Task 55
6th October 2014
Task 57
6th October 2014

Describe in 5-6 sentences the shelves that you see in this Supermarket.



  1. Olly :) says:

    I walked into the gargantuan supermarket and there was a rainbow of colours coming from all directions of the huge room. There were smooth, shiny, purple aubergines and lovely orange peppers. I also noticed sour and juicy lemons placed beside some outstanding oranges. There were perfect pears, amazing apples and tomatoes as red as lava too! The shelves that the immaculate fruits were on had helpful notes to guide people to the food that they would like. When I had bought the things that I needed, I headed home to create a scrumptious meal.

  2. One sunny day I dashed off to the new supermarket.As I got in I found myself glaring at huge room covered in tomatoes that were as red as fire, sunset colour oranges,thousands of rough avocados looking like they have goosebumps and lots of other fruit and vegetables.When I stepped forward I smelt ripe juicy strawberries and tasty blueberries in the wooden basket.As I skipped further on I heard lots of people talking and chatting about all of this wonderful food.

  3. Supermarket

    Rows of rosy, red tomatoes, shining as the light strikes onto them.
    New, fresh apples, that are waiting to be bought and eaten.
    Yellow, thin bananas, sitting and watching costumers walk by.
    Oranges like lava, that has just spewed out of a volcano.
    Lemons sour and yellow like the sun.

  4. I rushed down the street to the supermarket and in there I saw…Blazing like the sun the Lemons layed on the wooden shelves , waiting there to be bought. Fresh loose, ripe, red Tomato’s. Juicy looking red and green Apples. Smooth Peppers, big, tiny ,round and thin, orange, green,red and yellow.

  5. Ryan wong says:

    I arrived at the supermarket and saw rainbows coming at me in all directions when I glanced at them they were shiny and delicious and smooth. Every where I looked there was bright colours shining in my eye. On sale was tomatoes, apples, oranges, lemons and more it felt like this was the best supermarket ever. After buying the wonderful fruit I went home to enjoy a meal I will never forget.

  6. Will Chow says:

    I can see the multi-coloured vegetables and fruit stacked in tidy and neat piles. I can smell exquisite food floating through the air like a bird soaring through the skies. I could hear the sound of coins dropping through money slots KACHING! The sound of people picking up food and taking it to the till. A manager came up to me and gave me a apple, as I ate it I looked at eight packets of raspberries which cost two pounds, I thought to myself:
    “Wow eight packets of raspberries for two pounds, I need to come here more often!”
    I also saw juicy, tender plums on sale and orangey mangos. I could hear repeatedly the sound of the fruit laughing in my head and dancing chickens.
    As I was walking on the way to buy some fruit, there was a horrible stench like a rats poo so I went over to find a recycle bin and in it was rotten fruit and vegetables. I looked at the clean side of the market and the dirty side of the market. One side of the market was nice the side was smelly.
    Eventually I snapped out of it and I went to on to buy some delicious raspberries and after I paid I sat down and took a bite…. It was delicious! I had to come back again someday.

  7. Tima says:

    As I walked into the supermarket I could see huge rows of giant oranges and blueberries. People were scattering everywhere looking for something to buy. Each stall was the size of a limousine, full of gargantuan and minute foods. There was very single type of food, from grapes to watermelons. Literally, everything was perfect there, sour lemons, sweet strawberries and salty nuts, you name it, they had everything. Nothing at all was dull, as everywhere around there was a huge variety of colourful fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat.

  8. Mason Rogers says:

    As I ran into the glorious shop I saw the blood-red strawberries and the space black plums! In the next isle I found grass-green lettuce and plain cans of food (canned food) with the ghost pepper seeds next to it! Soon I got bored and rushed over to the tech isle only to see the new glass-frame 10 computes with the mic computers next to them, if I could choose one I wouldn’t because they are both brilliant and expensive! I went to the next half and found the new bite-phone 3.1415 or the bite-phone π and the brand new on-droid 5O nudge!
    At last, the final one, as I went the the sweet aisle I saw the new naeb (said nayb) bomb which is odd because is you chew it, it will eventually EXPLODE IN YOUR MOUTH but it doesn’t hurt you weird…

  9. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    I strolled into the huge supermarket and suddenly,there was a rainbow of colours flowing from all directions of the room. There were smooth,juicy oranges and shiny,purple aubergines. I also observed some yellow,sparkling lemons placed neatly beside some orange peppers.There were amazing apples,perfect pears and even some tomatoes as red as rubies! Over in a corner,were some appetising,immaculate mangoes that were all in line with the shelf. It all looked so mouth-watering that my mouth watered longingly itself! After I brought my toothsome fruits home,I got ready to make an exquisite meal.

  10. Taiwo says:

    When I walked inside this remarkable place I saw scarlet red tomatoes very big and juicy.I saw bright yellow bananas as I strolled down the colourful super market I saw outstanding oranges,amazing apples,superb strawberries and perfect passion fruit.This place was enough to surprise the queen.

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