Task 50
18th September 2014
Task 52
18th September 2014


  1. Will Chow says:

    Cheese is a tasty, yellow food which is made from cow milk.
    Hot cheese can be turned into melted cheese, Yum!
    Eggs can be pongy but cheese is really whiffy!
    Eating cheese is really nutritious and is good for you!
    Sausages can be tasty but cheese is better!
    Eggs and cheese are similar because they both go rotten!

  2. Will Chow says:

    Charlie Cheese
    In a very posh house there was a hole and in that hole live three mice; The first mouse was called Nicholas , he was a dad and told what his family to do, the second mouse was called Jamie, she was a mum and looked after the hole to keep it tidy and the last mouse was called Charlie, now Charlie was a small mouse and was literally obsessed with cheese. He ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even had some for desert!
    One day Charlie was out looking for cheese when suddenly he saw the ginger cat Tommy, Tommy was a mean, tricky predator for the cheese family because he was very fast and was always watching for the three mice and usually when Charlie see’s Tommy he sprints all the way back to the hole until dinner time but this time he stood up firm and thought to himself “I mustn’t be afraid of this little cat I should stop it from chasing me and my family!” So he took a deep breath and started to approach the cat like a wolf slowly walking towards its prey and then running like the wind chasing it.
    As soon as Tommy saw Charlie the cat pounced at him like a bull but luckily Charlie dodged the cat and made it slam head-first into a wall. The head hit the wall so hard that it knocked over a vey posh picture! While the cat was starting to recover from his injury the two owners of the house started to come down to see what the noise was all about, as Charlie heard the big, clumpy feet stomping on the ground he started to run all the way back to his hole. When the two owners saw what had happened their mouths dropped and screamed “Tommy you dumb cat! Sorry but your spending the whole month up in the spare bedroom and get up there now!!!” As the helpless cat waddled up into the spare bedroom Charlie jumped with joy and told his parents and they were very excited but the next day wasn’t so good. Charlie was searching for cheese when he found some on a piece of wood so he took the cheese off and ran but he didn’t know that the piece of wood was a mouse trap and so his tail got caught in the trap he yelled and yelled for help and eventually his parents came and got him out and when they got home Charlie and his parents had a talk they said: “Charlie I know you love cheese but you need to try some new things so from now on you’re only aloud to have cheese on Friday and on the weekend okay?”
    So it was like that and no one ever got caught in a trap again and they live happily ever after

  3. Emma Corrigan says:

    There are many types of cheeses. Some stinky and some sweet, however not all cheese come from a cow… Goat cheese comes from a goat, it’s more creamy than feta, and usually not that salty (most people like it, but some people don’t).

    Mozzarella cheese comes from a buffalo, it’s lovely and stringy when you slowly take it away from your mouth, if you don’t like milk you should try it. Did you know Mozzarella is Italian?

  4. Lana says:

    “Cheese, cheese, cheese!”, exclaimed Dad, greedily taking two blocks. Some yellow blocks were laid neatly on a chopping board, begging to be eaten. Our cousins had kindly bought a load for us. They were as yellow as the dazzling sun, but not so hot! I stared longingly at the delicious row of cheese. “Go on, take a bite honey,” my Mum replied sweetly. The blocks were crazy footballs, rolling madly on the chopping board. I reached out to grab one. It was as stringy as a ball of yarn. Hastily, I popped it into my mouth. “De yum -ee!” I said, my mouth full of cheese. I meant to say, WOW! yummy! , but it came out all weird. “Don’t speak with your mouth full,” murmured Mum. I shrugged. Cheese could not be as good as this, could it?

  5. Riya Jena says:

    As the moon finally showed itself amongst the millions of scattered stars, the cheeses came alive: cheddar, Swiss, brie, goat cheese, a whole variety! Every single night, the cheeses would come alive, discussing escape plans with their general, Brie. Most of the cheeses were gone, lost to the horrible mouths of the massively overweight humans.
    While they were discussing plans to escape to Cheese Paradise, Cheddar one of ten sons of Brie, shouted, “Mother of Feta! It’s a damnable human. Everyone, back to original shapes! I repeat, back to original shapes!” Cheddar was on guard that night, so it was his duty of informing the cheeses of the dangers. Every cheese turned back into its lifeless form, praying that they would be spared.
    Their worst nightmare came true; the human stretched out its fat arm and grabbed Brie! Breaking off bits of the doomed general, he put them into his mouth. Munch! Then another, until nothing was left of him but a few spared crumbs.

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