Task 47
18th September 2014
Task 49
18th September 2014

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  1. Bursts of colour jump out, showing off and proud, They knock each other out the way, trying to be first, But in their efforts of glory, they fall to the ground, Flashes of golden yellow, amber orange, velvet purple and scarlet red are all part of the mob, Yet an emerald green and turquoise join too.
    Really, they are al hands been painted and the teacher is angry,
    For Gerry just spilt the blue and, Oh!
    Garry just pushed Larry into the pink.
    “Stop!” He shouts “Put everything away! I’ve had enough of the spilling and pushing!”
    So everything is slowly, yes, very slowly, finally put away and MR. Swansea is satisfied enough to let the children out to break.

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