Task 11
23rd January 2014
Task 13
6th February 2014


  1. Aidan says:

    The capture

    One gusty and Snowy, freezing winters morning , in the crisp air there was a man called Lee walking through the park. Lee wasn’t any normal man though, he was a criminal!
    Lee had just committed an early morning robbery and had evaded the Police, or so he thought. Lee saw some dark figures in the misty fog. He looked closer and worked out the black silhouettes in the blanketed thick, foggy distance. They were Police officers! He spun around and darted away from the speedy police officers. He heard them call for back-up and within seconds he was taken down by a police officer from in front of him. He managed to wriggle out of the officers’ grip, by now all the officers’ torches were on and what a bad move that was!

    Lee was now able to see all the officers’ bodies and knock them all out with his bare fists. ‘Punch’ there goes one; ‘punch’ there goes another. By now Lee had a clear bundle of officers’ approximately three meters in front of him. Lee now had no option other than hiding, one problem, nowhere to hide. Luckily, Lee found a Willow tree to hide under, but it had no leaves. Lee suddenly realised that that his position was no better than standing in front of them and darted away. By now all Lee could think about was the horrifying terror of the thought of being caught, but knew it was time to give up. Suddenly ‘bang’ off went gun shots…

  2. This story I am about to narrate to you, is not only exciting and interesting but scary. It tells the story of a man walking along a peculiar and misty path.
    It was a humid summers evening. People along the roads were painted in sweat. One road in particular stood out from all the others. Along the road trees lost their leaves like a snake shedding its skin. Snow blanketed either side of the strange road. A man wrapped in thick layers lurked in the shadows. Despite these multiple layers goose bumps lined the edge of his face. The hairs on the back of his neck went upright and a shiver went down his spine. No cars drove down this certain road as they all tried to avoid it. The further on he went the more cautious he became, as he soon realised that it was a never ending road.
    With every step he took it was echoed by another. He could hear the crunching of snow beneath his black boots. The man wasn’t sure whether to turn around or whether it was all a hallucination. Slowly he turned around moving only a fraction of his head at a time. Behind him a silhouette leapt onto him clawing at his pale face. Seconds later he lay unconscious with patches of red snow around him.

  3. Dominic says:

    Snowy, foggy, cold, wet trees, paths, walking people, these are all things that remind me of winter at center parks. Kids skidding along the slipery slidy ice that was slowly melting. Adults chatting happily while walking along the path. Then I, just walking with hands in my warm pockets, the scarf round my neck nearly strangling me. I like it here but I especially like it with my family, it’s the first time I have ever been here on my own. I’m grown up now I shouldn’t be scared any more. I’m looking for the gigantic building, so I can go swimming and go on water rides. I’m nearly lost; suddenly I remembered I’ve been here many times so I should remember my way round. Out of the foggy gloom a big curly building came in sight. There was a spiny ride, that must be cold, then suddenly there was a rapid. People were screaming like they had seen a ghost as they came down it, then I felt a shiver going up my back like a thunder bolt. My phone started ringing I couldn’t be bothered to answer it because I was too excited about all the rides. So it carried on going ring ring, ring ring, finally it stopped. I went inside and got changed. What should I go on first? The rapid?

  4. Aadya Rao says:


    I was in my warm, cozy cottage at the end of the long, winding hallway in the biggest, coldest room in the house. I looked out of the small window to see what the weather was like, however it was London, it was dark, gloomy and misty. I wished I could play outside.

    “ Mama, can I go outside to play?” I asked.
    “ No darling it is to dark I am afraid you will get hurt!” She replied back to me.
    “ But Mama- “

    I was cranky that night I went straight to bed and didn’t get out until I heard my mum fast asleep. I had a plan to creep out to my friend’s house. I got out of bed quickly and quietly and tiptoed down the corridor and skipped out of the house. I wasn’t wearing any shoes so I could feel the frosty grass beneath my feet. The icy, cold air was pushing against my stiff face. I ran on to the rough, concreted road. I grabbed my bike from the garage and headed for Barons Way. It wasn’t long before I got to the tall, red house. My friend’s bedroom window was wide open, I decided to throw some pebbles up so she would wake up. She looked out of the window and she looked shocked. Amy was her name.

    We had fun, too much fun. We were so loud that Amy’s mum heard us and came into the room and she saw me she flew up in rage. She called my mum who was surprised to hear that too. I was terrified around all the angry people and I think Amy was too.

    After that terrifying night I was grounded from television and playing with my friends.

    The End

  5. Benj says:

    After a brilliant time sledging, Robbie and his annoying older sister, along with their fluffy doge Rover, were walking home. The wind was whistling, when Rover leaped out of his lead. Quickly, Robbie and Caroline raced through the misty fog. “Rover, here boy,” they both shouted. It dawned on them they had to split up. “Meet me here in a hour!” Caroline ordered.

    The silky snow was falling. He searched and searched, Rover was nowhere. Ahead he saw a giant, leaning oak tree, suffering from the sub-zero temperates. Nestled up in a ball was Rover. Robbie’s eyes lit up with delight.

    And hour had almost passed so he ventured through snow to where Caroline had told him to go. Caroline wasn’t there, know Robbie was anxious. What about all the enjoyable times they had. Out of the mist came a black silhouette. As the figure approached Robbie was more apprehensive. Alarm bells and sirens were wailing, his heart pressure was dangerously high.

    “Caroline!” Exclaimed Robbie, he had never been more happy to see his sister. So they walked home, telling each other of their adventure.

  6. Isla says:

    One crisp, snowy, winters afternoon, my family and I were driving through the National Trust estate to get to the burial grounds of Sutton Hoo. Abruptly, a mist descended down onto us. It was as obstinate as a mule and would not lift from the road. The air became cold and damp. A shiver ran down my spine and I got a terrible sense of foreboding.

    A figure appeared out of the dank, dark, gloomy mist. It stood like a single solitary statue, deathly white with a battle hardened murderous face. It’s clothes were tattered and blood stained, and in it’s right hand was a wicked looking, long, twin headed battle axe! My blood ran cold!

    As swift as a hawk it charged out of the gloom waving the axe menacingly above it’s head, screaming it’s ghostly war cry. We closed our eyes expecting to die where we sat, but nothing happened.

    All of a sudden warmth unexpectedly kissed our cheeks and sunbeams danced across our vision. Upon opening our eyes the day was clear with no sign of our ghostly attacker. Shakily we carried on with our journey unsure of what had just happened.

    In the reception we read a newspaper article about a ghostly presence that walks the perimeter of his treasure horde attacking who ever he sees.

  7. Nicola says:

    Teresa was taking Toffee, her dog, for a walk.
    “Mum!” said Teresa
    “What?” said her mum
    As Teresa stepped outside she felt the cold really badly. 
    “Mum, it is freezing out here. Come and and feel how cold it is,” said Teresa.
    “Come back indoors and put your thick, woolly and warm gloves on,” said her mum.  So, Teresa put her gloves on, and took Toffee for a long walk.

    Suddenly, thick fluffy flakes of snow started falling quickly, as Teresa was halfway through her walk, and so she had to run home with Toffee. After an hour, Teresa had warmed up, and so when Dad came home from work, she was able to go outside with him and Toffee to have an exciting snowball fight. 

  8. Bolu says:

    One snowy and foggy, windy winters morning, in the freezing air; there was a man called Harry jogging through Gorky park. While he was jogging ,two mysterious men came out of nowhere and beat him up until he was unconscious .They also stole his wallet, phone, car keys and house keys. Before they ran away, they stuck a strange note on his left shoe.

    Two hours later, Harry woke up in pains and found himself lying down in the pure,white snow, still in Gorky park. Nobody had helped him. Harry saw loads of cuts and bruises on his body so he ran to the hospital as fast as his skinny legs could carry him.

    Afterwards Harry hiked to the police station to report to the police about the criminals that beat him and stole his things. They informed Harry that they would look out for them.

    After a while, Harry strolled back to Gorky park. While he was walking,he tripped up on a clumsy stick. Then he realised that he had an odd note on his left shoe. He took the note off his shoe and read it aloud,It said: if you want every thing that we stole from you back, you must play a game of cards with me. If you win, I will give you every thing back; if I win, you have to be my slave for the rest of your life. Meet me at the entrance of Blossom Mall at 6:30am.

    Harry was thinking to himself ” I want to go but I don’t want to loose and become a slave for the rest of my life, what should I do;should I stay or should I go?”

  9. Emanuel says:

    It was all my fault. Why did I do it? I will regret it for the rest of my life.

    It was a damp, foggy, dark winters day. As usuall, my dad had to go to an important meeting at work. My dad had promised me we would spend the evening together but adults never keep their promises. I was really angry because it was a long time since we had an evening were we spent time together. My dad never had any time to spend with me but there are special ocations where he does and I treasure those moments.

    My dad came into the living room where he found me sitting on the coutch and asked where his keys were, I didn’t bother helping him to find they keys ( deep inside me a part of me did and I should have helped out ) I realised I was sitting on them but didn’t say anything. Unfourtently, he found my mums keys wich were lying around on the dinner table, these keys were the keys to an old, rusty peice of junk. My mum had just started to drive so my dad bought her a fourth hand car.

    He grabbed the keys and said good-bye but I didn’t reply. All the anger inside me was boiling up in my stomach, he could see that I was upset and said sorry. I didn’t care whatever he thought because I knew he didn’t care about me one single bit. I called him a liar but he only said that it was not the right time to argue now and he was late for an ” important ” meeting. What could be more important than your own son?

    He rushed to the hall to put on his shoes and a cold tear trickled down my cheek but my dad didn’t see. He grabbed the umbrella and slammed the door behind him, not that he was angry but he was in a rush. He got into the car and turned the headlights on, not realising only one was working. He pressed hard on the gas and clutch moving the gear to four.

    He tried to shortcut but it was a bad move. The road hill he went on was wet, steep and icy. My dad didnt realise and accselarated to gear five. The road was long and steep. He suddently lost control of the car, he slammed hard on the brakes but they didn’t work! The car was old and rusty. The car toppled over three times and slammed into a giant tree. He lay there without a seat belt in the car, upside down, unconscious, dead. His blood socked into is white shirt, the shirt he said was “lucky”.

    There are many reasons why my dad died, but the main reason was because I knew where the keys were and I wasted time not telling him that I was sitting on them. I was only 12 and there where many other days where I could spend with my father.

    It was all my fault. Why did I do it? I will regret it for the rest of my life.

  10. Grace says:

    The fog man
    Once, there was a fog man (James) who lived with his elderly parents in a home. He had no education whatsoever. His parents did not want him to live without a job so they decided to kick him out of their house. He went to a park and decided this was the safe place he was going to stay until he could give himself education.
    As it was the winter period, James found various ways to keep himself comfortable and warm. When it was foggy, people passed him and started to laugh at him and call him the fog man. ‘The fog man’ pretended not to be noticed. He was stuck in the foggy, misty air and the crunchy, cold snow. Where could he go to next?
    Then out of the foggy mist there came a bright light from where the fog man was standing.
    “Hello, are you ok?” the figure asked.
    “Yes, I’m fine, just a bit cold,” replied the fog man.
    “Let me give you a shawl, it will keep you a bit warmer,” offered the man.
    Then the man came closer and the fog man saw that it was a plump, round man who was rather small. He had pink cheeks (the fog man did not know whether it was because of the cold or he just had them naturally) and a round, shiny head with a red cap decorated with reindeers. He was carrying a rather large camera covered with frost.
    “Now you will feel a bit warmer,” he said after putting the shawl round the fog man’s shoulders.
    “Th… thank you,” answered the fog man, chattering.
    “What do you work as?” asked the man politely.
    “My parents kicked me out of their house because they said that I have to go and find a job but I have no education so I sleep in the park,” said the fog man sulkily.
    Well, as I am the manager of a photographer company I want you to become trainee so that you can actually get a job and not become sick in this freezing cold,” the photographer asked cheerfully.

    “Thank you so much!” exclaimed the fog man.
    So the photographer taught the fog man everything about photos. The photographer also taught him the education he could never get. The fog man finally became a photographer and got lots of money and enough to buy a new house.
    They remained good friends and the fog man had high expectations in his life.

    The end

  11. Thomas says:

    Lord of the Snow!

    Lord of the snow, I feel you near!
    You create worries throughout my homeland.
    We fear your presence whenever you arrive.
    You change your arrival time each year so we’re always unprepared.

    Lord of the snow, I feel you near!
    Last year your havoc lost us our title of a city.
    Because of your destruction we didn’t have the quorum amount of houses required.
    That destroyed us mentally but we began to rebuild.

    Lord of the snow, I feel you near!
    We cower from you in our cellers and basements.
    Whilst this is happening you laugh at all of us.
    But then you make the storm even more severe.

    Lord of the snow, I feel you near!
    When you’ve had enough fun you move on.
    But only to demolish another city.
    As soon as you depart we celebrate where as people in another place begin to hide.

    Lord of the snow, I feel you near!
    You’re plotting you’re next harrowing attack.
    You hope that it is going to be worse then here in Ikrutsk.
    My life will never be the same.

  12. sammy joujou says:

    November 16th 1961
    This story i remember well. It started one gloomy and snowy day in Canada. The mist blew in my face as my hair danced quickly to the rythem of the whistling wind. The trees towered tenaciously over me enclosing the snow inside. My first concern was nobody was there, that’s when i knew something was wrong. I turned back. Fog covering my footprints and blankets of snow making it difficult to walk. Suddenly, i heard a rustle in the distance. My eyes pierced round like a dart. All i could see was icicles hanging intrepidly off the trees. My feet were frozen when i saw smething shoot out of the bush, and appear in the distance. The black figure stated to move siwftly towards me. I knew it was a bad sign…..
    The fog was enveloping in with every step he took. He swerved similtaneously to the left then right while i stumbled hardly on the ground. He lured closer now with every shuffle i moved back. I stared up to the sky when my vision went blurred it was him! As my hands searched frantically for a gap to get out of he came closer to my eyes. In an instant second the man dived onto me but he was to late i had found what i had been looking for.
    I heard nothing as i walked back. However i knew he was still out there waiting to get me…..

  13. Daisy Parker says:

    It was an early December morning and it was as dark as a gloomy night sky outside. Pete the young tramp who seeks shelter hour by hour in the areaway strolling grumpily along the public foot path. The tall bare trees were swaying slowly on this cold morn.

    The snow was rapidly falling and it was as bitterly cold as the North Pole outside. The snow surrounding Pete was white and Pete could nearly feel his hands it was so cold.

    Pete was not feeling miserable and lonely and started to look for shelter along a different road. He could just make out the figures of two other tramps walking towards him. Their clothes were as dirty as a pig rolling in mud. They were looking for somewhere dry and warm to sleep.

    The young grumpy tramp mumbled to them “there’s nothing worth looking at here,” and he was never to be seen in our town ever again.

  14. Peace at Last

    In the year 1526 lived two enemies, one know as King George and the other King Charles, the two kings hated each other and wanted to take over each other’s land and kingdom. But the two daughters really liked each other, and were good friends, no one really knew that they were friends, and therefore King George declared war. Anne , King George’s daughter, and Victoria , King Charles daughter, wept into tears that they might never see each other again. The two of them communicated through secret telegrams that a really well-paid messenger would deliver across.
    After two weeks of preparation King George had his battalion ready and so did King Charles, the war was proclaimed to start during midday, the soldiers had canons, bows and arrows, daggers and chain tops to be protected including helmets. The battle was on, it seemed like this war would never end, meanwhile at the two grand, lavish palace’s were Anne and Victoria wishing it would end soon. The lush green grass and trees were covered in people and it looked like a deserted island where only two people stood with two brave horses.
    The air was just mist and full of smoke from canons and as the day grew dark the harder it was to see in an opaque place. Soon the two kings were tired of fighting for there kingdom and decided to share the land and kingdom and bring back peace to the country of England in York. When Anne and Victoria found out they were thrilled as a result of this enjoyable news the two kings held a celebration for the peace in their country.

  15. Jenna Clark says:


    ‘On Friday the thirteenth of September, a mysterious murder was commited on Waterloo Road. Detectives and policeman are trying their best to solve this suspicious crime, futhermore, the only clue to this scene is a blood-red, ruby ring……..’ as I read these words I felt guilty. I killed someone. I am RedRum. The murderer……

    It all started on the freezing, chilly morning of a winters day, where I felt delighted to be greeted by my whole family! I always wore a gloomy, black hoddie, (even when I was asleep!) I walked downstairs to be surprised and as usual I jumped, but this time something changed. There seemed to be an echo, a long, ever-lasting echo. It was so loud it moved the furniture all the way to the back of the wall! I was as astonished as my family were. My Sister, Missy, screamed and moaned loudly, ” I can’t hear anything! Arrrrgggghhh! Help me! I’m deaf!” We quickly took her to the hospital, well, at least, without me.
    My family were too scared of me now, therefore I was scared of myself…. This was one of the first signs of my dangerous abilities. This kept on happening day upon day. So soon, my Mother reccommmended a trip to the facility. They said that my results were unrecognisable and come back in a week if it kept on happening. They would say that every week. My Mum couldn’t handle the extreme pressure of air. My Father soon kicked me out of what now seemed like a broken house. I was only fifteen.

    I used my strengths to get a cosy home for myself and food of my choice. I soon became lonely and went to go find a friendly roommate. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made. ( Even worse than the first one!) When people learnt about my force it would send them crying. Many years later, I was never invited to my Mothers funeral, nevertheless I did cry at her gravestone after the ceremony was held; I left her favorite flowers, sky blue roses, and her lucky charm, however I kept the charm because it was my only memory of her kindness and caring helpfullness around me. A blood-red diamond ring……

    I soon learnt that my power was not only for help but it could seriously harm people. I learnt this the hard way; I went to my friends house that I met through a internet survey, sadly I crushed her and her poor family to pieces… I was incongruous. Quick, I had to escape before their neighbours find out that they had gone! Hopefully they won’t notice because of the heavy snow blocking the veiw of the window. I rushed straight to the window. It was about thirty foot high! That was my only chance, my only hope and I could already hear the police sirens whirrling down mainstream! I took a heavy deep breath and soon enough I was in a misty, snowy alley way with a slippery road leading to nowhere. As the biting, striking wind gusted at my face, the bare trees were madly being swept from side to side. That was when I noticed four black silhouettes coming towards me. Who were they? Why were they down this gloomy alleyway? That was when I saw that the fog had lifted and the silhouettes had mysteriously gone! Then I saw a terrifying, horrifying sign printed on the wall ‘ Redrum.’ I figured out in my head that Redrum backwards was Murder….

  16. Hannah says:

    Smoky clouds hung in the sky as, the leafless trees stood still, shadows lurked in the in the foggy mist. A white carpet lay on the floor which usually put children in Christmas spirits leading them to the park.

    Strangely, it had only attracted men in suits to the streets. Not because of the snow but because of a robbery. The local bank had been burgled by a gang of men.

    There were spies everywhere trying to catch the criminal’s. BANG!!! A bullet flew forwards missing a criminal by a millimetre rapidly flying into an old, abandoned factory exploding on the wall. Suddenly, the criminals walked through the park where the agents and spies stood. A fight had begun. Relentlessly, the agents and spies determinedly fired bullets ending the fight and the park was quiet once again.

  17. Archie says:

    The Ghostly Shadow

    As the ghostly mist descended into the icy village of Samoen, France I waded into the soft and slushy snow. The dark oak trees hung over me like mystical phantoms. Snow
    scattered and sprinkled around me like newly fallen leaves in autumn. As I inhaled the freezing air my throat froze, I quickly exhaled the air, then my breath became visible like smoke from the mouth of a fire breathing dragon.

    Up ahead I saw a faint outline of a man, he had something jagged and pointed hanging from his belt. The shadow got closer. I was nervous and petrified. I turned on my heels and ran for my dear life. I glanced over my shoulder and the ghostly figure had vanished! I faced forward, and there he was, his red eyes glaring at me. I felt like this would be the last thing I ever saw…

    It was then I realized it wasn’t a monsterous creature at all, it was Jim the postman, trying to deliver a package to me. I felt such embarrassment building up inside of me.

  18. Isobel Allan says:


    I had just left my house with my dog, Scout, wearing my thermals, my thickest trousers and water proof trousers and the worlds most immense coat you could imagine (ooo warm).
    When I got to Hyde park it had got very misty. With Scout extremely close to my side we strolled along a bit more. There were snowy benches and lamp posts, (although you couldn’t see them because of the mist). When I turned a steep corner I could hear, the ringa-ding-ding of the bike bells. While my face, nose and ears were freezing, my eyes were focussing on the path ahead.

    The sound of traffic was getting quieter and quieter, the fog lights were getting dimmer and dimmer, the outlines of the shadows were fading in the blink of an eye. There was something mysterious emerging from the mist. My heart began to race. My legs shook. Scout growled a deep threatening rumble, her hackles raised.

    Relief washed over me, it was just my best friend , Hollie. Thank goodness.
    “Boy, am I glad to see you!” I exclaimed, hugging her in delight.
    “You look toasty warm in that massive coat,” shivered Hollie, “I’m freezing!”
    “Come back to mine for a hot chocolate, then.” I suggested.
    “Sounds heavenly!” grinned Hollie.

    As we walked the leaves were falling off the trees. I could hear the swings squeaking in the distance and the shops were closing for the day. I was glad of Hollie’s company as the darkness closed in around us.

    When we got home, there was a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream waiting for us. We collapsed in front of the roaring fire and told my mum all about the mysterious figure I had seen in the mist.

  19. W12 – Winter

    The Great Robbery

    “Click! Click! Click” went the shatter of my camera, as I took pictures of the famous Gorky Park.” Click! Click!”
    I tramped along the icy, wet pathway filming the park of, leafless trees, lifeless benches, old, melting snow, and fog, which was silver like a royal veil.
    All the while, I didn’t have a clue that the genderless silhouette I was filming was the world’s deadliest, most dangerous thief of all time… Cat Master! I also had no idea that he’d just robbed the Kremlin of all its valuables.
    That night, I was listening to the news, when I heard that Cat Master had robbed the Kremlin! Suddenly I realized that the silhouette I’d been filming that day was Cat Master! I grabbed my camera, darted to my car and raced off to show the evidence to the police. The police took the evidence with extreme pleasure, but not any old pleasure, real pleasure. As a reward the police gave me*₱57061672.00 (£1,000,000) to enjoy.
    *₱: Russian Ruble (currency)

  20. Cooper Lynn says:

    “WHOOSH!” Went the slippery snow. “Calm
    Down snow!” shouted John. John was going to the shop on a misty snowy day. He needed to get bread, butter and some milk. But manly all of the shops have run out of bread, butter and milk. When he found all the stuff he needed he went to go back home. When he went back home he put up his umbrella and when he put it up… he flew away because the wind hard a hard push! He held on with all his might to not fall but when he held on he went to another island!

    John knew what to do. He had to survive, luckily he had some wood, some food and plants on the island, and he made a little shelter out of some big branches. He picked up some coconuts to eat as well as some strawberries.
    After a couple of days he was just looking the misty sky.
    But just then a the big wind came the opposite direction so as quickly as he could he opened up his umbrella and flew back to his house. John told his wife all about what happened and why he was late to home.
    The End (It was bit like Mary Poppins because of John flying on his umbrella.)

  21. It was a cold, frosty morning, school was cancelled and the railway track wasn’t running. I woke up inside my house and looked outside, all I could see was snow as white as a blanket and a strange man walking in the park. There was mist over every corner you take. I decided to go out. So I put on my wellies, hat, scarf and coat then I went downstairs and went down the street, there was the man who I saw through my window but no one seemed to notice him and I went over. I asked him what he was doing all on his own in the park but there was no answer, I asked him again, no reply but he whispered as quiet as a mouse into my ear. This was no ordinary comment, it seemed like he was a ghost so I sprinted like a gazelle back home and I started to worry. Was it a ghost or was it a figment of my imagination?

  22. Callum says:

    The misty night

    I am laying in my bed, on a dark misty night. I refused to go out and play with my friends, on this misty day. I’m not sure if my friends are out either. There is no leaves on the trees’ and you can’t see ahead of you. Snow is everywhere around you, and up in the trees’ branches. I’m looking out of the window now, and I can see the silhouettes of people slipping and sliding on the wet, slippery road. I giggled a bit, under my jumper, but luckily nobody spotted me under my jumper, giggling away. But now, watching all of them people slipping and sliding on the road, it looks so fun. So maybe for once I will go out and have FUN! I raced down the stairs and slipped on my hat and scarf. My mum and dad said I was crazy deciding to go out in this weather, but I just ignored them and stormed outside. I was wearing my stripy hat with all the colours of the rainbows on it, my red thick woolly coat and my orange scarf. I started spinning around with my arms out in this magical wonderland.

  23. Sasha says:

    One cold, foggy winter morning Michel came around my house for tea. We couldn’t go outside because the snow was up to our knees and so we were forced to stay inside. With nothing to do we dumbly stared out of the blurred window. Suddenly, something strange caught my eyes. A black hooded man struggled to feel himself through the strangling mist. Michel and I exchanged confused expressions. Who would be up at 7.00 in the morning in the mountain of snow? Also the trains for work weren’t running and all the schools were closed. He was mysteriously moving towards the direction of the park…
    We grabbed our coats and wooly mittens and raced outdoors nearly knocking over my dad. The wind whispered its frozen words onto our cheeks. The mist was a blanket of silk covering the whole of Canada. In the mist each sound of the owl and animals was muffled and so created an eerie silence. Everything was so quiet. All we could hear was the sound of our own heartbeat and phehaps the wind swirling the trees above us. Everything was a scene of brilliant silver.
    I took my time to observe this strange man. His brow was creased and his cheeks and nose red from walking in the freezing cold. I noticed a stash of gold in his right pocket and jewels in the other.
    I found this peculiar as he wasn’t anybody I knew from TV or on the news. We followed the man through forests of trees and greenery until he came to an abrupt stop. He peered around narrowly missing us and took out the gold. We heard oohs and ahhs from all over the clearing. Black men emerged from their hiding places. “Stop!” he shouted. “I shall bury these goods, safe from any harm.” And with that he turned and ran. Luckily Michel had snatched his phone and dialled 999. As soon as the police arrived we showed them all the gold that was stolen. Through that week our pictures were in all the newspapers you could imagine. There we were. Heroes.

  24. Chris says:

    One day, my family and me decided to go out and have a walk through the park. It was a misty morning with the songbirds all around us singing and the grey clouds flying by in the drizzly sky. Meanwhile in the park, you couldn’t see nothing, not even the benches which were scattered around the whole area. The gigantic trees formed a huge path to follow, which eventually led to an open field covered in glistening frost. Their branches were fertile with lushes green leaves, which swayed in the light breeze while dripping water. Just as I was gazing high up in the murky sky, a sharp movement caught the edge of my eye. Ahead of me were some men, which were huddling around a tiny boy who was frightened. I thought to myself, “How can they do this?” I was worried, what if they murder him. Rushing to help, my mum and I slowly but steadily approached the strangers. When we got close enough, my mum suddenly took out her phone and rang the police.

    It wasn’t very long before they came and soon the murders were taken to jail and locked up for five whole years! Everybody was safe. YIPPEE!

  25. Sandhana says:

    It was a

    foggy day in winter and Jack was walking home from school.
    “Did you see Jack’s report” gossiped sam [ Jack’s brother]. “He got an F ” giggled Lucy [ Jack’s sister ]
    ” Guys stop teasing me ” said Jack pushing through them.”When we get home were going to tell mum ” chorus Jack’s siblings. Jack got so angry like a hammer was thumping on his head, that he stormed of without caring about his brother and sister.
    Soon enough Jack regretted it and turned round expecting his siblings creeping up on him but they weren’t there then Jack realised that he was lost.
    Just then he saw to shadows of people walking towards him . As they came closer Jack realised it was mum and dad. He rushed towards them with tears gushing out of his eyes.
    Mum and Dad hugged him and said from now on we’ll pick you up from school.

  26. Peter says:

    Before the boy was a man
    One dark misty day, a young, little boy skipped along the dainty path delivering newspapers to the neighbourhood. He had just taken a break, when he saw a very mysterious man with an odd hat, limping forwards to buy a paper. The young boy thought he recognised the face and took a look in the news. There was a perfect description matching the man he saw, the newspaper said a dangerous criminal had stolen the crown jewels. With a limping leg and an odd hat!
    The boy looked sharply around gasping as he had let a thief get away, though he was nowhere to be seen. Thick mist had covered the town with darkness. He just caught sight in the corner of his eye an odd hat!

    The boy saw him running awkwardly out of the bank with two huge bags. The criminal barged his way through the crown charging like a bull. The little boy sprinted after him fighting through the crowd like a warrior.

    He dived desperately hoping to grab his leg but tipped him right over like some skittles. Everyone crowded round and let the police know about the criminal. The boy enjoyed handing out the papers the next day because he was on the front page of the daily mail and he knew that, that was only the beginning.

    His name was James Bond. 

  27. Raiyaan says:

    One winter’s foggy morning, I looked out of my transparent window to then realise it was snowing and that the trees were completely bare. I wondered how my dad would feel because he walks to work and the weather was not exactly pleasant at all. As I peeked past the leafless trees, I saw one which was very peculiar indeed. Despite the fact it was winter, this tree had bright, blood-red leaves, unlike the bare ones around it. Now this puzzled me. I also noticed a man, witha few people walking in front, just walk straight past this mysterious tree, not even taking it into consideration.
    When I looked above the people I saw a blinding light shining from what seemed to be a bird. This definitely made me think. I wondered and wondered…A floating ring sprung suddenly into sight, I was absolutely astonished, I felt like fainting! It was an angel!

  28. Tomi says:


    I can’t believe I did it. I’m so ashamed.

    On Friday 4th July, I slaughtered a man in England. I am in fact, Colonel Blood…
    Just as I was sprinting down a dark and gloomy path, a sinister figure immobilized me in my tracks. All of a sudden, it evaporated into the mist, out of sight.

    Again the eerie figure emerged from the shadows and was coming up to me but then I realized it was the eternal soul of the victim, David Beckham.

    Now it was all clear. He had come back to haunt me in my dreams. I was petrified. The ethereal figure came closer and closer until, it vanished from sight. A wicked laugh came from the dim and misty air.

    Just then, a chief police officer started screaming; Charge! Immediately, a rush of policemen charged straight at me in all different directions. I was trapped.

    When they jumped on me, an unlikely escape route appeared underneath the legs of one of the policemen. I didn’t bother to escape though because I knew I was surrounded. A bullet from a chattering gun shot off in my direction…

  29. The Foggy Day

    Fog, fog is everywhere
    Whats hiding out there is it a bear?

    Fog as white as snow
    When will it go? I don’t know.

    What animal is out there?
    It just can’t be a bear.

    There are two eyes staring at me
    Is it a girl bear? I think it might be a she.

    In my car I suddenly see
    Theres a bear and I think it’s coming for me.


  30. Daisy Parker says:

    It was an early December morning, the twinkling icicles were glistening in the sunlight. All the local tramps were having to face the painstaking task of finding a place to sleep. Pete was a young tramp, he spent every hour, every day searching for a warm place for him and his family to sleep. He was strolling grumpily along the cobbled path.

    The snow was falling rapidly onto the frosty grass. It was as cold and bitter as the North Pole outside. Pete could barely feel his hands. He was trembling all over.

    Pete felt as if it was ridiculous looking for a home in this town, nobody would help him. He had nowhere to go so he decided to leave and search for somewhere to sleep elsewhere. As he left he could just make out the figures of two jaded tramps walking towards him. They were extremely tall and dirty.

    As they walked nearer Pete mumbled to them “I wouldn’t search here. It’s hopeless”. The grumpy tramps followed Pete to Cooky Street and they where never seen again.

  31. Bobs says:

    It was a cold and foggy winter’s day. Steve was out walking his dog Betty, when, suddenly, he heard a strange sound. It started off as a little mumble but then as Steve stopped for a moment looked at his watch and then carried on walking the sound got louder and louder and louder and louder. It was more like a groan now and it was as if it came from under the ground. Betty then started to dig and whine at the grass. Steve pulled Betty by the lead and carried on walking on the brown and orange leaf covered path biting his nails in fright. While he carried on, walking briskly he realised that the noise was getting fainter and fainter. So he went back to where he heard it first. Then he realised that he was standing over the banks basement and he thought there might be a robbery. So Steve called 999 just in case, and before he knew it, the whirring of the sirens came and the police phoned the manager of the bank to open it up so the bank could stay in one piece.

  32. Ife says:

    One vague, conspicuous day Jack was wondering in the park. Secretly he was a policeman. However, he was not wearing his suit because he was on a mission to see any criminals. Behind him there were three boys’ slim bodies with muscular arms and legs they were scurrilous, valiant. They had money in their pockets and one of them had a Jack wondered how they could have so much money. “Excuse me, you boys! “Jack said.
    “What do want? ”Replied one of the boys.
    As soon as Jack was going to say something to the boys they started to run. Jack ran after the boys. He noticed money was coming out of their pockets. The wind swept across. Whoosh! They reached a dead end. “Put your hands up!” Demanded Jack. Slowly they put their hands in the air. Jack arrested the three boys for stealing money.

  33. JoshuaO says:

    It was foggy day I stood neglected in the mist. Shadows shifted. Ghosts whispered incessantly. I kicked my way through the litter that he’d been strewn across the floor amidst the mist. Swirling spirits hid in the mist. The trees felt gloomy ; life was dull.
    Darkness was closing in on me. My mind went blank. I felt numb. The evil spirits chuckled ……

  34. Bambo says:

    I stumbled across the slippery floor. Blood streamed sluggishly down my weak leg. My heart was pounding as fast as lighting. I could see dim silhouettes in the distance. I beseeched for help. The silhouettes turned into beings. They picked me up powerfully and asked me what was the matter. Nothing dared to exit from my mouth. I could still hear loud screaming from where I was coming from. I begged the beings not to go there, however, they did not listen to me. I walked into the mist and soon I was no longer to be seen. The mist was as thick as clouds. Darkness drew as the sun said goodbye.

  35. kaiya says:

    Walking alone on the slippery floor, tree branches hanging out like long arms reaching out to grab something. A cold, dead spirit following the man with a hint of wind brushing past him. A couple was walking the opposite direction that the man was walking in, the couple was looking at the man with a strange look like if something was wrong. The man was looking at a sign that said ‘graveyard ahead’ so he kept on walking in that direction. The man walked past the graveyard, and a few seconds later the dead souls buried in the graves woke up from the dead and turned into deadly, possessed spirits and they spirits started creeping up and following the man. The couple that walked past before walked past again but two things were different about them. The first thing was their eyes were half green and had red and the second thing was the couple was POSSESSED by the deadly, possessed spirits. The couple and the spirits cam closer and closer and closer to the man and a few minuets that before the man even noticed he was a…


  36. Damope says:

    A foggy morning

    One gusty and snowy winters morning, there were hardly any people on the deserted roads! You could barely see 4 metres away from yourself. I was heading out to the office, when I realised that no buses were running! I was beseeching for what other route to go take to get to the office. It was as cold as being in Antarctica…

    I pulled my bike out of my garden and rode vigorously to reach my destination. I was quite apprehensive that I would get to work late. I was ruminating about the consequences that would happen. This day had just become amazingly awful…

    As I reached my work door, checked the time, straightened my tie and opened the door as it slowly creaked… I was 3 whole hours late which meant that I had missed my deadlines. I had to face some deep consequences…

  37. Michael says:

    On a stormy, foggy night two teenagers were trying to find their way home. They saw a shady, suspicious looking man sitting on an old, brown bench. The older teenager’s name was Derek and the younger one was David.

    They both knew that they shouldn’t talk to strangers but they were lost and cold and dreary so they did.
    “Excuse me sir but we’re lost. Do you know where Blueberry Grove is?” Derek questioned. There was no answer. Then he asked again. Still no answer. David then touched the man on the shoulder and he disappeared in a misty manner!
    “Hello?! Hello?!” they shouted simultaneously. No answer. Just silence.

    And then they heard the wind whisper
    “Go north, go north.” Luckily David brought a compass with him so they returned back to the safety and comfort of their home.

  38. FC says:

    In the misty fog, a shabby, mysterious man crept through the foggy forest hunting for chickens that he can have for his dinner.
    It was very early in the morning when the unusual man strides proudly through the forest.
    But inside he felt very lonely as no one was with him he wished someone was with him in the horrible weather.
    It was so cold, why had he been so stupid to leave his jacket at home, he doesn’t know.
    Despite the cold bite of the weather he carried on walking, now he came to chickens.
    Now it was the dangerous part, finding and killing the chickens because the guards kept a very close eye.
    Got past one now two, three one more …”what do you think you are doing?” cried a nearby voice.
    He was terrified. He was silent. He was shivering. He’d been caught just at the wrong time he only had one more to go.
    And then BANG! His time is up.
    “Looking for my binoculars” lied man (called Moses.) “Why have you got a gun in your hand then” asked the guard”
    Moses had had enough so he attacked the guard, took the dead chickens and ran that night a great dinner was made.

  39. “Click! Click! Click” went the shatter of my camera, as I took pictures of the famous Gorky Park.” Click! Click!”
    I tramped along the icy, wet pathway filming the park of, leafless trees, lifeless benches, old, melting snow, and fog, which was silver like a royal veil.
    All the while, I didn’t have a clue that the genderless silhouette I was filming was the world’s deadliest, most dangerous thief of all time… Cat Master! I also had no idea that he’d just robbed the Kremlin of all its valuables.
    That night, I was listening to the news, when I heard that Cat Master had robbed the Kremlin! Suddenly, I realized why the silhouette’s pockets were overflowing with glinting things, it was Cat Master! I grabbed my camera, darted to my car and raced off to show the evidence to the police. The police took the evidence with extreme pleasure, but not any old pleasure, real pleasure. As a reward the police gave me*₱57061672.00 (£1,000,000) to enjoy.
    *₱: Russian Ruble (currency)

  40. Adam says:

    The Worst Night

    In the dark, damp night, bullets of relentless and merciless rain crash down viciously to the grey ground. Curtains of icy rain pummel to the earth. Falling hastily, showers like a hammering downpour of tears pelt the tossing trees and beat the brilliant bushes. Melting chips of ice smash like glass when they precariously fall to the land. The rain drives along the deserted and desolate road like smoke. It arched down in stinging waves. Puddles jump to life surprisingly.
    A felon in battered clothes strolled up to me leisurely and said, ‘Hi!’ It was very enigmatic, baffling and mysterious, but then I thought, what’s going to happen next?…..

  41. FC says:

    The Shabby Mysterious Man

    In the forest, the groaning and moaning tress howled in the distance.
    When the man strolled through the forest.
    The darkness was darker than the deepest darkest ditch.
    It was like the night sky.
    What was he doing at this time of night?
    And what was that in the bag of his?
    He just kept walking in no hurry deeper and deeper in.
    When he suddenly opened the strange bag of his.
    Time to see what’s inside and … it’s a spoon and cereal.
    How exciting, hoofing my body out of bed started to play that scene with my play figures.
    Time to get up…

  42. One cold frosty evening, a Christmas evening, a man went out for a walk when he heard something whining, lying there helplessly was a dog in a box under a snowy bush. The dog that was shivering ball of fluff. The man fell in love with it but was overcome with determination to find its owners. He stood their when he thought he could ask the rspca for help to make banners to find the puppies owner.
    The man couldn’t believe that know body had come to collect the little fellow. He was so cute and affectionate that the man started to think maybe he should adopt the pup. The pup was growing better now it had food and water when he wanted it. The man reckoned he would be ready for adoption in a few weeks.
    The man sat with the puppy until he came to a decision… that he would adopt the puppy! He spoke to the adoption manager first thing the next morning and he said he could have him that day after though the security checks.
    Finally he took him home and helped the pup to trust people again. The dogs name was Rolly.

  43. Will Chow says:

    One cold snowy night there was a man walking down the road with his head down looking at the rough path. The man’s name was Paul, Paul was just walking home from work, as Paul was walking he stepped on something hard, he gazed down observing the footpath as he picked up the object. He brushed the snow of it like a hover picking up rubbish. He examined the object carefully, it was a £2 coin. He put it in his pocket and continued his journey home, on the way he met a kind old man who was on the street sitting down in despair. Paul said kindly to him

    “What’s the matter with you sir?”

    “Oh I’ve just lost my £2’s and now I can’t go home because I need to pay to get a train ticket,”

    Remembering the coin in his pocket Paul took it out and gave it to the old man, the man thanked him and Paul kept on going. Then suddenly Paul saw a bird brawling all over the place. He went to go help it but saw its wing was broken so he picked it up like a crane picking up its cargo.

    Once he finally arrived home he put his hand on the door and it flew open, he went inside to look for his family so he went to the lounge to find a surprise party waiting for him! Paul was so surprised that even the bird squawked as loud as a mega phone. So in the end the bird got well again and it went to its family and now Paul is more popular in his street because turns out the man was a rich man and owned a company which supplies resources for helping the Queen, so everyone in the story lived happily ever after.


  44. The road that moved!

    One misty ,chilly evening when coming home from her friends Alexander Churpy went down a thought to be safe back route when all of a sudden she started moving and fell over, frightened she sat there and didn’t move because she thought there was an earthquake, when she stopped moving eventually she got up and as fast as a cheetah she ran home. when she got home she was that petrified she couldn’t get her words out ” whats wrong Alexander tell me” asked mum “the road it moved” replied Alexander ” no it didn’t don’t lie … wait what road” asked mum “mmm blackberry lane ” “oh that lane yeah that ones magic ” “cool why didn’t you tell me before. ” So Alexander and her mum sat down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and mum said ” we were round about your age when one day my friends and I were walking down Blackberry lane when a struck of lightning struck the ground, and it went BANG we all screamed in fright, then all of a sudden we started moving even the floor was moving” ” WOW that’s cool how did it feel”asked Alexander ” It was quite scary to be honest we all ran to grandma for help” ” what did she do ” ” well she called the police when they had a look they saw some sort of bright light so they dug up the road and when they looked they saw a magic orbe that couldn’t be removed from they foundation it was basically glued to the ground. So that’s why the road still moves about” ” cool” so from that day forward Alexander never went down there just in case.


  45. One cold frosty evening, a crisp quiet Christmas evening, when the fields were covered in a blanket of snow, a man went out for a walk. As he walked he heard something whining. There lying helpless was a dog in a box under a small, shining, snowy bush. The dog was a shivering ball of fluff. The man fell in love with it but was overcome with determination to find its owners. As he stood there he thought he could ask the RSPCA for help to make banners to find the puppy’s owner.

    The man couldn’t believe that nobody had come to collect the little fellow. He was so cute and affectionate that the man started to think maybe he should adopt the pup. The pup was growing better now it had food and water when he wanted it. The man reckoned he would be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

    The man sat with the puppy until he came to a decision….. that he would adopt the puppy! He spoke to the adoption manager first thing the next morning and he said he could have him that day after going through security checks.

    Finally he took him home and helped the pup to trust again. The dogs name was Rolly. This mans actions showed just how kind he is. Do you think you could be as kind as this?

  46. Adam says:

    The Worst Night
    In the dark, damp night, bullets of relentless and merciless rain crash down viciously to the grey ground. Curtains of icy rain pummel to the earth. Falling hastily, showers like a hammering downpour of tears pelt the tossing trees and beat the brilliant bushes. Melting chips of ice smash like glass when they precariously fall to the land. The rain drives along the deserted and desolate road like smoke. It arched down in stinging waves. Puddles jump to life surprisingly.
    A felon in battered clothes strolled up to me leisurely and said, ‘Hi!’ It was very enigmatic, baffling and mysterious, but then I thought, what’s going to happen next?…..

  47. Bright happiness floated in the air and birds tweeted in the silent park. Trees swayed in the wind but all of a sudden, they were dead. Mist surrounded me like an army of soldiers and there was no life, only death.

    Strange voices whispered in my ears and new shadows emerged. This was not right, there was a problem. A raging darkness contained pitch black and I was bewildered of these strange actions.

    I was horrified of this tragic event and every beautiful thing was disintegrated into a million pieces of mind-melting misery.

    When would this all be over, there was no way out until I awoke in bed, it was just a dream. What will be the next?

  48. Ksenia says:

    I was staggering through the sleeping city, and an annoying thought was pushing my nerves to anger: “You’re never going to get home, never!” As it irritated me, tears trickled down my cheeks but were quickly carried away by the forceful wind, then probably turned into icicles. I battled the gale in despair, and could see nothing through the misty fog. Although I couldn’t hear the snow crunching I knew my feet were still there, frozen and exhausted. The wicked wind whizzed and bit me every moment it could. Feeble, I was wondering was it worth carrying on or wouldn’t I reach home anyway?..

  49. Lauren Cooper says:

    Readers, the story I am about to tell you is a spine-chilling, yet funny, story from my collections of tales that I write myself. Do not read this whilst standing up because you might fall over from shock or laughter and may badly injure yourselves. You have been warned.
    You’re still here? Ok, I did tell you but you chose to not listen to a word I say. Here goes…
    It was a cold December’s evening and there were no lights to guide people around the local village, Newberry. Mist swirled around folks’ heads and enveloped them completely. Not everybody dared to go out on this night because it was said if you went out on any night in December, the ghosts of your enemies would come out and take you back to their old, forgotten graves. There was a brave, daring girl called Kimberley Wyatt and she didn’t believe in the stories that her elder brothers told her night after night. They didn’t scare her one little bit. On this particular night, Kimberley was out striding in her fur trimmed winter coat and kicked the snow with her thick winter boots. She wasn’t out alone. Her brothers, Rylan and Sam, had come out with her to make sure the ghosts didn’t capture her. Suddenly, Sam heard the sound of wailing. He charged towards the light of the lamppost, pulling Rylan with him. “I think…. The….Ghost is.. coming…to get…us!” he shouted. Two figures were calmly floating in the direction of Kimberley. She stood still, frozen in shock. As soon as the faces of the people, or ghosts, emerged from their hoods, Kimberley realized that it was just mum and dad coming to take them home for tea. Rylan and Sam didn’t stop laughing and Kimberley told them she wouldn’t help out with their homework if they carried on.
    So that is the tale of Kimberley, Rylan and Sam.

  50. James Deacon says:

    The thick, crisp, air formed a shower of frozen rain leaving crunching snow. Slowly, a melancholy, misty cloud drifted above our heads. Soft delicate snowflakes darted down towards the pure, white ground.
    Thick fog assembled, making it hard to see. Children thundered outsider. Soon after, furious, crunchy balls of thick, white snow were flying across the crowded streets.

  51. Firehot1497 says:

    An old man approached me in the mist. He looked incredibly angry; his beady direct eyes piercing in the direction that I stood, cowering. This ferocious fiend was as mean as a demon – his ancient aggression growing inside him, devouring him alive…

    There he stood, as silent as a mouse. Complete eeriness had emerged. Shortly afterwards, a continuous huff that showed his displeasure came. Grating grunting sounds emanating from his body had appeared – it was a nightmare. His reptilian scaly skin and his scent, like a repugnant rat, were becoming unable to endure. Cold, shivering sensations consumed any hope I had. His teeth were as cracked and wonky as tombstones in a graveyard.

    His bristly moustache wept beads of sweat like tears from a baby. His trusted walking stick marched swiftly like an obedient soldier. I could already taste the bitter flavour, like coffee, of him. He was a dirty dustbin. Repulsive as ever. He was dry and rough to touch as an old shipwreck.

    Have YOU ever crossed paths with such an abomination of a man?

  52. Sophie H-E says:

    It just happened to be when I was walking to my cosy home from boring, old school when I decided to take the luminous long way home. I was halfway through the wildlife forest when…SUDDENLY…the soft, white, cuddly clouds turned into grey, colourless clouds. The vivid, blue sky turned into a miserable, dull, black sky. My heart started to beat louder and faster…beat…Beat…BEAT. A colossal bunch of scary, ferocious animals came running out. It was worse than doing loads of homework in one night. The trees rustled their leaves, the strong wind ripped the long, green grass out of the ground. It was like being in a terrifying nightmare! In fact it was worse than being in a terrifying nightmare! I closed my small eyes and tried to wake up but it did not work. I opened my eyes and the next thing I knew, I was gone, I couldn’t feel a thing, I wasn’t breathing…I was dead…

  53. Aaron juhti says:

    There it was, the overloaded fog encompassing the trees and road. Our car was as still as a dead rat. It had run out of petrol and it was scary because our car was the only car appearing on the road. In fact it was spine chilling with the trees moving their hands about. But soon something in the distance was much scarier than the moving trees. It was moving towards us. The frightening figure was now in front of us. There was fire in his eyes, staring at us, pointing a gun straight to my head. All of a sudden the car started up and dad zoomed and crushed the man, driving over him back and forth until he was dead. Luckily the fog had now cleared up and we safely drove back home.

  54. Nihal says:

    Fluorescent yellow lines stood before me; tress swayed solemnly like ghostly figures. It was as if I was lost forever. Bewildered, I found myself in the middle of the road surrounded by trees, that were a welcoming tunnel. I stood breathlessly, gazed cautiously, whoosh the wind pushed me to the floor. A deafening silence filled the atmosphere. I gasped, when suddenly. a figure charged at me. My heart was pounding in my mouth,beads of sweat poured down my shocked face. Was this the end of me?

  55. Millie Adams says:

    Gradually, the illuminous, vivid orb arose from the mist of the night as smoky, colourless clouds lurked ,sheepishly in the atmosphere while, lifeless trees whispered to one another, quietly (Which is the sound everyone tries to avoid.)Luckily,the overloading fog was encompassing the environment so, I couldn’t see the surprise standing right in front of me. I knew that dark death doomed as well as threatened to take my life furthermore, I kept on going to my destination that didn’t seem to be there anymore.It was just a road of endless woodland and pathways.Realising, the witches fingers what hung above my torso,looked like coallsal, exorbitant in size skyscrapers. Ghostly surroundings, engolfed my entire body suffocating me in pure fear. Suddenly choking,my lungs gasped for that all important breath…Would I ever make it?

  56. Yunus Patel says:

    As the eyes on my body opened I could see a huge,horrific storm up above . I didn’t know where I was because the last thing I remembered was going to sleep. I stood up and now I could see I was on a road with no one but me and the frightening storm. Boom! went the sky as lightning forked its fingers through the black sky. It then started raining heavily with hail pushing me down at every second.I started running ,in the opposite direction to the storm,faster than I thought my legs could move me and with the wind by my side I was faster than lightning though it wasn’t long before my legs stopped and the wind was pushing me only. The only thing I could think of was whether or not this storm was going to end because I felt like two thousand years had passed. Just then I woke up. It was all a dream however I woke up on my garden and I could see a storm above me…

  57. Charlie Nicel says:

    I heard a wolf pack howling like injured puppies. Every time I opened my mouth I tasted blood, the air was death himself! I smelt the rotten flesh of vanquished victims, victims vanquished by themselves. Everything I touched was cold and dead. Up ahead I saw a sign through the fog and it was crackling with laughter as it directed you to your doom. . .

  58. Shernet Chapline says:


    It was just a care free country drive into the wilderness, until two friends took a wrong turn. They penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness, a brutal ending right around the corner. Ella and Kate crept out to have a day out to the arcade but all went wrong trees of anger stopped their journey. Kate screamed “I want my mummy!” CRASH!

  59. Riya Jena says:

    I looked out of the car window. The forest looked mysteriously cold as it was the middle of summer. ‘Why did we have to take this route? I hate this forest!’ I said to my parents. ‘This was the quickest way!’ replied my father. A greenish mist hung low over the road, making it almost impossible to see anything. Suddenly, in the distance, I heard a wolf howling. I didn’t like the idea of wolves prowling around in an unknown forest. The trees were leafless and their arms stretched out in front of them, trying to hold the hands of the trees on the other side of the road. I finally dozed off in the car, having nightmares of wolves and trees that were alive.

  60. Diya Jena says:

    It was in the evening of a cold and gloomy winter’s morning that the whole family were in the car, on their way to the airport. We had never been in this part of the country, and it wasn’t a very pleasant place to be.

    A light green mist hung over the road, accompanied by a dark green sky that was a murky swamp. The trees that stretched out their arms and nearly touched the ground were blocking the hideous sky that stretched over the forest. Only a handful of trees that i could see through the car window had some dead leaves hanging from the tips of their spindly fingers. All of them looked like they could come alive at any moment and just snatch us up from the road. . .

    CRACK! Whipping around with terror, i saw, through the back window, that one of the branches of the waving trees had just fallen into the road. But that wasn’t the thing that was seizing me with terror; it was the moving face of a man in the trunk of that same tree that made me petrified.

  61. Harley Taylor says:

    As I approached, the dark gloom surrounded me. The twisted and gnarled trees’ arms hovered above me holding back their desire to pounce at me and devour me for their dinner. A ramshackle and abandoned hut lay untouched becoming part of the forest. I climbed what was left of the steps, being mindful not to fall through the rotten planks, I pushed the door, it opened slightly with the sound of a hundred witches cackling.

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