Task 51
18th September 2014
Task 53
18th September 2014


  1. Joseph says:

    I woke up it was a Saturday morning 8 o’clock I saw my dad and he said “we’re going roller skating today I thought oh no i’m so scared what if i’m not good at this.But I jumped out of bed i went into my walldrobe I picked something to wear and I brushed my teeth and brushed my hair we all got into the car. I was thinking so many emotions was I any good at roller skating or was I bad I could fall over and break my arm or something… we finally arrived after a long journey in the car I streched myself out we walked in and it was ginormous there was flashing lights it was so bright.At the end there was nothing to worrie about when we got in the car Isaid to my dad ”dad when are we coming back here”?

  2. Sandhana says:

    At eight o’clock when the wind was torrent of gust and the glistening moon was an old galleon tossed among the frothy seas. Me and Rose walked along the pebbled , grey path , which looked like a gypsy’s long ribbon tied in her hair, we entered excitedly to a rangy, gloomy building . Just then Rose flicked on the lights and rays of light flooded the hallway like a dazzling star . Rose pulled vigorously on jet black boots and confidently , hoping that she would not fall , stood up and gracefully and started to glide like a angel (with spotlight under her head ) on ice. Suddenly she smoothly glided to a halt and I then realised clearly like looking through a transparent window , that she was wearing roller-skates I gave her on her fifteenth birthday.
    Suddenly the door burst open and a no ominous feeling trickled down my spine, for there standing stationery camouflaged beneath the claws of the trees was a mysterious figure holding something…..

  3. OC says:

    I woke up this morning bursting with excitement because today I am going roller-skating for the first time. When I first stepped in the ring I was quaking but” sooner or later I am going to get the hang of it” I thought. Suddenly I felt myself slipping and sliding all over the place I’m assuming that is what everyone does at first. Later I asked dad if we could go back tomorrow luckily he said yes.

    Today I am not going to come off early I am going to face my fears I am going to dance like a ballerina in my roller-skates so I did and I was never scared to skate again actually I found out I was the best in my class. That was the best day I have ever had I will always remember that moment.

  4. There’s a place named Roller City. It is THE BEST roller skating place in the world. Well that’s what I think anyway. I’ve only been there once. I went yesterday,
    and I had an awesome time!

    We parked the car. Loud music boomed from inside the funny shaped glass building. There were noises of chattering and laughter, also coming from the inside of the rather strangely built place. I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. It was excitement. I found myself sprinting towards the what looked like a ginormous wonky roofed green house. Though it couldn’t be a ginormous wonky roofed green house because, there was music, chattering and laughter. My dad told me to stop.
    “Ruby, stop, I need to get the things out of the car!”
    So I stopped. And waited. And waited. And waited some more, and finally my dad came rushing past me with so much things, an elephant couldn’t even carry the weight!
    I walked through the gigantic glass doors, and I saw piles of Roller skates, and Heelys and even ice-skates! I had my eye on a pair of skates. They had four bright neon pink wheels, and the boot of the skates were the loveliest whitest white ever! The laces were the same neon pink as the wheels, and attached to the skates was stag that read, FOR SALE, in the same pink as the laces and the wheels. Dad saw me looking at them dreamily and laughed. He walked up to a smooth snowy white curved desk, in the shape of a capital U. A kind looking lady, sat inside the white U, smiled at us, and we smiled back.
    “Hello, we are both booked for one thirty, under the name Humphreys.” My dad said to the lady.
    “Yes,” the lady answered. She started to type on a sparklingly clean black computer. “I have seen that you have your eye on those white skates on the shelf over there.” The lady said to me, still smiling sweetly, then she giggled at the look on my face.
    “Yes.” I laughed.
    “Well, as you are both very kind, polite, sweet, cheerful and generally a nice family, I will give you the skates for free.” The lady said.
    “Really?” I asked excitedly.
    “Yep.” The lady looked at dad and dad nodded at her, probably saying that it was OK.
    The woman got out of the U shape and walked up to the shelf with the skates on. She took them ever so carefully, as if they were diamonds.
    She handed them to me and said “These skates are special, take care of them.”
    I nodded at her smiling, and I gave her a massive thank you for the skates. We walked through an archway, and the music, chattering and laughter got much louder.
    “I can’t skate.” I thought.

    Yes, I couldn’t skate, well, not until I brought the white skates. Or even, the Magic Skates.

  5. OC says:

    The Roller Skater
    I woke up this morning the sun rays beaming down on me, today was the day, the day I was going to try something new the day I was heading to be a star. I rushed downstairs, and rapidly ate my breakfast.
    Here it was standing right in front of me, a dream come true. I grab my sister and tugged her out the door, “hurry up we’re going to be late” I screamed “no Lila we’re not to be honest we’re actually early.” “good then I can go in and practise for a bit” “okay I will take you in for a bit first then.” “Yay.”

    So I stepped into the ring quaking down to my knees I wobbled I didn’t like it, but I tried again wibble wobble my legs were jelly, collapsing as I walked then my friends showed up I turned to run but my sister shoved me towards them, I was dreading it I thought I could get the hang of it, but I couldn’t then I said “um guys I have never roller skated before” then they chorused together “we haven’t before so were just the same” I wasn’t expecting that reply but it all ended happily I might even try again tomorrow.

  6. Sophie H-E says:

    It was a fantastic day when I went outside to ride my skillful skates. I felt like a beautiful bird gracefully gliding past the shining sun. My fretting, feathered friends shouted ‘faster’, they cheerfully chirped when I returned safely. Speedily, I raced along the path , whoosh, chased by a vivid cloud of green grass cuttings and disgruntled daisies. Having new roller skates is so exhilarating, for a day, I was an Olympian.

  7. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Today was the day In had dreaded, the day I would go ice-skating. I unwillingly pulled on my clothes, and sluggishly slouched to the breakfast table. I ate my food quickly, and as I did so, my sister kept shouting,
    ” Amelia ! We’ll be late!”
    Trembling with fear, I climbed into our posh car as we zoomed ahead. When we arrived, my mum told me that she had specially invited my two best friends, Lilia and Fatima to come and ice skate with me . I leaped with joy, but I found out later that they were professional ice-skaters! They glided swiftly along the ring and when I backed away from the ring, they screeched,
    ” Come join us!”
    ” I can’t, I don’t know how to ice skate, and besides, I haven’t even been in an ice rink before” I suddenly realised that I had done the wrong thing. As they were pro at ice skating, it was easy for them, and they jeered on and on. I ran away, and my mum caught me and asked me why I was so sad. I told her everything about the professionals rude comments. She recommended I should have a try, I ran onto the ice an pushed forward, and that’s how I discovered my hidden talent, ice skating! Even the ‘proffessionals were impressed. At the end, I told them, that just because you are very good at something, it doesn’t mean you get big headed about it.

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