Task 13
6th February 2014
Task 15
20th February 2014


  1. Aidan says:

    The food thrower

    One dark and Misty night two teenagers were hanging out. The older teenagers name was Dave the younger Nick. Dave and Nick both were trouble makers and when someone gave them an inch they would always take a foot. They were feeling very bored because they had used all their pranks that they could do together.

    “Hey Dave,” grunted Nick. “I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to go and steal some vegetables from Mrs Crocker’s vegetable patch and go and knock on her door and throw them at her.”

    “Oh yeah?” asked Dave.

    “Yeah,” replied Nick.

    Nick darted to Mrs Crocker’s vegetable patch and knocked on her door, Mrs Crocker answered and he threw them at her slammed the door and grabbed another bunch and ran back to Nick.

    “Hey Nick, watch me do the same to Mr Peters,” said Dave. He sprinted down Mr Peters house knocked on the door and the same thing happened to Mr Peters that happened to Mrs Crocker. Dave turned around and ran down the road until a mysterious figure appeared.

    “I am Dumbledore, a wizard and I do not permit behaviour of your kind so let this be a warning to you” said the figure.

    “Yeah, and I’m King Henry the eighth, get lost,” replied Dave and ran across the road back to Mrs Crocker’s vegetable patch, grabbed a tomato and shouted “Hey Dumbledore,” and threw the tomato at Dumbledore which splattered all over his face.

    “I warned you,” said Dumbledore wiping off the tomato on his face and with a wave of his wand he turned Dave into a plate of vegetables. “I shall take you back to my home and keep you for ever.

    Once Dumbledore got home he put the plate down on the table and the plate said to him “I’ve learnt my lesson.”
    “I’m sure you have” said Dumbledore.

    “So you’re going to let me go?” asked Dave. Dumbledore replied with a chuckle and a straight answer of no.

  2. Lewa says:

    The Vegetable Face

    One bright Summer’s morning , the sun shone a shining beam over the land and it made everything cheerful and happy , birds singing ; people whistling . Tom sprang out of bed fully awake , he felt as cheerful as a lark .

    Tom went to have his bath , change and brush his teeth . As he went down the stairs , his mum interrupted shouting
    “Tom ! what do you want for breakfast ” .
    Tom replied
    “Could I have vegetables please ” .
    Sweat ran down his cheeks , the suns heat was scorching , Tom felt he was melting . He couldn’t help watching his mum make vegetable salad , it was his favourite food . His mum served him the food , it was a face made out of salad . Before Tom looked like he was going to obliterate the food the face spoke …

  3. Isla says:


    “Louise, tea time…” my glamorous movie star Mum warbled up the stairs.

    “I’ll be right there mum, just finishing the last page of my book. Remember, I don’t like peas!” I shouted back.

    Slowly, I trudged down the silk covered stairs making sure that I took forever to get to the dinner table. When I reached the table, there was a plate of the most revolting vegetables I had ever seen. My mum was not known for her master chef abilities and every single mealtime was my worst nightmare.

    Today’s inedible effort included; tomatoes, a parsnip, chillies, a potato, sweetcorn, carrots, lettuce leaves and olives.

    With my fork I positioned my salad to create a visage.

    Suddenly, my mum snapped “Stop playing with your food and eat!”

    I had never heard her shout before and I glanced over at her horrified. Then I looked back at my plate. The tomato cheeks were as plump as a partridge, the parsnip nose was as pointy as a needle, the potato chin was as rough as an old boot brush, the sweetcorn teeth glistened like gold nuggets, the carrot lips were velvet soft, the lettuce hair as green as grass with black olive rugby balls ganging up against me.

    Unexpectedly, the olive eyes moved, the mouth grinned like the Cheshire cat and my vegetable face started to speak.

    “Take a nibble of my nose, grab a bite of my ear.”

    This went on until all that was remaining was the carrot lips and the sweetcorn teeth.

    “Gobble up my mouth.” it finished.


    Finally the vegetable visage had left me in peace.

  4. Dominic says:

    Who is this man?
    Who has rosy red tomato cheeks and a chin that is a potato? Just over his eyes are red hot chilli eyebrows, underneath them are sugar snap wrinkles. In his eye the big black pupil is an olive as dark as coal. He has a forehead of courgette as green as a flower stem. His ears are as colourful as the sun because they are red and yellow peppers. There is a big long pointy parsnip nose and a carrot down the jaw line. The outline of his chin is a big long celery stick that is as lime as an egg box. He has sweet corn teeth that are as yellow as the sun (he hasn’t brushed his teeth in a while). Around the teeth are carrot stick lips and on top of all this is cabbage leaf hair!
    Who on earth is this man? Does he live on the allotment?

  5. Cooper Lynn says:

    One day, there was a ten year old boy called Mark, who was not keen on fruit or vegetables. Every time they had a roast dinner Mark would eat every piece of food except for the vegetables, everybody was trying to make Mark to eat his vegetables but he wouldn’t listen.

    Every dinner, lunch and breakfast had some fruit or vegetables, and he never ate them, he got unhealthier every day. So one day Mark’s parents decided to make the healthiest dinner in the world!

    They made a big face out of fruit and vegetables. They thought it was a master piece, they took loads of pictures and shouted to mark “DINNER!”
    Mark came rushing done and said he was starving. When Mark’s parents showed him the dinner, he nearly threw up because it was made out of fruit and vegetables.

    Mark’s parents said to eat or to not have anything. So Mark had a tiny piece of the peas and then he said it was yummy!
    From then to here he loved fruit and vegetables and never stopped having them.

    The End

  6. Chris says:

    Today is the day I have been dreading for. My beloved mum had crossed her heart and promised that together we would create a lushes-green salad for the whole family. I felt my heart pounding furiously and my eagerness began to rise up steadily. Staring motionlessly at the barren wall, my vivid imagination of the salad made me want to lick the paint of the wall.

    Without wasting anytime, I desperately asked my mum “Can we start?” and seconds later came a reply “Yes, if you are so impatient.” I couldn’t believe my luck! Once everything was placed on the crystal-clear table, we started off by carefully chopping the luminous-orange carrots into thin slices almost transparent. Eventually, when this was accomplished, we then moved on to the blood red Tomatoes, which were like golf balls. Juice came pouring out in rivers creating lakes of bitter water, which was dotted around the table. Next came the crunchy Lettuce, which was piled up in gigantic mountains and formed a sort of up side down ice-cream cone. Afterwards, were united the ruby red peppers which towered above us. It seemed like eternity for all the products to be put in our salad but finally we finished. Not even mixed, the salad looked already mouth-watering so I couldn’t imagine how tasty it would be if it were mixed. Thirst was dripping down my mouth so I constantly had to wipe it with the tablecloth.

    Just as we were about to start the final bit of the manufacturing (which was the mixing), started the horrific bit. All the work that we had spent time on had vanished like magic. The ingredients had run away! I couldn’t believe my eyes, was this a dream or not? By the time we had cleaned up all the slimy leaves and seeds on the floor, we couldn’t hear a single murmur, just deadly silence that filled the house.

    The scene horrified my mum so all I could do was end this. Instantly, I started to examine reluctantly through the house, which had been transformed into a bombsite. Soon afterwards, I surprisingly found the vegetables hidden safely in the cellar, which I had been dreading for years due to creepy crawlies. The vegetables however, were stones of stillness and before they could react, I scooped them up and washed them throughout. Sadly though, I had to abandon my delicious salad but instead I made a self-portrait of my face using the vegetables. It was a complete masterpiece that looked gorgeous.

  7. Thomas says:

    The face of eating healthy!

    There used to be a young boy named Jake who would eat nothing but sweets, however that all changed on one special occasion. It all occured on the 5th February 2013, when Jake was preparing his detrimental lunch of choclate cake and crisps. Jake couldn’t see the harm this was causing his body, so he carried on continuously which was making his mum worry, so she changed his lunch to something different. Jake was livid when he saw that his mum had piled a tonne of vegetables onto his plate. He was stunnded when something very peculiar happened, his vegetables moved and formed the shape of a face! There were many different graeens but he only recognised a few carrots. Whilst looking disgustedly at this plate, it said something!

    ”Hello Jake,” it calmly whispered, ”I’m talking quietly so nobody else can hear us.”

    ”Who are you?” Jake muttered meekly. The plate answered many questions, eventually it told him that he was the face of eating healthy and how he should cut down on unhealthy foods and to eat healthier options. Jake was taking this on board but was discombobulated at why he should’t eat bad food though. The unusual face then explained that he was still allowed to eat bad food, but not all the time. He tried to understand the face and then thanked him for his time.

    Whenever Jake went shopping with his parents, he would only occasionally ask for food like chocolate. However, after the 5th February, whenever he ate he would always remember his unique encounter with the face of health.

  8. Treat Your Face Like A Salad!

    Have you ever wondered how people’s skin are so good? Well the key to a shining face is to treat it like a salad. You must be confused or maybe even thinking I’m crazy, well I’m not, if you don’t believe me, then read on!

    I think it’s time you know how fruits and vegetables make your face into a bright sun. Well all of them have special vitamins and good properties in them which helps us.

    Cabbage is an exotic green vegetable with almost all known minerals  and contains high in vitamins C, A, B and G.

    Cucumber is a fresh, watery vegetable also high in silicon and fluorine and is essential for your hair, nail and obviously your skin. It’s rich sodium dissolves away calcium deposits and also contains high vitamins in A, C and K.

    Peppers a super skin saver, pepper is high in vitamin E. Pepper is also a vey good combination with carrots in a juice to clear blemishes.

    Carrot very valuable for beautiful skin, hair and clear vision eyes, carrot contains practically all the minerals and vitamins needed by your body, particularly beta and carotene. Dry skin, blemishes and dermatitis are often helped by drinking carrot juice.

    Celery is another extremely watery vegetable with a lot of crunch. Did you know celery contains more natural water than cucumber? Celery also contains high sodium which kills the calcium deposits.

    Beet is powerful blood and liver cleanser as well as a blood builder. Besides helping in psoriasis and eczema beet juice has been reported by doctors to also help in poor blood circulation and low vitality.

    Potato is rich in its skin and its starch helps build our immunity and gives us energy. It is also high in vitamins and minerals, particularly high in silicon with vitamins C, B, and A.

    Tomato classed among the juicy tempting citrus fruits tomato is high in vitamins C, A, and K, with some B and G. It is also a skin clearing blood cleanser which allows our face to react and have soft plump rosy cheeks after applying on the face.

    So now you must know how to treat your face like salad, to be honest its quite simple all you have to do is to eat and apply them daily to have red rosy cheeks, and smooth skin without any pimples of course. But most of all you should be dong this to your own wish as later you might be happy to achieve what you couldn’t do or understand few months or years ago.

  9. Sally sat in the garden on her favourite red chair, watching her father planting some seeds as the scorching, shimmering sun shone against them.
    A week later Sally’s family had the vegetables because she had made friends with them. Over the week that they had been growing, Sally took good care of them. Every day she would water the vegetables before and after she went to school. She would not let anyone touch them as they were close to her heart. Whenever the sun was beating down on them, she would place a fan at the correct angle to cool them down. Like the vegetables their friendship blossomed.
    Linda, Sally’s mum, shouted at her telling her to eat the vegetables. Sally burst into tears because the thought of her eating the vegetables was too much to take in. “What’s wrong?” questioned Linda worryingly. “I don’t want to eat the vegetables because I have watched them grow from seeds into beautiful vegetables,” responded Sally. Linda hugged her comfortingly, in an attempt to stop her sobbing, but Sally carried on crying. Linda thought to herself as to what she could do. Out of nowhere brilliant idea popped into her head. “Close your eyes!” exclaimed Linda excitedly. Swiftly she created a work of art. “Open your eyes Sally! Look what I’ve made!” Sally opened her and squealed at was placed in front of her. It was a face made out of her beloved vegetables. There were luscious green leaves as hair and a snow white parsnip as a nose. The juicy tomatoes blushed while the jet black olives stared back at her in a friendly way. Sally grinned, her smile stretched from ear to ear as she thanked her mum gratefully.

  10. Once upon a time, there lived an 11 year old boy named Oliver who had no hobbies no interest in anything and nothing else like that. All he was is selfish and greedy and most surprisingly all you could see was his bones under the skin and that reason was because he never ate his breakfast , lunch or even his dinner! One day that selfish undescribeble monster’s mother thought “Maybe if I shape the food of an object, infact his face hopefully he just might eat it!!!!!”So she did and guess what. When she served it Oliver did not look so well and he finally ate it & Oliver was no longer a selfish brat any more instead he was worse which I mean the opposite of he is now a fine gentalman. BUT PEOPLE STILL WERE SCARED OF HIM but got used to him.


  11. Nicola says:

    Jenni was eating her dinner. The meal consisted of a fruit and vegetables dish, and there was lot of it in her large bowl. Jenni really liked healthy food, but she was also fond of unhealthy food, such as chips and battered fish, sausages and burgers. However, her Mum, Hazel, spent a lot of money on fruit and vegetables.

    One day, was Jenni was eating her lunch, she experienced a weird taste, and became aware that something strange was happening. She noticed something odd out of the corner of her eye, went to check in the bathroom mirror, and saw her face, covered in vegetables and fruit, staring back at her.

    Jenni called out, “Mum, mum, look what has happened!”

    Hazel rushed in and tried unsuccessfully to remove the fruit and vegetables from her face. She was worried about her daughter, but was pleased that it didn’t appear to make Jenni ill.

    When Jenni awoke the next morning, the food was still there, and her Mum was unable to remove it before she went to school. Just then, Jenni’s friend appeared and took her to school, and she had a horrible day, as everyone laughed at her. When she returned home she was miserable, and so she decided to cheer herself up by eating a large packet of Maltesers. As she started to eat them, she noticed that the fruit began to disappear until finally, it had all vanished with the last chocolate.

    Jenni still eats fruit and vegetables, but she always make sure she has some chocolate, afterwards.

  12. Daisy Parker says:

    It was a rainy day, there was no sign of the sun in the sky and it was predictable the rain wouldn’t stop. Tom the football teams captin was studying amazing football players in his untidy bedroom. Toms mum Carol was cooking dinner busily, she was very tired and was trying to be quick so she could go to bed with a cup of tea. Carol was cooking alone because Toms smart, funny dad Mark was at work training dogs to dance. Tom was as shy as a sheep and the only friends he had were on his team.

    “Dinner time Tom, these vegetables smell lovely and I’ve got your favourite T.V show on. At the moment the detectives are feeling she eps wool to solve the case.” Tom loved this show so he sprinted down stairs to the dull, scruffy kitchen to watch it whilst eating. In front of him sat a plate as white as snow and on the clean plate he could see his dinner of vegetables that his mum had kindly arranged in the shape of a happy mans face.

    “Hello” whispered a disturbing voice “down here,” it mumbled again. Carol had left the room so it wasn’t her, “who is it” Tom whispered back. “It’s me Bob your face of vegetables! Don’t tell your mum but she is a loud singer, I can hear her from here.”

    “Stop talking Tom and eat your dinner.” Tom couldn’t eat Bob because he would stop him from talking and Tom was amazed by this outstanding talent.

    All of a sudden Toms dad Mark came slowly strolling in and Bob suddenly fell silent. Could it be that Bob was sceard of Tom’s dad………

  13. grace says:

    The vegetable man
    Hi, I’m Brianna and I am a very weird person. I have tangled hair; – I never bother to brush it skirts up to my knees, grubby fingernails, pimples on my forehead and big, round glasses that make me look like a geek. The only friends that I have are Helen and Brendan. Like me, they are both geeks who like homework. All my friends and I ever talk about is homework and different subjects. Any time a popular girl passes, they just start murmuring and giggling about us. My friends pretend not to hear but I just look at the floor and then stick my tongue out at them. Every other girl in Park Street Middle School: make – up, stickers, photos of their friend’s, posters and decorations in their lockers but I have magnet maths number and some posters saying ‘Love your subjects! Middle school would have been have ok if mean girl Mackenzie had not came along.
    Mackenzie is a show off who loves fashion and make – up. She of is always talking to the popular girls. Mackenzie is the deputy captain of the cheerleading team and she only lets well skilled and popular people on the team. Her favourite sports are: tennis, basketball and badminton. I do not like her because she always looks at me like I came from Mars and compliments on my hair and clothes saying that she does not like my hair or clothes.
    Any time I slip over she always laughs.
    I normally always go into the girls’ toilets if I had a clumsy accident. One day, I went into the girls’ toilets (because I slipped over and everyone who witnessed the accident started to laugh) and I saw a 12 year old girl who was applying cherry flavoured lip gloss while humming a song called ‘Girls just want to have fun.’ The minute she saw me, she smiled.
    “Hello,” she said, “I am Zoë and I am new to Park Street Middle School.”
    “I’m Brianna and I am a year 7,”I replied, glumly.
    “Are you ok?” Zoë asked.
    “No,” I answered, sighing.
    “Can you keep a secret?” questioned Zoë.
    “Yes,” I said, cheering up a little.
    “Well, I have a plate that has a face of vegetable man on it, and if you make a wish he will make it come true,” Zoë whispered, quietly.
    So opened her bag and pulled out a plate of a man’s face made out of vegetables.
    “Make your wish,” said.
    I wished that I could be popular; I wished that I could be like other girls, I wished that
    Mackenzie would no longer be mean to me and most of all: that Zoë could be my best friend.

    “You are my best friend forever,” I exclaimed.
    Then she laughed with happiness and I took her on a tour of the whole school.
    After that, I found out that my wishes had come true. I started to be good at fashion and I re- wallpapered my locker and put pictures of my best friend and some of my other friends. I was picked to be on the cheerleading team and found a treatment for my pimples. I also became a popular girl and was also the prettiest. I had grown seven inches taller and had long legs. Mackenzie became one of my friends and let me borrow her make– up. I had bought one friendship necklace for Zoë and one for myself. I had a good time at middle school all because of the vegetable man.

  14. Bolu says:

    The Vegetable Face

    In the city of London, behind the River Thames lived a generous girl called Kenzie. She lived with her mother called Alice. Although Kenzie is not fussy with her food, there is one thing she would not eat: vegetables. Here mum gives them to her but she just won’t eat them. Kenzie feeds them to her pet dog ,Tasha.

    One scorching day, Alice was thinking of a plan to get Kenzie to eat the vegetables. Just then, she had a plan. ” I will make a face out of vegetables, maybe she does not eat vegetables because they don’t look fun to eat, ” thought Alice.

    Half an hour later, Alice had finished making her vegetable face, it had: carrots as a mouth; sweet corn as teeth, peppers as ears, peas as eyes, the chin was a potato, chillies as eye brows, parsnip as a nose, tomatoes as cheeks, spinach as hair and the rest of its face was cucumber.
    She then gave it to Kenzie to eat. Kenzie just starred at it with a blank face. All of a sudden, the vegetable face winked at Kenzie. Kenzie screamed as if her house had burnt down. She swiftly sprinted to her mother and told her that the vegetable face winked at her. Her mother thought that Kenzie was hallucinating but still went to see it. Kenzie and Alice looked at it, suddenly it burped! Alice and Kenzie screamed as if there was a murderer in the house. What were they going to do with a vegetable face that was alive?…

  15. Aadya Rao says:


    Mum was cutting slices of pepper when Holly, Polly, Ollie and Molly came in.

    ‘What are you making mum?’ Molly’s sweet voice asked.
    ‘ Your favourite, VEGETABLES!’ Mum joked.
    Ollie made a face, ‘ Eew you’re gross.’

    The kids all at once stomped out of the kitchen. Polly got the rusty keys and the four children went out to the large garden. Under the lilac bush the four children were sitting all doing different activities until Holly broke the silence.

    ‘Why does mum force us to eat repugnant vegetables, I mean, take aunt Jemima for instance, she hardly ever ate vegetables and she turned out as fit a fiddle.

    Jemima was their 21year old Aunt. The kids adored her. She had 7 nephews and nieces and she was always there when the kids were in trouble.

    ‘ DINNER!’ Mum shouted from inside.
    The four gloomy kids walked in slowly. Each of them sat in their seats and stared glumly at their plates.

    Polly had the most glum face, the only thing she liked was the juicy, yellow sweetcorn. At that precise moment Polly’s food started to position itself into a figure. The finishing product was a face.

    His eyebrows were hot, red chillies; his eyes were beans with a black olive inside; his hair was made out of leaves and his cheeks were tomatoes!

    The face started talking to the kids about his miserable life. Slowly, Polly, Molly, Holly and Ollie picked up their forks and started to eat. As the story went on more and more food was being eaten until the story stopped midway… Can you guess why?


  16. Miruna says:

    As the clock struck 9, a boy with golden hair and bright blue eyes, called Marcus, came thumping down the timber stairs. He was ready for a very hectic day. He was wearing navy blue wellies, a pair of old shorts and his favorite top which was as colourful as an artist’s paint palette.
    “Come on son, the veggies are waiting to be picked!” shouted his dad from the kitchen.
    “I’m coming, I need to get my basket!” yelled Marcus from the bottom of the stairs.
    Marcus followed his dad through the garden and behind the bee hives. Suddenly, a striped bee stung Marcus. His dad did not notice and kept on going to the allotment. All of a sudden Marcus could hear a noise in the distance. As he looked closer he saw a tall figure walking to him…
    “Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m a cucumber. Welcome to the veggie land harvest celebration!”
    “Where am I?” Marcus muttered “what am I doing here?”
    “You are in veggie land and I think you came here for the scrumptious food that Ant-ony cooked,” exclaimed Kevin with a big grin on his face.
    Marcus was dragged by Kevin to the veg queen called Veginta. Veginta had long lettuce hair, which was a ribbon of moonlight, rosy tomato cheeks as red as blood, a white turnip nose and a slim potato chin. Veginta offered him a salad, but Marcus didn’t like vegetables. So Veginta ordered him a secret pie. He was taken to a table where the secret pie waited for him. He started scoffing the pie in his mouth until there was no room left to eat anymore.
    “That’s nice!” exclaimed Marcus with surprise.
    He asked the chef Ant-ony what it was made of. He wasn’t expecting that response. It was made of vegetables!
    “Now I know I like vegetables!” mumbled Marcus.
    Out of nowhere Marcus felt a shake like an earthquake. He opened his eyes slowly. His father was putting all his effort in shaking him and trying to wake him up. Then his father cheered with joy, he picked Marcus up and took him to the house. There, on the kitchen table, stood a scrumptious secret pie.
    He dug into the pie. Was it all a dream?

  17. Emanuel says:

    The Vegetable man

    It was tea time and it was time for me to go and eat. I sat at the table and picked up my fork. I was so surprised because of what was on my plate that I dropped my fork on the floor. My food was made into a face. It s eyes were dark black olives, it’s hair was wet spinach, it’s ears were fresh, crunchy peppers, it’s teeth was golden sweet-corn, it’s cheeks were baby tomatoes.

    I ate the whole plate and it was very tasty. However, when I finished I realised my food was in the kitchen and what I had eaten was my sisters art project. ‘ Make a face out of vegetables’.

  18. Benj says:


    On an ordinary day a young boy had dinner, his name was Robbie. Dinner was stir fry. Robbie liked stir fry he was displeased because the vegables were out of of date. Unfortunatley, what Robbie was oblivious that one of his vegables was glowing.

    Neverthless Robbie ate, he was a stogdy boy who needed to go on an extreme diet. That night Robbie went to bed, he felt really sick. That night Robbie woke up with a startle.

    Phew! It was only his brother Louie who was a sleepwalker. “Why is your face made of vegebales?” questioned his brother.
    “Go back to bed, freak” Robbie hissed.

    That morning the sun was shining, he had a wash and looked in the mirror and let out an almighty scream.

    Petrified, Robbie’s parents rushed to him thinking he was hurt. When his parents saw him the chuckled. “Son, you face is made out off vegables.”
    The whole family went to the doctor who was puzzled with what had happened. All he said was that his family were to strictly always feed him meet whether he likes it or not.

    That night Robbie was looking at pictures of him, he kissed one with his whole family on. The next morning, he miserable looked at himself in the mirror, he was normal. He was ecstatic.

  19. Sasha says:

    Jack was a nine year old whith greasy hair that stuck out like tufts of mouldy hay. Jack was round and plump and so when the school did their morning run Jack fell behind and the boys jeered at him from the finish line. Jack was not a healthy eater. He detested school dinners as they were full of tomatoes, carrots, peas and potatoes, but most of all he disliked to see the boys and girls munch away at a pepper or other vegetable. “Why am I so different?” he moaned. One summer morning Jack heared the headmaster proclaim that they were going on a healthy eating regiem. Lunch would include: sweetcorn, beans, parsnip and lettuce. Jack groaned. He dreamt his way through lessons, dreading the lunchtime bell. Dringgg! There it was. Jack stomped into the line and at the sight of vegetables he thought of the gruel in Oliver Twist except he wasn’t going to ask for more. He’d rather die than eat vegetables.
    As he slowly made his way to the table a soft cackle of evil laughter shook his bowl. He looked down. There before him lay the face of a vegetable man. His nose (or I should say parsnip) was crooked and he had yellow sweetcorn for his teeth. He smiled awkwardly. “You may think that I am a monster but I am a wizard; a vegetable wizard! If you don’t eat my vegetables you will immediately be changed into a vegetable of your choice and be served in a giant cooking pot!” He looked down and saw a plate full of vegetables, but no man. Jack picked up some sweetcorn and gobbled it up. He felt uncomfortable as he might be eating teeth. Mmmm… It didn’t actually taste that bad! “Wow!” he thought, “I didn’t think miracles could happen!” From then onwards Jack ate all of his vegetables and even sometimes went up for seconds.

  20. VEG FACE

    “We want children to love veg! We want children to love veg! We want children to love fruit! We want children to love fruit” chanted the lush, tempting fruit and veg, the keenest of them all, the shaded brown potato, then yelled at the top of his voice ” Why don’t we make a face? We would all be a part of it weather we were a major part or just a side part!” “Yeah!!!” exclaimed the others with great gusto indeed.
    After a little confusion, the fruit and veg had made the most beautiful, colourful face you’ve ever seen!
    The rich, emerald green, greens covering most of the face, but there were still lots of other colours, gold yellow sweet corn teeth, deep purple kidney beans and red spinach, a parsnip nose which was pure as a dove, blushy red tomato cheeks which were ruby red, tender, black olive pupils, scarlet chilli eyebrows, sweet, crunchy pepper ears and the shaded brown potato chin.
    This was a work of art for children to be inspired to eat healthily.

  21. Oscar says:

    James cautiously sat down at the ice cold oak table, shivering as he did. “Mum what’s for lunch?” James screamed whilst banging the table.
    “Don’t shout,” mum demanded swishing her natural red hair. “Vegetables” answered mum putting down Jame’s plate.

    Like a flash James knew randomly, that he could make a vegetable face. James looked at the mirror in front of him and asked himself ‘why am I doing this?’ When he looked back at his plate, a face was staring at him (a vegetable face). Lime green cabbage leaf hair, shady courgette forhead, crazy looking bean and olive eyes, pale parsnip nose, juicy tomato cheeks, ripe pepper ears, twinkling sweetcorn teeth and a freckled potato chin.

    Suddenly it started opening and closing its mouth, making a clicking noise that echoed in the room. “Ffffffff ff ff.” James started to get sucked in.

    “James?” squeaked a familiar voice.
    “Jack is that you?” James asked. Jack is James’ best friend.
    James opened his eyes, all his firends, all his family had the same insane face as the one on his chipped brown plate. They were crawling closer and closer ….

    James woke up with his head smashed into the food. He dramatically pulled his head up and looked in the mirror to find he’s got no head!

  22. Hannah says:

    Vegetable Face Haiku Poem

    Round edible face,
    Creepy smile spreads over cheeks,
    Bulging, scary eyes.

  23. Imaginary Friend
    It was my first day at secondary school and all the people around me were so tall, that it was hard to look up at them without straining my neck! I bet their childhood memories had probably all disappeared now they were focused on ‘big’ school, but mine were still on my imaginary friend. I created him when I was nine, yet I haven’t forgotten him, because he wouldn’t forget me. His name is Frank. Even though he’s a boy and I’m a girl (some people would find that weird), he stays by my side even when times are bad.

    I looked back at the gates of the school, wanting to go back to my lovely awaiting home, where I could sit by the fire with frank! However, I knew first I had to get through this long, tiring morning and afternoon. I was particularly dreading maths and English, because the teachers were so strict. I walked to my classroom to sit and wait for the bell.

    The classroom was empty, so I felt lonely, but just that second someone burst through the door. I looked back, curious of who it was and then I saw a face, a different face, unlike any other pupil at the school. It was Frank’s, it was an extraordinary vegetable face, Frank was real…

    All those times when people had teased me would be gone, because Frank was here! I was pacing back and forth, trying to decide whether to tell people or not that this was my Frank. People came through the door in a flurry and took once glance at Frank and ran off screaming, but his face didn’t bother me, because I treated him like a normal person.

    When school was over, I went with Frank to the bus and headed home. That was the best day of my life I thought!

    A day after that, when I went back to school and when Frank came in, they didn’t laugh – they made him feel at home, which made me feel at home. I didn’t have to dread school any longer, because Frank was there. Wouldn’t you like to have a friend like Frank?

  24. Archie says:

    The Reason Why You Should Eat Your Vegetables

    Gary love chocolate, he adores it, and is very reluctant to eat any vegetables.

    One sunny day Gary was pouring dozens of chocolate rice krispies into a bowl, when the Multi-Coloured Vegetable Viper bit him. Gary had been warned about the legendary Vegetable Viper, he’s the guardian of vegetables and attacks children who refuse to eat their greens. “Oww!” screamed Gary as blood trickled down his chubby hands. All of a sudden Gary’s face started mutating into a riot of vegetables. Sugar snap peas replaced his eyebrows, a crooked parsnip took the place of his nose, brussel sprouts popped out of his eye sockets and ripe, juicy carrots sat on his lips. Gary’s whole face looked like a vegetable patch and he was terrified by his reflection!

    The next day Gary went straight to an African witch doctor, he said the only cure is to get a second bite and the Vipers live on the Himalayan mountains. So Gary whizzed off on his desperate journey. He climbed massive mountains, swum scary seas, skied on snowy slopes and eventually he found the Viper. Gary explained to the Viper how he had learnt his lesson and would definitely be eating vegetables from now on. But just as he was about to be bitten and cured a great and fearsome eagle grabbed the Vegetable Viper. Gary held onto the eagles foot but he started to loose his grip, a couple of minutes later he was hanging by his finger, he had lost hope but at the last second the Vegetable Viper bit him. Gary plummeted into a spring and was cured. From then on he only very occasionally ate chocolate and stuck to gulping down his greens.

  25. Sammy joujou says:

    It was a beautiful, harmonious day on the cruise ship of a lifetime. The water was shimmering, the whisper of a soft breeze on my face, and the clouds gliding past like tumbleweed. As I gazed at these picturesque views, I thought of one thing, the Mask Festival. In five days time, the judges would crown a winner for the Mask Festival. There was only one problem. I didn’t have a mask!!! Instantaneously, I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and sat down on the balcony. My brain was racing faster than a speeding bullet, would I have time to make a mask? And then… In anger and fury, temper and rage I stood up, threw my chair into the room, and stared anxiously in the distance. I darted round to see if anyone was watching me and then-
    My eyes broadened and my cheeks glowed. In the distance an island with only a coconut tree inhabiting it caught my eye. Inspiration hit me as I knew what I was going to do my mask out of…..
    As my eyes sparkled with excitement, I ran swiftly all the way to the kitchen where all the food was being prepared. I searched frantically for the key to open the door before, the cooks would find me. After, a couple of minutes I found them and I entered the kitchen. Boxes upon boxes of food were stashed up on top of each other, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the vegetable box. I jumped up and down excitedly as I grabbed the box (which was fairly heavy) and emptied it all in my bag. All of a sudden, I heard noises approaching the door. I ran towards the exit petrified, and dashed up the stairwell leading to our room.
    After five days of hard work my mask was finished. It had red tomatoes as cheeks, courgettes as a forehead and my favourite peppers as ears! As soon as we finished dinner I ran with my mask into the judging arena and handed in my mask. Twenty minutes later a message came that said “Boys and girls the Annual Mask competition winner is….. John from Newport and his vegetable mask. My face lit up like an emerald as I ran towards the arena to claim my prize…

  26. Simon came in from a hard day of school. He was starving. In school they learned about healthy eating so when one person ate one single broccoli he vomited! On the table were gruesome greens. When he looked carefully he saw they were shaped like a human face with tomatoes as cheeks (which he called terrifying tormenting tomatoes), chilies as eyebrows, potatoes as a chin and peppers as ears, red on the left as well as yellow as the left. Simons mum left the room to let him eat in peace. As soon as she left the frightful face started whispering to Simon.
    “Hey you have to eat me or else,” whispered the face.
    “Or else what?” snorted Simon.
    “Or else your coming with me forever” warned the food face.

    “Why do I have eat you? “Questioned Simon.
    “I can’t control myself when I put my mind to something” answered the food face.
    Simon never wanted to eat a vegetable ever in his lifetime so he shrieked
    “Your coming with me then, forever” retorted the monstrous food face.
    He sucked Simon into himself and Simon was all of a sudden in a large vegetable slammer with celery and broccoli as bars.
    “LET ME OUT NOW!” screamed Simon.
    But the warden simply sniggered.
    “The only way you can get out is by eating through the bars!” screamed the warden trying to be heard above Simon’s hollers.
    Simon knew he couldn’t do that and there was no other way. How would Simon get out? The answer is unknown till this very day…

  27. Sadie Sumner says:

    One day there was a little girl called Lucy, she hated vegetables and fruit. Mum was preparing dinner and there were lots of vegetables and fruit on the plate she then went upstairs to tidy Lucy’s bedroom. Lucy stared at the plate of vegetable and fruit. As quick as a flash the vegetable man came alive! ” Who are you? shouted Lucy ” I am a vegetable man and I am here to tell you that vegetables and fruit are so nice you will scream!” Lucy looked shocked and said ” I am not going to try that horrible green thing!” The vegetable man said “Please try a vegetable” the vegetable man pulled a sad face. “OK” said Lucy. Lucy tried a vegetable and LOVED IT! The vegetable man said “I knew you would love it, right I have to go it was lovely meeting you, bye”. The vegetable man changed back. ” Lucy dinner” cried mum ” Mum, Mum you would never believe what happened I met a vegetable man and I tried a vegetable it was LOVELY!”
    Lucy was very happy and so was mum Now she eats vegetables! The end

  28. Callum says:

    One day there lived a young boy named Ben. He was sitting at the table wondering what he had for dinner that night, he normally had chicken nuggets and chips without vegetables as he didn’t like them. Ben didn’t like vegetables because one day he chocked on a carrot……. so one day his mum had an idea. (she would buy a load of vegetables from a shop, make a vegetable face that will amuse Ben and put his mind of chicken nuggets, She will pretend that the vegetable face is talking by making a different tone on her voice and by using the different tone on her voice she will say, “hello, I am m Mr. vegetable face. Will you eat me up please”.) Yes, that’s it”, thought mum.
    So the day come, and Ben’s mum was excited that her boy will finally eat a vegetable. Ben’s mum gave Ben the plate of vegetables, and stood there mouth wide open with astonishment. Because he was amused by the vegetable face and was so distracted that he ate all his vegetables up! So from then on Ben always eat all of his vegetables, but only when he was distracted by the VEGETABLE FACE!

    THE END 🙂

  29. Raiyaan says:

    One beautiful summer’s morning, the sky was as blue as the ocean and the clouds were balls of cotton wool. Lovely flowers bloomed, with all types of different colours. You could hear the birds tweeting joyously too. A little boy called James walked down the dusty path. He was extremely excited due to one reason…IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!!! He could not wait to get home and have his birthday snack. All the way home he wondered what it would be.
    When he arrived at his picturesque mansion, he rang the doorbell. His mum opened the door and shouted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” He walked to the breakfast table and took a look at his snack. It was…..vegetables.
    Vegetables was the last thing he wanted. He pretended that he really liked them just to make his mum happy.
    Suddenly, just when James was about to eat a tomatoe, all the vegetables came to life!!! They flew about his plate like whirlpool. Eventually, it stopped. The vegetables had formed a face!!! James felt like fainting. He rubbed his eyes repeatedly but the vegetables were still in the shape of a face. He was dumbfounded.

  30. Danica King says:

    Sally and the vegetable face

    Sally was sleeping, she had a dream about a vegetable face. Then she woke up and it was a beautiful day. She was going to school when mum said “do not forget your salad. “Oh you nearly got away with that,” All right then bye, said Sally. “Bye” said mum, “I hope you have a nice time at school,” mum replied. Sally got to school but she was nervous because she had only been at school for a few days and had not found it easy to make friends. If she went over to some one, they would ether walk away or be mean to her.

    When she was having lunch at school she got out the salad that her mum had packed her. She HATED vegetables, Sally looked up and started to day dream. Because the bell had not gone yet she sat there very bored making the salad into a vegetable face. It had lettuce as hair, it’s pupils of its eyes were olives, it’s chin was a long rectangle potato and it’s ears were peppers, yellow and red ears. Then suddenly the face started to talking to her. She thought this is just like my dream I had. She was very surprised when it started talking to her, but she was also scared because it had never happened before. Then she started to talk about her life about her having no human friends at her new school. The vegetable face said, “all you need to do is smile then some people will want to be your friend. All good things are worth waiting for. He seemed very helpful and very friendly and she was glad that he had started to talk.

    Just as she sat down talking to her vegetable face friend a little girl called “Katie” came over, “Hello” said Sally. “would you like to be my friend”said Katie? “yes please” said Sally.

    Sally and Katie became best friends at school. That day when Sally had looked back at the vegetable face it had not been alive any more. Just a lot of old vegetables.

    Sally never told Katie or anyone else about the face talking. She never really thought anyone would believe her anyway, but this is how Sally got a friend after all.

    The End

  31. Nic says:

    The magic fruit face

    One day an artist was working on a piece of magnificent art, his creative idea was to make a collage face made of fruit. When he finally finished, he went to get a drink from the kitchen in his brand new mansion. Suddenly he stopped dead still in his tracks, went as quiet as a mouse and listened hard as he thought he had heard some rustling from behind him. He turned around as silently as possible to see the fruit face he just made hovering in the air in front of him!

    After a minute of utter silence the fruit face said in the most cheerful voice “Hi, I’m Bob, and you are?” The artist was so stunned he could barely talk. After he got his words back, he spluttered “my … name… is… Tim, how… are… you… floating?” Bob look puzzled and replied “I don’t really know how, I just woke up and started floating.” Tim got himself under control and said “Well I technically made you.” Bob replied cheerfully “Well thanks a lot for building me but I’d better be off now, I’m going to see the world.” And with that he floated out of the door and disappeared into the beautiful sunset.

    Tim stood at his mansion door for a minute smiling and staring after Bob. He shrugged and said to himself “I think I might make a few more of those magic fruit faces!”

  32. Peter says:

    Vegetable Face Supreme

    For a long time, Tom had been waiting to go to the fair. For many months the weather had been too cold for the fair to come, but today it was a bright, sunny day and Tom was eager to go to the fair. He had begged his Mom all month and she had finally let him go.
    When he arrived he noticed a very peculiar Stall which he was curious to see. The title said…Vegetable Face Piñata! Though the battered face looked so real. A leaf flew past his mouth then suddenly, the face was smiling!
    Tom didn’t dare to go forward, the rotten stench of brussel sprouts haunted him. The face then spat a mushy, brown pea at his shocked face.
    Tom then left to go on the merry-go-round and heard a gentle, soothing voice, which sounded like it came from a strange person, passing through the wind saying “keep the secret alive”. He turned around slowly and noticed that the stall had changed to… Splat the Face. He rubbed his eyes and you wouldn’t guess what he saw…

  33. Caitlin O says:

    Vegetable Face

    One rainy afternoon a little girl called Joe was having her hair done by her mum, when suddenly there was a loud crash in the kitchen but only Joe heard it. “Mum, did you hear that?” she asked, just in case she didn’t.
    “Hear what, love?” mum looked at her as if she were mad.
    As soon as her mum took her hair down her dad shouted “Dinner time!”

    She ran rapidly down the stairs and into the kitchen, she sat down, looked at her parents, then when she was finished, her mum and dad went into the lounge and chatted. Joe was doing the dishes when she heard a voice shout for help. She found a face made out of vegetables and she thought she was going bonkers. A plate, of vegetables, talking, there’s no way that’s true. She looked away, blinked hard, and then looked back and the face was gone.

    On her way to school the next morning the face popped up again but not as a vegetable face but as a book. Behind Joe was Abilena who was always mean to her, every break time, every lunch time, even in front of her parents. In class Joe asked Joe asked the face “Are you a magical creature?”
    “Why, yes I am,” replied the face, “how could you tell. Is it because I pop up in the most unusual paces, if so blame my Aunt sue she always gets the teleportation spell mixed up with the pop up anyway spell. Oh, by the way I am Toby, capital T…”
    “You don’t have to tell me how to spell your name Toby, but you are kind of a chatterbox,” Joe said smiling at her book.
    “What are you doing, Joe talking to a stupid book” Abilena came over and was so nasty Toby wanted to teleport onto her head and start punching it but of course he couldn’t.

    The fire bell went off the second he thought that. Abilena didn’t remember fire safety and she went to collect up all of her belongings. There was actually a fire and it blocked her in. Joe came in like a brave soldier coming to save the princess. She grabbed the scared little girl and dragged her outside.
    “Why did you do that?” Abilena asked.
    “Well, you were in danger I couldn’t let you die,” relied Joe with a friendly like smile.
    They both started hugging and they became friends. About two weeks later Joe told Abilena about Toby and how they met. Abilena started to like Toby but on that Saturday Toby had to go home.
    “Bye Toby!” shouted Abilena
    “Bye my dear Tobs, have a good journey home,” yelled Joe.
    “Bye, miss you already” Toby shouted back.

    They were all friends and Joe and Abilena started a club called enemies to friends Club. It was for people that disliked each other then became friends, just like what happened to them.

  34. On the coldest day of the year my loving mother made me dinner. She had put lots of colourful vegetables on my plate and told me I had to eat them all as it will make me fight the cold. I hated vegetables and I fiddled around with them. I made a funny looking face but it was no ordinary face, it suddenly became a talking vegetable face. I jumped with shock as the face began to tell me a story about a boy who didn’t eat his vegetables, and how the boy became so weak he wasn’t able to fight any colds and, until a big gust of wind swept him and he was never seen again!!! Then I got a spoon and folk a began to eat the gooey vegetables until the man’s face had completely disappear. My mum then came into the room and was really pleased so she rewarded me with an ice cream sundae. From that day on I always ate my vegetable and never saw the man’s face again.

  35. Jenna says:

    The restaurant.

    Once in a miniature town was a baby girl who’s dream was to be a chief, that girl was me. Many years later when I was mature enough to start working I moved to Italy, where my dream would be to become a grand chef; that didn’t turn out quite right….

    On March fourteenth the chief was going to visit the new job that I required; a enormous, stunning, glistening ,restaurant but I wasn’t the chef. I was the cook. I would always be alarmed at the other chefs because they would always be cruel and malevolent to me. They would always push me to the side, nevertheless I was very interested in the cook books and different spices. In addition, I would try cooking and creating statues, masterpieces and sculptures by using vegetables, I could only sneakily do this because I was always the one to be left to lock up.

    The day before the chief examiner arrived was a anxious one. As anxious as the last living day on earth! Food was everywhere, ( more work for me!) shouting and enraged fighting didn’t help the situation. They needed to be ready and know what they needed to do! Even though I was trying to help them it was too late, the chef, the cook which was making the food, left with an stressful, “It’s too much pressure. I QUIT!”
    Everyone fell silent as I tried to stop him but he had already zoomed off on his motorcycle. What were we going to do now!? They chefs looked at each other, when a Jack Russel Terrier came rushing through the door with a letter in his hand. I opened the letter. I gasped. I read out the note,
    “The chief inspector said that he will be coming, TODAY!”
    all the other chefs gasped and mumbled. I spoke up
    ” I’ll do it!”
    I went right to work! I started telling the chefs what to do! This is what I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was born! I decided to make his face out of vegetables and fruits. There was only 15 minutes left, I had to be quick!

    Finally when the inspector came I had just about finished and all the chefs were astonished of what I had done. They all had rushed me out the door to find the inspector and paparazzi waiting for me! The inspector smiled and all the cameras flashed he cried,
    ” WOW, kid. You really do have a talent! Five stars!” everybody clapped and the manager assigned me as the ‘chief chef of Venice’! After that day I have lived up to my dream. A grand chef……

  36. Bobs says:

    It was a beautiful, hot, sunny Sunday Joe was playing football in his back garden which his mates. They were all quite hungry so Joe’s mum gave them a challenge. They all had to make up a face using vegatables only but they didn’t won’t to they wanted to be a team and make the worlds best vegtable Face. so Joe’s Mum said why not but you’ll only have 60 seconds to do it.

    So of they went they were as quick as cheetah’s doing it. They worked fantastic together. It was going really well at this point they were only 1/4 of the way through the time and the face you could achully see what it was going to look like but then Joe’s acsidently knocked it over all there hard work has gone and payed off. It was a disaster after all that it just collapsed.

    They had to start again but there was no time to do it they only had a couple of seconds left but suddenly all the vegetables were moving and it made one big face. Then it suddenly spoke and said “HELLO” I was wondering it I was dreaming but I wasn’t.

  37. Odafe says:

    The vegetable face

    One sunny bright day, Jack, a 10 year old boy was eating vegetables for breakfast. As you can tell, he loves vegetables! In fact Jack ate vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His mum, Shelia, hated vegetables but she had to give him vegetables to grow up healthy and strong. Jack had never had chocolate in his life, not even a crumb, as he disliked it.

    Suddenly in his mouth Jack could feel a vegetable tooth, the tooth next to it was covered in vegetables until Jacks whole set of teeth were covered in vegetables. Jack felt like he was melting but really his face started growing different vegetables.

    Jack was called “Vegetable face!” His mum called him “vegetable face!” After five minutes his whole face was going to be covered in vegetables.

    There was only one way to stop it and it was to eat chocolate! He had to do it quickly, or he will die because he couldn’t breathe through the vegetables. His mum quickly rushed to grab lots of chocolate to shove it in jack’s mouth. The vegetable were disappearing! Ping! The vegetables disappeared. Jack now ate a variety of all the food and he learnt his lesson “Do not eat too much of something!”

  38. VEG FACE

    “We want children to love veg! We want children to love veg! We want children to love fruit! We want children to love fruit!” chanted the lush, tempting fruit and veg, the keenest of them all, the shaded brown potato, then yelled at the top of his voice, “Why don’t we make a face? We would all be a part of it weather we were a major part or just a surplus part!” “Yeah!!!” exclaimed the others with great gusto indeed.
    After a little confusion, the fruit and veg had made the most beautiful, colourful face you’ve ever seen!
    The rich, emerald green, greens covering most of the face, but there were still lots of other colours, gold yellow sweet corn teeth, deep purple kidney beans and red spinach, a parsnip nose which was pure as a dove, blush red tomato cheeks which were ruby red, tender, black olive pupils, scarlet chilli eyebrows, sweet, crunchy pepper ears and the shaded brown potato chin.
    This was a work of art for children to be inspired to eat healthily. One boy then ate it after admiring the colours for a couple of minutes.

  39. JoshuaO says:

    “DONT PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD” bellowed my mother
    Hi my name is Tom and I love to play with my food. This is just another day when my mother is in a bad mood. I have just finished making a man out of my vegetables and my mum does not look happy….
    …”TOM , how many times do I have to tell you to stop playing with your food you are 11 years old for goodness sake!”
    “Sorry mum it’s a habit ,you know how I just love making things I want to be a – a….” hesitated Tom
    “Craftsman” added my mother
    ….” When I grow up” finished Tom.
    “But that is a good picture I must admit……” Said mother.
    I smiled , I knew she would compliment me in the end.

  40. OC says:

    The Salad Man

    Once upon a time there were some vegetables who didn’t want to be eaten. And those vegetables were going to be made into a salad. Then they had an idea to work together and make a man out of themselves. They had to be determined. One person had to be in charge. The sweetcorn took charge and told everyone were to go. It was hard working all day but eventually they got there and in the end they weren’t eaten, they were in a museum.

  41. “We want children to love veg! We want children to love fruit!” chanted the lush, tempting fruit and veg, the keenest of them all, the shaded brown potato, then yelled at the top of his voice: “Why don’t we make a ‘fruit-and-veg-face’, we’ll all be a part!” “Yeah!!!” exclaimed the others with great gusto indeed.
    After a little confusion, the fruit and veg had made the most beautiful, colourful face you’ve ever seen!
    The rich, emerald green, greens covering most of the face, but there were still lots of other colours, gold yellow sweet corn teeth, deep purple kidney beans and red spinach, a parsnip nose which was pure as pure white as s dove, blush red tomato cheeks, tender, black olive pupils, scarlet chilli eyebrows, sweet, crunchy pepper ears which very much assuaged the face and the shaded brown potato chin.
    After a little confusion and a lot of alters, the ‘fruit-and-veg-face was complete.
    This was a work of art for children to be inspired to eat healthily. One boy then ate it after admiring the colours for a couple of minutes.

  42. Will Chow says:

    Leonardo Da vinci’s healthy art

    Leonardo looked down in sorrow, his best friend Sherman was coming round for a little chat and a tasty dinner and the only thing that Leonardo had in his cupboards were vegetables. He thought that he might have some left over spaghetti in the cupboards here so he went over to find out , as he opened the cupboard a stale potato landed on Leonardo’s head and sent him hitting the floor. He rubbed his head in pain and picked the potato up and examined it then a unthinkable thought soared into his head and with that idea he cooked with the vegetables.

    As he started to cook he began to write a little song: “Tomatoes’ are red, potatoes’ are yellow and my favourite veg are going to make a pleasant supper!”
    After the hard work a tasty meal for two was ready then suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Sherman with a bottle of wine, “Sherman my friend please come in, I have made a tasty supper for you and me so you better eat it quick”. When Leo greeted Sherman to his chair he opened the dish and in front of Sherman was a healthy, tasty and mouth – watering vegetable face. “Tuck in!” cried Leo happily.
    The End

  43. The Vegetable Face
    On a blazing hot Sunday in Summer, Gary had just come home from his football match. Although excited about winning the match against their rivals, The Tigers (they had lost the last five matches), he was feeling listless and was starving; so he shouted, “Mum, what are we having for lunch?” “We’re having lovely vegetables!” mum shouted back, busy cutting vegetables.
    “That’s disgusting!” exclaimed Gary, feeling sick. Vegetables were never his favourite food.
    Finally, the lunch was ready…
    When mum gave Gary his plate, it looked very colourful with healthy green cabbage leaves, plump cucumbers, fiery, red spicy chillies, round succulent tomatoes with red skins as smooth as petals, small round mushy peas looking like green pebbles, fresh orange carrots, golden yellow sweet corn and a big oval potato with freckles on it.
    Gary was amazed at how the vegetables were arranged! They looked like a face without a mouth. Then it began to grow a mouth “Yuck!” screamed Gary.
    “Did you just say I’m yuck?” exclaimed the vegetable face with a melancholy voice. Gary felt so bad at upsetting the vegetable face.
    “Sorry, I love vegetables,” Gary said apologetically. From then on, Gary never said that vegetables were disgusting!

  44. Zoe olakanpo says:

    One sunny day, Mary-Anne and her mother Sarah, where having dinner together in the kitchen along with her brother Michael and dad Thomas. This was to celebrate their new mansion which the builders made, just for them. This whole family loved vegetables, but Mary-Anne.

    It was a disgrace to the family, when visitors came over and she did not eat her vegetables. So one day her mum had put a vegetable face on her plate so she would understand at her age, since she was only six.

    She had an imagination that the face was speaking to her and this taught her to always eat her vegetables.

  45. One evening, my family and I were sitting down eating dinner, when my brothers said that they were no longer hungry. I took their plates and made funny faces with their food, when they saw what pictures I had made they loved them, so they ate it and every meal time I make food pictures and they eat their food every time. Today at lunchtime I made a funny face with lettuce hair, olive eyes and carrot eyebrows and other veggies and fruit to finish it I then used they’re favorite tomato sauce for some lips. and then for dinner I’m doing an underwater themed dinner picture.

  46. Lauren Cooper says:

    It was an early Sunday Morning in spring and the people of Summerville were enjoying their full English breakfast served by their personal maids when an extraordinary thing happened that involved Mrs Green, her vegetable patch and well…. you’ll find out sooner or later. I was just happily munching my way through a fifth round of toast when somebody knocked on my bedroom door. “Come In!” I shouted and the door creaked open so I could just make out the figure of Mrs Green – the vegetable lady from next door. “Hello Victoria! I have just popped round to ask you about your mother’s order of a years’ worth of vegetables. Am I correct?”
    “I think you might have got the wrong person because nobody in our family likes them and I certainly do not.” I replied sweetly. Mrs Green sighed and went to see my mother. I sat there wondering who must have done this to my poor mother. She would probably faint when Mrs Green told her the dreadful news. Mrs Green reappeared closely followed by mother with a vibrant beam on her face. “Victoria, I know how much you hate vegetables, but I would like you to try them and tell me what you think.”
    “But…..I…….Mother!” I pleaded in protest as I watched great big boxes filled with fresh, crispy spinach, crunchy celery, tangy beetroot, rosy tomatoes and so much more being stacked into the kitchen, dining room and my bedroom! I ran to the nearest toilet and was sick. When I returned, a lovely smell was drifting out of the kitchen and into my nose. I took off like a rocket and I saw a huge plate of……
    Vegetables. But they didn’t look so bad now. They were shaped into a human face that was strangely familiar. Charlie! My worst enemy at school! I giggled as I stared at his revolting face of spinach, celery, beetroot, tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn, carrots, peppers, peas and one ugly potato. Mother was so clever to think of this that I gobbled it all up, except for the potato that I chucked in the bin. I settled down to sleep quite quickly that night, dreaming about the Charlie face that mother had made for me. Or did someone else make it?

  47. Adam says:

    As I sauntered down the several velvet stairs, my cheerful and elated mum called promptly, ‘Adam it’s dinner time.’ ‘Yes, mum.’ I answered wearily. Eventually, I reached the dinner table to see the most horrifying selection of food: lettuce, chilli, potato, tomato, peas, carrots, parsnips and olives. Reluctantly, I plopped down on my seat. I didn’t know how I was going to eat this…

  48. Harley Taylor says:

    Veggie face

    Today is my lucky day mum let me decide what delicious meal we are going to have today every time it is my turn i always want to wow mum see a massive smile on her face so i want to surprise her with a very healthy dish a veggie face a plate coated in veggies in a form of a face i thought she would love so much imagination and well i thought it was amazing so i let her try a bit and loved she said “There was a enormous aray of tropical flavours.

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