Task 37
25th July 2014
Task 39
7th August 2014


  1. Bambo says:

    At the corner of my eye I spotted a women crying. Her eyes were as red as lava. The poor lady’s eye lids were as black as coal. She glared at me like medusa. I wiped her smooth baby skin to calm her down. Her gentle tears were as cold as ice.. I grabbed her hand and told her to be safe then started to back away slowly.

  2. Isla says:

    The eyes are the windows to the soul

    Newspaper Article by Isla 3rd August 2014

    Scientists at Edinburgh University
    have just made a life changing discovery;
    that looking at an eye, where the Iris
    meets the Pupil, can tell your emotional
    state of mind.

    At our interview with Professor Ivor Nerve,
    we learnt how this shocking discovery
    was made.

    Using a piece of optical equipment the
    Optometrists focused on the Iris.
    The 1335 volunteers listen to a story,
    which brought about different emotional
    responses. The Professor stated that on
    each person, flecks of colour danced
    around the outer-edges of the Pupil,
    depending on their feelings at various
    events in the story.

    The experimental outcome showed
    the following emotional responses:
    -The downhearted people: Black flecks
    -The thrilled people: Blue flecks
    -The furious people: Brown/red flecks
    -The excited people: Green flecks
    -The worried people: Grey flecks

    Professor Nerve is hoping to expand
    on his discovery. He is aiming to look
    at the effects of the changing seasons
    on the human eye. We look forward
    to hearing about the out-come.

  3. Georgia says:

    The Lonely Hour

    Emily had no choice but to run. She had to leave her helpless sister behind. After a few minutes of standing in the street, she finally ventured back into the London alleyway to see if Kelly was still alive.

    Emily woke up to the sound of police sirens once again. She open her eyes slowly, then realised what day it was and rushed down the stairs of her parents three storey townhouse. Emily ran into the kitchen and she saw a huge banner that read:
    “Happy Birthday Emily!”
    Emily looked to her right and saw her parents and her older sister Kelly holding a huge cake shaped in a circle. Emily was so pleased that she ran over to her parents and sister and hugged them tightly, making little cake stains on her nightdress.

    A few hours later, Kelly took Emily on a shopping spree. The two girls then came across a group of gangsters. They blocked most off the pavement so the girls couldn’t get through.
    ” Excuse me, ” said Kelly ,” do you minding moving please we are trying to get through.”
    The leader of the gang towered over Kelly, and shook his head. The rest of the gang made a circle around Emily and Kelly and forced them into the nearest alley way.
    “Please let us go , my sister meant no harm !”Emily pleaded. The leader of the gang shook his head once more, and clutched his fist. He raised his arm at Emily, and in sudden reaction Kelly rushed in front of Emily and slapped the leader round his face. Kelly suddenly realised what she had done , so she grabbed Emily’s arm and shoved her way out of the alley. Kelly and Emily ran as fast as they could out of the alley , but it was too late. Before they reached the end of the alley and onto the pavement, the leader of the gang grabbed Kelly by the collar of her dress and took her back into the darkness of the alley.
    Emily reacted quickly. She shouted ,
    “If you don’t put my sister down , I’ll call the police and arrest you !”
    “Oh I’m so scared,” replied the gang leader, then he turned back to Kelly and started slapping her round her face.
    “Emily go!” screamed Kelly.

    Emily had no choice bug to run. She had to leave her helpless sister behind. After a few minutes of standing in the street,she ventured back into the London alleyway to see if Kelly was still alive.
    The men had gone. The police arrived. Kelly was asleep forever. The police took the men hostage. It was Emily’s birthday, but she cried for months.

  4. lewa oni says:

    In London 1942, there lived a girl, her father and mother in a dilapidated, ramshackle house.They were impoverished, never having an adequate supply of food. Penniless, her father joined the army , leaving them to fend for themselves. The girl’s mother eventually died of a terrible disease and the news broke out that the girl’s father was also dead. She cried out loudly continuously. She was all alone now and had to adapt to life on the street. What could she do ?

  5. Lizzie says:

    Letting go
    My smile faded when I saw her eyes. I knew he was gone. A river cascaded down my cheeks falling through the icy cold air. But I didn’t take my eyes of hers. Where was he? Why would he go? Why did he even come? Anger, hatred roared like a wounded lion. I could feel the tears burn like fire as they rolled away… just like he had done. No good byes, no card, not a word, nothing.
    He had started as a dream, but only dreams had happy endings, and this was now a reality. So, here I am standing staring into my world of rolling hills that somewhere he is riding away on. Would I ever see him again… for real? Or would he sink back into the dreams he was created from? It was like there were so many directions, but he was not there to guide me.
    The beautiful autumn leaves tumbled to the ground. Twirling in a new world before my eyes. A world he and I tried to change. But he was gone now and I was cut off from this life. I saw her lips move in the distance. I heard nothing although her eyes said it all.
    “He’s gone. He left. He rode away into a land we can only dream of. He’s not like us. He was never real, never here, you have to let go.” She smiled but I could see she was hurting too. So we cried together, for a long time.
    “You’re wrong.” I muttered, “It was real. He is still out there beyond this land. And one day he will return. But for now…” I paused. I let the tears roll down me like a waterfall. “He will just have to be the ghostly wanderer. The man in our dreams. The dream that came true.” And we sat for hours in silence. But we weren’t alone, and we never would be. It was then… we began letting go.

  6. Aidan steers says:

    The Homecoming

    I can’t believe this is happening Zoe thought to herself. It was the day she had been waiting for for many months, the homecoming of the soldiers from Afghanistan. Her husband Lee was a soldier and was coming back today. Zoe was putting her coat and shoes on getting ready to go pick her beloved husband up from the army base when suddenly the TV blurted out, “breaking news, one of the seven planes carrying soldiers back from Afghanistan has been shot down over the Mediterranean sea. We do not yet know who is responsible for this awful atrocity.” The news hit Zoe in the head like a brick. Zoe knew that there was only a one in seven chance of Lee being in the plane that had been shot down but that was enough to send Zoe to the army base faster than a lightning bolt. When Zoe finally arrived at the army base there was a certain sense of silence around. The first, second, third and fourth plane had already arrived before she had and she rushed over to the tent where the soldiers who’d loved ones had not arrived yet were, no Lee to be seen. The fifth plane touched down Zoe sprinted over to the landing site, still no Lee. The sixth and final plane landed. All of Lee’s friends lead off of the plane first, there was hope yet. The final soldier came off the plane, it was Lee! Zoe jumped for joy and ran over to meet her beloved husband. A tear came to Zoe’s eye. The two locked themselves into a tight bear hug.

    “I’ve missed you so much!” Zoe shouted.

    “I’ve missed you to,” replied Lee.

    The pair turned around and saw the many families who had lost fathers, husbands and friends.
    The morale of the story is never take anything for granted.

  7. At the corner of my eye, I spotted a young woman crying. She seemed lonely… Her eyes were as red as fire. I could hear her screaming with extreme anxiety. She was lonely. I wiped her soft baby skin to reassure her. Her eyes were as black as coal. Her gentle tears were as cold as ice. She gave me a devilish look, so I started to back away languidly…

  8. Tears and Itch

    Hay fever, hay fever please go away,
    Hay fever, hay fever don’t hold on and stay,

    Tears, tears you are giving me the itch,
    Tears, tears please just ditch,

    Itch, itch have you slid down my sleeve,
    Itch, itch please just leave.

    The tears in my eye is annoying, would it go away? I don’t know why this is happening. I wish someone would tell me what is happening. I am itchy, my eyes are as red as blood and my eye is as swollen as a balloon. I am bullied because of this. Lots of people are calling me names and are making fun of me. I am scared to go to school, but now my parents said hay fever was the cause of this. Therefore I should be using hay fever tablets. Now I don’t need to worry.

  9. One rainy day, a rich girl named Chana asked her father if she could play in the rain.
    “NO!” replied Chana’s father angrily.
    Chana stomped of in a strop. The next day it was sunny so Chana asked to have an ice cream before breakfast!
    “NO!” Chana’s father replied, angrier than yesterday.
    Chana was so angry her eyes went deep red and she started to cry.
    “YOU CANT RULE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!cried Chana.
    Her father stood up to her and said that she cant get everything in life and kept on explaining till she was calm and her eyes were green again.

  10. Tom says:

    The Colosseum

    It was a cool, summer’s day and Lucy was visiting Rome. She was very galvanized because she’d never been to Rome before. Her first visit was to the renowned Colosseum. Lucy was very excited and couldn’t wait to embark on her trip.

    After twenty minutes of continuous walking, the colossal Colosseum was within sight. Lucy couldn’t believe how lucky she was to experience such a wonderful sight. She felt a tinge of excitement, rush up her back as she entered. She stared around the extensive arena and received an Audio Guide. She listened and learned many fascinating facts. Lucy then saw some birds perched on the top of an immense building. She gazed longingly and admired their beauty. Lucy did this, as she adored animals. She then returned and listened to the next chapter, “The Killing of Animals!”. Lucy then had a face as sad as a mourner’s. A tear trickled down her face.

  11. James White says:

    As I strolled home carelessly from my school I saw my Mother,(sitting on a stool outside our apartment) sulking with a tear that burned her cheek black from the pouring mascara, like fire.I walked up to her with a puzzled expression on my face though I had a feeling that I new what had happened.I looked into my Mothers emerald coloured eyes, I saw vivid red in the corner sore from the sting of briny tears,which rolled down her cheek leaving a black charcoal stain scaring her face.
    “Mother! Mother! Are you okay?”
    “Oh, yes my sweet child, don’t you worry about-”
    “But your crying, Mother, please tell me what is wrong?”I butted in hoping she would tell me.
    “It-it-it’s Sebastian your Step-father, he dumped me!”
    “I Knew he was a mad-man for only the the best people love you, Mother.” I said kindly.
    So off we went, down to my Mum’s favourite cafe, ‘ Sweet And Sour’

    One and a half years later my lovely Mother found love again to a wealthy man who lived in a mansion and was a broker. Which was great because instead of walking to school I could go to school in a Lamborghini. I even got one thousand pounds for my birthday, what’s better, my Mother was happy!

  12. Bolu says:

    What is happiness?
    Is happiness good?
    Is happiness bad?

    I can never feel happy.
    My family is gone.
    I have no friends.
    Nobody loves me.
    I am lonely.

    I live in a world of sadness.
    Where everyone is sad.
    There is no sunshine.
    There are no rainbows.
    Just rain and storms.
    There is no day time.
    So it is always dark.

    It is never quiet.
    All you can hear is cries of pain and sorrow.

    I wish my world could be as happy as can be.
    I wish I could have friends.
    I wish I could have a family.
    I wish I could experience happiness.

  13. Oscar says:

    They say the eye is the window to the soul, a soul filled with sadness. A gentle tear pooling out of an emerald green eye, as if a segment of darkness is departing from her soul.

  14. Jay says:

    A riddle
    I’m one which possesses no feeling, nor thought.
    A key to a window which is a window to a soul.
    I’m more than mystic for I can see.
    The something that be holds your destiny.
    You can never see me, for I am the thing you see through.
    The world can never be in sight to you without me!
    Q:(What am I?)
    A:I am your inner eye.

  15. Kaiya says:

    Deep inside her soul
    she seems to be broken hearted,
    people look at her and call her a troll
    and in her brain all she can hear is thud, thud, thud.

    She seems th be afraid
    with a tear streaming down from her eye,
    and she always feels allayed
    everyone is mean to her so all she wants to do is die.

    Deep inside her soul is a lonely person with feelings!!!

  16. The Truth

    I was a clear witness of the murder. My eyes dilated in the thought that my sister could do such a thing. Murder someone! It was a shocking moment for my eyes to vision and then convert what I saw into reality. My own relative murdering an innocent girl. Why? Nobody knows. My worthless and blood craving kin left; only after that did I enter the room which was scented of bitter blood. The wall was dyed in the colour death and the blade of the knife was smothered in permanent blood stains.

    The eyes of the honest girl were filled with water and symbolised pain and the face looked up at me with grief. I could see the truth in her eyes.

    Was it worth forgiving my sister? She was criminal after all….

    I heard footsteps……..when I felt a sharp pointy object injecting through my back…….. I had no clue about living……but probably my death was enough to punish my sister…….

  17. A million tear drops fell from my eyes
    Pain, fear, evil and lies
    My soul bled from all the sorrow she caused
    I didn’t know what to do with myself, I was distraught

    I was in a state
    I was sick of the lies and deceit
    To a point where I felt as if i was about to regurgitate
    Heavy breathing
    Face soaked
    Heart racing
    You put me in so much pain, I’m aching
    Forgiving you is a wage of time, is this a risk worth-taking?

    You’ll never get it
    You’ll never comprehend
    Your a maleficient creature
    And the tears i shed in from all the pain you put me in
    Shame on you

  18. Thomas.W says:

    The EYE, a poem by Thomas Woodcock

    In the dark red corner of the devils eye,
    lived the atrocious horrors of hell…
    In the far left corner the red was the sign of; DEATH!
    The ice coming out of the deep bottom, reminded the people that hell is stuck in the heart of time.
    Then every shade of green inside of his iris…
    Represented all of his sins…
    And well the darkest black ever seen!
    Inside his pupil, well, that is a deep, dark secret. From the humans…

  19. Aadya Rao says:

    It could be delight…

    They could be happy tears, but no, their sad.

    They could be festivals, but no, their funerals.

    The green iris could be for GO, but no, it’s envy.

    The red tear gland could be for love, but no, it’s danger.

    Things could be delight, but no, it’s anger.

  20. The teardrop wells in your eye,
    it seems just as thick as yor thigh,
    it could be of saddness,
    or maby of madness,
    because somebody stole your pencil
    that you where using for a stencil,
    in your art book.

    The tear could be of happines because your sister is going to marry,
    a handsome man called Harry,
    who has a brother named Barry,
    who has a friend called Larry,
    who has a cousin called Garry.

    Or maby you just feel like it.


    The teardrop wells in your eye,
    it seems just as thick as yor thigh,
    it could be of saddness,
    or maby of madness,
    because somebody stole your pencil
    that you where using for a stencil,
    in your art book.

    The tear could be of happines because your sister is going to marry,
    a handsome man called Harry,
    who has a brother named Barry,
    who has a friend called Larry,
    who has a cousin called Garry.

    Or maby you just feel like it,
    don’t think yourself a git,
    just think;
    “If I blink,
    my tear will go away.
    I will not lay there all day,
    I will be brave,
    and will not laze about,
    I will go out into the open and fix the broken,
    and open the unopened,
    and replace the unfixable.”

  22. Daisy Parker says:

    Looking in the Poppy Field.

    Dead bodies scattered here and there
    Poppies growing everywhere
    Amazing flowers sway in the light
    The courageous soldiers can no longer fight.
    In the poppy field

    As red as the blood soldiers lost
    Everybody must pay the cost
    A scarlet coloney grows
    No one dares to eat them not even the crows.
    In the poppy field

    One alone
    or many that call this field home
    This reminds us of the soldiers that fight
    Everyone tried with all their might.
    In the poppy field

    As they die they bow down their heads and wither
    Like the crying soldiers who always shiver
    As their colour fade
    They curl up and sob.
    In the poppy field



    On Thursday 3rd November, a fireworks display was held at Lake Meadows to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Colossal crowds of people gathered to watch. Their faces stared eagerly as the first fireworks were set off.

    As elegant as swans, yet as cunning as foxes, you never know when or where they will elate the crowds. One is set off, whilst, simultaneously, another is prepared. The vain fireworks boast of their colours and grab your attention with their loud bangs. Fireworks have always been at a time of year when you are just thinking about Christmas. The celebration is almost like a happy version of a remembrance service. It is always exulting. Banishing the darkness of the midnight sky, they don’t let the crowds go without light.

    Vast legions of faces roar with anticipation, the excitement churning in their stomachs. Never has a crowd been as joyous and grateful as they stand there, awe-stricken with wonder. A million thoughts are rushing through their minds. They are a roiling mass of mischievous glee. Following the fireworks in their wake, their spirits ascend to the heavens.

    Finally, Mr John Baron (MP) says that we will ‘be running it again’ after the great ‘success’. But, next time it ‘will be ticketed’ to ‘prevent riots or flash-mobs’. Luckily this year there weren’t any but ‘you never know!’ Consequently, the police will be attending next year.

    The teardrop wells up in your eye,
    it feels heavier than a kilo of rye,
    it could be of sadness,
    or maybe of madness,
    because somebody stole your pencil
    that you were using for a stencil,
    in your art book.

    The tear could be of happiness because your sister is going to marry,
    a handsome man called Harry,
    Or maybe you just feel like it,
    don’t think yourself a git,
    just think;
    “If I blink,
    my tear will go away.
    I will not lay there all day,
    I will be brave,
    and will not laze about,
    I will go out into the open and fix the broken,
    and open the unopened,
    and replace the unfixable.”

  25. Fayo I says:

    It was the end of something perfect; my sweetened dreams turned into a repulsive nightmare.
    It all started when my family and I went camping-which obviously I disliked- I was told to get some wood for the fire , but that action turned my whole life around like a kicked ball. When I came back I saw a river of blood creep down the tent. I was too horrified to go inside but I suddenly found myself leaning over my family’s dead bodies. In the corner of my eye I saw a note in red I moved close to it and it stated “ I have killed your family because they would have made a new species of life , get money and even though I helped them I wouldn’t have got any but I am coming to get you “.
    My blood ran bitter and I started running I don’t know why but I just ran. As the fog dispersed I saw a figure walking up to me .I heard a moan not a groan an icy, cold moan. I turned around and saw an intimidating man sprinting towards me like a bullet. He was brandishing a gun in the impenetrable darkness; I came at a dead end death was aiming at me.

  26. oc says:

    My Miserable Life

    Tears start to swell in my eyes, could this day get any worse; my miserable life turning in to a world of pure blackness. I want to cry but none of my friends will be there for me, so it’s no use. My long midnight eyelashes wearily start to close, I feel like the whole entire universe has crushed me. It’s pouring down with rain outside, just the beginning of another dull, gloomy day. I slowly creep out of bed and drag my feet down the stairs. No-one to play with, no-one to share secrets or to laugh with, could my life get any worse. My long, salty tears can’t stay back any longer, they roll down my cheeks and land to the ground with a thud! My green, emerald eyes with a hint of tangerine orange, have a sad, sorrowful look in them. Nothing can cheer me up now nothing, I just live in a world of pure black.

  27. Tanishka says:

    Tears drizzled down her lonely cheeks, sitting in the corner with her her cheeks blushed with pain in her empty heart. Her hands over her face as she sobbed quivering her body letting no one notice. She curled up in a ball leaning on a plain, white painted wall with sorrow and misery. She felt like nothing in life was possible. Her regretful, emerald eyes were full of darkness

  28. Sienna says:

    The lonely Eyes

    Yesterday was the day I realized not everyone led such a perfect life.

    The rain was hammering down and a chilly stream poured down a ladies face.
    This lady did not just have rain flowing down her face, but tears also trickled along.

    Her mascara was smudged and so was her eyeshadow that was as black as coal.

    Her perfectly trimmed eyebrows framed her piercing blue eyes that were being flooded with sadness.

    It then occurred to me that everyone is fighting their own battles.

  29. Millie says:

    Eyes – these beauties mean so much to us however,they can have a coallsal effect on our emotions too! Unsurprisingly,the story I have written today is about the life-savers and how they take a very dramatic turn on our feelings…

    Her eyes were stone cold with pure fear.Also, they were tinted with a ice blue and had a hint of silver that was as metallic as a realistic gold bar.All of a sudden ,her observation sockets turned into a warm ,welcoming brown colour that rushed through my torso while my heart danced to keep me alive and breathing.Catching her perception ,I was terrified of diving into the multicoloured whirlpool as I was petrified she would never forgive me.Unfortunately,that’s exactly what happened , her sense of sight devoured my entire body just as her eyes turned a scarlet red.Uh oh…

  30. Gracie Parker says:

    His big beady eyes are like colossal lightbulbs, shining brightly and making the world look dark. Oomp! His feet are elephant feet as he stomps around making the ground quake. His muddled, messy, mixed up fur hangs shaggily from his over sized body. Its as pink as can be, but as scary as any other creature you’ve seen. It’s tail puts people to their death with it’s venomous powers. His ears smell of rotten eggs dipped in out of date milk, his nose must be asleep if he hasn’t smelt it by now. I taste extinction in this magnificent creature.

  31. Riya Jena says:

    The Eyes In The Mirror
    The sapphire blue eyes stared at Alice through the shard of glass that belonged to a mirror. Something wasn’t right; Alice’s eyes were emerald green, not blue! She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and looked back in, but all she could see were the same eyes that haunted her. ‘H-h-hello?’ said Alice, a fear overtaking her. ‘People would think I’m crazy if they saw me now!’ said Alice, putting the shard into a bag. Just as she was about to place it into the rucksack, she undoubtedly heard the voice of a woman singing. Alice knew instantly that the eyes from the mirror belonged to the singer. She stared at the eyes again and knew by the expression of them that it was her. But what was Alice to do next?

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