Task 15
20th February 2014
Task 17
6th March 2014


  1. Sasha says:

    It was a foggy Friday morning. Katy tore open the curtains and gazed at the grass covered in droplets of dew. The silence was shattered when Katy suddenly heard
    “Get up, Katy, or you’ll be late for school!”
    Katy groaned. Friday was the worst day of the week. Not only did she have Art and Geography but they served fish for dinner. Worst of all she had forgotten to pack a very important form that had to be given in today.
    Katy heaved her uniform on and plaited a blonde tail in her hair. Why did Friday seem so gloomy?
    Katy stomped down the stairs and stared at her younger brother Jim, “It’s not fair, ” she complained, “Jim doesn’t need to go to school!”
    She slowly ate her breakfast. She felt as if she was falling into a dark pit of worries.
    She could see her friend Lucy waiting outside the door,
    “Hurry up Katy, I’m not waiting much longer!”
    Katy scoffed down her cereal and darted out of the room, nearly forgetting to button up her coat.
    At school she knew something was wrong. Everybody was carrying p.e. bags. Then it hit her like lightning, They had p.E. today! She didn’t remember her P.E. kit! She tiptoed into the classroom, an anxious expression on her face. The bell went. P.E. No one else had forgotten their P.E. kit. She was the only one. Like a black sheep amongst white sheep. She could see the teacher’s face. It looked like an angry rhino,
    “Katy Smith, come here this instant!”

  2. Aidan says:

    The black sheep

    One beautiful summer’s day there lived a black sheep called Fred. Fred was a very majestic sheep but he was not very happy on the inside. This feeling had overwhelmed him since he was a tiny lamb. His mother and father left him as they were the only black sheep in the flock but the day they were due to be transferred, They gave birth to him. It was devastating because of the paperwork saying that there were only two sheep being transferred he couldn’t come.

    Fred had always tried to escape to find his mum and dad had never succeeded but suddenly he saw a chance, a chance to get out of there he managed to sneak over the fence and darted away. Soon he came to a road, not knowing a car was coming he crossed the road the car came zooming round the corner and skimmed Fred honking his horn the Man in the in the car climbed out and got a gun! Fred – who was quite fast- darted away into a forest.

    ‘Bang’ of went one bullet ‘bang’ of went another. Fred had never felt so scared, he was running his absolute fastest until suddenly, the bullets stopped firing and before Fred knew it he was at the other side of the forest.

    Fred strolled along what appeared to be a countryside field. There was a little black dot in the far distance so Fred went to have a look.

    “Son?” said what now appeared to be two black dots.
    “Mum, dad?” Fred asked excitedly.

    “Son! We’ve missed you so much!” said his mum.

    “Me to,” replied Fred. “I’ve always thought about you.”

    “Well none of that matters now, you can live with us,” said his dad.

    And that’s how Fred and his family lived happily ever after.

  3. The Black Sheep

    “Hey, come over here!” called the steward followed by something else, which was lost in the noise of the crowd, I did as he asked. “You’re in that queue there then!” he told me. Before I knew it I was inside the colossal West Ham Stadium, being swept along in the fans. I was soon separated from my family, but I wasn’t too worried, we all had phones, and I knew we’d soon meet up again. The mouldy walls made me walk fast and the smell of mouth-watering food drew me in. As I went to find my seat the players were warming up on the bright green pitch.

    I squeezed into an empty seat and the whistle blew for the start of the game. The sun came out and the atmosphere warmed up. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed fans taking off their coats, I decided to do the same. Just as I took off my coat, proudly displaying the claret and blue of my team’s shirt, West Ham scored! I leapt into the air with joy, shouting and chanting the goalscorers name in celebration.

    “Cole, Cole, Cole!” I looked around to my fellow supporters, so see their celebrations, but was met with silence. And a sea of white Tottenham shirts!

  4. Dominic says:

    On a bright sunny morning,a boy named Jacob sprinted into his mum and dad.he shouted,”It’s my birthday I never knew this day would come!” So his mum and dad leapt out of bed and let him open his presents . He got a remote control plane, a tickets to go to a football match and a brand knew football that was as shiny as glass. After he opened the presents he got ready to go to the farm. It was a hours journey until they got there so Jacob took a new toy to make it feel shorter. Once they arrived he said,”Can we go to the sheep now, they are my favourite animal”. He walked past the quacking, splashing ducks, the harmless horses, then he heard a BAA from the sheep. He ran to where he heard the sound, they were there! There was an odd one, it was black, like the night sky.

  5. Matthias says:

    Once upon a time on a cold shivering winter’s day there was a flock of black sheep huddling together to keep the cold out. There was one lamb that was never accepted despite being an alone lamb and his name was Luke. His mum had been carried away in a truck as she was to ill to eat. Instead she was sent to another farm to be shaved. His Dad died of a disease that could not be cured.

    The farmer was a nice farmer. He was a giant with a white beard. He had big feet the size of Luke. He had a cigarette smell which even the strongest winds couldn’t remove.

    One day the farmer stormed his way through the bitter winds and when he got to the dark damp cold barn where the wind wasn’t as strong as it was outside, the farmer called “Time to kill you,” he paused “sorry”, he said sadly as he stroked them. “Hold on wait little lamb,” the farmer said to Luke, “you can’t be eaten you’re too small and you can’t be shaved because there’s not enough of you, i’ll have to send you to a farm where you can grow bigger. The other farms have time i don’t you have to leave now”.
    Although the animals never spoke back obviously, the farmer found it comforting.

    As the farmer loaded Luke in the truck , Luke got worried. It took a solid two hours of weeping , shivering and thinking until the truck arrived and parked.

    The farmer unloaded Luke as he shook hands with Luke’s new farmer. Suddenly Luke realised he was the only black sheep at the farm. He now didn’t mind staying at the old farm and being lonely he just wanted to leave.

    Luke grew up to be a strong and big sheep but instead of being used as food, Luke became the new farmer’s pet because he was the odd one out. Although he was the only black sheep he settled in and became best friends with the farmer’s dogs.

    The End

  6. The odd one out!

    It seemed like everyone was perfect in my class, all except me. I was the one who always just scraped in my levels or was actually ten marks under! I seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed each day and I’m disgusted with myself for being like this. I’m different, I just can’t help it. That’s probably why I dread every; minute, hour, day of my life.

    Today happened to be the worst day ever. Well It was a school day – I couldn’t help but moan. I hated school, I never fitted in, however, miraculously I did have one friend, but she was a hard worker, unlike me, so she didn’t really count. It was the worst day ever because, I forgot my P.E kit, so I had to do it in my vest and knickers. My skirt, seeking the floor, fell down in assembly too, when I was called out to do some acting in front of four hundred and fifty children. I hated that day, as it left me feeling totally humiliated.

    I got home from school that day, when my Mum, not meaning to hurt me, dragged me out into the field at the rear of our house. She said, “You’re going to love this. I have a surprise for you.” I think she knew I’d been feeling really down lately.

    “Just tell me, I don’t like surprises!” I grumbled.

    When we got outside I saw eleven roaming sheep, grazing on the lush, green meadow. There was one in particular that livened my heart up and instantly made me feel better. He was a solitary black sheep, among the others all cloaked in white. He was different to the rest of the flock, yet he held his head high and stood out in a good way. He stole my heart! I knew how he felt and I sensed he understood me too, which was the best thing. I thought we might get on well together.

    I thought right, because a few days after that, he was all mine. My mum had bought him from the local farmer. I fed him, groomed him and the most outstanding thing was; I cared and loved him, with all my dark red heart!

    From that day on, I stood tall and felt proud of myself and even at school improved in every way. Being different, as I realised now, was not so bad after all.

  7. Emanuel says:

    Today will be the first day of secondary school. It is something very big and new because it is very different to primary school. There are only a few people from my primary that we’re going to the new school, John, Edward and Alex. I am extremely nervous because there will be hundreds of other students that I don’t know .

    I am ready for school, I have got my white shirt on with my tie ( which took my ages to do ), my navy blue blazer and my black school trousers. My bag is packed, I’ve got my pencil case and packed lunch. I believe that I will get my books when I get at school. I am leaving the house now so I’m going to write later.

    I arrived at the school but there was something very embarrassing that had happened. I was in a the middle of the whole year group and realised that I was the only one wearing my school uniform. Today was a taster of the new school and you weren’t supposed to wear your school uniform

    I was a black sheep in the middle of a heard of white sheep!

  8. Isla says:

    I was born on a farm in the Highlands of Scotland. As my eyes adjusted to the dazzling sunlight, I felt something was wrong. My mother was turning away from me, face full of disgust.

    My fluffy white cloud siblings trotted gaily alongside my mother. I started to follow, but my mother gave a warning bleat to tell me to leave her and her children alone.

    I lay down where I was and bleated mournfully as I looked down at my two black legs. I looked at my back legs, they were the same colour. Then the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. I was black! Black legs, black head, black fleece, black everything!

    So that was why my mother discriminated me! All because of my colour!

    Days flew by like birds swooping in the sky. I became lonely. All of the flock avoided me. Even the birds and all of the other wild animals avoided me.

    Then one day, that all changed. In my second year of adulthood another black sheep arrived at the farm. She was very beautiful and cautiously examined the paddock.

    Shyly, I aproched the stranger and asked her, her name. After a few days of getting to know each other we fell deep into the unknown deapths of love.

    A few months later we had our first babies. And guess what? They were all coal black just like their very proud parents.

  9. Daniel says:

    One morning, a boy named Zack was sleeping. His alarm rang as he shot blot up straight. He walked down the stairs.

    “Good morning,” moaned Zack
    ”Good morning” replied his dad.
    “Oh yea cornflakes are on the table” said dad
    “Thanks” said Zack
    “Do you want to go to the farm”? questioned dad
    “Yes please” Zack said in a rush
    “Alright finish your cornflakes and get ready” dad said. So Zack finished his cornflakes got ready and got in the car.
    ”How long would it take” asked Zack
    “15 minutes maximum” Replied Dad. So they drove until they arrived there. Zack kept screaming “were here, were here”. So they got out of the car.

    They entered the gates of the farm. They could see all sorts of animals. But the fist thing that caught Zack’s eye was the odd sheep, which was quite strange! All the sheep were white except one which was black. He ran over to see it closer. He asked himself where might have this sheep come from? So he looked around the farm but there was no evidence. Why weren’t the sheep attacking the black sheep? Zack thought to himself. Zack sprinted back to his dad and explored the rest of the farm.

    Zack was very impressed that the heard of sheep did not attack the black sheep! Seeing the odd sheep reminded me of a boy at school named ashley. Its not fare on him that he gets bulled the most. He’s only a human just like us. I wish my school was as kind as the heard of sheep.

  10. Lewa says:

    The unique sheep

    On one breezy Winters day, there lived a blacked sheep . It stood from all the other sheep , because they were white and he was black . Despite all of this , the black sheep was an apprehensive , feeble , neglected , lonely sheep . It was treated as an outcast ; all the other sheep laughed at him , hurled insults at his face, however, there was only one person who really cared and showed love to him , and that was the boy who lived on the farm . He was called Daniel Johnson , he was as gentle as a lamb and as graceful as the arch of a rainbow.

    During Daniel’s time on the farm he grew into a man , and also during this time the black sheep also grew . He was no longer the feeble weak lamb , but because the world had smiled and blessed him , he was now a respected sheep because he stood out from all the other white sheep .

    It was now in the middle of spring , daffodils were blooming everywhere and growing rapidly in population . It was also the cheerful time that new lambs are born . Since it was this time , much to Daniels disappointment , some of the sheep had to be sold on and this included the black sheep …

  11. Grace says:

    The Clumsy little lamb
    In a farm, near Yorkshire, their lived a lamb called Bernie. Bernie was the smallest lamb out of the lamb farm. He was clumsy as he was always tripping over or stumbling upon things. The other lambs were rude to him and calling him horrible names like Clumsy Lamb Chops. No one wanted to play with him as they were mean to Bernie. Bernie always embarrassed his family by falling into cowpat or other embarrassing things.
    One day, Bernie went to the field with his mother, father, brothers and sisters. As he was so fascinated by the flowers, Bernie lost track of where he was going. So he began to toddle of without his family. He found a pig’s farm and decided to ask them.
    “Hello,” Bernie said, politely, “I’m lost as I wandered off without my family, do you know where the lamb fields are?”
    “It is right over the hill that you are facing,” replied the largest pig.
    “Thank you very much,” Bernie exclaimed.
    Then he started to walk when…plop! He fell right in the muddy pig sty!
    But Bernie did not seem to notice that he was covered in mud, he thought that it was only his hooves that were covered in mud. So he started to walk up the tall hill and finally got to the other side. Bernie saw that all the sheep were heading towards the feeding stable. So Bernie quickly ran to catch up with his family.
    When he approached the stable, he found out that his family were a distance away from him. As he passed the sheep in front of him, they all stopped to catch glimpse of his unusual black fur.
    “Bernie, come here this instance!” demanded his mother.
    Bernie found out that his fur was covered in mud and tried to explain that he fell into a pig sty but his mother just told him of and warned him never to do such silly things again.
    So, at the end, Bernie tried hard to be less clumsy. He also tried to be the bee’s knees at all the things he tried. He was a great influence to all the younger lambs. Bernie learnt a valuable lesson that clumsiness leads to trouble.

  12. Bolu says:

    Farmer Smith was a farmer who worked on a petit farm called Summer Set Farm. He only had one type of animal: sheep. He had 50 sheep; 49 of them white, one of them black! Because there were 49 white sheep, Farmer Smith called all of them Snowbell because they were as white as snow. He named the black sheep Stormy because he had a massive temper.

    One sunny day, Stormy and the other sheep were playing outside. Stormy had no friends because of his temper. While Stormy was wandering alone near the shade, one of the sheep had got stuck in a patch of mud. Stormy went to try and help. He pushed the sheep with his hind legs with all his might. Two minutes later the sheep was free! The sheep was so great full that he instantly made friends with Stormy.

    From that day on, all the sheep learned that it good to be kind to everyone.

  13. Grace W says:

    “Baa baa Black Sheep have you any wool?”
    “Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master, one for the dame and one for the little boy who lives down the lane!”
    First of all Mr Black Sheep went to the Master to deliver the wool. He entered a humongous castle made out of shiny polished gold. He saw that the inside was made out of marshmallows. Walking on clouds he picked up a marshmallow off the floor, he though to himself how soft and creamy they looked. He was about to take a bite when a guard dressed in a suit patterned with sweets shouted at him.
    “Don’t eat the marshmallows, they are for the Masters mouth only! ”
    “Sorry!” Replied Mr Black sheep in a shy sad voice. He noticed that the guards suit was decorated with fizzy bombs, his favourite sweet! He loved them because of the way they fizzed and exploded in your mouth. The guard asked him what his business was, and the sheep confidently replied,
    “I am here to deliver the finest wool to the master, he ordered it yesterday.”
    “Ah, yes. I have been expecting you, follow me to his room.” Commanded the guard.
    mr Black sheep curiously followed the guard into the room and discovered the Master was choking on a marshmallow! He rushed over, jumping onto the masters chest. The sweet popped out and the Master gasped in a breath.
    “You have not only delivered the finest wool, but also saved my life, you may have a marshmallow!” He whispered in a frail voice. Mr Black Sheep took a marshmallow proudly from the master and skipped along to his next delivery.

    The dame wanted to make a scarf out of the sheep’s wool, and Mr Black Sheep had given his word that he would help. He strode along to the dames house, which was just a block away. The dame was waiting on her wooden doorstep with her rusty old knitting needles ready to knit! He skittled up the steps and dropped the bag of wool at her feet.
    “Come and sit down and help me knit this scarf.” Said the dame excitedly.
    “I am sorry,” the sheep replied, sorrowfully, ” I know I promised, but I must get this last bag of wool to the little boy down the lane before his bedtime, can I come back tomorrow?”
    Mr Black sheep wearily walked to the little boy’s home. He lived in a dull, dark, damp, dilapidated detached house, with holes in the thatched roof. When he rang the doorbell, the boy looked delighted as he opened the door, to see his bag of wool.
    “I’ve been waiting all day for this!” He exclaimed.
    “What are you going to do with it?” enquired Mr Black Sheep.
    “Weave a blanket for my new baby sister!”

    Mr Black Sheep turned his back on the boy and contentedly set off home, knowing that he had helped three people on this busy day.

  14. Benj says:

    On a bright ,sunny summers day Tony got the news to dreamt along time for. He was asked to train with the fantastic local football team.

    The following day Tony’s delighted mother gave him some black boots. When he arrived he could see the luminous boots of his team mates.

    “Hi” Tony axiously whispered, the other players puzzled why Tony was distrupting their game.

    The manager explained why Tony was here.Tony had the ball past to him several times all times he failed to control.Angrily, The players passed it between themselves ,but the manager asked them to pass it to pass it to Tony.

    When Tony finished he felt like a black sheep in a flock of white sheep.

  15. Nicola says:

    As farmer Blowes was speaking to her child Daisy, she heard a strange noise coming from the nearby field. The noise sounded like her sheep, in pain, getting ready to have a baby.

    Two to three days later, her sheep gave birth to her baby lambs. However, one of the lambs was unusual, as it was born black rather than white. Farmer Blowes was shocked, as this rarely happened to the sheep she looked after, but because the lamb looked cute, she decided to keep it as a pet.

    After a while, the black lamb got used to the farm and was free to run around the farmer’s house and garden. Daisy and her friends would play with the lamb, and enjoyed watching her as she trotted between the kitchen, bedroom and lounge.

    One warm, sunny day, Daisy filled her swimming pool with water and got asked her mum to get her old water slide out of the garage. She put the slide against the pool, and started going down it, enjoying the cool water as she landed in the pool. Soon, the lamb came out to watch, and after a while, he climbed the ladder and went down the slide. As the lamb dived jumped into the water, Daisy was surprised to see its fleece change from black to white.

    As night time came, Daisy friends came to the farm for a sleep over, and they spent ages looking for the black lamb. After a while, they decided to play on the water slide, while a small, gorgeous white lamb watched them from the nearby field.

  16. Thomas says:

    The accent!

    It was 5th March and John was moving abode. This was occuring owing to the fact that his dad had been awarded a promotion at the Bank Of Royal Justice (BORF). They’d decided to buy a more majestic house compared to their previous one. Fortunately, they had the quorum amount of money required for the house. So, as soon as the removal van arrived they departed in search for their new residence.

    After a long, tiring two hour journey they arrived at their destination. John helped his parents unload the van and then wandered around the house in search for his room. A minute later John found his room and was flabbergasted at how big it was. He began to unpack his paraphenalia and eventually he found his ted named Bob. He was really excited as his relatives were coming to his house tomorrow for a tea party so he thought that there’d be a plethora of food on offer. As anticipated there was a lot of food and it was marvellous.

    The next day soon arrived and John was visiting his new school! He truned up bright and early and was showed to his classroom. At first, all the girls wanted to go out with him but everyone burst into laughter when he spoke. He realised that everyone was laughing at his Southern accent so he replied, “You’re comments are anathema to me.” Everyone was impressed and they all wanted to be his friend. John was delighted that he’d made so many new companions in five minutes!

  17. A flock of sheep stood on the farm. They were all as white as a perfect pearl except for one. In the far distance one lone sheep stood out. All the other sheep stared in deep astonishment. They all looked in envy wanting to be black.
    Black was a very rare hue for these sheep, normally they would be white. All of a sudden a small flock of sheep came stampeding down a hill but stopped abruptly when they caught sight of the unusual black sheep. They all stared in awe like the other sheep. They were jealous at the fact that he was as black as night. The flock began to shout hurtful comments to the black sheep. The black sheep walked away feeling sad,wondering why he was different. He now wished he was white like the others. He felt as if he stuck out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else. Toffee, the black sheep, sat alone until Sam, his friend came to see if he was alright. Sam knew what had happened and seeked revenge.
    The two sheep went to their companions and told them the plan they conjured up. They marched angrily to the mean flock and pushed them onto the fence. The cruel sheep learnt their valuable lessons because they felt as sad as Toffee did, when they bullied him.

  18. Callum says:

    The black sheep.

    One bright summers day, there lived a boy named, “Ben”. His dad was a farmer, and for a treat he was going to take Ben down to the muddy part of the farm. Ben and his dad had a job to do, they had to get the sheep out of the pen, carry them down to the next field in a wheelbarrow and lock them up safely in the pen next to the grubby field. Ben liked his dads job, he loved helping out feeding the goats, also shave the sheep’s fur off in the summer, he liked milking the cows and stroking the horses. A piece of mud felt like heaven to him….. So back to the job thought Ben,”I have to get the sheep into the wheelbarrow. So that’s what he did, he went and got the sheep, but just then he caught a glimpse of a black sheep. He turned around to be astonished by the black sheep, he called his dad, but there was no answer back. Ben then thought, “I must figure this weird mystery out my self”…….

  19. Tom F :) says:

    My name is Jack when I was born I didn’t quite fit in with the other lambs. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I mean I done all the things that the other lambs did, I ran around, jumped over fences and ate long green grass. Every one week or so a sheep or lamb will catch a bad disease and on my fifth birthday my dad caught it. It was really sad to see him die right before my eyes. 3 weeks after dad died mum died as well. The next morning I was alone with no family and I had no friends.

    So I decided to go on an adventure to find a new farm and live happily ever after. I have been on my quest for 3 days now. I am so hungry, the only food there was mud and rotten pieces of grass. I kept walking for a little bit more and then I saw a forest with green grass and lots of trees. As I got closer I saw people with long metal things that blasted out little metal bullets that shot down the birds. As soon as I knew that the birds that were shot down were dead I dashed to the other side of the forest.
    I heard one of the men say “I saw black deer, lets chase it!” this made me run even quicker. Then I came up to a part of the forest with an opening which was pitch black they’ll never find me in here I thought so I went in it. I am not a deer and I thought I was white but I can’t see what colour I am now because I am in darkness.
    As I walked further through the forest I heard some strange noises I was in that forest for 1 hour and when I got out of there it was already sun set so I went to sleep.
    When I woke up it was a nice sunny day as I looked closer I saw a small shack with animals in it. I started running as fast as I could and jumped in with the other lambs then I remembered that they said I was black so I lifted up my leg a looked and that day I found that I was a black lamb.
    I am now a healthy sheep and a happy sheep too.


  20. Benj says:

    On a bright, sunny summers day, Tony got the news he’d longed for……..he was asked to train with the fantastic local football team! Tony’s mother presented him with some shiny black football boots.

    Tony arrived to join the team’s training session, hoping his new boots would improve his football skills. His aim was to thoroughly impress his new team mates.

    The ball was coming towards Tony; his heart skipped a beat. He jerked his wandering leg to divert the ball to his feet. The ball went flying past him, straight to another player.
    “You’re terrible” shouted Robbie furiously. Tony’s heart sunk at the very words. He felt like the black sheep in the flock. All eyes were on Tony. He skipped again for the ball, but again Robbie screamed at him to sprint. Tony knew he didn’t fit in………

  21. Daisy Parker says:

    One scorching hot summers morning Farmer Butterbunny was milking his cows on the farm. he was an energetic, joyful farmer and her looked after all his animals with great pride. Farmer Butterbunny had a well bred flock of quiet sheep. His sheep were as black as the angriest cloud in the sky on a stormy day but they were very friendly.

    Max, the youngest sheep was extremely adventurous. He was the fastest, the smartest, the friendliest, but most of all the sneakiest. Max was as sneaky as the small squirrel who was playing in the tallest tree nearby.

    He sneaked through the short, wavy green grass to a fence splitting Farmet Butterbunnys and Farmer Mays field. The metal fence was very tall and strong and led to an amazing flock of white sheep.

    “How will I get across,” max said to himself looking a bit fed up about living in the flock of black sheep when he would much rather live with the white sheep. Max thought again but couldn’t think of anything when he heard a lady from the nearby village saying “well done your tooth fell out” suddenly Max had the idea of picking the lock of the fence with his sharp teeth.

    “Get in,” cried a voice, it was Farmer May. Farmer May sounded very old and grumpy. Soon Max knew he was in trouble…..

  22. Buster.
    Yep, this is me although sometimes I wish I was someone else. I am Buster. I am the only black sheep in hundreds, thousands, maybe millions! I am unique except I just want to fit in. This is my story, and, yes I’m different, but my story can be just as magical as any white sheep can dream of! This is Buster’s story.
    “Wake up boys!” shouted Lucy and she wrapped herself up in her thick winter coat. “There will be visitors soon!” It was a chilly autumn day on Bree farm. “Ruphus, Douglas, Donald, Barnaby…” She was listing the sheep that get to get stroked and cuddled and fed! Ruphus smirked at me. I never got a go! “Cuddles, cloudy, Dreamy, Reece, Thomas…” Lucy counted them twice before looking at me sympathetically. “Billy, Bruce…” She had one more sheep to pick! Was this my day? “Oh, you guys! Err, Buster.” Yes I was in! “Now Buster. No biting, fighting, nibbling, running away, climbing and no, no showing off!”
    When Lucy had gone, the sheep got back to mowing the lawn, and Ruphus, Douglas, Donald, and Barnaby trotted over. Everyone knows sheep can’t talk but we communicate with our eyes. Barnaby gave me an “Are you joking, YOU!” kind of look before pushing past.
    That night Lucy was tired of working at Bree farm and I had totally messed up with the cuddles. (I don’t want to talk about it!) But to get to the point Lucy left the gate open of the barn and I couldn’t sleep. If it wasn’t for me the huge black bear would have killed us all! I managed to drag hay bales back and forth after pushing the door shut. I was a hero. I thought no one would know it was me, but apparently Lucy couldn’t sleep either so she saw a “Mysterious black figure pulling hay bales around through the window of the barn.” Every sheep is thinking of dyeing their wool black, but I am happy being the only black sheep!

  23. Oscar says:

    I was born as a black sheep and will always be a black sheep. I’ve always been jealous of the white sheep. They’re eye catching snowballs and I’m just a small cloud on a stormy day.

    Suddenly I had a brainstorm, I’ll paint myself white, and then I’ll be as showy offy as the other sheep! I proudly walked away to the other side of the great farmer’s house. I remember he stores all his paint back there. I found it there 50 feet away, the white paint.

    Charge, I thought to myself, the lime green grass felt like I was running on marshmallows. Smash! The pure white paint went everywhere. It made me get a really bad headache after smashing into my target (the white paint).

    I still proudly marched off trying to get the paint dry in the sun. But when I got back to the other sheep, they had painted themselves black! It turned out black is a popular colour after all.

  24. Raiyaan says:

    The Black Sheep

    One Beautiful, summer’s morning, the sun rose and nature came to life once again. There were dancing butterflies, chirping crickets, dandelion fluff and unfurling wild flowers that tickled people’s noses. There was a farm which often had all these wonderful creatures and plants surrounding it, like guards guarding a castle. Tall blades of grass were every now and then being eaten by the sheep whith white cotton wool all over their bodies.
    I walked to this wonderful farm, hopefully being able to touch the sheeps’ paper-white cotton wool fur. As I started to approach the farm, I saw the farmer looking very confused at his sheep. I scampered towards him and suddenly realised, for some reason, there, among the sheep with white wool, was a sheep which had wool as black as coal.
    I gazed around me and suddenly something caught my eye. I could vaguely see tiny mountains of damp silk in the distance, with other black sheep on them. I immediately told the farmer about this piece of news and he said he would walk there with the lost sheep, who didn’t realize he was in the wrong flock.
    An energetic, exhilarating feeling ran through me me and I started to over take him with sheep to the mountain. He shouted, ” Hold your horses ” but I ignored him and eventually we came back to the farm. The farmer said the job was now complete.

  25. Sammy joujou says:

    “Mum, do i have to go to Granny’s house.”
    “It will be a good way to pass the time and get to know her a bit.”
    I mumbled miserably as i stared pointlessly out of the window. The wind surged past my face as i looked out for granny’s house in the distance. The car moved faster as my mum saw granny poking her head out of the window, saying hello.
    “Where’s me little Benny boy?”
    I dragged my feet out of the car and gloomily said hello.
    “Well you two have fun!” said mum before kissing me tenderly on my head.
    I walked despondently to the house and shouted to my mum “See you soon. I wont have ‘too much fun’ with out you.”
    “Well then, come on Benny i have made your favorite supper, cabbage pie!”
    I cheered obnoxiously and then threw up as gran’s cabbage pie was the smell of rotting meat.
    Throughout dinner i kept on drinking water (to keep the taste away) when gran said “After dinner can you feed the sheep please Benny.”
    I remarked yes with a beaming smile on my face and ran straight to the pens. As i turned round quickly all i saw were thousands of sheep piling round me except one. A black sheep. I dumped the sheep’s food own and watched perplexedly at him. His coat was as black as the night sky as i ran back towards the food. I moved swiftly through out the flock and grabbed some food for the young black sheep.
    I smiled happily and thought maybe this farm isn’t that bad after all.

  26. Archie says:

    Nasty Norman is a silly, scary, sad sheep.

    When Norman was a lamb he used to be extremely kind but as he grew up got inspired by a couple of other sheep to start bullying. As the nastiness overtook his soul his wool slowly began to change colour. It went from dazzling white, to yucky yellow, to gross grey and finally to bad, mad, dangerous black! Ever since the day Norman changed colour he has continue to be horrid, doing hurtful deeds like bullying the sheep, ramming into the farmer, sitting on the duck and dunking the pig into the well. He is dangerous on every day with a ‘d’ in it.

    It was half past nine in the morning, “Feeding time!” Norman greedily said to himself. He was planning to steal the food from Perfect Peter the most loving sheep in the flock. The farmer had a tray of lush green grass for each of the starving sheep to eat, but this time the farmer had mixed a special liquid into Norman’s tray. He was fed up with Norman’s behaviour and had heard about a special liquid that could change an animals behaviour from naughty to nice (It had been recommended by the local vet). As Norman barged through the queue of sheep and gulped down his grub he felt slightly sick, he wasn’t sure what was up but something was certainly changing. Norman started thinking kind thoughts and as he did some of his wool went white, he smiled. A couple of minutes later he began chatting to lonely Leo, the only sheep without a friend, and suddenly half of his wool was white! He continued saying nice things and being thoughtful and after an hour his whole body was white again! He jumped for joy “Yippee” Norman hollered “I will never be bad again… I promise.” he said with a smirk.

  27. Cooper Lynn says:

    “BAA (Hello!)” said Barney the Black Sheep to the new white sheep. Barney was the only black sheep in the farm, he got mocked as in being the only black sheep in the farm. He got really upset about it.

    On that day, the sheep, that he said hello to (Joe), wasn’t like all the other sheep. He was a nice friendly sheep, he was his only best friend. He was always nice to him and every time the farmer, who was called Dave, brought their food they would always stand next to each over. The next day Barney ran away to find a nice peaceful place to live. He started to regret his idea because of his friend.

    He started to go back to the farm because there was no place that was peaceful, when he got back he saw his friend again! Once he got back Barney had a great greeting to Joe.
    “BAA! (Hi Joe!) ” said Barney
    “BAA BAA BAA! (Hi Barney, where have you been?)”
    When Barney looked around he saw a coffin. It was farmer Dave, He died from Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (a lung disease.) So now that the farmer has died an opulent farmer has come to take over. Now Barney never got mocked again because the new farmer was sharing his love to all the sheep.
    The End

  28. ZACH says:

    Dave the black sheep never wanted to be black. In fact he actuly had wanted to be a white sheep, but no such luck. He lived with his pack (that is, if sheep have packs). He was the only black sheep within several miles. All the sheeps from sheep school made fun of him. “You look stupid ha ha ha!” was often heard. One day he decided he wanted to be a white sheep. “Mum, im gonna be a white sheep!” he told her. “There’s no such thing Dave! A black sheep turning white is unheard of!” Despite his mother’s rejection of the idea, he thought about it all day and all night. Then he remembered the fabled human tool that some of the older sheeps told stories about. Paint… He decided that he would go into the humans den and take some paint. That night he snuck into the human’s house, easily finding some white paint. He put it on. As soon as morning struck he went to sheep school. “look! I’m white now!”
    “who the heck are you?” replied the other sheep. Shrugging it off as a misunderstanding, the now white sheep went home. “Who are you?” questioned his mum. Suddenly a flash of realisation hit him. No one recognised him now. Taking off the paint, he explained to his mum. He never wanted to be white again.

  29. Isabella says:

    The Only One

    I was moved in from hustle-worth farm, and sold to a queer man. He was to be my owner; even though no one questioned me about these plans, I’m not surprised though, I am only a sheep, a sheep with a midnight coat.

    When I appeared out of the blue, in a green, grassy, growing meadow, I was firstly startled by the other creatures roaming as if they didn’t have a care in the world- I did. I grew to learn that the peculiar man was a specialist in training farm animals to keep calm while taking drugs, in which focused them. Although my efforts were to keep away from them, I was coaxed, cared for and cured into feasting on these poisonous devils. The thing is, as I was the only black sheep, the others with fur like pearls, I took a totally different effect to this:
    • Ceasing far off when the barking ball of madness gathered us
    • Forgetting to stop so I kept running in circular forms
    • Kicking biting and growling

    I soon realised that old mother goose had wise words for me (the news spread like fleas), and so she insisted that I visit her. Seeing as she lived in the middle of a large expanse of pond, there was great difficulty of reaching the goaled destination; but after what seemed like hours of failed attempts, I finally reached Sylvia ( old mother goose).
    “Why my kind dear, you’ve come to my presence.” She lisped.” I have heard of the terrifying news, and I know a way to help”. I thought I knew what was coming, but was not expecting that particular suggestion…

  30. Chris says:

    Today was auctioning day, all the farmers would meet up together and auction their beloved sheep for money. Unfortunately there was one farmer called Bob who had a sheep that was completely covered with a layer of pitch-black wool that was as dark as the night sky. Bob expected that nobody would want his strange sheep that stood out from the others but you never know, people think differently…

    The event started off with the sheep being placed on the market rapidly but to the end nearly everybody rushed of with their new herds of sheep to their farms. To Bob’s surprise, one farmer who had an immense farm in Cambridge was willing to buy the black sheep that Bob originally owned. Bob felt perplex when the man shook hands with him and confirmed the deal. How strange!

  31. Elle says:

    The Troublesome Sheep

    One day on a moorland hillside a flock of ebony sheep grazed mournfully. A black sheep called Bob, who was naughty and always in trouble, found a small hole in the prickly green hedge. He was curious and inquisitive; wanting to find out more, he squeezed his head through the hole and peeped through it at the fell next door. He was excited and surprised by what he saw. A flock of white sheep! Bob thought all sheep were black and was amazed at these ivory curiosities. The lush green grass glistened with the early morning dew and delicious looking water from a crystal clear stream trickled over rocks and stones.

    Bob and his ovine friends had to be satisfied with yellow brown grass and a dried up drinking trough, green with mould and disgusting to drink out of. The water was brown, dirty and polluted and flies buzzed around the trough.

    But Bob desperately wanted to eat the pasture on the other side of the hedge. He wriggled and squeezed through the hedge and bounded out the other side. He stood stock still and looked round whilst the white sheep stared at him with wide eyes. Some of them even glared at him.

    The white sheep despised him for his black fleece; baa’d at him spitefully and chased him. Initially, they could not catch him because black sheep are faster than white sheep. So the white sheep crowded round in a herding way and caught him. They bombarded Bob with questions.

    “Who are you?” they bleated, “Where did you come from?”

    “My name is Bob and I crawled through a gap in the hedge,” he responded.

    “What are you doing here?” the white sheep continued.

    Well, I crawled through the hedge because it looked nicer here than it is over there.”

    “Why is your wool black?” a white lamb enquired.

    “Everyone in my family is a black sheep and I thought all sheep were black not white,” Bob admitted.

    “Go away! You don’t belong here!” an old white sheep commanded him.

    The white sheep bleated and bit at him. Bob ran away, back towards the hedge while the white sheep gave chase. He wriggled rapidly through the prickly leaves and branches. As he did so his bottom was still sticking out of the other side and the cruel white sheep bit his bottom.

    Bob cried out in absolute pain and agony. Suddenly, he was back in his own field again, with his own family and friends. He never thought to venture into the field of white sheep again.

    The lesson is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

  32. Tomi says:


    This is about how sheep were made. Sheep were only supposed to be decorated white. One sheep wanted to be incredibly unique they painted their selves black. This was the worst mistake a sheep could ever make! Instead of being unique, the greedy sheep was the odd one out! Out of all of this he was mocked like he was a tiny ant or a miniature rabbit. When this happened he started to regret ever trying to become different.

    The worst thing was that he had school the next day! As he guessed the next school was dreadful!

    The moral is that your special in your own way and don’t try to be something your not.

  33. Peter says:

    It’s good to be me

    In Old McDonald’s farm, Carter the lamb didn’t really fit in to the others, I mean, he jumped over stacked fences and great, green grass. He found it difficult to believe that he looked completely different to everyone on the barn. He was a lot puffier, not as smart, though he black! He got teased, joked and bullied about his differences.

    One dark, misty day, Carter walked around the barn, and heard a peculiar fizzing noise coming from the dog’s pen. Nobody ever dared to enter the pen, there was barbed wiring all across the perimeter. He walked slowly across the muddy, slick path and found it hard to walk when suddenly. He was stuck! He looked back for help when suddenly, the ground seemed to open up then. Thump!

    Carter rubbed his eyes to reveal a beautiful, sunny day which blinded Carter with amazement as the sun hadn’t shone in two months. He looked at his fur to notice he was white! Carter looked around for someone to play with activity his friends were doing was taking no notice of him. He sobbed quietly; nobody took notice of him in any dimensions. So he gently laid back his head and started to sob loudly. The last thing he heard was a little fizzing noise.

    When carter woke up he noticed he was still stuck in the slick mud? And thought to himself “It’s good to be me.”

  34. Miruna says:

    This is me! The black sheep of the family. Well, at least this is what my parents think of me. The way I see it, I am a normal 8 year old child, always getting up to mischievous things.
    Two weeks ago I was out with my friends playing “knock down ginger”. The boys and I were not sure whether we should knock on Bill’s door, who happens to be the toughest person on our street. He is a former boxing champion who has now retired. We knew we were likely to get into big trouble if we knocked on his door, but Jamie convinced me that we should at least try and see what happens. You know me, I can’t say no to a dare, so I went for it and I did it. As I rushed back into the hiding, I accidentally knocked the bulky bulldog statue. Crash! Bang! There it was, broken to pieces and scattered everywhere. I forgot to mention, that Bill is a big dog lover, a big bulldog lover!
    ‘’Who knocked on my door? If I find you pesky kids you be in so much trouble! Shouted Bill from inside his immense mansion which was filled with statues of dogs in every nook and cranny.
    We were hiding behind the tall green fence trembling like a leaf. My gang and I were hoping that he was not going to open the door, so we can make a quick escape. But we were wrong. He opened the door immediately and his bulldog also came out sniffing and looking like he was on a mission. The realization hit me, we were in deep, deep trouble. We just closed our eyes beseeching for all to go away and to be a dream. It was a short dream as the bulldog sniffed us out and started barking like mad.
    “Well, well! What do we have here? The mischievous gang who could not resist to stay away of trouble! I thought that what happened last time taught you a lesson but you never learn, do you? Tell me, who is going to pay for my statue now? Asked Bill furiously. His dog was backing him up, by showing his razor sharp teeth.
    This was serious. I did not realize that a silly game could get me in so much trouble. My heart was beating like a giant stomping on the ground, my hands were sweating and I was white as a ghost.
    The next minute, my parents knew all about it. Needless to say, there were fuming and I was grounded for two weeks. No more playing outside and no more pocket money. That statue cost me a fortune!
    Today is the first day I am allowed to play out again. I can’t wait! Will I be able to stay out of trouble? Have a learnt my lesson, you think? Well, we’ll see!

  35. Here is a picture of me. I’m Max. I bet you can tell who I am! That’s it, I’m the odd one out, the unique one. Let me tell you my story.
    It all started when I was just a lamb, I was jumping about, when I became thirsty. I went to drink some water, as I bent over the water, I noticed that one of the reflections was black, instead of white. I looked at the other sheep. All white. “That means I’m black!” I thought. I quivered, but I didn’t know why.
    The years went by, no one seemed to care about me, not even the farmer. Five springs went by, I never got shaved so I was VERY woolly. I was lonely, lonely as a spider, except lonelier.
    One spring day I was amongst the sheep , when the farmer came out to check the farm, he saw me and immediately ran to a barn and cleared it, he then stacked some hay at the side and put some more in another corner, in the form of a bed. He emptied the water-trough and put clean water in it, he then hauled in a clean trough and filled it with a sheep’s favourite food sheep nuts! YUM YUM YUM!!! The farmer came out, picked his way through the forever building crowd of sheep, picked me up, picked his way back through the sheep and put me in the barn.
    From then on I’ve been having first-class treatment. All because there aren’t many sheep like me, so I’m special, and you’ll never guess what is made out of my wool! The Queen’s and President’s black clothes!
    It’s good to be different, but then again, everyone’s different in their own special way.

  36. rosie says:

    Sheep- everywhere. Where could I go? Frantically, I searched around, looking for a way out. All but one were surrounding me, charging. So close…

    Wow! What a night. The worst of the lot, I think. I had been having bad dreams for ages, pretty much about the same thing ; sheep. Lost in a trail of thoughts, I didn’t hear my mum calling for me. As she stomped into the room I suddenly remembered that it was Saturday. Today the whole family were going to meet at Barleylands farm! Yay! As I rapidly raced downstairs to gobble my breakfast, a thought struck me- what if today all of those nightmares came true? Subdued I plodded miserably around, getting ready as slowly as possible. ” Hurry up!” my mum called. So I sped up, ever so slightly.

    When we arrived, I asked my mum where we were meeting with the others. Of course, it was the sheep enclosure. As I trailed around, dreading the scary sheep, my spirits were momentarily lifted. Clusters of petals like pink confetti smothered the ground, the path glimmered in the sunlight and the scent of honeysuckle drifted through the air; maybe this wasn’t so bad after all… But those hopes were immediately erased as the ‘baa’ of sheep entered my ears. I peered up and there it was : the flock, just like in my daunting dreams, there was a single raven black one, right in the middle of a sea of pure,snow white sheep. Even the cheery faces of relatives could not calm my nerves as I took a step towards the pen. ” I have arranged a surprise for you,” Aunt Jackie told me. ” The keepers have agreed to let you go in and feed the sheep!”

  37. Jay says:

    Odd one out and unique
    My name is Holly and I am going to tell you about the lesson that I had learnt when I was in my childhood.My father and mother were owned by a very poor family, but that didn’t stop them from being just as cruel!Their heart was as dark as the darkest depths of the ocean.They thought that they were the most poorest family in the world, but they weren’t.They always beat up my poor mother and father every day, whether they gave milk or not and always used a whip on them!By the time I was born, which was after a while, they didn’t have enough milk to provide me!The selfish family decided to sell my family and I, they didn’t care in the slightest though they did regret selling my parents as they had they provided the best and healthiest milk in the whole town, who were jealous.My parents gave me as much as they possibly could and then they were separated from me.They had to be taken into special care…away from me…for ever!I never did see them after that!Whilst they were taken into care,I was also taken into care, when I got there at last, I felt a sudden urge to run back to my parents…into their hands-I mean, hooves…but I couldn’t the barrier was tightly locked and I couldn’t undo it.I was trapped-forever!I wanted to go back, because I could see a sea of white…I was the only black lamb!I was right to try and escape, because they all bullied me there, everyone except the farmer’s son himself, Harry Daniels.He treated as though I was a Holy Spirit!Time went by and as I grew into a young sheep,Harry grew into a young man and all the other sheep grew into beautiful majestic white sheep, but not only that they made fun of me and were ruder than ever before!When I was sold (I really missed Harry-he missed me too), I was not in the same situation as my loving parents fortunately, the family were like my parents, in fact it was Harry and his family his older brothers took after their father, but Harry was a surgeon!He, his family and I became famous, them for Harry and his wives work and me for my milk!It was tastier than my parents’!So I learnt that being different doesn’t matter-it matters what your heart and soul are made out of-The End!

  38. JoshuaO says:

    I was surrounded 321 girls were homing in on me. I tried everything for them to leave me alone : I flattered them, tried to wriggle between them, tried to make it for the exit but they had been blocked. They all came to me, got me into dead end………

    This is where my story ends

  39. Will Chow says:

    The odd sheep out
    Once upon a time there was a little sheep named Shaun. Shaun was not very popular in the flock because he had black wool where as the other sheep had white wool. One day Shaun was on his way to get his number painted on him when Sam the big dog came up to him and laughed
    “Ha! Look at you, you’re a little black lamb, you do know that the other sheep are better then you because they have white wool and you have black wool!”
    This made Shaun very upset so he walked away and sat near a tree stump. While he was sitting down he saw a bird, it swooped down to him and chirped:
    “Are you okay?” he asked

    “No I’m not!” replied Shaun sounding very upset

    “Why not?” said the bird curiously

    “Because all the sheep are white and I’m the only sheep with black wool!” he sobbed

    “Well who cares what colour we are Sometimes I wish I was a rainbow coloured bird, anyway just ignore them and besides like my mum always says: Don’t judge a book by its cover!” explained the bird.

    So it flew up into a tree and chirped


    After the sun went down and the stars and the moon came up a strange noise was coming from the hill and down came a green truck with two mean men inside.
    They climbed out an rounded up the sheep into the truck which told Sam to stop them, he barked and barked trying to tell them to give back the sheep back but it didn’t scare them so they took out a old whistle and blew it . It had an ear piercing sound which made the dog feel sacred and frightened so it hid behind a bush.
    The robbers had nearly finished the job until Shaun jumped out of a hay stack and bit the two men on the bottom! They screamed terribly loud and that woke up the farmer! He called the police and they came and arrested the two thieves.
    The farmer was really proud of Shaun so he gave him a really special number, one hundred! So Shaun wasn’t getting bullied anymore and he also was now one of the most popular sheep in the flock! So he lived happily ever after.

  40. Fayo I says:

    Life is full of many predicaments. I was going to my first day at high school and I was not happy. I walked towards the huge school ; my whole body was taken over by fear and had nowhere to hide. I walked in the entrance and what I saw was inexplicable.
    Every single student did not have vapid glasses but me . With trepidation I strode into the vast playground . As I stepped everyone look at me with the meanest looks, after that I knew I was going the blackbird among the swans .
    Throughout the day I had mortified myself. For example when a few girls were asking if I could be their friends I said yes but while we were all walking I started talking about the history of peanut butter because I didn’t know what to say. Will this treachery ever end? Will I make friends?
    WILL I ?!

  41. Tima says:

    I woke up in the morning with a huge yawn, it was the first day back to school and I thought that everything was going to be okay until I noticed the time, it was already forty five past eight in the morning! I rushed like mad to get to school. When I got there I was just in time for the register. I heard the teacher say “Good morning Ben. Ben?” I was just in time to answer back “Good morning Mrs Smith.” Once I got into class Mrs Smith questioned me “Where is your homework?” I slapped myself so hard that I thought I would crack me head open. Eventually, I said ” I don’t have it Mrs Smith,” Everyone looked at me like they thought that I was lunatic because I had never, ever forgotten my homework in my life. “Well, I’m going to expect to see it tomorrow, Mr Cross” Mrs Smith muttered. After break we were going to do art, so we needed our paintbrushes and art aprons to not get messy. “Now, could everyone get their aprons and paintbrushes,” Then I remembered that I was in such a hurry that I forgot everything. So everyone stared at me, waiting for something to happen. I was the black sheep.

  42. Fayo I says:

    My life
    It was a dark day, a grey day, a day where everything was black. My parents had brutally forced me to go to a new horrible high school. My mum dropped me off very briskly. When I walked in it was like a house of demons; they glared at me with their hostile eyes. After a minute I knew why, all of them had no glasses but I did. The rest of the day was disconcerting. A few girls tried to be my friend then I started talking about queer thing then they swiftly walked away. I guess I was going to be the ugly, repulsive duckling among the beautiful swans.

  43. Adam says:

    As I stared out of my bedroom window, a distant flock of sheep were bleating incessantly, like a cuckoo-clock. The plain carpet of blankness had a jet-black sheep pusillanimously craning its neck. Gradually, the identical sheep scuttled forward, leaving the odd one abandoned.

  44. Diyaa Bhabra says:

    Hi my name is Sheppard Pie (also I am 10 years old) and I am always getting bullied at school. All the other sheep keep teasing me just because I’m a black sheep. I’m not even black I am white and I was hit with permanent black paint. All of my class mates are making fun of my colour and taking advantage of my big flabby ears. Sometimes I wish that I was home schooled so that I can be with my mum and dad and I won’t get picked on. My older brother Pepper Pie also picks on me at school’, and when we get home he turns it the other way round by convincing our mum and dad that I’m picking on him. When things get out of hand I also wish that I was a only child but I know my brother loves me, he might not show it but deep down inside him I know that he still loves me and will always take care of me. So now you know my thoughts about the world you must promise that you won’t tell anyone ok so bye now see you later.

  45. Beebee says:

    Lily’s lamb

    One humid morning at 6:00am, before the golden sunrise stood out of a red sheet of sky at Willow Farm, Lily was wide awake. She heard her Father saying that a lamb had been born last night.

    When she got down stairs, Lily said to her mother, “Morning” in tired but excited voice. Her mum said, “if you eat breakfast quickly you can feed the lamb, she needs some breakfast.”

    “Yes!” Lily chanted as if she had won the lottery . “Hurry up then, the lamb needs feeding,” said her mum, as if Lily was in her own world. Lily rushed her breakfast like a snake biting a deer.

    When she arrived at the pen to feed the lamb, she found two female lambs: one white lamb and one black lamb. That’s when she realized that the black sheep and her where going to have a good friendship because the black lamb was the only black sheep in the flock. She was unique just like Lily.

    Lily thought of school. The girls at school think its weird to live on a farm, because all they think of is poo and mud. When it’s really better because anything can happen. For instance, when Betty the female sheep won a hurdle contest when she was pregnant. “I still remember that,” thought Lily, “I felt like I had won one of the competitions at the school fair.”

    “I hope this lamb is as amazing as Betty, or even better! Maybe she could be world famous for jumping massive hurdles, but lets not get ahead of our selves because if she doesn’t I might cry.”

    Then Lily said to her Dad, “we should call them brownie and marshmallow,” her Dad said “they are very sweet names! We need to feed them now, otherwise they are not going to get any bigger, and you can teach them to walk. Can you pass me the milk bottles which are on the work–bench” said Lily’s Dad.

    A week later Brownie and Marshmallow were both with the other sheep and could walk really well. So they just kept growing and Lily was right, Brownie and Marshmallow, but Brownie in particular, became world famous.

    But that’s another story!

  46. James Gold says:

    The black sheep.

    When Old Farmer Joe was feeding all of the sheep, there was one black sheep that was getting pushed around, for the rest of the sheep were white. Everyone joked around about him, but there was something abnormal about this sheep. He was a super sheep! No one except him and Old Farmer Joe knew this. This super sheep fought crimes everyday.

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