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16th May 2014
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2nd June 2014



  1. Grace says:

    Annie- The girl who wanted a better family

    I am on the streets, so lonely and helpless. It is a cold, winter night and no-one can notice me as I am camouflaged with the darkness. I am thirsty and hungry, and have no warmth or protection. I am not an orphan. My father is richest man in Britain-even richer than the prime minister. He gives some of his money to charity and he is very nice. Unfortunately, my step mum is really mean and she treats me like a servant. I really do not like her. My story starts when….

    “Annie,” my step mum screeched (my name is Annie) “Get me my nail polish!”

    “Yes, my most dearest mother,” I answered.

    I quickly ran downstairs to get her nail polish.

    I took her nail polish out of the cupboard and quickly gave it to her.

    She looked at it disgracefully, like chewing gum on her designer shoe.

    “Hopeless Annie, just hopeless, I always use pink nail polish with pink dresses. Your going to have to shape up otherwise…”she suddenly stopped mid sentence as she heard my dad come through the front door.

    “Thank you very much Annie,”she said, changing her sentence quickly.

    As it was late, I just smiled and went to bed.

    When I woke up in middle of the night, I thought to myself ‘If no one ever listens to me, I might just run away from my problems.’

    Running away was not the best option. It got me to a terrible point. I started to cry and cry until there was no more tears. Suddenly, when I blinked away all my tears, I saw a tall figure that looked like my father. He suddenly started hugging me. That moment was the best moment of my life.

    When we came back to my house (and I was curled up with hot chocolate and cookies) , my father told me that he was going to divorce with my step mum because he heard the way she was talking to me. I said I liked it that way.

    After a week, my step mum and dad were divorced. The divorcement went quite well, although she said some not-so-nice-words under her breath and to me. I just said: “Good riddance and I hope I never see you again.” Then, I happily strolled away.

    I found out that you should not runaway from your problems, you should face them. Otherwise, you could make a wrong decision.

  2. My Little Sister

    My Little Sister is a hilarious little girl and she is always laughing and saying funny things. Little sisters can have different personalities. Once Autumn and I went to the park together. We played on the swings; side by side.
    Autumn has strawberry blonde hair with chestnut brown eyes and a little squishy nose. She has some lovely rose pink trainers and she always runs around in them.
    Autumn always wants to go off to the park. She grabs the key and tries to open the door. Every day Autumn blinks her big brown eyes and says “Dadda” and that’s the word which tells us she wants to go to the park.

  3. Her smile is like a beam of sunshine warming you up and making you feel happy. The way her eyes scrunch up, when she smiles, looks like a newborn puppy. She loves her sunflower as much as she loves her Mum. Her cascading curls create a frizzy frame around her face.

    She is a happy girl, but can get a little bossy sometimes, just like her Mum! She’s very confident and is very nice to all her friends and likes to play hide and seek.

    She’s the kind of person you fall in love with as soon as you meet her.

  4. Bolu says:

    There once lived a sweet young girl called Lillian. Lillian lived with her mother in a cozy little studio in a little village where everyone knew each other very well. Sadly, Lillian’s mother was very sick. She would stay in bed for hours coughing and crying thinking that she would never get better. Every day, Lillian would try to make her mother feel better by spending as much time as possible with her.

    Early one morning, Lillian and her mother were going to the hospital so that her mother could get cured. They went by taxi to get there. When they got there, they had to wait for one hour because of delays. While they were waiting, they played little games like eye spy and hang man. The doctor finally called them. The doctor was called Dr Hennings and he looked like he was in his late thirties. He checked Lillian’s mum’s heart and pulse then immediately found out what the problem was. He informed her that her heart was not functioning properly and that she needed surgery. Surgery was usually £15000 however, since she did not have a day job, she only had to pay £5000.

    One month later, Lillian’s mum had heart surgery and was feeling much better. She even got herself a job at a shoe shop. Knowing that her mum was not ill made Lillian’s smile as bright as the sun.

  5. Thomas says:

    The wedding

    The majestic cathedral stared invitingly at Josie, whilst she waited for the procession to commence. She tightened her grip on her step-mum’s hand, as she began to worry that she might make a mistake. For comfort, Josie gazed into her step-mum’s beautiful face and remembered when she found out she’d have a step-mum.

    It was a humid, Sunday afternoon and Josie was daintily picking daisies for a daisy chain. Hopefully, wishing for a step-mum, she gazed longingly into the sky. Her last Christmas list had consisted of one thing, a step-mum. She rushed inside to present her dad with a daisy chain and saw a woman sitting at the table. Josie’s father announced , “Here is your step-m….”

    The bells chimed for the procession and she entered.

    Eventually, the mass concluded and as confetti flew into the sky, Josie chucked a special daisy chain over her dad and step-mum. Josie’s wishes, had been granted.

  6. Sasha says:

    Her dark, glossy hair flopped like rubber springs on her smooth forehead. She smiled a smile of chalky, white teeth. She jumped up and down; clapping her hands with excitement. The frill of her orange and white skirt fluttered in the wind.
    The park was overgrown with green grass and marigolds. Oak trees scattered the park and there were patches of beautiful rose bushes with red blossoming roses. Ciara’s eyes were wide open and her corners of her mouth were slowly ascending.
    She liked the park with its skillful hiding places. She had packed a bug catcher and was now carefully observing a caterpilla. “Wow!” she said in a fruity voice. She didn’t notice a hidden notice board with red, bold print said sternly KEEP OFF THE GRASS. Ciara turned as a guttural voice remarked, “Get off the grass!”

  7. Oscar says:

    The lights dimmed into a low glimmer. Silence fell over the audience like a shrouded fog following over the ships in the bay. The snow white stage light suffocated the magician into brightness as it shone down. The light burned like a million candles.

    The eyes of the audience fell upon the magician’s hands like a cheetah stalking its prey. A square of white tissue paper sat in the white haired magician’s hand. This particular magicians name was ‘The Inventor’. A blonde haired girl stood next to The Inventor.

    “What’s your name young girl?” The Inventor asked dramatically.

    “Lily, “she replied with already predicted shyness.

    “Can you stand up for me please?” he asked with a kind, gentle manner. She did as he asked.

    “Can you examine that for me?” he said confidently. He handed the six year old girl the piece of tissue paper. Lily did nothing with it as the audience chuckled. “Thank you very much,” he laughed taking it back.

    His hands fiddled with the paper like it was a massive knot. His hands soon developed a paper sunflower. He laid it in his hands, making a crumpling sound. He wiggled his finger over the sunflower, like a worm digging its way into the soil.
    Magically it jumped from his hands into mid-air, it looked like a hawk spying on its prey. Everyone stared at the paper sunflower as it floated in mid-air. The girls face lit up with joy and amazement and the audience clapped and laughed in awe of his trick.

  8. Joel says:

    The funny girl from next door has stricken again!
    Last time when she held the mysterious sunflower she pushed the limits and leaped roof to roof even though she was only six! The time before she received a length of string which she tied to all the innocent pigeons in our local park and then she flew with the flower in her pocket.
    The hilarious girl performed her extraordinary action in the bakery this morning. It started like this:
    Everyone in this small village was suddenly woken up by a loud hooting noise of a out of tune trumpet, this was the girl’s most prized possession (After her sunflower). She strode out into the morning air not noticing that she was the alarm clock of the village. When she arrived in the bakery the waft of freshly baked bread was thrown up into the estate. She kept walking until she reached the brand new kitchen where all the crunchy bread and buttery pastry is made.
    Although she wasn’t going to make bread or pastry, she was going to make the most biggest, tastiest cake ever in the whole of history!
    You should have seen the look on the face when she ate the cake, she was grinning ear to ear and her cheeks dimpled slightly.
    It was the most warming sight ever.

  9. Isla says:

    Missing In Action

    Oh no Mum is crying again. I am having to listen to it all again as we walk around the park with her friend Gillian.
    “Colin is peace keeping in Afghanistan. I’ve….I’ve just had a letter saying that he has been injured in a road side attack!” she wailed hysterically into her friend’s shoulder.

    I just trudge over to the dog to keep him occupied. As I repeatedly throw the ball to the dog, I think to myself: “Dad injured ?” Tears are streaming in torrents down my face. I started to tremble. I felt broken hearted, melancholy and frightened all at once because Dad may never come home.

    Abruptly, I realised that the dog had galloped past the ball, tail wagging enthusiastically. Mum glanced up. I held my breath.
    “Hi.” said the man, giving Mum a bouquet of blooms.
    “Colin ?” Mum gasped, collapsing into his arms, sobbing joyously.

    Dad passed me a giant Sunflower and all I can do is grin like a Cheshire cat.

  10. Chris says:

    I was strolling down the great National Park when spontaneously, a sudden downpour commenced. My heart beat like an African drum as I raced down the barren field covering my head with my ocean-blue raincoat. As I was so far away from home I decided to plunge into the heart of the nearest bush and stay there until the rain had disappeared. after what seemed like forever, the rain finally stopped with the blazing sun hovering above the field. A broad smile appeared on my face as I leaped out of the bush stretching my legs and arms after the long, boring sit in the bush. Immediately I sarted to skip down the park, all the colourful flowers were abloom and had created a beautiful blanket which covered the whole field. Just before I exited, I took one last last glance behind me and saw the rustling trees sway in the breeze as if they were saying goodbye with their branches. What a lovely day.

  11. Tega Ayiwe says:

    Sophie’s racing award
    It was the athletics and Sophie’s primary and junior school was competing with 3 other schools.
    Finally after what seemed like forever her turn came, she set her feet behind the line and the whistle went. Sophie ran with all her might as she had never felt so alive after in years, she ran past everyone in the 4m event , she felt the red ribbon fall on her belly and she stopped .
    The man with the loud speaker shouted the winner is Sophie Martizes of the 4m run and she was given a trophy and she couldn’t stop smiling as her friends congratulated her .

  12. Archie says:

    Trouble In The Undergrowth

    Crunch! Crackle! Went the flowers underneath Emily’s feet. The poor flower guardians cursed dirty words at her as she crushed their beloved habitat.
    “What should we do!?” said the flower guardian farmer. No-one answered, everone stared at their destroyed village. A tear fell on the mossy ground. Then all of a sudden they had an idea, they all huddled together and formed a plan.

    The next day they hid in the lush grass, the flower warriors were each holding a bottle full of ‘Tearanade’ ready to throw. ‘Tearanade’ is the magic potion that the king of the flower guardians created in order to restore their village and the flowers around them if it ever it got ruined. It makes the intruder cry and the tiny tears form new houses and plants.

    As Emily stomped through the garden they ferociously flung their potions at her but they skimmed her head.
    “No!” they all yelled depressively. Emily overheard them and chased them around the garden.
    “Take cover in the bushes!” the king commanded. They managed to outrun her and quietly restored their energy.

    “I’ve got just enough ingredients to make one last potion.” The king announced hopefully. They hurtled the potion towards her. Bang! It hit Emily. She started crying without any emotion and as her enchanted tears hit the soil the began to form new little homes and then flowers. Emily began to laugh. She was thrilled to see the beautiful new flowers forming in clusters before her eyes. She had enjoyed creating the new world better than destroying it and she pledged never to stomp on them again.

  13. One beautiful glorious morning ,the colossal ,great sun rose amongst the paper-white clouds ,revealing its blazing ,powerful rays through the ocean-blue sky. The cockerel, noisily woke up the hard-working farmers, as the annoying alarm-clocks woke up the people with early jobs and the school students. The twigs sprang out of the bark of the trees, closing in on the roads and paths. Deers galloped nimbly racing away from their predators, as hawks soared rapidly, hunting for their prey. Birds tweeted joyously, singing their morning song, as peacocks expanded their beautiful, eyed feathers.The tall, thin blades of grass, swayed serenely, as the plants gradually sprouted out of the fertile lands. Today was the best greeting England had ever had before…

    Sophie, being a young fairly tanned girl, skipped out of her blood-red door, seeking for her iron-hard Father’s hand, to hold. As Sophie pranced merrily,
    some sweet smell caught her nose. It was the pollen from a glistening flower on a smooth-looking bush. Then, suddenly, she sneezed and shattered the deafening silence, ATCHOOO!!!She was sensitive to pollen?The sneeze had blown the bush harshly. Sophie swiftly scurried away, forgetting about her tall, majestic, muscular father, Tom and picked up a daffodil from the soil in the ground, as it gently nodded its head in the graceful wind. Sophie’s eyes expanded and widened and her bottom jaw opened to show her sparkling white teeth, like a dishwasher opening to show the immaculate dishes and utensils.Sophie stared in absolute wonder.The stem of the flower was greener than ever and the petals were nearly brighter than the sun! Now, not just the bush, but Sophie, was completely blown away.

  14. Jay says:

    In the summertime:

    In the summertime,
    When the wind blows lightly,
    When flowers are budding,
    The sun shines brightly.

    In the summertime,
    When there is a breeze,
    It rifles through my hair,
    I feel so at ease.

    In the summertime,
    When I can eat ice-creams,
    Or maybe not,
    I feel like I want to scream.

    In the summertime,
    I feel blissful-so shear,
    So I kick and shout,
    Oh Summer’s here!

    {Which is why I smile in summer, for I love it!}

  15. Tomi says:


    No one knows what makes these shoes mysteriously magical. Some think that they always have to shine, sparkle and shimmer in the light, but those who have been lucky enough to experience this mystic know that they disguise themselves, as merely like any other ordinary pair. The beauty of these enchanted shoes, is that they only reveal themselves to people that they opt are worthy. One person, George Anderson, considered himself unworthy, until the shoes exposed their true features to George…

    One blazing day, George was sprinting rapidly to his house due to the football game, Spain v Holland, which was about to start in 5 minutes. Suddenly, he spotted a pair of shoes that glistened in the shining scorching sun. George skipped to a halt right in front of them, absolutely bewildered by what was at his feet. He couldn’t resist the urge to pick the peculiar pair up. What George hadn’t noticed was that there was a piece of paper beside them until he was about to lace them up for the very first time. He picked up the note and scanned it carefully with his inquisitive and beady eyes.

    It read:
    “These shoes are not to be worn, do not dare disrespect such an epic creation with the disgustingly dirty soles of your feet. For the purpose of the shoes is that they grant you eternal wishes.”

    Stunned by the note, George thought long and hard about what to wish for. Astonished by the message and its unbelievable nature, was there any point in even deliberating potential wishes? After a time consuming wait, George concluded that he would request for his birthday to arrive earlier and that the birthday cake continuously replenished itself whenever a slice was removed and enjoyed. His birthday came and everything that he wished for came true! George declared that this was the best gift he ever got. The most outstanding outcome was that it a was top-secret that nobody knew…

  16. sammy joujou says:

    As the air warmed in my heart, i ran in the sweet, summer breeze in the park. Caressing my feet softly, the grass danced in the wind pointing towards something. A flower market. I can get something for Mothers day there! I ran as quickly as i could engrossed at all the flowers. Ruby red; golden green; luminous yellow; inferno orange. It was like a kaleidoscope of colors. As the birds tweeted their jolly tune i heard a noise.
    ” Hello young one, are you looking for flowers for Mothers day?”
    ” Yes,” i replied, excited to smell the fragrance of the flowers.
    ” Please choose anyone,” said the shopkeeper bouncily.
    Looking happily, i walked past and smelled the bitter sweet flowers and then saw something out of the corner of my eye: a beautiful, yellow dandelion. As i picked it up , i smelled the immaculately, lush fragrance that wafted round the air. ” This is the best one,” i murmured to myself. I picked up a bunch and asked the shopkeeper how much it was?
    “That will be four pounds.” My heart sank. I only had three pounds. At that minute i walked away leaving my flowers behind. Now what was i going to do!
    My ears heard the faint noise over all the traffic. I looked down. It was a pound coin! I ran back to the stall reassured i would get my mum a gift.

  17. Joshua O says:

    My little sisters eyes gleamed with joy because mother announced that we were going to lakeside to buy play dough: she tricked me.Instead my mum had given me money to look after her at a centre for babies. I watched Anna run around and play new friends on the other hand i was buying her food and drinks from 12.30pm to 6.00pm. Anna had the best day of her life while i ended up having the worst day of my life. I realized i should be a bit more careful when it comes to things like that.

  18. Tomi says:


    If you live in Waterloo lane, Washington DC then you will know an overexcited girl – whose name is Lilly – that loves the sun, and adores flowers. Essentially, she was the blessed one who discovered the sunflower that is now known all over the world. When she found it, Lilly decided to learn all about it and became a botanist. This is the story of how she noticed it…

    One bright luminous day in the suburb area of Greenville, Lilly wandered aimlessly outside for something to do, for she was bored. It was just then, when she was about to climb into her beloved tree house, that she glanced over and spotted a flower that shone as bright as the sun. It was so alluring and its colour was so vivid, she could not help but pick it from out of the ground. Her curiosity led her to look in the inner segment for seeds to plant. To her disappointment, at first she found nothing but a pitch-black circle. But then a few seconds later to her amazement after much hoping, she felt around and handpicked a scarce amount of tiny seeds. Lily, without any doubt in her mind or hesitation in her heart proceeded to plant the seeds in the most prime location in her garden.

    “WOW, THIS IS AMAZING!” exclaimed Lilly.

    At every possible opportunity, Lily decided to dedicate all of her free time after school to study this outstanding plant. Lilly brought it into school for show and tell so two of her best friends – Lucy and Penny – helped her out. If she was really honest with herself, Lily deep down could not help the fact that she wanted to see the reaction of her class and their facial expressions, once she unveiled the sunflowers glory. After a few days, they all were dumbfounded about what they found out. One seed could produce 25 sunflowers and in the middle of each fine-looking flower there was billions of jet-black microscopic seeds! Their teacher and their parents were so pleased that they were taking an interest in something obscure.

    When each of them grew up, Lilly, Penny and Lucy went their separate ways. Lilly discovered the dandelion; Penny revealed the Bluebell and Lucy found the cherry blossom. The magnificent trio was so famous they were known all around the world for their extremely astonishing discoveries.

  19. Miruna says:


    Rays of sunshine begin to appear,
    Birds start to tweet.
    The children are loud and cheer,
    People eat ice cream for a treat.

    Energetic children are having fun,
    Everybody is going out to play
    In the scorching hot sun,
    On a blistering summers day.

    They are paddling in cold swimming pools,
    Because they don’t want to miss all the fun.
    At least they don’t have to be in school,
    And they can sleep in the relaxing summer sun.

    The days get longer and longer,
    Short nights are full of tranquil breeze.
    The sun is getting stronger,
    And its dazzling rays shoot through the waving trees.

  20. Damope says:

    The happiest day of my life

    One very exciting and interesting event in my life recently. It was the happiest day of my life that I shall never be able to forget . It was the month of June, 2014. I had been counting days very anxiously for the day when the results of our examination would be announced. At last the day came. Our fate was to be decided on this day. The Primary School has already announced if we had passed…

    The very next moment, I heard the voice of my friend telling me that I was the only boy from my school to have secured the first class. I wanted to see my Roll Number with my own eyes. But around us there was a huge crowd of other students. I took hold of my friend’s arm and forced out my way through the crowd. We came outside, took our bikes, and started for our homes!

    My father, mother, brothers and sister were all waiting anxiously. My friend showed the newspaper to my father. All my family were extremely happy to see my name in the first division. All my friends and family came and celebrated with me! My joy was relentless so this is why I thought it was the best day of my life…

  21. She had a miraculous smile on her cheeky face, though she didn’t act cheekily, she acted as if she were a fully grown adult. Chloe was a beauty. Of course, I’m saying was because she’s dead now, here’s her story:
    She was walking casually along next to her trusty father as they were going to school when…
    BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!
    The pair of them hastened their pace, they had never liked this desolate, secluded street, everyone else went to school the other way, but Chloe and her dad had no choice but to go that way.
    BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!
    There it was again, that eerie sound of gunshot. The pair hurried up even more.
    The two were dead…
    There was a big funeral, as Chloe’s dad was world famous and Chloe herself was very well known herself and all that knew her, liked her. The two most maleficent, infamous people who were responsible, were actually the world’s most wanted two scoundrels they were jailed for life, not just because of Chloe and her dad, but because they had killed numerous of other famous and non famous people.

  22. Denzel says:

    The Swimming Competition

    There is a girl called Paige that swims for a club called Barking and Dagenham. There was a competition on August 24th in Enfield. She saw all her friends and she brought her iPad so that she could play with it by the poolside. She had exactly 4 races to do. The races she was doing were 50m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 50m Fly and 200m Breast. All her races were near the start of the competition, when she finished her races she changed and waited for her sister’s races are they were towards the end of the competition. In 50m Freestyle(frontcrawl) she got 33:24 seconds. After 10 minutes she had her second race and she got 1:09:21. 30 minutes later, she had her third race she got 39:54 seconds. When It got to her fourth and final race she gave It all and she got 1:59:00seconds. When her races where over she went to change and stay by the poolside with the rest of her team. When the competition was over their team came 1st so they did a variety of victory jumps. After that they all went home.

  23. OC says:


    Smile in the day,
    Smile at night,
    Smile at winter time,
    Smile when it’s bright.

    A smile to your face,
    Makes a jolly good day,
    Takes all the blues away.

    A smile to your face,
    Brings cheer in every way,
    A smile here and there,
    Makes a difference Everywhere.

    When you smile,
    When you laugh,
    When you have a bit of fun,
    The world stops and stares,

    Smile in the day,
    Smile at night,
    Smile at winter time,
    Smile when it’s bright.

  24. Sienna says:

    The First Smile

    Three years ago my family and I adopted a young, fragile 5 year old child.

    I remember when she first walked through the door, she looked as if a gust of wind would break her in half, like a china doll, as thin as a rake. She had pale, almost colourless skin and was wearing loose faded jeans and a ripped shirt. Her unruly orange hair looked like flames blazing around her head.

    My most memorable time was when I first made her laugh, it was so special!
    Her pale, sapphire, blue eyes lit up and her lips curved upwards into a broad beaming smile.

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