Task 23
17th April 2014
Task 25
1st May 2014


  1. Once upon a time, in a smelly farm, there was a corn field but lots of crows were after the corn. The farmer couldn’t just let the crows eat all the sweet corn so that’s why he built a scare crow. Through the night something suspicious sparkled around the scare crow and it was alive! It scared of the crows all day and all night but had a nasty trick up its sleeve. The next morning there were around a dozen crows so the scare crow did his thing. Secretly, when no one was around the scare crow started to walk into the middle of the corn field and then GOBBLE the corn was all gone and then the farmer came and found out what happened then the scare crow was taken away.

  2. Lewa says:

    Everyone has a talent

    On an old farm, high in the breezy cool hills lived a scarecrow.

    Usually, normal scarecrows would scare of birds, instead birds laughed at this one.
    It was because he had a peculiar smile on his face. It was until a mouse met him and told him if he wanted to scare birds he needed to try his best.

    The very next day he tried and he succeeded and he became a true scarecrow.

    Effort will succeed, but laziness will fail.

  3. Aidan steers says:

    The crop protector

    Once there lived a rather tattered scarecrow; however his looks were very deceiving, this scarecrow has scared off every single crow that came near this field during his eight years of work. But on this day that could all change. Two crows named Ben and Steve snuck up behind the Scarecrow and started to eat all the crops out of his vision.

    “Hey Scarecrow, you’re not doing a very good job are you?” sneered Ben. The scarecrow darted round and the crows flew up just above the scarecrows head.

    “If you ever come near this field again you won’t want to know the consequences!” warned the scarecrow knowing full well that they would be back the next day. The two crows just gave the scarecrow a leering smile and flew off. When the sun started to set on the lush green fields and bushes, the scarecrow went searching for his friend, Fox.

    “Fox, where are you?” asked the scarecrow.

    “Here I am,” said the fox from behind. The scarecrow turned around.

    “Look fox, I was wondering if you could help me out by getting rid of these two crows for me?” asked the Scarecrow.

    “Yeah, sure I can, how can I help” replied Fox.

    “Could you wait in the bushes ready to leap out and grab a crow in your mouth while I warn them if they come here again they will be eaten?” asked the Scarecrow.

    “Yes, whatever you want,” said Fox. The next morning the crows arrived.

    “Hey crows, I said something bad would happen and now it will, Fox!” said the Scarecrow. With that Fox jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Steve in his mouth.

    “Now if you ever and I mean ever come here again I will get fox to eat the pair of you, got it?”

    “Yes,” replied the pair in unity and Fox dropped Steve and the crows flew off into the sunrise never to be seen again.

  4. Isobel Allan says:

    As the sun set on a long summers day, a murder of crows swooped swiftly into an extensive field. A scruffy scarecrow was lolling on his rickety post watching over his precious crops.

    The scarecrow sighed in happiness as he looked out at his home. While the noisy crows landed on his battered hat and worn out clothes, the sun set slowly over the horizon. Making blood red and orange, purple and yellow streaks fill the sky.

    Suddenly, the crows took to the sky in the blink of an eye. Their wings flapping wildly. The light of the sunset was reflecting off their black as ebony feathers. The scarecrow was confused by this rude and rowdy departure. Until a strange smell filled his nose.

    SMOKE! And we all know where there’s smoke there’s fire! A scarecrows worst nightmare. What could burn faster than dry old clothes stuffed with straw?

  5. Isla says:

    The Scarecrow

    Three children,
    With cheeks as red as cherries,
    Dance into a tranquil field.
    Arms laden with grain sacks,
    Straw and old clothes,
    Complete with a flimsy hat.

    They place their burdens in a tidy pile.
    One hunts around,
    He’s found a broken oak bough!
    The oldest thrusts it into the ground,
    Together they set to work,
    A fun thing to be done.

    Hours of enjoyment pass quickly by,
    Arms, legs, torso and head begin to form,
    On go the garments, shoes and gloves alike.
    Weary, three children look at their creation with pride,
    A floppy straw scarecrow staring dumbly into space,
    Topped with Grandmother’s bonny bonnet.

  6. The lovely views from far away
    on a beautiful summer’s day
    You can see the yellow daffodils
    From your sunlit windowsills

    An outstanding green and purple T-shirt
    with spiky needles that can hurt
    Everybody around, having fun
    whilst the scarecrow bathes, under the sun

    Dark blue trousers, wearing thin
    with a hat throwing a shadow, on his chin
    A pointed triangle for his nose,
    as he stands still, in his favourite pose

    The heat gently warms his straw,
    as a dog scratches him, with his paw
    The scarecrow rouses from his sleep,
    and upon the children, he then creeps

    To make sure they all understand
    That they must get off his land
    Everybody lazing in the chair,
    suddenly receive an enormous scare

  7. Dominic says:

    Scaring the crows from the corn field.

    Creaking through the wind in the night.

    Ambling slowly over the fields.

    Rearranging the corn the birds have ruined.

    Encouraging crows to stay in the sky.

    Creating stacks of freshly made corn.

    Rain is falling, birds are chirping ‘it’s morning’.

    Overloads of crows being scared away.

    While all I can see from my window is an ordinary scarecrow.

  8. Tega Ayiwe says:

    I am a scarecrow who loves to scare,
    I am known worldly for my evil stare,
    I laugh as the crows flee everywhere,
    I am always congratulated from here and there,

    I am a scarecrow with lots to share,
    I am scarecrow that others look up to everywhere,
    I can’t be compared to any scarecrow anywhere,
    For I am the scariest scarecrow anywhere,

  9. The sun shone its radiant ray down on the luscious green grass. The tranquil blue sky was cloudless. In the midst of the field, stood a scarecrow with a many blue shirt and green shorts.
    One day a flock of birds flew into the field to feed on the crops planted there. Bob the scarecrow didn’t want to frighten away the birds because he wanted to be accompanied as he was always lonely. Suddenly, the farmer spotted the birds crowding around the crops. Instantly the farmer wanted to sell Bob

    The next day Mark sold Bob to a family. The family had a son, George who desperately wanted to play with, Bob. They brought into their garden. George began to play with Bob.

    Bob felt merry as he could play with someone without having to scare them away as he always had to do this to the birds that flew in to the field where he was. Bob was happier here because he had a friend- something he thought he would never have.

  10. Callum says:

    Making a scarecrow.

    One day there lived a farmer, he had a beautiful farm and didn’t want any birds to eat his new crop seeds. So…. he decided to make a scarecrow! He thought that, that was a great idea. After that he made a start of making his new scarecrow, he started by going to the shed to get some old clothes out of the dressing up box. He found: a straw hat, an ancient coat from years back when he was young, an old stick off of a broomstick and a football with a small hole in the bottom for the head. First he carefully stuck the stick in the ground and gently put the coat around it. He placed the football on his head with the stick going through the little hole. Next he drew a funny face on the football, then placed the straw hat on his head. He made a great scarecrow, and the farmer never had his crops eaten again.

  11. Bolu says:

    Early one Easter Sunday, a young girl called Rosie was very excited that day. She was excited because it was her tenth birthday. Her parents sang her her happy birthday then gave her her birthday card and present. She slowly opened her card. In her card was £20 but in pennies, just the way she liked it. Then she opened her present. For her birthday she got an MP3 player. She was very grateful for what she had but what she had always wanted a baby chick.

    After she thanked her parents, she hurried downstairs to eat her Easter egg. To her amazement, a strange noise was coming from her Easter egg! She carefully opened her Easter egg with her two hands. She took out a piece of chocolate and out jumped a baby chick!

    Rosie was filled with joy. She scooped up the baby chick still shocked about what had happened. Her parents explained to her that they had put the chick in the Easter egg. They knew that Rosie had always wanted a pet chick for her birthday. Rosie was over the moon. It really was the best birthday she ever had.

  12. Lizzie says:

    Not knowing where I was, I cried out for help. Any chance of survival was lost. I looked longingly for a sign. For miles I saw nothing but rolling hills, empty fields, and shrivelled crops. I was doomed. Burning into my back, the suns heat made my mouth dry. I fell to my knees and curled up like a hedgehog. Starving, thirsty, and abandoned I, Charlotte Sanderson, was lost forever.
    I knew it was just my head when I heard voices. Starvation always leads to hallucination. Although they sound real and alive, I held my ears tight. If I moved I would be wandering further from home. Scrunching up my eyes I fell into a deep sleep.
    Agony hit me and a familiar whirr sounded. At first I thought it was all in my head, but sting after sting I felt. Gradually one eye lid awoke like it had been asleep for years. A swarm of raging wasps covered my body. I froze. The voices started again. This time louder. I didn’t need a second glance to tell myself I was seconds from death. Covered in throbbing, bulging stings, I was too scared to move. The voices hit me like an avalanche. I knew they were real. A small spark of hope flickered but disappeared instantly after the following sting. I was dead.
    It took ages, but the police gave in looking for my body. Everything in the huge field is alive and growing now. Although my body was never discovered a scarecrow stands. Nobody knows how it got there. The farmer discovered it after hearing screaming in the night. He said there was a hole where the mouth was. He sewed it up so now nobody can hear me, I mean the scarecrow, scream!

  13. Grace says:

    The Scarecrow

    I am made of straw,
    Vegetables, flowers and fruits lie around me,
    I never give up my job,
    It’s the only thing I can do in my life.

    I watch the crops in the day; I watch the crops in night,
    When the crows start pecking on the foods, I frighten them,
    For I am a scarecrow,
    The best of the best,
    I am loving and caring but important as well.

    I always have a smile on my face,
    Especially when I have done well,
    I never boast about my achievements,
    But I am full of pride inside.

    I never grow old or weak,
    I am always full of surprises,
    My farm is my home,
    The home that I will always love.

  14. Bolu says:

    One sunny morning, a farmer from Summer Set Farm was roaming around his farm until he saw his scare crow.
    “I wish I were you. You just stand here doing nothing. You do not have to worry about anything,”stated the farmer. He new that he was talking to a scare crow but their was something going on in the farmers life. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend. They had been going out for five years and he was ready to ask her the important question. He was just really worried that she would say no.

    The next day, the farmer passed the scare crow and turned into a scare crow! He started to panic. He was just about to shout for help when…..

    Suddenly the farmer he woke up!
    “Oh, it was just a dream!” Sighed the farmer. It was a dream because he had already proposed to his girlfriend and that they were getting married the next day.

  15. James says:

    The Scarecrow.

    One bright, sunny summer morning a farmer decided to make a scarecrow since the old one had been torn to shreds by the crows.so he took off his old tattered jacket on the scarecrow, then he went out to the field and put it down.

    The next day the farmer knew his phone was missing so he set of onto the farm searching for his phone would be. That night the scarecrow with the famers old jacket on came to life, and he reached in his pocket and found this phone it was the farmers.

    The scarecrow decided to go on it and he started ordering things like new clothes, hats, boots and straw. The farmer started to get suspicious especially when a home for minibeasts arrived. When the farmer came in that night he blamed it on his wife but she denied everything, were was it coming from they both wandered.

    That night the farmer heard a noise down stairs it sounded like the radio on his phone. So he woke up his wife and they slowly opened the kitchen door and he found the scarecrow sitting in the farmers big, black leather chair with his phone plugged in at the wall.

  16. Oscar says:

    It was the school trip to the local farm, five steps into the field and already I found something odd. It was a dull, mouldy straw scarecrow. Just then a small gust of wind blew through the air, consequently making his head flop down.

    “Why’ve you got something as basic as that scarecrow in this 100 acres?” I asked the farmer who was showing us round. We were really here to see his new modern machinery, but he insisted on us looking around his whole farm.

    “Oh, I’ve been meaning to throw him out for months,” he exclaimed. Everyone moved on, leaving me trailing behind.

    “Come here, come here,” and extremely deep voice encouraged. Time froze from those four words, which now have become the words of my nightmare. Something started pulling me backwards, closer and closer and closer to the rotten mouldy scarecrow…

    I tried to run backwards but I couldn’t. My foot started to touch the old potato sack that was wrapped around the straw legs. Like witchcraft my foot, then leg was sucked into the scarecrow, leaving behind a gold outline around the area where my leg once was. The other leg was in next, then my arms, the only thing left was my head. Terrified, I pulled with my last strength my upper body popped out and half a leg, not for long though. After a great struggle I was stuck inside.

    Time started up again, it looked like the others didn’t even notice I was gone.

  17. Amaan says:


    Scarecrows are necessary,
    Scarecrows are awesome,
    Scarecrows scare bad birds away.

  18. Rosie says:

    The Scarecrow That Came To Life

    It was a fine summers day, in the south east of England and I was frolicking in the farmer’s field with my mischievous mates, Jodie and Cameron. Suddenly, we heard a rustling behind us, just in time, I ducked as well- aimed boot came flying perilously towards us, inches from my hitting my head. We peered around, pondering on who had wanted to cause us harm. After about a few minutes, we heard an angry yell and instantly covered our heads. When we were sure nothing was going to hit us, w e relaxed our tense muscles . Then we heard it; “Oi! get out of ‘ere!” screamed the familiar voice. I racked my brains to find a match. It was the farmer. He started to sprint rapidly after us, but we didn’t have to be told twice.
    We split into different directions, and I ran to the safety of the tranquil wood. I kept on running and running until I reached the other side, which led into more monotonous fields. What I didn’t know was that this ground was enchanted (in other words, cursed.) Soon I spotted it. The scarecrow. It was standing in the middle of the field, surrounded by jet black crows. I couldn’t help but get closer. I started at a walk, then a jog, then a run, soon I was sprinting like a mosquito to a light. When I arrived, all the crows stood silent and still, intent on watching me. I had to touch it. I just had to. almost there… ZAP! I awoke shortly after, surprised by the numb sensation on my back. I opened my eyes, and, instead of seeing the scarecrow, I saw a little girl staring back at me, with red eyes, and an evil grin…

  19. Hannah says:

    Lifeless, Stationery
    Drooping, Frightening, Intimidating
    Wood, Straw, Fabric, Beads
    Encouraging, Flapping, Scaring
    Rigid, Wooden

  20. Juanita says:

    The magical scarecrow

    One fine sunny day in may, two girls called Clara and Olive ,who were 5 and 6, went on a picnic with their mum. They choose a perfect spot at the top of the hill. After they had finished eating the two girls ran down the hill and saw a scarecrow; they laughed at the scarecrow because it had a dress on when it was a boy. The scarecrow was very angry with Clara and olive and sucked them up with his right ear. Unfortunately the scarecrow sucked them up in the wrong ear. He intended to suck them up with his left ear, for in that ear was gigantic puddles of earwax; but instead the two girls were in Barbie world. They spent two whole hours meeting Barbie, buying clothes for free, and having a makeover. When it was time to go Barbie told the two girls how she got stuck in the scarecrow’s ear. The two girls felt sorry for Barbie and told her that if she told them the way out they would make her small enough to be their toy. The three girls did the plan. They were outside before they knew it!

  21. JOAN says:

    I am a scarecrow waiting to scare
    you can put me anywhere I don’t care where
    I scare crows any way
    I do this every day.

    The crows bite me as much as they care
    but I still share
    in the night I lit my eyes like a torch
    in case anything wants to scorch.

    I do not get fed so I creep to the corn
    I always see when a crow is born
    It is a misery to live like this
    I don’t have a mother to kiss.

  22. Sasha says:

    Joe rose solemnly and wiped off the sleek drops of condensation that formed on the window. He peered outside in dismay to see that crows were pecking at the young crops. “You stupid birds, get off my field!” but they acted like blocks of ice and didn’t seem to hear. Joe realized that if he didn’t prohibit this, then his crop harvest would fail.
    At the breakfast table, Joe discussed the matter over and over again until he finally decided to make a scarecrow. He would make the scarecrow look like himself so the dumb birds would never come back to his farm.
    And there Peter the scarecrow stood, a straw hat, buttoned nose and old suit of Joe’s. Head in the air he stood posperous on top of the field. Joe’s plan succeeded at first, but soon the sagacious birds understood that the scarecrow was no more than a bundle of straw and so they sat, pecking at the crops.
    Joe saw all this, and came up with an even better idea. The next morning, Joe got up early and dressed himself in Peter’s clothes he then stood in the middle of the field and waited for the birds.
    When ravens, crows, and pheasants settled on the ground, Joe started making loud noises and screamed chaoticly. The birds were terrified and never came back again.

  23. Archie says:

    Rodneys last adventure.

    It was one summer day that an adventurous scarecrow called Rodney decided to take a stroll in the woods.

    When he reached the woodland he could hear a faint and ghostly echo through the trees. Curiously he cautiously tip-toed into the thicket. After a minute he started to see tiny glows in the bush-land, he trapped one inside his hands. Rodney opened his straw hands up and had a peak. It was a dazzling fairy, with silky hair and delicate wings! It was quivering all over, scared to death by the heavy hands clasping her. The stunning fairy stared at the ugly scarecrow for a moment, then swiftly she shot away.

    His brief meeting with the magnificent magical creature had made Rodneys day. “There’s nothing to be afraid of” He though to himself stupidly. But little did he know what lay ahead of him.

    As he happily jogged along the road, he started to hear a booming growl. Then a pack of ravenous wolves jumped out on Rodney, he desperately fought for his life tufts of fur and straw flew in everywhere! But the wolves tore him into shreds. Rodney was no longer a scarecrow, he was a bundle of hay.

  24. Benj says:


    I wake up. The world spinning around me like a twisted tornado. Light was streaming through the circular window pane in my bedroom.

    Today my dad has finished my scarecrow, because the pesky cows had eaten my seeds. I tiptoed downstairs without a peep, my mother humming sprightly while cooking a fried egg.

    I scoffed down my breakfast then asked my mother where my father is? My mother replied, “outside.” I opened the door. In the garden was a scarecrow with a woven hat and jeans, straw peeing out of his arms.

    “Just for your,” my father said. My eyes lit up like a candle. That night I heard a rustling from the bushes, I looked out the window and saw my scarecrow had vanished.

    Perplexed, I crept outside. There and only then could I see my scarecrow was alive! He put his hat on me and grabbed my arm and we soared into the magical night sky.

    We flew over the rolling hills, the stars twinkling above us. When we got back I went to bed. The next morning he was as still as a statue. But I saw a twinkle in his eye……

  25. Peter says:

    The Scarecrow

    One dark, windy afternoon, above Farmer Pat’s corn field in Sunderland. A huge black cloud had clogged up the maximum amount of water and it burst out a monstrous shower of rain. Underneath, stood the calamitous scarecrow who had never scared a crow. He stood there with his back tied to a wooden pole slouching waiting for the day where his master would replace him.

    But today he felt different, the rain always gave him the feeling that you could wash away the bad and start a new up until…Zap. A lightning bolt zapped him and teleported him into a very bright and colourful world. He glanced around and caught sight of a yellow brick road.

    A little girl wearing a blue and white check dress skipped down the path later towards him singing ‘We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.’ She asked him very politely if he knew which way to the Emerald city.

    He glanced around looking for something green but accidently slapped her while he was looking the other way and fell to the floor which was not visible for the scarecrow. He felt like he was being tricked so he just closed his eyes hoping he could return.

    When he opened his eyes he had returned home, but his world felt a lot grey than usual. Though he didn’t really mind. After all, he was only a scarecrow…who couldn’t scare a crow!

  26. Tomi says:


    Everyone thinks that scarecrows are not real and that their only purpose is to frighten of crows from eating crops. That is what they think! This is the real reason why farmers’ crops have mysteriously disappeared…

    Due to the disappearance of crops in the field, the authorities have sent secret agents as well as spies to unravel this anonymous brain twister. Two of these secret agents happen to be my brother (Reece Williams) who is my colleague, and I, Jake Williams. We both have to go on night patrol, which means that we both have to know who comes in and out of the farm.

    Suddenly, as quick as a flash, a scarecrow ran towards the fields and before we could realize what it was, he was gone and so were the crops! This continued for what feels like an eternity!

    Eventually, we caught the thief with a net that we disguised high above the tree hours before midnight. Everyone tortured the scarecrow by pulling of a handful of straw each – that’s like taking a pint of blood out of your body!

    Finally, all that was left was a bundle of dry, tattered clothes but for some reason that was not the end. A ghost was reported to have been seen at most of the farms sights in Britain. We’ve sent Ghostbusters to deal with it and stop farmers from worrying. The case of the scarecrow has not been permanently closed yet…

  27. Toby Nee says:

    Commander Of The Corn

    I am a scarecrow. My life is essentially just standing around in a dusty, old and cracked field all day, doing what I do best ; scaring crows. I am a field marshal of the crops.

    If you do this repetitive act for long enough, you can imagine my surprise when one day a little girl walks up to me and says;
    “It must be a bit lonely, standing there all day, like a dried prune.”
    “Well actually, I am a bit disconcerted ” I replied. She seemed stunned at this
    “What?” I asked
    “You’re talking!” she said and uttered a mouse-like squeak.
    “Yes, so?”

    She regained her composure so quickly, that if I had been a human , I probably would have cricked my neck in surprise.
    “So , who are you?” I asked her.
    “My name is Penny Worthington and I am Morris Dancing Champion of this year!”
    “Ok, ok I only asked your name.” I said to her.

    “Who are you” Penny asked.
    “Scrubbed” I replied. This did sound a little pathetic next to ‘Penny Worthington – champion dancer’.
    “Well then Scrubbed, would you like to come with me?”
    “I’m a scarecrow, I’m known as Turnip Head by my fellow soldiers of the maize, and I’m not sure what to do”.
    “Oh, yes, well, I will come back here tomorrow”. And she did, and she kept coming until she dug me up from that crumbly, dry and barren field and we set off together, the best of friends.

  28. Lazy is the Best!

    There once lived a scarecrow called Sam. Sam was a very jolly scarecrow who had a very monotonous job; of scaring birds away (that didn’t exactly work). Sam had always wanted to see how it was like to move, touch and be a human, but he couldn’t because he was an ordinary scarecrow…….. Until one night Sam lay awake like a nocturnal beast staring at the sky filled with clusters of stars. When suddenly Sam saw a beautiful shooting star zoom across the dark sky. Sam saw the star and immediately made a wish; a wish to become a human!

    The next sunny morning Sam didn’t find himself suspended on the wooden frame anymore but actually on land with real arms and feet! Sam chuckled to himself saying ‘I’m on British soil!’ You wouldn’t normally see a scarecrow turn human overnight- would you?

    After a while Sam set off to experience how to be a man.

    First Sam went for a stroll down the road, exploring the world. Next Sam touched a ……tree….. not very exciting? Well then Sam touched a squirrel that scuttered down the tree. Slowly the day went by and Sam walked back towards the farm hoping to look for a shooting star again. When he did find a shooting star, Sam wished to transform into a scarecrow again and the next day he found himself back in the right place again. Do you want to know why Sam wanted to be a scarecrow again? If yes, then read on……

    Well as you see Sam, after an experience of being human decided to go back being a scarecrow again. It was a difficult task being human plus Sam thought he rather be a scarecrow than a man because; to be honest who wants to do work all the time, so might as well be a scarecrow.

    Maybe sometimes being lazy is better!

  29. Joshua O says:

    Every day the scarecrow was being tormented by crows who stopped by to eat the golden fields of wheat owned by the richest farmer in the world.One day two unfortunate scarecrows came down to eat the wheat when the scarecrow’s arm extended and caught the crows and ate them alive. The other crows saw this and realized never to mess about with any scarecrow.

  30. Bambo says:

    Evil Scarecrow

    In the midst of a corn plantation, there stood a vigorous scarecrow. The poor villagers encompass the scarecrow but concealed themselves behind the thick dark trees. No one dared to take a corn from the farm, except the farmer – its owner. So the hungry villagers rushed out like a pack of elephants and stole hundreds of corn from the plantation.
    A villager, charged at the scarecrow!
    As still as a rock, was a grey statue.
    Deafening silence filled the field. The better scent of the corn died out
    “GOOD GRIEF,” shouted one, “ that’s unfeasible!”
    The farm grabbed the humble villager furiously, however, the villagers managed to get away by chance.

  31. I have two boughs of wood holding me up, who am I? I am stuffed with straw, who am I? I have bits of old wool for my hair, who am I? I have an unwanted hat, usually woven of straw, who am I? I have a stuffed face with a drawn on nose, mouth and eyes, who am I? I am man made, who am I? I live on farms, who am I? I stand in fields of the farm through wet, cold, cloudy, windy, hot, sunny and mild days, who am I? I scare off those scoundrel crows, who am I? I wear the farmers old clothes, who am I? I sometimes wear a scarf, who am I?
    I am a scarecrow, here to help any farmer there may need help.

  32. Woollen hair swaying in the gentle breeze of the summer, ancient torn clothes and a worn hat. As a skeleton, dilapidated boughs of an antic oak tree.
    “Mmmmmmmmmm, corn, let’s have some shall we”
    “Yeah, why not, eh?”
    “Ha, look at that flimsy bit of mouldy clothing, stuffed with straw and put on some rotten would of some sort. That farmer thinks that he can trick us!”
    “Let’s get the rest of the flock and the flock on the other side of the field to invade very field in the farm and have a huge feast. I’ll go and get our side, you do the other side.”
    “Right you are, Jeff!” So off they went in their different directions and everything went to plan, but not for the disheartened farmer though, he ended up putting every type of bird-scare device the was in every field on his colossal but still, there were raids until there was nothing left, and the farmer. Poor soul, used up every single penny of his life savings to move and get a job, but, luckily, he got an extremely well-paid job, a lawyer.

  33. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    The Idiotic Scarecrow

    It was on a mundane day, when a loyal farmer was out in his peaceful meadow, watching his cows grazing on emerald grass, while the wind timidly brushed his cheek. After a hard afternoon of work, Ryan, the farmer thought he deserved a rest, before going to grow more crops in his field. Ryan, after his break, swiftly skipped to the field. But when he arrived, his jaw dropped open in sheer shock!
    His scarecrow had been torn to shreds, and his summer growth had all been eaten by which Ryan anticipated was a flock of birds. He suddenly shouted to the scarecrow
    ” What use are you? I spent months to make this growth, and moreover, I specially chose you to protect the vegetables. What thanks to I get? I’ll sell you to the dogs!
    The scarecrow was named Harpin, and was quite unusual. The reason for this was that he could understand what humans said. Now, after Ryan had said this, a guilty feeling lashed in him, the dogs were the most vicious creatures to have survived in mankind. The next morning, Harpin tried hard and when a crow landed on the crops, Harpin roared at them, leaving them squealing away in fright. Ryan had noticed that the crows were not returning and realised that Harpin had scared them away. He never sold Harpin, as he had started a new growth that was growing fast.
    The moral of this story is that you always get reward if you don’t be lazy.

  34. Ammiel Richards says:

    Ammiel Richards

    Farms were once full of animals that suffered, used more like digits in a bank balance than creatures with thoughts and feelings. We learnt how intelligent they were, but more than that, we learnt what emotions they were capable of feeling. Intelligence after all, is not knowledge, but creativity; likewise intelligence and complexity are not the same thing. Not being able to figure out a math sum does not mean it’s alright to treat the creature as a meat bag. Feelings are feelings, life is life. Our farms now are for crops, for vegetables, and we’ve learnt how to make wonderful high protein foods so bursting with flavour. It’s amazing what we could do when we put our true intelligence to work in the right direction.

  35. Diya Jena says:

    Red light as red as blood danced across the sky which had few pink clouds hovering in. Slowly, the fields that were surrounding the farmhouse turned into a light shade of red as the sun began to set. Bathed in the last golden rays was the farmer’s house, standing in the centre of the fields. Last songs were being sung by the birds which were hopping from one arm of a tree to another. The cows were being herded into the farm, which was situated a little further away from the house of the farmer. Moos and woofs were the last sounds heard in that part before everyone started to drift to sleep as night crept in, the first, twinkling stars shining in the dark blue sky. It was only the moon and the stars and the trees to notice the scarecrow bobbing from side to side in the wind, making a creaking noise that indicated it was going to fall at any moment. It fell with a thud onto the field. And everything was silent.

  36. Riya Jena says:

    The barn looked old and Harry knew that it had been inhabited for a long time. Without really thinking about what he was going to do, he pushed the longstanding doors open. Surprisingly, the place inside was spacious and not as full of rats as Harry had supposed there would be. Harry, knowing that his family owned the barn, could go there any time he liked, without getting told off by anyone! He thought about it and decided it was the best place to write his diary in privacy. Knowing that other children wouldn’t disturb him because of the rumours about it, he felt quite safe.

  37. Harley Taylor says:

    The derelict barn was a splitting image of a decaying, haunted house. A rickety roof slumbers at the peak of the rotting planks. Gloomy trees swayed in the wailing wind, it may look ordinary, but its unordinary desire to pounce on squeamish children lingered inside the deepest of roots. The orange tinged horizon is a signal to tell everyone that it is the end of this glorious day. Depressed clouds fade away and enthusiastic stars fill the night sky. Twinkle! Twinkle!

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