Task 20
27th March 2014
Task 22
10th April 2014


  1. Lewa says:

    A poem about rubbish

    One thing you put in the dustbin is rubbish,
    People who throw it on the floor are childish;

    You shouldn’t throw on the floor but don’t get too snobbish,
    I think people who litter must be punished;

    One thing you throw in the dust bin is rubbish,
    Maybe without it, rats and mice won’t flourish;

    Most of it comes from someones’ lovely dish,
    Now you know what I am saying, it is time for me to finish.

  2. Aidan steers says:

    Not So Rubbish

    One overcast, foggy and dewy day a boy named billy was at his local church with his school doing an Easter service. Billy is very rarely in trouble and is a very good role model but on this day it was about to change. A boy next to him (his arch rival Fred) started to talk to him. Suddenly a booming voice louder than a lions roar shouted,

    “Billy get here now!” It was his least favourite teacher Mrs Green. Mrs Green yanked him by the arm and took him out the church. “Billy! “ The booming voice shouted, “Do you have any idea how disrespectful it is to talk in a prayer; in fact I’m taking you back to school and putting you on litter duty, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

    “Sorry,” replied Billy. When Billy got back to school he started litter duty, it was putrid, disgusting, it smelt of rotten plants and stinky lunch meat, and that was just the bin. Suddenly when Billy began to start a gold glimpse caught his eye. He grabbed and waited for the end of school. When school ended he was of like a lightning bolt to the second hand shop. “Excuse me, can you trade this watch with me?” queried Billy. The man turned around.

    “Wow is that a twenty – one karat gold watch!” the man asked excitedly.” I’ll give you two thousand pounds for it!” shouted the man.

    “Deal!” replied Billy and he skipped home happily to show his mum.

    The moral of the story, good things come to those who wait.

  3. Nicola says:

    On Monday I was emptied, and felt clean, hungry and new.
    On Tuesday, I gratefully ate two kilograms of unwanted junk.
    On Wednesday, I developed rubbish cancer.
    On Thursday, i was made better, as Dr Pepper went inside me to treat me.
    On Friday, I got fatter.
    By Saturday, people had noticed how full I had become, and had started talking about me.
    On Sunday, someone wrote a story about about me, the dirty, stinking, dull and overflowing rubbish bin.
    On Monday I was emptied once more.

  4. Crystal says:

    Rubbish and the little people
    Long ago there lived little people and little people loved the bin: the reason they loved it was because they took rubbish out and built houses with it.

    The big people hated the little people, because they were always scattering rubbish about the place, making it look untidy with their “so called” houses. One day the big people got so fed up that they banned the little people from the earth, and planned to send them into space on a rubbish rocket.

    The little people told the rulers of the world. And they split the world in half for them each to live separately. They lived happily ever after for 1000 years until they died. Then the rulers put the world back together and the people lived together in harmony.

  5. Elisha says:

    Dear Mayor,

    I would like to take the letter and write to you about the rubbish, now you may think that this is a waste of time but i tell you it is not. The rubbish in London is really bad.

    The problem is that the rubbish just smells ! and it bring rats. I can no believe the rubbish men have not come for a mouth this is the 5th time they have not come,m and my house smells, OK look I live in a big house and trust me when i say i live in a big house and I do not want it smelling.

    Last night, before I went to bed, I went to have a cup of tea with some white chocolate biscuits, I put the kettle on and looked out the window and what do I see, a bunch of animals I saw a mixture of foxes, rats, mice and surprisingly a dog, also a deer goodness gracious me, What a fright I got just because my bin had not been cleared out for 5 weeks.

    As a result of this I do not want this to happen again, I want you to get the bin people back, I want to to engorge them, tell that they can do it, tell them that they are doing a great job, tell them that even though their job is greatest and we do understand but their job is important to London even if we don’t always show it we do actually really x100000000000000000000000000000000000000 appreciate it. Thank You.

    Yours sincerely
    Mr Akinboro
    Elisha Akinboro

  6. Joan says:

    The Mystery of the Rubbish Taker

    Hi! This is my school, Croydon High, and I am going to tell you about a MYSTERY! (dun dun duuunn!)

    One day walking through the park I saw a full rubbish bin and I thought to myself why don’t the bin men take out the rubbish from this bin?and walked away .But when I walked round the bin I could nearly smell everything that was in the bin there was a packet of crisps, a bit of dog poo, bird poo and baby poo.

    So i went back home at 9pm, because i had to empty my bin with my friends.

    When i woke up the next morning the bin was full again. I asked my mum whether she had put more things in the bin. But she said no!

    So, in the night I hid behind my bin so i could see who did it. Then I saw a shadow of a fox and I crept slowly to it. I caught it by the tail, The fox screamed making such a scary noise that whole neighbourhood woke up, including my mum. She came outside and shouted at me.
    “Why are you out in the middle of the night?” I said nothing. The fox leapt from my arms and slunk away into the night.

  7. Juanita says:

    The Adventure Bin

    Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Rose. She lived with her mum, dad, and brother who was twelve. Rose was ten years old and she hated her brother.

    One day when Rose was going to school she saw an empty packet of crisps. She picked it up and went to put it in the bin, when suddenly she got sucked up in the bin. She grew smaller and smaller, smaller than a bumble bee. The smell made Rose faint while she was falling in the bin. She landed with a thump!

    Rose woke up 5 minutes later in a forest. She got up and looked around her, she saw she was surrounded by monsters with ruby red eyes and green drool coming out of their noses. Rose screamed. She screamed so loud, it gave the monsters a headache. This, of course, got the monsters angry. Rose thought, that if she used her karate skills against the monsters (except the king) she would be able to swing on the branches and do a roly-poly in the air, and kick the King in the tummy. She did the first bit of her plan, but the other half she did not succeed. Instead she banged her head on the tree and fainted again.

    She awoke beside the bin. Rose ran into the playground, saying
    “What an adventure!”

  8. Willow says:

    Rubbish is a problem that everyone is facing. If you don’t recycle, everywhere will be covered with litter and it will be a consequence. There will be polluted air and you don’t know where the rubbish will go, it will go into landfills and it will get burnt and the air will be polluted. It won’t just affect us, it will spread around the world.
    In a thousand years the world will explode and this is why we need to stop it right now. If we don’t stop now there’s no end to this. It will get too bad that will be too late and no one could stop it. So this is why we have to stop it. Families could die and people will suffer from it.
    Emi Jones Reporting at BBC studios live in London

  9. Grace says:

    Who am I???

    Hello, I am Andrea Wilson and I am in year six. I am the odd one out of my year group as I am skinny, small (about the same size as a girl in year one), and terrible at basically every sport ever invented. The other kids pick on me but I am very used to this, as everyone in year 6 does this to me. My teacher is very worried about my health because the only thing I eat on my dinner plate is: a strip of chicken, two peas and a third of my cup of water.

    Obviously, a girl like me has no friends, inside or outside of school. All the other girls like to gossip all day or talk about fashion, while, I like to stay out of their way so they don’t torment, humiliate, or embarrass me.

    All the time I keep on wondering: ‘Who I am?’

    One day, I actually said it aloud and I was standing next to the toughest boy in my class (big mistake) and he said:

    “Your nothing but rubbish!”

    Ever since that day, I always became grumpy when I remembered what he said.

    I wasn’t popular or liked but what I did gain is independence. I felt proud of my independence as most girls will just tag along to popular people.

    At the end, I was so independent and brave that even some of the most popular people in school were friends with me. Sometimes I wondered how I became so popular, but then I thought it is because of my independent and brave personality.

  10. Thomas says:

    The new exhibition about our seas!

    Last week, I went on a trip to see the new addition to an intriguing building (The Science Museum). The tiring trip felt like an expedition, as I travelled on at least three forms of passport! As I stepped inside the majestic building, I was marvelled by its palatial appearance. Whilst I looked around the first exhibit, I saw a group of protestors. They were staging a demonstration because of the deletion of the exhibit, showing the importance of polar ice caps. I ignored it and moved on to examine the new exhibit, which I had gained access to because I’d won a competition at my school.

    There was a young woman welcoming people in by announcing “Welcome to the exhibit where we explain why putting rubbish into the water is terrible.” I was interested, so I began my small adventure. I saw pictures of tragic incidents, where whales had died as a result of rubbish being tossed into the water. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime so I swiftly unpacked my lunch and began to think about what had happened, I made sure that I took my rubbish home. I really liked the creator’s contribution to facts, however his distribution of photos was minute, so he could improve there. I conculded my eventful, but exciting, day by telling the manager that I believed the creator of the exhibit deserved a promotion because I loved the excellent experience. I learnt the valuable importance of our super seas and to recycle my RUBBISH!

  11. Bolu says:

    One day a young student, called Emily, was walking home from from school. While she was walking ,she heard a suspicious crying noise. Emily thought it was a noise from a car that had just passed by. The crying noise got louder and louder. It sounded like it was coming from the rubbish bin. Emily peered into the rubbish bin and right in front of her was a baby girl!

    As soon as Emily saw the baby, she immediately called the police. 5 minutes later, a policeman came. Emily explained to the officer how she found the baby. The police officer was furious because the baby could have died. He was determined to find out who the mother of the poor baby was.

    One week later, the police had found out who the mother was. She was taken to prison. Sadly the poor baby had to go live in a care home however, After two years, a kind family decided to adopt the baby (who was called Ruby). Ruby settled in with her new family and Emily was on the news for being a hero.

  12. Sasha says:

    Kazy was a rude, ignorant, disdainful girl with chaotic hair that looked like a bomb had hit her head. At school, pupils looked up to her ways of going around the school with a pot of spray-paint and creating all types of vandalism. She used to kick bins over for the sakes of the litter monitors; but this was about to change.
    The school was a horrible building with barbed wire and one building for over 300 pupils. Most people say it looks like a prison. Just a load of freaky looking teenagers, living in a dump-yard.
    Kazy was “getting ready” for school on a Wednesday morning. Her idea of getting ready for school was putting on lipstick and dancing in front of the mirror. Finally, she picked up her light school bag and heaved herself to school. But once she had got there, she found a shock. RUBBISH had been sprayed onto the bin. Why? Had someone stolen her spray paint? She had taken everyones beforehand.
    She then saw a silent shadow hanging out on the school corner. It then seemed to Kazy that it was a new girl. “This place is a dump.” Began Kazy. The figure stepped forward giving out a bulky hand. “My name is Rockstar.” She solemnly said. The next minute she had kicked over a bin that toppled over Kazy. “Just for you!” she laughed, and skipped away. Kazy had an apple core in her hair, her new jeans, which she had bought yesterday, were covered in bits of banana peel and muck. Suddenly she heard the director’s voice, “Come here now Kazy Baxter!”

  13. Oscar says:

    Rubbish touch

    After one of those really hard days, I was walking home from school. Then unexpectedly a small ball of five different pieces of rubbish were blown into my hand.

    I stood there for a while, staring at it, then it glowed. The rubbish finally flew off my hand after it glowing yellow.

    I carried on walking home, until I reached my house. I grabbed the bronze door knob and twisted it ‘krkkk’. The entire house transformed into a giant pile of rubbish.

    Shocked, I walked to the car and slouched down by the tyre, ‘krkk’, the car too turned into another junk yard.

    Amazed, but frightened, I went to the closest tree and tested my theory, (everything I touch turns to rubbish). My hand, shaking, shot out to touch the willow. Nothing happened, it stayed the same.

    “Wow” I exclaimed. ‘Krkk’, then after a few seconds the tree transformed as well into rubbish.

    I fell to the floor and sighed. A few minutes passed then I realised something. I was touching the world by walking and sitting on it!

    ‘Kkkrrrkkkkkk!’ The world full of nature, electronics, people and history turned into a floating ball of rubbish. Everything turned into rubbish, I was the last thing on the planet…

    Believing this to be a dream I waited for something to happen. Nothing happened. ‘Vsvsssvs,’ a bubble like, paper thin door appeared with no handle.

    ‘Pt, pt, pt, pt,’ millions and millions of people marched out, friends, family and everyone who lived on earth.

    ‘Bosh’ I saw everyone in a line around the world. I looked down at my feet all the rubbish was gone. I knelt down and touched the ground in relief.

    ‘Krkkk!’ again the world was floating ball of rubbish.

  14. giles says:

    this is a test

  15. Amaan says:

    Johnny,the greedy boy was snoring upon the settee .When suddenly the room reeked of the week old garbage .
    “Mummmm !” Johnny exclaimed
    “Johnny ,you’ve just got to get used to it .” explained mum holding her nose.
    ” Why don’t you just fly-tip,”
    ”Johnny how could you have an idea like that, we have to recycle,”
    So as you can see Johnny loathed recycling .BUT GUESS WHAT HE WAS TAUGHT A LESSON!
    It was all when the Genie came that day

  16. The Times
    Yesterday a man was caught stealing rubbish. His plan is to be prime minister of
    He has claimed he is the new Pied Piper. The England after us begging him to stop
    only reason people believe him is that he had the rats. More is trying to be figured
    rats coming in and out of his sleeves. out about the man and the rubbish he
    is stealing is it magical.

  17. Rosie says:


    Rotten rubbish seeps over the side, causing a slow but steady man made slimy sludge,
    Underneath the stinking piles of savage slop the black bag slowly suffocates.
    Boxes, bugs, and rotting fruit merge together with the remains of sticky fudge.
    Below the mass of decaying waste the red fox sits and waits
    In the darkest hour of the night he leaps into the bin and over it topples in the night.
    Smelling like a rubbish dump the fox searches for a hearty meal.
    He finds an old chicken carcass and runs away swiftly in flight.

  18. Archie says:

    You are as smelly as a skunk,
    You are as rusty as a nail,
    The only reason you were created was to hold discarded junk.

    People treat you with no respect,
    Who do they think they are?
    Without you, the earth would be a massive ball of pollution.

    You may not be the cleanest,
    Or the most fresh

  19. Archie says:

    You are as smelly as a skunk,
    You are as rusty as a nail,
    The only reason you were created was to hold discarded junk.

    People treat you with no respect,
    Who do they think they are?
    Without you, the earth would be a massive ball of pollution.

    You may not be the cleanest,
    Or the most fresh and fragrant,
    But you are still one of the most important in the world.

    We have lots of uses for you ,
    Like gardening, recycling and food waste,
    And when our toys get old, you make a new home for them.

    And all these little things make up you a ….
    Rubbish bin.

  20. Tomi says:


    It was playtime and Jake found an empty packet of crisp on the floor. He decided that he would put it in the rubbish bin near the gate. When he put the packet in the full rubbish bin, he got sucked in like an apple in a black hole. The smell inside the bin was so horrific he had a heart attack!

    About an hour later, Jake found himself looking in a mirror, but there was something wrong. The image reflecting on the mirror was a rubbish bin! He tried to lift up his hands but he didn’t have any! He tried to walk but he didn’t have any legs! Jake was stunned!

    All of a sudden his body appeared out of nowhere! Jake could not believe his eyes. The bell rang. Children rushed inside for next period. After a while Jake was alone.

    The next day Jake was miserable. He missed his old life and absolutely hated his new one. He was as smelly, stinky and filthy as can be.

    At lunch, when everyone had finished eating, Jake’s body started walking up to him and got sucked inside. Soon Jake felt his arms and legs moving about. He was himself again! Jake was glad about this but he never went near a rubbish again in his life…

  21. Tomi says:


    It was playtime and Jake found an empty packet of crisp on the floor. He decided that he would put it in the rubbish bin near the gate. When he put the packet in the full rubbish bin, he got sucked in like an apple in a black hole. The smell inside the bin was so horrific he had a heart attack!

    About an hour later, Jake found himself looking in a mirror, but there was something wrong. The image reflecting on the mirror was a rubbish bin! He tried to lift up his hands but he didn’t have any! He tried to walk but he didn’t have any legs! Jake was stunned!

    All of a sudden his body appeared out of nowhere! Jake could not believe his eyes. The bell rang. Children rushed inside for next period. After a while Jake was alone.

    The next day Jake was miserable. He missed his old life and absolutely hated his new one. He was as smelly, stinky and filthy as can be.

    At lunch, when everyone had finished eating, Jake’s body started walking up to him and got sucked inside. Soon Jake felt his arms and legs moving about. He was himself again! Jake was glad about this but he never went near a rubbish bin in his life again…

  22. Isobel Allan says:

    In the rubbish

    On a dark shadowy night at 9pm a boy named Isaac had been kicked out of his house for being so irritating. His nickname at home, school and, it seemed, wherever he went was “Irritating Isaac”. There was no doubt about it Isaac had a knack for rubbing people up the wrong way!

    “Stupid, stupid family! I’ve never been kicked out of the house for being irritating. OK, maybe once or twice, but not for being irritating, not at all!” he mumbled to himself while kicking a clattering can along the everlasting pavement. It felt as if he had been walking for hours.

    As he came past the back of a mouldy shut down shop, he heard a rustle from the rubbish bins. “Huh, just the wind stirring up the litter” said Isaac; comforting himself with the thought. But suddenly he heard it again. The rustling and this time, a soft yelping noise. Fighting the urge to scarper, he decided to investigate the bizarre sound. As he approached, the smell around the bins was putrid.

    Isaac rummaged around with his feet, poking the litter that had collected in the sheltered corner of the building, searching for the source of the noise. He came across something quivering in the darkest recess. The yelping grew as he got closer and bent down to get a closer look. Two pairs of dark eyes peered back at Isaac as a cars headlights passed the end of the street. The fox cubs looked starving. There must be something wrong if they hadn’t made a run for it!

    Issac had only one choice. He scooped them up into his jacket, and made his way back to the house. He had a feeling the family might quickly forget how irritating he had been earlier, when they saw his surprise for them! He smuggled them into the house, snuck up to his room. What would mum say if she found out?

  23. Dear Councillor,

    I am writing to you to complain about the rubbish in Holland Park. Over the last few months it has been impossible for me to walk my dog or take my children to the park because it is scattered with rubbish.

    The problem has occurred because you have sacked all the bin men in order to save money. Now the bins are overflowing with rubbish. This is a problem because local residents and visitors cannot safely take their dogs for a walk, or take children to enjoy the park. This really is bad for dogs , as last month a dog died from eating rubbish. I feel shocked that such a thing could happen in a city like London. It’s only a matter of time before children get ill from playing with all the rubbish surrounding them.

    It is a matter of urgency that you get the park tidied up. You must also hire the bin men back to regularly empty the bins.

    Yours Sincerely
    Grace Wilkinson (Miss)

  24. There was once a boy called Jake, who couldn’t resist but bake a cake, but he didn’t like wasting his time, especially when the day was fine, as he was taking a stroll, he once met a troll, who had emptied out a bin, and filled it with a load of gin. Jake poured the gin out, and found a stick that was stout, but this was not ordinary, for it had a berry, which when it touched the bin, it turned it into a fin! Why the berry was magic! It was a wand, the stick was the handle and the berry was instead of a star! How fantastic! Now Jake could bake a cake in no time at all, so now his skin wouldn’t get flaked, because it wouldn’t get baked, but one day the, wand flew away, and poor old Jake had to let his skin flake.

  25. Sandhana says:

    Long long ago there once lived a scintist called Bindos. He was a very wealthy and well known man. One day Bindos was travelling in his magnifies and golden carriage to visit the king , to ask him if he had any ideas for a invention. He was riding along when he looked out of the window he was going passed a school . He was shocked of how much rubbish was lying on the the pavement next to the school gates. Paper ,sweet wrappers , crisp packets . Just then an idea popped into his head. He told the person riding the carriage to turn round and go home. When he got home he thought what he could with a silly piece of metal. He turned it round so it looked like a circle. Then when he made it he painted in red paint RUBBISH on it in big bold bubble writing. Then took it to the school . The headmaster thanked him and put one either side the gates . And till this day every single school has a rubbish bin.

  26. Bobs says:

    It was getting close to summer. It was baking hot , there had been no rain in weeks [ surprisingly.] No-one was wearing there jumper’s or coats , despite they probably would have been chucked in the bin. Some people [ probably by accident lessoned to the radio ,what probably said all the wrong news for weather and it said it was going to rain.] even brought umbrella’s but it was probably would have been thrown in the bin too …

    As it was getting closer and closer to summer more and more people were eating outside. The three bins were overflowing with rubbish. Some people can’t put rubbish in the bin because it was overflowing way too much.

    Sometimes the cleaner would have to put all the rubbish in a pile on play ground to make a mini bin. At lunch it is bassicly a horror show for the cleaner! Every one just leaves there rubbish EVERYWHERE! At the end of lunch the playground was covered in litter, you couldn’t see the tarmac covered ground at all !!!!

    At the end of the term this is what the playground looked like, the pile of rubbish was as big as an Elephant , the Bin’s were filled way past the rim litter was scattered from left to right . The russle of the litter scattering across the playground as the wind blew like someone was whisteling in your ear…

  27. Why Throw It Away?

    I am always looking for an adventure. Something new, something special just for me, to rescue me from my life!

    I go to the rubbish bins every Saturday, to get rid of our rubbish and the same old disgusting smell wafts aroung the air there, that makes me hold my nose! I dread going there. My Mum knows it as well, but she doesn’t care. She thinks children should do some work for once, but she doesn’t do any herself, she’s just an empty shell now. We lost Dad a month a go – it seemes so lonely without him. Dad used to do all the work in our house. I liked it back then, but somehow it’s all changed.

    Every Saturday I go there. Whilst taking out the rubbish, I look in the bin to check for anything special that someone must have given up! It was one such Saturday, that something appeared there, caught my eye. Something like no other…

    I threw on our garbage, to the ever growing pile, seeking out the thing which was glimmering, in the early morning daylight. I thought it would be a quick task, but I was wrong. It took thirty minutes of searching, to find what I was in foraging for. I was a bit dissappointed at first, because it was just someone’s picture, but when I took a closer look, I recongnized the people on it. It was my family, when we were younger. I didn’t chuck this out. Dad must have, I thought. I rushed home to show Mum, but as usual, she wasn’t interested. She said it wasn’t us and I was going round the twist, however, deep down in her heart she must have known it was us.

    I went to bed, reflecting on what she had said. I couldn’t sleep, because I was playing back over and over, memories of what had happened, that day. She knew it was us, why wouldn’t she admit it? Why did Dad throw it away? So many questions that couldn’t be answered… The picture looked different, because Dad was in it, but I knew it was us, even if Mum said differently.

    The following Saturday morning was different to the rest. Mum said I didn’t have to take the rubbish, because she needed to speak to me. She murmered, just so I could hear, “It is us in the picture, I’m just so upset, because Dad is in it ad I miss him.”

    “It’s ok.” I whispered in reply. A second later I saw teardrops streaming down her face, so that I was only a blur to her. I wrapped my arms around her like a cacoon. We sat there for a while, until she spoke. She said that Dad was so angry because he had lost his job, in a fit of rage, he threw out all our family pictures and all memories of us.

    Then, just as she said that, something tingly shot up my body, like lightning. All our stuff is in that bin. Forgotten, hidden, lost, but could be found! The next morning, I raced over there like a racing car. I found our things there – there was so much of it. Mum was pleased when I got back, I’d never seen her that pleased since Dad was here. We made a bond after that, a bond like none other. We could survive without Dad, we could cope.

    Questions still buzzed around my head like bees, bugging me and bugging me, but I didn’t care, I was strong now! With Mum by my side, every step of the way, I could carry on life, like it’s meant to be!

    From now on, I keep Dad’s memory with me, like penny in my pocket and I just live a normal life. I still take the rubbish down to the bin, in search of another adventure.

  28. There was once a boy called Jake, who couldn’t resist but bake a cake, but he didn’t like wasting his time, especially when the day was fine.
    As he was taking a stroll, he once met a troll, who had emptied out a bin and filled it with a load of gin.
    Jake poured the gin out and found a stick that was stout, but this was not ordinary, for it had a big, red berry, which when it touched the rubbish bin, it turned it into a whale fin!
    Wow, the berry was magic! How fantastic! Now Jake could bake a cake in no time at all, so now his skin wouldn’t get flaked, since it wouldn’t get baked. Then Jake lived happily ever after.

  29. Thrown Away

    “MUUUUUM! Isn’t it Zalonia’s turn to empty the rubbish bin?” snitched my little, spoilt sister Lolo. God I hate her sometimes. She gets whatever she wants, even though she’s only 7! Also, upstaging me seems to be her best friend: when I was 7, I was allowed a small, flip-up mobile phone; but when Lolo was two, she had an iPod, an iPhone 4, a Gucci phone case, and a bag to put them in; when I was allowed to wear my first pair of clumpy heels and a tiny, invisible bit of makeup to the disco when I was 11; Lolo had proper Chanel stilettos and fully blown makeup at age 6. For example:
    • Fake tan
    • Foundation
    • Perfect, plucked eyebrows
    • Smokey eye shadow
    • Liquid eyeliner
    • Fake eyelashes
    • Blusher
    • Bright red lipstick
    I don’t think that mum loves me as much as Lolo but I still like to imagine that she does.

    She always gets away with things like this, and I won’t let it happen again…I hope.
    “You little brat!” I whispered. It didn’t help. I still had to plunge into the depths of the white dandruff, falling from the dark sky. Tripping over unfamiliar objects, I wandered around, until I found the local rubbish bin. Feeling as lazy as a sloth, I leant against the side of the bin, until I felt something tugging at my luscious, long, locks. I tore myself away from the bin and backed away. It was scaring me half to death. I told my brain that I wasn’t scared of anything. So I did it, I looked into the rubbish bin. What I saw was explainable.

    I thought I was going crazy, but I wasn’t. There really was a black hole, just sitting there in the local dumping bin! This could get very dangerous.

  30. Once in a deep dark house a little girl liked. The little girl was called Lola. She had a ginomas family. In her family she had 2 brothers, 2 sisters, her real mum and dad and her step parents.

    It was the perfect day to go out side and play because it was the weekend. Suddenly Lola see that her dad was putting the rubbish out so the man with the stinky lory could come and take it away but dad was mistaken the rubbish lory had come yesterday.

    Lora ran down the garden path and saw the rubbish that dad had left. It looked like a ginomas pile of junk and smelt like cucumber and lefties. Lola was playing basket ball in the garden she was all by her self because all of her other brothers and sisters were in side.

    Lola went all through the stinky rubbish and made a live silver robot. It looked like a real human being but it was silver, rounder and smarter with glasses that looked like triangles. Suddenly he said “HELLO I’M SAMMUEL!” Lola stared at Sammuel thinking I never knew he could talk.

    What do you think happened next?

  31. Peter says:

    The Rubbish people

    At the miserable Bymore Primary School there was a battered up rubbish bin that had just moved into the school that looked like an ordinary bin from the outside but on the inside it was covered to the limit of magical creatures. It had everything from wonderful walking drink bottles to crispy chocolate wrappers with eyes. Also that day at Bymore Primary School there was a new miniscule boy called John who had just arrived at Bymore after leaving his other school. He had hoped that there weren’t any bullies at his new school, but he was wrong.

    As soon as he entered the school gate he was kicked, punched and thrown into the bin by huge mean bullies because he was smaller than most people. His life wasn’t worth living, he was lonely. After lying in bin for a short amount of time he felt little legs crawling a bit by bit slowly up his back he turned around to reveal in front of his eyes all moving pieces of rubbish.

    They jumped on the scars he had produced during the fight with the bullies and they immediately started to heal rapidly. He started to realise they cared for him and whispered thankfully” Thank you.”

    The rubbish people replied cheerfully” No problem”

    He spent the rest of the week by the bin having a wonderful time with the recycling. Time flew past that week. The bullies couldn’t pick on him inside school though on the playground the bin acted like a force field deflecting unfriendliness replacing it with happiness. He had a favourite who seemed to be the leader who was a talking cola bottle. He thought John was hero and enjoyed spending time with him.

    Even when it was gushing down with rain it felt like a bright, sunny day for him. Weeks and months flew by like seconds and he enjoyed school very much and soon it was the end of the year. His parents moved house again so he couldn’t go to Bymore anymore and he was heartbroken. He couldn’t bear to leave his precious battered up bin. When he entered the huge school gates at Albert Hall he wiped his lat tear and glanced around the playground and caught sight of a bin and thought to himself. That looks familiar…

  32. Leila T says:

    When you think about rubbish bins you think of wood waste and rotten old things but just thing about what would happen without rubbish bins!
    The world would be a great big pollution and houses and roads would be a big old mess.
    Rubbish bins are not always so attractive to look at, maybe they are as rusty as an old bike left out in the cold,wet rain but what would we do without them?!

  33. Joshua O says:

    Rubbish. Everybody thinks that rubbish is no use to the world when actually without rubbuish : houses would stink of rotten apples , sweet wrappers and out dated foods . Ants would raid our bins and kitchens everyday with out garbage trucks to take our garbage away.The streets would be filled with chips, bottles, empty cans and broken bottles would be strewn across the roads.So next time you think about throwing rubbish on to the floor. Remember what you are doing to our world.

  34. Damope says:

    The world is full of rubbish
    I see it all around
    Strewn along the pavements
    Scattered on the ground

    It hangs on outstretched branches
    Like washing on a line
    Dumped into the river
    Oh it’s such a crime

    You’ll find it in the gutter
    Amassed around the trees
    Tangled in the hedges
    And carried by the breeze

    Hence my friend will ask you
    What should we do with it?
    Put it in the dustbin
    But make sure it will fit!

  35. “Hey, let’s hide it here, cap’!”
    “No, it’ll be seen.”
    “What, under the ground?”
    “Ah, but they’ll see the earth were it has been dug up, and they know that we are somewhere round here, so we’ll hide this precious gun in the bottom of that rubbish bin.”
    “Oh, fine.” Little did they know that tomorrow was this neighbourhood’s rubbish collection day, so they hid their loot there and went to find a shelter near-by.
    The next day, just as the sun was re-claiming the earth by showing its brilliant-orange light, there was a distant rumbling and the earth started to shake a little. Slowly, over the horizon appeared a lorry that was collecting the district’s rubbish. As soon as the pair realised this, they dived into the bin to try and get the gun out, but they were too slow and in they went, onto the pile of rubbish. A few minutes later, one of the bin men noticed them;
    “Oi you, ge’ off v’ lorry, else I’ll ‘ave v’ lore on you!” The driver immediately called the police on hearing what the bin man said and looking into his rear-view mirror to see what the commotion was about. Not long after, a siren was audible, then another, then another, and they came closer and closer until, in the distance, a fleet of police cars was visible.
    They pulled up and jumped onto the back were they tried to close in on one then the other but the culprits kept escaping so they resolved to dig a trench going the width and depth of the lorry while couple of them were distracting, then put the gun, which they had worked out was the reason for this, on the other side, have the rest of the police men in the trench, then stop distracting so that the robbers think that they could get the gun un-caught but fall down the trench were they cannot escape, and it worked. Once at the police station, the police found out that these were the world’s most famous robber duo, Cat And Mouse. The bin men got a £50,000 reward.

  36. BS says:

    Dear council,

    How do you feel when your walking Down to the shops and you see someone drop an empty can or coke or a wrapper of a sweet? Have you ever wondered why people litter? Are some people just that selfish that they chuck litter on the ground.

    It is true that no one can walk down the street or travel anywhere without seeing litter or something dumped on the floor by selfish people I call litterers. Innocent people, who aren’t litterers, think its dirty and depressing walking through their town while seeing people carelessly dump things on the floor. Clean people who don’t litter have to pay taxes for people to clean litter even if the person paying didn’t litter. Litter Is a problem effecting everyone and at the same time can be prevented by just a few people through every day actions

    Litter has effects on our aura and feelings. Do you like it when you see litter lying on the side of the path or in alley ways when about 10 meters away, there is an empty bin, waiting to be used. People are just selfish when it comes to throwing things away. The reason they do not throw things away is that they are careless of other people and think that they are in control. What they don’t know is that it’s harming them too.

    Litter can be bad for you and animals. Rubbish in water cannot be seen making them more dangerous because animals, who can’t do anything to help, might be swimming and then their head might go through a plastic can holder and get stuck. Callous people dump tires and such which pollute the water over time and make it a horrible place to live for animals. How would you like it if you were a sea creature and you had mouldy rubbish lying above your house. Some animals might even get cut by bottles, cans or pieces of broken glass underwater.

    There is one easy and obvious way to stop litter. Prevent litter from occurring in the first place. “So what can the individual person do to prevent litter from happening?” I hear you ask. Pick up litter you see on the path or park or wherever you are and throw your rubbish away!

    You have seen that: litter looks bad and depressing, do you feel better after you’ve finished cleaning your house or your room?; It can hurt us and animals, have you ever trodden on something sharp and got really injured or hurt? and finally, we have to pay for the litter to be removed, have you ever heard someone complain about the taxes being expensive?

    Hopefully, I’ve at least convinced some of you to do something about litter and get involved in preventing it. I hope you feel the same way about it too.

    Yours faithfully, BS

  37. Harley Taylor says:

    The intolerable aroma of vile rubbish spread throughout our world like a contagious disease. A shimmering sun looks down every day deterred by the loathsome smell conjured by the dump. Inconveniently placed the awful dump hurls its nauseating odour to the unfortunate, local, masonry village of Bale. The wretched stench is so muscular it is able to be sliced by multiple deadly, dangerous blades. Every Saturday thundering trucks race down to the despicable dump and flee the containers; adding to the pit of hell.

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