Task 45
13th September 2014
Task 47
18th September 2014

What or who is behind the door….?


  1. lewa oni says:

    My adventurous spirit led me to an old, ramshackle house. I crept inside. It was dark and eerie . Abruptly, something whizzed past me. perspiring profusely, beads of sweat were trickling down my forehead. I was paralysed with fear. In another direction, there was huge pounding on a pair of double- doors. It got louder and louder, then strange noises started to sound. I opened it …

  2. Knock, Knock, who’s there, I stood behind the door, wondering who or what was behind the door and then a golden-brown sea otter opened the wooden door! After that it wanted to shake my hand for a reason ? Awkward ! So, behind the door was an …aquarium? That definetly wasn’t what I was expecting ! Me and the sea otter walked to the great white shark tank and I carried the sea otter on my back he was quite heavy. One of the sharks tried to bite us and I tried to bite it back. Finnaly, it was time for me to go home but the otter told me I could come again soon.

  3. One sunny morning,during break time, three naughty kids were running around in the playground. Joey who likes football and is ten years old, Pete who likes art and is 9 years old and Robby who likes video games and is nine years old. Joey suggested they climb over the gate and mess around on the road. The others agreed so off they went. As they got to the middle of the street Pete said he wondered what was in an alley other than garbage bins. They walked through and Robby moved the garbage bin to see what was behind only to see a locked door. There was something underneath, it was a map to find a key to open the door. The key was not to far away, it was just buried in the play ground. When they got back everyone was in class so they started digging. In a hours time they hit something. It was the key, they finally found it. “HAA!”. There was a voice, it sounded like there principle and it was. He fooled them into making enough space for the jacuzzi but they ran off to open the door and inside was EMPTY!

  4. Sandhana says:

    As I entered fearfully to the hall way a ominous feeling trickled down my spine as I knew I shouldn’t be hear. Rats scurried across the floor as I walked on courageously as the squeaking of the floor boards sounded like mice. A damp smell scattered in the air were cobweb hanged on desperately on the ceiling.
    As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I suddenly saw a brown , sky-scraping door . I reached for the golden shiny door knob but it was locked. I panicked sweat rolling down my forehead like rain tapping of me , Just then I saw a silver key on the floor I bent down swiftly and picked it up . I struggled to push it in but it worked there in front of me was ………..
    It had long blond hair with crystal clear eyes . It was a GIRL !!! Tears of joy rolled down her pale cheeks.
    “Thank – you so much …. My master locked me away as he went out and I’ve been stuck in this room for half a day!!! Oh by the way my name is Liz….”
    Suddenly the door swung open and a mysterious figure stood in the doorway….

  5. Isla says:

    One sunny day, my Uncle Matt, cousin Natt and I were at a stunning beach on an island off the coast of America. I was digging very hard in the sand to reach England, when my hands felt something cold and key-shaped. My hands were shaking as I pulled it out. It was a key! I showed it to Uncle Matt. Who told me ‘Put it somewhere safe.’ So I stuffed it in my pocket with my cell.
    After what seemed an eternity we were allowed to go exploring a foreboding cave which towered over the landscape like a menacing ruler. It took forever to reach the cave with Natt complaining that he was hungry. In the end Natt told me to go on ahead seeing I was a ‘little mountain goat’. I gratefully dashed on ahead. When I reached the lip of the cave, I threw myself down on the cave’s floor and kissed it, glad to be on terra firma again. I picked myself up and dusted my knees down.
    As I straightened up, my eye caught sight of a door shape etched in the solid cave wall. I bounded over and examined the wall. There, I could faintly see the outline of a keyhole, which was rusty and encrusted in salt. In a flash I remembered the key. I tried it in the lock. It fitted! My heart leapt into my throat. Just then Uncle Matt and Natt clambered over the lip of the cave and hurried to join me.
    “By golly, the lord has blessed us!” murmured Uncle Matt, taking off his old straw hat to scratch his balding head. Natt was almost speechless. All he could manage to say was :
    “How? How on? How on Earth ? ”
    I just shrugged. I was clueless too. I walked to the door and heaved it open. It creaked on its rusty iron hinges. I stepped into the ever darkening chasm. It was blacker than the cloak of midnight. I put my hand in my pocket and fumbled for my cell. The light was enough to see my hand but not enough to drive the darkness totally away.
    “Well, it’s the best I’ve got, “ I sighed “are you coming ?” I turned to my relatives.
    “We guess so.” moaned Natt.
    After an age of walking we had our first shock. Natt started walking ahead of us, with his cell out in front of him. Suddenly crunch! Natt hand put his foot through a dusty and crooked skeleton. His blood curdling screams filled the tunnel. After that Natt stayed with Uncle Matt. In a few more hours the tunnel widened into a room full of glittering gems, mountains of gold and cascades of silver. We had found a pirates treasure hoard!

  6. What is Behind The Door?

    As I was walking along the long, gloomy path I came across a prodigious, old, crooked mansion, that was standing tall in Death Valley. Scared, I crept inside, trying not to be heard, I had a look around. I saw a object fly as fast as light past me, that was when I found myself become more petrified. I then heard a sort of groaning sound, one that I had heard before, in one of my nightmares. Was I dreaming? NO! It was real! Suddenly, I came across a door with a lock and I couldn’t unlock it, which was annoying! As I headed away from the building, the door just randomly opened and out came a knife wielding zombie. It came closer and closer then… DEAD!

  7. Will Chow says:

    As the shining sun rose above the sky and the dark, gloomy night disappeared there was a quiet start but not for long because “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!” yelled the rooster at the top of its voice.
    “Yawn,” muttered Charlie with a tired look. “Well better start the morning,” he grumbled as he strolled downstairs. His mum greeted him “Good morning, sweetie did you have a nice sleep?” asked Mary hatching a gentle smile. “Yes I did mum, I’m going to get some breakfast now,” replied Charlie returning the smile. After having a miniature chat with his mum Charlie proceeded to make his breakfast, he sat down and ate till he was completely stuffed. As soon he was finished eating he started to get ready for the day. He walked up to the bathroom and brushed his teeth while humming a tune, when he his teeth were as bright as silver he ran to his room and finally got dressed.
    After getting ready for the day he looked in the crystal, clear mirror and smiled, but that was all over when his mum summoned Charlie downstairs. He came downstairs and said “What is it mum?” he asked anxiously “Well tonight we’ve been invited to one of Sue and Dave’s parties but the thing is that there’ll be a lot of people there so we need you to be on your best behaviour ok?” replied Mary “Of course I’ll be on my best behaviour, you know I will!” said Charlie bouncing wildly and happily. In the mean time Charlie sat down and stared eagerly at the TV screen watching his favourite show but he soon felt bored so instead of watching TV he had a little nap. Soon his eyes began to droop and soon his blue tired eyes was shut. While Charlie was sleeping he had a dream.
    First he woke up on a rainbow with unicorns and flying pigs twirling in the air. Then he slid down the rainbow as fast as a rollercoaster speeding down the tracks. When he landed on the ground there was no ground he was standing on a big, fluffy, pink candyfloss cloud with a multicoloured door in front of him he started with a slow spooked walk but suddenly he forget all about his worries and started to run with a big trail of rainbows behind him. He jumped wildly into the air expecting to fall right through the door but SWOOSH the multicoloured door moved a couple paces backwards and POOF Charlie landed head-first. He looked up at the door he stared at it and got up on to his feet again this time he took very slow steps and walked quietly then he ran like a bolt of lightning and rushed towards the handle SWOOSH the door moved again! This time he really had enough he repeatedly jumped until he had opened the door, but this time he had a plan. He slowly walked up to the door with a deep breath he grabbed the handle and opened the door; Out came a vast size of lights and colours dancing like ballerinas but the main thing that caught his eye was a huge disco ball in the middle of the room he stepped closer to the ball closer and closer until he was right in front of the disco ball, he carefully took his finger out and touched the round, shiny ball. Then a mixture of music, colour and light’s surrounded him suddenly a loud, comfortable voice boomed: “Welcome to the party man!”
    But a noise interrupted his dream “Charlie! Charlie wake up!” “What, what what’s going on mum?” asked Charlie stunned confused “Come on we’re about to be late for the party!” replied mum. Charlie immediately sprang out of his bed and rushed to his cupboard door he took from it: a grey jumper, a red T-shirt, a pair of dark jeans and a pair of black and blue shoes. When Charlie hopped into his dazzling car his father started the engine “Everybody ready to roll?” he asked the children and his wife “Yes!” they all replied smiling with joy. When Charlie and his family arrived they all got out of the car and knocked on the door. Silence there was no noise at all not even a single breath that was until the door opened and a warm greeting invited the family in the house Dave and Sue the people who made the party were thrilled to the family they said to the whole family “So great to see you , please come in and have a drink and a snack besides this place is a party!” So they partied all night long and had a fantastic time. But all that Charlie knew was that he knew that something good would happen because he opened the door.

  8. Ksenia says:

    I entered a dark house. The door slammed behind me. I gulped. Although it was pitch-black, gradually, my vision accustomed to the gloominess.
    Cobwebs were scattered around the room. I stepped forwards; the floor creaked. I was battling my fears, but it was hopeless. I began to panic. My heart was stuck in my throat, it began to race like a cheetah.
    Horrified, I thought about witches and monsters.
    “Do they exist? I hope not.” Then I saw a door. This must be the way out! There was a rusty key in the lock. Would it let me escape? As I crept closer it began to jingle. I was petrified. I tried turning the key but it wouldn’t twist. It was stuck! I began to hear footsteps and voices. Was I just imagining? Sweat was pouring down my face, like a tropical storm. Suddenly the door opened. I was taken aghast. I ran in.
    But then, wished I hadn’t…

  9. Many rumours have been foretold to residents of springville or how some people like to call it spooksville. There have been mysterious murders and tragic deaths with no reason behind it. It was one case altogether to be solved.

    One of the most mystical cases was hidden at the back of a haunted, horrifying alley. Legend has it that behind a mysterious door an ordinary pedestrian had been petrified when he opened the door with a special key. The key had been buried underground so deep that it had never been seen again.

    A new construction site had begun in spooksville to build a certain type of building. All of a sudden the construction site fell apart, but beneath it some thing was revealed. Of course it was the key to the door so the broken site had become a restricted area.

    A child was out at night and noticed the key so he picked it up. As he passed the alleyway he turned back to enter the alley and as the door opened inside was nothing but horror and a lifeless child…

  10. Lakshmi Janipireddy says:

    What or who is behind that door I never enter?
    I know it’s wrong and it won’t make best.
    It freaks me out for the door is in the centre.
    What if my dad’s tricking me and it’s just a test?

    I need to know , what if it fills me with pleasure?
    Maybe I don’t need to worry!!!
    What if there’s something there, like treasure?
    It’s not like something will hit me , like a lorry?

    No matter what it is I will not fear.
    Please help
    Not a tear!
    Otherwise I will welp!

  11. Sophie H-E says:

    The Key

    The disgusting key was like a rusty, old car that had been sitting in an open, manky field that smelt like rotten eggs. It dances high-speed in circles trying to unlock the mouldy, dirty door handle. The key is a discolored, tarnished piece of metal that had been dumped for over a thousand years. The door finally opened and behind it was …. A THREE HEADED DOG!!!!!!!! What is it going to do next?? Who knows??

  12. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    My adventurous spirit led me to daring adventure. I crept into the old, ramshackle house, it was dark and eerie with cobwebs hanging from the ageing walls.There was a smell that drifted to my nose, it smelled of rotten cabbage overheated terribly. Sweat like hot, melted lava trickled down my for-head as fear ran through my body rapidly as if it was charging at me savagely like a bull. I gulped anxiously and continued to walk. Shadows loomed everywhere and floorboards creaked loudly.Suddenly,here was a voice whispering,
    I jumped, behind me was a young girl who was slightly shorter than me with blue, loving eyes.
    ”I was imprisoned here by the master of this house, by the way, my name is Sa…”
    Unexpectedly, the door opened and a hidden figure stood before me…

  13. Lakshmi Janipireddy says:

    It was one of those rare days. The days that you plan to have a little venture in your house and want to explore the mysterious features that lurk there. A similar thing happened to me…

    My cousins and I decided to watch a movie. A bag of sweets were on the table ready to get devoured before the devil’s hour. The lights flickered to the danger yet to come. Candles lit and the television on. Tick… Tick… Tock… The clock’s heart was beating so fast that it couldn’t keep in pace. It’s hand was like an alive skeleton hand. Was I aware about the dreadful omen yet to come? I rested my legs on the table and slouched on the sofa while I languorously grabbed the popcorn bowl and started to eat it like a ravenous tiger eager to get it’s prey. I was a portrait of a child’s fevered dream. The movie had come to an end. I had to go and refill the popcorn bowl. I ambled through the bewildering corridors till I came to a dead end. A dead end where an oak door stood in front of me ,creepy noises sprang out of the desolated door that looked like an elongated peanut. The dark atmosphere forced my blood into a throat-twisting roller coaster as I struggled to go inside. What was in the mists of the room?It felt like the game had come to a dead end my stench of sadness was left lingering. Were my friends pranking me? I sprinted back to the hall where not even a single figure stood or sat down.
    The television turned on. It was the spine-thrilling movie BLINK. IT flashed on and off 4 times. Within those 4 bits the words were:


    I strolled back to the door hoping that this was just a nightmare and that all of these queer effects will disappear. Was I right? My feline eyes had turned into a luminous yet blood-curling colour. The door was closed. Someone was in there.


  14. Riya Jena says:

    Meade and the Great Hall of Treasures
    With a relieving click, the door unlocked, and Meade withdrew the golden key from the keyhole. She closed her eyes and pushed the heavy oak door open. It had obviously not been opened for at least a century, so whatever was inside had to be extremely old. Once the door was fully opened, Meade opened her eyes. A shot of ecstasy flew through her as she saw the contents of the high-ceilinged hall. It was a massive hall, and about a thousand people could have fitted into their, quite easily. Gold flooded the room, and it could have drowned someone. All kinds of jewellery were in there: necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, rings, pendants and lockets. Trophies and gems were also in the midst of the dazzling gold and countless coins of gold and silver that must have been worth a few million pounds contributed the most in filling up the hall.

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