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6th March 2014
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22nd March 2014



  1. Toby Nee says:

    As plain as plain. That is what it is like. Absolutely nothing. This is the story of how I became the first person to walk on the surface of the mysterious planet Mars.

    “Are we there yet?” those were the words said on the way to NASA HQ. I will admit that we were young at the time, probably about 17. We had done it for a bet and all of our university savings had gone into it. It was stupid really. We had done all this on the off chance that we would get the place.

    I was born on the 30th of march 2004. Quite Ironic that my birthday was the day that we found out the results. Cody (my best friend) and I were both 24 by that time. My mouth was as dry as a bone in the waiting room. That plastic chair will haunt me for the rest of my life! I couldn’t believe it when we got the place in the expedition. It was amazing!

    The day of the launch was some three months after we were selected out of hundreds, to become 5. The other three men were reasonably funny guys. They were all the same age as us but one of them looked a couple of years older. As we left orbit the sight was magnificent! They say that water covers two thirds of the earths surface. It certainly looks like that when you’re in space.

    Our home planet looks picturesque enough but in space it is just simply beautiful. As we soared out of sight range of the earth it looks just like a mouse curling in its hole to sleep for the night but I knew that the earth would be sleeping a lot longer than one night.

    The scientists thought that it would take us a year at least for us to reach the secretive and mysterious planet. However, It only took us 2 months and 6 days to successfully reach Mars and return back to earth. When we finally reached the planet It looked extremely barren and desolate as the red landscape breathed with magic. After the crew and I had touched back down on earth there was a wave of interviews and even a movie premier.

    After all of that my memories go blank for quite a long time therefore my story finishes here.

  2. Aidan says:

    The Trip To Mars

    Meet Bob and Steve. Bob is a very brave British astronaut, the same as Steve, but Steve was the smart one.

    “Wow, Mars looks amazing from up here!” said Bob.

    “Were landing now!” said Steve excitedly “To take away your nerves I will tell you some facts. Did you know that the average temperature on Mars is a freezing minus fifty degrees Celsius and that it’s the most earth like planet in the galaxy?” Bob closed his eyes and released the tension in his body.

    They landed with a thump which made the rocket rattle.

    “Do you think Mars is made out of chocolate?” asked Bob.

    “No!” replied Steve. With that they took the first step on Mars by humans.

    “The surface is really dusty and red.” Said Bob.

    “Let me just take some samples and we will be on our jolly well way!” said Steve. Steve collected the sample and got in the rocket. “Hey Bob are you coming?” and with that Steve slammed the door and left without bob.

    “Hey come back!” Bob shouted, but Steve was long gone. Steve thought to himself, what a lovely seven months this is going to be.

  3. Sammy joujou says:

    “We have successfully entered outer space!” All I heard was deafening cheering from NASA HQ. We had entered the orbit safely, without any incidents.
    We started early this morning, while the streets were bare and deserted, and not a sound could be heard. We arrived at NASA HQ with a quick welcome, and then proceeded to the rocket. I waved fare-well to the earth, before embracing the last breath of the icy cool air. I then shut the door abruptly and took my seat.
    “Do you think we’ll have any problems going to Mars? I said to my companion (Pete).
    “It has happened previously, but this rocket is very ‘safe’,” before he nodded his head and shut his helmet. As he did this the countdown began….
    10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0! Blast Off!
    The fire raged beneath us and before we knew it we were flying into space. We gave each other a high five before items started to float such as: food items; water bottles; our bags and our metal detector.
    “This is awesome-”
    My words grew thinner and thinner as a loud BANG! Happened underneath us. We looked under. The rocket was destroyed…..
    I told Pete to take control whilst I endeavored to fix the rocket. I jumped wondering if this would be the end. As I got down there all I could see was space. As I did this I could hear something.
    “John, John we are on the edge of Mars!”
    At first I didn’t believe him but, when I checked he was right.
    “NASA we have reached Mars!” All I heard was loud applause and excited voices. We had made it…..

  4. Peter says:

    Apollo 21
    In the far reaches of outer space…
    “Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission, “stated Space commander Dewinski as he flicked the air pressure and a soon as the needle flickered to 100% ripped his helmet off. His 2nd in command Carl, gripped the steering wheel and flicked the switch to manual.
    “There’s been an asteroid warning from Houston, “exclaimed Carl, “I’m switching to manual…”
    Suddenly they heard a crackling sound “Abort…Abort mission!”
    Dewinski and Carl shot to panel and suddenly all systems went off line. Dewinski asked “Houston do you copy. I repeat, do you copy!”
    Dewinski steered the shuttle off the course to mars and put it onto course for earth. After hours of floating through the ongoing darkness they got a warning for incoming objects flying through space.
    Carl gripped the wheel, flicked the switch to manual, the shuttle shuddered then, Crash! All the alerts went red and the shuttle was steering off course. The shuttle dipped into the atmosphere with ridiculous speed. Dewinski desperately tried to steer it on course again but the steering was locked. Splash! The water slowed the shuttle down but it still kept on sinking rapidly.
    Carl opened the hatch and Dewinski just had enough time to swim out before the shuttle thudded onto the ground. They had survived the dreadful mission to mars!

  5. Peter says:

    Apollo 21

    In the far reaches of outer space…

    “Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission, “stated Space commander Dewinski as he flicked the air pressure and a soon as the needle flickered to 100% ripped his helmet off. His 2nd in command Carl, gripped the steering wheel and flicked the switch to manual.
    “There’s been an asteroid warning from Houston, “exclaimed Carl, “I’m switching to manual…”
    Suddenly they heard a crackling sound “Abort…Abort mission!”
    Dewinski and Carl shot to panel and suddenly all systems went off line. Dewinski asked “Houston do you copy. I repeat, do you copy!”
    Dewinski steered the shuttle off the course to mars and put it onto course for earth. After hours of floating through the ongoing darkness they got a warning for incoming objects flying through space.
    Carl gripped the wheel, flicked the switch to manual, the shuttle shuddered then, Crash! All the alerts went red and the shuttle was steering off course. The shuttle dipped into the atmosphere with ridiculous speed. Dewinski desperately tried to steer it on course again but the steering was locked. Splash! The water slowed the shuttle down but it still kept on sinking rapidly.
    Carl opened the hatch and Dewinski just had enough time to swim out before the shuttle thudded onto the ground. They had survived the dreadful mission to mars!

  6. I took my first step on Mars hand in hand with my friends, for whom I wouldn’t have been able to if they had not been present. My mouth was agape; the planet was a reddish colour, no wonder people described Mars as the red planet. I had been told that Mars was the 4th planet from the sun. Suddenly, as my friends and I were celebrating our success of finally reaching Mars, a gush of wind blew against us. There was a spaceship, a metal one, painted bronze and gold, but the legs were silver.

    Lights shone brightly, there were six. It was an open spaceship with six seats. When the ship landed the six legs grasped into the ground, at this moment I had a hunch that there was something special about the number six. All of a sudden, some strange creatures appeared. Their faces were yellow but their skin was turquoise, they had green eyes and orange clothes. I noticed that their top had a peculiar symbol: a green bird with a green orange beside it, what did this represent? More importantly were they a threat? Ellie, my friend suggested they were aliens. Slowly we took a few steps backwards we were worried yet eager and our faces gazed cautiously at these bizarre creatures. They burst out of the golden door.

    Ellie, Riya and I held onto each other tightly frightened of what was to happen. I thought we should head back to our rocket but Ellie insisted that we should stay and talk to the aliens. We stayed and greeted them but they didn’t understand us instead they started talking what sounded like gibberish to us. Riya whispered to us that she had watched a sad movie recently, about three astronauts like us, whom had seen aliens and had become trapped in a kingdom and were brutally killed. We couldn’t trust these aliens and so we immediately dispersed to the rocket. As we were running, Ellie glanced back and saw the aliens were running after us muttering words. We ran faster, scared for our lives our palms had water droplets and our clothes stuck to our backs. We quickly jumped in just in time. Still shaking from fright, Riya started the rocket and we commenced our journey back home.

  7. IFE says:

    In an instance a humongous spaceship landed softly on mysterious Mars. There were three astronauts to discover and land on a planet , it was as round as an eye ball. The gravity pulled the tree astronauts [ John , Harry and Michael] the first humans to walk Mars. John went in the ship and turned it into a house the astronauts felt so relaxed the felt like they were in Earth. Mars is a red planet it is as red as lava, there were alo0t of volcanoes.
    “I don’t want to back to Earth Mars is cool!” harry told Michael.
    “We are not going back,” replied Michael.
    John and Harry were shocked about that, they didn’t want to go to Earth anyway, without warning a volcano erupted it was good they had suits! From that day on the three astronauts lived on Mars was like Earth! There were ten million people in Mars, they painted Mars green the same colour as land.

  8. Dominic says:

    As metal as the EIffel Tower they made the flying saucepan. They all galloped over to the metal mobile, as the builders call it. The astronauts were training to go flying up into space, and then if there was a problem they could sort if out.

    It was the big day, they had all their gear and they had to do it. So now there was no turning back. They were dare devils, they were belted up and raring to go. Three, two, one….take off. They were of the ground and lifting up.

    They were now more than half way and a terrible problem happened. The flying saucepan became a falling saucepan. One of the men went out to fix it, he was determined to make it to the moon. He came back and he had fixed it and they were going up, not down. They could see Mars, they were up. The only problem is…How are they going to land?

  9. Isla says:

    Day 1
    The day that my comrades and I blast off into space has finally arrived!

    As I buckle up my seat belt and stare up at the expansive blue, I feel like I did when I qualified from University on my graduation day.

    Suddenly, as the engine roars into life, fear and excitement roll into one and I am catapulted backwards into my seat, I feel my life will never be the same again.

    Day 100
    The stars are racing past my side window as we plunge deeper into space. The last ninty nine days were panic stricken ones. Our faithful captain has guided our craft through deadly Asteroid fields, past dazzling Comets and bypassed massive Meteors.

    We all hope we will be landing safely on Mars.

    I have lost count of all the days we have been in space. Captain Thomas thinks that we have been traveling for a year and I will take his word for it, but, on the bright side, Mars is in sight!

    From this distance it looks like a metal ball that has been left to rust, but the co-captain, who has been to mars before, explained to me that the surface was actually a red/brown colour.

    We all hope to get to Mars in the next month or so.

  10. ZACH says:

    Happy wasn’t a word often used to describe Davy Jones jr. Joyful and merry weren’t exactly common either. However right now he was dancing about for joy. He had just (as he called it) “nicked” a spaceship right from under N.A.S.A’s nose.
    Now he and his pirate crew were flying through space, their final destination: Mars. Not that long of a time ago, the legendary pirate, Dosh Dave had buried a giant treasure chest on mars. That is why Davy Jones Jr was going to mars.
    Finally they arrived on the red rough surface. The pirates turned on pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Davy stepped out of the ship, smashing an alien teacup as he went. “One small smack for mankind, one giant THWAK for good taste!” suddenly a pink and blue alien jumped out from behind a rock .
    Davy’s eyes drifted to a large treasure chest. There it was, the treasure! He heroically leaped towards the furious alien, stabbing him in the throat. He then ran towards the treasure, grabbing it and coming back. The pirates drove off and lived happily ever after.

  11. Lewa says:

    Expedition Mars

    It was the thrilling day of judgement , the cacophony of the crowd grew larger as the the rocket set off to its destination… planet Mars.

    The rumbling of the rocket was as loud as the explosion of a bomb. It left the Earth’s atmosphere with an almighty boom. The astronauts had exiting chills going down their spines, knowing space was in the grip of their hands. Like a cheetah sprinting ,the space rocket was well above the fluffy white clouds in no time . The crew felt the strong power of gravity weaken and they began to float as they entered space .

    It took months to reach Mars , therefore they had to take an adequate supply of food. Eventually they landed on Mars. It was a pitiful, isolated, dusty, wasteland.
    “Now I wouldn’t want to live here”, echoed one of the youngest astronauts
    “Surely no one can live here, so there can’t be any sign of life”, said another.
    The oldest of the astronauts stuck a pole into the ground (which was the American flag) , and he contacted the officers back on Earth.
    “Our mission was a success , all was well “.
    “Excellent”, came the voice from the high-tech phone device.
    “The only problem is how are we supposed to get back since we used up all our fuel on the journey…”

  12. Nicola says:

    “This is breaking news! A spacecraft has finally landed on Mars, and the astronaut Angoy is inside,” said Nikki. Nikki had been listening excitedly to the news, whilst her mum cooked the tea.

    “It was 4 o’clock in the morning when the spacecraft took off to discover the distant planet,” continued the newsreader.

    Nikki’s mum seemed distracted, though, and asked Nikki where her dad was. Nikki said “I haven’t a clue, let me think for a second.” Nikki’s dad was called Angoy and he was an astronaut. Suddenly, her mum realised what had happened. “So that’s what happened,” said Nikki and her mum, simultaneously. “How are we going to get him back home?” thought Nikki, worriedly.

    Suddenly, she heard a loud noise, and looked out of the window. To Nikki’s surprise, she discovered that her dad had returned! Dad came rushing out of the craft, to tell her that he had some good news, as he’d found people living on Mars. “Would you like to go and live there?”, asked her dad. Nikki thought for a moment, and then said “No thank you, Dad, I like it here on planet Earth too much for that.”

  13. One peaceful morning, astronauts were researching if there was life on mars. No one was quite sure so they were thinking whether or not to send two astronauts there. Many people didn’t want to do it but back in the academy two people , who were partners , were willing to go on another mission. The next day the two people introduced themselves Zane and Kyle. The rocket was massive and white but the only two suits left were pink. Zane and Kyle didn’t mind what colour they wore they just wanted to give the rocket a test drive. At 3 they got in the rocket and then the countdown started. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 BLAST OFF the rocket flew up and up however somebody hijacked the rocket and made it go at the speed of light and they were there in 20 minutes. Their stomachs were all funny and back at the academy the hijacker was caught and stayed in prison for 6 months. In 30 minutes they found a human sized alien with green skin and tentacles for arms with purple spots who kept saying wow chicka wow wow wow chicka. The alien started shooting lasers from its hand so Zane and Kyle ran to the ship and flew off. When they were back everyone cheered and said will you go to Saturn but they had their fun for the day.

    THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Isobel Allan says:

    On a scorching hot summer’s day during the heat wave of 1976, NASA made space history with their new, top secret spacecraft, The Mariner 4. In space control, the atmosphere was tense. Even the steely Flight Controller, Christopher Kraft’s nerves were as tightly strung as a pulled elastic band.

    The bleeping began as the giant screen on the North wall of Space Control began to count down the seconds to take off.


    A low rumbling began as flames burst from the jets on the bottom of the craft, propelling it up, up, up, towards the atmosphere. A chorus of cheers rose from the workers back on Earth as the shuttle was engulfed in excruciatingly hot flames as it passed through the atmosphere.

    The Mariner 4 was hotter than a kitchen oven as it burst through the last few meters of the atmosphere, still soaring along at a tremendous speed. On Earth, a slightly less tense Flight Controller turned on the camera attached to the front of the Mariner 4, and marvelled at the sight. There were stars all around, the balls of gas burning bright against the swallowing darkness of space. Kraft altered the camera angle using the tiny black remote that was gripped in the palm of his hand. The camera turned, extending his view to the planet ahead.

    There it was. Mars. In all her glory.

    The shuttle flew faster still, the planet seeming to approach so quickly. Its size grew as the shuttle got closer, some of her enormous face disappearing out of the camera’s view. The shuttle began to slow as it came within landing distance. Its four feet unfolded from underneath it, squeaking after the heated travel through the atmosphere.

    The Mariner four touched down gently. Dust from the surface of Mars sprayed out in every direction as the jets slowed the descent by sending ‘safety flames’ out from underneath. The gentle touch of the four feet and the planet’s surface sent a small jolt through the Mariner 4, indicating for her to send a message back to earth, where people waited, their breath held.

    Kraft turned over the small device in his hand, staring at it, waiting for it to display the Mariner’s message, telling him that she had landed safely. The device vibrated and flashed. Kraft turned over the device once more, watching the pixilated words as the danced across the tiny screen. A small smile lit up his face as the words read:

    “Mariner 4. Successful landing on the planet Mars.”

    After over 100 years of research, Kraft had finally done it. Pride welled up inside him as the device beeped and went black.

    “Good luck,” Christopher Kraft whispered. “Mariner 4.”

  15. Grace says:

    From Earth to Mars
    In Paris, there were four university students who were studying hard to work for NASA. They all really wanted a job at this company as it really inspired them when they were little. The four young men thought that they could not waste a second of their lives as every second counted. Their parents told them that they should have rest but they never wanted to stop- even if they were tired. They all really wanted a job at NASA.
    On the next day, all four men got a phone call at 9 o’ clock sharp. Thinking that it was something not very important, they decided to pick up their phones to stop the disturbing ringing. When they picked their phones up, their mouths opened with astonishment. NASA had just announced that they had been specially picked to do an investigation on Mars. NASA had also said that if they do it, they would be the first astronauts to land on Mars. Their jobs were just beginning…
    “Malone, we are ready for take off!” one of the young men declared.
    “Ok, in 10… 9… 8… 7… 6…. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… take off!” Malone exclaimed.
    As quick as a flash the spaceship took off. Getting back to their panels, they started to direct the space ship until they saw a red planet far in the distance. Speedily, they flew the spaceship to what looked like planet Mars.
    Of course, the men knew that there is no gravity in space so they would be floating as they floated in the spaceship. When they actually got out of the spaceship, they were amazed at the planet. The four men picked up rocks and dust from the planet. They stayed there for one month, and then they decided to go back to Earth.
    At the NASA, they told everyone about what happened on Mars. Everyone was so astonished that they decided to put it on the news. Not only did it make them rich, they also got the job that they were studying extremely hard for. It was truly a spectacular moment as they were the first astronauts to land on planet Mars.

  16. Cooper Lynn says:

    The year was 2435 and the Earth have been over populated and so has the moon. NASA is the launch system for the world and that gives links between the planets using beams. Now that the moon is over populated we are going one step further, Mars. This is scary for me because this is where I’m going.

    My name is Joe and I am 10 years old. My favourite hobby is playing electronics and messing around with my teleporter. I am out of 1038 people in the spacecraft. It was only one more day till I would be on Mars. I hate it because there is just no one living here and it is just flat and really red.

    As soon as the spacecraft landed, I put on my astronaut suit and went to the exit. I jumped and said “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” I was the first person out of 1038 people to set foot onto Mars. As soon as I stepped on Mars, giant cranes came out of the spacecraft, holding two enormous domes and covered the whole planet.

    They put down an oxygen maker and filled the dome with oxygen within seconds they also put down a gravity machine which filled up 10% of the planet with gravity and then removed the massive dome. Now they needed to put down water and straight away were the rivers were they filled it up with water and then put grass and trees on the land. Now it is time to put down houses. As quick as a flash all the houses were there. So I guess I will have a happy and crazy life on Mars. I was getting really ravenous so I had a Mars bar on Mars!
    The End

  17. Bolu says:

    “We are on the Moon!” squealed Demi. “Think about all the things we could discover!” Continued Carly. As Demi and Carly scurried out of the metal space ship, they realised that they were not on the Moon:they were on the red, arid scorching planet Mars!

    “We should be on the Moon by now, we were supposed to meet mum and dad there but we are on the planet Mars over 1000 miles away from the moon! said Carly with a very worried tone in her voice. “It’s ok.” said
    Demi reassuringly. “We will set up camp here for one night. The next day, we will go to the Moon.”

    The two girls started exploring their home for the night. As they were examining a strange footstep buried in rock, they noticed a strange, green figure coming towards them. Demi and Carly stopped what they were doing and stared at the figure. When the figure got closer to the girls, Carly thought she knew exactly what the figure was. “It’s an alien!” screamed Carly. ” The alien could maybe tell us the most suitable place to set up camp for the night.” continued Carly. “That’s a great idea.” said Demi. “Excuse me Mr Alien, do you know the best place for my sister and I to set up camp?” asked Demi. “Don’t worry about setting up camp, you and your sister can come and stay with me and become my slaves forever!” bellowed the alien. “No thank you Mr alien, we will be on our way to the Moon anyway.” said Carly feeling very frightened. The alien was very furious now. So furious that he froze Demi and Carly so they could not move forever. How are Demi and Carly going to get to the Moon now?……

  18. Daisy Parker says:

    Long, long ago, there lived a family of aliens . Mij, Dij and Hij were their names. Mij was driving excitedly in their game. SHe was funny. Dij was navigating nervously . He was really serious. Hij was watching carefully for strangers and he was quite crazy.

    They lived on the dusty, unusual planet Mars. The sky was dark but the starts were flickering like bright lights. Their metal U.F.O was silver and ready to use. The three aliens were going to find a new home. A home on the moon.

    The night sky was still very serious, They could see the gigantic planet earth, with all it’s grass, land and sea. Suddenly they were back on Mars. “They should be on the moon” thought all their friends.

    “Mo toe eat I lapific,” yelled Hij, this meant “it must be a portal.” They wee all confused, a magic port what a crazy idea. But it was true. I portal was magic like stars. Well as far as the aliens know. Are they real?

  19. Thomas says:

    Mission Mars!
    Thursday 7th March 2036

    Dear Diary,

    Hi Diary, I’m sorry that I haven’t wrote in a few days, but I’ve been busy in the cockpit of the Eagle (our spacecraft.) I was jovial earlier today, as I was lucky enough to be the first person to walk on Mars, yes, the big red planet! I couldn’t believe it as I had been training for weeks, maybe even months and now it was walking on Mars. It was even better because I was being televised, so everyone saw me! I’m now about to go to sleep, so I’ll see you tomorrow. I’d also like to thank you because whenever I’ve needed to talk to someone, you’ve been there.

    Friday 8th March 2036

    Dear Diary,

    I’m still trying to get over the awe-inspiring fact that I was the first person to walk on Mars. However, I’m going to apologise for this in advance. I’m not going to be able to write to you for a few days, as I’m going to have to assist John, the pilot, in flying the Eagle back home. I’m really sorry, but it’s momentous that my crew and I get home safely. I promise to write to you as soon as possible. See you soon comrade!

  20. Tomi says:

    3…2…1 BLAST OFF! Hollered the commander just as the rocket projected into the air like a kangaroo jumping high into the sky. When they were securely in space they let out part of the spaceship drifted back
    to earth. In my time people were absolutely sure that there were no aliens at all so I was determined to show that there’s actually aliens on unknown planet in this galaxy. This is why I was in this spacecraft. I was on a mission to find any life on an unknown planet, which in nowadays is called MARS. We landed about an hour later in the red mist of this anonymous planet.

    Two people (Charlie, my best friend and I) were nominated to take a look at the mysterious globe. We both looked as edgy as a curious cat. When we said like real astronauts.
    “One small step for man. A big leap for mankind.” we said mockingly. In about 5 mins the two of us were half way around the unknown sphere! All of a sudden we saw a tiny round head poke out in the distance. I patted Charlie and pointed to where I saw the distant figure. This was the start to finding a new species of life in the galaxy (universe) today…

  21. Benj says:

    It was a glorious day, I was woken up by my fully dog, Dixy. Every day since I was a young boy, I dreamt of going to space. My inspiration, Neil Armstrong went to the moon, so why can’t I?

    I went downstairs to see the postman had been. Today there was only one letter. The sun glinted through the stain glass window on the door. I picked the letter up and it had a little logo on it. It read NASA. I thought to myself, could this be my big break?

    I sat down on the orange sofa, my fingers were shaking. I slipped my nail under the opening and prised the letter open. It read that if you agree with these terms and conditions you could go to Mars!

    Immediately, I ticked the boxes and ran outside shouting, ‘I’m going to space.’ I put the letter into the mailbox with overwhelming satisfaction.

    Weeks went by, they sent me manuals on what to do in an emergency. Then I remembered I hadn’t broken the news to my wonderful parents. The day came when I told my parents – they couldn’t quite believe it.

    Beep! Beep! Went my alarm clock. I got out of bed with a spring in my step. Today I was going to Mars, the red planet. I was now living at NASA base in Phoenix.

    I put my compact suit on. It had everything I needed – pockets and oxygen. My heart was racing, faster than any cheetah. I said goodbye, which brought a her to my eye. Blast off!

    When I could no longer see farther, I went to bed. By morning, I could see the dusty surface of Mars. I finally felt like Neil Armstrong.

    When I assumed it was morning, I landed on the rugged landscape of Mars. I was oblivious I was being filmed; the whole world was watching me.

    I stepped through the door, dust enveloping me. I jumped as my feed touched the ground I could hear the whole world cheering.

    By the end of the week I had landed. Every day people would ask me questions, this was my adventure.

  22. “We need to get back to Mars!” sqeauked the little green Martian.
    “But how?”his sister worriedly asked.
    “We will have to build a type of transporter,” replied Bob excitedly “let’s get cracking!”
    They quickly gathered a pile of discarded human waste, including a wine bottle, tin cans, bubble wrap, half a roll of sticky tape and even an old fishing rod. The tin cans made excellent rocket boosters. The wine bottle provided an aerodynamic fuselage, with the bubblewrap inside as a carpet, the sticky tape held everything tightly together.
    “All we need now is someone to help us launch!” Fortunately a group of pigeons had been watching them build their astonishing Mars transporter and they offered to help. Easily attaching the hook to the top of the bottle, the birds gripped the fishing rod in their claw like feet. They swung the bottle round and round until it was fast enough to take off. As the ship left the Earth’s atmosphere, they fired up the rockets. Leaving behind the stench of burning cat food, Bob typed into the navigation computer:

  23. Lizzie says:

    I always look up into the night sky,
    Wondering what it would be like to fly.
    To soar gracefully around the stars,
    Onto the dusty surface of Mars.
    Discovering Martians,
    Becoming their tea,
    Only just escaping,
    Before they eat me!
    I watch a space shuttle land,
    Run away to discover more,
    Fly above the red sand,
    I can’t explain what I saw!
    Astronauts try to tempt me back home,
    But I stay on Mars forever alone!
    My dream was to fly,
    But I’m staying on Mars,
    I can look up to the sky,
    I can dance on the stars!
    I can fly away,
    But I’m staying right here,
    I’ll do that another day,
    Maybe next year!

  24. Ben STAN says:

    Aliens from Mars

    One dark night a flying saucer flew among the planets and was returning to it’s home planet, Mars. They saucer had just visited Earth and was travelling home when out of the blue flew a gigantic meteor. Unfortunately, the aliens were hit and had a massive hole in the cargo area where all the goods other planets had given them, were falling into outer space. One of the aliens stated that they should land on the nearest plant, and that is what they did. The flying saucer landed on Pluto where they repaired the saucer. It was critically damaged by the meteor.

    Later that day a small green alien asked how would they repair the ship without any spare parts, the others agreed. They set off to look for any spare parts from crashed ships and random parts on the floor. Finally, after about three hours their ship was repaired. They launched straight away as they needed to get home quickly.

    When they reached Mars everyone felt like a hero, an alien that had crossed boundaries, tackled obstacles and found more courage in themselves, none of them had felt so great in there life. When they got home there was a welcome back party and a celebration of joy, but best thing of them all, was working as a team.

  25. Oscar says:


    For an out of this world experience visit the Red Planet. This is an exciting new destination only just made available to the planet Earth.

    Travelling by space shuttle, the Mars Express, a journey time of between 150-300 days will bring you to your destination. The surface may be barren, but hidden underneath is the most deluxe 7 star accommodation you could find. Spacious bedrooms along with ensuite bathroom facilities will give you all the comforts of home and much more!

    Our eye catching restaurants aren’t far away either! Stuffed with over 20 of the galaxy’s most delicious delicacies you will be able to feast whilst on your dream holiday. Even chef Michel Roux had this to say of our menu, “The most beautiful food I have tasted in years!”

    All this can be yours for the price of £200,000 for an adult and £50,000 for a child.

    Our latest holiday makers have already booked another visit to the never before seen holiday to Mars. This futuristic paradise comes as a once in a life time opportunity. It’s smothered with the best quality resources and 7 star facilities. If you are ready for an exquisite, first-class, elegant, sumptuous holiday, then VISIT MARS!

  26. Jasmin says:

    The adventure on Mars!

    One day me and my best friend Fran went to Mars to have an adventure. So we set off in a proper space ship whilst everyone was shouting 5…….4…….3………..2……..1 blast off !!! After an hour or so we were there so we landed the space ship, got out and then we were ready to start our adventure on Mars. As soon as we took our first step lots of ugly aliens came running up to us, at first we was really scared but then we knew that they where asking us to be their friend. We obviously said yes and we asked them if they could take us on an adventure, so they did. On the adventure we went everywhere and it was really fun because they showed us literally everthing but we soon had to head back to the space ship. So we said goodbye and we set off again whilst the aliens shouted 5…….4…….3…….2…….1 blast off!!! After an hour or so we were back with all of our friends and family who were waiting for us by the gate shouting “THEY’RE BACK”!!! When we got home we went straight to bed because it was very late but the next day we told everyone about it.

    THE END!!!


    There we were floating outside the orbit of Earth traveling on our way to the untouched mystical planet Mars. Let me start the story from the start. My best friend Olly and me (we were 10 years old). We went to the cinema that was where it all began.

    20 years ago in 2010 we saw a movie in the local cinema in Brentwood me and my best friend Olly went to see a movie about Apollo 13 when they said that they had a lot of problems. But when they mentioned about Mars. I said to my friend ‘’imagine if we could go to Mars, in your wildest dreams’’ he answered back.

    8 years later when we left school and went to university in Oxford. We were studying to become astronauts after 5 years of training there came message from Nasa it was an expedition to Mars. We booked our flights and got passes to get into Nasa. When we arrived we swiftly walked into the complexed noisy room. We had put our names in a hat amongst many of thousands of people. ‘’Shsss’’ said the judge of the drawing of the names.

    The election began the first name drawn was my friend Olly and then me we were the first people to travel and set foot on Mars. We put our suits on and went straight to the space rocket. At first I was really scared because we didn’t know if there would be aliens but then remember they don’t exist. So there we were taking of to Mars in a over powered rocket, click I heard the back of the rocket come of we were now floating outside the orbit of the Earth.

    We zoomed past the cheesy moon and went past Mercury the hottest planet in the Solar System. Thud we had landed on a boulder on the red stone crust of the planet Mars. Boom our space ship had been destroyed, a green slimy monster came out of the boulder screaming. Olly asked what should we do now I called the control room., I wondered what would happen next?

  28. The Landing (week 18)

    It was a mild summer’s evening, the dusty air smelt fresh and lovely. I didn’t waste a scrap of my time. I never thought I’d come this close before, but I did. The people from NASA said I’d be perfect; however, I wasn’t so sure.

    The journey up was pretty rough, as the pilot wasn’t so experienced, but I didn’t complain, because that would have been rude. When we got to Mars, we were quite sure we would be staying there for a while, but I took that chance – it was too good an opportunity to miss! The beautiful landscape glittered in my eyes, as the silence deafened my ears. My jaw dropped with amazement, because I had never seen anything quite like this. I had to do a lot of research and exercise, which was rather boring; however, I worked relentlessly.

    A few weeks after we landed I had settled in and had been finding things out about Mars, (where we landed). Suddenly, a huge bang came from the space craft we came in. I rushed towards the direction of the sound, in the dessert beyond. The space craft had started lifting off of the ground, before I could grab it. What was happening? I felt exhausted from jumping, trying to reach it and screaming for help. I knew no one could hear me, but I couldn’t help but try! I was stranded – alone on the vast red planet.

    Two days and nights had passed from when I was stranded. My hope turned into dust and I’d been crying so much my throat was raw and my eyes were stinging with pain.

    Just at that minute, when I was about to despair, I saw a different space shuttle in the distance and people inside it. They saw my hands waving franticly and my voice wailing. My eyes were full of tears, so I could barely see. They took me back down to Earth, as quickly as they could, even though it still took more than thirty days.

    From that day on, I was known as the brave one, (which I quite enjoyed) for surviving two whole days on the lonely planet. I don’t know how the pilot could’ve left me behind.

    I still dislike NASA for endangering my life – leaving me starving and helpless, but I live to tell the tale and I’ll get over it!

  29. Archie says:

    Destination ……. Mars

    As my feet touch down on the dusty ground of planet Mars I was speechless, I couldn’t believe it, after all those endless days travelling we had finally reached our goal! Then as I stepped out further, my suit began to warm, this was due to the temperature rising from the hot, scorching land.

    As I began to look around I could see hills and mountains made from angry, red sand. The sand dunes looked like an enormous serpent, slowly moving across the landscape. The sand felt unusual, not like normal sand it was like slippery, greasy soil. All I could hear was the faint whistle of the wind. It was a frightfully lonely and quiet place.

    I continued my journey around Mars, I spotted some gross, green gunge. I went over cautiously, either side of the gunk were two rectangular footprints. Could there be life on deadly Mars… The gloopy goo had a strong whiff of discarded food, “Yuck!” I thought to myself as I inhaled the putrid air. My stomach churned.

    Hours went by, I searched everywhere for Iifeforms. Eventually I came to a small clearing in the bleak sand dunes. The wind was howling intensely, like a wolf guarding it’s territory. Then, suddenly, I saw the faint outline of a purple figure. It was coming at me quickly. I had mixed emotions; curiosity and fear.

    I managed to make out the peculiar creatures face. It looked sad. I reckoned it was lonely. Could I take him home…

    5-4-3-2-1 blast off! I blast away from marvellous Mars. I peer over my shoulder, and there it was, the alien had snuck onboard. It appears I have a new companion

  30. Raiyaan says:

    One picturesque, summer’s morning, the great ball of fire ascended, dancing merrily on the emerald green leaves. The ocean-blue shimmering sky was full of balls of cotton wool. You could hear the whisper of the soft breeze, the joyous birdsongs, the trill of the blackbirds, the humming of the bees and the faint wind whinning through the tall, majestic trees.
    I leapt out of bed and suddenly heard alot of chaos going on. I scampered to my window and much to my amazement realised that we appeared to be being invaded by minuscule green people! For a second I was extremely perplexed, then something else caught my eye….it was a UFO! No wonder there were green people all over the place,they were obviously aliens. All of a sudden, it seemed as if the UFO turned to face me with an illuminous green light. Just before I could get away, I seemed to hover in mid-air and was being pulled towards the UFO. Somehow I went straight through the window, which made me exceedingly uncomfortable. Eventually, I was sucked into the UFO and then it jolted forward and at the speed of light zoomed out of earth and into the solar system . I was very frightened as we were heading towards a colossal red ball. As we approached the unidentified sphere, the UFO landed with beams of light shining out of it onto the red ball. Then the UFO appeared to speak, just like a robot and said ‘Destination……..Mars’.

  31. Sasha says:

    Mission to Mars
    In my first years of being an astronaught I had flown to the dusty surface of the moon and seen Saturn’s wonderous rings, but that was nothing compared to the news I heard this morning. I was going to Mars to fix an ancient robot which had broken down!
    So on the 17th of April 2014 I was greeted with loud cheers and roudy crowds outside my humble abode. It was amazing to think that I was about to be the star of England.
    10,9,8,7,6… I clutched onto my seatbelt, dreading what would happen if I got lost in space. 5,4,3. Butterflies filled my tummy, nearly there.2,1,0. Wireless connections wailed beneath me as massive clouds of smoke rose in the air around me. The rocket was flying, really truly flying!
    In less than an hour, the earth was a giant blob of green and blue below me. I stared around. Everywhere there was darkness, as if all remains of life had floated off into the black. Then suddenly, a great shadow loomed over ahead of me. It was Mars!
    Barren and bare, with red dust and volcanic eruption. Mars. Not a thing in sight. Just fire and dust. I could see a glimpse of the robot I was meant to fix. Something began to beep in the computer room. It was the heat. “WARNING” flashed in big red letters on the screen, “Quick, drag the robot here!” Immediately, metallic arms reached out towards Mars, picking up the small robot. Mission Accomplished.

  32. I think we’ve got a problem
    “3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!” This was me in my younger days, about the age of five, pretending to be an astronaut. I was so foolish then, pretending you had to turn the wheel a few times and voila, there you are, on the face of Mars. Only of course I know it’s definitely more than that.
    I was sat down, expecting to receive possibly a promotion.
    “Markus, you know we’ve enjoyed you working for Albrena Secondary for Boys,” started Mr Whylie, the headmaster. I knew it. The penny had dropped. I would have to pack up my possessions in my desk, the hidden flap in the staff room and the fake bottoms in student’s desks.
    “I know, I know. I’ll leave as soon as I get my stuff back,” I replied, dragging myself out of the polished door as smooth as an apple. I was so confused, I mean, how could a perfectly qualified chemistry teacher be thrown through things all at once!
    I was going to try my hardest at maybe another school. Who am I kidding, I’m a homeless bloke well into his thirty’s who just got the sack from a chemistry job at a secondary school.
    Sitting at my usual corner on the sidewalk, a man, looking strangely like a Houston computer programmer, strolled over to me.
    ”Markus, you are the chosen one, come with me,” mumbled the mysterious man. I didn’t even have a choice as he positively dragged me towards a stone wall! Tapping in a password which seemed to be ‘buzz lemon’… wait did that code cracker just appear out of the stone bricks?
    “You may enter now.” spoke the monotone machine.
    Computers? Models of spaceships? Bustling people with wireless, hands free phones? What does all this mean?
    “Welcome Markus, to Houston ground control. You have been chosen as the astronaut of the next decade,” snapped a large computer screen that stretched across a whole rounded wall. Feeling stunned, I was transported to a distant room by a travellator that had somehow appeared out of the cold, concrete flooring.

    I heard shouts behind me, warning me not to enter without the oxygen tank strapped to my uniform. I don’t know why, but I just had this voice inside of my head, cheering me on. The only thing that I was focusing on, was to keep convincing myself that I would be able to do this- I would go to space.

    3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

  33. Miruna says:

    Two aliens, called Koya and his father Jelly, were getting ready to go on a special mission to Earth. They had been planning this mission for a hundred years (10 months in human years). They wanted to kidnap the most intelligent boy on Earth, called Isaac, to help Koya pass his alien earth test. Jelly heard that this boy was related to Einstein. Koya and his dad put on their blue, shiny and solar powered alien suits. Then they jumped in their MLARPS (UFO). The UFO was covered in butter icing so no aliens could see them in space. Since the space ship was as slimy as a slug and it kept dripping like a leak and every alien wondered what it was.
    There they were a few minutes before landing in Isaac’s garden. BOOM! CLASH! It landed and then Jelly set the razor button which pulls the person out of the nearest exit. A few minutes later …they got Isaac and placed him in the sleeping chair.
    “Which button do I press to wake the human up? Jelly, Jelly?” Shouted Koya pressing every panel button, somehow without managing to press the drawer buttons.
    “The green button on the red button but don’t press the red otherwise you are in trouble. “ Explained Jelly.
    Koya, not even listening to what Jelly said, pressed the red button and then it erased the coordinates of where the boy lived.
    “Aaaah I want mummy, where am I?” Isaac screeched with a euphoric scream…
    “You are going to help a friendly alien to do his homework”, exclaimed Koya in a childish voice.
    When the aliens landed back home on Mars they set up a desk for Isaac to write all the answers. A few days later they wanted to take Isaac back home, after he had fulfilled his purpose, but Koya needed to come clean.
    “Jelly, I need to confess’’, Koya whispered, “I pressed the red button which erased the coo……”
    “No, you didn’t! Tell me this is a joke, please? ”bawled Jelly.” Noooooooooooo!”
    “Really, now we need to go all around the World to find his home!” shouted Jelly as angrily as a giant.
    So they went and flew randomly to coordinate 3C. Jelly saw a banner with the word ‘ITALIA’ written on it with bright neon colours.
    “This is not where I live. This is Italy!” elucidated Isaac. “I know, go to coordinate 2A.”
    They got off the MLARPS and then…
    “Bonjour! Ah, petit chien!” exclaimed a French lady because she thought Koya was a small dog.
    Isaac nodded his head while stuffing a freshly baked baguette. They continued their journey as fast as a Bugatti. The MLARPS went from North to South, East to West until only one coordinate was left. They flew there directly.
    “Can you stop here please?” pleaded Isaac .They let Isaac off the MLARPS. Then Koya and Jelly set off back across the galaxy to where they rightfully belonged.
    After this great adventure, Koya will never need a brainy earthling ever again to pass his tests!

  34. Sandhana says:

    There once in Mars – rocky really rough mars – lived slimy smelly spotty aliens. They were called by how old they were. One day number:40 ( who was the mum)wanted to fill her brain with fresh air. ” Blib Blob Splat Bot ” which ment ” come and have fresh air children”. The children gave a deep dull sigh and went to put there shoes on ( which looked a bit like starfish ) and raced outside. When they got to the end of the road number 40 said ” slat slot slit ” which ment in English ” lets go now “.She said this beacause there can be strange monsters that can kidnap any thing they see. Now , listen carefully this is the important part the children were very naughty when there mother was not looking they sneakily , slyly , slipped round the corner . They didn’t dare open their eyes the scene of the monster ripping them in pieces. Suddenly one of the children was brave enough to squint one eye open then the other eye the the mouth dropped open he nuged his sister who was clinging onto him so tightly that she could feel his bones. She let go and opened her eyes . There in front of them was gadgets and tools. Just then they had an idea because there mother did not have enough carrots to by them toys they could make it. In a few hour that seemed seconds to them they finished. Just then they felt hands grabbing their legs and swooping them into a cage. And that when they were never seen again. For the mother she went searching for them and when she looked round the corner of the road she saw a toy …………….. A spaceships toy, then she knew that it was made from her children.

  35. Chris says:

    As the engines started, I felt anxious and excited to set off because in a few days I would be the first ever person to set foot on Mars. Spontaneously, the countdown started, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off! The rocket ascended from Earth leaving behind a colossal cloud of smoke which enveloped the space station. It was not until half an hour later that I looked out of the tiny window and stared at Earth which was as small as an ant. The green and blue mixture of land and water slowly but surely faded away in the inky atmosphere of space…

    For days my crew and I travelled in the never ending space feeling lonely as the was nobody around. One day, just as we were about to fall asleep, I looked out of the window-for a moment- and saw a shower of shooting stars that lit up the pitch-black atmosphere. In a few moments, everything had vanished with only the glistening stars in sight.

    It was nearly the end of December, and today we were expected to land on our destination. Mars was in sight and before I had realised, we had smoothly landed on the deserted planet. Together, we put on our astronaut suits while the door opened. As I had dressed up the quickest, I was getting ready to be the first to jump. With a high leap, I soon landed on the soft golden sand feeling extremely proud of myself. Mars was a completely different world from Earth and that made the atmosphere different which made me sick.

  36. rosie says:

    The Invasion

    Rocky and Tommy were at school, about to go into the playground, when they changed their minds……

    They had just had a long, laborious maths lesson and they needed to exert some energy. So they did. Past the mundane classrooms, up the long winding stairs, through the everlasting corridors, to a place they had never been. They finally came into an extensive, wide , open room and cautiously peered around. It was deserted.
    Cobwebs clung to the wooden chairs and benches, the floor was grey with dust and the windows were cracked. It was impossible to see out of them! Looking around, one thing stuck out. A huge maroon door with the words ‘ NO ENTRY’ printed in jet-black ink stood right in front of them. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” whispered Rocky. Tom nodded slowly. They both charged forward simultaneously, crashing into the door with a tremendous bang, to their astonishment it flew open revealing a strange, red,dusty planet. As they nervously ventured into the eerie land, the door slammed shut behind them, leaving them completely alone.
    Tom looked up to determine if at least the sun was still there. He was relieved to see wispy, white clouds, but something else caught his eye. Not far away , there was an oddly-shaped disc flying towards them. As it neared, the only thing he could mutter was ” Aliens!”

  37. JoshuaO says:

    10,9,8….my heart was dreading what my sister might feel if I got lost….7,6,5…..my mind was racing with memories ……..4,3,2,1……. my legs were shaking like jelly…..blast off. Double o7 took off on its mission to Mars…… Wait a minute, lets rewind back in time a bit. My name is Josh Armstrong and I am hoping to be the first person to land on mars anyway let’s go back to where we stopped….butterflies churned in my stomach. I glanced out of the window, we were in space! After several hours we landed on the moon and 7billion aliens were staring at me.

  38. Shrey Biswas says:

    “Asteroid coming in at 25°.” said the automated space radar.
    “Affirmative.” I replied.
    I steered to the left and watched the lump of rock whizz by.
    “So much for ‘Death bringer’.” Zekzer, my partner remarked.”So far, we’ve had 2 satellites, 5 asteroids, a satellite dish from Voyager II and Armstrong’s old boot.”
    I sighed “Can’t you take anything seriously for once?”

    We were on Earths finest piece of technology, StreakShot II. Our destination was Mars, and we were to create a city here, for humans to live in, and create a new civilisation on Mars. The intention was to slow down overpopulation. If we got there. Our ship had built-in space and planetary radar, a force field and gravitational generators, 360° vision and cookie dipenser (Zekzer added that last one). even with that, we still might not make it…

    “Our coordinates, please.” I said.
    “30, 29.” the ship said. “Your destination is 240 miles away.”
    I gritted my teeth. “Nearly there. if we fail now-”
    “Stop freakin’ out, man it’s gonna be okay. Look.”
    A huge red planet loomed threateningly above us, engulfing the view in a second. There was no turning back now. The space radar warned us of Deimos heading towards us.
    “Come on, just a little bit longer.” I prayed.
    “Rename this moon something better than Deimos, maybe Moon.” Zekzer prayed.
    Suddenly our path flight curved.
    “It’s pulling us in!” I screamed. Suddenly I had a vision of Mars, as Ares swinging a mace at us.

    Then it was gone and Deimos headed right into us.
    “We’re gonna diiiiiiiiiie!” screamed Zekzer
    “Oh well, at least he took that seriously.” I thought. Then a piece of metal pierced my back and I entered Death.

  39. FC says:

    Two very brave astronauts decided to make history, by being the first people to walk on Mars.
    They were very excited, the journey seemed to take for ever, being fed from a tube seems disgusting but that was exactly what they had to do to keep themselves alive.
    To pass time, they looked for where they were meant to land.
    Then they finally landed, the place was huge, they had a look around.
    Suddenly, a little green thing approached them “my name Sandy, and I am an alien “Are you a nice alien, if so can you show us around”? Asked one of the astronauts.
    “Of course” replied Sandy “follow me.”
    Sandy, the little green thing, showed them where he lived, it was just a small round hole in the surface of Mars. The astronauts were too big to fit in the hole to see too much which was relief as they were feeling scared about going inside.
    Sandy offered the astronauts some food, it looked a slimy green snail slime. The astronauts felt sick at the image of anyone eating that food.
    “Sorry we have to go” said both astronauts together.
    It was not as exciting on the way back, but they knew that they made history that very day.
    Hours felt like days, day felt like weeks until they finally reached the earth.
    Interviews after interviews, they made loads of money but they dreaded being famous; they hated being on TV until it was over.

  40. Ryan wong says:

    The day I went to Mars

    I was waiting for the count down, I was nervous. Then I heard the count down 5…4…3…2…1…blast off the rocket went slowly to begin with and then it went faster and faster I could feel the g-force.

    I glanced outside of the window I could see stars, the sun, and the moon. When we got the command we could move around now I looked outside the window, it was just a amazing view. I looked back and saw earth and thought to myself
    “No wonder why they call Earth the blue planet,”my friends were amazed to.

    Suddenly a meteor hit our rocket, it hit our wing lucky there was no major damage. Then mission control said
    “You are 273 miles away from your destination,”

    when he said that it was nearly bed time so they got into their pods and fell asleep. The next day mission control said
    “You are now 32 miles away from your destination,” we looked out of the front window, Mars was in view.

    We went to explore the ship more so they could make time go quicker. After that Mars was even closer I predicted it would take 12 minutes to go. We got into the pod and it gracefully fell down, we placed our flag on it and then said
    “Mission control we have landed,” in the back ground there was cheering and celebration going on at mission control. I was happy I made it.

  41. Will Chow says:

    I can feel the harsh, petrifying storms circling around me like a hurricane. I can hear the constant sound of the wind rushing to me. Even with my protective suit on I feel scared but I still have bravery in my heart. I can see red, orangey mustard clouds in the nearby mountains. In my head I say to myself
    “This place is huge!”
    Later on I see a vast, vicious and violent storm heading right to me, I try to run away but it’s too late I’m caught by its winds and I am being brown up in the air; it’s like the storm was laughing at me and throwing me up and down like a pancake. Then it stopped, I am saved from the storm, so I pick myself off the floor then I hop into my space craft. As I drift through space I can see the stars which are actually mini suns. Then suddenly I heard a buzz on the radio I came over and I heard:



    So I hopped back into the pilots seat and I steered back to Earth. I was really lucky to survive that and now I have been to Mars there is going to be lots of newspapers now.

  42. The Mission to Mars

    Could we really be the first people to travel to Mars? We couldn’t wait for the pilot to start the countdown. My crew were really excited – as excited as you might be at a party! Finally we were allowed inside the rocket, and we hastily walked into the clean, shiny, first- class type cabin inside the rocket! The countdown began; everyone buckled their seat belts, and finally, the whoosh… up and up we went! This was the most memorable moment of our lives and our journey; the twinkling stars made beautiful pictures as if someone drew them, constellations! After travelling over a million miles, the whole of the crew landed at our destination: it really was red, of course, you know the red planet! It was a dull red planet, although interesting! Would anyone believe it, five of us puny little creatures, standing on Martian dust? It was as unreal as a dream! Were we going to be famous? Which news paper would our photos be in?

  43. Could we really be the first people to travel to Mars? We couldn’t wait for the pilot to start the countdown. My crew were really excited – as excited as you might be at a party! Finally we were allowed inside the rocket, and we hastily walked into the clean, shiny, first- class type cabin inside the rocket! The countdown began; everyone buckled their seat belts, and finally, the whoosh… up and up we went! This was the most memorable moment of our lives and our journey; the twinkling stars made beautiful pictures as if someone drew them, constellations! After travelling over a million miles, the whole of the crew landed at our destination: it really was red, of course, you know the red planet! It was a dull red planet, although interesting! Would anyone believe it, five of us puny little creatures, standing on Martian dust? It was as unreal as a dream! Were we going to be famous? Which news paper would our photos be in?

  44. Shrey Biswas says:

    Mars. The God of Destruction and war. They say that when Mars shines bright, war will follow. And there we were, flying into the Red Planet. Two moons, Phobos and Deimos, were barely visible. Our plan was to orbit Mars twice, touch down in a lander, get back up, and then use the gravity of Mars to catapult us to Phobos, and then use Phobos’s gravity to catapult us back to Earth. We were starting phase one: Orbit no. 1. We headed towards Deimos, hoping that we would survive. Suddenly I had a vision. The Gods stood there: Mercury, Venus, Terra, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Then it shimmered, and different gods appeared. Hermes, Aphrodite, Gaia, Ares, Zeus, Kronos, Poseidon, Uranus and Hades. Ares had two maces in his hands. He swung one towards us, the ball moving in a perfect orbit of him, spinning into us. I blinked, and I was back in the ship. Deimos was looming above us. Behind that was Mars. Red lights were flashing, as we hurtled towards Deimos. Just before we smashed into smithereens, I saw something. The darker storm clouds on the Red Planet swirled together, making a cruel, harsh smile.

  45. FC says:

    Two Very Brave Astronauts

    Two very brave astronauts decided to make history, by being the first people to walk on Mars.
    They were thrilled. The journey seemed to take for ever, being fed from a tube seems disgusting but that was exactly what they had to do to keep themselves alive.
    To pass time, they looked for where they were meant to land gazing out at the most wonderful shapes
    Then they finally landed, the place was colossal, therefore they didn’t have time to go round it all.
    Mars was a giant experience, it was large!
    It’s a massive balloon floating in the sky.
    The wind was howling like a wolf.
    The deep darkness of the air filled with nerves.

    Suddenly, something as green as freshly cut grass in the summer approached them.
    He was petrified, horrible thoughts creeping throughout his mind.
    “Hello, I’m an alien” croaked voice.
    “Are you a nice alien? if so can you show us around”? Asked one of the astronauts.
    Sandy, the little green alien showed us where to go for vast house, but they too big to fit inside the hole to see too much which was relief as they were feeling petrified about going inside.
    Sandy offered the astronauts some food, it looked a slimy green snail slime. The astronauts felt sick at the image of anyone eating that food.
    “Sorry we have to go” said both astronauts together.
    It was not as exciting on the way back, but they knew that they made history that very day.
    Hours felt like days, day felt like weeks until they finally reached the earth.
    Interviews after interviews, they made loads of money but they dreaded being famous; they hated being on TV until it was over.

  46. “This, as you all know, is the first mission to Mars!” enthused the excited reporter into the microphone, “And we’ve got permission to hop onto the aircraft before it takes-off!” the reporter climbed the stairs, tumbling into the aircraft, he picked himself up and shot off to the cabin, where the captain was in his seat preparing for take-off. “So Mr Jeff Kevin, what do you think of the flight, may I ask?” Mr Jeff Kevin didn’t seem surprised, they’d probably planned it like that. Maybe he’d also seen and heard the reporter before hand, so he’d prepared “Well we are, of course very excited about this all and we have practised a ‘Mars-Walk’ for Mars only. We will collect samples of things, we will do a couple of experiments, we will dig into the planet, and we will do loads of other things. Yes, it will be very exciting, not just for us, but for the whole world.” the two gentlemen shook hands with great sincerity and pleasure “We’ll talk in a few days, once you’ve landed back on earth then. Have a great journey!” the camera-man, then shook hands with the crew and gave the camera to one of them, he had been trained to be able to do anything he wanted to with a camera in Space.

    “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.TAKE OFF!!!” WHOOSH!!! Up, up it went, the elegant spacecraft, off to Mars! It was an absolutely beautiful sight. “And they’re off! They’re off to Mars! They’re off to Mars, the planet of rusty red.” said the reporter wearily, looking at the spacecraft in wonder, he seemed to be bewildered.”We will now be receiving live pictures from the craft” the screens went funny. The picture came, they were filming outer space, after a couple of hours, the asteroid belt was just visible, another hour and it was in clear view. The space craft suddenly made a jolt as it accelerated to pass a huge asteroid which was tumbling along the belt. It was a close miss, but they got through the belt successfully. “Mars, there it is!” exclaimed one of the crew. He jumped up and down with joy (more like he tried to, but very unsuccessfully!) The others strained their eyes to see the red planet. “So it is,” said one, “It’s getting bigger by the second! Slow the engines! In fact, switch them off and put the brakes slightly on!” the pilot immediately switched off the engines and eased on the brakes. They got nearer and nearer and… Touch Down! There was a bump, the space craft had officially landed! There was cheering and clapping then the crew got into their suits and down they went. “Woo hooo, yea ha. We’re on, MARS!!! I can’t believe it!” They shouted. Soon they calmed down and got the gear out to start some tests.

  47. Adam says:

    Abruptly, a cacophony of deafening cheers erupted like an irate volcano. I clumsily clambered onto the massive, sturdy and rigid Apollo 16. Unexpectedly, the powerful engine roared; the giant ascended like a colossal firework. Opaque, colourless fumes of eager smoke drifted in the air, as gentle as a feather. Rapidly, cotton wool hastily rushed past the ship like a desperate mob. As soon as I could blink, we entered a cloak of nothingness and creviced, cracked asteroids floated past the Apollo 16. Bulbous, spherical planets appeared and we eventually approached our wanted destination but alas! Waiting sirens timidly screamed and I reported, ‘Houston, we have a problem!’

  48. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    I took a deep breath, then stepped onto the mysterious planet Mars. Cold surrounded us and as a quiver down my spine made me sense something bad was going to happen soon.
    ” Are you absolutely sure this place isn’t dangerous, boss?” I asked him, and gulped loudly.
    ” Sure, Selena!” He exclaimed, and he patted me on the back, making irritable miming noises. We walked on, hand in hand, and I can reassure you that all of us were confident, courageous and would stand up for our rights. Suddenly,… there was a loud rumbling on the planet. As I was attracted to myths and legends, I had once read a tale that when humans landed on Mars, a beast awoke, and anyone would be eaten. no, not eaten, DESTROYED! As I stood there, I realised that my shadow had disappeared and rising on top appeared an enormous figure that seemed so cruel that I considered it would be banished from Mars. I dared not turn around, but I couldn’t resist, and surprisingly before me stood a plain figure, with a welcoming smile placed on its face. who grunted,
    ”Will you play with me?” I couldn’t help but agree, and had a wonderful game of swinging on vines, and meeting new aliens [kind ones]. When it was time to return to my rightful place on Earth, I always remembered that Mars is welcome to anyone and everyone, and no matter who you are, you will be greeted with pleasure.

  49. Harley Taylor says:


    It was me ,I had to be the person who set on a dangerous journey to fly to a new universe and discover the greats of a land far far away.I sat in my bed bewildered of the dangers that await me who knows the new species i could discovered, however i have to share all the fame with a guy called Dave. We still need to get to know each other, although i have heard he is one of the best in his class and he has all the gifts – cleverness, strength and finally he has a really awesome smile.
    Today is the day the day where i set foot into another galaxy
    1 !!!!!!!!!
    As i look down the local people are being knocked back by the in the immense heat from the scorching engine of the marvellous machinery. Finally i’m shooting out of the earths atmosphere , me and Dave have just taken the ticket of a lifetime

  50. Charlie Nicel says:

    I saw a UFO which was as shiny as a mirror and had crashed in a cow field. MOO. I smelt the dancing smoke, which blinded me, as I crept closer. Then I felt the paint and it came off onto my hand then started burning me! Being stupid I licked it off and it was sweets. Finally I heard it take off as I was going.

  51. Diya Jena says:

    There was only one way to describe Mars: desolate, barren and red. No plants to be seen, no animals, no aliens, just me and the red planet. Although the journey had been exciting, the destination was just the opposite. I had been sent from NASA to explore Mars, but really, there was nothing to explore except the craters.
    Slowly, I began to get bored, searching the surface of, what looked like, a red sphere. The sky was as red as the barren Mars, and the sun made me even more bothered, as it was boiling hot. I spent the last few days on Mars in the rocket, roaming around aimlessly. The only sound heard was the occasional boom, boom, boom of the rocks as they crashed down from a height into the tiniest pieces. The swirling clouds in the red sky danced and spun, laughing down at me.
    Finally, the day that we had to go home, back to earth, came, and we shot back down and landed on earth, our earth.

  52. Riya Jena says:

    I was so excited on the trip to Mars; I guessed that there would be lots to do for NASA, but I was wrong. There was hardly anything for me to do. The heat was like that of a burning furnace and the sky was as red as autumn leaves. The place was rocky and red, and apart from the craters, there was nothing to explore. Irritating me the most was the sun, and I just wished that I could go back home. Clouds floated above, candy floss against a red background. Infrequently, a boom, boom, boom met my ears. The booming belonged to the rocks that hit the surface of Mars, creating craters.
    After what seemed like months, I had to go home. As soon as I walked on Earth, my home, a sense of relief came over me. I was never going back to Mars again.

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