Task 28
16th May 2014
Task 27
19th May 2014



  1. Oli says:

    There was once a girl called Sarah. She loved art. Sarah always met up after school with her friend Yasmin who also loved art. They both went to an art club called Clay ‘n’ Build which is were you build things with clay. Today they had to make clay men and make a film [about three minuets long]. Sarah and Yasmin were in a pair with another girl named Lucy. They worked on it for about an hour then the teacher called everyone in and it was show time!…

    Sarah, Yasmin and Lucy were last to show there clip. They walked up to the front and hit play. It was actually really good! It turned out Lucy was brilliant with computers aswell as art and she had made the clay men move by them selves in the movie. The film was about a group of men ,clay of course, going on holiday and getting stuck in the middle of a big, blank hole. A helicopter came to save them and they came back home. They got an def defing clap and sat down. After that they went home had dinner enjoyed the rest of their day.

  2. Toby Nee says:


    “That is amazing!” Mark exclaimed as we all stared down at my sculptures. Mrs Marvin(she’s my art teacher) picked it out from the whole class just because of the ‘detail’. “They didn’t have faces.” I muttered to Mark when the lesson was over.

    Later on Mr Smith, our form master took me aside to ask me a ‘very important question’. ” James, can you make a larger version of your art project?” he asked me. “Err, sir, aren’t you forgetting something.” ” What’s that James?” Mr Smith queried. “Well, for a start I am one of the youngest people in the school and were will I get the marble?” Mr Smith smiled at me genially.

    James’ mouth fell open in delight. A huge rock of marble stood before me as pure as the driven snow. So, I had no choice but to except and I never regretted it. Once I had finished I showed the headmaster and a tear blossomed in his eye. “Fantastic!” he said, which was high praise indeed.

    They actually entered my sculptures into an art competition and I won! I even have the rosette to prove it. My sculptures were pretty unique and as white as, well, marble!

  3. Aadya Rao says:


    There are these little men,
    Who write and dance with pens.
    They’re dusty and grey,
    And made out of clay,
    And they have their own little den.

    They hop they dance they skip,
    They tear they stamp they rip.
    They drink and they eat,
    Their handwriting’s neat.
    They hit they slap they whip.

    They march they walk they jump,
    They always get the ‘ump’.
    Their heads are as round,
    As the ball I found.
    And their tummies look like a big lump.

    There’s three there’s four there’s five,
    They can all dance the jive.
    They stamp their feet,
    They melt in the heat,
    So they often cool down with a dive.

    There’s Bob, Phil, Greg, Burt and Ted,
    But they’re all just sparks in my head.
    They give me advice,
    They’re really nice.
    I dream about them in my bed.

    The End

  4. Cooper says:

    The 5 Grey Clays

    The 5 Grey clays,
    At the same time they were made,
    None of them were rudely mean,
    They were all neat and clean.

    Made in a line,
    There favourite food was a lime,
    And they loved to rhyme.
    Always looking at the time

    5 different poses
    They had no noses,
    As well as they wore no clothing.

    5 different clays,
    Every day more were made.
    They had no names,
    And not much did they weigh.

    Inside they are like you
    Wanting to do what you do.
    They really wish they can move.

    They are as stiff as a rock.
    The next day there was two,
    And after every statement they say,
    They reply me too!

    This is it for the 5 clays
    Hope you’ll see them another day!

  5. It was the last week of school and the Christmas holidays were coming up. I was pleased with my artwork which was making clay people because my teacher said it was one of the best in the class. The clay people were painted pearl white with a hint of grey. They had no facial expressions but they meant a lot to me. Before going to bed I glanced at my artwork and wished they would talk to me.
    Early the following day, faint voices woke me up then. I turned around and suddenly, my clay humans were having a conversation together! Thoughts popped into my head, were they my clay humans or aliens from space? Carefully I touched them, they were solid clay and they looked up at me. They must have thought I was a giant. I still couldn’t take this all in. My wish had come true!
    The next day I decided to bring my clay people to school and show my friends. I was hoping they would be gobsmacked. When I finally told them they didn’t believe me and asked for proof. I dug deep into my warm leather pockets and began talking to the clay models, but nothing answered me! Everyone began to laugh and I became embarrassed.
    Later on, I went back home and told mum what had happened in the morning. She tried to comfort me by saying “Don’t worry.” Then I wondered to myself was I dreaming when the clay people were talking to me, or was it real.

  6. Lewa says:

    There was a young boy, who lived with other people, in the very heart of the woods. The young boy loved to play tricks on people, by telling lies. One day, he stood on a hill and cried,
    “Help ! help ! there is a wolf !”
    Two men came to his aid,
    “What happened, what is the matter ?”
    The young boy said nothing. The two bewildered men walked away, feeling like they had wasted their time.They young boy thought this was funny. He shouted again,
    “Help ! help ! there is a wolf !”
    This time only one man came.
    “What is the matter ?”, the man asked.
    Again, the boy remained quiet and still. He did not see how fed up the man was. He took this as a joke and attempted it again.
    “Help ! help ! there is a wolf !”
    This time no one came. A wolf actually came and ate the boy.

    The moral of this story is that liars are rewarded with punishment: even if they tell the truth, no one would believe them.

  7. Grace says:

    My lucky mascot

    Hello everybody, I am Isla White and I have a very, very weird family. My twin brother James- who changed his name to Slash because he thought it would sound cooler- wants to be a punk rock star. He has dyed his hair pink, purple, blue and black. He wears my mum’s black nail varnish. (I thought that was illegal in our house!!!) My dad is a gymnast and wants to be in the Olympics this year. The interesting about him is: he cartwheels everywhere instead of walking, he does the splits on the loo and he scares everyone more than Slash does. My mum is a tattooist at this grubby shop down our local centre. Her whole body is covered in tattoos (!) and she believes in enchanted spells and magic. My older sister (Michelle) is such a typical teenager. She thinks my family is abnormal (and I thought knowing every lip gloss flavour in the world is abnormal) and wants us to shape up. I am the only person in my family who is normal.

    At school, I have zero percent friends. I have a lot of enemy’s but no friends. All the other girls in my class give me dirty looks and whisper behind my back, saying that I have terrible clothes. To admit it, I do have terrible clothes and I have been wearing my school shoes ever since I was in year one and they DO NOT fit me!! Everyone else have easy lives while I have a really hard one.

    After school, when I was walking back home, I saw a white, marble mascot on thse street, gleaming at me. I quickly took it and ran. When I got back home, I saw that my whole family was in the living room. My mum was designing a tattoo on a piece of paper; my dad was practising handstands against the wall; my twin brother was singing like he had a frog in his throat and playing the guitar; my big sister was putting French manicures on her nails and wearing big, fluffy earmuffs because of Slash’s terrible singing. I knew I would be in big trouble if they saw me with a stolen mascot so I quickly started to run; but it was too late. It started to slowly drop out of my pocket but I caught it with luck. Once I stood up, everyone was staring at me and the mascot, with their mouths wide open.
    “How did you get that?” Michelle whispered.

    I said nothing.

    “I said how did you get that!” she screeched.

    I finally spoke.

    “I…I got it…” she stood up in the middle of my speech, took the mascot, and dropped it to the ground and it shattered into a million pieces.

    “This will teach you a lesson you no-good thief,” she said, and then she got up and walked out of the room and the rest of my family followed.

    I was the only one in the room and I started to cry.

    After a while, Michelle came back into the room and put her manicured hand on my knee.

    “I did not mean to say what I said. I just can’t take control of my care for this family because you all have high hopes for the future. I really care for you the most. Do you forgive me?” she asked.

    “Yes, I do,” I said tearfully.
    Then we had a very long hug.

    My lesson was finally learnt. I do not need a carved mascot to change my family because I love them just the way they are.

  8. Sasha says:

    I arose on a sunny, bright Friday morning to find that his workpartner, Ben had been frantically texting me to come at once to 15 Crier Road. By the look of it, Barny, Beno and Barry were already there. I work for Home Insurance so I didn’t know what the urgency was about. Ben doesn’t normally seem so enthusiastic about going to work. Especially when we’re all elastic and people stare at us in bewilderness all the time.
    Crier Road was packed with police cars, fire brigades and ambulances. People were hollering and hammering against the door. The house was in flames, I gazed in amazement as sparks exploded from the roof.
    The next minute, I saw a familiar rubber hand waving at me. “Ben,” I shouted, “Is that you?” I bellowed.
    “Yes, come quickly!” he replied.
    “They want us to squeeze under the gap in the door!”
    A policeman assured to the door and one by one we slid through the gap. Flames danced around us; the house was a blaze of fire. We struggled up the broken stairs into a ashy bedroom filled with choking smoke. A little girl sat in the corner; clutching her teddies and memorials in a black sack. Beno heaved her downstairs and heaved open the door. As soon as we leaped out. The house erupted in a giant fireball and exploded behind us. The crowds cheered as we walked back home. Downstairs my phone was ringing chaotically. Apparently, I had missed 50 calls from the Home Insurance Company. Oh Oh…

  9. Thomas says:

    The “Amigos!”
    Once, there lived four boys: Mark, Josh, Xavi and Bob. All of them were respected with greatness, as they had a reputation of having an impeccable morality. Consequently, everyone wanted to be their friend. They showed kind reverence to everyone and this is one of the occasions when they did.

    It was a humid Saturday afternoon, and the four “amigos” were playing frisbee. They were having an amazing time, until they saw a boy sitting on an old, unused, wooden bench looking lonely. Thus, they went to visit this friend-less boy.

    They hurried over, so they soon arrived and saw the boy with a dejected look. He explained that his name was John, and he had no-one to play with. This sparked a thoughtful idea in Xavi and Bob’s minds, therefore they simultaneously asked John whether he wanted to play. He accepted, and a grin as big as the sun emerged. From then on, they were the five “amigos”.

  10. Bolu says:

    Early one Monday morning, an artistic girl called Emma was at school in the art classroom. She arrived at school at 7:30 a.m because she had to do an end of term project and she liked doing projects when it is completely silent. Emma was sculpting five silver men out of clay. Her friend (Caitlin) was going to borrow the men ,once Emma had finished sculpting them, to use in her ten minute movie she was doing for her end of term project.

    Three hours later, the bell rang at that meant the next lesson was maths. Emma took the three men she had created and hurried down the lengthy corridors to maths. She had to make the other two men at home.

    When school had finished, Emma sprinted home because she was eager to finish her project so she had enough time to do her other homework. When she finished sculpting the remaining men she painted them silver quickly but neatly. When all the men were finished, she took a picture and sent it to Caitlin so she knew what she was using in her film. All of a sudden, Emma could hear a banging noise. She looked down and saw the five silver men throwing pens at the wall! Then, they climbed on to her desk and threw anything that they could see on the floor. Emma was aghast and furious at the same time. She thought she was dreaming. She could not call anyone to help her because her mum was at work and everyone else she knew would be sleeping at the time. What was Emma going to do with five silver men trashing her bedroom?…….

  11. Oscar says:

    The battered old matt black laptop sitting on my desk, invited me to go on to it, so I went to the chair and sat down on an old, dark blue cushion.
    Instantly, as I held the mouse, the laptop switched on. Strangely there was only one icon on the desktop, ‘3D modelling’.

    The white arrow swept the screen arriving at the icon. I hit the left button and a white screen popped up, with a blue strip of tools at the top. Flying over the screen the arrow came to the left top corner, which held a cobalt blue rectangular box with the word ‘File’ written on it.

    I clicked the left button on the mouse again, bringing up a list of options. I chose the fifth one, an arylide yellow folder, with the word ‘open’ in black printed on it. I clicked on this and 257 more folders appeared. As I scrolled down the list I read;

    • Skeleton
    • Hand in Water
    • Burn: Fire
    • Original Aqua,
    • Building Design,
    • The Best!

    The last one stood out to me, so I picked it.

    A blank white page popped up, it was like a snow storm had hit it. The entire page was white, there wasn’t even the blue strip of tools either.

    Without warning an animated ghostly white man strode out onto the screen, then when he reached the centre, stopped and turned to face me. I could now see he had no face on his perfectly round head.

    To my surprise, he started to speak. “Excuse me,” he said rapidly, “but I can’t stop asking myself why did you not give me a face?” he asked with a lot of concern.

    Suddenly it came back to me, I remembered making him last year. He was supposed to be a simple animation. “Erm,” I thought for a bit, “I didn’t give you a face because it went with your character,” I answered without properly thinking as I was still in shock as to how he was talking to me.

    “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me,” he said raising his voice trying to regain my attention.

    “Oh, sorry,” I said “would you like one?” I asked.

    “Like one of what?” he forgetfully replied.

    “A face, would you like a face?” I asked again.

    “Yes, of course,” he answered back with joy.

    I spent minutes pasting circles and flattening them, choosing colours, spending no time at all on the nose, (because they are so hard to do you get a range of them already made). After 25 minutes it had reached the end of its creation.

    The milky man leaped for the face and laminated it on with his hands. In utter delight for the first time he smiled then winked at me, and ambled off the screen.

  12. Peter says:

    My five friends

    You see them white men standing over there,
    They stick together anytime, everywhere,
    Feeling alone give them a shout,
    Fun is in boring is out.

    These five men help you, yeah!
    Anytime, anywhere they’ll always care,
    As quick as a flash, Bang, Bang, Bang,
    Make you feel good, Pang, Pang, Pang.

    Bitter sweet not a friendship taste,
    Friends don’t cover you in toothpaste,
    Friends don’t moan, Friends, don’t fight,
    Friendship is love what a delight.

    Call them anytime you want, anytime you need,
    Don’t be selfish, don’t have greed,
    Treat them like there your brother,
    Only five aren’t any other.

    They can see the sea when you’re over there,
    Five friends help you anywhere,
    They will help you make more friends,
    You and them won’t meet any ends.

  13. rosie says:

    The Day of The Clay
    Donna and Peeta were best friends at school. For centuries the clay had been sitting in the abandoned cupboards. It was 2899 and nowadays school was all about monotonous maths and laborious literacy, getting high grades and going to the most impressive schools.
    Up in space there was a distant planet that was embedded in a huge , unknown galaxy. Until recently, the miniscule people of this planet would have bred on Galifrax. But now Galifrax was gone.
    Last month an enormous pile of human waste hit the planet causing a cataclysm that destroyed everything in its sight. Now there was nowhere to breed. The population of Grayfrar (clay people) was getting dangerously low, so agents had been sent out to different planets to create life and bring it back home.
    Back on earth, Peeta and Donna were at school, in the fourteenth literacy lesson of the day. Then it all began;
    The abandoned cupboards shuddered, spilling out their contents with a clash. The windows cracked and the clay oven which they had never noticed before popped open pouring soft, wet clay everywhere, but not just clay! Little clay men started to appear. Just as everybody started to scream hysterically, there was a glass cracking , window smashing, evil cackle from behind the old, dusty, twentieth curtain. The most hideous, cantankerous face appeared behind the crimson velvet. It was a face belonging to a creature that was half alien, half fish. It was the agent!
    Suddenly, the hundreds of minute , faceless ,clay men miraculously turned and then, flock by flock, scampered towards the hideous creature. They were then gathered into what seemed to be an endless black sack.
    Amazed, all the startled kids could do was watch in astonishment as the freakish monster was transported into the unknown by a UFO. The two friends stared at each other and all they could mutter was, OMG what was that ? !!!!!

  14. Thomas.w says:

    The clay men

    Once upon a time, in a land known as Great Britain. There lived a young man named Dillan. And his most treasured possession was some little clay men, and they had passed down through his family for about 150 years! And they would probably be worth a fortune,(if taken to auction).Then one night in a very idiotic way, Dillan left the clay men on the window,just by the window.

    Then suddenly at 11:30pm while Dillan was sleeping, there was Rupert the robber he dived into the window and took the clay toys!

    And just as he made his escape, there went Dillans most treasured possession…

  15. Isla says:

    The Five Performers

    The Circus is coming to town,
    It’s on the village green.
    Happy, excited, curious,
    What are we going to see?

    The Ring Master with his big bellowing voice,
    Black Top hat and trousers,
    Red tails laced with gold,
    Calls the acts one by one.

    The Acrobat with her tight jazzy outfit covered in gems,
    sails through the air on a silver trapeze.
    Gaze high into the air as she balances on the high wire,
    Then clambers safely down.

    The clown with his big red nose and joyous curved mouth,
    Tripping over his big clumsy feet.
    Falling face first into a custard pie,
    Amusing the crowd with his crazy antics.

    The flame thrower with his rippling muscles,
    Bounds into the ring with torches alight.
    Climbs onto his unicycle,
    Cycles around throwing the torches high into the air and catching them with ease.

    The bare back horse rider trots into the arena on his steed,
    Standing upon the horse’s silvery grey back galloping around the arena.
    The rider prepares to throw himself off the horse,
    He spins around the horse’s tummy and appears on the other side.

    The performers take a final bow,
    Audience clap and cheer like mad.
    The performers file out one by one,
    And the crowd feel like the have just witnessed…….

  16. Lizzie says:

    “I’ll go. I’m the oldest,” demanded Harry. The 5 of us had been here for almost 2 hours arguing. Hazelnut coloured leaves spiralled to the ground. Ignoring the meaningless chatter I watched the blazing sun tanning the fallen leaves. I didn’t want to have this argument. Turning to face them for the last time, I let out the groan I had been holding in.
    “Let me go! No one pays attention to me when I’m here, so, why would it matter!” I screamed. Warm tears trickled down my cheeks. After taking one look at their faces, I knew they thought I was crazy. I turned my attention to the window again. Frequently, spots of rain began to knock at the glass. I searched for the sun in what was now a stormy grey sky. Hushed chatter could be heard.
    “Charlie that’s stupid!” George sighed. “Anyway, why don’t any of us go? She can’t force us to go. Right?” George tried to look hopeful, but by the redness of his eyes we all knew it had to be done. Mrs. Greggory demanded she had a son except all she wanted was a slave. The 5 of us had been in the orphanage 6 years. As brothers, we didn’t want to separate.
    “Why don’t we all go?” Tommy suggested. We stared in astonishment at him. Open jawed, I couldn’t believe it. A solution!
    “That’s ridiculous! Completely, utterly bizarre! Am I the only one taking this seriously?” Victor asked. I frowned at him. His short midnight black hair stood on end like a frightened cat. I felt the soft cotton of Oliver’s jacket brush across my bare, frozen arms. Again the sun shone through the window, lighting the shadowy room. It was decided we would all go, and we walked out of the orphanage ready to start a new life hand in hand.

  17. On one boring afternoon I walked up the stairs and as soon as I took my first step I slipped over something. I looked down and found some plasticine so I took it upstairs on my desk and thought to myself what I should do with it. A while later I came up with an idea to create my favourite singers. First I made Michael Jackson then Olly Murs and so on and on. Finally, I was done, but my hands were messy and it was bed time so I had a shower and wore my pyjamas. In the middle of the night I heard a noise so I opened one eye after the other and I was shocked with what I saw. All my models were dancing and singing a new song and asked me to join them. Unfortunately, my alarm rang and they froze so maybe I could join them next time.

  18. Joshua O says:

    Harry, James, Zac, Henry and Luke (five boys from a local neighbourhood) joined together to make a band called Motion Walkers. Zac was on drums, Harry on electric guitar ,Henry and James were dancing and Luke was singing.their first audition on the X Factor was the song Trouble Maker by Olly Murs. They made it through to boot camp with high spirits of what was going to happen that day. Do you think they made it through?

  19. W29 – CLAY MEN
    Clay is an excellent thing to model. I am going to tell you a story about clay.
    Once upon a time there was a planet called planet clay, on planet clay, everything was made of clay bricks, engines, the fuel they used was specs of a type of clay that didn’t stick, the planet was clay the flowers were clay, even the people were clay. But there were different types of clay there was white, black, red, yellow and blue, see-through(which they mixed with everything because it was a non stick clay and you could still see through it and it could be found anywhere(this clay was also the type they used to make fuel)),hard(which they mixed with red (but no see-through) to make bricks), sticky (which they put between the bricks to stick them together)and finally, flesh clay, which the people where made from.
    one day an asteroid hit planet clay, everybody screamed and… … … …
    The planet was destroyed…

  20. Archie says:

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

    “Hi Roland!” shouted Sam to welcome him to his first day at school.
    “?” Roland thought.
    “That’s weird” thought Sam, he wondered why Roland wasn’t communicating with him.
    The next day he tried again. He was desperate to find out what Roland had on his mind.

    It was break-time when Sam went up to Roland. “Hi!” Sam said, Roland opened his mouth to speak but said nothing. A tear fell from Roland eyes “I wish I could communicate like everyone else” Roland Sobbed to himself. He felt so lonely, no-one knew him and no-one knew, he wanted to go home.

    When Roland arrived home he gave his mum a huge hug. She striated typing on the computer, then started doing hand gestures, then turned the screen to him. Roland looked at it, it said SIGN LANGUAGE. He learnt all the symbols and soon he was doing them to Sam. Sam recognised Roland was doing sign language, he had seen it on a t.v programme.

    They had a massive mind conversation and at the end Roland said “I guess actions do speak louder than words!” From then on Roland and Sam were able to communicate, understand each other and Roland wasn’t lonely again.

  21. Miruna says:

    “There my work was finished! Now my plan can continue…”cackled Trudy Hangnail, the wicked witch of Wolltitt. She was vigorously mixing her rusty cauldron and poring potions such as: easy poring earwax, squirrel droppings, bug jam, snake burp, dragon spit, pickled zombie eyes, sun dries slug and marinated ferret fleas. Meanwhile, unbeknown to everyone in Waddingburn (the second kingdom), who were celebrating that Trudy Hangnail had been banished from all the five kingdoms.
    “Trudy, Trudy, hand us with a nail, has gone! “Chanted everyone, in colourful clothes, near the town plaza. They celebrated all day and night. Stuffing their selves with home-made food, playing interesting games and dancing to the rhythm of the most flabbergasting, loud music.
    Early in the morning, everyone was so tired that they couldn’t shake the blurriness which clouded their eyes. The whole of the second kingdom all woke up that morning with the same thought, if only they could all go back to sleep. All of a sudden, they saw colours disappearing.
    “Oh it is just my imagination. It is surely not real. Nobody has the power to make this spell,” murmured one boy. Coincidently, everybody gasped in despair and distress and as their thoughts all simultaneously switched to focus on just one person to accuse…
    The colours were trickling down to the depths of the Earth and making its journey to Trudy Hangnail’s den.
    “Who’s dancing and celebrating now? Me of course. That is pure sweet revenge if I ever did know it. Now you’re in a world full of dull darkness and ghastly gloom. That’s exactly how it feels to be me each and every day, don’t you like how your own medicine tastes?” Trudy Hangnail chortled.
    “What are we going to do,” wept one man.
    “Don’t now,” grizzled another
    “Go to Merlin the wizard he surely has Ideas,” Shouted Brandbersy, town chief, in a microphone.
    A day later all the colours had gone, everyone was left dumfounded! You could hardly tell people apart because they all looked the same, grey and dull. It was simply impossible for anybody to know whether it was day or night. After much consultation and much deliberation, a few of the braver more resilient and optimistic members of the clan set off to Merlin’s sorcery tower. Over the hills and admiring the vistas, in damp, wet tunnels, they finally arrived. Brandbersy paused for a second to catch his breath after the exhausting journey, before knocking loudly on the daunting wooden door. He sighed deeply, composing himself as he had never met Merlin, yet only heard of his magnificence through multiple tales that had been depicted to him since a young boy.
    “Hello my unexpected uninvited, yet most welcome wanderers, whatever is the problem,” inquired Merlin. “Oh….how foolish I must appear, let me guess…a solution to the colour problem is what you seek….hmm I see.” Merlin began ferociously flicking through his ‘Sorcery book’ ‘published in 40 ad wizard time”. Seconds later Merlin’s eyes became overwhelmed by a look of hope, shining brightly like the scorching sun once did before its oranges and reds had been so fraudulently removed by the witch.
    “Aha. Do this to Hangnail and most likely you will witness something quite…magical happen,” chuckled Merlin, “remember folks, Magnificent Merlin’s Magic can only succeed in your desired outcome, if you truly believe in your pure hearts. Not knowing what they were supposed to do, they set off back home to Waddingburn whilst reviewing and processing the instructions.
    While they were marching to the town hall, with their hearts pounding, they were longing that this adventure would come to an elated end. Meanwhile, someone could see every single move in the ‘globe of the present’. Would the villagers be rewarded with the ending they sought after?

  22. The Sportys

    Once there was a bang, bush, crack, wish, woosh, posh. That was the sound in the rubber men shop every day as a group of children called The Sportys would never stop practising there sport. One day they went to the jim as a treat. “Oh no!” Said Sporty skipping selina, fast football Fred and bouncing basketball Billy. “whats the mater?” said Kkarate kicking Kelly. “Whats the matter? Our equipment is already taken!” “Ooooh! We’ll have to go home” So they got in their little brown car and drove home. When they got home there was a letter for the Sportys.

    “To The Sportys
    Please can you do our next Olympics?
    From the Mare”

    They all shouted “Yes!!”
    On the next day they ran to the stadium they couldn’t wait they were all on at the same time. They rushed back home to show off there gold medals. Finally it was time to sit and chat all they said was “the ball went as high as a volcano, the skiers were as fast as lightning” Finally it was time for some pretty polly pie. The end

  23. Daisy Parker says:

    Jake is sporty
    Millie is naughty
    Their all made out of clay
    They would love you to play

    Finns the leader
    Although Holly likes to hinder
    Their all made out of clay
    They would like it if you could come and stay

    And then theirs the twins Molly and Dolly
    They like to have fun with Holly
    Their all made out of clay
    The twins were born in May

    Although there is only two boys
    They do make a lot of noise
    Their always as happy as can be
    And meet for an amazing afternoon tea

    The girls are The Three Masketeres
    And strangely have the same fears
    Their three peas in a pod
    when they agree they all nod

    Their all made out of clay
    They’ve decided to call their gang “Yay!”

  24. Shrey Biswas says:

    I had mistakenly found this website when trying to search for my favourite ice cream factory. I hurriedly typed in diy.clones. co.uk. I entered my password and selected my formats

    Clone quality:
    I wanted it to be perfect.
    Blood (5oo ml)
    If I pricked myself, I might be able to squeeze out enough blood before I fainted.
    Infra-red facility
    I checked the side of my computer. Got one.
    An incubator
    Hmm. That might be hard for an average 12 year old boy.
    I clicked go ahead.
    I started searching for an incubator. But while I was doing that, my baby sister started pressing buttons on the computer. Annoyed and heaving a goose body back for an incubator, I clicked create clone. Then I saw what my sister had done.
    And more importantly,
    Total number-500

  25. Clay is an excellent thing to model. I am going to tell you a story about clay.
    Once upon a time there was a planet called planet clay, on planet clay, everything was made of clay; bricks, engines, the fuel they used was a special of a type of clay that didn’t stick, the planet was clay the flowers were clay, even the people were clay. But there were different types of clay there was white, black, red, yellow, blue, see-through(which they mixed with everything because it was a non-stick clay and you could still see through it and it could be found anywhere(this clay was also the type they used to make fuel)),hard(which they mixed with red (but no see-through) to make bricks), sticky (which they put between the bricks to stick them together)and finally, flesh clay, which the people where made from.
    One day an asteroid hit planet clay, everybody screamed and… … … …
    Everything was sent flying and all things were smashed into millions of tiny fragments. There was mayhem and more and more asteroids made of different substances hit to form what is now called Earth.

  26. James Gold says:

    “Rise my minions!” bellowed the overlord, “Now, get to work. I want 2000 emails sent each, or else.” Now the overlord was in his man cave surveying his factory checking for intruders, people trying to sneak out and minions not doing their work. The overlord (named Lord Imniom for short) had a tannoy in his office to prevent all of the mistakes. A common thing his says is: don’t do that! Currently Lord Imnom was playing candy crush on his phone instead of looking at the security system, and all of the minions had escaped. They replaced themselves with their twin robots so they didn’t get spotted and caught easily.

  27. Riya Jena says:

    Emily looked around. Surely this couldn’t be right! People were everywhere around her, all looking the same. All of them wore grey clothes that were dull. The women’s hair was tied in a bun and they all wore glasses and they were carrying briefcases. The men wore a tie, and they too, had a briefcase. Emily just stood there, watching them on the train station as they all passed her as if she was invisible. All she could hear was the trains racing by and the footsteps on the hard floor. Nobody was talking and it seemed like everyone was mute. Emily opened her eyes. To her relief, she found herself in her bedroom on her bed. She was thankful that it was just a dream; Emily couldn’t stand it much longer.

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