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28th August 2014
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11th September 2014


  1. Aidan steers says:

    My First Day at Grammar School
    Hi, I’m Aidan and I’m here today to tell you about how I incredibly got grammar school. It all started in mid-October 2013 when I started having tutoring with my tutor Lyn. As you could imagine, ten months of basically non-stop homework is painfully hard and exhausting. However I learnt two key things that I want to pass on to you today, one being that if you work hard eventually the reward will come to you and the other being that anything is possible if you work hard for it. The eleven week mock exams were tough but benefits you because you know what the real eleven plus exam is really like. After what felt like a lifetimes wait, the eleven plus was finally before me.

    As I walked into the small exam room trembling. My heart was pounding and pulse racing, I felt like I wanted to pass out but I soldiered on. At the end of the exam I came out the room anxious thinking that I hadn’t done enough but joyful as I knew I had tried.

    Months past when I finally received an email from CSSE saying that King Edwards Grammar School had offered me a place. I was over the moon. All the ten months of hard work had paid off and I could brag to my friends for the rest of year six. Win win situation if you ask me.

  2. Thomas says:


    It was another humid morning and everyone was on their way to school. The children were mesmerised by the flowers’ vivid colours. However, while the flowers were blossoming, the children’s grammar wasn’t. The children tried their best, but they couldn’t grasp the concept of grammar and that’s why they went to the Grammar School. The Grammar School was special because the purpose was to teach pupils grammar. As a rseult of this, you would only gain admission to the school if you were poor at grammar. Nevertheless, these average students wanted to learn and they enjoyed school.

    However, their most dreaded day arrived. They were informed by their headmaster, that if they failed the inspection, the school would be shut down. “But weve ne-ver passed a gra-mmar in-spec-tion be-fore, ” complained Albert.

    “Youre right we would need a mi-ra-cle to save us.” added Martin.

    “We are doomed!” shoued Jason.

  3. Oscar says:

    The bold building stands before me in all its glory. The king of all schools, the first step to my journey…The Grammar School! This school doesn’t hold pupils, it holds the best of the best pupils. It holds the experience of a lifetime and my dream. Like a scene from a film I stand staring up at the great building in wonder and suspense at what awaits me. The whole of the rest of my life is only two steps away!

  4. Daisy Parker says:

    The Grammar School

    Dear Diary,

    Today was spectacular. Mummy, Daddy and I went to a grammar school to look around. The great grammar school was amazing and had a fancy victorian themed front. Beautiful flowers bloomed all over the grass, different colours scattered here and there but mainly red Pansies. The gargantuan gates that guarded the school were a steel silver colour and sparkled. It looked enormous and I was a bit nervous.

    We finally budged our way past the masses of people standing there staring at the school and took our very first step through the wooden double doors. All of us made our way to the haunting hall were huge badges hung on the white wall. Giant girls, who were students at the school, strolled around so that they could answer any questions. We were astonished at how big there were compared to me.

    Next myself, Mummy and Daddy skipped to the swimming pool. The wonderful water was a sparkling jewel that had been help up to the sun and I could see my face in the tiled floor. It didn’t take long until “Splash!” Daddy had idiotically fallen into the water (in his clothes). This ment that we had to take an unscheduled stop to the changing room (luckily we had a change of clothes) and by then our time was up and we had to go home.

    It was amazing at the grammar school!

  5. Looming above me, the king of schools, King Edward’s Grammar School in all its glory. I am stunned. It’s amazing, colossal and awe-striking. I step into my first day at my new school and try to find my classroom in all the winding corridors, when I finally find it, I am still stunned at the size and detail of the room (this must be the old part of the building) cjhSDG UYFO GU

  6. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am writing to you with regards to a new grammar school named ‘Colchester Grammar’ that will be opening in the area on 12th June 2015. There will be a ceremony including speeches from the new head teacher and some of the deputies and there will be a tour included. Colchester Grammar is a mixed gender school, entry will be 50p for 0 – 20 and £1 for 20+ (all money raised will go towards the school).
    As a resident in the catchment area, you are invited to the ceremony and even if you have no children, are still encouraged to come. You are welcome to inviting a friend with children to attend from outside the catchment area as well (find the area at http://WWW.ColchesterGrammar.CO.UK), but fees will still apply.
    On the day, refreshments, food, hot drinks etc. will be served, and you can attend lessons to see what the staff are like and to give you an overview of what your child will be learning about during their time at Colchester Grammar. You will receive a leaflet stating the trips, lessons, names of teachers and a map of the school grounds that includes measurements.
    Finally, I would like to express how much it would mean to not only the school but the community as you would also get to meet and make friends with others. The bigger the fund, the more advanced technology your child will get to learn with and there will also be a more relaxing atmosphere as the school will get painted and have an abundance of displays.
    Yours sincerely,
    Jake Hallworth, BAA HONS

  7. Gracie Parker says:

    Instructions on how to write a simple story!

    At the end of these simple steps you should be able to write and share a story. All you’ll need is:- a pen/pencil, paper (preferably lined) and some imagination.

    Every good story needs a story line. Write down whats going to happening the start, middle and end of your story, you need to put some imagination into it (and don’t worry if you don’t stick to your plan during your writing).

    Next you need to write the start of your story. Don’t rush as a goos story needs to have some time and thought put into it, this will make it detailed. You need to make sure the reader interacts with you, through the story.

    Your next step is to write the middle of the story. Often in stores this is where a problem comes in, but you can do whatever you like.

    Now you need to write the end of your story. If your wrote about a problem you need to solve it in this part of your story. You need to slowly bring your writing to an end. Don’t make it abrupt but you can have a cliff hanger if you like.

    Now you know how to write a story! You can write many more and share with friends and family.

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