know a top secret then listen carefully, I was the magician.

    So it was one fine day in the land of shoes when a little girl came into my shop and said in a very sweet voice‘ Hello my name is Ipshita and I would like to buy those pink shoes for myself,’ and I said ‘Well Ipshita that would be two shoe please.’ so she handed over two shoe and I gave her the pair of pink glittering shoes.
    ‘Ipshita I need to tell you a secret those shoes are magic shoes if you wear them and tell them what to do they will do that, now you won’t tell anyone and do take care of them,’ the little girl gave small grin and said ‘Ok,’ and walked out of the shop wearing a pair of magic shoes. For the whole land of shoes it was a week off and I thought I would go of to the queen of shoes and ask if she would like a pair of magic glass slippers.

    Once I reached the palace I saw the queen sitting on the big shoe throne with a little girl, and that girl looked exactly like Ipshita. ‘Your shoeness may I present to you magic glass slippers’ I said, she tried them on and while she was trying them on the little girl winked at me so I understood by this that she was Ipshita. The queen asked me if I would like to be one of the famous shoe makers and I responded saying yes to the queen. So since that day I was one of the famous shoe makers in the land of shoes.

    Have you got a pair of magic shoes?

  6. Isla says:

    Magic Shoes

    One year ago, to this very day, a young girl, who was called Chantell, found a shop. Painted on the front window were the words : Mrs Elive’s Magic Store, from talking toads to dragon eggs. “I wonder what’s in here ” curious girl pondered. So she stepped inside.

    The sight that met her eyes, Chantell will never forget. All sorts of magical things were hanging, lying and sitting in the room around her but the one thing that caught her eye was a pair of jewel encrusted, winged sandles lying on the creepy counter. “Hello!!” Chantell yelled around the dimly lit room. There was no answer.

    Just then an old lady crept out of the gloom. She was wearinga night gown and greyish-pink rabbit slippers. “If you have come for the sandles, my dear, please take them and no money needed for them.” Then, before Chantell knew what she was doing, she grabbed the sandles and left.


  7. Nicola says:

    “Mum, please can I have that pair of shoes, and that pair, and that pair?”
    “No, that’s too much money!”
    “Oh, please.”
    “Okay, then.”
    So Mum bought Bob three pairs of shoes and went back to the car. In the car, I asked her “Can I take one of these pairs of shoes to school?” and Mum said “Yes.”
    When we got home, I went straight to sleep, really excited about wearing the shoes to school the next day. 
    The next morning, I had my breakfast, and wore the new shoes to school, but when Bob put his on, he disappeared. Bob’s teacher said “Oh, no, where’s Bob?”
    After school, we took the shoes back to the shop, and never wore them again. 

  8. Bolu says:

    The Magic Shoes
    It was on a hot, sunny day and Alice Brown had just moved into a luxurious mansion. Alice grabbed all her luggage and clambered up the steep stairs to her bedroom. When she entered her bedroom, she saw pair of bright, hot pink shoes on her bed. In the left shoe, Alice found a tiny piece of paper that had the words ‘put the shoes on’ on it. So Alice put the pink shoes on. She then ascended into the baby blue sky and landed on a cloud as white as snow.

    In the distance, Alice could see a palace that was made out of solid gold. Alice crept a bit closer and peered into the window. She could see a fairy princess wearing a badge that had birthday girl on it. Alice skipped into the massive palace and introduced herself to the fairy princess; sang her happy birthday; took of her shoes; gave them to her (as a present) and told her that they were magic shoes. The fairy princess was very grateful. Alice then realized that it was time for her to go back home. The kind fairy princess told her that she would magic her home, and she did.

    Alice was back in her bedroom. But on her bed was a pair of bright orange shoes and in the right shoe there was a tiny piece of paper that had the words ‘magic shoes’ written on it. Alice sprinted down the stairs to tell her mum all about her adventure.

  9. Grace says:

    The Magic Shoes
    Once upon a time, in a small cottage, there once lived a princess. She lived in the forest, near all her animal friends, who were loving and kind to her. The princess did not live in the palace because she wanted to lead her life as a village girl who had normal hopes, dreams and problems.
    One day, when she was picking flowers for decorating her cottage, she saw a pair of magic shoes. They were sparkling gold and looked very comfortable. As the princess slipped them on, she felt a slight tingle in her body. Then the shoes started glowing as bright as a star. Then, the princess found out it was not any old pair of ordinary shoes, they were magic shoes! The princess decided to go to her cottage to discover more about the magic shoes.

    “Now the princess has found the magic shoes, they will soon be mine!” Cackled the old witch as she looked through her looking glass.
    “The princess won`t know that the most evil witch is going to take the magic shoes out of her bare hands!” The witch said.
    The wicked witch of the west was the most evil witch ever known because she tried to put a spell on the village to make everyone obey her, but then was sent to the palace dungeons. Once she escaped she decided to plot revenge for everyone but before she did that she decided to take the magic shoes to make all her wishes come true…
    “I haven`t found the purpose of the magic shoes yet” Sighed the princess, when she was talking to her animal friends.

    ‘’If it glows and sends a shiver up your spine it has got to have a purpose,” Sighed the princess. ‘’I just wish I know what the purpose is.’’
    Suddenly, sparkles fell from the sky and outlined a mirror. Then, there was a sudden WHOOSH! And there was a glass mirror that started to say: ‘These magic shoes make your wishes come true. Then the magic glass faded and the princess and her animal friends were sitting there, still as a statue, jaws dropped and looking astonished.
    ‘’I think the purpose of the shoes are: they make your wishes come true!” The princess exclaimed excitedly.
    Then the wicked witch swooped down and took the shoes out of the princess`s hand.
    “I`ve been looking for these shoes for many years, but now it is mine, all my wishes can come true,” The witch shouted greedily.
    Then, as quick as a wink, the wicked witch was gone.
    “I need to get the magic shoes before she wishes for something bad.” The princess said, panicking.
    So then, the princess ran out of the woods, and into the icy regions.
    As she approached, she saw grey mist surrounding the witch’s castle with icicles hanging near a door. Then, the princess saw a sparkle and it was near an icicle.
    ‘It must have fallen from a window,’ thought the princess ‘because that would have been a bizarre place to put it’
    So, the princess silently took the shoes silently from near the icicle and ran as fast as she could.
    Then she wished to turn the witch`s castle into ice which could never melt or break.
    Afterwards, she made friends with some village people and lived happily ever after.
    THE END.

  10. Thomas says:

    ”Where’s my lucky boots?”

    It was a bright sunny day in Manchester. Manchester City were going to play Manchester United, so the city was heaving. All the foolhardy people were at the pub but everyone else headed to the game.

    Sergio Aguero, Manchester City’s top striker, and all his team-mates were in the palatial changing room preparing. Sergio had laid his lucky boots where he would make his final preparations, however Patrice Evra, a Manchester United defender, snuck in and stole Ageuro’s boots! Sneakily, he headed back to his gloomy changing room. He showed his manager who was overwhelmed as Aguero now couldn’t play. Once Aguero reached his changing room he was furious. He immediately stormed into the smelly away team’s dressing room and bellowed, “Where’s my lucky boots?” Everyone was stunned except for Evra, however, he did the right thing and gave them back. Aguero had a kind heart so he let it go that time.

    The macth soon began and Aguero became a legend. Aguero had bagged a hat trick that match, which meant Manchester City won 3-0! It was a blue moon for many people that night.

  11. “Sir sir, please let me go on. I will score in the last ten minutes!”
    The teacher frowned suspiciously and said “How can you be so sure?”
    I replied confidently “I’ve got my magic shoes”
    He cheekily replied “Yes, yes save them for next time.”
    “Arghhh!” came from a player on the pitch. Someone was badly injured, so the manager shouted over to me “go on with your magic shoes.”
    “YES!!” I gleemed.
    Suddenly, the last minute was upon us, I got the ball and passed it to the wing player. The player passed it back. I skilled their defender and smashed it into the left top corner of the goal!

  12. Daisy Parker says:

    I was walking down the pebbled road past pizza palace the most extraordanary restaurant in all of essex, when in the ally I spotted a fine pair of shoes. I made my way down the alley and knelt down to the shoes. They were a beautiful brown lever pair of boots.

    I didn’t know if I should put them on or not. If I did someone might come looking for them but if not I may regret it. How could I choose what to do? Just then I had a brillent idea I would do ip dip do! So I did and I ended up trying them on.

    I tried them on and soon I was in the world of little red riding hood! I followed the bumpy brick road. As the wind was whistling I could feel the breeze blowing strongly through my long blond hair and I could smell the sweet smell of cookies coming from A cottage far away in the distance. It was a little white thatched cottage with mistical smoke coming out of the small chimny.

    Was it all a dream?

  13. joenoes says:

    The art work

    The sun was smiling. The birds were tweeting. We as a family decided to go out to get some fresh air the only problem was that we didn’t know where to go for the day so my mum decided because it was her 29th birthday, she announced,” the art gallery”. I have been there before. It is a great place! I don’t have any brothers or sisters so I muttered” can I bring my friends along as well ?” my mum replied “why not?” Off we went to my friend’s house and knocked on their interesting medieval glass door and happily asked” would you like to come to the art gallery with us” Dan would love to come Sally[the boy’s mother] replied to my dad. We arrived at the art gallery we walked through the door and saw sculptures of people in abstract form. After we had seen the first building. We moved on to the next building, where there was a different type of art. the art was made of materials such as foil,paper, card, wood, but the ones with the shoe lases caught my eye the most because unlike the others that piece of art had multiple colours. It also was the only one with literature included. From then on I have been influenced by his art. I wonder why he used shoe lases and why he picked shoes as his topic?

    I wonder if there is more than meets the eye with that shoe?

    do you think so?

  14. The Magic Shoes

    It was a lovely, hot day when Chloe set off for school. She had just put on her new shiny shoes when Flash! She was gone, she had gone to a place were no one knew her and no one heard her begging voice, she was terrified.

    Everyone was looking for the poor, sweet, kind girl at home as time goes quickly where Chloe was. Chloe ran and ran for days trying to find the way out but she couldn’t. She thought desperately trying to find out what had got her into the quiet, lonely place but it was hopeless.

    She was worried she wouldn’t get out of the miserable place but Flash! She was back.

    She immediately took off her shimmering shoes and returned them back to the shoe shop. The shoes were lovely but magic!

  15. Aadya Rao says:

    I was in the shoe shop looking for new tap dancing shoes when a tall burly man came and gave me some strange looking shoes. They fit me so I went to buy them but surprisingly the shopkeeper said they were free.
    I came home and practised for the nerve-racking show on Sunday. I put my shiny new shoes on and started to dance straight away. but it wasn’t me dancing it was the shoes! I was dancing as graceful as a professional dancer.
    The day of the show

    I was so nervous I could hear my knees knocking together. Click Clack Click Clack. I skipped up on stage and started to dance. The judges were shocked. All I could hear was ”Wow! She is a beautiful dancer.”
    I won! Hurray! My parents were really happy that my medal will add to my collection.

    The next day i went back to the shop to thank the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was not surprised to hear that i won the show.

    The End

  16. Jenna Clark says:

    My Invention!

    Another horrible, dull day in Smallville. I was getting ready for my first day of Westcliff junior school and I was ready and ripe to go!
    On the way there I kept on asking myself about the assignments and how I wished they’d do a project to see their abilities.
    That afternoon I was filled with delight to find out that we were going to have a project! Yeeeeeppppiiieee! I felt overjoyed and as soon as I got home I got straight to work.
    I wanted to make something spectacular, something that would be unforgettable, Something so majestic it was astonish people just by explaining it. Thats when I had an awesome idea; an idea that would change the world….
    I got right to work! I had to make a whole plan with ingedients, huge motivation and that motivation came from my Mum. I was inspired to become a scientist, this was why I wished and hoped for and science fair project; then my Mother came in with a marvelous, fantastic, prodigous, unbeliveable thing which I had dreamed of having.. an proffessional scientist coat, I was overwelmed and joyous, I had dreamed for this my WHOLE life. This was my big chance and I had to take this glorious occasion into my own hands, this was my day, my project, and I’m not going to let anyone get in my way!
    I flew to my secret labratory and my unbrushed, chocolate, brown hair flew through the wind as if it was about to fall off, I locked in my secret passcode, ( A piece of paper with four different buttons on it, which were drawn, and I make a sound like, ‘beep, bap, boop’ with my mouth.) and start gathering up my almost impossible ingredients to get to my magnificent project! A toad’s eye, two poisonous eggs and an old snails shell were only the few ingredients to make this fabulous creation and I was hyper!
    The next day I woke up fresh and fit to go! On the way to school I met some very unfortunate people and my science fair project was very fragile! These people were bullies, called Bruce and Crash and I was not fit enough for a fight so I started to walk faster and faster until I could go any more but because I’m such a ‘nerd’ that these greedy, selfish, evil snoting pigs had to come and ruin my day. This was the first horrible thing that Crash grunted to me,
    “Oh sorry, DORK! HAHAHA ‘SNORT’!” Are YOU going to that LAME science fair you…. DWEEB! HAHAHAHA ‘SNORT’!”
    These words were so sarcastic I felt like crying but then I thought to myself, ‘My projects too smart for them I’m just going to move on.’ So I took a deep breath of courage and barged my way through them.
    “HHHAAAAAA YOU’Re such a looser…” I could hear this coming from the back of my head in Crashes voice, OH MY GOSH! I’m so outraged, offended and irratated but I’ve still got to have hope for my ‘WOW’ project for school today!
    When I did eventually get to school I was pumped to see everyones projects including everyone reactions for when they see mine! Julia’s was to stop hair being too short by her ‘MAGMA BRUSH’ (basically an normal hair brush with engraved on it ‘THE MAXIMUS BRUSH 2000′) Thomas’ robot called ‘DOBOT’ was where he resolves dirty and untidy rooms because the robot is ment to clean it up but it was so miniture it looked like an bean can ontop of an toy car!
    Finally it was my go and I was ready! I had my ten page report off by scratch and my awesome resume done, this was my moment to shine!

    These amazing, majestic shoes are in a spray can and it is to solve untied shoelaces, with it’s secret formula it magically sprays on your feet which keeps them nice and dry!”

    All the children gasped in amazement, even Crash and Bruce were shocked! “These shoes can also come off by simply brushing them!”
    I got a round of appluse by the whole class and everybody wanted a spray! Most of all I won! I actually won something! I was so proud and honored that I won and that’s the moment when I became famous!
    My face was in the paper all over Smallville and I got paid money for all my inventions, my Mother would of been proud of me….

  17. Magic Shoes

    I’m going to tell an story in which you should never do what I did!

    I live in a magical land where everything and everyone floats. So one day I went to the shops which was in a tower with a wizard at the top. So I flew through the colossal doors and through the entrance to the top.

    When I got to the wizard I asked if he had any laces that made you faster at flying. He then said over there in that box. What I didn’t know at the time was that there was a spell on them which takes you back to the owner. So I walked over to the the box,they cost £1000 a pair. So I decided to take one.

    I flew out of the shop down the tower and through the doors. When i got home I put the laces on my shoes and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and put my shoes on . But they were moving quick up to the wizard hut with me in them.

    The wizard opened the door and said,
    “You’re the one who stole my laces!”
    I agreed. He took the laces off me.
    “I promise I’ll never steal again,” I said. The wizard said
    “Off you go then!”. I went home and since then I’ve never stole again.

  18. Leila T says:

    I was just helplessly laying on the damp, cold sand as i saw a sparkling , bright light in the endless distance. Then i realised. It was coming from my tiny, dainty feet. My new expensive red shoes were glowing. I stood up in pure amazement as i then started to hover gently above the wet , damp sand. The calm, lovely tied was coming in quicker and quicker and i was gradually getting higher and higher. My amazing , wonderful shoes are marvellously magic. How can it be? I bought them at the lovely shoe shop round the bendy corner. I then started to smile nervously, but just after , i let out an enormous scream . It was a joyful scream and i began to wonder excitedly wether i was magic too. Was i the chosen one? Who knows?

  19. Leila T says:

    I was just helplessly laying on the damp, cold sand as i saw a sparkling , bright light in the endless distance. Then i realised. It was coming from my tiny, dainty feet. My new expensive red shoes were glowing. I stood up in pure amazement as i then started to hover gently above the wet , damp sand. The calm, lovely tied was coming in quicker and quicker and i was gradually getting higher and higher. My amazing , wonderful shoes are marvellously magic. How can it be? I bought them at the lovely shoe shop round the bendy corner. I then started to smile nervously, but just after , i let out an enormous scream . It was a joyful scream and i began to wonder excitedly wether i was magic too. Was i the chosen one? Who knows?

  20. Leila T says:

    I was just helplessly laying on the damp, cold sand as i saw a sparkling , bright light in the endless distance. Then i realised. It was coming from my tiny dainty feet. My new expensive red shoes were glowing. I stood up in pure amazement as i then started to hover gently above the wet, damp sand. The calm, lovely tide was coming in quicker and quicker and i was gradually getting higher and higher. My amazing , wonderful shoes are marvellously magic. How can it be? I bought them at the lovely shoe shop round the bendy corner. I then started to smile nervously , but just then i let out an enormous scream. It was a joyful scream, and i was beginning to wonder excitedly wether i was magic too. Was i the chosen one? Who knows.

  21. Magic shoes

    One rainy morning when the sky was dark and the clouds were black,I found some old shoes in a box. Written on the cover of the box were the words “do not open or else!” Well of course I opened it and as I did so the box sparkled. I thought to myself they must be magic shoes.

    I tried them on anxiously wondering if anything terrible would happen to me. Boom! The shoes took of right through the roof without even making a crack. Before I knew it I was in a magical land ! It was so cool there were and I saw dinosaurs and whales on dry land!

    Then all of a sudden all the animals acted terrified and ran into the woods. Then. There was something so dreadful and disgusting it made my eyes pop. It was a dragon!

    The dragon climbed up a rocky volcano, whilst the dragon was doing a sword appeared from the magic shoes, wow this pair of shoes must have been made for this exact moment. So without further a due I flew to the top of the mountain and slew the dragon. After I slew the dragon and when I did that the volcano erupted with glitter.We all had a party ,but I didn’t stay the food wasn’t my cup of tea.

    It was an exciting day! We had just moved into our new house and I had nearly finished unpacking my suitcases, when I found a mysterious box. Being nosey as I am, I opened the box and found a pair of golden shoes that shone like the sun! When I put them on, I felt a tingle that ran through my bones. I knew that these shoes were giving me powers! I rapidly hid them under my bed and when I had finished unpacking, I ran outside to explore more about these mysterious but exciting golden shoes!
    Once I put them on, I started walking about, but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t walking, it was the shoes. Then I realised that I wasn’t even in my back garden, I was in a different world where everybody floated. Then I realised that I was floating as well! I, at the same time, started to get worried. The thing that made it worse was that they all spoke a different language, and they were all witches with crackling voices. I swam through the air and hid in a floating bush, to think for a bit. After a while, I started wishing that I was back at home.
    Suddenly I was back at home, right in our very own back garden. I stated rubbing my hands with glee for I knew that these were wishing shoes, and they were mine!

  23. Thomas.w says:

    The clogs (part 1)

    There was once a little bunch of creatures named…The BonBons!!!! There names were Bob-bob, paul-paul, smith-smith, dob-dob, si-si and seb-seb. But our main character today is the ring leader Bob-bob,one day he walked into a shoe shop,then found a nice pair of clogs, walked into the changing room,put them on and was whisked into THE PAST!!!

    He turned up in…a tulip field. He marched down the field toward a distant windmill,three hours later he finally trudged up the stairs towards the small room in the windmill. But when he got there he get a warm welcome. All he got was a “shush” from the two people in the room he just marched into. “The Nazis are coming, we need to be quiet, there is nowhere to run. Hide!” Bob-Bob heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Surrender” shouted a German soldier. “Eek!” the children shouted. “Out of the window” the boy said. BOOM!
    What, were was Bob-Bob? “Get-up,” said a German soldier. “Come on, go towards that shed…”

  24. One day I told my mum that my shoes were too small for me and I needed new ones to wear. Later on we went shopping to get my shoes then I saw a shop called “Magic Shoes”so I suggested to go there.

    Inside the shop was a variety of wonderful shoes coloured shoes and they were even multicoloured which I loved. I found a beautiful pair of shoes that fit me and the colour was blue. I begged my mum for it allowed it. It was £50 but my mum still bought them for me and I was happy. The next day I wore them to school and when I ran I went much faster than usually . When I jumped I jumped much more higher than usually. It seemed strange and peculiar. When school finished I told my mum about it but suddenly I thought to myself that the shop was called “Magic Shop”

    When we went pass the same shop I saw the shopkeeper and he saw me! He gave me a funny grin and then I realised it was meant to be magical.

  25. Natalie says:

    Dear Diary,

    Wow!Today was the best day ever. I won the lottery,isn’t that amazing.The shoes that I won were a pair of ankle-high boots made of brown leather they were beautiful.

    When I was home I slipped them on and I was whirled to a little village,it was called
    ‘Bonjour’ .I was welcomed with a cup tea and some biscuits,which were ginger snaps,my favourite.The people who lived there were called the Dobbles, famous for their cooking.

    In the Dobble family were Shi Shi ,Bom Bom and Nutty Nut not forgetting their pet dat
    [which is half dog and half cat] Balls.I went into their house and they showed me to my bedroom. In my bedroom was a wardrobe of clothes,a bed and a table but my room had the best view of the town and village.I enjoyed staying with them but I had to leave .

  26. Charlotte Y says:

    Natalie was strolling along the streets when suddenly, a shoe shop appeared from nowhere.Well,Natalie loves fashion so she just resist not going inside.She admired all the sparkling shoes but there was one ,so dazzling that it could probably blind you.The shoes were jet-black with golden lightning streaks running across the sides of them and quite high heels that your mum would definitely not buy for you.’How much do these cost?’asked Natalie.
    ‘Let me see ,$500 Hongkong dollars please,’answered the lady meekly.As Natalie left the shop she skipped happily all the way to home ,with her long plaits flying everywhere.

    When finally ,she reached her house.On the way she met a few friends and showed of her fabulous shoes .They were all very envious about the shoes she had brought as they kept asking her questions like.’Where did you get those?’
    Obviously ,she couldn’t tell them because she didn’t even know how it got there in the first place.

    A few days past when she decided to wear them.Natalie carefully slipped them on and you wouldn’t believe what happened.She FLEW into the sky,’Epic!’ yelled Natalie with excitement. She was flabbergasted.’Magic shoes,’ thought Natalie.
    Before she could say ‘hi’ she was whizzed of to a magical place.As she arrived she landed with a ‘thump!’ Then the place was tranquil…but the silence was disturbed by ,’Oi!Get out of me kingdom you brutes!’cried the king angrily.
    ‘How do we get out now?’thought Natalie.

    What will Natalie do now?…..

  27. Bobs says:

    After, I wore them but there was still something in there. Slowly and carefully I took it out, it was a slip of paper saying abaodoozlegran. So I ran inside to Mum and gave her the slip. She said to me “why are you in a hurry darling?” so I showed her the slip of paper. She read it out loud “ABAODOOZLEGRAN”. For a minute nothing happened but then I felt I was getting taller so I looked down and there I was hovering over the TV. “Wow these are magic shoes”.

  28. Callum says:

    Magic Shoes.

    On one hot sweating day, there was a little boy sitting on his old torn brown sofa watching TV. He was watching Britain’s Got Talent from ages ago. He didn’t like watching old programs, so he changed the channel. The adverts were on, “BORING!” he thought, but suddenly a advert popped up, it was a pair of shoes that were EXTREMELY cool! And only fourteen pounds and ninety-nine pence. He sprinted up to his room and got some money. He scuffled down to the shops and brought the shiny, bold black shoes to the counter, and asked the shop keeper if he could buy the shoes. The shop keeper murmured back, “yes of course”, but then he whispered, “they are magic”. The boy thought “nonsense, there’s no such thing as magic”. He slipped them on his feet and walked home. THEN! Suddenly he started to shoot up into the air! He thought, “oh no, what’s going to happen next?”……

  29. Cooper Lynn says:

    One day I went to the shops with my Mum to go get some new shoes. I saw some really nice shoes. They shone to me.
    “Can I have those shoes?” asked Jake
    “OK,” said Mum
    “But don’t ruin them. They cost £55.99,” said Mum
    “OK,” replied Jake
    When we bought them I wore the shoes straight away. When I jumped for joy I went flying! And I landed safely. They were magic shoes.

    Jake used them to play hide and seek. For him it was really fun. After, he named them supernatural shoes. He loved them. One day he risked jumping up a 5 story building.
    He managed to do it. He became famous, straight away. He tried a 10 story building and he managed to do it but he landed funny and his vision went black. He woke up. It was just a dream. So he went back to bed.

  30. Isobel Allan says:

    Magic Shoes!

    It was a grey and dreadful day and Hermione was at her Nan’s house.They were having a conversation about Hogwarts and how it was going. Hermione went upstairs to get an old crumpled photo of her, Harry and Ron, but as she was on her way up she got caught on a bit of fraying rope. She was tugging and tugging until she yanked it so hard that down came another flight of stairs. She whipped her curly brown hair out of her face and looked up the stairs. Her Nan called up,
    “Are you alright?” and Hermione shouted,
    “Yes I’m fine, I just can’t find it!”
    “Oh dear!” she said nervously. She had seen that the rope had moved. Hermione looked very closely up the stairs and thought to herself; it won’t hurt Nan if I just go up and have a look.She clambered up the stairs and into the mysterious room. She peeped just in case it wasn’t safe, but it just looked like a pile of dusty old boxes piled up. As she was walking around she sneezed from all the dust and on one of the boxes the dust cleared away. There right in front of her was a box, but not just any old box, a sparkly box and as she opened it out flew a pair of shoes with gold stars on them. She put them on and span round admiring them and just banged her heels together and just at that moment she had been thinking about a funfair and away she went.

    When she landed she was at a funfair, but it was closed and all the rides were shut down. It was abit of a shame but that’s how it was, She walked around and it was very scary because there were swings squeaking and things falling over. Then from out of nowhere came a vast snake, it hissed at her and she screamed so loud it was deafening. All of a sudden Harry and Ron were there in their flying car.
    “Are you alright?” they called
    “I don’t mean to freak you out, but look behind you!” she yelled back.
    As they grabbed her by the hand they flew with the snake still hissing
    at them, Hermione’s Nan was coming up the stairs. She found the secret stair case was open and was furious that Hermione had gone up there without asking!
    At that moment the door bell rang. As Nan opened the door, Hermione stood there in the red shoes.
    “You’re in big Trouble Miss!” exclaimed Nan.

  31. Nic says:

    Magic Shoes

    Gary was a 32 year old man. He lives in tall flat in New York City. He had had a rough week at work his best friend John had been fired and Gary had to do twice as much work. His friend John got jealous and they broke up.

    Gary started yawning and stretching then he looked at his watch “oh no” said Gary “I’m late for work”. Gary jumped out of bed put on some clothes and trainers and was about to get off to work when he trod in a deep puddle “just my luck” he said angrily “I’ve got to get a new pair of trainers” so he went to a small shoe store It was called “Magic Shoes” he walked in and said frustratedly “I need a new pair of trainers” the cheerful shopkeeper said “I have a new pair of trainers that I want you to try out”. Gary put on the trainers and said “they fit perfectly and they’re really comfy”, “how much do they cost?” you can keep them for free” said the cheerful shopkeeper “wow thanks” said Gary surprised, as he left he thought he saw a twinkle in the shopkeepers eyes.

    Then he looked at his watch “I’ve got to get to work”. He started running and all of a sudden he went the speed of light and then he was right next to his work office “wow how did I get here so fast!” said Gary puzzled. Then he saw some bullies dangling a boy’s school bag, then the bullies threw it onto a lamp post and ran off. I’ll never be able to reach that thought Gary he jumped to reach it but he didn’t do a normal jump, he jumped over the road and caught the boy’s bag. Gary gave the bag to the boy and the boy thanked Gary very much.

    Everything went well for Gary, he managed to persuaded his boss to let John come back to work and John and Gary got back together again. Gary wanted to show John the magic shoes but when they got to the store it was closed and up for sale. John didn’t believe Gary that he had magic shoes. “look trust me they’re magic” said Gary, he jumped but it didn’t work John started laughing but Gary said “look” he started running but it still didn’t work and John started laughing loudly and Gary just started laughing too and they started walking home. Just before they left, Gary looked in the shop window and he saw the exact same trainers the shopkeeper had given him.

    The shoes only work for the good of things.

  32. Georgia says:

    My tangled blonde hair rose up and then back down , as i shrugged to my Grandad’s statement
    “I know , I grunted
    I sulked back up to my room , trying to figure out what was in my Grandad’s shed. I did not have a clue .

    Three ever-lasting hours later,I stomped down the stairs to see, cheese-burgers . That’s what we were having for dinner , just Grandpa and I . my parents died when i was about four months old . Car-crash, a stupid lorry driver drove onto the wrong side of the road and crashed into their car .

    Three boring days later , before dawn , I made the decision to venture out to the shed of secrets …….
    SHOES! SHOES! Was this what grandpa was worried about , just a pair of blue old shoes?Rediculous! So , i tried them on , they fitted perfectly .
    “Not so bad after all “, I whispered to myself .
    I then jumped in delight thinking of what i should do next . Then, a voice whispered in my ear ,
    “Have adventures ”
    Strange . Oh no ! I have taken a pair of magic shoes . That is what Grandpa was worried about ! I saw a torch , then a harsh voice said
    “Whatever you are doing stop it , and where-ever you came from , GO BACK!”
    ” I am so sorry Grandpa ! I was just ….just..j” I stammered.
    ” Come inside” he said. I then followed him inside, my head bowed in shame.
    When we reached the kitchen ,Grandpa told me to think of something you really want.
    I thought long and hard , puppy no , money no , then it struck me . I jumped thinking of my parents . A hollogram came up by the table , tears filled my eyes . We had a great conversation with my long not so gone parents . Then it was time to say goodbye .
    ” Keep them “, Grandpa insisted “Then you can see them whenever you want.”
    I gleefully then skipped up to bed . Grandpa smiled he knew I would find the shoes and be happy once more.

  33. Peter says:

    “Here we are Clive, the big game we’ve been waiting for,” announced the commentator,” The Champions League final, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, It’s El Classico.”

    “It’s a bit more than a club match when these two play” Stated Clive,” It’s more like Gladiators with a ball. We now go live to the game”

    Tweet! ” The whistle has blown, 90 minutes till the champion is crowned,” Clive cheered.

    The game was on. Real Madrid had an early chance but Di Maria gets in a tangle. FREE KICK! Ronaldo curled it into the corner. GOAL! 1-0. 20 minutes later Bale had scored a hat trick from the halfway line. 4-0. Messi intercepted the ball in midfield and dribbled past the keeper but slipped and fell on his bottom. “Clive its halftime and Barcelona are 6-0 down already. This is trouble”

    In the changing room Messi was very disappointed but in the corner of his eye he saw glimmering bright shoes lighting up the dark room with its sparkly glow. He tried them on and he felt like he was Superman, like he could win this game for them. 25 minutes later the score was 6-4, 20 minutes to score 3 goals.

    “Clive, Messi’s been on fire since half time hasn’t he” said the commentator.

    “GOAL!” screamed Clive jumping around the commentator’s box. Eventually it was 6-6 and only 20 seconds to go. Casillas thought that it was over and booted it over to the half way line where Messi decided to overhead kick the ball. “OMG it’s gone in. Messi’s won it for them. Barcelona are crowned champions of the Champions league.

    Messi screamed “Magic shoes!”  

  34. sammy joujou says:

    My brain was full of excitement and overwhelming joy. Nothing could go wrong on this phenomenal day. ”Zak we’re leaving!” My legs were faster than a racing car as I ran swiftly down the flight of stairs. Nowadays my shoes were filthy with holes, making my feet icy-cold. This is why I always look forward to shoes shopping. ”Zak we’re here,” I jumped out of the car (avoiding the kerb) and my feet grinded to an abrupt halt. The archway was like a ring of fire leading me intrepidly to the door, and when I opened my eyes it was a sight not to be missed. I trundled on…
    My mum walked briskly to get my shoes as I gasped at all the different colours: brown; black; grey; green and my favourite gold. As I was touching the shoes, my mum bought me a bright gold pair, when I saw something odd…. the shopkeepers face. It looked like he was pleased. But as we walked out I placed my shoes on and a vibration came beneath my feet. Louder. Louder. Louder. And faster than a rocket my shoes and me whizzed up into the sky. So that’s why the shopkeeper was pleased…..
    The clouds grew closer as the shoes ran out of energy. The descent began. My eyes were in a whirlwind of terror spinning down in absolute horror. The wind picked up when- Suddenly a light flickered beneath my feet. I was alive and safely on the ground. I was stunned and speechless, What just happened?…

  35. Sandhana says:

    I’ve always liked my magic shoes even people said they didn’t exists, never forget what had happened.
    I was skipping down Never Lane Road looking at the shoes in the designers shops. then I set my eyes upon some lovely, red , shiny shoes. I pressed my hot nose on the cold Crystal clear window and smiled at the shoes. Just then by magic the shoes jumped off the self and plodded outside towards me. I was so amazed the I looked around that nobody saw then knelt down and lifted up the shoes.
    They felt smooth and shiny, then I realised that it was made out of expensive leather. I had to tell mum and dad.
    I raced home with the shoes running after me. When I got home I burst open the door and skidded [ because I had tights on ] to the living room were mum and dad were watching the TV.
    ‘ mum, dad ‘ I said stopping in front of the flaming fire filling my lungs with air. I showed them the shoes but they said they didn’t see it. They even phoned the shoe shop but they had no shoes being missed. Then I learnt that if no one owned up I would keep them, and so I did keep it to myself until I couldn’t see them no more .

    I think the shoes trusted me thats why they came to me. As no one didn’t see them they started to fade away. I wished I didn’t say they weren’t there anymore.

  36. Cooper Lynn says:

    Once I woke up, I went down to have my breakfast. It was weird, my parents were doing a smug face. I asked them why where they doing that and they replied that we were going on a holiday!
    I was really amazed that we were going on holiday, and they even said we were going to Disneyland Paris! I am a really big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.

    We quickly packed our bags and went to the airport nice and early. We checked in, and we waited for our airplane to be called so we can go on the airplane and take off. When the plane was called and we went on-board we took off straight away.

    While we were waiting to land I played games, I was playing a game were you are a caveman, you needed to push stone and work your way out of the puzzle before the lava gets you. It was a short flight because we just needed to fly over the English Channel. When we took a taxi over to our hotel, I managed to see Disneyland Paris!
    It was starting to get dark and my Mum said I need to get ready for bed. So I went to get ready for bed. As soon as I was ready I went straight to bed. I had a dream that we went to Disneyland Paris and that I fell off one of the rides! But it wasn’t in the air, so I was safe. When I woke up I asked if we were going to Disneyland Paris and they replied yes at the same time, so I could jinx both of them!

    Once we arrived at the best place ever! I went straight to the Pirates of the Caribbean section and went straight onto one of the rides. It was really fun until… THERE WAS A ROBBERY IN DISNEYLAND PARIS! I saw a person with a gun robbing a Disney store! So as quick as a flash I ran to the robber and held on to him, round the back, by surprise.

    While I was holding him I grabbed the bag and threw the bag to the shop-owner and he grabbed it, he called the police. As soon as the police arrived I pushed the criminal to the police, so they could put the robber in the back of the car.

    I was really happy with myself, No one even helped me! I think I should be a policeman when I am older.
    This was the day that changed my life forever.

    The End

  37. Raiyaan says:

    One beautiful summers’s morning, I was in my dusty old attic, cleaning all the horrible mess on the grey wooden floor, when something caught my eye. It was an orange shoe box hidden in the deepest corner of the attic, which indeed appeared very unusual. I put down the brush that I had been using for cleaning, and went to investigate the contents of the concealed box.
    I blew off the thick dust that appeared to be blanketing the box, and cautiously opened the lid to take a peek inside. Much to my surprise, instead of old battered shoes, which was what I had been expecting, there was a pair of shiny, bright shoes . I took them out of the box and realised that inscribed on the soles were the words MAGIC SHOES.this was very intriguing indeed…had someone just written these words on the soles or were they really magic? I scampered out of the attic, clutching the shoes to my chest to see if they would actually obey my commands.
    I told the shoes to take me to my sister, Jane, so she could see what I had found. Much to my utter amazement they sudden whisked me away straight tonJane, without me even having to move my legs. I wonder how jealous she would be now…..

  38. Tedi says:

    Magic shoes

    One day I was walking on the street when I suddenly saw a pair of awesome looking shoes. I was wondering why there was a pair of shoes in the middle of the street but I took them and I went home. I didn’t tell mum because she will tell me to take them back so I hid them in my shirt and went in my room. As quick as a flash I slammed the door, locked it and took the shoes out of my shirt and put them on. As soon as I put them on I started to feel weird. I was bobbing up and down and the room was starting to look like blocks and my face was round and my skin was yellow. I was a Lego minifigure. I was on a cloud and there was music and food and colours and it just popped into my mind into my mind that there was a party going on. My mum would never let me go to a disco because she says it would pollute my brain and I find it really annoying but was in a disco so I had no choice what to do but take the shoes off(after helping myself to a few pretzels)and I was back in my room. My mum called me down for dinner and I flung the shoes under the bed and went downstairs.

  39. jazzie says:

    Winning Shoes

    “Here you go.” Isla, my sister, said. Isla had given me a Christmas present. The present was a nice blue colour. I ripped open the present, opened the box and put the shoes on. (The shoes were my gift.)

    Just at that moment the shoes grew wheels! And boosters! I was eager to find out how fast they went. I tried them out and believe it or not they were as fast as lightening!

    I took them to school and asked Jeremiah , the fastest person in the school, if I can race him. He said “Yes.” So I raced him using my wheels and boosters, and I won! Me and Jeremiah told everyone and I became very popular.

    Then I am here. 3 years later still using them. And I still can’t believe it!

  40. Jay says:

    One enchanted Summer’s day
    It all started one Summer’s day,I was sitting on the fresh grass with my sister and friends, we were practising our ballet, when my mum said that we deserved a break, so there we were, sitting on the fresh grass on an enchantingly beautiful day munching on cheese sandwiches, crisps, cake and lemonade-we were (and are) ‘Harry Potter’ fans, so we were watching ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ whilst also having a delicious feast it was absolute bliss, after the film had finished, we chatted about it for a while then decided to practise our ballet again (it was Swan Lake) we were in the middle of it when I suddenly, somehow got a tingly feeling in my toes, I could still see my friends and my sister-I suppose we all had it… then I suddenly realised it!Aaaargh-OH NO!!!!We were in mid air,but how?!The next thing that happened, was somehow awesome, but petrifying-for me-I don’t know how to explain it, but…well…it was like we were on a roller coaster on mid air-an invisible roller coaster!Finally we landed to a halt-more like thudded to a halt-because we landed in a forest on the floor…unsuspectedly, luckily there we’re leaves which meant our bottoms weren’t sore!Out of the blue, the most elegant and majestic cat bounded out -he told us his name was just Cat pathetic name for a cat like this!He did things that were incredible like mid-air cartwheels and also BALLET!!!!YEs my friends, he did ballet… After a while he rabbited on and on… suddenly I found myself on my comfy bed- in the darkness-wide awake!!!!

  41. Daisy Parker says:

    I was strolling down the cobbled road. All I could feel was the large grey stones digging into my scruffy, old little shoes. I was travelling to Pizza Palace the most extraordinary children’s restaurant in all of Essex. I could almost taste the terrific pizza , and the sound of children screaming deafened my ears. The image of adults chewing, munching and talking rushed through my head.

    Suddenly I spotted a fine pair of shoes. I knelt down and admired these exquisite shoes. They were crafted from brown leather. I could almost imagine a set of wings and a light over them. They were the best.

    Should I put them on? At this point I was scared and worried too. If I put them on someone may come looking for them. But they were beautiful, I loved them more that Pizza Palace. What could I do? I desperately wanted to try them on. If I didn’t I would regret it. I thought about it> I did need more shoes. It would be ok to walt to Pizza Palace in them.

    As I slowly slipped on the beautiful shoes I felt like the most amazing Superhero. They made me feel like I could do anything.

    Suddenly I was lifted up into the blue sky above me. My shoes getting tighter. I was now really scared, what was happening? My whole body was covered in sparkly pint and blue balls, and I was twirled around and I noticed I was really high in the sky.

    Before long I was up in space when suddenly I shot down to the ground faster than Usain Bolt.

    I dropped to the muddy ground. All I could smell was the sweet smell of cookies. I followed the smell down a bumpy yellow brick road. I could feel the breeze blowing strongly through my thick long hair. I could just make out the shape of a little white thatched cottage far away. The sound of swans hissing deafened my ears as I made my way to the cottage. Mystical smoke covered the path. All the trees around me disappeared in the smoke.

    What was happening? Where was I?

  42. Ben STAN says:

    The winged shoes of happiness

    One bright sunny day the dark green trees swayed in the wind whilst the dog with snow white fur barked from the top of his voice. Suddenly my shoes started to shake and then as if by magic I was flying.
    “My shoes are magic,” I screamed.
    I soared from rooftop to rooftop I saw two joyful children playing in their back yard and also saw a very sad old man sitting outside his house, I felt sorry for him so I asked if he wanted some cheering up and to my delight he said ok. I told him jokes and even took him to meet someone new. He thanked me.
    “No problems,” I replied.

    As I flew back home I stopped for a second, I gazed around and saw the most beautiful sight of all, a brightly coloured butterfly after that I went home. At dinner I told Mum and Dad about what I had done. They said I had was very imaginative and imagined all this up but we all know the truth there is such thing as the winged shoes of happiness.

  43. Olayinka says:

    One glorious day a boy called Sam bought some shoes with a lightning pattern on it.” Awesome,” Sam thought, he put them on and all of a sudden it made him zoom to the horrific jungle. It was gruelling and made him malaise. Suddenly Sam heard a furious ROAR! It was a ferocious tiger! He sprinted home and destroyed the shoes. “I’m never going to get shoes like that again,” shrieked Sam and that was the end of the shoes.

    It was an exciting day! We had just moved into our new house and I had nearly finished unpacking my suitcases, when I found a mysterious box.
    Being nosey as I am, I opened the box and found a pair of golden shoes that shone like the sun! I knew immediately that these were magic shoes When I put them on, I felt a tingle that ran through my bones. I hid them under my bed and when I had finished unpacking, I ran outside to explore more about these mysterious but exciting golden shoes!
    Once I put them on, I started walking about, but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t walking, it was the shoes. Then I realised that I wasn’t even in my back garden, I was in a different world where everybody floated. Then I realised that I was floating as well! I, at the same time, started to get worried. The thing that made it worse was that they all spoke a different language, and they were all witches with crackling voices. I swam through the air and hid in a floating bush, to think for a bit. After a while, I started wishing that I was back at home.
    Suddenly I was back at home, right in our very own back garden. I stated rubbing my hands with glee for I knew that these were wishing shoes, and they were mine! I kept them secret and also, because they were like socks, I could put them inside my school shoes, so if I was bored by the lesson, I could wish to go to any kind of world I liked, as long as I had a clear picture of it in my head.

  45. Tomi says:


    No one knows what makes these shoes mysteriously magical. Some think that they always have to shine, sparkle and shimmer in the light, but those who have been lucky enough to experience this mystic know that they disguise themselves, as merely like any other ordinary pair. The beauty of these enchanted shoes, is that they only reveal themselves to people that they opt are worthy. One person, George Anderson, considered himself unworthy, until the shoes exposed their true features to George…

    One blazing day, George was sprinting rapidly to his house due to the football game, Spain v Holland, which was about to start in 5 minutes. Suddenly, he spotted a pair of shoes that glistened in the shining scorching sun. George skipped to a halt right in front of them, absolutely bewildered by what was at his feet. He couldn’t resist the urge to pick the peculiar pair up. What George hadn’t noticed was that there was a piece of paper beside them until he was about to lace them up for the very first time. He picked up the note and scanned it carefully with his inquisitive and beady eyes.

    It read:
    “These shoes are not to be worn, do not dare disrespect such an epic creation with the disgustingly dirty soles of your feet. For the purpose of the shoes is that they grant you eternal wishes.”

    Stunned by the note, George thought long and hard about what to wish for. Astonished by the message and its unbelievable nature, was there any point in even deliberating potential wishes? After a time consuming wait, George concluded that he would request for his birthday to arrive earlier and that the birthday cake continuously replenished itself whenever a slice was removed and enjoyed. His birthday came and everything that he wished for came true! George declared that this was the best gift he ever got. The most outstanding outcome was that it a was top-secret that no one knew this anonymous secret…

  46. joshuaO says:

    I stared at the shoes I had got for my birthday. They were shoes that everybody would want. I had to keep it safe. Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo’s soccer boots, my new Chelsea ball lay. I just could not wait for the opportunity to try them out. The next day I played football with my friend and I was almost literally dancing with the doing skills I would have never even imagined about doing. My shots were extremely powerful and the best bit was I was not even trying. All I knew was the shoes were a gift from heaven.

  47. Tunmise A says:

    The Magic Shoes

    One sunny afternoon at Lavender Lake School Poppy and her classmates were having circle time.
    “Poppy you’re up next” said Mrs Mallow.
    “I got this from my grandma it’s a book of fairy-tales, and my best story in it is Cinderella.
    “That’s lovely” exclaimed Mrs Mallow.
    “In fact I have some news to tell you myself, I’ve decide that we shall put on a play” said Mrs Mallow.
    “So what do you think?” questioned Mrs Mallow.
    “Yeah” answered the whole class.
    “But what is the show?” called out Tom
    “Cinderella” suggested the girls
    “No Treasure Island!” yelled the boys
    “Enough!” gasped Mrs Mallow
    I will choose the play and it will be …….CINDERELLA!
    There was a loud groan from the boys.
    “So who’s who” yelled Abi from the back of the classroom.
    “Well, let’s start with Cinderella as she’s one of the main characters” said Mrs Mallow.
    “I want to be Cinderella please, please” chorused the girls.
    “Remember only one person can be Cinderella and that reminds me I have found a solution for this whoever’s foot fits in this glass slipper would be Cinderella” Mrs Mallow informed.
    Poppy was really anxious- what if her foot did not fit in.
    The girls queued up to try the slippers. Samantha went first- No luck, they were far too small, she was very depressed.
    Nicole tried and then Lola, Again they did not fit – they were too big. When it was Poppy’s turn she tried to force her foot into it but no luck. The last person was Honey, she slid her foot into the glass slipper, the girls gasped, it was a perfect fit and with a flash of lightning she was on the red carpet. Honey enjoyed every moment of her being Cinderella and wished she would never have to take off the glass slippers.

  48. lewa oni says:

    James couldn’t believe how badly he ran last year in the sprinting race. He went upstairs and into the loft to throw his dishevelled, running shoes away. The loft was a gloomy, miserable and unfriendly place. Suddenly , out of the corner of James’s eye, he saw a new, flawless pair of trainer. In them a tag in the trainers said,
    “Anyone who wears these shoes will possess lightning fast speed and succeed in every sport.”
    James didn’t believe what it said, but actually it was real.

    It was now James’s physical education lesson and the coach said that they were going to be having running races. James put the shoes on, hoping they would work.The coach blew the whistle and all the boys set off, running as fast as their little legs could take them. To everybodys amazement, James ran as fast as a cheetah. Everyone stood with their mouth agape…

  49. Grace says:

    Magic Shoes

    Once there was an elf who worked hard and always gave his best. One day the elf did a bit of spying. He spied on the poor children. He looked at their torn shoes and had an idea. He decided to make shoes for the poor children .

    He made three different colours of shoes, silver, gold and red. As soon as the elf finished making the shoes he put on a disguise, and started sending shoes to the children. When a boy called Richard got them he had red shoes. He wore them every day. They never got old, and were impossible to get dirty.

    Richard was so happy because the elf did his best. The elf called them Magic Shoes.

  50. One spring filled blossomed morning, there was a boy called Michael and he was just watching the news. It appears that writings had appeared on walls and floors and buildings, it had horrible things written on it. Whoever touched the writing would end up living the words of whatever was written. Michael went out for a walk to see whether the rumours were true and unfortunately they were. He decided to do something. He wanted to be in control. This cannot be acceptable and he was willing to take on the challenge.

    Michael went to the park and couldn’t dare to look at a word on the writings. Without warning, Michael looked down at his foot as he stepped on a writing which said “Every living thing around you will no longer exist!”…The whole park was grey and it was no longer spring. Michael said to himself that wasn’t the way it was going to end and he would do anything to stop this. He researched every computer sight and read every book and then he stopped on one day. It was a rather pathetic way to cure yourself but you had to mix jam with shampoo and use it to wash yourself in a shower.

    In a matter of hours the cure was all on the news and there were no writings so everyone lived happily ever after.

    What an exciting day! We had just moved into our new, flashy house and I had nearly finished unpacking my many suitcases, when I found a mysterious box. It seemed to somehow be glowing and being nosey as I am, I opened the box and found a pair of golden socks that shone like the sun! I knew immediately that these weren’t just ordinary socks, these were magic socks. As I put them on, I felt a tingle creeping from my feet, through my bones, to my head. I hid them under my comfy bed and when I had finished unpacking, I bustled them on, slipped my trainers on over them and ran outside to explore the powers of these mysterious but exciting golden socks!
    Once I put them on, I started walking about, but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t walking, it was the socks controlling my feet. Then I realised that I wasn’t even in my back garden, I was in a different world where everybody floated. Then I realised that I was floating! I, at the same time, started to get worried. The thing that made it worse was that they all spoke a different language, and they were all witches with crackling voices. I swam through the air and hid in a floating bush, to think for a bit. After a while, I started wishing that I was back at home.
    Suddenly I was back at home, right in our very own back garden. I stated rubbing my hands with glee for I knew that these were wishing shoes, and they were mine! I kept them secret and also, because they were socks, I could put them on instead inside my school shoes, so if I was bored by the lesson, I could wish to go to any kind of world I liked, as long as I had a clear picture of it in my head.

    What an exciting day! We had just moved into our new, modern house and I had nearly finished unpacking my many suitcases, when I found a mysterious box. It seemed to somehow be glowing and being nosey as I am, I opened the box and found a pair of golden socks that shone like the sun! I knew immediately that these weren’t just ordinary socks, these were magic socks. As I put them on, I felt a tingle creeping from my feet, through my bones, to my head. I instinctively hid them under my comfy bed and when I had finished unpacking, I bustled them on, slipped my trainers on over them and ran outside to explore the powers of these mysterious but exciting golden socks!
    Once I put them on, I started walking about, but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t walking, it was the socks controlling my feet. Then I realised that I wasn’t even in my back garden, I was in a different world where everybody floated. Then I realised that I was floating! I, at the same time, started to get worried. The thing that made it worse was that they all spoke a different language, and they were all witches with crackling voices. I swam through the air and hid in a floating bush, to think for a bit. After a while, I started wishing that I was back at home.
    Suddenly I was back at home, right in our very own back garden. Then I realised and I stated rubbing my hands with glee for I knew that these were wishing socks, and they were mine! I kept them secret and also, because they were socks, I could put them on inside my school shoes, so if I was bored by the lesson, I could wish to go to any kind of world I liked, as long as I had a clear picture of it in my head. I don’t think my mum would endorse these socks!

  53. Zoe says:

    Magic Shoes
    One splendid, magical day as always, Mr Ellsworth worked very extremely hard. The incredible Mr E as I call him, fixed shoes and made different types of extraordinary shoes. But one fateful day; Mr Ellsworth decided to make a pair of magical shoes that would make someone as intelligent and as clever as him!

    In a rush, he chased after his cat,(buckles) because he was vigorously chewing on his new made sandals. Unfortunately, this equipped man had accidently dropped them but did not realize.

    On came a small young boy named Sam, who always roamed around the streets over consecutive days. Coming across the shoes, the outstanding, natural beauty of them held Sam staring in awe.In his head , he thought they were destiny’s shoe’s, so he strolled back home knowing that the shoes were amazing.

  54. James Deacon says:

    Max, a ten year old boy, caught a glimpse of some bright blue shoes with leather straps and a golden buckle in a contained glass window.

    “Two hundred pounds, I’ll take them” greedily said Max. And there he was in his new blue shoes. Forgetting about the trip to the woods he rushed home, just in time too. His mum & dad were waiting to go. Both of them laughed at his shoes.

    Max loved going to the woods as tree climbing was a hobbie of his. It was bit strange when he approached his favourite tree , as he was about to jump his shoes shook.

    “Come on” his Mum shouted.

    And there he was flying through the air. “Help, help” he cried. His brother was frantically worried about him in the distance from home.

    The golden buckle shimmered, he was out of control and could not stop the shoes. When all hope was lost for Max his eighteen your old brother, Jordan caught him by his ankles. Relieved and grateful he gave his brother a big hug.

    The next day from that odd strange adventure the shoes were returned and distroyed.

  55. FC says:

    My Magic Football Boots

    It was wonderful, it was majestic, and it was the best.
    The day I received my football boots.
    Wherever I kicked the ball it went, last week every shot went in, every pass was accurate, so the
    Boss made me captain!
    I’ve even been asked to play for England!
    It felt like finding treasure!
    As I put on my West Ham strip and captain arm band, I couldn’t feel more pride.
    I was walking onto the pitch with all the fans applauding.
    As my team mates played the ball to me, I took a touch and played a perfect through ball to the striker. He took it past two defenders and played it back to me. I pulled my foot back and kicked it towards goal. It was beautiful it was amazing, the keeper had no chance 1-0.
    The fans were off their feet as they celebrated the piece of brilliance too.
    The opponents wasted no time, as they were eager to equal things up. Their striker just run past everyone as if they weren’t there, when I thought I’m the only one with the pace to catch up, as I stuck out my foot to tackle him.
    The crowd roared and the manager smiled.
    However, the referee pointed to the silent spot “penalty” he said calmly.
    The fans booed trying to put the striker off.
    The keeper dived full length but it was no use.
    Suddenly I remembered my magic boots. My team mate passed to me, I shot, and the ball was curling over the helpless keeper’s head, West Ham 2 Chelsea 1.

  56. OC says:

    Magic Shoes!

    Magic shoes are very rare,
    But I am lucky I’ve got a pair,
    They take me places I want to go,
    Here there and everywhere.
    But you’ve got to be careful for what you wish,
    Because it will come true.

    They are as red as blood,
    With a hint of sea blue,
    And turquoise laces,
    Rockets at the back,
    That give you turbo boosts,
    Remember what you wish for will come true.


    One day, Sarah was walking down the street when she saw a pair of shoes saying limited addition so she brought them with all her pocket money, so when she put them on she started flying then all of a sudden she turned into a mermaid then a witch then all sorts of other things she got really excited she showed her friends at school they said “WOW” so then she showed her mum.But she told her to give them back that they were dangerous,silly shoes so Sarah took them back with a little fight and got her normal shoes back she was so disappointed with her mum for telling her to put them back she started crying so then she got them back,as they where limited addition, and hid them and only wore them to school.

  58. Lauren Cooper says:

    After being adopted by horrid step-parents, a little girl named Skye longed for a magical present that could make all her wishes come true. She begged and begged until she thought it was no use. Her big, blue eyes welled with tears and her golden locks blew gently in the summer’s evening air. Skye’s step–sister, Jessica, had long, plaited hair and the most amazing, amber eyes that everybody commented on. One day, Skye was taking a stroll around her local town with her Border collie, Chocolate, when she spied a pair of bright pink high heels near the grocery store that she knew Jessica would like. But Skye was curious so she took off her plain, boring trainers and put the high heels on. They fitted her like a glove and she immediately fell in love with them. Pink wasn’t Skye’s colour, but she felt like this was what she had longed for all her life. Whilst on her way back home, Skye felt a weird feeling in her tummy that she had never felt before. Without any warning, she was lifted high into the air and was flying around her town, Chocolate barking down below. Then, Skye heard a peculiar voice booming, “ What do you wish for dear Skye, mistress of the shoes?” For a minute, she was stunned , but now Skye realized that her dream had come true. With a swish of her hair, she replied, “ I want to go back to when my parents were alive, well and happy,” Then, darkness surrounded her.

  59. OC says:

    Magic shoes

    I stepped into my father’s workshop this was it, what magical place was I going today.

    ding-aling-ling there goes the bell, “hello sir” they said to my father, “can you repair my shoes” “yes of course” replied my father “Frannie can you go put them in that box over there please” so I did what I was told but I didn’t do it right…
    Instead of putting them in the box behind the counter I put them on my feet!
    suddenly I heard the sound of roaring like a fierce lion, I saw twinkling stars like they had been covered in pixie dust, just as I had this thought it came to an end all I could see was ice, I was in hats, scarfs and gloves like it was winter, I better go find someone to help me I thought.

    I had been walking for what seemed like a second but actually it had been ten whole minutes (and thirty seconds.) Then I came across a little restaurant and I entered, inside I found a penguin not just any old penguin, but a penguin that walked and made pizza at least I thought it was him who made the pizza but he wasn’t, the next surprise I had was the restaurant was empty.

    I don’t think he heard me “hello” I stuttered “I’m Frannie” surprisingly he turned around and nearly fainted and the he caught his breath “hi im Martin nice to meet you Frannie” he said shyly “please help me Ive got the queen of the Iceland coming and I don’t know what to make or what to say what to wear and anyway I cant cook because my cook fainted at the idea of making something for her and her husband.” “Don’t worry” I said “I can cook something for you, afterwards I will take your cook home and put her to bed, that should make her feel better.” “Thank you” he said “how can I ever repay you” “no need for that” I said blushing.
    So I set to work…

  60. Denzel says:

    Magic Shoes

    In the weekend, I went to JD Sports to buy a pair of trainers. I bought them and went back home. When I got home, I tried it on then suddenly I flew out of the house with the shoes on fire. It was like a jetpack from your shoes. After a few minutes I figured out a way to control it. I flew back home and my dad said that we will return it. I refused to return it and I told my dad that I knew how to control it.
    I used the shoes all the time. It gave me a ride to where ever I wanted to go. It could go up a size anytime if it becomes tight for you.

  61. Adam says:

    Strolling along the parched path, I mellifluously whistled to myself, when I stumbled upon a pair of golden, priceless shoes. A tiny message was hastily written inside: Beware of these shoes for you could become too powerful! Carelessly, I slipped on the valuable shoes and immediately a glowing ghoul flew out. After that, I ecstatically skipped home and saw a snow-white cat surreptitiously skulking towards a subterranean hole. Longingly, I whispered, I wish I had that cat. Abruptly, a white blanket purred beside me and I realised that these peculiar, enigmatic shoes were magic! What a puzzling conundrum!

  62. Diyaa Bhabra says:

    It was a long day for Jasmine, who is in year six always getting teased for being very smart. Not even her teacher stuck up for poor Jasmine! Every day it’s the same thing in and out of the class room consistent every day nonstop. From Reception to September 5th 2016 Jasmine had put up for all of this nonsense, but on September 5th 2016 she had enough! Jasmine stormed to her room and put on her favourite shoes which had a curse on them, and wished that if only she can fit in with her class so that she can have lots of friends one of the most important thing of life, and to also be the teacher’s pet. Jasmines pink magic shoes sparkled a lot when bang her wish came to life Jasmine was known as the smartest person in her class who has lots of friends, who is the teacher pet and who fits in with the class. In class Jasmine keeps thinking what she would have been without those magic shoes, but she couldn’t she was having too much of a great time At the school party.

  63. Sophie H-E says:


    Olivia woke up on a delightful, sunny, glaring Monday morning, she was genuinely exited. She was excited because she was going to get a pair of pink, glittering party shoes! She was getting them because it was her 11th birthday. She went to her favourite party shoe shop, it was called The Extraordinary Party Shoe Shop. Olivia got in the car with her mum and dad and her dad drove them to the shop. They arrived in the supplementary, busy car park. Luckily, they got the last space! Olivia jumped out of the car and rapidly ran straight into the shop. She went up to a helpful lady that worked there and said politely “Where are the pink glittering, sparkling party shoes?”
    “Over there dear!” said the lady. So Olivia ran over and shouted happily “I WANT these!!” So Olivia’s mum and dad bought them for her. She put them on and started to dance! She couldn’t stop. She was dancing all around the deafening town! She danced up to her mum and dad and said “I think that they are definitely magic!!”


  64. Shernet Chapline says:

    Hi! I’m a fairy called Wishes and my sister Dreams is moving to another kingdom. It is so sad because we did everything together and now, because of her kindred spirit, is going to serve this kingdom and be a lousy housemaid for someone who wants everything that we have! Come on! She isn’t even getting paid. It is her decision (though she is definitely making the wrong one). We have tried and tried until were tired the only annoying thing about her is that she is as stubborn as a mule and when she’s made her mind she aint gonna change it. Before she left she gently placed a pair of satin ballet slippers on my powder soft feet. Dreams disappeared long after I could thank her for my magenta mysterious marvellous magical gift.

    Many years later I became the heir of the throne I have never taken off my slippers and don’t intend to. Battles came and went with us leading victory. She ever so often comes at night and treats me with a gift for leading so well. She has been in the centre of my heart and won’t leave

  65. Grace Mernagh says:

    My name is Alice, I live Moonlight Valley in London. I am an only child to my two hard-working parents. One day my mother and father came and said to me I was moving to my auntie and uncles house in the farming in the Irish countryside.
    So I was swept away to the deserted Irish farm.I explored the clear countrysides and the forest.
    One day when I was exploring the furthest part of the forest I found a towering oak tree with a small hole in the middle of the tree was a small hole big enough for me to squeeze into it. Suddenly I was spinning around and I landed on the soft mossy floor. Crunch, crunch , crunch .I turned around slowly and saw a huge dragon. Quick as lightening I stayed it with a sword hanging by the hole suddenly I realised he was dead. Then a bunch of fairies came out and the Queen said to me to repay you we shall give our lucky ballerina shoes. She gently placed them on my dainty feet. My life has been lucky ever since

  66. Diya Jena says:

    “Oh, Lyra, won’t you stay still?” moaned Kendra.

    “I’m just excited! Quickly, quickly! Get them on!” urged Lyra, the younger o the two. Lyra was a seven-year-old girl with fair hair but greeny-blue eyes. She was always the perfect one, doing everything she was told, except for this one instance. Kendra, on the other hand, was a ten-year-old child with dark hair and brown eyes. Always, she got into trouble, either for stealing from the neighbour’s, or for just slightly nudging her younger sister.

    On a bright summer’s morning, when their parents were sound asleep like babies, Kendra and Lyra had slinked into the garden. It was because Lyra had seen a glint of blue at the end of the yard from her window that they did this, otherwise Kendra wouldn’t have been willing to go anywhere, especially on a Saturday morning. So, they had inched to the end of the garden, where the oak tree waved at them with his twiggy fingers. Lyra, from underneath a tousled bush, had pulled out a pair of polished, indigo shoes that were most likely only worn on particular occasions because of the diamonds on the side that were stars gleaming at nightfall.

    So, Lyra had insisted upon putting them on. Kendra, having no choice, picked up the astonishingly dainty shoe and tried to fit it onto her little sister’s foot. As soon as they made contact a loud WOOSH like the sound of a breeze was heard from all sides. Lyra was only small, and she thought it was something unimportant, but Kendra thought otherwise. Quickly, Kendra fitted on the other shoe, ad something remarkably chilling happened . . .

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