Task 49
18th September 2014
Task 51
18th September 2014

Hello…..Who’s in there?


  1. One day a family went on a safari and they saw so many animals e.g. elephants, tiger etc.well while they were there they were all told to leave their cars for the toilet when the family got back giraffes and zebras all surrounding their car they were even standing on it.They said to each other to never leave the car again.

  2. FC says:


    Driving into the entrance for the spectacular safari, I was thrilled.
    Dad opened the window, as we passed the through the entrance, a man came rushing out “retreat” he exclaimed “escaped giraffes and zebras, go no one’s safe.”
    Something tickled me, it was like something trying to steal my snickers bar.
    I looked, it straight in the eye it was the giraffe!!
    Dad drove away like a lightning flash, he was driving for what seemed like hours.
    Suddenly the car top was coming down, I saw the body of a giraffe, a very familiar giraffe…

  3. Aaron juhti says:

    The Lost Jungle Of Africa

    1000 years ago a jungle in Africa was separated from the country. It had transformed into a barren island. This story is about how Mollie has a boat crash and washes up on the island. She tries to survive on the illuminated isle, slowly knowing that she is being hunted.

    One scorching day in the middle of Summer, Mollie decided to go on a Ferry to Africa to meet her family. To her surprise the ferry came to a halt like a car without petrol. The bulging boat had crashed and was now capsized. Mollie was panicking in the angry waves, slowly slowly being adrift from the boat.

    Several hours later, the unconscious Mollie was washed upon the wasteland. When she woke up she found a jeep with no petrol. She tried to start the jeep but she couldn’t. Majestically, a Rhino and Giraffe was encompassing her. They were phenomenal yet looked harmless. Suddenly, a growl from behind her was approaching. She saw a tiger leaping to her. Mollie’s pulse was racing, what was she going to do!??!!??!?

  4. Sofie says:

    The roaring, raging tiger stormed through the deep, dark forest. The smiling sun shone down brightly; its rays burned and sizzled through my shoulder sleeve as I shuddered to think about what would happen if I entered the jungle. It was now or never, cautiously and courageously I put one foot inside the utter darkness; BAM! I felt as though I was being sucked into the ground. Falling, falling, falling. It was then that I realized, I’m going in an underground shaft connected to a trap. A while later, the lift came to a halt with a BOOM! Yet, the doors wouldn’t open; I banged on the doors, screamed, I even pressed the emergency button(the only button). “This was probably an abandoned mineshaft,” I thought to myself; “ all means of hope were gone.”

  5. Raizel says:

    The Enchanted Jungle

    It has been 75 days since we had seen our uncle Lebron, you see it all started on our prodigious voyage to the Southern African island Madagascar. My family and I including my audacious uncle Lebron were visiting this island to search for the perilous anonymous animal named discord. This discord animal had the head of a unicorn and the body of a snake. You can find this animal in The Enchanted Jungle. The day after we arrived we got started on the journey. Then out of nowhere uncle Lebron was snatched and that brings us to where we are now. but the real journey know is to get uncle Lebron back!

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