Task 16
27th February 2014
Task 18
13th March 2014


  1. Aidan says:

    The balloon

    There once lived five balloons, Pretty Pink, Sunset Orange, Grass Green, Navy blue and Sun Yellow. They were all having the best day of their lives in a party until a boy grabbed them and sprinted outside.

    When they got outside the boy said, “Goodbye balloons.” The balloons floated silently into the air until they were away enough to start talking.

    “Hey guys!” said Sunset Orange.

    “What?” they replied in unison.

    “Isn’t this exciting?” Sunset orange said enthusiastically.

    “Not really,” said Sun Yellow.

    “Yeah I’d rather be back down on the ground, so I can have a go at the boy who let us go!” said Grass Green.

    “What do you think blue?” Sunset Orange asked.

    “Wow!” said Navy Blue “That helicopter looks amazing from up here!” he said.

    “Wait a second, don’t you think we should have dropped by….”

    “Ah!” they screamed. They all carried on plummeting down until they all got stuck on a piece of gum in a straight line right next to each other. They all had a flashback of what had just happened and that left, Pretty Pink sad, Sunset Orange happy, and Grass Green angry, Navy Blue shocked and Sun yellow worried.

  2. Isla says:

    Colours For Mood

    Blue is for peaceful, sad and cold.
    I saw it in a churchyard on gravestones old.

    Green is for nature, relaxation and life.
    I saw it in a forest, revitalizing flowers from their winter strife.

    Purple is for romance and winning your love.
    I saw it dancing around two cooing doves.

    Pink is for embarrassing moments, like when you fall in the mud.
    I saw it rising up behind your skin when we were walking in the wood

    Red is passion, like anger and love.
    I saw it in a book I read, the prince kissed the princess…….. and she gave him a hurtful shove!

    Yellow is happiness, cheerfulness and light.
    I saw it one spring day when a hen kept her chicks all safe and tight.

  3. Dominic says:

    There is a balloon that is as pink as blossom on Spring trees. He is always gloomy wherever he goes. There’s a yellow one who is as yellow as the sun. He is nervous because he is getting told off. There is an annoyed green balloon and he is like green growing grass. He gets annoyed because the blue balloon is always surprised. There is only one odd one because it’s the only balloon that is joyful.
    Do you know what they are playing? They’re playing Mr Men.

  4. Tega Ayiwe says:

    Pink what a bad colour, to bad your not orange like me, laughed the orange balloon
    Not everyone is like you orange balloon said the pink balloon with a big frown on her face and turned around . Meanwhile just a couple of seconds later the orange balloon had moved onto the next balloon ,the green balloon said leave me alone , but the orange balloon didn’t take it Well, don’t try and ignore me because your just just a green big fat balloon said the orange balloon , but the agitated balloon didn’t care and walked away.
    The orange balloon started to mock the blue balloon blue balloon your colour is so so dull ,the orange balloon said originally and made the blue balloon gasp, and he left the room. Meanwhile the orange balloon had started to make light green balloon feel silly,
    your so silly light green what kind of colour is that and the light green balloon felt so silly .In the end the other balloons left the orange balloon alone, an hour later
    the orange balloon felt bad and said, I am sorry, to the other balloons and they said,ujhhhhhhhhhhhhhx we forgive you and they shared a big hug.

  5. Raiyaan says:

    One bright, beautiful sume acendedmer’s morning, the great ball of fire ascended through the shimmering sky. You could hear the whisper of the soft, gentle breeze and the birds singing happily. The fresh, sweet smell of grass filled the air and the trees looked as if they were knitted together to form a green blanket. The purfume scented flowers added to the atmosphere. The stone-grey, dusty paths sparkled brilliantly in the sunlight.
    My mother blew 5 ballons that were all different in colour and drew faces on them to amuse me. My mother and I decided to go and buy a cke so we left. Sudddenly, as we left, the balloons came to life!!! They floated about in the house for a while, than decided go outside. Unfortunately, father had just recnently painted the fence, so it was quite sticky. A strong gust of wind suddenly blew the balloons onto the fence. They wre stuck!!!
    Then the ballons realised that they were extremely close to a bush that had emerald- green leaves and had thorns!!! Would they all pop?!

  6. Lewa says:

    Emotional Balloons

    Pink balloons are unhappy, miserable and sad;
    It was the the expression of the old man who was called mad.

    Orange balloons are happy, thankful and joyful;
    It is giving to charity and being grateful.

    Green balloons are cross, angry and irritated;
    They have bad temper and are infuriated.

    Blue balloons are shocked and surprised;
    They are blown away and stand amazed.

    Yellow balloons are anxious, curious and nervous;
    They are controlled and overwhelmed by disturbance.

  7. It was the end of school and Tom finally had some time to relax. As soon as he came home he switched on the television. Tom was bursting with excitement because it was 10th birthday tomorrow and he was having a party with his friends.

    The next day Tom woke up at 10 o’clock, and then he played on the computer. Eventually he became a bit bored waiting for his friends to come to his birthday party. Tom’s parents forced him to get balloons from the shed because he was pestering them. He had a good rummage in the shed looking for something to play with. Suddenly he found a bag labelled ‘Brilliant, Boisterous Balloons!’ Tom blew some balloons but they weren’t expanding enough. He caught a glimpse of a balloon pump and immediately ran towards it taking one balloon with him. He was curious as he wanted to see what the balloon looked like. Within seconds they were all pumped. Afterwards he didn’t know what to do but then a brilliant idea popped into his mind. In the kitchen lay a black permanent marker. Swiftly he ran to it and drew some faces onto the balloons such as sad, happy, angry and baffled, and made them his friends.

    Tom gazed at all the different faces in amazement. He pretended that they could talk and played with them. After sometime had passed Tom decided that he wanted more balloon friends and therefore ran to the shed and got mare balloons but instead of pumping it he filled it up with water to make water balloons.

    Finally his friends had arrived for the birthday party. Tom asked his friends whether they wanted to see his new friends. He brought a tray of balloons and tried to explain to them why they facial exspressions. One was sad because he was deflating and dying. Another one felt left out in the bag in the drawer. Tom’s friend looked at him in confusion. They thought he was crazy for making friends with a balloon. They took the balloons and threw them in the air for fun. Amongst their laughter one boy heard the door leading into the garden open shouted, ‘Quick hide in the shed, Tom’s mum is coming!’ They all ran frantically leaving Tom alone. Tom’s mum walked up to him with a tray of food for him and his friends. She dropped the tray in deep astonishment. Tom’s friend peeped through a small window and saw Tom getting told off for the mess his friends made. His mum eventually left.

    Tom burst out crying waterfalls from his eyes. He knew that it wasn’t his fault but he couldn’t blame his friend because that would annoy them. Tom’s friends saw Tom crying and began to feel guilty because it was all their fault. They hadn’t meant to cause trouble, they were at first, having fun. Together they decided to apologise to Tom because they regretted what they had done. Slowly they walked out of the shed with their heads hung low with shame. One by one they said sorry for hurting his feelings. Tom accepted their apologies after much consideration. To make up for what they did they bought a pack ‘Brilliant, Boisterous Balloons!’ Tom was very happy because he made new friends from them.

  8. Daisy Parker says:

    One sunny day Balloon land looked very colourful and like a happy home. Balloon land is beside Oz but hasn’t been in any stories yet. Mrs Opposite a pink coloured balloon was always sad she never had anything to be happy about. Mr Opposite, Mrs Opposites’ husband was always joyful but he was orange.

    Grumpy their oldest son was called Grumpy because he was always fed up. He was a grumpy green balloon. Their second son was called Suprise he was called Suprise because he was always shocked. He was blue. Their youngest child was a girl her name was confused she was called confused because she was always worried. She was yellow.

    The Mayor was Mayor Diva he was red with horns. Mayor Diva was a wicked balloon and every year he made a family go on a plane to the real world. This year it was the Opposite family who was to go. The 5 balloons were all sitting scared on the plane ready for take off.

    Soon they landed in a massive house. It was giant. A boy called Max came walking slowly into the room. He picked them up and took them to the kitchen. They were placed on a wooden table and never seen again.

  9. Bolu says:

    There once lived a girl called Lydia. Lydia was a shy girl; so shy she did not have any friends!

    One morning, Lydia was tired of having no friends and decided to make some. She half blew up five balloons. A pink one, an orange one, a green one, a blue one and a yellow. Lydia then drew faces on the balloons and named them. She called the pink one Sad Suzy because it had a sad face; the orange one was called Happy Harry because it had a happy face, the green one was called Angry Allen because it had an angry face, the blue one was called Shocked Sally because it had a shocked face and the yellow one was called Worried William because it had a worried face. When Lydia felt sad, happy, angry, shocked or worried she would talk to that specific balloon.

    Before she went to bed, Lydia was talking to Sad Suzy because she was feeling sad that she had no real friends. Lydia knew that she could not live with balloon friends for the rest of her life and decided to do something about it. Lydia told herself that the next day, she would make new friends.

    The next day, Lydia woke up with a start. She was. Rey excited, she could not wait to make new friends! After school, Lydia went to talk to her ballon friends. She told them that she made five new friend to replace them. After she popped her ballon friends and threw them in the bin. From that day on, Lydia learnt that it is good to make real friends before it is to late.

  10. Water Balloons And The Emotion Mess
    Once upon a time there lived 5 happy water balloon brothers and sisters. One day they got a bit bored of being cramped in their home (bucket) so they decided to go on a journey water balloon world. They suddenly took the wrong turn to balloon world! This was a mistake because water balloons and helium balloons are mortal enemies. They immediately realised their mistake and could not get out! They were surrounded by helium balloons that were laughing and jeering at them shouting
    “You can’t float!” and other hurtful comments.
    “Here comes the Wicked Witch of Balloon Land to punish these water balloons for entering our territory!” said an old balloon, that had a terrible Indian accent.
    The water balloons tried to apologise and said
    “We just went the wrong way!” But the witch just ignored them and put a spell on them giving them all different emotions one of them was given sadness , one was given happiness , one of them was given anger , another was given surprise and the last one was given fright . Their faces were frozen with these expressions.
    “Let this be a warning to other water balloons!” the wicked witch happily said .

  11. Thomas says:


    Emotions are feelings,
    Emotions are expressions.
    Emotions are important things,
    Emotions are impressions.

    Emotions are melancholy,
    Emotions are gratified.
    Emotions are atypical,
    Emotions are wanted.

    Emotions are apt,
    Emotions are unbecoming.
    Emotions are intoxicating,
    Emotions are monotonous.

    Emotions are your personality,
    Emotions are your personal belongings.
    Emotions are your property,
    They are special things.

  12. Lizzie says:


    Did anyone ever tell you about the incredible day that the Balloons exchanged expressions? Well here is the unpredictable story. It includes Positive Pinkie, Rude Red, Sickly Green (who did not want his name to be alliteration for it made him sick.), Believe-it Bluey, and Depressed Yellow (who was so depressed he couldn’t be bothered to make up alliteration.)
    Well, Positive Pinkie was dancing happily in the dazzling sunshine whilst it was swaying in the clear blue sky and beaming down at her as she rode around endlessly in a circle on her merry purple unicorn balloon! Meanwhile Rude Red complained about the same things over and over again. He was complaining about how it was so strange that he hated purple unicorn balloons, and that the last horrid one in existence happened to always be right in front of him, currently trotting in a never ending circle.
    Eventually he gave up fighting it and got an extraordinarily sharp needle and put an end to its rainbow coloured life. He grinned at the no longer Positive Pink balloon floating around with tears welling up in her pink eyes.
    During this time the three others were having an argument. Depressed Yellow thought yellow boots were the best but was too depressed to say much more. On the other hand sickly green thought that green boots were the best and yellow was the colour of sick! Unfortunately thinking of yellow boots made him vomit horrid, gooey, warm sick all over Depressed Yellow. This of course made Yellow sick and he vomited back all over Sickly Green’s new, splendid, green boots barely missing his face! Sickly Green glared at Depressed Yellow and became very angry.
    You are properly thinking what does this have to do with exchanging expressions? Well Positive pinkie ended up sad. Rude Red became happy now that the magic purple unicorn was finally out of his life forever. Sick Green was very angry, he was furious, flaming with rage. Depressed Yellow felt sickly as he was still wiping away sick… and, Bluey, Believe-it Bluey. He was watching closely at all that was happening around him. He could not believe what he saw, so he stayed as Believe- it Bluey!

  13. Benj says:

    The Ballon Family

    “Breakfast!” Yelled mum. Half the family were still in bed. Joyusly, Happy Hilary skidded down the spiral staircase. Happy Hilary nor rain nor shine was always happy and positive.

    “Angry Arnold’s still snoring away,” told Happy Hilary to her extremely bus mum.
    “Yes I know, but I can’t talk right now,” explained mum, flipping a pancake.

    The next to slump down the stairs was Sad Sid. Completely oppisite to Happy Hilary, Sad Sid was always sad and gloomy. “You alright Sad Sid?” Questioned Happy Hilary, know the answer perfectly.

    After Angry Arnold came down, Angry Arnold eyes were a fiery red, you may remember his name. Oh boy Angry Arnold was furious. Angry Arnold is like a dragon smoke was fuming out of Angry Arnold’s nostrils.”Where did you put it?” Roared Angry Arnold getting hold of Sad Sid’s arm.Sad Sid burst into tears. Mum had totally given up on Angry Arnold.

    Then Shocked Sandra came down, whatever she saw Shocked Sandra was shocked. Once when Shocked Sandra went to watch television she was Shicked Bugs Bunny could even talk.

    Last of the Ballon family was Puzzled Pete, Puzzled Pete was always puzzled at the weirdest of things. One day Puzzled Pete was puzzled why the sun doesn’t actually move actually move. You name it Puzzled Pete is puzzled by it.

    At breakfast it was no different, fighting,arguing,screaming and crying. Sad Sid sobbed when the milk was one day over its expiring date. Puzzled Pete was puzzled why we use a knife and fork.

    In the afternoon Mum desperatly tries to get the Balloon family together. She’s tried swimming , Sad Sid started crying when he got splashed. They tried football but Angry Arnold liked slide tackling a little too much.

    Today the Ballon family was making Sunday roast.Firstly, mum got a little part each. Angry Arnold got potatoes,Happy Hilary got chicken and so on. By the end of the day they had a banquet fit for a king. Mum thought to herself I’ve done a good job.

  14. Archie says:

    My Weird & Wonderful Emotions.

    Happy, the feeling you get when you’re proud,
    It makes you want to leap on a cloud,
    And holler out loud from the heavens above,
    And hug all the people you most love.

    Sad, that feeling you get when you’ve hated the day,
    Inside your heart you feel dull and grey,
    It is the worst feeling of all,
    And tears like terrible raindrops start to fall.

    Cross, the feeling you get when you’re in a bad mood,
    You hate everything you see, even your food!
    Your rage is like fire, a volcano about to erupt,
    When your friend tries to talk you reply very abrupt.

    Shocked, the feeling you get when you’re suddenly amazed, Your pulse starts to race, and you feel extremely dazed,
    Your heart feels like drums thudding in your chest,
    Your eyes open wide and you need to rest.

    Anxious, the feeling you get when you’re worried,
    You mumble, grumble, your words get hurried,
    Your tummy feels strange, like it’s going to turn into jelly,
    And the fluttering butterflies feel like they’re going to burst out of your belly.

    These crazy emotions are all part of my life,
    So I try to keep happy and stay out of strife!

  15. Oscar says:

    Tim sat on his bed tiredly and fell back shaking the walls as he did and fell fast asleep. Four hours passed before the 13 year old woke up. As he awoke he felt weak rubbery eyes open and looking in his bedroom mirror saw a sky blue balloon staring back at him.

    He started to panic and then to pant, but that only made him start to float! Tim floated out the window, down into next doors garden where his 6 year old neighbour, Ben, saw him and picked him up putting him into his wooden collection box.

    Tim found himself amongst a group of balloons; one as pink as bubble gum, another as orange as a hot summers sun, the one in the corner as yellow as honey and lastly another as green as a sour apple.

    The first one to talk was the orange balloon who looked unusually happy. “Isn’t is amazing to be a balloon?” he said surprisingly. Then the green balloon who looked suspiciously angry said “he’s only happy because he is absolutely nuts!”

    Suddenly the pink balloon wept “I was on my way to a birthday party, then I turned into a balloon.” “Yellow back there has been confused since she arrived.” “You, Mr Sky blue, are in a state of shock.”

    “Of course, this is madness, we are all balloons,” screamed Tim.

  16. One peaceful morning a boy named Jhonny awoke and he had to his work books 2 papers of verbal assessment papers 2 pages of how to do maths and blue robsons pg 46 sec C. He never got a break even at his birthday party’s he done some other work and always got sick of it . When he was ten years old he was having another painful day of work so he went to the shops and only had the money to buy some balloons no cake no nothing what a shame for him. That day he was upstairs doing his work ,AGAIN, with his balloons and suddenly those balloons magically started glowing and made a big BANG!

    “What’s going on up there .”yelled dad

    “NOTHING!” I shouted

    The balloons stopped glowing and had faces on them. Suddenly they came to life and were different colours. There was pink for sad red happy yellow confused green angry and last but not least blue for shocked. They flew downstairs and convinced Jhonny’s parents he should have some free time and on his birthday he run around like a free spirit. They were convinced and Jhonny was more happy and got to do all the things he wanted like go legoland and alton towers then still did work but less and lived happily ever after


  17. Jasmin says:

    One day Mr happy, Mr sad, Mr shocked, Mr puzzled and Mr Grumpy went to the park to have a play. As they were walking very fast, they unfortunately lost Mr Grumpy, which at first they thought was good, because they didn’t have any moaning, but then on second thought they didn’t have their fifth member of their team. They all searched for Mr Grumpy and Mr Shocked found Mr Grumpy in a bin. When he got out of the bin and he was really angry, grumpy and wanted revenge. As Mr Grumpy loved slides and the others were scared of heights, he took them somewhere special to get his revenge. He wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but luckily it did, they where as scared as someone touching a gigantic crocodile! So he made them all go to the very top of the highest slide in the world and the others let him push them down. He had got his revenge and in the end they all had fun. They were all friends again and happily walked home laughing and screaming, including Mr Grumpy!!!

  18. Chris says:

    I feel sad,
    The feeling you get when somebody has done something bad.
    You feel secretly grey and dull from the inside,
    But you can’t stop showing your misery from the outside.
    Sadness turns your smile into a frown,
    And tears to trickle down.

    I feel happy,
    The feeling you get when you laugh out of your nappy.
    You have a colossal smile,
    As long as mile.
    Your excitement makes you leap high in the air,
    And makes you cuddle the person who made you happy like a bear.

    I feel cross,
    The feeling you get when you are not the boss.
    Your anger ascends,
    The answer to the end of your friends.
    You stump your feet hard on the floor,
    Just like a wild boar.

    I feel shocked,
    The feeling you get when your mouth is locked.
    Your heart pumps at one hundred miles an hour,
    Yet with so much going on, you could hardly turn on the shower.
    Your eyes are going to pop out,
    Like a flower about to sprout.

    I feel nervous,
    The feeling you get when you think something is going to happen to your service.
    You quiver and you shiver,
    Just like a snake about to sliver into a ferocious river.
    Your hands start to vibrate,
    As you are about to dehydrate.

  19. Hannah says:

    Each and every face shows an emotion whether the emotion leaves cheeks glowing or you loudly puffing with anger.

    Sadness erupts within you leaving you to moan in despair as you clutch your swollen and bruised heart.

    Happiness bubbles out of you as if it were a fizzy drink ready to explode turning your normal audible words into a high pitched gabble.

    Burning rage explodes from the pit of your stomach poisoning the air around before you clench your teeth and pound the table with your fist.

    Narrowed eyes, you wear a mask of determination as you speak in a defiant and challenging tone.
    These were a few examples of the thousands of feeling which can be visible across someone’s face.

  20. Tomi says:

    This story goes way back to before the First World War, where balloons were appreciated by children and not taken for granted. They were full of promise and not just air, commanding hours of unrelenting attention from youngsters of all ages. Yet, these days, balloons suffer from neglect, being left alone in a drawer full of odd bits and bobs, living each day in the hope that there will be a party on the horizon for them to reintroduce their long forgotten charm. Who do the balloons blame for their misfortunes, well let’s find out…

    When they deflate they’re like an elderly person being transported into an ancient incompetent home and forgotten about forever. What happened to the days when children would tug at the sleeves of their parents’ arms and plead with them until they were rewarded with a bubble of hope on a piece of string? I’ll tell you what happened, technology happened!!!

    If you asked your grandparents they would agree that they could not compete with the modern Xbox and PlayStation. All balloons are jealous of everything that is modern. We were lucky enough to interviewed five balloons that all felt different emotions.
    The one, which was pink, was feeling used and upset when his possessors tossed him away in the trash when they didn’t need it again after the party.
    The orange balloon was elated because even though his owners threw him away he was nevertheless elated to have been played with.
    Now the green one felt frustrated because his owners just threw him away without a care in the world about his feelings.
    Then one, which was blue, felt shocked that he was thrown away that fast.
    Then last but not least the yellow one felt worried about the future of what will happen to him after being hurled away.

  21. Peter says:

    Balloon Force 5

    For 50 years Balloon Force Five have been making smiles on people’s faces on their birthday. In the cavernous corners of your party bag, in the deafening silence of night, Balloon Force 5 has never failed a mission. Despite them being miniscule blow up balloons, they have amazing powers. They can be anywhere, any time, and any weather. The Top Secret Balloon Force 5 lurks for their next most exciting mission. They stay aware for the next birthday, and they’ve found it.

    2 hours later, Downing Street 10…

    Balloon Force 5 stand gazing underneath the huge, perfectly painted door of Downing Street 10, their eyes glowing with amazement. They never have experienced such an important mission and now prepare for some action! They put their master plan to work. Blow-up Blue, puffs gently up to the maximum size and KABOOM! David Cameron’s cat lunged out of the window and dug its sharp claws into Blue, while the others glared in disgust at the cat.

    Thinking about blue, soon Smarty-pants pink suggests they should throw the Prime Minister a surprise balloon-festival when he wakes up. They all agreed and toiled for the festival all night long. When David Cameron woke up he was shocked by fizzers and explosions by the balloons outside of his house. A smile gently crept across his face as he saw that there was someone who cared for him.

    Balloon Force 5 did it again.

  22. Five emotions in one day!

    Thump, thump, thump! Abbey, the ten year old girl, stomped down the stairs, having just been woken up by her frustrating brother David and grumbled, “Mum it’s not fair, David always gets away with things, but not this time. Tell him off, this minute!” But the tired, old mother didn’t hear, because of all the screaming and wailing from the little three year old. Moodily, Abbey stomped back up to her room and didn’t know what to do with herself for a while.

    Suddenly, the seed of an idea took hold of Abbey. What about swimming? she thought. My best friend will be there too, won’t she? Abbey scurried to the top of the ancient staircase to ask her mother. For a while there was no answer, until her mum murmured.” No, sorry, we’re waiting for the eleven plus results, remember?” This time, she wasn’t so much mad, she was just sad and a little heart broken – she loved swimming.

    She tried to think of something interesting to do, but the only thing she could find was an old crossword, (which she was usually pretty good at.) She sat down, fidgeted and tried to think, but for some reason, her mind was blank. Nothing at all came to her. Every other time she did it, she flew through, but today was different. She sat there, perched on the edge of the chair concentrating (still on the first question), her face perplexed.

    Finally, the eleven plus results arrived in the post. When she heard them land with a dull thud on the doormat, she raced to the front door and tore the envelope open impatiently. However, with the results clutched in her trembling hands, she froze for a moment before trying to calm her nerves. The letter was meant for her parents, but she just wanted to see if she had got in or not. There, before her eyes, was the news she was longing to see. She couldn’t believe it, she was totally dumb struck – she’d got in. Abbey dashed into the kitchen to tell her mother.

    Now she knew which secondary school she would be going to and was dazzled. Her mum grabbed her by the hands and they danced merrily around the kitchen to a polka, until happy tears streamed down both their cheeks.

    She never knew she could feel so many things in such a short amount of time – a rainbow of emotions. What a day!

  23. The Five Friends

    On a sunny summer’s day Jim,John,Sam,Lily and Emma woke up smiling with joy as it was there birthdays. But they weren’t brothers and sisters no they were just friends who have the same birthdays strangely. They put on there favourite T-shirts Emma’s pink Lily’s yellow Jim’s orange John’s blue and Sam’s green. As they headed to the park for there surprise they all met up at the road before the park and walked the rest together. They all turned around and looked. It was crazy golf. Jim looked and smiled happily. Sam was angry because he wanted a football pitch. Lily was worried because she wasn’t very good at golf. Emma was upset because she didn’t like sport at all and would of preferred a spa. John on the other hand was shocked he wasn’t expecting this. He was expecting a table with cake on it and board games set up and would of been thrilled but this his happiness was off the charts.

  24. Burst

    “Get off me puny Pink!” screamed Grace Green. It was so loud, I felt my string would shoot off.

    “That is NOT my name! I am Princess Pink, queen of all pink!” pouted Princess. Another day in the boring, but noisy shed, just like always. Just as usual, there was an argument that was taking place. I always hated these arguments: 1) because I had delicate ears, that can pick up a sound from the other side of Europe 2) it made my glowing yellow… ness droop!

    I was sitting quietly in the corner, inspecting my frown in a broken piece of glass; until a big BANG bombarded the quietness in the shed! I thought it was going to be the start of balloon world war 72,893 (I survived 5000 of them). But unlike any other of them, this one was more extravagant…

    It was only till I realised that Olivia Orange was missing that I began to worry. I floated like a feather out into the open, but soon came face to face with the murderer of Bertha Black, my best friend.

    “Oi, Billy, take a look at this, balloons that stay where and as they are, with faces! What do you think of that eh Billy?” shouted the killer.

    “Those are goodens for Mia’s party ain’t they Sam? Jesus Christ, WATCH OUT BILLY THEY’RE COMING FOR YOU!” screamed Sam, as we rushed forwards. I thought it would be the usual: they duck and we plant ourselves against the wood behind us, but no; much different.

    Billy and Sam ran to the rest bench and scraped some newly chewed gum off of the cracks. They charged at us- gum in hands and the rest was all a blur. When I awoke, I found I was laying on some kind of table, thinking I was alone, until I peered over at where I was, and saw my friends laying there, panting like dogs. We realised that we had broken our vow: to not be curious about loud bangs.

    Later that day, strange little girls in frilly, fairy frocks started arriving. It was the most sickening experience of my life. My classiness got pushed down the drain in the event of this so called ‘party’ (we decided that instead of party, it was medieval torture time)as I got batted by sticky little fists, back and forth and back and forth, until I didn’t know what was real and what was a fantasy!

    Finally the torture was over! The end of spilt drinks and dropped cakes was here! In celebration, we glided outside, joined strings and flew off into the sunset.

  25. IFE says:

    There was once a family of balloons who were vivaciously lively but dainty.
    Unannounced they jet out into the sky on a jolly ride. In an stance they drifted too far. None of the Earth balloons knew there were about for a very long time. A little balloon called Amy, who was quite benevolent, thought the disappearance was cryptic and decided to help find them. Without any hesitation she glided into the sky and found all of them. However they were all deflating and almost at the brink of death. She tried laboriously to bring them back to land, eventually she had to use the pump to give them all some air. All of a sudden the balloons floated down and landed safely .They all cheered at Amy as she was a champion and she became known as the ‘balloon hero’!

  26. There are these five balloons, the emotion family, who live in a tree near your back garden, one is Pastel Pink who is always sad, one is Organic Orange who is always happy, one is Grand Green who is always grumpy, one is Brilliant Blue who is always angry, and the last is Mellow Yellow who is always scared and they all live together in the ‘Emotion Palace’ (their house).
    One beautiful Summers’ day, as Organic Orange was going to fetch some water from their well on the top of the trunk, in the centre, he noticed something strange, something unusual, something out of the ordinary, something that made your mind blow away with wonder. He dropped the pail down the well, but he didn’t notice. What could it be? Where did it come from? Why was it there? What was it doing there on the Branch-Of-Curse? After all, the Branch-Of-Curse was cursed, so no-one who knew this place would do that. Organic Orange took a step back, but curiosity pulled him forward like a very powerful magnet and he stopped right at the inner edge of the Branch-Of-Curse, but he still couldn’t see ‘the thing’ because it was on the other end of the branch. He didn’t dare take a step forward… “Where’s the water?!” Shouted Grand Green grumpily from the front door of ‘Emotion Palace’ Organic Orange fell with fright. The Branch-Of-Curse snapped and down went ‘the thing’ along with Organic Orange’s very precious ‘Jewell Of Glory’

    Organic Orange woke up with a jolt, Brilliant Blue was angrily shaking him Orange had over-slept. He checked to see if his ‘Jewell Of Glory’ was there. Yes, good. He got up, out of bed and did his morning routine.

  27. Leila T says:


    Sad, happy, annoyed and worried. These feelings are emotions that are running through you in a certain atmosphere.

    Happy, the feeling you get when something good happens or you feel really amazed and just simply happy with the people your with!

    Sad, the feeling you get when when something bad happens or you feel really down because something has happened or your not with the people you want to be with.

    Annoyed, the feeling you get when something isn’t right and your anxious about it. You can be annoyed when some one annoys you and makes you irritated.

    Worried, the feeling you get when you just know something is not going to go well or if your about to run a race you are worried about if you fall over. When you do tests at school you are worried about what marks you get…
    But overall if you didn’t have any of these emotions life would be dull and boring so all of the emotions are special.

    Leila T

  28. Jay says:

    A Catastrophic Party
    I’m Myah, and I’m SO excited today, because there is a party at Kidspace-a child from my class invited me and since not many people are coming, she said I was allowed to invite a few of my friends! I knew who I was going to invite instantly, from the moment she said that, I instantly thought of my four BEST friends:Holly, Hannah, Natalie and Natasha!I simply LOVE their names, if you look closely at the start of their names, you will see that their names all start with the same letter- well not exactly all of their names, I’ll show you: Hannah and Holly- they both start with ‘H’ and Natalie and Natasha’s names both start with ‘N’!It’s kind of amazing isn’t it, me having two pairs of best friends who’s names both start with the same letter-it’s also not fair (personally,in MY opinion)that I wasn’t christened with a name that starts with N or H!Why can’t I have a name that starts with either of those letters?Anyway, back to the story-as soon as I got home, I asked mum if I was allowed to phone my friends and call them over to my house, they came immediately and I led them to my bedroom, we all sat on my bed and I told them everything all that while they were as quiet as mice-then when I had finished, they burst into life with a bundle of questions I patiently waited for them to quieten down then answered every one of those questions in order(I have very good memory and can answer all the questions in one go-by the way I’m not showing off).They went very, very quiet-I assume they were trying to take all the information in.Suddenly, their faces promptly changed from their happy faces to weird expressions that I haven’t ever seen them wearing before-it felt weird!Holly was wearing a really nervous or sad face(I couldn’t tell which), Natalie was wearing a grumpy expression(I’d never seen her wear this expression before) and Natasha was wearing a worried expression- that was weird since she’s the one that’s always so strong at the worst of times.Hannah’s expression was the most positive out of them and I new she’d definitely make it to the party since she’s the happy-go-lucky girl out of the team, I on the other hand was so shocked that my most favorite acquaintances who always went with me anywhere(we’re thirteen) weren’t able to make it to a party, I know it’s quite far(Romford),but we’ve been to places that are miles and miles away- I couldn’t hide my shock that my mouth fell open and Hannah had to push my chin up to make it close shut, what was this!?!?I was heartbroken, because I felt that they were up to something and I thought maybe they don’t want to be my friend anymore, at the thought of it I burst into tears pronto.I shooed them all away except Hannah because she was coming to the party with me-and I had to find out what they were up to immediately, but when I wept and asked what they were up to her face just crumpled up and she ran out of the room saying that she didn’t know and that in fact she too couldn’t make it.They HAVE decided to push me away-but what have I done to them to do THAT to me?!?!
    WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!(To be continued.)

  29. Happy, Sad Baloons

    Once there were a family of 5 baloons . They were all bright colours. The pink balloon was called Sarah, she was round and squashy. The green baloon was called Grass, he was thin and tall. The blue baloon was called Sky, he was as soft as a cloud. The red baloon was called Summer, she was perfect. Lastly the yellow baloon was called Sun and she was as round as the sun.

    They lived happily in Australia with a 40 year old man called Bob the Baloon Man. One sunny day Bob took all five of the happy, sad baloons for a walk but in a sudden movement he accidentally let go of the baloons.

    The Baloons got higher and higher into the air and lasted 10 weeks until they poped on a cactus as pontey as a sharp sharks tooth.

    Luckey for the baloons at halve past 12 that day some riders came along. A little girl called Anya got down from her camel and put on some gloves and went up to the cactus and slowly peeled off the 5 happy, sad baloons from on the cactus.

    Anya put them in the camel bag and rode the camel back home. She blew up the baloons with a baloon pump and put patches all over them.

    She ram up and down her garden until she let go of the baloons and all of them flouted all around the world.

    Which country do you think they flouted to next?

  30. JoshuaO says:

    There once were five balloons which were red,blue,green,yellow and pink. They were glued to stone wall. Then a little boy came a long and said ‘ look mummy pretie, prety balloons mummy’
    ‘Yes dear now don’t touch them, honey NOOOOOOOO!’ But it was too late. POP! POP! POP! POP! POP!
    That was the end of five poor balloons popped by an inquisitive baby.

  31. There are these five balloons, the emotion family, who live in a tree near your back garden, one is Pastel Pink who is always sad, one is Organic Orange who is always happy, one is Grand Green who is always grumpy, one is Brilliant Blue who is always angry, and the last is Mellow Yellow who is always scared. And they all have ‘Jewels Of Glory’ which are THE most precious things on their tree. They all live peacefully in the ‘Emotion Palace’.
    One beautiful Summers’ day, as Organic Orange was going to fetch some water from their well ‘The Well Of Mineral Water’ on the top and centre of the trunk, he noticed something strange, something unusual, something out of the ordinary, something that made your mind blow away with wonder. He dropped the pail down the well, but he didn’t notice. What could it be? Where did it come from? Why was it there? What was it doing there on the Branch-Of-Curse? After all, the Branch-Of-Curse was cursed, so no-one who knew this place would put it there. Organic Orange took a step back, but curiosity pulled him forward like a very powerful magnet and he stopped right at the inner edge of the Branch-Of-Curse, but he still couldn’t see ‘the thing’ in detail because it was on the other end of the branch. He didn’t dare take a step forward… “Where’s the water?!” Shouted Grand Green grumpily from the front door of ‘Emotion Palace’ Organic Orange fell with fright. The Branch-Of-Curse snapped and down went ‘the thing’ along with Organic Orange’s very precious ‘Jewell Of Glory’

    Organic Orange woke up with a jolt, Brilliant Blue was angrily shaking him Orange had over-slept. He checked to see if his ‘Jewell Of Glory’ was there. Yes, good. He got up, out of bed and did his morning routine.

  32. Zoe olakanpo says:

    Week 17
    Mixed emotions
    It was a normal day in year 1 when special people came to talk to the students about mixed emotions.
    Most children were extremely scared but the least of children wanted to be astonished. The special people were just Miss Kerry and Miss Lawson from year 5.
    They knew mixed emotions from experience. They explained, “mixed emotions don’t come anyhow, they, only come when someone has hurt your feelings or made you happy.”
    “When someone has hurt your feelings, it may well make you sad and upset and not feeling comforted. Thereafter; if someone has made u feel good you will be happy.” Thank u for listening. It ended with an applaud.

  33. Adam says:

    Cerise is embarrassment or mortification, find something that will fill you with elation.
    Orange is for playing in the sun, and for having some fun.
    Green is for ill, so don’t try scaling up a hill.
    Blue is for unhappy or sad, so get out of the mood, and be glad.
    Yellow is for happiness or ecstasy, like running around in a field energetically.

  34. Anaya says:

    The Balloons
    Once there were five balloons which were pretty pink, sunset orange, grass green, raging red and navy blue. They were at a party later that night where there were lots and lots of people dancing around so, grass green ( who was very silly ) jumped down from all the other balloons an tried to join in but it didn’t go very well… Grass green was floating to fast and just at that moment somebody had opened the door of the house and so grass green flew out. All the other balloons ( pretty pink, sunset orange, raging red and navy blue ) knew that they had to save their friend so they squashed and squeezed past all the other people and flew out of the door searching for their friend ( grass green. ) It was not to long until they found grass green but as they did they realised they were back at the house so, the thought maybe someone saw them and brought them inside. After they recovered from their journey they all went to sleep until they all went their separate ways, because someone was going to take one of each of them home. They all dreamed happily and slept soundly.

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