Task 44
11th September 2014
Task 46
13th September 2014

Finally……11+ SUCCESS!!!


  1. Will Chow says:

    Today was the day of the exam, fear rushed through my body like a river and as I started to get dressed I kept on saying to myself “Can I pass this?”
    When I got dressed I went downstairs for breakfast. When I devoured a bit of cereal it felt like I ate a solid lump of rock so I pushed my cereals away, my mum was a little mad so she told me to eat a banana so I did but all it tasted like was despair, fear and doubt.
    After that I went upstairs to brush my teeth and have my asthma pump, when I arrived at the bathroom and squeezed the tooth paste on my brush and was about to put it in my mouth when it shrieked:

    “You’ll never pass your exam!”

    I screamed in horror and besides hw often is it that your tooth brush comes alive and starts shouting at you? I rushed out of the room screaming like a girl and slammed the door in my room, I sat on my bed out of breath because of the screaming so I got my pump out and was about to press the oxygen button when I heard a spooky voice coming from my pump, it barked at me saying:

    “You’re so dumb and stupid that I bet that you haven’t got a single question right!”

    Again I threw the pump onto the floor and bolted out of the room and headed for the stairs. When I arrived at the foot of the stairs I got my shoes on and I went into the car were my mum was waiting for me.
    As we drove to school I felt like my soul had been drained by a demon and I also felt that my gut was telling me to pull away and quit but when my mum stopped the car and told me to go she said softly:

    “Look dear there’s nothing to be afraid of and it’s only a test so it doesn’t really matter because I think you’re great!”

    Suddenly I felt that my soul was back in my body and all the fear and doubt that threatened me rushed out of my body like lightning. When I came in I gave Sally Anne (Lincewood tutor teacher) my exam paper she started to mark it so I sat down and read my book until she finished marking my exam. Then fifteen minutes later she called my name out and gave me my exam, I looked down at my score box and in there said: 30/30
    I jumped in the air with joy and so that meant I will be able to go to a exquisite grammar school and so I yelled out loud:



  2. Ouch! A beam of golden sunlight woke me up from my deep sleep. I got out of my heavenly bed and, strangely, everyone else was already wide awake! What?! But I always woke up before everyone! My scrummy breakfast was on the table and my mum and dad were chatting almost silently in a corner of the spacious room, why there? Out of all the space, they only used a tiny corner of the kitchen.
    It suddenly dawned on me that it was the dreaded day of the 11+ entrance exam. As soon as they saw me, my parents smiled and I knew that they knew what I was thinking. Why do I have to do this? After hours (or that’s what it felt like) I finally decided it would be better to go.

    A hot shiver of fear crept up my spine, while, simultaneously, a cold diamond of sweat trickled down. A terrifying three hours of not knowing anyone or anything passed and I waited those tense days to receive my marks… 399/400! One wrong on the English, but I still got top scorer! KEGS was the school for me and it still is. I am now in year 10, half-way through my grammar school experience.

  3. Lakshmi Janipireddy says:

    { Finally 11+ success }

    AAAGGGHHH!! Today is the ambitious day of my entire life. Since it is my extraordinary 11+ exam, I am thinking it will actually be the best day of my luxurious life. It will be a rainbow! As my in aure mom asked me to come down, I realised there was a fabulous cake on the brown table. Who was it for? Me? Or brilliant Marie ‘my annoying brother who has a funny name of a beautiful girl.’ Anyway, I prefer me. When I reached the red floor, I saw white clouds from my clean window dancing joyfully like an exotic peacock. The round cake had 6 cool emoji’s on it! My favourite. The chocolate writing! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! It said GOOD LUCK, it was for me as quick as lightning i ate a delicious piece and ran out of the door to make my amazing journey to the hardworking exam. MM! I thought. It was a solid stone. After 6 tiring hours, I waited to hear my outstanding marks.

    I GOT 298\400!! That can’t be! Oh!…… This is someone else’s paper who has the same name as me Ha! I got 400\400!! YEAH! I am going Chemsford or maybe Royal Grammar school for girls in colchester!


    • Saffiya Maryam Kawther says:


      Today I woke up with the bright sun shining across my face; I looked around me and suddenly I heard an annoying noise of didididing didididing. AAAAAHHH! I quickly slapped the side of my palm on the top of my annoying alarm clock a thaught came to me and I remembered that today was the day of my 11 plus exam. My few moments of melancholy . Struggling , I put on my Tshirt and jumper and the rest of my school uniform.

      I was about to pour my co -co pops and milk in the bowl when my eyes turned away and I found myself looking at the clock; 9:00 came to my head DISASTERRRRRR AAAAAH I pulled out my hair when I realised IM LLLLLLLLATE! I grabbed my bag from the banister not hearing my mother screaming “eat something ! ” stupidly, I slammed the door shut in her face.

      Firstly: as I went in I said good morning to my teacher and she took me into another room where I met some other year 6 children also doing the test. We sat the test and oh my goodness. all the questions I had never revised on or been taught about what should I do it was a 3 mark question and I couldn’t afford to get it wrong or miss it out WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO?

      After a few weeks I got my test results back and I got a full score of 120 out of 120 I was amased by my result and I hugged myself with glee a wide smile squeezed out of my mouth and I jumped in the air to hug my best freind Heeba ( NOT SURE MY MUM IS TOO IMPRESSED )

  4. Sophie H-E says:


    It was a bright, sunny day when me and my clever class were on our amazing, fun school trip were we would jump off a towering trapeze. Everyone in the class volunteered to do it. We were all a bit shaky but were brave enough to jump. We all stood outside on the vivid, green grass waiting for our turn. It was me next! I put my tight, heavy helmet on and started to climb. Half way through my foot slipped, but luckily I managed to hold my grip and kept climbing. When I reached the top, I stood on the tiny platform and closed my eyes and in my head counted- 3…2…1 and jumped.

    I managed to do it, I jumped!

  5. Vridhi Bhatia says:

    It was 1st of March, which means 11+ results. As i woke up in the morning, I ran down, almost falling of the stairs. When I arrived downstairs my family was sitting on the sofa staring at the computer screen. Suddenly, my dad signalled, it meant only one thing the intense email had come. My dad, slowly pressed a button, I could see a ‘S’ – ‘St. Martin’s’? No… It was CCHS, I took a sigh of relief. It was the best day ever, I couldn’t wait for September, when I get to be, finally in CCHS.

  6. Aran says:

    Today was the terrific day. I was taking my 11+ exam. My face looked like a still statue. When I went downstairs the milk carton was saying, “you are going to fail”! At my super school I was a frightened hedgehog! Finally, I went to the exam hall. In tension I was biting my pencil until the test began! You wouldn’t believe what happened after this! I passed my exam…

  7. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Today was the dreadful day of the 11+ exams,fear rushed inside me like a river. I was putting toothpaste on my toothbrush when I looked myself in the mirror. One side of me told me I was a fool and the other told me to try my best. In the end I chose to try my best but the evil voice still rang in my head.I was eating my favourite cornflakes but instead of cheering me up all it brought inside me was anxiety and despair. But in a while I decided that the torture was unbearable. I couldn’t eat the poisoned food! My mum was furious and told me off for wasting her money and all sorts of things, but when I finally managed to appease her [with great difficulty] it was time to go for the exhausting tests. I slouched miserably into the posh,white car and when we arrived my mum said something that really helped with my emotions,
    ”Don’t worry about anyone else or the judge,just remember to focus,” she whispered with a voice like silk.Suddenly, all the fear and despair swam out of me and was replaced with confidence and focus. After a restless 6 hours of exams , I placed my papers on the judges desk. Seeing that he was marking my work first, I read a book and waited to be called. When I was, the judge handed me my paper. I read it a few times to know that I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t. My score was 290/290! I jumped up and punched the air.I now knew that the fear and despair wasn’t worth being felt. I had finally experienced the luxurious life of


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