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7th August 2014
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21st August 2014


  1. lewa oni says:

    The Two Greedy Pandas

    Once upon a time, there lived two egocentric, greedy, obese pandas who loved eating. They never learned their lesson.

    One Summers day, in the lush, green forest of China, the two pandas sat on a log. They thought about what they were going to eat. Out of nowhere, an old, prudent owl revealed itself. Now, the owl knew that they were greedy, so he put them to the test. The owl laid out luxury food on the floor; he told the pandas that they could eat it, but there was a catch, they had to eat it with spoons.

    The pandas could not manage this. They spent hours on end, staring at the food. Days passed and eventually they died.

  2. Isla says:

    The Big Bear Cat
    An Informative Poem

    In the misty, rainy, isolated mountain ranges,
    Lives one of China’s most solitary inhabitants,
    It is a magnificent swimmer and brilliant tree climber,
    But it is critically endangered due to habitat destruction.

    Every 12 hours it consumes delicate Bamboo shoots,
    It has fur as black as a midnight and as white as a sheet,
    It’s eyes are bright and full of intelligence,
    As if it feels your pain.

    It’s ears of darkness curve like a rainbow,
    Taking in every sound around,
    Watching for the poachers,
    Only you can stop the poaching.

    Save the Panda

  3. Aidan steers says:

    My day out at Colchester Zoo

    On Tuesday my Mum, Dad, brother and I went on an excursion to Colchester Zoo. It was ten in the morning when we arrived in sunny Colchester and we were suffering from great anticipation. The sky was a sapphire blue sea with the red hot sun staring down at us with no fluffy clouds in sight. We waited in line to get our tickets for approximately five minutes (quite quick considering how late we arrived.)

    When we arrived through the gates the first thing we did is look at the monkeys, first stop was the Capuchins. There was a trio of the monkeys fighting, two vs one, the monkeys were causing chaos in the enclosure and we stayed for ten minutes but nothing let up. In the end we had to leave.

    The next stop was the acrobatic orangutans and then the sliding sloths. Afterwards we stopped for lunch and I let of some steam in the playground. Afterwards we all went off to see the Elephants and giraffes.

    Then we set of to see the silly seals and then went over to look at everyone’s favourite, the playful penguins.

    We walked over to the Tiger area, and my brother and I stood in front of a viewing area with just a barbed wire fence between us and the Tigers field. A tiger stood in front of us and let off a great big roar! We then walked over to see the pondering panda’s and then the Water Hogs.

    We had to leave at some point and unfortunately that point had come, but we did have a lovely dinner at perfect Prezzo’s to round the day off.

  4. Tom says:

    Pandas do play music!

    It was a warm afternoon and yet again, Clethorpe’s Zoo was hectic. The majority of the visitors has come to witness the world-famous music playing pandas! The pandas had bought many people to Clethorpes. Everyone would come out acclaiming that the panda’s tunes had mesmerised them. All ages had been attracted to this unique site. No-one ever seems to know how the pandas are so talented. However, one man knows the secrets of this unbelievable trade. His name is Jonny Bicycles. Jonny is highly regarded in animal taming. He is best associated with Sheer, the tight-rope walking tiger, Danny and Benny, the talking monkeys, and now Jon and Joe, the musical pandas.

    Jon and Joe play recorders in the shape of bamboo sticks. They have been training with Jonny for two years and are both grade 3 recorder players. The first was to show them how to play and the next was used to practise. Jonny recently explained to a reporter the secrets of his job. He said, “The bamboo shapes were to persuade Jon and Joe to play, as they refused to play with a real recorder. I taught them to play by placing bamboo inside and they’d try to blow it out. Consequently, they caused tunes to sound.”

    Unfortunately, Jonny can’t teach the two tricksters any more. Therefore, he is attempting to teach zebra to tap-dance. However, Jon and Joe will remain in their habitat at Clethorpe’s Zoo.

  5. Grace says:


    In the heart of the emerald green jungle, there was a lost boy. He was lost in the jungle for years. He was an orphan because his parents were killed in the jungle because they were hunters. This poor, lonely boy named Jack ended up in the jungle because he did not believe that they were dead. He went too far into the jungle, that he couldn’t find his way out. Jack became more scared each day. His courage started to weaken.

    Jack despised of Panda’s for they are known to be killers of his parents. Right after the horrible killing of his parents, the orphan vowed to kill any Panda he saw or heard. Although he loved animals, he had to take revenge for what these animals had done. Jack just needed to plot his revenge, once he found his way out of Jungle.

    Just when Jack was daydreaming, he saw a furry, black and ivory white creature moving amongst the colossal trees. Jack rubbed his eyes to see whether he was dreaming. Jack wasn’t dreaming. It was a Panda. Jack looked left and right to see if there was anything that looked like a weapon. Nothing looked suitable to fight the Panda. Jack was about to pick up a rubbery piece of long bark when the Panda turned round at bared its ivory white teeth. Jack gulped. He knew that pandas are extremely strong.

    The Panda had advanced towards him. At first, Jack did not know what to do, and then he took out his tree bark and sliced the Panda’s tummy. Jack who had his eyes closed the whole time, peered over the dead Panda and felt sorry for it. Then, Jack heard a small growl. He whipped his head round and saw a Panda much smaller than the one he had just killed, and Jack moved towards it. The small Panda started to move and Jack, with a perplexed look on his face, started to follow. Outside the core of the jungle, Jack recognised a village and carriages. The Panda had led him to his village. Before he could say thank you to the Panda, It had gone.

    Jack learnt not to judge an animal by its past but to look on the bright side. That is why Pandas are his favourite animal.

  6. Oscar says:

    Beside a fallen tree two pandas stood eating bamboo and staring into the dense forest. They both had baggy skin and were covered in velvet black and white fur, and almost looked identical but one was smaller than the other. The smaller panda was shorter and wider than the other panda, and his black fur was a shade darker and his white fur a shade brighter than the other panda.

    The smaller panda carried on gnawing on his tender piece of bamboo when suddenly a shadow crawled over him. The shadow that was cast belonged to a crane of great strength and size who flew himself down like a fighter jet, grabbing the smaller panda straight off the ground, his talons digging into the panda’s shoulders. The panda readied his claws to fight back, waving his arms wildly scarring, cutting and peeling off the cranes flesh. The cranes eyes became bloodshot and his body was paralysed. They both began falling, when suddenly a gust of wind hit the panda like a thousand knives, pushing him off course towards a hole edged with fire and rock. They fell into the hole, the fire scorching the panda’s fur, his body bruised by the rocks.

    The remaining panda who had watched his friend get taken, let a tear slither down a cheek flooded with fur. Out of the blue shot a blast of white light, strong wind blew and then died out. The smaller panda suddenly stood there on four legs, but his body, his fur it was all white!

  7. One day a boy named Ashok was very excited because he was going to the zoo with his mum and especially looked forward to seeing his favourite animal the Tiger. As he waited for the half hour drive to be over he took a rest and he woke up just in time at the zoo. There were different kinds of animals there. like monkey’s, lions and even an aquatic area full of sharks, octopuses, and a lot more. As they walked past something breath-taking happened, there were DANCING PANDAS! Ashok’s mum thought they weren’t real Pandas but they really were. Ashok thought he was dreaming and pinched himself and up he woke on a bench in the zoo and instead of Tigers, Pandas were his favourite animal. UNTIL THE NEXT DREAM!

  8. Jay says:

    Pandordian’s bamboo
    ”Oh!” Pandordian sniffs and begins to play again, this time a melancholy tune, which was so blue and haunting that Holly, his only friend in the world,began to cry. The panda continues beautifully and finishes with a melancholy riff that reverberates through the forest. There is a misty silence and then the panda began to cry it’s life was so sad and full of misery. The only thing it could do was play sad songs on his bamboo and cry. His life was later known and written about by the famous William Shakespeare. The heartbreaking story end with just ‘he dies’, and as you read it the songs of this extraordinary panda haunts you and that is the story of this glum panda’ life!

  9. Bolu says:

    Pandas are cute, fluffy, majestic Chinese creatures

    Are always killed for their glossy black and white fur

    Needs to eat bamboo, leaves and shoots to survive

    Does not eat meat

    Are very peaceful animals

    Sometimes attack humans to defend themselves

  10. The Musical Pandas
    The jolly and happy musical pandas are very beautiful to behold. They are very awesome and super talented. Both of them play a flute made of wood and music food for the soul. They play it peacefully and happily other animals in the forest feel awfully lucky by looking at them they live in a forest in china. I think that the panda’s music is amazing. I wish that I can hear the panda’s music, it would be so delightful.

  11. Daisy Parker says:

    This is a story about two lonely Panda’s named Max and Violet. The messy male max is curious and loves noise, whereas Violet the quiet shy panda is scared of people and hates loud sounds. Here are their diaries. Lets start with Max’s.

    Dear Diary,

    Today was awsome it was my turn to choose what violet and I would do. We slowly travelled to the bustling road opposite the jungle to watch the loud cars. Violet wasn’t too impressed at my idea and screamed every time a car drove past. We spent four hours carefully listening to screeching sirens and pumping pop music. Violet nearly had a heart attack it was so noisy but it wasn’t noisy enough for me.

    The rest of our day was spent in the quiet, horrible jungle eating long, skinny, tasty bamboo. This was Violets choice of amazing activity. We would spend the afternoon resting.

    “Crack! Crack!” the humans were coming to get us. We had to go into horrendous hiding for 5 minutes in a bush. I hate the horrible humans they’re always sneaking up on us and making violet jump. They shouldn’t be aloud to come to the jungle.

    I’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

    I don’t think I need to show you Violets diary you can already see that Panda’s lives are a roller coaster.

  12. Damope says:

    My trip to the zoo!
    As I arrived at London Zoo, I gazed at puffy pandas, gigantic giraffes, tough tigers and slithering snakes! I took languid steps towards the pandas and believe it or not, there was music on and they were dancing to it! Also, the pandas were clapping to the music! So amazing…They must feel extremely jubilant!
    The next moment, the music stopped and the pandas started to fight! So the monitors put the music back on and the pandas started to dance. They must be as happy as birds chirping in the dark night sky. These amazing pandas…

  13. bambo says:

    The ZOO

    At the corner of my eyes, I spotted 2 obese black and white Pandas, sitting together eating. They sat on a dark log, eating a long bamboo stick. I see their inedible sharp teeth. I could hear them chewing as loud as a horn.
    Lots of people took pictures because pandas are rare in England.

    One my way home I saw a panda! I blinked several times to see if I was dreaming but I wasn’t. Suddenly the panda rushed after me. I was on pursuit with a large obese panda, which could put me on the ground with one touch. All of a sudden I noticed my feet were above the smooth ground. My heart pounded rapidly. I closed my eyes tightly. I could then feel slobber all over my face. All the panda wanted to do was lick me. Whenever I see a panda I will always remember this moment…

  14. Simbo says:

    As a boy strolls through the woods he hears leaves dangling the boy said ‘‘whose there?’’ He saw a big white fur come out of the trees. The big shadow on the floor raised up as the scarier it felt to the boy. Then suddenly the creature came out. ‘’AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!’’ shouted the boy.
    ‘’Panda,’’ said the boy said.
    ‘‘What a panda I love pandas,’’ said the boy excitingly.
    ‘’Hi come with me,’’ said the panda. So he followed the panda the boy was quite surprised that he met a taking panda. ‘’We are going to see one more panda,’’ said the panda. ‘’ I forgot to tell you my name it is Max,’’ said Max the panda.
    ‘’No way you are Max I Max to,’’ said Max the boy.
    ‘’ We have the same name WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!’’ shouted Max the panda.
    ‘’ I have go bye ,’’ said Max the boy.

  15. “The two pandas, Mark and Bob are getting ready for their wrestle, they’re practising for the finals. It seems as though they are really practising hard. Who do you think will win, Sid?”
    “Well James, I think that Bob will win because, although he doesn’t look it, he has the more mass a..”
    “Yes, but Mark has the more muscle, so that does kind of even it out.”
    “You are right, but pandas don’t normally use alot of muscle, they tend to rely more on wieght and mass.”
    “Yes, so we’ll see you afrter the break for the wresle, but for now, good bye.”

  16. The tow happy panders sat there happily munching on bamboo canes whilst people at the ZSL London zoo stopped and stared at the tow beautiful panders . It was feeding time soon and crowds gathered and keepers preparing the food for the hungry beasts.
    People had paid extra so they could go in and cuddl the fury monsters . Food was skatered all over as people through it over the bars of the cage . The panders rushed around and ate all of the food .
    A month on and the panders escaped ,It was all over the news .I caught site of something black and white creeping up behind me . I turned round and there was a pander at my feet i picked it up and carried it home . 1 year on and i have still got him with me.

  17. The new home
    One morning when dew drops glistened on the green bamboo leaves, the two mighty pandas Chi Chi and Chow Chow woke up to discover that they were not in the lush green jungle of their home. They seemed to be in what looked like a very large and strange looking cage. Everything smelled and looked different to where they once lived and both the friends were frightened and nervous at the same time.
    Chi Chi saw a door on the side of the cage and ran through it and ducked ducked under a great big oak tree. He called to Chow Chow to join him, and with a big deep breath she ran as fast as her black and white furry legs could carry her through the door and next to her companion under the tree.
    They stayed there huddled close together trying to work out where they were. While they hid under the tree they could hear noises that they hadn’t heard before.
    It was the sound of voices. Adults and children all talking at once with excitement and joy. Chow Chow stuck her head out from beneath the tree and there was a huge roar of delight as the visitors of the zoo saw the new arrivals for the first time.
    They came out and there was all a bear could wish to eat! Tomatoes, apples, pears, carrots, oranges, and best of all…..Bamboo trees! They gobbled up the delicious treats that lie before them on the grass and once they had finished all the goodies, they sat back with full tummies feeling satisfied and happy.
    Over time they became friends with their keeper Jonathan. He was kind and warm to them and always kept them stocked up with their favourite snack of bamboo. Chi Chi and Chow Chow got used to the flashing cameras and squeals of the visitors and became the zoo’s best and main attraction. They lived together in perfect harmony for many years.

  18. Raquel Martos-Orgaz says:

    Pandas and a cage

    Tofu quickly hid behind a group of long, wide bamboo sticks as a group of cruel South American hunters ran by; they had spotted her loving mother and weren’t going to lose her easily. Being a panda was a pain, always hiding from the hunters, having to move home every week or so, she completely hated it. Tofu crawled through the bamboo poles as a slim tall lady ran by. When she got to where Tofu was, she stopped dead and turned slowly and quietly towards Tofu. The lady cut down the bamboo poles with a jagged rusty knife and then pointed it threateningly at Tofu. Suddenly, a little dark haired girl ran out from behind a wide old tree and carefully and soundlessly snatched the knife out of the lady’s hand; she said something like “Mama, déjalo, todavía es un bebé!”
    The girl ran back into the forest followed closely by the lady. As soon as they were gone, Tofu crawled out of her temporary hiding place and run after the hunters and her mother.
    Meanwhile, Mother Dalma ran through the trees of the thick deserted forest. She had cleverly left a fake zigzagy trail by making one of her fingers bleed slightly and letting a drop of blood fall every metre, in her opposite direction. Next she eagerly planned to get as far away as possible.
    On the way back through the forest, Mother Dalma met Tofu running towards her. They happily and joyfully greeted each other with hugs and kisses. Suddenly there was a boom! It was so big and loud it shook the earth terribly and loads of epiphyte flowers floated gracefully to the ground. Then Tofu had a brilliant idea. They made a trail of epiphytes to a large metal cage that the hunters had left and hope they would follow it, and then they would become trapped in the cage! Tofu couldn’t but think deeply about the little girl who saved her life earlier. Was she the same as the others?
    Meanwhile, the hunters tricked by the epiphytes followed them thinking that the trail would lead them towards Tofu and Mother Dalma. But the two pandas were smart enough to hide.
    They anxiously watched the hunters enter the cage. After a few minutes, only the little girl remained outside, but instead of walking in, she locked the cage and trapped the hunters inside. It was a day of VICTORY!
    The little girl looked after the pandas and they looked after her.
    That is a happy ending, don’t you think?

  19. Ksenia says:

    The inhabitants of the rainforest peeked through the undergrowth at the monochrome rug coated pandas. Their faces were like clown masks, wet noses twinkled in the bright sun. They hunched and crunched bamboo, I could feel them hoovering up their snack.
    Suddenly, they began to hop from one leg to the other, completing a routine, the ancient log was bouncing with them. Using their food as a flute, I sensed their silent singing.
    The crack of a branch made the eyes, plumes and tails vanish from the emerald-green trees, the pandas were nowhere to be seen.
    There was an eerie silence…

  20. OC says:

    Pandas are black,
    Pandas are white,
    Pandas love to sleep day and night,
    Pandas are furry,
    With lots of fur,
    Who love to cuddle,
    For all its worth.

    Pandas eat as slow as can be,
    Munching on a tiny leaf,
    They eat bamboo,
    Which is emerald green,
    Hello goodbye they go back to sleep.

    Pandas love to play,
    Deep in the forests today,
    They rummage and grumble,
    And pounce and rumble,
    Until its bedtime again.

  21. At the Theodore’s zoo there were many different animals such as: bold thunder-chasing Lion’s, Zebra’s, wind-twirling Cheetah’s and even sea-creatures.

    I couldn’t wait for my most favourite, lush and gelatinous-furred animal of all the panda. I passed many other provocative creatures and even got to hold a venomous snake but the poison had been sucked out of the snake. Latterly, I reached the panda cage.

    Unanticipated, I found an audience surrounding the cage but for what reason? Had the pandas been injured or had a miracle happened?

  22. Estelle B says:

    Magical Jungle
    In the heart of an emerald galactic grassy green jungle, there was a lost little girl who met a boy living there. They went on lots of adventures and one day they found the last pandas living on earth. They were cuddly, fluffy, playful and cute, but there was something mysterious about them but they didn’t know what it was. Indeed, they were very greedy pandas so the girl and the boy gave them food and played with them. One day they heard a deep hoarse noise and it sounded a bit like English. They crept behind the trees and were so close to seeing the pandas when the noise stopped immediately. They thought of what it could be. Unexpectedly the boy named James bellowed: “It’s the pandas! Don’t you see when we stepped closer they stopped and when we were with them they made weird noises so it has to be them, doesn’t it?”“ Well, I suppose you do have a point. But are you sure it’s them?” replied the girl called Ruby in a puzzled way. “There’s only one way to know,” so they started to starve the pandas when suddenly one of them whispered: “Come on! Let’s tell them, it won’t do any harm, will it?” So the other panda turned to the children and clearly spoke to them to say: “Me and my jungle friends can speak and understand your language.” “I knew it!” cheered James. “Let’s call you Fluff and you Candy Floss!” And so they played together, slept together and lived happily, surrounded by the luxuriant and peaceful nature, as if the animals were part of their family. They grew up together and looked after each other. Many years later they became explorers and saved endangered animals.

  23. Emma Corrigan says:

    Fluffy and cuddly the panda sits slouched on the jungle floor lazily picking sticks of bamboo off a near by branch, like a child trying to pick an apple off a tree. This animal is an endangered species of bear from China. This majesty creature is a great symbol of China. This black and white beast is a movie from the olden days.
    The animal will wait for it’s meal in the zoo patiently. Can you imagine a more noble creature as addictively huggable and humble as this?

  24. james gold says:

    In the heart of the jungle, lie two small pandas chomping away at some bamboo. The two small pandas were actually born in the midst of the jungle (the Amazon rainforest) because their parents where taking a hike for the hospital to have the babies. Anyway,the infant pandas where left alone whilst their parents were out looking for more food to eat – probably bamboo – so they could survive. Luckily the panda family lived next a river so they could drink easily to also help to survive. As quick as a flash their parents were safe back home to feed and enjoy their food for a couple of weeks.

  25. Mr. Maxumum says:

    The panda, if it wants the nutrients it needs, just doesn’t stop eating. It’s like a bamboo destroyer, yes it eats that much. Eating creates bladder (fat), meat and fur, this stops it from hurting it’s beautiful body when falling out of tremendously tall trees. Just like big boulders, pandas are full pigs because as you know they don’t stop eating. Sadly, guns have been going BANG BANG at pandas and has made them an endangered species.”STOP! STOP!” the pandas should say. If they did, or could, I don’t think they would be an endangered species.

  26. Thomas Scammell says:

    The panda.

    The panda is a bear or is it, it looks like a bear, it feels like a bear, people sometimes call it “panda bear”
    pandas could be alive
    they could talk
    they could walk
    they could post
    they could make toast
    they could win
    they could swim
    and it’s all in the day of a amazing panda “bear”.

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