Task 31
12th June 2014
Task 33
26th June 2014


  1. sammy joujou says:

    ” Are we there yet?”
    ” Yes, here we are, The Paradise Water show.”
    Hi- I’m Jimmy and it is my birthday today! I chose to come here, because of the spellbinding creatures; phenomenal tricks and best of all… front row seats! I can’t wait to go inside.
    ” Right then, here we are; the stadium of the water show. As it is your birthday Jim, what do you want: candyfloss, sweets, chocolate the choice is yours. My sister was ecstatic to watch the show, so I made a quick selection and went for sweets. As we ran down the stairs- we looked at the crystal, clear water seeing if their was anything in there. Rumble! The show was about to start. As I looked at the stadium, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Something grey rocketed up into the sky. It was a dolphin! Peering over the edge, I slipped. Lost grip on my feet. And fell in with a blur.
    Opening my eyes tenaciously, I looked at something. With mixed emotions, I saw the black figure come closer. Anxious. Petrified. Intimidated. My mind was like a whirlwind of terror. Only this time it might not end…

  2. Isla says:

    I wish I was a polar bear

    I wish I was a polar bear,
    Prowling the frozen frontier.
    Camouflaged against the snow,
    Tracking prey so near.

    I wish I was a polar bear,
    Ducking and diving ambushing seals.
    My giant front paws fighting the currents,
    As I desperately try to catch slippery eels.

    I wish I was a polar bear,
    Surrounded by a cacophony of tranquillity.
    As I plunge beneath the silent sea,
    Showing off my hunting ability.

    I wish I was a polar bear,
    A curtain of bubbles burst through my thick coat.
    As the air escapes, as I dive down deep,
    To avoid the fishing boat.

  3. Dominic says:

    it’s my birthday. I am going to the zoo. I hope there are Polar bears because, they’re my favourite animal. I’m running into my mum and dad’s room. There are lots of presents; I rip them all open like a bulldog attacking its prey.

    When we get to the zoo we could see a sign with a list of all the amazing animals. I was looking for Polar bears, but I couldn’t find them on the list. Then my mum said let’s go to room four. As we approached I looked at the sign on the door outside the room and it said “Polar bears”. I sprinted in. I had a good look around and saw this Polar bear race past me. I was of as fast as a rocket chasing this magnificent creature.

  4. “I have something to tell you Tom that will change your life forever,” Andy said as we walked in the school gates.
    “What is it?” I asked eager to know what change my life forever.
    “There’s a competition in Florida and you can become a polar bear keeper for a whole day!” Later that day I entered the competition online. I waited a fortnight and then I came back from school and saw Mum and Dad waiting outside for me. They announced that I had won the competition. Exhilarated, I shouted with joy.
    The next week I packed to go to Florida and was buzzing with joy. I took the plane and the next morning we arrived at Florida. We headed off to Zoo marine where a lady was waiting. I realised it was the manager of Zoo marine. Her name was Eliza and she was cheerful and eager to bring me to the polar bear. Mum and dad left and Eliza told me the plan of the day. Eliza mousy, silky, straight hair covered her emerald eyes that lit up with joy and were as light as day. She was wearing a pink polo shirt which had “ZOO MARINE” embroided on the left side.
    Eliza brought me to the polar bear and I shattered to pieces when the realization struck me. My dream was finally coming true and I stroked Sheila, the bear. I fed Sheila fish and she quickly munched them up. Her fur was as soft as the landscape of a dream. Sheila stared at me majestically in the clear blue water.
    We played together; I threw balls into the water for her to catch. I saw a silhouette of dad. I knew it was him because his hair was spikey. I didn’t want my thrilling day to cease.

  5. Aidan steers says:

    The Day at the Zoo

    One day a boy called Ben and his class were planning on going on a reverting trip to the science museum, well that’s what the teacher thought, not one child in the class was looking forward to it, well apart from Geeky Gavin, who is the world’s biggest science geek. The teacher came in looking rather downbeat.

    “Bad news children, the coach that is taking us to the science museum has broken down so we can’t go,” Said the teacher. The whole class erupted with cheers “That’s not all the coach company have offered up a free trip to the Zoo,” exclaimed the teacher. Again the class exploded with cheers, apart from Geeky Gavin who was practically in tears.

    The Coach arrived at the front gates and loaded us all on and they took the twenty minute drive to the zoo. When we arrived the tour man (who had been informed by the company about the situation) showed us around. They played with the playful penguins, territorial tigers, enormous elephants and dancing deer’s. They suddenly stopped for our last animal at the polar bear section.

    “Would anyone like to have a little game of catch with the polar bear?” asked the tour guide. Ben’s hand shot up and the guide picked him. The guide gave him a ball and He throw it at the bear who caught it with his mouth and spat it back to me. I walked out the cage and then the tour guide walked us back to the bus. It was the end to the best day ever.

  6. Raiyaan says:

    I hurdled out of my comfortable bed, remembering that I was going to the amazing aquarium today, and I realised that I couldn’t wait to see the energetic dolphins ricochet out of the serene water, only to dive straight back in. I could just imagine the acrobatic penguins performing somersaults, as they plummeted into the glistening water. I thought of all the wonderful fish I would get to see: clownfish, starfish, jellyfish….so many I could think of. I dashed into my parent’s room and immediately woke them up. Although my parents were rather furious at being woken at such an ungodly hour, I was too distracted by the fact that I was going to see menacing, vicious underwater creatures , such as ferocious sharks, colossal sperm whales and the most deadly of all, the bloodthirsty; voracious; savage orca whales (killer whales).
    I furbished my hair and swapped my clothes from sun-yellow and ruby-red striped pyjamas to bark-brown trousers with a grey long-sleeved top, which had a navy blue hood, that would serve to shelter me in case of rain. It was at the suggestion of my Mum that my best friends Trevor and Travis were joining us on this trip, and as soon as they arrived we rushed off to start our adventure.
    As I raced through the entrance of the Aquarium, hardly aware whether the others were following or not, my eyes grew as big as golf balls, as the first thing I saw were the acrobatic penguins, gliding on top of the smooth water, like professional water-skiers. I saw orcas rising so high out of the water that their coal black tails skimmed the surface. Then, something caught my eye and much to my amazement it was a huge, snow white real-life polar bear!….just then it dived into the water, clearly visible through the transparent wall of the colossal tank. As it did so, it created a huge splash and deep in the water could be seen to grab a yellow ball, obviously the reason why it had taken the sudden plunge. This was an amazing sight and left me wondering what other wonderful visual treats awaited me…..

  7. Grace says:

    My polar bear

    Hi, I am Ravi Tinlkalám and I am 10 years old. I really like visiting museums and sea aquariums. Museums really show you about the past and sea aquariums show you how to think and feel like a sea creature. I always get high marks in my class and get terribly teased. I do not care and my parents are very proud of me. Some people think I am only brainy because of my Indian culture, others think it because my parents are very harsh. They are not actually harsh they just…care about my future. Besides, I find learning quite fun!

    Today, my mum and dad have arranged for me to go to a new sea aquarium in London! Even though I have never been there, it is going to be so much fun! It was a long drive but when we got there, it was worth it! There was a turquoise-blue tank, glowing lights bathing our toffee-coloured skin, beautiful fish that were really colourful, great big sharks showing their bearing teeth, cold penguin expeditions with all of them in a straight line but the thing that caught my eye the most is the polar bear Mountains. I rushed to it and I saw lots and lots of polar bears. One polar bear was staring at me. I stared back. It melting, warm, chocolate eyes gazed upon me. It felt like we were having a communication. I had never felt so alive before. I decided to copy it swimming in the deep water. Then, I started walking. It started walking to. We played this game for hours. Just then, I thought of a perfect name for it: Misty- the magical polar bear. It truly felt like my best friend.

  8. Bolu says:

    “Please can I go to the zoo? I’ll pay with my pocket money. I just want to see the polar bears.”
    Hi- my name is Alex. I live with my mum in a small town called Wickford and I love polar bears.I want to go to the zoo so I can see the polar bears. They are my favourite animal because they look so warm and friendly. My mum (called Laura ) won’t let me go to the zoo because it is not my birthday yet and my mum can only afford to do fun things on special occasions.
    “Alex,I have told you this several times, we are not going to the zoo.”
    “Please mum.”
    “That’s it Alex, you are grounded. No means no!
    This is why you shouldn’t argue with my mum. She always grounds me when I argue with her. I am grounded for two weeks which isn’t fair. Next week is my birthday.

    A week later, it was the day before my birthday. I wasn’t excited.
    “Now that I am grounded, I won’t do anything fun for my birthday.”
    For the whole day my mum and I didn’t talk to each other. I was mad at her and she wanted to talk to me but I didn’t let her. I thought it was going to be the worst birthday ever. Even worse than my 6th birthday. I invited all of my friends to my party and none of them showed up!

    Today is my birthday. Not going to be fun.
    “Happy Birthday Alex, I have a surprise for you!” said mum.
    I was surprised even though I didn’t even know what the surprise was.
    “We are going to the zoo!”
    Inside I felt so elated. I can finally see the animal that I have never seen in real life before, my favourite animal….. the polar bear!

  9. Thomas.w says:

    The polar bear

    One day, as I was sleeping by the lake,
    While I was just about to awake,
    I saw the most beautiful white pearl,
    Floating upon the glistening water,
    As this white pearl did little tricks,
    There was not the slightest blip,
    I was cautious about going to the waterside,
    But then realised it was worth the trip,
    Then as I ambled across the weak suspension bridge,
    I stood there for a moment, but was bitten by a retched midge!
    Then as I looked down into the opaque water,
    I realised what this white pearl of beauty was…
    It was a polar bear!!!

  10. Thomas says:

    My first encounter with a polar bear

    It was a humid morning as I awoke to the amazing noises of Philadelphia. I was galvanized by the fact that I’d be visiting Philadelphia’s zoo. Reviews exclaimed its brilliancy, which created more excitement. My brother was just as thrilled as I. I think he was going giddy. We got ready and boarded the train in time. We were on our way.

    After a few minutes of travelling, we’d arrived at our destination. It was extremely hectic, so our parents told us to stick by them. I was desparate to visit the polar bears, so we decided to go there. I sprinted as quick as a cheetah to get to the front row. I could only see the polar bear’s natural home. “Where’s the polar bear?” I thought. However, at that moment, the polar bear returned to the surface with a fish wedged in its mouth. I was so excited. I managed to get my brother to the front as well. He was just as excited as I. We managed to get a photo of us, with it in the background, before we were dragged out by our parents.

    We visited the next exhibit. While we were disappointed that we had to go, we couldn’t wait for the next exhibit. We were going to see giraffes!

  11. Tomi says:


    Dear Diary,

    Where to begin? Such a phenomenal series of events has taken place since my last entry, yet I have still not come to terms with the euphoria around my stunning display. Even whilst I put pen to paper now, I am still wrestling with my emotions in order to compose myself, to ensure that my account that I describe is legible.

    Everyone knows that I have a secret talent (well they do now anyway), breathing under the water for an incredibly long sustained period of time, without having to come to the surface for that relieving vitality, that is air. This train of exhilaration commenced two days ago and has rapidly run away since. In fact, maybe that doesn’t provide my parents with the praise they deserve.

    Therefore Diary, I’d like to take this opportunity to put on record how grateful I am to the both of them for firstly, providing me with the platform to showcase my previously hidden talents, by taking me on this holiday of a lifetime. Finally, their ability as parents to keep me grounded since the explosion that was my performance went viral.

    I was at the Sea World in Orlando watching a terrifying lobster eating a frightened fish. Just then the speakers bawled out a message saying that:

    “We will be showing entertainment right here, right now! If anyone wishes to watch please make your way to the central hall. Have a great day!”
    Immediately, everyone swiftly stampeded to the hall; some uncaring parents even abandoned their own cheerless children, but those thoughtless parents realized their vital mistakes and headed back for them even though they lost the precious front seats. Soon the epic show began. It was absolutely stunning!

    Half way through they beckoned out the most majestic creature and my personal favourite, the Polar Bear. After what seemed like an eternity and a long silence, this arctic sensation began to perform many tricks in and out of the huge tank. The tank was so vast, that it demanded the majority of my gaze, – not that I minded one bit, this was so captivating and better than any silly musical my grandparents had dragged me to see in the past. This was without doubt the highlight of my short life. They finally called me upon the stage and I was questioned as if they knew nothing about me (which they didn’t). The time eventually came for me to do the magnificent and spectacular stunt.

    Unexpectedly, my parents were calm once I was in the pool. I took glances over and over but they always looked the same, as if they knew something that no one in the whole universe knows about, not even my grandparents! I soon noticed why they had that devious look and raised up their hands after that long silence. I jumped in the pool and held my breathe for ten seconds. I couldn’t go any longer so I opened my mouth furthermore took deep breaths. That was when I realized that I was actually still underwater! That was when I did my victory dances with happiness. It was a weird, but wonderful, time for the audience.

    After ten whole minutes, they told me to jump out and gave me an even tougher challenge that I thought it was impossible. The challenge was to stay underwater longer than a polar bear! I was absolutely dumbfounded! Like any normal person, I backed out instantly but the crowd chanted my name until they changed my name and said I should be an adventurous rogue. I was convinced after five minutes and got into the same pool however this time, with a polar bear. Three… two…one… and then my head sunk down and I started breathing.

    After an hour, the polar bear put his head up. I was the winner. News spread out saying that I had a special talent. That’s all the information I have now. Write more tomorrow and promise to report everything that has happened.

    Goodbye diary.
    See you tomorrow.

  12. Joshua says:

    I was flying in aeroplane having the time of my life when something terrible happened. Our plane ,concord 219 ( going to Australia ), was hit by a helicopter and I fell head first out of the window. I was in the cold of the pacific Ocean before you could say hot potatoes. As I sank helplessly to the Ocean floor a white furry animal , chasing some fish, swept past me. Then a polar bear picked me up and dropped me on his back. It was incredible I thought the polar bear was going to eat me. instead I went on the most bizarre ride of my life. The adventure was just beginning………

  13. Miruna says:

    It was tranquil and you could hear only the waves crashing to the shore. Jamie was in the artic, building an immense igloo so he had a place to sleep for the night. The reasoning behind his current situation all relates back to a dream, which to most would seem a little farfetched. Having read multiple articles about this white kingdom, it shone out to Jamie that this was a breeding ground for miracles – essentially a once in a life time experience. This exploration had consumed his minds focus for as long as his brain would allow him to remember, at last his conquest had begun.
    This passion for the Arctic first had its embers lit, when he was a little child. A sole photo, which depicted a white furry polar bear. Jamie cherished this photo very much and after removing it from one of his father’s National Geographic Magazine’s, it hung for many years above his bed. In fact, this magazine cutting was currently folded up delicately inside his wallet at this precise moment. He knew he could see them at the zoo but he wanted to see the mammals in their natural habitat, to experience the joys of seeing them swimming in the blue, cold Arctic Ocean. A brave individual you might refer to him as, having ventured here all by himself. None of his friends truly understood his lust and they could not find the motivation to save everything they earned and plan for this great voyage.
    The violet night sky was twinkling with star constellations. Luckily, Jamie had installed a pintsized portal in the roof of the, purpose built igloo, a miniature gateway, as to permit him to admire the constantly sparkling assemblages of stars. As the sun was rising, Jamie was setting off on his long awaited journey to discover his truly beloved polar bear.
    At the beginning he was finding it fun looking at the exquisite vistas and taking lots of photographs of the picturesque translucent azure icebergs. Days went by without encountering what he was looking for, starting to run out of food and water. Things around him were beginning to lose shape and he was getting confused about where he was and what he was seeing.
    All of a sudden Jamie saw a silhouette coming towards him. His heart started thumping loudly and his face was starting to warm up with the joy which burst inside him. The black silhouette started getting closer and closer until…
    “Your fur is as white as snow and soft as silk,” murmured Jamie stroking his much-loved friend.
    “You are exactly how I imagined you would be! My dream has finally come true!” whispered Jamie in the mammal’s ear.
    Suddenly he woke up with an air ambulance crew beside him. There were voices coming from all different directions. With the little strength he had left, he managed to slide his hand into the left pocket where he reached for his camera and started to flick through the photos he had taken. Jamie could not believe his eyes when he came face to face with the picture which was identical to the one he saw when he was a little boy.

  14. Oscar says:

    The ground glistened with puddles. I was at an aquarium on a winters Sunday morning and it was the opening of the open top polar bear enclosure. I had got front row seats and was looking over into the pool belonging to a silver white polar bear. At the side of the pool was a glass wall where other visitors could look into it. Every time the polar bear swam by my side I could see a sparkle of friendship in his eyes.

    At that moment the guide started speaking into a matt black microphone. “Polar bears are now an endangered species, so you coming here today and paying to see this show can raise money to help save the polar bears around the world.” Her voice was very enthusiastic.

    All of a sudden there was a monumental splash. I had fallen in! Water kept rushing in my mouth, blocking my airways. I could see the vast polar bear circle me with its razor sharp teeth. Everyone was now a blur and I could imagine the polar bear ripping off my flesh. There was no chance of survival now…

    I used the last of my scarce supply of energy to try to swim up, but I ended up smashing my face into the glass. As I bounced off the glass, the polar bears front leg smashed into me its claws clasping my arm. He started pulling me up towards him as he swam to the edge. Unconsciousness took over me.

    The polar bear roared, then stamped on my stomach, a litre of water spurted out of my mouth. Consciousness came back to me once again, and looking up I saw what I now knew was a wonderful gaze of friendship.

  15. Chris says:

    Buzz! The alarm clock went off and immediately I stretched my fatigued limbs and opened my droopy eyes. It was early in the morning, my parents were still asleep, but I decided to wake them up is it was my tenth birthday. For my birthday present we were going to venture inside Colchester Zoo and instantly I became excited, as I love animals. My favorite animal is the polar bear and this would be my only chance to see this amazing species up close as I have never seen one before.

    As Colchester Zoo was an immense place, we set off early so we can have time to look around the whole zoo. Once we arrived, we checked-in and set off to find the polar bear which was right to the end of the zoo. It took half an hour of shoving and pushing but we finally got there and were amazed by how big the polar bear was. I was speechless for a moment, as I stood motionless gazing at the colossal bear that was swimming in a freezing cold pool of water. I was even lucky to see how the bear caught fish and ripped them apart with its razor sharp teeth. I had never imagined such a bear could be this large.

  16. Kaiya says:

    The little boy Joshua woke up with his heart in his head thinking today will not be ruined but he spoke to soon. Joshua wanted to see his favourite sea animal the polar bear, so Joshua and his mum went to the world of sea life.

    Joshua sprinted straight into The World of sea life to see his favourite sea animal, straight in front of Joshua’s eyes he could see the sparkling, light blue sea with the white polar bear swimming gracefully in the sparkling water.

    A few hours later Joshua was standing to close to the edge… and out of the blue Joshua fell head first into the water, 2 minutes later it got dark and thunder and lightning struck and it was so strong and vicious it hit the water and the lightning pierced right through Joshua and everything changed… No one knew that Joshua slipped so he was left alone in the water to die.

  17. Hurray! Finally the day had arrived, I had been in Chessington for approximately 5 days now and my mother had decided to take me to see all the sea life creatures. When I walked into the room a calming sky blue, all of a sudden, in the corner of right eye I noticed a mysterious stumpy man with a small waist and huge calves, he stood awkwardly with his devilish eyes locked on us; his eyes looked very disturbed and possessed when he captured a glance of us. He walked over extremely slowly, gazing as if he was doing a robot scan.
    He had a husky deep voice, as deep as the Atlantic Ocean. He brought us to an area with a green patch at the back. My mum and I stood there, she held my hand delicately and then the stumpy man told us to smile. The flash from the camera was very intense; the bright scorching light blinded me making my eyes burn for a minute.
    Another lady then came over to take us to another venue I assumed. She was beautiful. She had long golden blonde hair with sapphire sparkly eyes and blood red cheeks. She smiled at me when she came over and my stomach began to do backflips as if I was on a rollercoaster. Her name was Laura. Laura led us to another room, which was dark blue like the sky at night; there were clear boxes everywhere. They were full of fishes of all different types, it was wonderful. My favourite fish was the puffer fish because it made me laugh. However, I wasn’t very fond of the piranhas. Snap! Their teeth were as sharp as vampire’s fangs sinking into your skin. The eyes were so vicious and villainous that they could give you nightmares… I hated them.
    We came out of the room promptly and we approached a magnificent glass box filled with gallons of water. There was a crowd so I rushed over to the front, rudely barging people out the way but it was worth it. Wow! A polar bear glided by majestically. It had slick white fur and adorable miniscule eyes. It was the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen before in my life. I followed it along the glass as it swam past all the visitors. He seemed ecstatic to have a little boy like me following him in such a way.
    Seeing the charming colossal creature made the day even more better than it already was, I love polar bears, I really do.
    When I came out of the room I got to the gift shop and a picture of my mum and I came up on a screen; it made us look like we were in the see with fishes underneath out feet. It was amazing. What a memorable day.

  18. Toby says:

    Polar Adventure

    “James, James, James get up now, we are going to the zoo today and we need to be ready on time!” I heard from downstairs. My mother is a stickler for timetables.
    “Coming mum!” I shouted back. She was right! Today, I, James Thomas Smith was going to the zoo!

    I hurried downstairs were I found bacon and eggs placed neatly on a plate for me to eat. “I can’t wait to see the polar bears, I think it’s very graceful, the way they glide across the water.” I exclaimed whilst I ate.
    “Yes, yes that is all very well but eat up dear, we need to leave in precisely ten minutes time!”


    ‘Precisely’ ten minutes later I was in the backseat and heading towards Colchester zoo at a steady pace. I urged my mother to go faster but she wouldn’t budge ” I am not breaking the speed limit!” she would say time and time again.

    We finally got to the zoo at a quarter to ten, just as my mother had planned. I jumped straight out of the car and immediately suggested that we go to the polar bear enclosure, however, my mum said that we would go round the zoo in an orderly and clockwise fashion, which meant visiting the polar bears last.


    We saw the monkeys, the jaguars, the lions, the meerkat, the tigers, the birds of prey, the insects, the penguins, the otters, the flamingos and even the ring-tailed lemur before we eventually reached the polar bear enclosure.

    I imagined that these surreal creatures were back in their natural habitat. The polar landscape – a white cloak of snow. The polar bears fur was as white as a sunlit snowdrift. The tips of the lethal icebergs were teeth, smiling down on the icy landscape below and the snow on the ground was icing on a Christmas cake. To me, this seemed like a magical world, still and timeless.

    When I got back in the car I felt as if I was still there, in the enclosure with the polar bears and as I went to sleep that night I felt truly happy.

  19. Jay says:

    Swimming with a polar bear
    Ruby went to the aquarium competition. It was called the National Marine Contest. ”It’s so thrilling to watch such intelligent animals do such amazing things in water-things that we can do!”she yelled excitedly over the enthusiastic crowd. ”Oh my watch them two-such skill and energy. THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!” she screams hysterically, watching the now back flipping-skipping whale and dolphin. ”I wonder who trained them them so well? Oh Saph-Sapphire! OVER HERE!! Hey, what are you doing here!?”Ruby asks.
    ”I’m watching my dolphin and whale’s act-Diamond and Winnie. I’m so proud of them! Aren’t they good?! WHAT?!” Sapphire asked, worried.
    ”You taught them that?”was the reply
    ”Yes, are you jealous? Please don’t be, I’ll share them with you if you want!”
    ”Ah, you’re so kind-don’t worry, I’m not angry with you!”
    ”That’s great!”
    ”What is?”
    ”You not being angry with of course!”
    ”I never would be-anyway let’s watch your amazing pets!”
    With that they watched Sapphire’s outstanding aqua-pets.
    ”And now it’s time for Phoebe the polar bear’s act, let’s give it up for Phoebe and Charlotte!” screamed the commentator. There was an uproar of screaming, cheering and clapping.
    ”Did you know, that these two have won seven awards already?”Ruby inquired.
    ”What, I didn’t know that!”Sapphire said incredulously as they watched intently.
    ”Wow, now that’s some amazing skill-ooh what’s happened is he injured has he fainted or worse is he (gulp) dead?”said the commentator melodramatically.
    ”OH NO!! MY PRECIOUS PHOEBE! ARE YOU O.K?”screamed Charlotte tensely.The polar bear let out a groan. ”AW!!”she cries and plunges into the turquoise pool to save her beloved friend. She swam deep into the pool where her cherished aqua-pet lay motionless. ”I’m going in.”said Ruby, breathing deeply. She fought through the crowd and finally plunged into the cool water, she swam as fast as she could and helped the contestant bring up Phoebe to the surface. There were sighs of ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. Some of the crowd began to cheer and whistle, while others stood still, shocked with their mouth hanging open. From that day on, at Ruby’s school the story was always told. Sapphire had won the trophy for the second time now (‘Oh my-wow!’) and Phoebe would not be able to go to the contest for one year, but Charlotte didn’t care she was proud of Sapphire and gave Ruby a special little token as a thank you. Now Charlotte went to the same school as Ruby and Sapphire, who became new friends.

  20. Damope says:

    ” Are we there yet?”
    ” Yes, here we are, The London Water show.”
    “Hi, I’m Paul and it is my birthday today! I chose to come here because of the spellbinding creatures; phenomenal tricks and best of all… front row seats! ”

    My eagerness was unbridled so I stormed into the hall and grabbed our tickets! I was ecstatic to get in. I admired the polar bears performing amazing tricks and suprising the audience. This might have been the best show I’ve been to!

    The show finally came to a flabbergasing conclusion where people had been performing in polar bear suits… It was awfully amazing

  21. Once there was a polar bear who had fur as white as snow. One day the grumpy growling bear was asleep. Suddenly a storm came and the bear awoke and charged from his cold clean igloo. As he stood at his door all the ice was cracking, he was jumping across the ice then the water splashed at him and he appeared on the beach. He found a surf board and sun glasses and he went surfing. He had a hour surfing when he fell of his board and fell into the sea he magically found himself in his igloo instead of enjoying his surf board. He was grumpy and tired and laid in his igloo as big as a mountain and dreamed about his lovely day. The end.

  22. OC says:

    The Day I went to the Zoo

    I was so glad I went to the zoo that day. It was such an exciting adventure let me tell it to you. The alarm clock went, it was time to get up. I thought I’ve got a good day ahead of me because I am going to the zoo. Eventually we got there. I couldn’t wait to go in and see all the animals. We went round every one so I could get a picture of them all then we came to my favourite one of all the polar bear. He was white, fluffy and really good at swimming but today for some reason he wasn’t at all like his usual self. He wasn’t swimming round his enclosure. I wished I could go talk to him and be his friend but there was no way in. Suddenly I noticed there was a door that was slightly open so I quickly snuck in and there he was himself the polar bear. I swam over to him as quick as I could go and started to play with him and then he was really happy. All he needed was a friend so I told the owner of the zoo and then he put another polar bear in with him and then he was happy.

  23. Polar Bear

    Ok, today is show day! I can’t wait for those happy children’s faces staring up at me as I swim through that cold, refreshing pool of H20. During these shows, a zoo keeper throws a small tennis ball and I have to swim and catch it. It is extremely convivial, although I hate it when the children call me ‘that’ instead of ‘the Polar Bear.’

    The funniest experience I’ve had at these shows is, that once one child began pretending to swim in air and following me round the water. Anyway, better get ready for the show, it takes the zoo keeper an HOUR to brush my fur! Wish me good luck! By the way, usually it looks like animals don’t like doing this, but actually we really enjoy it! Bye! 🙂

  24. OC says:

    The iceberg as cold as an ice-cream,
    Swimming around all day,
    Waiting for the polar bears,
    To come inside and play,
    But there was only one there,
    As far as I could see,
    Who was the snow,
    Who needed a friend,
    And that friend was me,
    We went swimming all day,
    From the sun to the moon,
    Glittering in the moonlight,
    The owner came to say,
    “What are you doing?
    Is my polar bear safe?”
    I tried to explain,
    He needed a friend,
    He listened very carefully to me,
    “Now I know”
    He cried out loud,
    That’s why he was curled up in a corner,
    Raging like the sea,
    And refused to get down,
    He wouldn’t eat as far as I can see,
    My dearest friend,
    Come have tea with me,
    So that’s how it ended,
    As happy as can be,
    The polar bear was playing,
    Apart from with me,
    He found a new friend,
    As white as can be,
    Funny faces for all to see,
    That’s my poem all about me.

  25. OC says:


    The iceberg, as cold as an ice-cream,
    Swimming around all day,
    Waiting for the polar bears,
    To come inside and play.
    But, there was only one there,
    As far as I could see,
    Out in the snow,
    Who needed a friend,
    And that friend was me.

    We went swimming all day,
    From the sun to the moon,
    Glittering in the moonlight.
    The owner came to say,
    “What are you doing?
    Is my polar bear safe?”
    I tried to explain,
    He needed a friend.

    He listened very carefully to me,
    “Now I know”
    He cried out loud,
    That’s why he was curled up in a corner,
    Raging like the sea,
    And refused to get down.
    He wouldn’t eat as far as I can see,
    My dearest friend,
    Come have tea with me.

    So that’s how it ended,
    As happy as can be,
    The polar bear was playing,
    Apart from with me,
    He found a new friend,
    As white as can be,
    Funny faces for all to see,
    That’s my poem all about me.


    White as a pearl,
    Fights like a whirl,
    Of white gods,
    Or you could all it a litter of dogs,
    Swims like a fish,
    Eats from a dish,

    Polar bears are mighty, ruthless animals that either are so big, you can see them a mile off, or so small, you could be in front of 10 of them and you still wouldn’t see them.* They have an out-sanding 42 teeth, used for tearing up flesh and crunching through bones.

    *The end of the sentence ( or so small, you could be in front of 10 of them and you still wouldn’t see them) is made up.

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