Task 46
13th September 2014
Task 48
18th September 2014


  1. Daisy Parker says:

    Dear Diary,

    Today I think I’ll tell you a bit about the trenches I’m living in.

    Firstly I’ll describe the rats. Dangerous dirty creatures scurry the length of the trench climbing over any soldiers in their way. I don’t think anyone in a british trench can say that they’ve never been touch by a hairy rat. Did you know that you can get rats as big as cats? I worked this out in my first week of fighting in the war.

    If you thought trenches are as nice as a 5 star hotel you were wrong. They are in horrendous conditions. Pieces of broken wood lie on the ground surrounded by a ruby red river of blood. Broken crates cover giant dips where bombs have exploded so that us soldiers don’t trip. Gargantuan guns that have been abandoned sit in the middle of crimson moats.

    Dead bodies lie alone in the mud filled trenches being trod on as us soldiers stamp by. Arms and legs lie alone where they have had to be amputated or have been shot off. If the body is still in one piece we bury them in the trench. Loads of people have been buried already.

    On my first day of fighting many men silently complained to each other about the conditions of the trench they were living in. Old sand bags sit on the top of the trench and ripped diaries lay on the ground. A couple of men have died but been shot again so they have torn clothes. A few helmets have been found and perched next to dead men.

    From Edward

    • “Flight 9053 you have clearance to take off on runway 2.”
      “Rodger that.”The plane soared into the sky, it was an F-15, the fastest fighter-jet, loaded with ruthless bombs and on its wings, it had machine-guns as long as a fully-grown python that shot at anything in their way.

      5 minutes into the flight and a red light starts flashing “BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!” it went. A red light is not a good sign and Jeff (the pilot) checked what it was… An engine failure. “Calling, this is flight 9053, do you read me.”
      “Reading loud and clear”
      “We are at bearing 678 564, heading north-west and need immediate attention, we have an engine failure, I repeat, we have an engine failure”
      “Flight 9053, we are just looking for a slot…”
      “Hello, do you read me? I repeat, do you read me?”
      10 seconds went by, those seconds became minutes…
      “Hello, do you read me? I repeat, do you read me?”…
      “Sorry about the cut off-Yes reading loud and clear. You have clearance to land on runway 4.”
      “Rodger that.”

      So the plane glided and thankfully landed safely. Later, it was discovered that the airman in charge of re-fuelling was actually a terrorist and only put few litres on the fuel in, he claims it was ‘saving fuel’ but the court answered with a statement of ‘that is the most stupid excuse ever’ and his was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

  2. Will Chow says:

    This is a little story/letter from the old world war 2 when it all started in 3rd of September 1939 so take a seat and read this ancient letter.
    Dear mom,
    today I have made a decision you know in world war 1 where the German army attacked us well instead of me just hiding behind my door and crying I’m going to join the British army and attack Germany, and my job is to fly a plane and attack from the air! So if you want to and I’m not saying you don’t have to you can read my daily army life.
    Day 1
    On the first day of my war career I was greeted by two men commander Cody and captain Rex, these two me were two men who told most of the troops to do anyway me and the pilot trainees were warmly greeted into the British army. First of all we all received pilot suits. As Rex and Cody handed them all out they told us that we would all be partnered up in two days so they said we all need to be fearless pilots. After we all received our suits we were trained for emergency combat in case our planes were shot down, while in combat Cody came up to me and told me “All right then pilot you look tough let’s see what you learnt!” He was as tough as a bull he was so dangerous I nearly fell backwards and cracked my head open but I was able to land on my feet with total concentration “I can’t give up now!” I thought with a hard head “I won’t be beaten and be humiliated!” So with all the things I remembered in training I used in this dangerous combat. I battled for 20 minutes with all I could remember but eventually I won, as Cody got up Rex came over and said “Well pilot you win the fight against Cody today, you do know that it took very good skills to beat Cody that guy can actually beat a whole team of troopers but you’re skills are incredible!” When the chat was over the pilots and me started to make our way to the bunkers and when we arrived we sat in them and drifted off to sleep.
    Day 2
    On day 2 we learnt how to fly the Blackbird a great bomber and one of the best planes in the army. First we hopped into the cockpit and looked at the buttons, after having a quick lesson me and the squad took off and flew around the base, we all took turns to fly the plane but the best person I saw was black- haired Ben, he was a total knock out he knew the plane like the back of his hand in and out. When the sun went down and the black and star covered blanket consumed the earth it was time to turn around and turn back to the bunkers while we were flying to the bunker we all thought who our partner was for tomorrow but the that time had to wait a little more because it was all bed time for us.
    Day 3
    Today was the day that we would finally become pilots and we would get partnered up with someone amazing. As we made our way to the two commander’s they smiled and grinned thinking something weird, when we were right in front of the commanders they started to come up to us and said “Clint you are with Steve!” “Tom you go with James!” So they kept on coming to us and telling who we were with. Then Cody came up to me hatching a smile and from his mouth spoke words that made me feel absolutely surprised “Dan you are with ace pilot Ben!” “Yes!” I screamed dancing all over the place. But that wasn’t all today it was also our patrol day so me and Ben hopped into the Blackbird and took off for adventure. We were patrolling the country spying on the ground when suddenly we spotted a big team of Germans heading towards the barracks and the base I stared at Ben we shared the same thought and as quick as lightning we pressed the red button and WHOOSH! One of the Blackbirds terrifying bombs dropped out of the plane and BANG! A whole lot of troops and tanks exploded with fiery fire, me and Ben turned around back to camp and told everything to Rex and Cody and from their cabin they pulled out two red pilot helmets and gave them to us we stared at each other with pride and joy, we turned to the two men and they also told us: “That’s not all!” They handed us two a armoured suit and took the helmets away and replaced them with two black helmets but the most magnificent thing they gave us was a medal of bravery and honour I turned at Cody and Rex and asked “What are these helmets for?” “Oh them those are night vision and normal vision helmets!” they replied “So why do we need night vision helmets?” I asked curiously “Well you two are now officially part of the Stealth pilot team also known as the SPT so salute!” they called to all of the pilots and troops so we saluted back.

  3. Sophie H-E says:

    My plane

    It was an extraordinary day when I went to fly my clean, glimmering, perfect plane in the sparkling sky with the shining sun. I felt like I was on my speedy skateboard gracefully gliding along the flat ground. I am a professional pilot. Rapidly, the plane flapped its wings saying ‘FASTER,FASTER!!!!! My fantastic friends roared to encourage me to go higher while I expediously flew in the shimmering sky. Whoosh! I went.

  4. Aaron juhti says:

    Buttons. So many various types of buttons with nonsensical names. It was my first time flying an aeroplane and sadly it was going to be a tedious voyage. I had a dumb witted beefy companion as obese as an elephant. His hair was reseeding and his briskly moustache was a curling snake. All he did was talk about his first plane he ever flew. I thought this would be crucial as he might talk about the buttons but he didn’t. Eventually we sat down on the leather seats. Without warning, a booming demanding voice cried ” ready for take off!,”. Butterflies were in my abdomen. I took hold of the accelerator which was grinning at me saying I was going to mess up. When I tugged the accelerator, the plane zoomed from the ground , and transported into the sky. I epsyed that I had soared into the endless blue sky. I was flying a plane!!

  5. James Gold says:


    I’ve always been wanting to go to space. In my highly modified space ship, I blasted off roughly two and a half days ago to reach the moon. Past the twinkling stars, and beyond the earth’s sky is the cheesy moon. Only one more hour till we reach the battered moon. Using the craters to our advantage, we will place the english flag.

  6. Gracie Parker says:

    You’ll take me on holiday, won’t you? After all we haven’t been anywhere for ages, and wouldn’t it be nice?

    If we just go on a road trip it’s fine. It’s better than nothing at the end of the day. We’ll be able to get out and about together rather than just watching TV. The family bonding time will go up and that is always important.

    The UK’s weather is terrible, if we go somewhere hot, I can play and you can sunbathe. By going on holiday we will feel refreshed and I will be able to get active with swimming and activities.

    You’ll be able to take your minds off work and relax. You deserve it after everything you do.

    Your my Mum and Dad so of course you’ll take me on holiday, because you’d do anything for me. Wouldn’t you?

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