Task 41
21st August 2014
Task 43
4th September 2014


  1. lewa oni says:

    Up in the the clouds are were the heavens are situated;
    Up in the clouds are where the shapes on Earth are imitated.

    Up in the clouds are where the angles sing and rejoice;
    Up in the clouds is were evil is destroyed.

    Up in the clouds is where the thunder strikes;
    Up in the clouds is very homelike.

    Up in the clouds is were soft pillows drift by;
    Up in the clouds and up in the sky.

  2. Aidan steers says:

    The Land Above The Clouds

    In the land above the clouds,
    The sun sleeps and the moon comes out to play.
    In the land above the clouds,
    It is no longer day.

    In the land above the clouds,
    The magic castle reflects its power.
    In the land above the clouds,
    The castle looks like a gigantic tower.

    In the land above the clouds,
    The castle glows with enchantment.
    In the land above the clouds,
    Angels watch from their apartment.

    In the land above the clouds,
    On the throne sits the king.
    In the land above the clouds
    People hear the bells ring.

    In the land above the clouds,
    The stars dangle down.
    the land above the clouds,
    is the Angels home town.

    In the land above the clouds,
    The world will never end.
    In the land above the clouds,
    You will always find a friend.

    The land above the clouds,
    Sits in a sapphire blue sky.
    In the land above clouds,
    Love will never die.

    In the land above the clouds,
    There is no such thing as a cult.
    In the land above clouds,
    The only thing disturbs is bright flashing lightning bolt.

    In the land above the clouds,
    Everybody is happy and gay.
    In the land above the clouds,
    Is where you would surely like to stay.

  3. bambo says:

    The Castle of Clouds

    The moon shone like a ruby on fire, floating in the air, like a white core. At the cliff of my eye I could see The castle of Clouds. I was astonished!! I flew languidly to the castle. The iron gates were king-sized. I was about to enter one of the most biggest and richest castles in the world but before that I straightened my tie and tucked in my shirt. Deafening silence filled the thin air until I opened the thick gates. My eyes glistened. My mouth dropped to the still metal silver floor. A eerie stranger emerged in front of me. He was wearing a fluffy cloud robe. He toured me around the whole castle. Everything was silver, even the bathroom. When I was about to leave, the man gave me a silver statue. I thanked him more than a dozen times. I enjoyed my visit to the castle and I hope to visit again.

  4. Isla says:

    The Bean-stalk Telegraph
    Giants aren’t always baddies!
    Reported by Giant Tree Hugger

    On Wednesday 120th Suggomber 19,500,
    a famous criminal was condemned to prison
    with a life sentence.

    In Necember 19,400 Jack (the criminal)
    clambered up his Bean-Stalk and broke into
    our good friend, Giant Mr. Slow’s dwelling.
    This kind Giant discovered that someone or
    something was stealing his countless
    valuable goods e.g. gold, silk, rubys and more.
    Mr. Slow spent many hours creating hundreds
    of difficult contraptions to catch, but not kill
    the burglar.

    Jack is human, of the age of 20 years old and
    avoided the many traps that were laid out
    neatly all over the floor. Then Mr. Slow made
    a trap that was a replica of a massive diamond
    tiara, fit for the best Giantess. Now the trap
    consisted of a button, that when pressed,
    would release a wailing noise that dropped
    a human sized cage onto the felon.

    The trap was successful at capturing the
    little vermin, Jack. However, kind hearted
    Mr. Slow set Jack free, making him swear not
    to steal any more treasures. Mr. Slow forgot
    to check that Jack had not crossed his fingers
    behind his back.

    Eventually Jack was caught by Giant Skull-Crusher
    and was put in the judgement Hall. He was finally
    locked away in the notorious ‘You Will Never Escape’

    We can all sleep more soundly in our beds at
    night knowing Jack won’t be coming to rob
    our treasure.

  5. Tom says:

    Poseidon’s Palace

    “You shall leave at once!” Poseidon bellowed. Hades heard and left Poseidon’s home. Poseidon then lounged in his gold-studded chair. He stared around his palatial home. To mortals, it was an exquisite palace, but to him, it was home. He had an immense home because he was enormous. Truth be told, he was a God! He made sure it house was perfect for his brother’s birthday the next day. He decided that his house was fine and he fell asleep.

    The next day soon arrived and people were already at his his house. He lingered in the same spot, wishing for the best. Eventually, his brother arrived to an uproar of cheers. Zeus smiled and waved as he witnessed his fellow God and Godesses bow before him. As soon as that was done, everyone settled down at Poseidon’s majestic table and awaited the speeches. Zeus’ speech was marvellous and everyone enjoyed it. Poseidon stepped up without any nerves at all, and spoke. It was brilliant until he said, “…and now let my water-unicorns serve you food!” However, no unicorns appeared or food. “Hades,” bellowed Poseidon. “I ignored it at first, but now I know! When you clicked your fingers, you stole my powers!”

    “Oh well done! We have a new detective!” Hades remarked.

    “I know, you’ve hidden the powers in your fortress,” Hercules roared, “in fact, I’ll retrieve them.”

    And off Hercules ran ,in search of Poseidon’s lost powers.

  6. Lizzie says:

    To Romeo,
    I kept waiting. A castle of clouds stood behind me, where we used to hide our forbidden love. I wondered if you would ever come. Forgive me, I lost faith. I stared out into our corridor of glittering white puffs. Save me Romeo. I’m feeling trapped, alone, caged. You have the key.
    The hour stretch to days, to weeks, to months, forever. Blue sky emerged from the white blanket. My world is falling apart without you. So I wait… Alone in a castle made for two.
    I wonder, we could run away together. Without you the clouds slip away. The whiteness fades, like a mood ring on a sad finger. But I’ll wait for you as long as the sea is bound to wash upon the sand. I wait in a crystal, white palace, for my Romeo. Like a fairy tale.
    From Juliet.

  7. Daisy Parker says:

    Hello I’m Abigal and I am a loyal maid for the stunning Night Queen. I am writing to you about my amazing life and what its like to live as a maid. The Night Queen is the perfect lady to serve. She sends an amazing carriage to my quaint cottage that horses elegantly fly which takes me to work. She is wonderful.

    The travel is over whelming. A line of pretty, groomed pale blue horses soar around the air as if they are ballerinas. Their wonderful wings allow them to glide through the beautiful fluffy clouds. Golden ropes hang from their nostrils tieing them to an astonishing pitch black carriage. The tremendous carriage is finished off with a glistening gold carved cress. It is driven by Max a professional coachman with dark brown hair and wears a shimmering white suit. As you step into this sensational world the smell of minty gums waft past your nose and leaves a fresh scent. The surprisingly comfy seats always have a little treat beside them for you as you gorgeously glide through the air.

    The gargantuan palace that I am dropped off at is magnificent. Glimmering glass gates are placed at the very front that only open to the secret code “NQSC” these letters stand for the words Night Queens Secret Code. Just behind that is the floating dream. Its transparent door is made from 100% diamond and is ideal if you like things that shimmer. The amazing kitchen is kept so clean you can even see your face in the metallic pans. One level up is the loving Night Queens brilliant bedroom. The smooth wallpaper is as white as snow and has dark blue spectacular stars printed on top. This diamond dream palace also has a stunning break room. as you walk in you taste chocolate coming from the exquisite diamond windows! Its spectacular!

    Last but not least is the Night Queen. She is the kindest most beautiful lady you’ve ever met. Her silky strawberry blonde hair is always neatly tied up in a bun which is held in place with a large white hair band. Her job is to look after all of the starts and put the sun to sleep. Whilst doing this she wears fantastic feathery dresses with an attractive sparkly centre. It’s great working for her, she is the best ruler she sky has ever had.

  8. Daisy says:

    Ice Castle

    Once, high in the sky there was a castle, not an ordinary castle, an Ice Castle. Inside, there lived a beautiful, long platted blonde haired and selfish princess. She was slim and dainty and walked gracefully, like a ballet dancer. The princess only had one guard in the castle, and that guard was a dark green, seven headed, repulsive, fat troll. The troll was stout like a sausage and had teeth like daggers. In the middle of the castle there was gold and diamonds, which the princess had stolen before she ran away from her home.

    One dark, gloomy, dull day, an old, small witch came along and tried to steal the treasure, but the troll stopped the witch and she put a curse on the castle, so the princess or the troll could never leave. After a year the princess had had enough and demanded the troll to try everything it could, to break the curse. One day the troll got annoyed and smashed it’s hammers against the castle barriers and broke the curse. The princess was so happy and she went outside and danced in the clouds every day, for the rest of her life.

    The End

  9. Oscar says:

    Through a silver gas like moonlight the mystical clouds float above your head, they fill you with wonder, does anything reside in them?

    On top of the clouds, out of sight sits a palace of dreams and mythical wonders. Even the Gods crave to go there. Through the elegant carved palace doors awaits elves, goblins, dwarves, trolls, wizards and other immortals. The crystal like food is produced from pure water, you can pick it up put it whole in your mouth and it then transforms into liquid. From that one palace was created the stars and the moon.

  10. Demi says:

    Soaring waves, the majestic King Philip was busy showing off his new stunts.Sweeping green walls of water crashing violently in a thunderous spray onto the beach as he glided across the storms thrashing lumps.The majestic king’s feet spiraled as he did tricks below the brime.

  11. One day a boy named Harry was told by his mum to sell his cow and get some money. Harry refused. Harry’s mum explained if the cow wasn’t sold they would have no money so of Harry went along with the cow. Harry went up to people but no one bought the cow. In about an hour or so a man came up to Harry and bought the cow not for money but for beans. The man said they were special beans and to plant them. Harry thought the man was crazy but Harry did as told. When Harry’s mum found he had no money and saw him planting beans Harry got seriously told off. The next morning Harry went outside only to find a GIANT BEANSTALK!!! Harry thought he’d climb up because the beanstalk seemed to lead to the sky. Harry finally reached the top and there was a big castle in a land called cloud land but there was also a dark scary woods. Harry thought the cloud castle was a trick so in the scary wood he went. At the end of the wood was a purple scary castle so when Harry made a creak on the door there was a huge Cyclops! Harry ran screaming through the wood and back down the beanstalk. The Cyclops jumped down but it was such a long way it fainted. Then the guardians of cloud land took him away forever.

  12. Shrey Biswas says:

    Some believe that Gods are made up. Some believe that everthing is science. Some believe that god is real, but had different forms. Not one of them was right. The gods incorporated science into the world; that is to say there is a God of science. There is not one god, nor some who change shape and form. Every god heard is real. If you make one up, and some believe it, another god is born. Every subject, every thought has a god to it. These gods have to live somewhere. But that is where mythology goes wrong. The gods do not live on Mount Olympus, nor Asgard. They do not have one world each, either. The gods dwell in a mystical place. This is where the rumours of the Asgard and Olympus. The city gave birth to Asgard, and the illusion of it sticking up beneath the clouds gave birth to Olympus. The different worlds originated from the massiveness of the rooms compared to our ones. As for the same gods, what can you expect when you split a god into parts to make the ruling job easier. If it turns out that you’ve made extra gods, what can you do?

    So, the gods. Good ones, bad ones smart ones, dumb ones, neutral ones, drunken ones – they were crafted to shape what they ruled over. Hades and Pluto were dark, like the Underworld, Bacchus and Dionysus were fat, like grapes and wine, Saraswati, Minerva and Athena were smart, like they were godesses of wisdom! So they split up the Palace – I haven’t told you about the Palace yet, have I? It is a wonderful place. With two guards to keep the place safe, Lugia and Kyurem, who were hand-picked by Ares, trained by Mars and Heimdall and stragetically placed by Athena, It was safer than could be. The Imperial Palace was completely crystalline; It looked like a piece of cloud. It was divided into separate floors, one for each religion, which was in turn divided into different rooms for each god. Every night a shower of comets rained down upon the Earth, providing great entertainment for the gods. Vulcan Would slowly heat them up, and then send Greek fire into it with a Celestial bronze catapult. This, Venus loved.

  13. Cloud Kingdom

    Cloud Kingdom is where the Cloud People stand,
    Cloud Kingdom is where people shout “Why isn’t this grand!”

    Cloud Kingdom is what people call Heaven,
    Cloud Kingdom is what people say is better than Devon!

    Cloud Kingdom is the most beautiful place,
    Cloud Kingdom is the best place to play chase!

    Cloud Kingdom is what most people want to see,
    but Cloud Kingdom isn’t as great as my house, my family and me!

  14. Shrey Biswas says:

    This is the palace of the gods. I am one; in fact I am the one some call Odin; some call Zeus; some call Brahma and some call the Brahmin. I am the chief of the gods. People were not created in my likeness; they were created as copies of my favourite form. My normal form is nothingness; dark matter. However, I retain human form while I am in the Celestial Kingdom. Ah, the Celestial Kingdom. I have not told you about that yet. It is home to me and my wife. My children, Sun and Moon, race around the sky chasing each other. My wife is the Wind; light on her dainty feet, cooling and refreshing. Yet she can be dangerous if you ever annoyed her, causing hurricanes as long as she likes. Our kingdom was crafted by the clever minds of Vulcan and Hephaestus.

  15. tommy says:

    Castle Clouds
    The night stars twinkled and the moon light beamed.
    The bold, glass castle lay silent in the midnight sky as the mighty gods lay asleep.
    The white fluffy clouds floated around the silent kingdom known as heaven.
    The friendly clouds people rested through the peaceful night in their cosy little homes.

    The morning time came and the shining sun shone down on the beautiful kingdom.
    The bold , glass castle was even more dazzling in sun light then in moon light.
    The mighty gods awoke and watched as their cloud villagers played with their playful cloud children.
    The beaming clouds floated around the joyful,wonderful clouds people.

    But even though this land is fun I would always stay at home because this is where my family is and that is the most important thing.

  16. Dear diary, today I was on Cloud 9,
    Actually on the puffs of cotton, drifting across the sky and I was so lucky, I found a ticket for ‘The Magic Train’ in the newspaper. This train goes to Heaven and is elephantine. Though it has a steadfast ride, the picturesque view is definitely worth it.

    On arriving, I leapt off the train and my eager face stared round. Suddenly, there in front of me, a colossal castle looking down upon us, its invisible eyes scrutinising the area around. It had a serpentine path leading up to it, and by the time I arrived, I was dishevelled and so thirsty that I felt I could drink the sea. Anyway, as I said, it was stunning. I was at the gates, I went to touch them and they opened by themselves! How cool is that! So I walked in and my mouth dropped to the polished, diamond floor. There was everything you could dream of; vast tables of every kind of food and every time you took something, it reappeared were what you took was; alpine water-fountains that you could stick your head under, and the nectarous water will splash into your mouth; mellifluous music wherever you went.

    Time passed so quickly, as it always does when you are enjoying yourself – so unfair – and it was time to go, so we crowded onto the train and now I’m here, back at home and writing about my day. I’d better go now, I’m so tired.

  17. tommy says:

    Castle Clouds
    The night stars twinkled and the moon light beamed.
    The bold, glass castle lay silent in the midnight sky as the mighty gods lay asleep.
    The white fluffy clouds floated around the silent kingdom known as heaven.
    The friendly clouds people & wizards rested through the peaceful night in their cosy little homes.

    The morning time came and the shining sun shone down on the beautiful kingdom.
    The bold , glass castle was even more dazzling in sun light then in moon light.
    The mighty gods awoke and watched as their cloud villagers & wizards played with their playful cloud & wizard children.
    The beaming clouds floated around the joyful,wonderful clouds people.

    But even though this land is fun I would always stay at home because this is where my family is and that is the most important thing!

  18. tommy says:

    Castle Clouds
    The night stars twinkled and the moon light beamed.
    The bold, glass castle lay silent in the midnight sky as the mighty gods lay asleep.
    The white fluffy clouds floated around the silent kingdom known as heaven.
    The friendly clouds people & wizards rested through the peaceful night in their cosy little homes.

    The morning time came and the shining sun shone down on the beautiful kingdom.
    The bold , glass castle was even more dazzling in sun light then in moon light.
    The mighty gods awoke and watched as their cloud villagers & wizards played with their playful cloud & wizard children.
    The beaming clouds floated around the joyful,wonderful clouds people.

    But even though this land is fun I would always stay at home because this is where my family is and that is the most important thing!

  19. Sky Kingdom
    Once upon a time there lived a girl called Skylar, she was the princess up above the clouds. One day she was bouncing from cloud to cloud and bumped into the prince off cloud land they had always loved each other but they were not allowed to talk to each other then they both realized they were alone at once so they sat on a cloud and started to chat.Then Skylar asked prince Airton to go to the cloud ball with her then he said ” NO” he didn’t like her like that just as friend she bounced from cloud to cloud as fast as she could and cried in her bedroom.The next day prince Airton came to the castle asked to speak with princess Skylar she said no for him to go away,the thing was that she was going to the ball with a boy from her kingdom.Later at the ball the boy and Skylar laughed and giggled they had a whale of a time,then Skylar saw Prince Airton with a girl from his kingdom. Later that night their parents told them never mix’s with people from other land it will never work out right.

  20. Fayo I says:

    Reaching for the sky
    Success is mighty
    Success is strong
    Success is feisty
    Success is lifelong
    Success is awesome
    Success is colassal
    Success is aa need
    Success is a wonderful thing

  21. Miraculously, the azure, sunny sky surrounds the terrified clouds. Clouds can be fierce warriors and even pretty princesses and for all one reason.

    From everyone’s different point of view, a cloud can be anything. It could e an incredibly picturesque castle or a fierce monstrous dragon.

    How will your cloud look like.

  22. Oreo girl says:

    Right on top of the cobblestone mountain stood a mysterious castle. Only the highest tower and its turrets were visible as the lower section of the building was shrouded by fluffy floating clouds. The only sounds that could be properly heard were the distinctive tweet of a lonely bluebird and the winds whistling loudly. There was a rickety old bridge that once was the only way into the castle but sadly it went down with a BANG during a horrendous thunderstorm. A flock of birds circled the castle. From a distance they looked like a beautiful bunch of bluebells dancing in the sunshine.

  23. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    In the land above clouds

    In the land above clouds,
    May the moon rise tremendously,
    In the land above clouds,
    Where no one shudders apprehensively
    In the land above clouds,
    Where the stars glisten like candles,
    In the land above clouds,
    Do the comets get into tangles
    In the land above clouds,
    Where everyone is appeased,
    In the land above clouds,
    Where everyone is pleased,
    In the land above clouds,
    Where no one is cajoled,
    In the land above clouds,
    Say hello to Mr Mole,
    In the land above clouds,
    There is no dusk only day,
    magnificent land
    above clouds,


  24. Mr. Maxumum says:

    The ancient castle was standing tall and strong in the white fluffy clouds. Birds were like feathered flutes that had the ability to fly. Along rickety bridge was build from Mount Everest to the picturesque building. Two size-able turrets emerged from the colossal tower. Sun rays were surrounding the monument, they was showing it to the world.

  25. Yunus Patel says:

    This magnificent, magical place in the sky glows as it is incredibly bright. An amazing day here is a fantastic day in heaven. The only way to reach this castle is with wings as you have to fly to get there and a feather is the key to go inside. Anyone (who is not deaf) can hear the sensational birds sing a melodious tune and as they do they always laugh and hum. This place is incredibly unique and puts a smile across anyone or anything that meets it

  26. Diya Jena says:

    Cloud Castle
    Cautiously, I put one of my trembling feet forward. The wobbling, wooden bridge with gaps in gave a large shake before becoming still again. Relieved and grateful, I stepped forward a bit more confidently, knowing now that it wouldn’t snap in half and plunge me into the white, cotton-like, puffy clouds. The smiling sun streaked down at me in golden rays, making me go hot and sweaty. Birds all around me were singing their sweet, melodious tunes, making me calmer as I walked on with trembling hands.

    I had only reached half way on the bridge when I heard, unexpectedly, the creaking of doors. Never had I expected someone to be there. The castle had looked empty and abandoned when I had last seen it, so I was surprised to hear that someone was at the door of the great castle. Swallowing hard, I looked up.

    A boy stood at the doorway, looking at me curiously with light blue eyes. Vibrant, red hair was balanced untidily on his head, looking like it had last been combed a few years back. I could see that the boy was a few years older than me, although he looked at me with a curious expression like a three year-old. Suddenly the birds had stopped tweeting to each other, and I could feel their stares. “Birds can’t be staring at us! They won’t know what’s happening!” I thought, looking into the shockingly blue eyes of the boy.

    There was an uneasy silence that lasted a long time, until the boy finally said in a clear voice, “I have been expecting you, Eileen.” Eileen wasn’t my name, and I was about to correct him when he said, “Come in!” Knowing I couldn’t refuse, I walked the last few steps, and stepped into the castle. I heard a large CRASH behind me and looked back. The bridge had finally snapped, like i had predicted. I looked back to the hall.

    Bright light dazzled my eyes the moment I stepped in, onto the slippery, marble floor. After blinking for a few moments to adjust my eyes to the brightness of the hall, I looked around with growing interest. The source of the light was a massive crystal chandelier with glowing candles. Silvery light glinted on the plates of armour. Shields, swords, spears, axes and daggers hung on the stone walls beside the armour, light reflecting off them.

    Following the boy through the hall with an amazed expression, I asked myself suddenly, “How will I get out of here? The bridge’s gone!”

  27. Riya jena says:

    Agnes looked around, surprised. However did she get here? All she could see around her were the puffy white clouds that drifted on, passing her. She looked down to her feet and saw that she seemed to be standing on a wobbly wooden bridge that was worn out with age. Walking blindly on, Agnes groped around, only being able to feel the clouds soaking her. Birds sang, almost as if they were having an opera competition among themselves. After the warmth the sun had given her, Agnes felt cold and miserable that the clouds had to soak her.
    The clouds felt as wet as a wave crashing upon her, but in about a minute’s time, she wasn’t walking on a bridge, but she was on a cold, hard floor. Amazingly, Agnes found in front of her nothing but a massive palace with creepers climbing up the crumbly walls of it. She didn’t care that she was soaked to the skin, now that she had found the astonishing palace. Eagerly, Agnes walked up the set of steps to find herself before a pair of double oak doors. With a heave, she pushed the dusty doors open and found a great hall that had mirrors on every inch of the walls and roof. Light flooded the hall through broken windows in the room.

  28. Lana says:

    Clouds, light as soft cotton-candy danced along the sky in a daze. Bulging blobs of darkness lurked in a few. No friendly chirp was beside me. Gone. Possibly whisked by the wintry wind whirling that twirled gracefully up here. Like a quiet kindness, it convinces your heart it’s safe however your brain stubbornly says simply, “No.” – whether bird or not! “Sapphire…” Random caws of the crows spoke to me. I violently shook my head. These thoughts were delaying me from my objective. My eyes were glued to the tall tower, in all it’s glory. It was so magnificent the sun seemed to shine directly at it. CREAK! The unstable bridge I was perching on wobbled like an out of control jelly. The weight of a bird was making the bridge move. Taking a deep breath, I flew on.

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