Task 24
24th April 2014
Task 26
8th May 2014


  1. Oliver says:

    Once there was a builder called Barry. He was a very joyful man. He was very joyful because he had a wonderful life. He had two children, one called Mitchell and the other called Michael. Barry also had a brilliant wife named Louise.

    One day Barry went to work. When he got their his boss, James, told him he was putting a billboard up for beer downtown. So Barry got in his SUV and drove downtown. As he arrived there was already a ladder there, so he didn’t need his… or that’s what he thought!

    He walked onto the pavement with his roller and started to climb. At first the ladder seemed alright but the further he got up the less stable it became. Suddenly the ladder started tipping and before he knew it Barry had dropped to the ground and been knocked out cold. A man ,who happened to know Barry saw him and called 999 straight away.

    The next morning when Barry woke up around 9 o’clock Louise,Michael and Mitchell were sitting at the side of his bed at the hospital. The results from the test the doctors did on Barry had come back. He had broken his shoulder and a rib but that was all. He wasn’t allowed to work for 3 months. After those 3 months Barry was as cool as ever and back to his brilliant, brilliant life. THE END.

  2. Lizzie says:

    The helmet.
    Out of the shadows, a hand emerged. Reaching out as far as it could, it beckoned for me to wander into the darkness. Paralysed, I followed the arm. It belonged to a looming, cloaked figure. Slowly, I tiptoed away, hoping the figure wouldn’t see me try to escape. Failure! His black, lifeless eyes darted towards me. Pounding frequently, my heart echoed in my head. What did he want? Why did he want me? Who was He? Unanswered questions screamed in my head. One Terrible question stood out. Was this my last day alive? I could think of only 1 solution: RUN!
    I raced out of the shadowy alley way. Not daring to look back, I focused my eyes on one thing. Luckily there was a policeman strolling around. I shouted, screamed, cried for his attention. My final pleads for help were drowned out by my beating heart as a hand wrapped around my mouth. Agony hit me and I fell unconscious.
    Unfamiliar, dull and empty the house I awoke in stunk. Only one thing I saw I remembered from the previous day and I didn’t want to. The figure towered my tiny body. I stared at his now visible face. As if he were about to speak, his mouth opened. Then a loud drilling sound hit my ears. Suddenly the ceiling collapsed. The figure fell and died. Then I recognised him; the criminal from the wanted posters. The police persuaded the builders to knock down his house so he had nowhere to flee. They had no idea I was in the house at the time! The last thing I saw before my death was the florescent yellow hats of builder knocking down the empty house.

  3. My family and I were moving houses. We all went and I could smell the wood from the pine trees surrounding the isolated house linger into the air. Inside the elephantine house, the walls had blue, chipped off paint and when I placed my hand on the walls it felt bumpy. There was a cracked, pearl, and white ceiling.
    Our new house had been possession less and this caused all the ruins inside such as the leak in the ceiling. My dad suggested to ring a builder to come and repair our house to become pristine. Immediately my mum remembered our old builder Mike. Dad rang up Mike and informed him about what was happening. Mike replied he was only able to a week later.
    Finally the doorbell rang and a man with a rugged face that was unshaved approached dad. I heard dad say, “Hi Mike.” Then, I realised it was the builder and then they shook hands. Mike had rough, dirty hands and torn, stained clothes with exposed muscles.
    Our builder climbed the slippery tiled roof. Many of the tiles were either broken or covered in moss. Suddenly I heard a shout and we all dashed outside. Mike had slipped off the roof and had wounded his leg. Promptly dad punched in the number for the emergency services. Within seconds blaring lights approached us. He shouted in agony as he was carried to the van. Eventually he recovered and allowed us to have our house repaired for free because dad had saved him.

  4. Ipshita says:

    The Golden Helmet

    In a huge kingdom their lay in the centre a golden helmet. It was a legend, that if you wore this golden helmet you would become the strongest person ever. No one actually in the kingdom believed this legend expect from a young man called Robert –who lived in the village with his friends Will, Alan and Much- Robert was a very determined and enthusiastic person who belied that he could achieve to wear the helmet.

    On a fine day while Robert was having a stroll in the forest when the wind gushed a piece of paper on Robert’s face- as Robert removed the paper of his face he realised that it was a map where the destination was the golden helmet .Robert was feeling very excited and decided to leave today for his long journey through The Mouldy Mountains, The Groovy Grave Yard and The Dragon’s Den.

    First Robert climbed The Mouldy Mountains that was full of harsh wind pushing you back. Then Robert, at night, went to The Groovy Grave Yard. Voices crept out … gates creaked… as the moonlight highlighted a tombstone that said ‘The sister of Robert Glenwich – Maria Glenwich-‘

    Robert suddenly fell to the ground weeping, but slowly managed to walk towards The Dragon’s Den. As he tip-toed through the den (more like a cave). Until…..

    In front of Robert stood the golden helmet that shone like a morning sun. Robert pinched himself not believing what he saw. It was true! Immediately Robert put on the helmet as the helmet started to spin on his head and fly of back to the rock it came from while Robert was trying to push a heavy boulder out of the way and guess what?………. he actually pushed it out the way.

    So that was the legend of the golden helmet!

  5. Lewa says:

    The magic hat

    On one cold blistering afternoon, Tom was walking home from school. It was his birthday, however he was not so happy because his family was going through a period of adversity.

    He strutted through the door of his home ; and was greeted by people singing happy birthday.They gave him a present, as usual, Tom wasn’t interested until he opened the present… it was a hat. Not just any old hat, it was a magic hat. It whirled around and flew in all directions. Everyone was bewildered. Tom was paralysed with joy. He had never looked so happy before . His family may be poor, but this was his best birthday ever !!!

  6. Aidan steers says:

    The Best Of The Builds

    One overcast day two builders named Tim and Dave were having an argument about who was the better builder. Dave felt very strongly that he was the better of the two but Tim had other ideas.

    The two were squabbling as per usual and suddenly one of the other builders came up with an idea that would put the squabbling to rest for the rest of their lives.

    “Hey you two, I have an idea that will stop your arguing forever,” exclaimed the builder.

    “I’m listening,” said the pair in unity.

    “Why don’t you both come up with an idea of a build and create it and I will judge whose build is better?” Suggested the builder.

    “Prepare to lose!” shouted Dave.

    “Bring it on!” replied Tim.

    The next day the two had both come up with an idea and had two days to build it working round the clock with only three fifteen minute breaks per day.

    “Only two days to build our creations in, that’s a bit short, isn’t it?” questioned Dave.

    “Yeah, and we only get three quarters of an hour break per day,” agreed Tim.

    “Stop moaning and put your safety helmets on and begin!” said the builder and the competition began.

    On the first day the two worked non-stop to try and pull ahead. Going in to day two they were neck and neck. On day two Dave started to fall behind but soon caught up. Before they knew it the pair had finished and the time was up. The pair of them were exhausted, but none of that mattered now, their hearts were pounding and pulses were beating.

    “After careful consideration the winner is ……. Tim!” announced the builder. Tim was ecstatic, while Dave was quite the opposite.

    “I told you I was the best,” bragged Tim.

    “Well you got lucky this time, just know I’ll be back,” said Dave as he walked off devastated into the midday sky.

  7. On one noisy morning, at a building sight, someone was filling in a form and he was getting a job there. He got all the gear he needed so he got to work. Before he carried on he realized he didn’t have his helmet on so he reached out to get it. As soon as he put it on something sparkled on the helmet and suddenly it possessed him to take control of him. Another builder was also possessed by one but he had a good hat and it looked like there would be a fight as they climbed down a crowed of people surrounded them saying fight several times then them barged in and the good one with the good helmet grabbed the helmet of the other. It was over but sadly they were fired so who would be the next one to be possessed by the helmets?

  8. Nicola says:

    Missing hat report

    A builder’s hat has been lost somewhere near the seafront in Canvey. It is a big, yellow, wide hat that builders wear, and it shines during the day when the sun is high in the sky.

    If you find the hat, it needs to be returned to the builder as soon as possible, as he is building a hotel near the seafront. The builder is wearing a bright yellow jacket, dirty trousers and a striped red and white t-shirt; this is the uniform that all the builders wear in the hotel. The building company he works for, CSF, will work until 8pm tonight, and a small reward is offered for the person who returns the hat by then.

  9. Tega Ayiwe says:

    The magic helmet
    There once was a magical helmet that would travel to different countries on command, the helmet had been created by a witch.
    The witch stirred up some weird ingredients so the helmet would cause trouble anywhere it went, but the witch put a wrong ingredient in and her bad creation turned good instead and fled. But everywhere it went people used the hat for their own purposes, and used up most of the magical powers.
    Then a greedy millionaire found it and for weeks he used it but soon got bored of it and threw it away.
    One day a boy called Jo found the magical helmet , in a cold alley, he hesitated and ran to his father who had told him stories about the magical helmet, while he raced home his fathers words rang in his head, how could it be true?
    His father recognised it immediately he had used it before as a child ,he said what a magical thing in wonder .
    Jo tried out the helmet in his room, it transported him to china and back and it was amazing he loved it so he decided to keep the helmet and use it for good purposes.

  10. Monday 19th July 1996
    Today we were going to dig up the final peice of the warship Mary Rose. The team had gathered at Portmoth harbour ready to start the great dig up. I was staying on land, controling one of the six cranes that will help. The sun was out and the sea was calm. We started to get ready. We had diversswimming down and carefully blocking off a chunk of the habour. Meanwhile I was blocking the port road. Everyone here was excited. Finally we got the radio from the divers that the habour was blocked. Everyone got into position. All the cranes started to lower large metal poles. It was the divers responsibiity to ensure that the crane poles were attached to the last piece of the Mary Rose. We elevated it up and moved to a safe location. I hope it will be on dispaly soon.

  11. Grace says:

    Hello, my name is Eddie Halls and I love cycling. I cycle by day, I cycle by night, and I even cycle when I am supposed to be going to work. Since I was five years old, I have always dreamed of being in the Olympics. Well, I know I am not good enough to be in the Olympics but I am better than everybody I know. I am going to go to a cycling tournament tomorrow and it is going to be really fun because I have experienced them in the past. I decide that I would cycle at midnight to prepare for the big tournament.
    I pump my bicycle and polish it and I was about to reach out for my helmet and kneepads and then I stop midway and think:
    I am a professional cycler so I don’t really need a helmet or kneepads.
    Thinking that I was really good at cycling, I left them at home.
    When I got on the road, I felt the breeze of the fresh air, and then I started to cycle. When I was cycling, a car was riding in front of me and I tried to move but my bicycle brake was stuck. Suddenly, it was a… COLLISION.
    When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital with a cast on my leg. Then a rather elderly doctor came in and said:
    “Mr Halls you had a rather minor accident when a car collided with your bicycle. In the future, please wear some sort of protective gear when you cycle again”
    Then, I remembered everything that happened and from that day on I vowed that I will always wear a helmet to cycle and be careful of my thoughts and actions.

  12. Isla says:

    No-one can say I have had a boring life.

    I started my journey in a safety-wear shop with all my friends. Every day we crossed our brims, hoping we wouldn’t be picked.

    Finally, it was my turn. I was chosen by an important looking man, with bright blue eyes and a curly moustache. From the look of the scrolls of paper under his arm he was an Architect.

    Five hours later, I was on his head, admiring the building being constructed. We travelled to the top floor in a lift. He put me down to scratch his head, and forgot me.

    There I stayed, until a builder, with a kind face, found me and replaced his old hat for me.

    At the weekend my new owner liked to go caving with his work buddies. At the cave mouth were a group of men checking the way was safe for exploration.

    In the caves it was very dark, damp and dingy. It was at the smallest and narrowest part, when I got caught by my straps on a stalactite.

    Unexpectedly, I heard a cries of “Help!” and “Someone, anyone, we’re down here!”

    I realised that they were calling to the Rescue workers we had seen earlier. Luckily they heard their calls for help, and rushed to save the company.

    A hatless one spotted me, unhooked me and put me on his head.

    Later, the cavers and my old master lay wounded in hospital. Fortunately, none of them had serious injuries so the rescue worker left with me under his arm.

    A few days later we were called to a Dig site to rescue some trapped archeologists from a sink hole that had opened up.

    As we descended into the hole a wind whipped me up, up, up and off into the dirt and dust.

    Here I will lie, cracked and splinted, with the old broken bones.

  13. Bolu says:

    There once was a young woman called Bethany Scotts who lived in a busy city called New York. New York City was bustling with tourists, eager to explore the scores of shops, art galleries, museums and famous landmarks. Bethany lived in a mansion with her mum and her dad. (She had not moved out yet because she had no job).

    One day, Bethany was in her private gym practicing her back flip. Bethany was a very good gymnast. So good that she has been entered in over 1000 competitions and has won nearly all of them. Her dad (called Chris) wanted Bethany to be in the Olympics because she was very talented at gymnastics. However, Bethany did not want to be a famous gymnast. She wanted to be a builder instead. Her father was a famous builder and Bethany had seen him work before. She found it fascinating ever since but her father would not let her be a builder because he thought that building was for men only. Bethany’s mum supported Bethany to be a builder because she did not mind what her daughter wanted to be. She just wanted Bethany to be happy.

    The next day, Bethany decided to try and convince her dad to let her become a builder. She went to her dad’s office and told him how important building is to her. When her father realised that he had not been supporting Bethany, he let her become a builder.

    Five years later, Bethany was an amazing builder and she was earning a lot of money. She was living her dream.

  14. James says:

    The golden helmet

    One bright, sunny morning a builder called Bob went to the building site where he worked and saw a leaflet saying builder of the year wins a pure gold builders helmet, which is supposed to have magic powers.
    So one day when the award for builder of the year came all the builders dressed up in their smartest clothes for the occasion, but couldn’t believe his eyes his favorite celebrity Russell Brand was announcing who was builder of the year, which made Bob want to get it even more he was as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

    So when he said who was builder of the year he said “(drum role) Bob!”, everyone clapped as Bob ran as fast as lightning up onto the stage, “how do you feel about getting builder of the year?“
    “I’m spell bound and I’m so happy with myself. “
    “Well give it up for Bob!”
    The crowd clapped so loud it sounded like a tornado.

    He tried the helmet on but it didn’t do anything but then he wished for a pile of golden coins, then a small breeze of wind came in the building and then what he wished for appeared in front of him.
    So he went to Africa and there he gave them a fresh water well for every house and gave them proper food to eat but most of all a shelter, for them to live in.

    When he arrived home the Queen had heard of what he had done and made him a Sir, so the Queen offered him free tickets to go anywhere he wanted to help people around the world so he never became a builder again and he became a manager of Help the Poor and Famine ……or so called as H.P.F and it became the most popular around the world care. But one thing was bad the golden helmet was cursed.

  15. Oscar says:

    Drowsily, I walked home from school, under a dim, grey cloud. Suddenly I heard the sound of a wolf in the silent breeze. Before long it started raining cats and dogs, which in seconds made gloopy brown bogs. Following that came a thick silver fog, consequently masking my way.

    Presently I stopped and tried to sweep the fog in front of my blinded face away. I heard a rustle from the leaves of the trees of a nearby wood. It repeatedly got stronger and stronger until the leaves were roaring at me. Like a bullet being shot from a gun, a bright yellow helmet shot out of the wood, then smashed on top of an old, rusted car like a bomb that was released from a plane.

    I slowly crept over to it, still thrusting the fog to the side. The blinding, yellow helmet that was perched on the bonnet of the ancient Lotus, looked like it was grinning at me. Instantly, the car switched on. The lights flashed and the black, fake leather wheel turned, until what was meant to happen, finally did.

    ‘Pop’, a pale head with curly black hair and a smart, combed moustache, blue eyes and bright pink lips exploded out the helmet. At that point the male head cheered extremely joyfully “Hello, what might your name be?”

  16. Thomas says:

    Always wear a helmet!

    It was a humid Friday afternoon and Joe couldn’t wait to go home, as a tantalising aroma of fish and chips would await him. However, what Joe didn’t know was that he wouldn’t be going home! This atrocious event occured half an hour later when a colossal pipe landed on him! He wasn’t wearing a helmet, so he just lay and lay and lay.

    A couple of days later, Joe awoke and witnessed excrutiating pain from his head. He remembered how he’d been working at his building company, which did things in antediluvian fashion and how he might have to abnegate his beloved job. Then, he fell back asleep as he didn’t want to feel upset about his precarious job. He felt like this for several days before being released.

    During his perilous work, he’d now wear his protective helmet (a hard hat). He began to work at an easy post before being moved back to his ordinary post. He adored work again and counted the days until Friday. Joe had learned his lesson.

  17. Sasha says:

    The beautiful semi-circle sun rose like a giant on a bed of buildings. Mark didn’t want to get out of bed. A war was going on in his head between going to work or staying in bed. Mark landed on a blanket of smelly socks and a crumbled shirt or two. His tie lay on a pile of books on the desk. He knew that Tom, the deputy head, would tick him off if he was late for the building site but he didn’t want to face the boss, Jim.
    Mark hated the building site. The early wakes, the dusty machines, everything. There was nothing Mark liked about his work.
    “Mark! Come here this instant!” came the croaky voice of the deputy head, “What excuse do you have this time for being late?” Mark trudged to the office like a slug. The deputy head sat there like a hippo in a seat. “Ha! Late again!” he screamed. Anger rose like a mountain in Mark’s brain. What was he doing? His mouth couldn’t controll his tongue any more! It came out like a lizard. Ahhhhh! Came the echoing voices. “Wait till Jim comes, he’ll show you!”

  18. Found it!

    Crash! The same sounds echoed through my head making me feel dizzy, whilst the squeaking of the crane made me shudder. The same sound of men relentlessly hacking away at the last few ruins of the delapidated house, which we were demolishing. The wind slapped my face making my eyes water and every move was a struggle to fight the hurricane-like breeze.

    Working here at what is left of the house, as a builder was torture. I worked all day, every day. I liked to find things interesting, but nothing about my job had ever been like that. Until yesterday…

    I woke up at 4:45; tossed some clothes on; put on my hard hat and set off. I thought it would be a normal procedure, destroying the last bricks. However, this day happened to be special. I was on my last brick when I saw something glimmering in the sunlight. I stepped forward to take a closer look, when I realized that it was a diamond, a sparkling, new diamond, swaddled in the rubble. I told my friends, but they were to intreged by their cups of tea, to bother to listen. However, one man spoke quietly to me. “Is it real?”

    I looked it up and down for cracks, then replied, “I think so, It has no cracks that I can see, but I’m not completely sure.” I didn’t know what to do with it, so I stored it in my bag to take home, where I would plan an idea.

    I rushed home, dodging everyone. Then, when I got there I got out a old torch and got a magnifying glass to see it clearer. I couldn’t keep still, because of the excitement. I figured out it was probably real, but I needed to check with a professional, to be certain.

    It was the Saturday after I found the diamond, when I went to a jeweller. He told me it was worth millions. I thought to myself, I could buy anything, anything at all! I was over the moon and jumping about – I was rich, so rich. I could be a millionaire. So many things that I could do with this amount of money – too many to count. No more building sites for me!

  19. Peter says:

    Two shots, one hat, one life.

    On a misty night in November, a limping man desperately struggling in attempt of escape from some sort of danger had blood gushing out of the side of his leg. He was barging through the crowd forcing the crowd to give way. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a fired shot cut deeply into his arm and let loose a deafening cry of pain and fell to the floor.

    Then an agent attempting to reach the injured man was intercepted by the crowd circling him. When he eventually reached the centre there was nothing but a plastic dummy laying there. He then heard the roar of an engine and saw him drive off on a sleek motorbike. He pulled a gun and as quick as a flash pulled the trigger launching the bullet into the side of the motorbike. He turned over his shoulder to reveal a scarred face.

    The man drove into a building site and started to attempt to scale the construction site. Just then the agent entered the site and fired a direct shot at the man’s head. Just at that moment a builder threw a bright yellow construction hat to his friend and the bullet ricocheted of the yellow hat and the bullet hit the agent.

    The man was very fortunate that a calamitous disaster didn’t occur. He limped over to his motorbike and dialled 999. Just as this moment a sniper pulled the trigger and a shot fired into his head. A lady answered the phone saying “Hello, how can I be of service?” Nobody answered. Only blood drizzled onto the phone.

  20. Danica King says:

    The Story About The Hat

    One stormy night this monstrous storm came to Rosemary Hill. The heavy, grey clouds lowered over the mansion as the storm grew nearer. It knocked this mansion down and there were these royal, kind, helpful people who lived in the house and sadly died in the storm. The storm became more and more angry. The storm finally left Rosemary Hill.

    When the mansion came crushing down there was some pieces of the mansion left on the ground, so the neighbours called the builders to re build the mansion, but in doing this the builder lost his safety helmet. Then he realised he had dropped it down the cliff because the mansion was right beside the cliff. So they had to climb down to the bottom of the cliff. They grabbed a rope and climbed down the cliff one by one.

    As they climbed down the cliff they saw a big hole which had been caused by the storm. They thought that the hat might of fallen in the hole. As they climbed down the dark long entrance of the hole they shone their torch, suddenly there were ‘sparkles’ they looked closely and saw diamonds then a builder said, ” we are rich”. They thanked the builder for dropping his hat. They collected the diamonds and sold them.

    So that true story got passed on to generations as the builders became the richest builders in the whole entire world.

    You never know when luck will find you.

    The End

  21. Chris says:

    Buzz!The sound of the alarm clock echoed through the entire house, waking up Bob the builder. It was real yearly in the morning, and Bob felt tired because he had been awake all night getting drank. As usual, Bob dressed up quietly in his building uniform, but strangely could not find is building helmet.

    “Where must it have gone?” asked Bob to himself as he began to bite his lips. Carefully examining every part of his house, soon realised that his helmet was nowhere to be found. A feeling of anxiety ran up his spine as he looked at the old grandfather clock only to find out that he is late for work. “What will I do now, would the sack me if I am late?”

    Suddenly, an idea sprang in his mind, ” I must have forgotten my helmet in the project site.”As quick as a flash, Bob was in his van zooming past all the other cars not eh motorway. Within half an hour, Bob finally reached his destination at the project site hoping that he will find his builder’s helmet. His shoulders dropped in relief when he saw his yellow helmet laying on the tip of the planning table. All his horrible thoughts had washed away leaving only behind a broad smile on his wrinkly face.

  22. The clanging of metal was immense. The machinery was coming in and out of the site like ambulances from the war. The drills were roaring as if the ground they were digging was so irritating that the they wanted to catch it. The sullen cement mixers poured their loads down in slow motion. The bulldozers were carelessly shoving bits of whatever was in front of them into piles which were then collected by huge lorries and taken to the dump . Builders were marching about like ants, one behind the other. Cranes were lowering metallic beams of light into the deep craters from the drills. Yellow safety hats were hovering about the place. This is what inspired me to be a builder, a civil builder.
    I’m Jake and I’m a retired civil engineer. I am going to tell you a story about when I found a 20m tall dinosaur, it’s baby (whose thy bone was 2.5m taller than me (I’m 1.5m tall so the bone was 6)an’ as wide as half a house) and a person’s skeleton with maggots all over it (YUCK!!!)!
    I was digging away, as usual “Hugh? What was that?” I wondered I went over to the manager and asked him to “Stop all actions”. Eric, the manager did it and tried to ask me why, but I was already too far away to hear him. Everyone went silent as they gathered round to see what I’d seen. we got our brushes and shovels to dig out these very special findings. A few hours later, we had dug them completely. we called for the museum people and they came with their massive machinery to transport the delicate bones. A few weeks later, we heard that they had named the dinosaur ‘Jakeosaurus’ (because I found it!).
    Now I live a lovely life of telling my grandchild (James), who is 8 on September 22nd about my life and adventures (such as the one I just told you) of my building life.

  23. Joshua O says:

    my brother loved building things. He loved every bit about it. At home he would build all day with Lego bricks (with me) and when he is satisfied with his building he would break it apart and start all over again.There was one thing he loved the most about building things were wearing the protective, vivid yellow hats. He would throw bricks at his hat and laugh and play all day.Happy days!

  24. sammy joujou says:

    Dear The Council,
    I am writing to inform you about last weeks tragic accident in the newspaper. Mrs Homestead (a local florist seller) was walking to her shop when she heard a BANG!
    From our surveys we concluded that a rock – behind a supporter- broke out; and caused major injuries.

    From speaking to local police they advice, that hard hats should be wore in and out of working sites. “After many peoples vivid comments, building sites should not take place if hard hats are not implemented.”
    Even though last week was very terrifying of Mrs Homestead near death: she is said to be making a’ slow recovery’.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and we hope are tips helped
    From Mrs Pattern ( Mrs Homesteads friend)

  25. Damope says:

    The magic helmet
    Today is my birthday so after a tiring day at school, my eagerness was unbridled so I ran as fast as a cheetah to my house! As I opened the door, I gazed at my mum and dad. They were waiting for me to open my presents! I peered at a stack of 4 presents piled on top of each other. The first one was an amazing PS4! I was filled with joy as I hugged my parents tightly.
    The next 2 presents were a BMX bike and a water gun… This birthday was only getting better. As I ripped the rapper, I was confused; it was a safety helmet…
    “What’s this helmet for?”
    Dad exclaimed, “If you press the button on the back, it will attach to your head, but you can take it off. Also, you can transform the helmet into anything you want just by thinking of it.”
    The magic helmet…
    “Thank you guys; this is my best birthday ever!”

  26. Harley Taylor says:

    Thud! Thump! Stomp! Towering high, my dad, charged through the oak-wood, decaying door. A muscular figure filled the ordinary hall-way, shoulders broad like an ox stood out from the immense silhouette. The beaming, yellow hard hat had stolen the sun from the empty sky and his mud-covered, rough gauntlets were forged in the depths of a swamp. Deep blue eyes warming as a tropical ocean welcoming you in.

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