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10th July 2014
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25th July 2014


  1. Aidan steers says:

    The Chase Is On

    Down in the depths of the deep blue sea, there once lived a fish called Ian. Ian was out on a leisurely swim one night when suddenly, he felt breathing down his tail. He darted around inquisitively to see what was behind him. It was the beast himself, the great white shark. Ian Swam away violently, going full speed trying to evade the shark, which was closing in by the second. Ian tried twisting and turning in different directions but he just simply couldn’t shake the shark off. Ian checked behind him, the shark was within an arm’s reach. When Ian turned around a great big shadow was right in front of him. A line dangled down and Ian had to dodge it, but then it moved like it was chasing him. If the shark wasn’t already enough, he now had this to deal with. Ian dodged yet another line and then, the breathing down his tail stopped. The line had caught the shark. Ian was so relieved. He had come that close to being the shark’s dinner and now the shark will be the people’s dinner. Ian swam back home to his family and never had a shark bother him again.

  2. Toby says:

    Descent To The Deep!

    Scott Dully is a normal person. He is like anybody who lives in Cairns; he owns a small flat next to a colossal office building (which actually made the flat feel smaller). But, when adventure is pushed right in front of this particular mans nose, he will almost certainly grasp the opportunity without a second thought.

    When Scott saw the poster entitled ‘ Journey To The Deep, Divers Needed!’ he couldn’t refuse. You see Scott Dully had been an exceptional diver since the age of six, when his uncle had taken him to look at the great, and incredible, Barrier Reef. He signed up at once then went back to his tiny flat to ponder what this incredible trip might be like.


    Six weeks after he had signed up to this amazing voyage, Scott received a letter telling him that he had got the job of being a deep sea diver and that he had to report to the following address that very afternoon: 3 Rose street, Cairns.

    When he arrived, he found out that he was about to go through a very intensive training process. This training program was to include physical exercises, mental skill tests and physique training.


    The day had dawned. Today was the day Scott had his chance to make his mark on history…Today was the day he would be explore the newly found Funungulus Trench, which was situated precisely 100 leagues below the great Barrier Reef. As he entered the capsule, Scott thought to himself: ‘This is the day Scott, if you duck out now then you will never get a chance like this again’.

    As he descended to the bottom of the ocean, all Scotts senses seemed to be on high alert: he felt excited, apprehensive but nonetheless driven by adventure to a place no one had every been before. All around the sea was as black as pitch. Scott peeped out of the submarine, an underwater plane, transporting him from one world to another. Mission control, based at the launch site, sounded through his ear-piece saying ‘descending to 300metres’.

    The sea was a midnight cloak surrounding the capsule. To Scott it seemed still, quiet and eerie, but at the same time there was a strange sense of tranquillity. Then quite suddenly, a face pressed in at the capsule viewing window. It was a fish face that Scott had never seen the likes of before. With glassy eyes and a protruding mouth, the monster of the deep stared in, making Scott feel he truly had reached another world.

  3. When I went deep sea diving I swam down and down but not too much because my tank could run out of air. The sea was dark blue and fishes swam and I hope I wouldn’t meet a shark or jelly fish or I’m in trouble. As I swam I bumped into a cute little fish with pale silver skin with diamond shapes. It had big bright blue eyes on the side of its head and its snouts looked like tears as if it were crying. It swam along so I followed it but then I found out I was running out of air. I suffocated to breath and down, down, down I went. Suddenly, something was bring me up. Somehow I got out the water and I could breath. It was the fish and then I held it under the water and carried it to shore in a bowl of tin foil I had in my back pack for some reason. Then I kept it as a pet and took care of it forever.

  4. Isla says:

    I am Maisie Dempsey and I am emigrating to New Zealand from Scotland with my mum and dad. We were aboard a magnificent white cruise ship, on the Pacific ocean, heading towards the coast of New Zealand.

    The weather was deliciously hot with a slight breeze. It was all going so well until the water became calm and still and the breeze died away. A spot, no bigger than my head, appeared in the water. It swirled like a giant spinning top. Some of the crew started to shout orders at the passengers.

    Scared I ran to the middle of the deck. A wild vortex of air was reaching to the clouds. It started drifting towards the ship.

    “Everyone below deck!” the captain bellowed. “It’s a waterspout.”

    There was a stampede to get to the staircase leading down into the belly of the vessel. I was one of the last remaining on the deck. I looked over my shoulder, tripped and crashed to the ground. It was then that the ‘waterspout’ hit the ship. The mass of hungry grey cloud sucked me up.

    After what seemed like a millennia the vortex gently placed me into the luxurious water beside the ship. I could hear cries from above as a life jacket landed in the water beside me. I put it on and was hauled on-board.

    The visages that met my eyes, once back on deck, were very queer. They had thick blubbery lips and enormous bulbous eyes on the side of their flabby faces. Their noses, oh their noses, were slits just like that of a fish. Could they be fish people from the deep?

    Unexpectedly, I was being marched below deck and there, in front of me, were all of my ship mates locked up and tied to the walls.

    They weren’t fish people, they were aliens come to take over the planet!

  5. Lewa says:

    In the depths of the deep, blue sea, all was quiet and peaceful. I swam around gasping for air and wondered if this would be the last moments of my life. All this was forgotten when I saw a huge,terrible, ugly beast. I could not exactly work out what it was, but I could see that it had evil, bulging eyes full of nocturnal mysteries. It had awfully razor- sharp teeth which could pierce the toughest of metals. Its skin was rough and bruised. Without no hesitation, the beast jumped at me and just when I realized it was a fish face, I had blood all over my face…

  6. Dominic says:

    Just above the sparkling ocean, a man named Bill was about to go diving into an amazing deep part of the ocean. He is very excited, but once he has got all the diving gear and equipment on he is extremely anxious. Bill is very nervous because the tank (the bit that holds the oxygen). He’s in and trying to swim to the bottom of the ocean bed. Halfway he sees a shark and it is grey as a grey cloud in a thunderstorm. Bill swims a bit faster and he only just dodges the shark. Once he gets to the bottom he finds a fish and spends so long looking at it that his oxygen tank runs low. So he has to race back up….

  7. JoshuaO says:

    I was swimming in the deep blue sea. When I saw it the rare magna rainbow fish. It was a gorgeous sight. This memory is worth a lot more than gold. I got my black waterproof camera and took a quick picture of the precious fish in front of me . Suddenly the swam away . I soon found out why! I stared underneath the sea and I saw one of the most dangerous creatures in the sea: an Orca….

  8. Bolu says:

    Sophia Lobel was an amazing diver. She earned lots of money by exploring the ocean and discovering new species of fish.

    Early one morning, Sophia decided to go diving because she loved studying the beautiful creatures that lived bellow the surface. She also craved for more money. Sophia climbed into her jet black wet suit and got her diving equipment ready. Before she dived into the ocean, Sophia whispered to herself that she would find something amazing.

    Confidently, Sophia dived into the great unknown. Before you could blink two times, she was gone. As quick as a flash, Sophia descended to the bottom of the ocean searching for new species. When Sophia turned around, she came face to face with a fish that no man had ever seen before. It had: scales that looked like stones; blue eyes that looked like marbles, wide , thick lips and it was colossal!

    Sophia – feeling very excited – took loads of pictures of the fish. She swiftly swam up the the surface. Sophia was so excited that she left all her things on her boat and sprinted home. She called the company that she worked for and told them about her brilliant news. Her boss was so impressed that he told Sophia to write a book about her new findings.

    A year later, Sophia’s book got published and she got all the money that she she was craving for.

  9. Grace says:

    The underwater fish

    Amazing, glittery fish sparkling in the moonlight.

    Beautiful, pretty fish glides through the deep blue sea.

    Every sea creature is jealous off it; it uses its skills everyday to show off.

    Absolutely stunning, this fast moving fish is.

    Utterly fascinating this wonderful fish is; it loves cut through the open oceans.

    Tides do not get its way neither does to envious sea creatures.

    Interesting is that glistering fish who swims a mile per minute.

    Fully trained and fully skilled at all those amazing tasks.

    Utterly gorgeous scales, so sleek, shiny and silvery.

    Lovely, silky, fat lips which gather sea salt with one touch of the colourful coral.

    Few of these outstanding creatures, will you come across one day for they are rare and precious to sea life.

    Incapable of nothing, this fast moving swimmer is, it is always needed for something, in the life below us.

    Sapphire- blue eyes shimmer as the sky glisters, sharp eyes but glaring eyes.

    Holy is this fish and how wonderful to see something so magnificent.

  10. Tom says:


    It was a warm, Summer’s morning, however that didn’t reflect on how Michael was feeling. He was feeling lonely again because he had nobody to play with. The majority of children enjoy Summer, but Michael had no one to savour these brilliant times with again. A positive was that Michael’s birthday was a week away! His birthday list consisted of one gift, a pet. Michael desired one, as he’d no longer be lonely.

    A week passed and Michael awoke to the sensation of being eleven! He sprinted downstairs and a few presents lay motionless, waiting to reveal their secret gift. Michael’s mum told him they’d take him for a special treat. He wasn’t excited, as ‘special’ to his mum, meant buying Michael a new jumper. As per usual, his mum drove him to the town centre and towards the jumper shop. However, Michael’s mum, swiftly took a sharp left and entered the pet shop. Michael was ecstatic. He was getting a beloved pet.

    It only took him a few minutes to choose, he decided on a fish with colossal eyes, they seemed to bulge out of his head. Michael chose this fish as he had his own fish tank and Michael thought it resembled him, alone. Michael instantly chose the name Jamie and bought it.

    Many jovial Summers passed and many jubilant memories were shared. However, it was a cold day and Michael went to feed Jamie, but Jamie was dead. Melancholy feeling overcame him and he stared into his best friend’s home.

  11. Oscar says:

    Shimmering grey scales like a starry night.
    Bulbous sapphire eyes lay beneath unblinking glass dome coverings.
    A large beak like mouth gapes at me, giving me a glimpse of a saffron coloured tongue.
    He stares at me briefly and then darts off into the abyss of the ocean.

  12. Chase or Race
    By Ipshita Rishi

    The stubby, small creature swam the great blue sea, and down it went into the depths of the ocean eluding from its death. The piranha with poisonous, green scales twisted and turned into a hollow cave filled with a torrent of darkness.

    The crafty fish still had not lost its prey and the chase was on, even though this cunning piranha tangled its adversary within sea weed its sharp teeth went through it and then into the water tornado. The metallic fish and crossed the stiff tide and was now crossing a crowd of fish just standing near a white line. Why? Nobody knows.
    Until…….. WHOOSH……… YIPPEE………

    The fish who had been ‘chasing’ this frightened fish was actually trying to win a Fish Formula race………

    The little fish was the left pondering to where he was? Where to go?
    Were the other fishes left alive or were they………. Dead…………..

  13. Georgia says:

    The Deep Dark Sea

    I jumped off the boat that was full of my work colleagues and I ventured down into the darkest depths of the Mediterranean .Of course I was wearing my scuba gear, otherwise , how would I breathe at eight thousand feet under the surface ? I wore an underwater camera on top of my mask, so my colleagues could see what I see, also I had an underwater walkie talkie in my belt ,so I could talk to my colleagues up on deck.
    I could many fish swimming along side me , above me or below me. Below myself I could see my worst fear , a shiver of sharks , all of which , from my research , were Great White Shark. One of the sharks swam up towards me his mouth wide open. I closed my eyes excepting my fate , however I did not feel any pain. I opened my right eye to see the shark had not even noticed me, the shark was more interested in the school of tuna about three metres in front of me.
    As soon as I started swimming peacefully away, the other nine sharks swam up for their fair share of tuna.Then when I turned away I saw the reason why I even ventured down to these depths. The Grouper.

    As soon as I returned to the surface , the pleasant sight of my five marine biologist colleagues clapping and cheering me ,and as I clambered onto the boat I saw the beautiful Blue Whale resurface and put on its own little show for us.
    “This is reason why I love my job ,” I sighed .

  14. Kaiya says:

    Eyes popping out and grey all
    Over, mouth wide open
    With white teeth razed sharp.

    Pitch black in the night sky looking like charcoal,
    Stars shining and sparkling
    So bright.

    The fishes head is as massive
    As a plug socket, looking up
    Into space.

    White mini dots all over
    The fishes face, surrounding
    Every space on the fishes eye.

    Splishing and splashing in
    The water, getting wet
    And swallowing the water.

    In the middle of nowhere
    The fish stays,
    Swimming around in the water.

    The deep dark woods in
    The background, on the fish
    Heads face is a frown.

    All alone no one to play
    Just sitting there from
    December to May.

    You can hear the echo’s
    Of children playing, and
    Having fun.

    The fish is yelling,
    Can someone
    Come and play.

    All alone the fish head stays!

  15. Bobs says:

    A grey face with white and black little spots surrounding the fishes bulging eyes , with its humungous blue pupils. The eyes are transparent spheres that poke out of his flat sided face. The lips are as grey as a mouse. The golden green fins sticking out of his body are feathers helping it to swim. The two light drops of water trickling down from his eyes as if he was crying. Splash , splosh, went the fish as he carried on swimming. The coral were dancing in the background whilst the waves smacked the rocks.

  16. Benj says:

    The year was 2014, when I was born. I’m now 24 years old, with an E in my GCSE and am a dog walker! Yes, not the best job, but it pays the rent. Here is my story…

    Four years ago, we were at war with the Spanish; Britain were looking for naval officers. We had a gigantic submarine fleet raring to set sail, so I joined up.

    I was on her Majesty’s best, the H.M.S. London. We were deployed on the 4th July, and I was given the job of torpedo boy, As we surprisingly glided through the choppy waters, I looked out of the window at the turquoise sea. It was a whole new world, fish glided through the water, swimming right next to the window. On my journey to Spain, I saw a huge, orange octopus.

    I looked out of the window so much I was given the nickname ‘Fish Face.’ Unfortunately, when we’d won the war, I never sailed on the sea again, but somehow that funny nickname has stuck!

  17. Sandhana says:

    The Fish

    When I was a little girl, my favourite place was going to the seaside . Where the glowing, golden sun beamed down on us making us all tender, the smell of the salt were Mr Flip gave away scrumptious fish and chips , but most of all the salt of the crystal ,deep , navy sea were it always seemed to attract me since I first went there. Squishy mud which you would sink in ,were fiery red crabs would scuttle here and there the rangy,sky scraping, cyclopean waves would crash onto the shore were my golden hair would prance around my head and my muddy brown eyes shimmering watching the beautiful scene… I always wondered I will be free in the sea to discover new fishes when I grew up ….
    It was just 5 weeks before my 21st birthday that I got a job to be a Scooby diver. With a black midnight swimming costumes, some bumpy yellow which were gangling, ( but comfy ) and some blood red snorkels. A week went past and today was when I started. The waves smashed onto the snow , white ship but we still carried on courageously . When we got to our destination I vaulted into the water . Bubbles floating around me glided like a ballerina in the water. There so many glowing, aglow ,vivid fish as I swam, deeper till were it was dark it was all cold and lonely and there wasn’t much air in my tank. Suddenly something scurried towards me , I jumped back in fright but it was a fish. It looked isolates , them bulging lips that drooped down and the navy , blue eyes that looked frightend at me with silver scales that glittered when he relocated vigorously .

  18. Damope says:

    Descent to the depths

    Powder-puff clouds scattered around in the early morning sky! The scorching hot sun beamed down on me and I was as hot as lava. I needed some fresh air so I decided to sign up for scuba-diving! I was the first one in line, so they strapped me in and showed me how to use all the buttons properly.
    The worker announced, “Go when you’re ready!”
    My eagerness was unbridled so I dived in the pool extremely forcefully… I couldn’t believe the variety of fish I saw! There were clown fish, swordfish, tuna fish and silverfish! This under water adventure was only getting better. It was awfully amazing…
    I travelled down to the depths and finally, I had fixed gaze on the swift mackerel! It was as fast as a cheetah but only in the sea… Last but not the least, I pressed my safety button and it shot me to the surface. This was my best adventure ever…

  19. Aki says:

    Fishes are a group of acuatic characters that have gills and back limbs.
    The term fish is an informal label that does not to a signle taxtonic
    creatures. Frishes are cold blooded unlike mammals. True fishes
    have back bones and fins. There are 22,000 species of fish.
    Fishes are anaimals that live under the water. They have vertebrates.
    They come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colours.

  20. The blinding scales of the diamond patterned fish were rays of sunlight showing off in the deep depths of the vast ocean. Bulging eyes were as alike as the hulk’s and were protected in a bubble of glass.

    Chubby, broad lips mimicked a sweet tune. The one of a kind fish wagged its sideways, v-shaped tail like a dog.

    The breathing of the adorable sea–creature manufactured cute little bubbles which were leaves being blown into the sky.

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