Task 53
18th September 2014
Task 55
6th October 2014


  1. zoe says:

    Brightly the sun shone on the watery grass,casting its silhouettes on the flowers. I had been staying in the beautiful meadow, in the terrible rain with the bright sun lighting up my day.
    As the rain poured,it drowned all the nature and the puffy clouds became grey. Joy and happiness began to melt in my heart. My mum called me in for a few hours. By then,the rain had stopped and I caught sight of a rainbow with astonishing colours. An amazing colourful rainbow, arched like a bridge,sparkles in the sun. I see bright red, I see wonderful yellow,magnificent colours hold me staring in awe. The luscious clouds are as white as snow, the daisies are swaying with the wind. The joy and happiness begin to build up in my heart again!!!!!!!!!

  2. OC says:

    Rose and the Sun
    It was a sunny day the fluffy, white clouds rose high into the air, the sun shone the brightest yellow you have ever seen, the emerald green grass was swaying side to side in the whispering breeze. There was also the prettiest rainbow with all the colours red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue.
    Well one day a little girl called Rose came to the village and when she got there what a surprise she had it was the place of her dreams with ever little corner she turned it was the same. The next day she went out picking flowers with her mother and it was a complete and utter shock she saw, the whole inter village had lost its colour she didn’t know what caused it and how it happened but she was going to find out.
    So she started to think that night what could off caused it then she remembered why she had moved here and the saying she was told if the colour wears out it’s the mean giant he lives in a tower tall and spout you have got to get his colour wand and set things right it is in a bottle above the clouds ask the sun and she’ll give you a ride. I have never understood that last bit though ask the sun it just doesn’t make sense. But she did it anyway “excuse me sun can I have a ride to the clouds please” of course “the sun replied that was awesome she said to herself. When she got there she found the bottle picked out the colour wand and saved the kingdom ever one in the village new her name from now on for lots of different reasons.

  3. One day it started to rain but it was also sunny so the children stayed outside and watch a beautiful colorful rainbow form up so high in the sky.they all with such delight asked their parent if they could find the pot of gold so parents followed their children imagination to find a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it was true to find a pot of gold at the end. So every time there is a rainbow they go to the end to find the gold.

  4. The dull, but colossal, market had such ripe fruits and such juicy, tantalizing foods which attracted parents, taking their breath away but drove away aggressive, uncontrollable children.

    Yellow, bright bananas surrender after being surrounded by ripe, azure berries. Red tomatoes are hot lava with bubbling juice about to explode after naughty children, not thinking of consequences, squish the tomato with their bare hands and pay the price with tomato juice on their face.

    After my turn in the parent’s utopia, I make a scrumptious smoothie. The combined foods are a wild mix-up of chocolates, the right flavour for everyone.

  5. Tanishka Joshi says:

    A Beautiful Rainbow
    Colourful spirits roll as the bright sun comes out while the rain is still spitting.Treasure reveals magical colours , making the dazzling rainbow shine like the stars.Fading away , getting paler while the freezes stop soon allowing the drizzling rain to stop very soon , causing the fabulous treasure vanish into thin air. Feeling the rain dribble and soak into my body. I smell the wet air ; the breezy wind rustling and howling as fiercely as a threatening wolf

  6. Ira saxena says:

    Spectacularly,the golden arrows of sunlight burst through the storm and painted a glorious rainbow over the once grey sky.The colours of the rainbow sang -rubies and emeralds,sapphires and opals.Almost as tangible as a flower,the blazing colours of the ravishing rainbow twirled and whirled in the dazzling blue sky.The rainbow splashed joy,happiness and warmth back into the mighty lands of Limpopo.The bulging double rainbow arched across the skies like a bridge. There were many more rainbows emerging but here was something more special about this one.All of the colours were extremely visible unlike the many others.such an exquisite sight would even inspire Vincent Van Gogh to let his paintbrush flow away.
    ira saxena

  7. shubhi says:

    As the spectacular sun rose into the azure sky the moon cried its way to another country like a baby. Suddenly, as the sun got midway through the cobalt sky a multi -coloured rainbow appeared like magic. The rainbow has something special about it, it’s like it is never ending and all the colours are upside down. I climbed up the rainbow!

  8. Jeffreyn says:

    The sky, colourful like a rainbow, is a time when the yellow, bright sun and the watery rain combine together forming a rainbow. Grey, soft clouds squeezing raindrops giving water to plants and the sun, giving light, brighter than anything. Finding plots of shiny, and unlimited treasure at the end of the rainbow. Attracting people to see it and touch it. The smell of the fresh air roaring and howling at me frighteningly. All the supplies ripening and all the plants growing. I felt happy when I saw the rainbow looking at me joyfully. The rainbow was colourful and it made my life feel wonderful and free to do whatever I liked everyday. The rainbow is mixed with the rain and the sun to show your love and what you hate.

  9. aaron juhti says:

    One day, I went on a picnic with my mum, dad and sister. It was a super scalding day for a lovely picnic. Suddenly my sister saw a rainbow cascading down. It was smiling down at us as wide as the sky. My sister was gambolling to the rainbow trying to touch it. With the sky being a perfect blue, and the cluster of clouds, we marvelled at the scenic painting “wow” I boomed.

  10. Gracie Parker says:

    Her magnificent mane is a rainbow of every colour laying on her body as white as snow. Clip! Clip goes her micro hooves as she gallops along majestically. The touch of her horn feels amazing as she heals you. It is a twist of pink and white with a tad of sparkling glitter. Her sky blue eyes shimmer in the never ending sunlight. She smells of super sugary sweets fresh from the confectionary counter. I can taste a beautiful creatures extinction.

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