Task 21
3rd April 2014
Task 23
17th April 2014

Week 22


  1. One horrible stormy night , in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean , there was a sailor in a black and white striped lighthouse . It was known to be the brightest lighthouse in the entire world but also to be one of the most dangerous seas because at the bottom hid a horrible creature.
    The next day was sunny and bright so the sailor decided to watch TV. He was watching the news and then a man appeared to see one of the most breathtaking monsters in the Atlantic called the kraken. Suddenly, something struck the sailor and he’d seen the beast before but also knew that where the kraken was, there was DAVY JONES!!!!!!! The sailor was scared and frightened then big waves burst out those deep waters and out popped a giant tentacle and it was here the kraken. The kraken was just to get the sailors attention then through the window something else burst out the sea and there was the Flying Dutchman the ship Davy Jones . In around 3 seconds the kraken was all over the lighthouse and it pulled it down to sea SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. L Lighthouse in the darkness
    I Ignorance of the storm, sits in silence
    G Giant waves are building in the Ocean
    H Higher than Eiffal Tower
    T The lighthouse bold and strong
    H Hopes to light, govern and protect
    O Of the stormy sea surrounding
    U Under the Ocean, the current if very strong
    S Smash, crash, bang the giant wave hits the shining lighthouse,
    E Echoing to the tip of the glass tower and shakes the shining lantern.

  3. Aidan steers says:

    The Haunted Lighthouse

    One rainy, gloomy day, two children named Bill and Sue were playing out on the beach.

    “Hey let’s see if the lighthouse door is open, I’m going inside if it is,” asked Bill.

    “Fine, I’ll go in with you,” replied Sue reluctantly. The two children wandered over to the light house door.

    “It’s a really gloomy day, if a ship came anywhere near this coast it would turn into a watery graveyard,” exclaimed Bill.

    “Yeah, I really hope the door is open so we can do something fun. Perhaps we could play with the light?” agreed Sue. With that Sue opened the door and her and Bill walked through. As Bill shut the door the waves started to crash against the lighthouse.

    “Ha ha ha” echoed a noise around the room.

    “Ahhh!” screamed the pair in unity, as they ran off into another room.

    “That was a close one,” sighed Sue.

    “Yeah, it was!” replied Bill “wait a second where has that piece armour that I saw earlier gone?” he questioned.

    “Right here,” replied an unknown voice from behind.

    “Ahhh!” the pair screamed again. Suddenly they ran out of doors and rooms, it was a dead end!

    “I’ve got you right where I want you…..” said the voice.

  4. “I saw it, I saw it, I saw it with my very own eyes! It was huge, that wave was MASSIVE!!! ELEPHANTINE!!! HUMONGOUS!!!!” yelled the witness. The wave really was massive and elephantine and humongous, but it was destructive too. At least 3/4 of the flood-defence-wall had been smashed (of the top).
    Two days later, another wave came, but this one was bigger, it was more destructive, and, what’s more, it didn’t have a flood-defence-wall to slow it down… It surged into the quay and… SSSMMMAAASSSHHH!!! The lighthouse was no more, Mr Light, the lighthouse-keeper had just lit a paraffin fire, so all the debris was burning and the fire was floating. The black, sooty smoke was clouds of thick fog drifting across the quay. “Mr Light, are you ok?” Luckily he was.
    The next day the fire was out and the police checked the area for anybody who was hurt. Everyone was fine. By the next week, the wall was re-built, so was the lighthouse and everyone was fine.

  5. Isla says:

    Newspaper Article written by Isla 13th April 2014

    Over a fortnight ago
    residents of Whittlebrough,
    Cornwall, South England,
    witnessed the most spine chilling
    tempest the world has seen
    in over a decade.

    Their lighthouse,
    positioned South West
    off the village heart
    on the Shoreline, was
    smashed to smithereens
    in its wrath. Over twenty
    two people were injured
    by the debris, but
    unfortunately one person

    That was the Lighthouse
    Keeper, Bernie Portsmouth.
    Aged 64 years old, he bravely
    fought the water but, the
    water being strong and he
    being weak, he was washed
    far out to sea in the retreat
    of the tempest.

    Meanwhile, the crew of many
    boats had a harder fight to
    win. The storm had thrown
    them off course and with
    acres of debris floating
    around, they had to be
    incredibly cautious.

    Many boats made it to port,
    but there was one which had
    a hole in her gunwale.
    Upsettingly, The Queen
    Elizabeth didn’t make it back
    to shore, and we all greave
    her sinking. Luckily her crew
    made it back to shore.

    Now the villagers are
    constructing a new lighthouse
    to replace the one that the
    sea claimed with one of his
    great hands.

  6. Archie says:

    My Hero – The Lighthouse

    You’re as bright as the sun,
    You’re as strong as armour,
    You slice through the darkness,
    You make the wild sea calmer.

    When I’m lonely you light up my life,
    Like a good friend, right by my side.
    Sometimes rusty, old and abandoned,
    You’re always willing to help but never plead for a thank-you.

    The elements batter and bash you but you remain standing,
    You sacrifice your time to help ships make their landing.
    When night falls over us like a tidal wave,
    You look like the heavenly light of God making us feel brave.

    Now that we know how many lives you save,
    We respect you and trust you in so many ways.

  7. The first U.S lighthouse to use electricity is also the world’s most famous lighthouse: me, Liberty enlightening the world. A couple of hundred years ago I was famous but as time passed people forgot what the purpose of me was.

    My reason for being, becomes more irrelevant each and every day as sections of the older generation pass on and cease to exist. When I came to be in 1886 I was the brightest star that shone against the ripples of the sea. Now I am merely something you find on the front of a postcard or next to the cash register in a cheap,poorly built tourist merchantised shop. My own name even now presents me with misery, it has become a contradiction of my life ever since that god forsaken day back in 1902 when my light shone its’ last ray.

    Can you believe that someone could be so horrible and pull out my plug. I thought my name expressed me to have light. What happened to that? Have you ever felt yourself without the main part of your body? Well I have and I don’t feel of any purpose now, not like in 1886, the good old days.

    All day I just stare at poor boats crashing, wishing I could guide them to safety. My life is boring now, standing is all I have left. Nothing more, nothing less.

  8. Tega Ayiwe says:

    There was a young man called peter , he was a sailor like his father and his father before
    Him. One day peter went sailing with his father on the jolly rojer , and as captain his father let him ride the boat. Peter was so excited he sailed the jolly rojer all day long but he would not listen to advise on how best to sail the boat by the evening peter had sailed into a storm near which appeared suddenly ,peter tried to control the boat but colossal wave turned over the jolly rojer, throwing the crew into the water. Peter fell unconscious and when he woke up, his head rose up from the hyperthermia cold water and he swam to the light house. Where he found all the other crew members and his very angry father.
    Out of luck the lighthouse had someone inside a middle aged man. who took everybody in and helped them get help.

  9. Grace says:

    Oil Spill

    Oil ships were the most important ships in World War II. They supplied fuel for the army tanks. Captain Robert Higson was on board his ship since he was 24 years old and he loved his job as a captain on an oil ship. People thought he would feel sick because of the ‘stale’ oil smell but this was one of the reasons he never wanted to give up his job. The truth was: he loved the smell of oil. Most persons like you and I would have thought that if you inhale to much strong oil, it could damage the inside of your body but the smell of oil was like energy to Higson, it kept him going.

    Captain Higson loved Palmer Blake Lighthouse as it was what his father relied on to help him see in the dark in World War I. Unfortunately, the lighthouse became so old and rusty, that it did not work anymore. Captain Higson (with three more people left in his crew) was 90 years old when this event happened and he was a widow; he had a six year old great – grandson.

    He told his great – grandson his adventures in World War II, before he went to the oil ship. He never wanted to give up his job even at a very old age. His crew was begging him to retire as the Captain had a severe health issue. His lungs were much damaged as he was not taking care of them. He did have artificial lungs, but he did not obey the doctor’s advice and she said that if he inhales to much strong oil, the artificial lungs will fail. The doctor also secretly told Higson’s crew to watch him to see whether he was taking the doctor’s advice.

    Higson’s crew could see that he was not taking the doctor’s advice so they decided to pour the oil that affected him and go to the Palmer Blake Lighthouse and get oil which will not affect him.

    Once they had finished going to Palmer Blake Lighthouse to collect the harmless oil, they poured out the harmful oil in the sea. Then they heard something bubbling and then… WHOOSH!!! A massive wave appeared, becoming bigger and bigger like a lion on its prey and as quick as a wink, the ship had sank down in the sludge, black oil. When the ship sank, it had Higson on one side and his crew on the other.

    Lifesavers had looked for the Captain and his crew for many years. The quest continues…

    14th April 2014 75p

    Sea Strikes

    Yesterday, around 2:30 pm a lighthouse in Wales crashes down because of strong tides. It was to be said that two people were in the lighthouse while it crashed. Police found out at 5:00 pm that Richard Townsfolk and his girlfriend Maria Armstrong were in the top part of the lighthouse when it crashed. Paul Groves (witness) says that it could have been the wind that made the lighthouse crash, but scientists says that it was the tides that crashed it down.
    People explored the sea for any other evidence and it was mentioned saying that a cruise with 120 adults and 80 children on board also sank by the rough tides. Laura Armstrong (mother of Maria Armstrong) says ‘I never thought that a tide could ruin someone life.’
    It was discovered today morning at 9:45 am that this ship was the second ship to sink like the Titanic and that it was one of the biggest cruise ever as it had 200 people on board. Families are heart broken. scientists carry out a search on the sea as they believe it could have been the missing plane MH370 or the rough and strong tides of the deep blue sea.

  11. Sandhana says:

    Hi my name is Marranda Parr, my cousin called Grace Darling are best friends. Me and Grace loved each other dearly like we were sisters. I did have other cousins but Grace my medal she was my everything. Let me tell you a little story about me and Grace here it goes :

    One day I was skipping with my backpack along the rocky lane to Grace’s home the light house. When I saw her sitting on a high rock next to the cliff. I through my bag on the wall that and raced to her calling ” Grace , Grace oh Gracey Wacey, I’m hear it’s me Marranda !!!!!!!! .” Grace looked down and smiled at me.”ello “She said. As I cuddled her I smelt salt on her clothes which was making me hungry. Me and Grace walked home calmly, hand in hand knowing that it will be a very rough night to sleep.
    At eight o’clock Grandpa and me went up to the light room to light the massive bulb . That night Me and Grace stayed awake listening to the waves crashing on the wall. I looked through Graces telescope and saw people drowning. Grace and I knew we had to save them so we went to go and Ma and Granda. Our parents admitted it and they let us row our sailing boat out to sea. We saved five lives and we were pleased with it. One week later, Grace contracted Pneumonia…

  12. Oscar says:

    My last step ended in pain as I had walked miles to get to my destination, a lighthouse that would tower any human being alive. There was an eerie creak as I opened the door of the rocky lighthouse. The first thing and only thing I could see was a twisted flight of steps. I felt petrified alone in this cylinder, with only the clip, clap, clip of my feet on the everlasting staircase as company.

    At last, I reached the top, just under the light itself. In one corner of the wooden cone shaped room was a bright blue bed. On the left was a table of supplies. I soon came up with the idea of a nap, just a short one after all those years of climbing the stairs.

    Before I could do so there was a deafening splash at the window. I looked out of the glass pane it was a frothy, navy blue wave. SPLASH! Another one hit the lighthouse, stronger and fiercer, putting out the blinding light of the light house. SPLASH! The one I knew was coming finally came swiping off the roof.

    Another vicious wave came filling the destroyed building with water. It started by soaking my feet. I tried to find a way out, but there was no way out. Soon the water level was up to my waist, it felt like hundreds of creatures were dragging me in to the water. Next I was being strangled by the water which was up to my neck.

    Five, four, three, two, one and I was under…

  13. Thomas says:

    My Log

    “it’s now 7 o’clock, on the 14th January, and today has to be the most devastating day, from the past year.” This was the first sentence in my ship log, which resurrected the terrifying day in my head. “The wind was howling, upsetting Michael, my dog. If my compass was correct, we’d (my mum, dad, Michael and I) would be approcahing the coast of Australia.” I continued reading, waiting for the exciting but petrifying part about the storm. I bustled through flocks of people in order to buy clothes and food. Eventually, I boarded the boat and we let the wind take us wherever.

    “Crash, bang and smash, were the worrying noises which awoke me the next night. I’d only just dozed off, but I was awoken. We’d never dealt with any thing like this. I went to get Michael, however I only heard barking in the distant, unentertaining ocean. I sobbed and sobbed, and sobbed. I couldn’t believe it. I was heart-broken. I didn’t know what to do. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to help on deck. We headed for the nearest lighthouse.

    “As we eventually saw the nearest lighthouse, we sailed to it. I stared at the raging, ballyhoo from the ship. Finally, we reached the lighthouse and ran inside for shelter. Fortunately, the owner warmly welcomed us to his humble abode. We were overwhelmed.” I feel lucky now, just by reading my log.

  14. Bolu says:

    There once lived a captain called Harry. Harry owned an expensive cruise liner called The Oceania Princess. The Oceania Princess travelled from America to Jamaica.

    One night, Harry was throwing a party to celebrate his success. He was having such a fun time that he drunk a little too much alcohol . Harry was dancing, singing and jumping all over the place. It was like he was a completely different person. Harry is usually very shy and quiet. You would not even now he was there. The alcohol effected him for the whole night.

    The next morning, Harry was steering the ship even though the alcohol had not worn off yet. Harry was not thinking straight and decided to get himself a drink. While he went to get a drink, his ship crashed into a lighthouse! Everybody was so scared. One by one people were going on lifeboats. When Harry realised what he had done, he decided to stay on the boat and drown because it was all his fault.

    One hour later, The Oceania Princess had sunk completely. Everyone had survived except captain Harry.

  15. Lizzie says:

    A stormy night,
    With all his might,
    One huge wave reached a treacherous height.
    The lighthouse screamed,
    Photographers beamed,
    The forgotten pier was finally cleaned,
    An almighty crash,
    A thundering smash,
    And the wave sank back within a flash.
    Lifeguards check,
    A boat wreck,
    An icy trickle runs down your neck.
    Crumbling bricks,
    Debris and sticks,
    This is a wreck that no one can fix.
    A chilling spray,
    In every way,
    It reaches out to grab its prey.
    It’s everyone’s talk,
    As they walk,
    They chat of the wave that attacked like a hawk.
    Although still a mystery,
    It became history,
    And since no more came we all lived blissfully.

  16. Laurel says:


    My strength has no limits,
    I am as free as the wind.
    The whole world bows down to me,
    I have eternal power.
    My hair is the laughing lightning,
    Shooting from my heart.
    My cape is the elephantine clouds,
    Suffocating the screaming skies.
    My voice is the cackling thunder,
    Showing no mercy to the world.
    All hail before me,
    For I am the storm.

  17. The Roaring Sea

    I am the king,
    I have no limit of power,
    I can’t be contained in a ring,
    I get stronger by the hour,
    I can’t be beaten by a living thing,
    I take you humans down as fast as a machine gun on repeat,
    I trample on your buildings like they’re ants,
    I can’t be stopped,
    I am the king.

  18. Elisha says:

    A Most Interesting Wedding.

    There lived a man who was very handsome, rich, clever and wonderful. He always did his job well. There also was woman, who was most lovely and caring too. Both of them were deeply in love and were planing to get married; in four days.

    Dave (the man) got on the internet; looking for a venue for his wedding. He did not find anything, so he gave up. Suddenly, he remembered that he had a friend who owed a lighthouse; and would not at all mind if he used it (especially when his mate was getting married). He called him, and guess what he said
    ” I would love you to come, but on one condition; you have to pay a small fee”.
    ” OK! I will pay you £ 1500 ” Dave replied.
    ” OK its a deal “, his friend agreed.

    As the next day was the day before his wedding. Dave called his wife ( to be ) and told her the good news. She shouted
    ” WOW… I’ve always dreamed of getting married at a lighthouse “; that worked out good for me.

    Afterwards, Dave went to pick up his suit, it looked ‘perfect’ to him; the best one Dave had ever seen! It was cream with gold, and the matching hat and shoes almost made him cry.

    ” Its happening so fast. Today is the day ” Dave announced! Although he had been incredibly tired, Dave woke up at 5:00. He got into the bath, and had a lingering bathe of over half an hour (He took so long because he wanted to be refreshed for his wedding). He got dressed into his attire as quickly as he could, stopped for delicious breakfast ( a full English breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and hash browns).

    Arriving at the lighthouse by 9:30am, 5 mins before the wedding (which some would say is extremely late). 5 mins later his bride arrived. She looked wonderful, marvelous, and breathtaking; her dress blew Dave away.

    Thereafter, the wedding started, the lighthouse looked so beautiful! They said their wedding vows, shared the customary kiss, and went into the lighthouse reception room which looked absolutely stunning. How magnificent the views from the room. The golden sun light up the face of the newly weds.

    Even though it had been an unlikely place for a wedding, yet it was picture perfect, Dave was extremely grateful to his friend for the use of the lighthouse. Dave and his wife would be away on their honeymoon for 3 weeks. As they sojourned, they spoke on how beautiful the lighthouse had looked. Both agreed that they were very blessed!

  19. Tomi says:


    “This is so boring!” complained Luke.

    “I know it is!” grumbled Jason.

    When the duo looked up the clouds were about to cry on them. They were at the beach with their family. Jason and Luke were exploring with a metal detector but they nothing whatsoever. All of a sudden Luke spotted a lighthouse so they both decided to investigate what is inside.

    “Race you!” said Jason- even though he was slower out of them both and he was a metre behind Luke.

    As soon as they got there, both of them noticed it was locked and that there was a sign that said ‘do not go
    any further’ painted with blood all over. The lighthouse was like a tower, looming above them. Jason was frightened, because he is scared of most things in the world, but Luke was excited to finally explore something not to do with sea animals that were on the beach. Luke searched under the doormat (again painted with dripping blood) and found a rusty key.

    Soon they were climbing up steps to the top of the lighthouse when just then, an eerie voice laughed menacingly. Jason and Luke froze. Fear shivered up and down their spine like a cheetah stealthily climbing up a tree to feast on a dead deer with its family. Just then a voice startled them over and over until they reached the top. Suddenly a mysterious figure came walking up to them.

    “ I’ve been expecting you,” snarled the shadowy figure walking slowly to the terrified twosome…

  20. Daisy Parker says:

    I’m Grace and this is my story.

    It was a scorching, hot day, the sun was shining as we strolled along the sandy shore. The smell of sea salt blew past my nose like a summers breeze. Mum was really excited, this holiday cruise would be epic. But dad, he was petrified. He turned as white as a ghost and he told us that all he could think of was the “Titanic” and how it had sunk. As I looked up the boat was bigger than i had imagined it would be, we quickly entered the giant ship.

    After 2 hours of dads stories, we finally had a reason to stop him. It was our turn to visit the Captain. We strolled to his cabin and inside sat a serious, calm man dressed all in white. It felt great being in the cabin, there was noises going off all around me. There were buttons and screws everywhere. Suddenly the captain wasn’t calm anymore the colour in his face faded away. He had spotted a lighthouse right ahead.

    Everybody started screaming. I was sure we would never crash it was the middle of the day and the sun was shining. But we had already crashed, it was lucky mum, dad and I could swim. It was the scariest moment of my life. We were all in the cold sea. Some people didn’t survive, including uncle Bob. He was a kind man.

    The ship was in millions of pieces. But how did we crash into the light house and where did it come from?

  21. Juanita says:

    The Terrible Storm

    Once upon a time there lived 3 sisters called Sasher (who was twelve), Emma( ten) and Clover(sixteen). They had to live in a lighthouse for five weeks because their parents had to go for a meeting in a hotel.

    Clover had just finished washing the plates from dinner. She was calling the two girls to get into bed. “Sasher, Emma time for bed”! ” Your so bossy” called Sasher. “Just because you’re the oldest”! Added Emma.

    An hour later Clover woke up because she heard a rumbling sound. She ran to the window to look outside. She saw hail stones falling from the sky, and there was lightning in the sky. Clover ran to wake up the others. “Why are you waking us up” Emma said sleepily. “And why at midnight!”added Sasher.” It is because “…. Clover started to say.” Arrrrggggghhhh!” Shouted the 3 sisters. “What was that.” Emma asked Clover. ” I don’t know.”” Let me check” answered Clover. Clover went to the window. She saw an enormous crack in the lighthouse. “The lighthouse is about to fall!” yelled Clover. “But Clover you know I can’t swim” shouted Emma. Suddenly the light started to shake. “Arrrrgggghhh” screamed Emma. ” The water is freezing”.

    Emma’s whole body (except her head) was in the water. Clover swam down to get her. When Clover came back up, Sasher was gone.
    “Stay where the lighthouse used to be.”Clover told Emma. At this time, Clover was in total panic. She went to find Sasher.

    Some minutes later Clover found Sasher on a big island. She told her to wait there while she went to get Emma. A lighting bolt had struck where the lighthouse used to be and Emma was sinking, sinking, deep under the water. Meanwhile, Clover swam as fast as she could. When she reached where the lighthouse used to be Emma was gone. Clover heard a blood curdling scream. It was Emma; she was behind her! Luckily, Clover caught Emma just on time. With some relief, Clover swam to the island with Emma. The 3 sisters sat on the island screaming for help. Suddenly they saw a ship; it was their mum and dad. Soon they were safely on the ship heading home.

  22. Crystal says:

    Sunday 6th 2017

    intro: I live in a light house.

    Dear diary,

    Today is my birthday. As you know, I live with my mum, dad, sister and best friend Lynnett. Yesterday, my mum and dad went to get food, drinks and presents for my party!

    Happily, I was done with getting dressed up in time. Then I went with my phone to Lynette’s bedroom. When I got into her bedroom, she was texting her mum because she missed her very much.

    Eventually we went down stairs and all our friends were there. Everyone had fun at my party. I got a tablet, newest phone, money and lots more!

    When everyone had gone home and my friend and I took a stroll to the shops, a storm like a mighty rushing wind crashed against our light house. it smashed the windows sending glass clattering all over the floor. Lynnett’s carpet was soaked liked an ocean. As expected, my dad mended the windows and mum dried the carpet’s.

    Love Crystal xxx

  23. Joan says:

    Light House Disaster

    Hi I am Mike . I am 11 years old . I have black hair and brown enormous eyes. I’m going to tell you a story about when my Dad was at sea. No one could look after me because my mum died ten years ago so we had to move to a light house.

    On Monday, my Dad said I had to do an important job while he was out in sea. He told me, “You have to look after the light house for one day.” By the time he said not even nearly half of that speech I had dropped my mouth open. Well he told me to close it up!

    On the day of the keeping the “Light House”, I was really frustrated because he gave me a loo…ng list of stuff which had to be done while he was out. He said “good bye” and gave me 3 little kisses. Peck, peck, peck. Well; I’d guess I blushed a little.

    In the night, it felt really lonely without Dad but it was worth it. Suddenly, I realised that the big light at the top of the light house had gone out and so I had to go up and light it with match stick.

    I climbed up the light house alertly in case anything comes and hurts me or the ladder. I had never done it before. Bravely, I went to the top to lit the lamp stick and put in the candle; feeling quite worried that my Dad must have crashed into a rock.

    In the Morning

    The next day my Dad still didn’t come. I was worried even more. There was a lump in my throat as I tried not to cry.

    Later I heard a knock on the door. I checked to see who it was and then I realised it was a nurse with my Dad. My Dad had a cast around his hand. When he came in he told me what happened and how he had been rescued. My eyes filled with tears of joy, I cried without embarrassment, skipping around the house singing.

  24. Rosie says:

    Today I went to visit Dover! I went on a school geography trip to the Dover lighthouse.
    This is what happened…

    I got lost. The upturned sand blowing viciously in our eyes and scraping tirelessly at our worn out faces. The most fascinating part was the huge, monstrous waves, flooding the cliff top and eroding the white chalk that held us up from the deep, dark, crashing sea below us. As I attempted to brush away the hair covering my eyes I realised what mortal danger I had put myself into. What with the eroding cliffs and the sturdy, strong waves I could easily topple over the small barrier and fall, screaming into the sea. Quickly, I attempted to open my eyes, but I had to instantly shut them even tighter to stop any stray mix of sand and water from blinding me. As I felt around in the darkness I suddenly hit a hard, wet substance. It must be the lighthouse! As I felt around it came apparent that it was a building, but not the lighthouse. I walked round and round this mysterious structure for what must have been an hour or so. I heard an enormous crumble, then a creak, then a crash. I won’t tell you what happened next, but I think you can guess…

  25. Ife says:

    “Stop, stop!” Yelled the light house keeper who was very unkempt. “You are too near to be punctilious,” he said to the captain of the ship, Yintapper. “We will all be in danger, if you come closer!” said the keeper.
    The injurious light house stood lonely against violent storm, while the wave from the proximity of the ship washed over it.
    The slovenly gulls swooped above the light house watching the waves increasing. The waves were as high as a giraffe. Whoosh! The vicious waves kept slamming the light house. Without warning the light house keeper fell into the sea. The keeper could swim although the waves were too high. It was a calamity! It was a big jeopardy for the captain. However he rashly dived into the gigantic, blue sea. It was difficult because the waves continued overlapping. The captain tried to find the keeper by going deeper into the sea. Immediately, the captain discovered the keeper’s body. The captain rapidly swam to the bottom to reach the keeper. As soon as he caught keeper he dropped him on the floor. He was dead…

  26. Peter says:

    The Lighthouse

    One dark, misty night at the pier of Southend, the loud waves crashed into the sharp rocks, crumbling segments of white chalk into the sea. But behind the rocks stood proudly a red and white striped lighthouse shining a blinding light towards the horizon. Just then a huge cargo ship arriving at the port rhythmically tooted 5 times before firing a mysterious light which then exploded into red blazing circles.

    The scruffy, careless worker who took responsibility for the lighthouse, had taken a dose while slouching on a chair, suddenly awoke from the rotten stench of smoke. The worker realised that the mysterious lights looked like fire but he could not see clearly because the fog blocked out the view. He tried shining the lighthouse’s bright light round and round but he couldn’t see any better. He looked at the boardwalk and it looked it was a barbecue with all the fizzing lights.

    Eventually a patrolling fire brigade caught sight of the lighthouse and rushed rapidly up to the worker alarmingly. The worker asked them what they could do about the fire. The fire brigade was astonished and burst out laughing. They told the worker they were just decorative fireworks and people had gathered with sparklers on the boardwalk. The stunned worker was relieved and took a quick nap on his uncomfortable chair.

    The worker arose from his chair rubbing his eyes to reveal. The boardwalk was on fire! 

  27. Once there lived a beautiful little girl called Steph. She lived in a giant red and white stripy light house with her fantastic mum and kind dad.

    One day when the skyes where grey she was playing in her round white room with her sailing boats that she got for her 5th birthday from her nan. Suddenly she heard a gigantic “Crasssshhhh Boooooom!” Steph jumped in frite crawled over to her bedroom window she grabbed her black binocules on the way and had a good look out of her port hole bedroom window. Steph felt amazed to see the sharp waves and bouncy water hitting her home because there was a angry storm.

    She ran down 120 stairs finally she found her father but he was on his new phone chatting happily. Steph ran up 60 stairs and found her wonderful mother looking at the crashing storm too. She gasped “we need to turn on the light house quickly before all the ships crash”. But it was to late the sea had allready cracked open the glass and broke the light.

    What would happen now…?

  28. The lighthouse!

    It was a chilly Sunday evening. The waves continously lapped onto the lighthouse, jerking it slightly. My job was to, everyday, check the lighthouse was in a good state of repair. I had a funny feeling about that night, the weather forecast was terrible and so was the tormented sea. It could just take one big wave to take it down! I was drinking a glass of water at the time, when a sudden crash sent my glass flying into the air like a bird of prey and soon after that it lay smashed on the floor in thousands of small, sharp shards.

    I found my way cautiously to the stairs on tip toes, weaving around the shattered glass. My brain was a fuzz and I felt like jelly. Each step was torture, because I had a piece of glass ripping through my skin. Butterflies fought furiously in my stomach as I felt the lighthouse gradually tip backwards. Quickly, I took to my feet. My limbs were numb and my arms and legs weren’t in sink. I tripped down the last few steps, but just about found my feet. I flung open the door, as I saw the lighthouse surrounding me crash down into the sea, creating a massive tidal wave. I was out of breath, cold and frightened.

    I heard distant splashes and saw, on the horizon, a small life boat riding the waves and heading my way. With my last ounce of strength I screamed “Help!” with all my might, but soon it was just a faint croak.

    “Are you ok?” questioned the boat driver, pulling as close as he could. I struggled to find my voice to speak to him.

    “Yes, I think so, I have a cut on my foot, but it’s not too deep, I hope!” I murmered.

    “Grab my hand, we’ll get you back to land as soon as possible.” He bellowed.

    He helped me aboard reassuringly and took me back to the main land as quickly as he could, giving me a cool plaster for my weeping cut.

    I was soon back in my house, still thinking about the lighthouse and all the adventures I’d had within it but, by far, this was the most horrific. Working in a lighthouse certainly had it’s ups and downs, but you wouldn’t get an opportunity to see a wave as big as that every day!

  29. Shipwrecked

    Thursday, 23rd October, 2014

    Dear diary,

    Three words: a-ma-zing! Seven weeks of fun, sun and um, well fun and sun. It all started when I was walking along the harbor, taking our jet black dog (Friendly Fluffy Foofie, but I just call him Foofie) out for a walk, until I noticed it. It wasn’t just any old cruise ship, oh no something much different. The magnificent ship was a deep crimson red, with spine-curdling curls the color of butter. It was a floating, monster of beauty, sitting on the water majestically like a swan. Anyway, I was walking Foofie along the harbor, when I saw a dropped boarding pass for a girl and an animal. The horn was going to sound any minute now, but nobody was around to claim this ticket. Son I took it and boarded the ship (for future reference, the ship was called ‘The Enchanted Lion’). I have to go now, bye Diary!

    Friday, 24th October, 2014

    Dear Diary,

    I ought to tell you the rest of my adventures on ‘The Enchanted Lion’ before I tell you about the wreck… oops, spoiler alert! Well, it was about two weeks into the holiday, and I was living a dream life, and to be honest I felt like Ki… Queen of the world! Wait. No. UNIVERSE! Until the anchor punctured the side of the ship due to unbearable currents. You see, the current and wind were so strong that it pushed the anchor to far back and hit the beautiful ship! It immediately started to sink into the depths of an alien world. It’s too painful to remember, so I’ll tell you tomorrow, bye Diary!

    Saturday, 25th October, 2014

    Dear Diary,
    So where was I? Ah yes, the shipwreck! A tragic moment for many beings. So I was at the sinking point… the only thing left on the ship were empty water bottles and leftover chicken wire. So I set to work straight away, hooking the bottles together with the wire. I eventually got what I needed. I risked my life for the sake of living, if that makes sense. The raft could just about hold the weight of a seventeen year old girl. Just as the magnificent ship gave its final sighting, I hopped onto the raft and… I can’t remember the rest but I’ll tell you tomorrow, bye Diary!

    Sunday, 26th October, 2014

    Dear Diary,

    I guess I can’t write well, as I’ve caught the flu; I’ll give it my best shot however: I was floating on my raft heading towards The Bermuda Triangle without even knowing it! Luckily, it was windy and so it pushed me away from the danger zone. About six days went past until I landed with a thump on hard land, LAND. I jumped for joy at seeking refuge in this land which seemed to be a light house. I clambered up the winding stares and gasped as I saw the vast Atlantic Ocean before me. A crash came from behind me, and that was the end of my lucky life…

  30. Benj says:

    The Lighthouse

    Robbie, Pat and Jim were woken up by the birds singing spritely. Today Robbie’s mysterious uncle was visiting. He was the keeper of the lighthouse in Quimby.

    Once he arrived, Robbie was he was a man you wouldn’t want to mess with. He had broad shoulders and long robust legs.

    Then Robbie’s uncle mentioned him having a sleepover with friends at the lighthouse. The next day, Robbie met up with his friends Pat and Jim and he headed to the lighthouse. They pressed the door bell. Ding dong.

    Before they new it, a storm was brewing. Pat and Robbie whispered about pranking Jim.

    The hours went by, strikes of lighting were becoming more frequent. When they went to bed, Pat and Robbie snuck away to concoct a devilish plan.

    Crackling like a witch the thunder thundered outside. The once so calm sea was bubbling like a witches cauldron. Robbie let out a harendous shriek. Instantaneously, Jim bundled himself under sheets of his bed. The ear bursting waves beckoned at the lighthouse.

    Once they had gone to sleep, two figures appeared in the lighting. They sauntered towards Robbie and Pat. They grabbed their shoulders and Pat and Robbie, petrified, leapt out of bed.

    As the figures touched their faces and pulled a mask off, Pat realised it was Jim and Robbie’s uncle. And so that night, the hunters became the hunted.

  31. Leila T says:

    You save lives!

    You’re as bright as the sun,
    You’re stronger than my father,
    You make sailing at night fun,
    You make the wild sea calmer.

    When I’m lonely or down you light my life,
    Like my best friend, forever by my side,
    Sometimes your not always nice to look at,
    But that’s not a problem, you saved a bat.

    The raging sea batters and bashes you but you remain standing,
    You sacrifice your time to help ships make their landing,
    You can call your loud call across for ages
    And lead us safely when the sea rages,
    You will lead us anywhere for years to come.

    I know how many lives you save,
    It’s as if you make the raging sea your very own slave!

  32. Chris says:

    One scorching hot day, when the burning sun hovered above the peaceful sea, a gentle breeze brushed against the striped lighthouse. It was early in the morning, when the soft waves lapped quietly on the rocks, my alarm clock suddenly sprang into life. After a few minutes of pure laziness, I finally leaped out of my bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and raced downstairs to have breakfast on the second floor of the lighthouse. After having so much cereal, I felt sick so I went upstairs to have a rest and admired the lovely view through my triangular window. It was beautiful. Shockingly, at the corner of my eye, I glanced at an immense, dark cloud that was slowly drifting towards us. I thought that our day was going to be spoiled.

    Slowly but surely the colossal dark patch of cloud drew nearer and nearer while the once gentle sea became angry. By now, humongous waves lashed against our lighthouse and the crystal-clear clear sky had become into a great murky cloud. Minutes later came a downpour of heavy rain that plummeted down like millions of silver bullets, which soon transformed into hail that crushed down on the roof of the lighthouse as if lightening had struck us. I had never seen anything so ferocious like this storm.

  33. sammy joujou says:

    As the windows shone an iridescent light, i stared out into the distance at the top of the vast lighthouse. As i pressed against the window i could see gloomy clouds lurking over the water. I knew as if it were to rain this rustic-old lighthouse would demolish. While the wind whistled swiftly through the air, i stared pointlessly at the light trying to figure out how to mend it.
    ” Come on!” said my boss angrily, ” At this rate the boats will crash in the weather.”
    As he walked away, i heard the first strike of lightning edging as slow as a sloth towards us. Was the lightning going to hit us? Was that the cool air giving goosebumps on my shoulder? Was the lighthouse going to be demolished? I carried on working but, in the back round the thunder was getting louder… and louder… and louder!
    BANG! CRASH! BOOM! I woke up startled by all the noise and chaos surrounding me: their was no escape! The waves were pounding ruthlessly on the lighthouse. Time was running out: it was like sand seeping through my hands. The pounds were getting louder and louder as the air filled with anxious thoughts. Will we get home? Will we survive? But all that filled my mind was- will we live?

  34. sammy joujou says:

    As the windows shone an iridescent light, I stared out into the distance at the top of the vast lighthouse. As I pressed against the window I could see gloomy clouds lurking over the water. I knew as if it were to rain this rustic-old lighthouse would demolish. While the wind whistled swiftly through the air, I stared pointlessly at the light trying to figure out how to mend it.
    “Come on!” said my boss angrily, “At this rate the boats will crash in the weather.”
    As he walked away, I heard the first strike of lightning edging as slow as a sloth towards us. Was the lightning going to hit us? Was that the cool air giving Goosebumps on my shoulder? Was the lighthouse going to be demolished? I carried on working but, in the back round the thunder was getting louder… and louder… and louder!
    BANG! CRASH! BOOM! I woke up startled by all the noise and chaos surrounding me: there was no escape! The waves were pounding ruthlessly on the lighthouse. Time was running out: it was like sand seeping through my hands. The pounds were getting louder and louder as the air filled with anxious thoughts. Will we get home? Will we survive? But all that filled my mind was- will we live?

  35. Joshua O says:

    The wave lashed against the lighthouse and revealed a whirlpool like no other, sucking any human in and banishing them from earth. Jim looked hopelessly at the waves rushing towards him, “Oh my God!” exclaimed Jim. Jim looked frantically to his right and left, searching for an escape route ,but he found none. Jim jumped into the raft from the lighthouse, twisting his knee. As he landed in the raft, the smell of blood made him realise he had cut his toe in the process. Jim’s life quickly raced in front of him : pictures of his parents, his siblings,playtime at school and his lovely wife. Is this the end?

  36. Miruna says:

    The Sandy Hook Lighthouse

    You might be wondering who is that white skin light house on the coast of America. Well that’s me, the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. Apparently, I am the oldest active light house in America. I was built in New Jersey by the famous architect Issac Conro. My first lighting was in 1764. For some reason, I was originally called New York Lighthouse because I was funded through a New York Assembly lottery and a tax on all ships entering the Port of New York.
    You might not believe how old I am but once I tell you might change your mind; my skin keeps deteriorating and my spine bends through the massive weight. From now and again I need assistance and extra attention to make me look younger and healthier. My owners make sure I look my best and every year I get a new white coat. My eye is getting older every day goes by. But what do you expect, I have been guiding ships into the New York harbor for over 200 years. From the outside, my look can be deceiving but believe me, in the inside, I truly feel my age.
    My feet are sitting on a foundation made out of stone and my whole body is made out of rubble. My body has an octagonal shape which helps me shine light all across the sea. As I said before, my skin is white and my 31 meters height allows me to keep a close eye on everything around me. Because I am so old, my interior needed to be replaced to make me stronger and look prettier. So, if you come and visit me you will find that inside I have an addition of a red bricks and my spine is now made of iron.
    Throughout my longevity I witnessed loads of interesting events. In 1990, the U.S. Postal Service issued a 25 cent stamp featuring me, the Sandy Hook Lighthouse.
    Originally I was situated 150 meters inland but over time the shoreline has adjusted its self, which has resulted in my new location being 1.4 km inland. This transition is due to the erosion of sediments along the coastline such as salt, clay, sand and shingles. I witnesses this slow process day in, day out but there was nothing I could do to stop this erosion from happening.
    On 11th June 1964, I was declared a National Historic Landmark on the 200th anniversary of my first lighting.
    As a recognition of the fact that I am the oldest active lighthouse in the U.S, I have been declared a national Historic Landmark.

  37. Aadya Rao says:

    Enemies and allies


    You smash against the lighthouse,
    You rip families apart.
    You wreck ships to pieces,
    But you never do well.


    You shine your light across the sea,
    You’re as strong as an elephant.
    You save sailors’ lives.
    But you never stop shining.


    You have enemies and allies,
    Who will always be on your tail.
    You have to fight against The Storm,
    But you never fight The Sea.

    You go along with The Storm,
    You go along with The Ship.
    You go along with The Lighthouse,
    But you never stay still.

  38. Raiyaan says:

    It was another glorious morning as aeroplanes accelerated through the admirable blue sky, while the radiant sphere of fire could be vaguely seen in the distant horizon. Crustaceans scuttled along the golden, biscuity sand, as seagulls flew elegantly in groups of six. Vicious hawks shared the same air space and soared energetically through the paper-white clouds.
    I strolled to the summit of my majestic lighthouse and stared in wonder at the ripples of the ocean. The serene water flowed gently as the tide brushed softly against the thick, golden sand. I imagined sailing on a canoe boat, and being pushed along by the faint breeze. I could relax and gaze at the looming lighthouse, from far away, and it would like a blur of blood-red, navy-blue and plain white. I would be able to observe the multi-coloured island fish, glide below the surface of the water, and anemone would be seen waving on the coral reef.
    Then something completely split my dreams. The calm, serene ripples, had formed an immense lighthouse-height wave, which created a huge CRASH! And made me feel completely flabbergasted. As soon as the wave descended I immediately sprinted back down to the bottom of the lighthouse, back to my haven where I resided. I was so scared that it was a very long while before I went up to the summit of the lighthouse again. What if it happened again?……..

  39. Shrey Biswas says:

    This had always been a dangerous point. The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was what the mortals had called it. They were masters of ignorance. It was the Sea of Monsters, guarded by the legendary Scylla and Charybdis. All but Odysseus have never returned.

    It was Charybdis and Scylla who started the myth of the Kraken. Charybdis’ whirlpool created the waves that the Kraken conjured, and Scylla the cannibalism. Sometimes, Charybdis would send a tidal wave across the waters, defying Poseidon’s commands to stop.

    This was also where Circe made her spa and turned the men into guinea pigs. She would entice the women into joining her in her guinea pigs transformation to the men and make the pledge themselves to Hestia, goddess of Magic.

    Also here resides Polyphemus, on his island with his carnivorous sheep. His rage against humans since Odysseus burns on, and makes him protect the Golden Fleece even more.

    The Sirens are a deadly group of women who enchant those who pass with their singing. They sing the truth, but to hear it will draw you to them immediately. Then they eat you for their supper.

  40. Adam says:

    The Tugging Tossing Tide

    Yesterday evening a torrential tide wiped a lighthouse away into the thunderous sea. Galloping foam horses made a commotion. Swishing brutally, the tide ebbed, refusing obstinately to be calm.
    The only clue came from a man gasping frighteningly, ‘A man was in the lighthouse, trying to make the ship sink.’ Could this witness be true or false?….

  41. Shrey Biswas says:

    The Kraken. One of the most feared monsters of the ocean. Colossal body, dwarfing the Burj Khalifa, 100 waving tentacles, each strong enough to crush an island, and long enough to reach from one end of the Thames to the other. They also had alternating hooks and suckers. It could control the water, sending tsunamis, tidal waves, waterspouts, whirlpools – anything that formed near the ocean. It could camouflage, matching its surroundings so well it rendered itself invisible. It could move at the blink of an eye, faster than a panther. It had destroyed many ships, lighthouses; the amount of deaths by the hand of the Kraken exceeded any other.

  42. Ksenia says:

    I was sinking in my armchair in the lighthouse room deeply thinking about my book, when the sound came from the crackling radio.
    The signal broke off, again. I gulped. I sprinted to the window, indeed, the vast ocean looked furious. As the waves crashed I felt the lighthouse rocking, cracks began to appear…
    “What do I do?!” I thought to myself. “This is silly,” I answered my own question “I’ve got to save the ships haven’t I?” but I was too scared to.
    Petrified, I glared into the sea. There a colossal wave was heading my way. It was like a huge monster with a horrifying, hungry mouth. I struggled to think of anything to do.
    “Well, I can’t just stand here staring at the mountainous wave.” I shivered. “What if the wind changes its mind and commands the wave in a different direction?! What if the lighthouse can’t withstand the hit?!” Goosebumps ran down my body. “But I knew I only had a little chance of that…”

  43. AKASH says:

    In the afternoon, an unanticipated, horrible and destructive thing happened. I was standing on the nice soft sand and was relaxing merrily. Abruptly, the crystal clear,calm water receded like a soldier running to safety. Without warning, the water turned into an angry mob killing everything in it’s path. In all of the clarity and chaos I managed to run. In the far distance, a lighthouse,which was as tall as a Skyscraper, was taking massive hits but it stood strong. The sea began lashing with rage like a whip. I was over the moon I evaded the threat so far. Splash! The lighthouse had been buried by the water. then again the water receded and came back – not as an angry mob but as a sign of peace.

  44. Molly Nee says:

    Sea Storm!

    I am standing near a cave by the bay admiring the crystal clear water. when I look close enough I can see the emerald jewel of the coral reef and along the long, never ending diamond dust beaches next to me. Suddenly, a harsh gust of wind hit my face and knocked me over. I run to the nearby eerie, shadowy, damp cave for cover by the rain. Then the silent waves turned irritated as if something happened to them. They are smashing onto the sturdy rocks that stand by. The Light House is taking the most ferocious waves of them all. They are hitting it with everything they have got. Then an extraordinary wave came up hit the Light House that made it fall into the sea! Randomly the sea went calm again once that happened and everyone came back out and wondered why and what happened.

  45. Sophie H-E says:

    The Waves

    The colossal, white waves crashed against the tall lighthouse harder than ever. The ferocious waves jumped left, right, up and down trying to push the dull coloured lighthouse down. It was like a terrifying tiger trying to rip its pray apart. The gigantic lighthouse is a fascinating skyscraper. (The crazy waves are that tall!) They went Crash-Bang-Crash. I would not go in that lighthouse if I was you!!

  46. Charlie Nicel says:

    I smelt the sea spray which is as white as snow and the water is as clear as glass. I saw the Lighthouse, which is the brightest Lighthouse in the world and is off, and is was waiting to spot a misguided ship in the howling darkness. In the lighthouse I felt some slippery steps. When I left it I tasted invisible, salty air. As I was leaving, I heard the black and white building turn its light on so I said

  47. Diya Jena says:


    It was such a cold, dark, stormy night that I couldn’t sleep, not one little bit. As the lonely night went on, the waves began to thrash at me with their slippery, ice-cold fingers, and the storm clouds began to turn a deeper shade of grey. The half-moon was covered by the huge bodies of grey mass.

    The waves began to get higher as the wind tossed it and turned it up the side of my body. Frantically, rapidly, quickly, the blue mountains reached my head and crashed down instantly, leaving me to be drenched in the water of the cold, heartless sea. Waves were my worst enemy, and i never could do anything about it, for i couldn’t move. My stripy body was useless compared to the towering, overpowering monsters that threatened me.

    After a long, painful time, the waves started to form into small splashes, which turned into little ripples. Dogs woofing and birds chirping recommenced, and the lovely voices of humans started, as the day began.

  48. Riya Jena says:

    CRASH! A huge wave came down on me in the middle of the cold, freezing night. My whole body became damp as the water dripped off me. The waves were raging and lightning bolts struck the Earth. The horrible pinching wind whipped the blue monsters that emerged from the ocean. I just stood there, helpless, on the cliff, and tried to shine my lamp as bright as I could so that ships from far away could see me. Even more waves thrashed me, but I still shone my lamp. I suffered the night, but thankfully nothing happened to me. The next day, the blue velvet stretched across the Earth and was as calm as a harmless whale. Me and the ocean became friends after that, and good friends still.

  49. Riya Jena says:

    Splash! The waves, full of an unceasing rage, threw themselves at the innocent lighthouse, who stood on a column of stone in the sea. The lighthouse was striped with dark blue and white, making it look like a prisoner from jail. As the menacing waves rose up with the help of the whirling, wonderful wind, white froth was splashed all over the naïve tower that didn’t mind at all. The mountains of periwinkle and ivory white crashed -with vain attempts- on to the lighthouse, trying with all its might to bring the stubborn tower crumbling down to be part of the sea bed. Above, the clouds, heavy with rain, blocked the sun, engulfing the scene in a dull light, without letting any of the blue of the sky be witnessed.

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