Task 48
18th September 2014
Task 50
18th September 2014


  1. This is me. I live in a wonky tree, and my name is Katie. I am extraordinarily adventurous and have no parents. You might think I am so boring which is nothing to be wrong about, but you’ll perhaps change your mind when you here more about my house!
    Sometimes I think that my house (the most wonkiest tree on the land) is magic. Now most people think I am crazy when I tell them. (Not that there is a lot of people to tell where I live) Anyway, as I have said my tree that I live inside is mind-boggingly peculiar, as it is the wonkiest tree you would have ever seen, but has never, ever, EVER have something fall apart. I do not gasp as I walk past it, neither does anyone else, we’re used to seeing things like that now, in the mysterious wood we live in. You would just gasp until your mouth hurt and go telling everyone in your country, while us, who live in the mysterious wood, walk past it every single day and just blank the poor thing.
    This is how the story begins:
    One completely normal day, I was walking up the steep path up to my tree, with a bucket of freezing water in my hands, I stopped to peer at my tree, as out of the corner of my eye I had seen something strange. I thought that I had seen my tree as wonky as could be. When I stopped to inspect it, the tree had bent over almost hanging of the cliff that the tree is beside. I gasped and with astonishment I dropped the bucket of water I was planning to drink, and had to walk five million miles to get. I rushed up to my tree and opened the door. You would of thought that everything would be leaning to one side wouldn’t you? Well that is what I thought, but to my astonishment it wasn’t.
    From that day, all different peculiar things have happened in that tree,but still nothing has collapsed.

  2. Shrey Biswas says:

    This place in Over-Earth has had a rather unfortunate history. First came Hurricane Archarn, after Archarnor the One of Vengeance. Vengeance is a good word for it, as these are the very trees that Maemen the skilled gave to his brother Thranduil, Elvenking in Mirkwood of Middle-Earth, to drive out the real Archarnor. He made them with his best bowyers that were to be found. This is the story that all little elves across Over-Earth know.

    Second came a thunderstorm. This was not any old thunder storm, but a clash of two great storms from the East and West. These were Delgaran after Delgaranor the Red Horror, and Daechi after Daechir the Shadow Lord. These combined with smaller storms, before ensuing in a great storm battle. Not many who witnessed this lived to tell.

    Third came a volcanic eruption. Volcano Lachon, after Lachon the Flame, had been smouldering away, like it did most of the time. But the electrical charges from the storm reached deep into the ground, unlocking chambers of gas and setting off upside – down landslides with the gas. This triggered the inevitable eruption. Out of the 1,000,000 trees that dominated this place, the lava and pyroclastic flows left 800 standing.

    River Gaeral after Gaeralagos the Sea Storm. The flood was predicted by the name itself. The devastation was terrible. 1 solitary tree was left standing, frozen in time as it leaned precariously over the edge. Of the 1,000,000 that was there in early elvenhood, 1 was left. Maemen ordered the Nature elves to help protect this tree, and to keep the fires of this once magnificent place burning.

  3. Dylan says:

    It happened last week. My best friend Daniel and I witnessed something no human should go through, it was utterly unutterable. This is how it goes:

    We were strolling along the stony soiled path when we saw a black figure in the sky. What was it? It came closer and closer when it changed direction. We followed it like we were being hypnotised. It took us to the foot of a beautiful green tree, hanging off the edge of a clifftop.

    At first we couldn’t move, fascinated by the sight in front of us, never had we seen such breath-taking beauty. Through the corner of my eye I saw something shiny and metallic tucked underneath some fallen leaves. I bolted over to it and discovered it was a leaver. Burning with curiosity, I pulled it quickly down.

    It went deathly silent. Then, there was a sudden breeze which tickled my face. Out of nowhere, dark clouds came and the breeze morphed into treacherous howling gusts. The wind stirred our hair like dough and screamed like a boiling kettle. Then there was lighting, bright sparks, electrifying the skies. Thunder rumbled ominously and crashed and howled overhead. An immense guillotine blade of lightning streaked across the horizon illuminating it with a stark blue whiteness. My ears were ripping and my patience was slowly but surely running out. It was as if the heavens were being torn apart by the jagged spears of lighting – the wind howling their pain.

    I gradually made my way to the leaver and pulled it. Everything stopped. Everything! I was as giddy as a school girl for being alive but I won’t forget the time I was nearly killed.

  4. Fayo I says:

    I am a tree as you can see. My life began as a slow sprout then I became a tremendous tree. One ominous day it was so normal but in a way obscure. As I was absorbed in a deep thought a mighty wind blew around the tips of my boughs . It started so soft then it seemed like five tons had dropped on me. I was lifted from my roots and i blew across the sky like a bird ; right in front of me there was a substantial hill. No less than a minute I’d planted myself on the very top of the stupendous mount- there I started my new life watching over the village.

  5. FC says:

    I was climbing up the tall tree, when it started to tilt, all of sudden I was hanging on for dear life.
    I looked around, no one within miles there was nothing to do I’m too high up to jump.
    The beautiful brown branches were habitats to loads of nature (living creatures). The leaves were emerald green as it was spring.
    Because my fingers were as slippery as soap (due to sweat) my fingers were slipping off the branches
    and then I fell at least thirty five feet, my life’s over, as the ground manifested, I suddenly bounced up then down I looked and saw that it was a trampoline that I was bouncing on.

  6. The storm

    When the moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas, it only started as a light drizzle but then it all changed at the stroke of midnight. The wind put on his iron gloves and got ready for battle, waiting for the rains command.
    All of a sudden, rooftops were sucked into the powerful whirls of wind in a treacherous, terrifying tornado and citizens of New York suffered in disparity. The hunting hail was frozen cries of enraged clouds, and were swayed around the town with great force. Hurricanes ripped the ground in half and tore bricks piece by piece.

    Petrifying, the ocean was a monster dragging everything into the seven seas and lightning strikes exploded everything and everyone into a million minuscules of mind-melting mourns. But at last, the moon stays a ghostly galleon, tossed upon cloudy seas, but not tonight but another night, should New York suffer again at the stroke of midnight…

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