Task 18
13th March 2014
Task 20
27th March 2014


  1. Aidan says:

    The lucky win

    One foggy, dewy morning a man called Sam was walking to work. Sam is a very generous character who is a little bit poor but now works at Asda and is getting back on his own two feet.

    “Oh, is that a homeless person sitting over there.” Said Sam curiously. Sam walked over to where the homeless person was.

    “Hello I’m John; please can you spare me a few pence?” said the homeless person shaking and looking like he was about to turn to ice.

    “I’ll do more than spare you a few pence; I will take you to my work at Asda and will give you few pounds to spend every day from now on when I walk to work.” Said Sam nicely and his face turned soft and sympathetic.

    “Oh, thank you so much,” replied John. With that they strolled into Asda together and walked around the shop for food.

    “What’s your name?” asked John.

    “Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name is Sam,” replied Sam.

    “Sam, please may I spend some of my money on the lottery?” asked John pleasantly.

    “Of course you can, after all it’s your money,” replied Sam. John got his lottery ticket and waited outside with a sandwich and a drink for the rest of Sam’s shift.

    “I’ll be here in the morning for you,” said John shivering.

    “No you won’t, you’re coming to spend a couple of nights at my house,” said Sam.

    “Thank you, you’ve been so kind to me!” said John happily. Later that evening the two of them sat down and listened to the lottery. “Twenty – one, yes, thirty – two, yes, six, yes, forty, yes nine, yes I won!” shouted John on top of the world.” Thank you so much come here and give me hug,” said John joyfully.

    “I will, just as soon as you take a shower,” said Sam funnily. So John took a shower and the two of them shared a hug, just like they John’s winnings to.

  2. Sasha says:

    Elsa was an old widow with grey hair that tangled into curls on her sore head. She was destitute but she very rarely complained about her hard luck. Most of the time Elsa was shivering with cold, relying on the walls for company. At Christmas she would scramble around at the bus stop like a dog, searching for scraps of food.
    The harsh wind was relentless as she stumbled through the icy snow. Suddenly, she noticed something glimmered in the distance. It was a lottery ticket that someone had carelessly dropped!
    “Just my luck!” she shouted with joy as she went back to her street corner and she fished out an old, blunt pencil.
    40,30,38,2, murmered her broken radio. She glanced down at her piece of paper; speechless. Her eyes filled with tears. Those were the numbers on her paper. She had won! Elsa decided to give half the money to cancer research as she was an old lady and her time was nearly over. The other half she used to buy herself a decent house.

  3. I entered the great house; around me I could see pale blue walls and a dull white ceiling. There were frosted windows in the tiled bathrooms that offered a sense of privacy (my dad showed me my new bedroom) There was another staircase above me and my curiosities began to run away with me. My dad ascended the stairs so I followed after him rapidly. I thought there was going to be another floor of rooms, excitement coursed through my body.

    On the floor was a loft with an ordinary brown door. I set foot in the warm attic. At the rear end of the room, there was a box that seemed to jump out at me. I told my dad and we advanced towards it. We unlocked the chest. Stacks of golden money gleamed bellow us. The money didn’t seem familiar. I saw a king on the money. We gained around one million pounds! We donated half of this enormous sum of cash to 3 charities: WWF, Barnardos and WaterAid.

    We went to Africa to help many people. I saw some children roaming around the roads, hopeless of help so we gave them some money. They were cheery when we helped them. I saw their parents and they thanked us hugely. I gleamed with pride as drove home knowing I changed the lives of many people in Africa.

  4. Ben STAN says:

    My money addiction.

    My name is Jack, I like money, LOTS OF MONEY.

    One day my greed went to far. I was in the middle of robbing Barclays bank in Brentwood High Street. I pointed my gun pointed at a cashier called Micheal (it was on his name badge). When all of a sudden the police were on the scene. I shouted to my friend” POLICE, RUN”. Without delay I rapidly ran to our hideout and thought about all the things I could buy with the stolen money. My conscience kicked in, I thought about what I had done and decided to do the right thing, give it back.

    After a sleepless night, I woke feeling groggy and disappointed with myself. So I grabbed the bag of money and went down to the bank, before I had time to change my mind.

    I gave myself up, I did the right thing. The police told me for giving the money back I would get some reward money. I thanked them and a day later I went looking for a job.

    I went to London and found a job. After years of studying I am now a Lawyer for one of the best law firms in London. I will get paid more money than I robbed so I am glad I gave it back and now I can put that life behind me and start a new one as Jack the Lawyer.

  5. Isla says:

    “One £20,000,000 Jackpot lottery ticket please.” I asked the grumpy shopkeeper.
    The ticket and the money passed between us.
    “Thank you.” I called over my shoulder, as I stepped gaily out of the shop.

    The ten minute walk home was quicker than usual.
    “Maybe it’s my lucky day” I wondered.

    In a few seconds I was sitting in front of the TV set with my javelin like pencil in my shaking hand.

    The first number rolled out of the machine.
    “The first number is …….. Seven!” the announcer boomed.
    I glanced down at my lottery ticket.
    I had seven. I crossed it off.

    Then again the machine spat out the number.
    “42!” the announcer bellowed.
    I stared at my card. 42! Another number to cross off.
    “Wow” I mused “Maybe it is my lucky day!”

    I marked it off.
    I scored a cross through it.
    “It must be some kind of miracle!” I wondered out loud.

    The machine was going to spit the last number out. Planet Earth stopped orbiting. Or so it seemed.
    “And now the last number of the night ……..26!”

    I leapt out of my chair in surprise! I had won!

    I danced around the house singing the National Anthem.

    A few minutes later, a huge lorry turned up. Out waltzed a man all clad in black.

    I stepped out to greet him and he presented me with a giant sugar paper cheque.
    “Well done! You just won the 20,000,000 chocolate coin jackpot!”

    At that point I think my luck ran out.

  6. Dominic says:

    Jay sees a shiny quad and Jumps on it, off he goes faster than the speed of light. Only the police cars with sirens can keep up with him. Suddenly, the sparkling water catches his eye, he then thinks the water is his only hope of escape. So he took his chance and rode on the grass, but there was a big drop. The quad bike leaped on to the water with a big splash, as the water settled the quad transformed into a motor boat. The police boat followed the same route. Once both the boats got away from the shallow water, he found a gun and shot at the police boat behind him. It hit! The police boats motor exploded in a fierce fire which allowed Jay to escape. Jay continued to his secret hideout and he walked up to his gigantic treasure chest. He opened the chest and placed the shiny stolen coins inside. Unknown to Jay, the police helicopter had tracked him to his secret hideout. The police landed near the hideout and went to investigate the area. The police couldn’t find a way in, fed up a police man lent against the stone wall and it flung open. Surprised, the police crept down the stairs and heard a loud thud of the chest closing. They went a bit further and slowly entered a dark room. Jay made a small creek ,the police spun round and Jay was there. They pushed him into the middle of the room, BANG!

  7. Lewa says:


    Pounds, shillings and pence ,
    The grip of life is tense,

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    Good fortune to everyone shall commence,

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    Money can be a moral sense.

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    Being extravagant shows you have little common sense.

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    It can create tension which builds up suspense.

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    But money can also cause spontaneous offense.

    Pounds, shillings and pence,
    If you use it prudently, it can be used in a love and caring sense.

  8. Nicola says:

    Maisy lived with her extremely rich boyfriend, Martin, in a very large house in a wealthy district in Los Angeles. One day, Martin decided to count his money, and so Maisy decided to help him in this long task. Slowly, Martin placed his money in piles, as Maisy started counting “One thousand and one, one thousand and two….” and so on, until finally, several hours later, they finished.

    Just as they completed this duty, Maisy felt an unexpected shudder rising up from the ground. Suddenly, their beautiful house started to shake, and Maisy realised they were experiencing an earthquake. Martin grabbed her hand, and they hid beneath an oak table until peace was restored.

    That afternoon, they called the builders, who agreed to repair the house, and replace all their ruined furniture. Maisy asked if they could include a pink cot in the furniture collection, and it was only then that Martin realised she was pregnant. Martin immediately proposed to her, and they got married three months later, which made Maisy very happy.

  9. grace says:

    Meeting a Millionaire
    “CUT!” shouted Leona’s Manager, “You forgot to smile!”

    “Sorry Frankie, I won’t forget to smile again,” she replied sulkily.

    Leona Craske was an actress for commercials. This was the only job she could get as she was hopeless at all the other school subjects she was taught. At first, Frankie (her manager) was a nice, jolly guy, but soon after she had joined the commercial club, she started to make really BIG mistakes. This led her into disgrace and Frankie really disliking her. He would fire her but he could not as she was the one made people watching the advert want to buy the products (or vehicles). Leona was extremely pretty but very, very dumb. She almost set Frankie’s favourite pants on fire!

    “Come on down to the Car Crazy Shop and you will not regret buying a car!”Declared Leona, with the brightest smile on her face (she was in middle of a car advert), “in these terrific cars you will: ‘feel like a millionaire and ride like a millionaire!’”

    “DONE!” boomed Franks voice, “I think you could have done better but this commercial we will just have to put on TV.”

    Suddenly, Leona’s pink phone started to ring so she picked it up to please Frank as he was raising an eyebrow slowly. When she had finished her call, she dropped her phone, astonished. When she stopped staring into space, she decided to spill out what happened.

    “Frank, you’ll never guess what happened, Emma Thompson has asked me to play a part in her latest m…,” Frank cut her speech before she could finish.
    “E…E…Emm…a Thompson?” He asked, turning a pale colour.

    “Yes,” she exclaimed, “Isn’t that wonderful?”

    “It’s amazing!!!” He shrieked, jumping up and down.

    “She said she would phone me tomorrow to talk to me about my personalities and behaviour,” Leona replied proudly.

    So the day and night came and went and at 4:00 pm sharp, Emma phoned to ask Leona a bit about herself. Unfortunately, Leona always tells the truth so this means that she might be telling a very famous character some embarrassing things. Leona told Emma that she almost set frank’s pants on fire and Emma Thompson suddenly hung up. Leona knew that she did not get the part that she wanted.

    Well, in the end, Leona made her own company and made millions of pounds. She even had her own statue made of money! Frank became a good friend to her and she sometimes lent him money.

  10. Toby Nee says:


    Everybody dreams about money. whether it is pounds euros or dollars. Everybody dreams about money. Coins are little pools of gold, silver or metal just waiting, waiting, waiting to be spent. Strangely enough a lot of people in the world get money for handling money. Bankers do that every single day. Bankers are like big workmen (but these ones are moving money not dirt) just without the high visibility jacket, the spades and the road works signs. Everything in the world has a price tag and things like houses, oil and gaming consoles are some of the many treats that money can buy. But there are things that money can’t buy. Things like love. Money can make people feel extremely happy (over the moon in fact) and money can make people dolefully unhappy. You need to be careful with your money, to make sure you aren’t one of those sad people. But do make sure you spend your money wisely. Make sure you don’t over do it…

  11. Lizzie says:

    I was given a package, a gift, a present, a treat,
    The post man watched me unwrap it as he warmed his frozen feet.
    It shielded 48 golden coins, oh what I could buy with that,
    I would buy a tremendous food bowl, for my posh, new, pompous cat.
    A glistening space rocket to rule the sky,
    A huge bit of land on Mars,
    1 of the rings of Saturn to give to my wife,
    And one of those gigantic, shiny stars.
    A computer as fast as the speed of light,
    A phone as costly as the sky,
    A robot that would clean my teeth,
    And anything else I can buy.
    When I went to the shop to buy all of these wonderful treats,
    The shop keeper said they were just chocolate coin sweets!

  12. Peter says:


    In the far reaches of northern China, there was a powerful man who ruled the poor village of Chen, his name was Ka-ching. He was mean, selfish and was the richest man in China. He forced the poor to work for him and bow down for his money. His glaring red eyes caused devastation wherever he went and were as hot as fire which terrified the village.

    Ka-ching was on his way to the Emperor one dark, gloomy morning when he noticed that he felt different to usual, he felt everyone was following and that his posture was climbing upwards like a spider. He took a glance backwards and saw his money gushing out of his huge pockets. He turned back in disbelief that was his precious money, which he was giving to the Emperor, was pouring out. He let loose his rage and shot purging fireballs out of his fiery eyes.

    The crowd trembled as they saw his anger and as he collected his money and formed into a huge beast. Ka-ching’s alter ego had piercing horns and a red spiky body which spat out a disgusting black acid melting his path in front of him. He sprang up the steps to the Emperor’s palace like a gazelle and was shocked by a sudden blast of magic.

    Ka-ching glanced up slowly to reveal the Emperor with peculiar glowing hands. The Emperor slammed down his hands to send a devastating shockwave which teleported Ka-ching away leaving him with one coin and eager to get revenge.

    The Emperor gave all of Ka-Ching’s money to the village for having to suffer his wrath. Because of Ka-ching’s money Chen was now the richest town in China and had a thousand smiles as curved as a coin.

  13. Bolu says:

    My name is Richard and I am about to tell you how lottery changed my life forever.

    It was a glorious day, the sun was shinning, the flowers had blossomed and all was calm. It was not a good day for me. I had no money, no job and no home. As I was walking through the park, I found an amazing five pound note! I rushed into Tesco, bought a sandwich, a drink and a lottery ticket. I stared at the lottery ticket while having breakfast. ( I had not eaten properly in three months.)

    Later that day, I slowly strolled to the nearest pub to watch the lottery on their small TV . I hoped that I would win some money so that I could start my life again. I sat as close to the TV screen as possible. When the programme started, I had butterflies in my stomach. Was this going to be my lucky day?They called out the first number. “Seven.” That was my first number too. I had to stay calm though because they had not called out all four of the numbers. ” The next number is fifteen,” said the man on the TV. I have that number too! I shouted out to the whole world as if I had already won the lottery. I was even closer to winning though. “The next number is twenty.” I also had that number. I kept whispering to my self the number twelve. “The last number is twelve,” said the man on the TV. I screamed out loud on the top of my voice I won! I won! I won £1,000,000! It was that moment in time when I realised that my life had changed forever.

    After I claimed my money, I bought a pile of new clothes and shoes, then I went to eat at a posh restaurant called Cosmos, then I went to get myself a job as an engineer. (When I was poor, I went to loads of job interviews but nobody gave me a job because I was not clean). The last thing I did,was to buy myself a mansion.

    Two years later, I was a successful engineer, I was married to a beautiful young lady called Rachel and I had two lovely daughters, which were twins, called Elsa and Elsie. My life had really changed forever.

  14. The luck of the Irish
    It was an enchanting summer’s day and there was a gentle summer’s breeze billowing through my hazel-brown,silky and soft hair.I was enjoying the beauty of nature and my hair which was golden-brown with the effect of the boiling sun, when a sharp little spark in the emerald green grass flitted about and caught my eye immediately…then I-I lost it-and then it came back again then I lost it…it happened again and again and again.It happened frequently until I lost my usually calm temper that when it flitted about again, I kicked it so violently, that it flew out of the grass-high into the air… and then… and then…and then I-I-I didn’t catch it -whatever it was.Then at last I found out what it was-it was a cute little leprechaun wearing a shining,emerald green coat and tails, he was also wearing a roughly cut pair of jeans and his face was the most charming of all!He had lovely deep, blue eyes-the colour of the salty seas,sandy-blonde hair and had a charming,tiny apple-cheeked face!”Aaaa!”I cooed with tender love in my heart.”I’m really ,really sorry about what I did to you!!Ooh- you’ve got blood dripping down your forehead-oh bad,stupid me-how could I be so harmful to others?Here let me clear it up for you.”I offered kindly, but the minuscule leprechaun backed away from me and blinked his big,blue eyes”No, I can heal myself, but thank you anyway and it’s O.K, in fact I was trying to annoy you-I’m sorry about that!”he said in a voice that was more like a whisper!”Oh,it’s all right what’s your name and how old are you?”I inquired inquisitively.”I’m Shaun and I’m four years old…I shall grant you a wish as you’ve been so kind to me!”he whispered (I had given him quite a lot of strawberries as we were chatting!) “Well, I wish that I will be able to go to Cambridge university-please!” I pleaded and the reply was ‘your wish is my order to be granted’ and with that he popped and vanished.How lucky am I?

  15. Isobel Allan says:

    A Fortune of Sorts
    It was a summer morning when opportunity burst into the Baggins’ thatched cottage as brightly as the rays of sun. Christopher, the older brother, was sat inside. He was hunched over in an immense sofa, reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, his thick, rectangular glasses perched on the tip of his long, thin nose. His sister, Sasha Baggins, was outside, preening the pansies in the window baskets. Everything seemed rather ordinary and Sasha hardly noticed Postman Paddy riding towards the cottage on his red bike and matching uniform.
    The brakes squealed as Paddy came to a halt beside Sasha, panting hard as sweat dripped from his forehead.
    “I have a very important letter, miss,” he heaved, handing Sasha a padded, brown envelope. “I was told I had to get it here fast as I could, but a bike isn’t a good one for speeding uphill.” He quickly turned, straddled his bike and pushed off, hurtling at speed down the hill.
    Sasha turned the package over in her hands, feeling the temptation to just rip it open creeping further towards her fingers. But no, packages were always for Christopher. She turned and popped her head through the window calling “Chris” at the curled up shape in the chair. The shape heaved its long body up, out of the chair and over to the window, taking the envelope out of Sasha’s soily hands, tearing it open and pushing his glasses further up his nose to read the contents.
    He cleared his throat before reading:
    “Dear Mr Baggins, we are sad to inform you that your uncle, Vector Vick, has unfortunately passed away.” Chris looked up at Sasha. “Vector Vick? I’ve never heard of him.” He looked back down at the letter. “You will find in the attached envelope a will, containing what your uncle has left to you. However, there is another fortune of sorts that has been left. We are not allowed to inform you of this fortune that was left at Vick Mansion by letter, so would be grateful for you to come to Chinkaton’s Bank of Brooklyn at your earliest convenience.” Chris looked back to Sasha and said “The walk is only five minutes.” And, with that, the two dropped what they were doing and headed for Chinkaton’s Bank of Brooklyn.
    Upon arrival, the two realised that their long, lost uncle must have been incredibly wealthy to be a member of a bank with white, marble pillars and golden doorknockers on the grand wooden doors. They were greeted by a cashier by the name of Barnabus. He was a plump man with a bald patch on the crown of his head. He nodded and smiled a lot while taking them on the journey to the vault and unlocking the door with a beautiful bronze key, opening the children’s eyes to a sparkling world.
    Towers of glittering gold coins shone in the vault, making Chris and Sasha’s eyes open wide. The two scooped the coins into their pockets, thanked Barnabus and headed home in the sizzling heat. Along the way, they discussed what they planned to do with the small fortune including buying more pansies, another pair of glasses, more books, and, above all a mansionparent as grand as Vector Vick’s. However, when the two got home, they were in for a nasty surprise…
    The fortune had melted into a brown, sticky, gloopy substance in their pockets. Chocolate! An even more delicious fortune.

  16. It started on a cold, windy day, I was wondering down the street and I saw loads of white shiny paper flying up I in the air like a flock of birds. As I watched them with amazement I noticed one of the pieces of paper was a different colour. Then I looked a bit more closely and I noticed it was a lottery ticket with yesterday’s date on, and suddenly thought this might be the winning ticket as no one had claimed the jackpot. I started to try and chase it and I had to run for miles and miles until the wind stopped and suddenly it fell on my head. Then I ran as fast as a cheetah chasing its prey to the shop so the ticket could be checked. I waited nervously as it was being checked after a while the man came back and said to me I had won the lottery, I was dancing with joy and couldn’t believe my luck.

  17. Oscar says:

    Money Shop

    My aching foot stomped once again into a dark green puddle and down the alleyway that I slept in. I could see my bedding lying on the floor next to me. Something was wrong, and it was the first thing I saw. A small shop made of money resting against an old deserted house.

    Notes and coins were compressed together to form the shop. My head shot round to see if anyone was there, no one. Again my head span round, eyes fixed at the money shop but it wasn’t there. I rubbed my eyes leaving a red mark on my eye lids, no change. All it took was a blink and it was back.

    I examined it suspiciously note by note, coin by coin. Nothing strange, the only thing strange was that it was a slanted building made out of money.

    I could hear one note riffle in the wind. Inside some more notes moved, but not by the wind. The coins piled on top of each other ‘clank’, ‘clank’, ‘clank’. The notes crawled together some squeezing in miniscule gaps, building on top of each other.

    All this clanking and crunkeling finally formed a man. His stick was made of coins piled on top of each other, his hat made from exactly £500.00 in notes. His nose at least 4 coins and his main body made from a combination. He looked like a man from the Victorian era with a moustache.

    He took his top hat off only millimetres from his head, and said in an old fashioned accent “good day to you.”

  18. Benj says:

    Reece and the Gold

    In a small cottage lived a poor boy named Reece. Once in a while, people would walk down the road of his house in distinguished clothes. For Reece, all he could do was watch.

    One day, Reece’s mother had asked him to sell their best cow, Buttercup. As Reece reached the deserted outskirts of town, an old man was at the side of the road. He whispered to Reece if he would give him his cow for some beans. Astonished by the beans, Reece gave him the cow.

    When young Reece arrived home he threw the beans into the garden. The next morning at the break of dawn, Reece got up. As he went outside an enormous shadow smothered the garden.

    In Reece’s garden was a green viney beanstalk which was so high you couldn’t see the top.

    Cautiously, Reece clambered onto the vine and started to climb. Nearer and nearer to the top he climbed. Eventually, he was at the top, his house was a small ant. He jumped on the clouds, they had the texture of candy floss. Two hundred metres away was a huge, stony castle.

    Finally, as Reece could touch the castle he heard a deafening roar. Slyly, he entered the castle and seated at a table was a massive cyclops!

    The gold! Suddenly, the giant cyclops threw his bag of gold onto the cold floor. Glistening gold…..Hastily, Reece crept to the gold, carefully plucking the bag without a sound. Tiptoeing out of the castle, Reece could see the ant like cottage. With much haste, Reece staggered down the rough side of the beanstalk. He was home. From that day, Reece wore distinguished clothes as he strode into his cottage.


  19. Archie says:

    As I submerged in my submarine into the murky sea the lime like water surrounded me.

    My name is Elliot and I’m a deep sea explorer, and my mission is to find the lost treasure of Atlantis.

    The fish down here look amazing, in all the colours of the rainbow, they were vibrant violet, inky indigo and terrific turquoise. As I sunk further down the screen robotically said “1400 meters down.” I looked out of the window and saw pitch black, it was terrifying. Suddenly the ship started getting tugged down, water started bursting in from the sides, massive suckers clung to the outer shell of my sub. “It’s a giant squid!” I screamed. I sprinted to the escape pod, “Phew!” I sighed as I blasted away from the ship. Then I spotted something glowing. It was a portal, could this be the way to the lost treasure of Atlantis…

    There were two massive, ferocious great white sharks guarding it, it must be the portal! I flew into the angry sharks at high speed knocking the air out of their lungs, and I went directly into the centre of the mysterious portal. There it was! All dazzling and golden the lost treasure of Atlantis.

  20. The Treasure is mine!

    “Run!” exclaimed Florence. And with that, I took to my feet with the old map still in my grasp. My forehead had sweat drizzling down it, but I had to get home before the next door neighbour stepped into her back garden. I got inside just in time and saw Florence head home too.

    Do you believe in hidden treasure? Well I didn’t before today.

    I had called Florence round, because I didn’t want to go on my own. I’d found the map a couple of days ago; it was just lying there, under some soil. I’m surprised my neighbours hadn’t found it.

    It was a misty May morning and I woke up excited after everything that had happened the day before. The weather hadn’t picked up on my jubilance and was damp and dull. I still had the ancient map at home, hidden away like the map had been for so long. I had so many questions that couldn’t be answered about the map. Who owned it? Was this a pirate’s? What was this map of? And many more questions.

    I ran home when I’d finished school and sprinted up to my bedroom to find the map waiting for me in my cupboard. Today, the only free day of the week – which was Tuesday – I could inspect the map and try to find some clues and answer some of my questions. It was scary, but exciting, opening it.

    I took a quick glance and then shut my eyes, as if a monster was about to pounce on me. When I opened them again I was still sitting in my bedroom, on my bed, the same place I was before. I unfolded the dusty paper and could smell the oldness of it. The ‘X’ was clearly written in blood red, permanent pen. Obviously, this was where the treasure had been hidden, for goodness knows how long! The map said, at the top, Triune, wherever that was.

    I whizzed to the computer to look up Triune. It was only about a mile or so from my house.

    I planned out when and where I was going and I asked Florence over again to come with me. Luckily she said yes. We were bringing a metal detector too, in case we struck lucky.

    It was the day I’d been waiting for. When school had finished, Florence and I walked together following and concentrating on the map. An hour had passed; we were too exhausted to walk any further, when suddenly, the metal detector picked up an object that made a noise, which nearly deafened us.

    We sunk to our knees and started digging furiously, getting mud and grit under our fingernails. Within ten minutes we were up to our knees in disgusting mud. The metal detector started beeping again; I lifted it into the ditch quickly, without any hesitation. We dug where it was making the most noise, to see if we were in chance of something under there.

    A few minutes later, we were looking at shiny gold, reflecting in our eyes, beneath our feet. I shoved the box into my rucksack and we headed home, just before it started to get dark.

    When we got back, my Mum was furious because we were so filthy. She took our clothes and the metal detector, and was curious what we had been up to. Fortunately, she didn’t take my rucksack; otherwise she would have got the shock of her life. I told Florence to keep the treasure a secret, because I didn’t want anyone else to know. This would be our secret, just ours! If anyone did find it…

  21. James says:

    Gold lots of it!

    One bright, sunny day in the middle of summer I sat in the back of my garden bored thinking of what I could do, it was like watching paint dry. An idea popped into my head I could go and do some treasure hunting in my small, compacted forest. I went and asked my dad if I could borrow his metal detector, he said ‘’yes’’, so I went to get the metal detector and set of into the deep, dark forest.

    I switched the metal detector on and away I went, scaverging for treasure like a squirrel looking for his nuts in winter. Suddenly the metal detector went off and I ran down to the shed and got a shovel, I dug as quickly as a dog digging to treasure his bone for later on. I hit a hard thing about 1 meter into the brown soggy, dirt, I dug round it and when I made out the shape it was a small treasure chest. I shouted for my dad to come up with a crowbar he rushed up and looked down the hole and said ‘’what is that?” Dad asked “,It’s a treasure chest” I answered back.

    He jumped down and stuck the crowbar in side and it slowly creaked open like a sloth climbing a tree. Immense light came out and nearly blinded me, we picked up the chest put it in the car and raced like a Hyena to the museum they took us to a little room and said ‘’all of this gold including the chest will be worth £1,000,000,000” so they gave it to us and we gave half of it to charities over the world. With all our money we bought the latest Lamborghini and a new house and gave our old one for homeless people to live in, after that we all lived a brilliant life.

  22. Tomi says:


    After a time-consuming and difficult verdict around the pound coin, it has been made today, 17th March 1983. The Mayor of London stated that from this day forward, each and every one of us would pay with pound coins and will no longer be using salt as our national currency.

    The pound was also useful to carry in a purse/wallet instead of salt. So the pound was made to be the legal coinage. Soon millions of pound coins were sold to businesses that needed all the money they could get.

    The two-pound was made!

    A new currency was made a few years after – the two-pound coin! Even Queen Elizabeth was amazed! This made a whole difference because instead of using two one pounds you just had to use one coin. Everyone thought this was an efficient method with coins.

    Even other countries stole this marvelous idea. Momentarily, the whole world had pinched the magnificent thought from the British. The two-pound coin was a success!

    A new pound coin has been developed!

    The pound coin has been said to be prepared! It’s an 8-pointed star shape that is similar to the 50 pence coin. When they announced this, people were stunned. But they realized that this idea is a superb one. It is going to be really helpful because you can get a proper grip on the coin and not let it slip. Soon when it comes out it will be made the normal pound coin.

    And guess what? A new two-pound coin has also been designed!

  23. ZACH says:

    Dave liked chocolate. Dave liked chocolate a lot. Every Friday he went down to the sweet shop and bought a chocolate bar.
    One day he decided he wanted to be a fierce pirate who stole chocolates. So he gathered a small group of his closest friends and set sale on the seven seas.
    After a few days of looting and pillaging, he was kidnapped by an evil gang called “The Blood Fangs”. He and his crew were forced to work as slaves.
    One day he snuck poison into the captain’s drink. The captain slumped into a chair, his meaty hands falling on the table.
    “Quick, run” shouted Dave at the top of his lungs.
    Surprisingly enough they did. They boarded a lifeboat and sailed away. Dave never wanted to be a pirate again.

  24. Hannah says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
    1 Rainbow Street
    Cheder Park

    Mrs. Earl
    Honolulu Resort-Hilton
    N25 3K5D
    Dear Mrs. Earl,
    RE Booking Reference: 237698507436858
    I am writing to demand a 100% refund of £2,000, as a result of the poor quality apartment in Honolulu Resort-Hilton, Honolulu, Hawaii. On booking, I requested 3 bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room and a bedroom with a shower and bath, which was accepted.
    On arrival my family I and I were forced to accept a 2 bedroom despite seeking a 3 bedroom apartment, with no explanation offered.

    Furthermore, in the bathroom instead of having a shower and a bath, it consisted of a compact room with a wash basin, covered in grime and a tiny shower which didn’t work.
    In addition, the living room resembled the size of a box room furnished with only an arm chair.
    The ultimate disappointment was the kitchen. To our surprise the kitchen was a reasonably sized room fitted with cupboards although it had no oven or stove in my opinion this is not a kitchen. As a result for the few nights we stayed we had to buy food from the highly expensive hotel restaurant.

    To conclude, we ended up booking the earliest flight home;leaving as soon as possible.

    In accordance with the Supply of Goods and Services Act of 1982 I am entitled to expect the hotel to be at a satisfactory standard. Therefore we look forward to a full refund of £2,000 within14 days.

    Yours faithfully

    Michael Johnson Teresa Johnson

  25. There was once a rich king who lived in an elephantine palace. He had a son, Prince Harry, who he wanted to be married so he put on a ball one night.
    Since all the guards were off duty and the servants were very busy, a crafty robber decided to sneak into the palace, to the huge money store and grab some money. That evening he prepared his equipment and made a plan of what he was supposed to do. Soon his plan was ready and the robber, whose name was Charlie, sat back in his seat and waited for the grand ball to come. Next day, Charlie woke up very early to prepare the bunker for the money. The ball was tonight and t here was a rumour that it was at 10:30-05:45 plenty of time to come back and forth twice, maybe even thrice with both his sacks full to the brim! Whilst Charlie was day-dreaming, he had a clue not that a mouse had just gone into one of his sacks! 10:30 came and Charlie set off with the mouse still in the sack…
    He barged out of the house slamming the door behind him, and raced down the road to the palace. As he thought there were loads of people there and the guards were on strike he sneaked into the money chamber. First load completed. Right, back to the house, to the chamber, open it, pour the money in close it, back to the palace! The mouse started gnawing a hole in the sack. Refill the sacks, right, back to the house, to the chamber, open it, pour the money in close it, back to the palace! The mouse had now gnawed a hole and escaped but Charlie didn’t notice. As he was running back the third time, Charlie didn’t notice that there was a trail of money coming out of one of the sacks (through the hole that the mouse had gnawed).
    Next day there was a knock on the door and the police came in and searched his house for money, they had spotted the trail. They didn’t arrest Charlie for there was no proof that he had the money, they still were suspicious of him, so they left a spy, who later that day saw Charlie get the money out from the bunker in the floor. The police then sent him to jail for 12 years and got the money back.

  26. Dear Diary

    Yesterday I just proved that even if you’re poor you can still win anything.

    That day it was a normal day at school and it was lunchtime also it was olympics day were the boys (because it was a boy’s school) would contend in a competition a running race and a spelling contest.

    We were lining up for a race and we all had to where masks from the internet but I don’t have a computer or a printer so I had a whole body from magazine unlike everyone else who just a head.

    We lined up to race. The bell rang and everyone else apart from me and my enemy ( Sam who was extremly posh) sprinted which was a bad idea because it was cross country. Me and Sam were on the final straight as everyone else was walking because they were out of the breath (that’s what happens when you start sprinting) me and Sam were now sprinting with all we had and just made the win by a centre metre. For the first time in 3 years i had won. Allthough no one cheered for me it didn’t matter because in my head I heard my poor family cheering.

    The End

  27. Miruna says:

    “Look Tom, a gift shop can… ooh of course we didn’t bring money with us and mum won’t let us borrow a bit of hers. “ Said Emma is low tone of voice. “Anyway, should we go inside and have a look?”
    Emma is like her brother, they think the same thing and their imagination is unstoppable together.
    Suddenly, their eyes got blurred, the next thing there was a deserted island and they were sitting right in the middle of it. Emma and Tom were wearing a fancy, colourful pirate costume and she was holding a map in her hand.
    “Read the map we might be in for an adventure” exclaimed Tom excitedly.
    “Twenty aces orward, then turn eft and enter the ave.” shouted Emma in a pirate voice.
    “What happened to you, why are you talking like that?’ questioned Tom.
    “This is what the map is saying!” clarified Emma. “Let’s see where this path is taking us!”
    Then they saw a mysterious figure coming towards them. A flag was raised, it was a… Jolly Roger flag! A pirate ship was coming towards them. When they realized what it was, their legs became as wobbly as jelly.
    “Run, run for our lives! The pesky pirates will steal our treasure if we don’t get to it first,” hollered Tom.
    As they turned left, there it was, a small cave entrance with shimmering lights coming from inside. Emma and Tom were out of breath and their hearts were beating as loud as drums like their hearts were going to come out of their chests. For the first time in their lives, they were experiencing mixed emotions: excitement and fear.
    Emma and her brother entered the cave holding hands tightly. There it was, an immense, timber treasure chest, half opened with glittery jewels, royal crowns and lots of golden coins. Just as Tom was about to dig his hands in this lost treasure, the pirates came out of a secret door from underneath the cascading rocks.
    “Argh, me harties, I think this is ours!” said the toothless pirate. “You better leave now if you want to survive, otherwise I will make you walk the plank and your life will be miserable.”
    Holding their hands they wished it was all a dream. Then, all of a sudden they found themselves back outside the gift shop.
    “You know Tom, after all, money is not that important! At least we had great fun,” explained Emma with a huge smile on her face.
    Tom nodded in agreement as they were walking towards the gift shop entrance. Unexpectedly, he heard a rattling noise coming from his pocket…

  28. Chris says:

    I was just watching my favorite TV show when spontaneously, they announced that there was a break coming up. I frowned at the TV muttering under my breath “Why do they have to put on an advert just when something interesting was going to happen.” But to my surprise, it was the National lottery announcement. As quick as a flash, I rushed up stairs gallivanting for my lottery ticket and soon I found it hiding in my secret drawer.

    24, 3, 17, 34, 21, there was a deadly silence for a moment as I checked my results.
    “I have won!” For so many years I have been impoverish, trying to get hold of some money and from today my excruciating life has gone. I stood speechless for a moment. As I was already dressed up, I quickly skipped to the shops and received my grand prize of 1,000,000 pounds. What a lucky day.

  29. Ipshita says:

    The Dead Man’s Chest

    Hi! My name is Lilly and I’m the captain of this ship with Jake, Billy and Polly the ship’s parrot. These are all my crew sailing on our beloved ship Rosetta. Today, I and my crew are aiming to find the dead man’s chest. Never heard of him…read on to find out more.
    Well, as you know in pour pirate land, till now no one and I mean no one knows the dead man’s name, but everyone knows where the dead man’s treasure is. That’s what I and my courageous crew are going to grab hold of today. On this journey, you might come across some bumpy places so fasten your seat belts and join us!
    On our helpful map it suggests that we should travel North towards the cannon country and then travel East towards the Midnight Lagoon. The treasure should be on a shiny golden rock marked with a ‘cross’.
    First we travel North directly towards the Cannon Country where we manage to elude from the green, scaly short-tempered crocodile. As we sail east to reach the Midnight Lagoon, we meet Rossie the friendly pink vibrant tailed Mermaid, who swam the deep calm blue ocean.

    Slowly we approach the blinding golden rock which has the cross carved on it. Silently as possible we took out our weapons and rapidly walked towards the rock. As I went closer towards it I realised the Chest was placed on top of the rock. I and my crew ascended the rock and carefully grabbed the treasure as we scrambled down. We quickly loaded the Chest on to Rosetta and sailed back to our island through twilight.
    As we approached home, we took a close look at the chest and unlocked it. As we opened the chest we found it filled with Golden Doubloons and Shimmering Jewels with a short letter saying…

    Dear young pirates ,
    Congratulations on acquiring this treasure and please do take care of this precious chest and Jewels.
    From Captain Butch (Dead Man)
    So, finally our mission is accomplished and we are glad that finally we came to know the name of the Dead Man…RIP Butch!

  30. Alleyway Death

    We need money. Fast.

    Me and Kyra go to the casino every night, just in case we miss anything, or win an easy give away, you know, just like normal people, right? I tell Kyra, (my roommate) that we’re wasting our time and money, but somehow, we stagger back to our somewhat of a home. It was just that one night that changed my life forever…

    Unseen by the midnight cloak falling around us, we crawled along like drunken insects.
    “ZEN! WATCH OUT!” screamed Kyra as I plundered into a labyrinth of darkness. Tumbling down into an eternal hole, which seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere. After what seemed like an age, I hit a… a stone wall?

    The big, bright ball of fire seeped through the cracks of the alleyway. As another day began, I noticed something mysterious… a lever in the side wall! I was curious as to know what this triggered. So I pulled it, and, just like in the movies, the wall turned on itself, revealing a treasure chest! Slowly, I crept towards it, unsure of what valuables I may find…

    I was gobsmacked. All I ever dreamt of was somehow packed into this tiny chest. It was filled with £50,000!

    I felt slightly unsure as I dragged the surprisingly light treasures back to our apartment. The feeling just set me on edge. As I crept into the lounge, I realised that the apartment was deserted, but I wasn’t alone.
    “BOO” exclaimed Kyra, jumping out from behind the kitchen counter. She can be so annoying sometimes, surprising me and shaking me out of my senses.
    “Hey Kyra, look what I found; back on Tuesday when I fell into that alleyway!” I said dragging it out of the doorway. In a shocked silence, Kyra lifted the golden coins out of the rotting chest and let them slip through her thin fingers, clinking one at a time, back into the collection of money.
    “Zoulaoka…” whispered Kyra. That was the last thing I ever heard her say for the rest of the week…

    I have no idea what Zoulaoka is, but I intend to find out. It was just when I thought up the idea of following Kyra to these sessions of Zou-whatsit’sface! The final night dawned upon me. As I silently tip-toed across the street, I heard murmurs and grunt coming from inside the train station. Entering into the train station, I made out about three old homeless blokes milling around and curling in corners by themselves. Then I spotted Kyra again. She approached a security guard (who I didn’t even notice as he was smothered by the shadows). I could tell at once that the door he was standing behind lead to the Zouloaka sessions. My roommate, cleared her throat and whispered something in his ear. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, but I knew, that if I was ever going to follow her into that room, I had to get that password. So I ran, right across the stretch of vast concrete flooring. Crouching down I tried listening again. To my good fortune, the security guard didn’t quite hear Kyra, and so made her repeat the password! I was now closer, so I could hear every word she spat out.
    Hours passed by trying to stay awake, but I just couldn’t do it. I woke to the sound of a gunshot ringing out! I frantically rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, failing to realise what had just happened. When I could finally focus, she was gone. KYRA HAD BEEN SHOT! I raced forward fast as lightning, startling the other players as they did not see me. Somehow, the chest I found in the alley appeared out of thin air, and in desperation I dragged it over to the place Kyra was lying, motionless. As the white figure rose I caught it in the chest.

    Another shot, and then… nothing.

  31. – GOLD COINS

    There was once a rich king who lived in an elephantine palace. He had a son, Prince Harry, who he wanted to be married so he put on a ball one night.
    Since all the guards were off duty and the servants were very busy, a crafty robber decided to sneak into the palace, to the huge money store and grab some money. That evening he prepared his equipment and made a plan of what he was supposed to do. Soon his plan was ready and the robber, whose name was Charlie, sat back in his seat and waited for the grand ball to come. Next day, Charlie woke up very early to prepare the bunker for the money (it was in the floor and you couldn’t know where it was unless you rubbed the floor with your hands. The ball was tonight and there was a rumour that it was at 10:30-05:45 plenty of time to come back and forth twice, maybe even thrice with both his sacks full to the brim! Whilst Charlie was day-dreaming, he had a clue not that a mouse had just gone into one of his sacks! 10:30 came and Charlie set off with the mouse still in the sack…
    He barged out of the house slamming the door behind him and raced down the road to the palace. As he thought there were loads of people there and the guards were on strike. He sneaked into the money chamber. First load completed. Right, back to the house, to the chamber, open it, pour the money in close it, back to the palace! The mouse started gnawing a hole in the sack. Refill the sacks, right, back to the house, to the chamber, open it, pour the money in close it, back to the palace! The mouse had now gnawed a hole and escaped but Charlie didn’t notice. As he was running back the third time, Charlie didn’t notice that there was a trail of money coming out of one of the sacks (through the hole that the mouse had gnawed).
    Next day there was a knock on the door and the police came in and searched his house for money, they had spotted the trail. They didn’t arrest Charlie for there was no proof that he had the money, they still were suspicious of him, so they left a spy, who later that day saw Charlie get the money out from the bunker in the floor. The police then sent him to jail for 12 years and got the money back.

  32. Thomas.w says:

    Coins are golden small and round
    Made from metal which is found in a deep underworld
    Made from a mans passion
    And the yellow nugget is really in fashion

    It’s small but something to admire
    And costs a million pounds for a chunk
    But a coin costs nothing
    Although boy if it could talk it would have a story to tell
    As a coin comes from a miners sweat and tears

    Men went to seek their fortune in California
    And how they were going to do it
    They were going to find gold
    Though unfortunately some would never come home
    To their awaiting friends and family

  33. Leila T says:

    The news paper read…’LUCKIEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE’ now, I guess your wondering who the luckiest person alive is? Well i dont mean to brag but i am the luckiest human alive!

    It all started on an ordinary day when I went to Tesco to buy my healthy,tasty groceries for the week. I overheard a couple talking about their friend who won the lottery a few long,tiring weeks back…now your probably wondering why I was being so nosy but seriously, if it wasn’t for my nosy ness then I wouldn’t be in the papers would I? Ok,ok i will carry on the story…where was I?

    Yes, that’s it…I over heard people talking about someone winning the lottery. I thought about what effect it would have in my life if I’d won,picked up a bag of apples, put them in the trolley and carried on walking down the lovely,juicy fruit Isle.

    “That’s £26.45 please?” The small,timid lady quietly.
    “Okay!” I answered,trying to lighten the mood.
    I handed her my money and waved goodbye to her trying to make her feel less timid.
    I walked about a metre past the lottery point,walked back to it and queued patiently in the short line. Wow! I cant even imagine winning £250,000! I thought to myself. I got handed thee small but life changing lottery ticket. I searched in my back and found my purse. I slowly picked up a 2p and started scratching the card…IT WAS A WINNING TICKET! I had won £250,000! I jumped up and down, screaming and shouting as loud as I could. I was so happy that this extraordinary thing had happened to me! I showed the ticket to the cashier who was called Timmy(it was on his badge and it also said he had worked at tesco for 3 years) and he told me that I had won £250,000 and it had been sent straight into my bank! I was as happy as can be!

  34. joshuaO says:


    I flew to Mexico to find some gold but alas the gold rush was over; the local village had claimed to have dug up all the gold in the ground. I was infuriated. I picked up a couple of stones and threw them as hard as I could as I dragged my shovel on the floor. CLINK! Went a sound. I threw another stone. CLINK! I wandered aimlessly towards a neglected, desolate, barren and bereft landscape.
    I threw my shovel hard into the ground and I started digging as fast as I could. CLINK! The shovel hit something hard and I heaved the chest out of the sun baked crust of the Earth. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. I opened the chest and i glared at the most luxurious things in the universe……..

  35. Aki says:

    Jack’s mum and dad were poor and homeless. They had black hair , wore ragged clothes and had no food. They carried smell of repungant. Jack’s mum and dad and Jack himself were looking for scraps of food when they came across a lottery ticket. Whilst Jack found a radio to listen the winning numbers for the lottery ticket. All three of them gathered around each other. The numbers that were said by the lottery company was 245. Yes we won !!!!!!!!!!They were so relieved and absurd at the same time.They jeered at the same time and it was adrenalin pumping.They had just won £2,000,0000 ,they were going tobe rich.Ther idea was get a decent mansion with all of the facilaties.This was end for being homeless for them !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. William_H says:

    Thank you for the money

    The story starts with an ordinary person called Bradley who always wanted to donate to charity. But one day a bank manager said,”If you keep on donating to charity, then I will never ever loan you some money again!” Bradley didn’t listen to the silly bank manager and he donated 3/8 of his money (37.5%). He broke the world record of being the most generous person on the planet. But he didn’t stop there. He bought THREE one bedroom houses and rented them to homeless people for free! 1 of the tenants went overdraft and couldn’t afford to live. So Bradley rushed to the shop and bought a feast for the tennant. The tenant could not thank him as much as he wanted to, but Bradley had other people to attend. Bradley was so busy doing things he never went to bed but he didn’t care. HE JUST DIDN’T CARE?

  37. Adam says:

    As I entered the daunting, abandoned and eerie abode reluctantly, spooky curtains swished randomly as if someone was tugging on them.. Ghostly-stooped figures suddenly appeared and vanished; icy chills ran down my delicate spine briskly. Creaking, one-hinged doors swayed like green, tiny hands waving on trees. A faint, distant glow dimly illuminated the ransacked, rickety and ramshackle residence. Cautiously, I ambled into the cramped room; dozens of gleaming golden coins were perched and flanked beside each other. Countless coins beaming at me, beckoning to join their haven.

  38. aaron juhti says:

    Finally there it was, my toiling, blood and sweat. My boss has given me ninety thousand pounds all stacked up, lined up next to each other like golden steps. I was now jumping for joy and being prepared to put on shades because my future was now looking bright. The path to prosperity was more clear now. My heart started dancing like if it was walking to the path of prosperity itself. I proudly walked away, but first shuffling the coins in my wallet. Not being surprised there was so many coins it didn’t all fit in my wallet, so I put some in my pockets. Amazingly everyone outside clapped, I didn’t know how they knew what had happened. But when my friend, Roger, told me that everyone looked through the key hole it all made sense.

  39. James Gold says:

    “One hundred and twenty three.” counted the man. This man was no ordinary man, he was a very wealthy man. Due to him having tons of money, he didn’t do any chores for himself. So, he was an independent man with power as he was a duke, but everyone hated him, because of the way he acted. He was always abusing poor people living on the streets. And his power meant that he could do so, but the villagers could not do a thing. The greedy pig had nothing to do with the town folks so therefore he let them have no money towards school funds.

  40. Diya Jena says:

    Stacks upon stacks of wrought, beaming faces surveyed my lanky, lean figure. The precious, little, golden raindrops from heaven seemed to have a resplendent aura. Towering above my gaping face were the tiny coins that gleamed and fluoresced, like they were purposely making me desire them, and now I really did. My eyes could not leave their round forms. Tacitly, my eyes twinkling with mercenariness,my unrestricted hand reached for the heavenly coins . . .

  41. Riya jena says:

    We all climbed down the unsteady ladder, hoping fearfully that it would not break under our weight. One by one, all three of us jumped down onto the ground that was littered with dead insects, and the broken webs swished ominously in our faces. It was as dark as it would be at night, and all we could here were the fearful breaths of us, deep down in the lifeless tunnel. Occasionally there was a scurrying as a rat, one of the only living things, passed us by, eager to get out of the never-ending tunnel.
    We had come here as we sought gold that was said to be sleeping under the old ground, to save our village from poverty. Obviously, the villagers thought nothing of our idea, as they didn’t believe that we could find the gold, but we proved them wrong.
    After a laborious journey in the tunnel that lasted for two hours at least, we walked head-first right into a dark door that wasn’t seen because of the dark. After getting up and brushing the dead bluebottles from our clothes, we probed for the handle. Finally, after a frustrating time, we found the handle and opened the door. Inside, there was total darkness, but we could hear a clinking under our feet. Slowly, I reached down and touched the thing we were standing on, and I felt small, cold circles that seemed like it was there for centuries. Not long afterwards, I realised that we had found the very thing we were looking for; treasure!

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