Task 56
6th October 2014
Task 58
6th October 2014


  1. As Iron Man killed the criminal he put a bomb on the green wall and walked off as he heard the place sizzle then it blow up into tiny little pieces he then carried on saving the day.

  2. Adam Hickey says:

    The city caught fire! Everyone fled for their lives. Just then, a blazing, white streak of lightening shot out of a crimson, dark suit. The relentless storm gradually settled down. Humbly, the figure trotted, as everyone cheered approvingly. Suddenly, a colossal explosion leapt up into the sky, like a hundred active fireworks. The heavy, metal suit jogged over and caused a blue tube of dazzling lightning again. The fiery, scarlet explosion was like thousands of lovely, red flowers, bursting open as they floated in the air. A massive, spacious ditch was left where the explosion erupted, like a volcano. The mysterious, well-armoured body walked away casually. All of the citizens questioned who the avenger was.
    Do you know who?

  3. Roshaan says:

    Chaos reined earth, it was an unbeatable, violent video game. Fear spread across the mournful planet and all living organisms were destroyed into a million miniscules of mind-mellting misery.

    Fortunately, the great iron man stood for justice. He took down the alien space crafts by instantly blasting out beams oflasers whish looked like a ray of sunlight. Explosions made dramatic actions to prevent hope. Out of the blue, all the chaos stood silent. The master challenged iron man to a face off.

    Iron man looked shocked for the alien master was the size of an elephant and had the strength of a kraken. What would it be, life or death, would ironmongery be a squished worm or a gallant Hero?

  4. Varenprajith says:

    Before Iron man came, there was criminals invading the city!So,Jarvis told Iron man that criminals are invading the city.So, Iron-man rises off with powerful plasma gleaming in the sunlight.After a few hours,Iron-man saw criminals in the city! Iron-man beat them up like nothing! It was just the captain and him.The captain hid behind the house and Iron-man blew it up…

  5. Firehot1497 says:

    Crash ! As the crimson crusader flew as quick as a cheetah past the crumbling buildings, he blasted viciously at the opposing gunners; they had no hope…

    Iron Man, being a powerful god among malicious men, terminated their soulless schemes to rule their endangered city.

    Alert, alert.

    Iron Man was a vigilant spider, defending its home for others. Chaos and sins still roamed and lurked around every corner…

    “Ok, off again!” he declared.

    Whoosh ! His robotic arms and computerised legs propelled him up into the night sky.

    He was gone.

  6. Aaron juhti says:

    The Mysterious Protector

    It was right in front of my eyes, the phenomenal city levelled to its foundations. The terrorists blowing people’s buildings up. They were armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, heavy metal armour and bombs. They even had helicopters with missiles and big -nay prodigious trucks to extinguish other cars. It was as spine-chilling as a horror movie. In fact is WAS a horror movie. The terrorists were treating everyone like slaves. So I decided to stick up for myself. “Hey you, stop treating us like slaves” I shouted. Suddenly, one of the terrorists enraged with anger and lit up flames in his eyes approached us. Sadly for all of us we were going to die anyway by the toxic gasses people were breathing in. Luckily some of us were still standing strong holding our breath for was long as we could. Hence, they threw smoke bombs.

    Bravely, emerging through the white hair encompassing us was an outline of a hero. The warrior was protecting us throwing his powerful punches at the terrorists. BANG!!! went one of his punches. Slowly, slowly, the avenger swept away the terrorists. He even destroyed the trucks and helicopters with his scorching hot laser eyes and blew away the smoke and pollution. Everyone was clapping but no one ever saw him again. So we named him the Mysterious Protector.

  7. Sophie says:

    Superman saved the city,
    He’s smart, kind, super and witty,
    He is a strong as an ox,
    Sneaky like a fox,
    Superman can save people from Mr wicked,
    Saves them from Mr evil and Mr afflicted,
    Superman loves to help,
    He hears you when you yelp,
    But where is superman now?

  8. Riya jena says:

    Crystal Cat

    There was a flash and a figure that looked very much like a human version of a cat appeared in the midst of the fire and debris. She was wearing white cat ears and a suit which also was white. A white tail was swishing around her legs and a mask had been put on her face. She jumped from the top of the building and amazingly landed on her feet! In another flash she was gone and in another she was back again, holding a bucket with her long white tail. Tipping it over everywhere, the woman had finally extinguished the overpowering fire. Everyone cheered for her as she leaped off, into the distance, where more trouble was awaiting her.

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