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6th October 2014
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6th October 2014


  1. Daisy says:

    The Orca!

    As I was on my small, pink boat sailing to Africa, I saw something jump out of the ocean. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye! At first I didn’t know what it was, but it did the exact same thing again! The object was black and white and it leaped high out of the ocean. It wasn’t until the third time it happened that, I realized what it was. It was a Killer Whale!
    We stopped the boat to see the whale more clearly and guess what it did, it came up to the boat, so I could touch it! At first the creature was petrifying and it made me feel really small! It felt wet, slippery and the orca’s skin was really smooth.
    As we reached land we realized the whale had followed us and waited for us to arrive home. Amazingly, it swam all the way home with us. Now it is my pet and my best friend. It was the best adventure of my life!

  2. Ksenia says:

    Mother blue whale and her calf were heading North. They were approaching the waters where the blue whales assemble this time of the year. The mother and her child had been travelling for a long time and were exhausted. In this corner of the ocean water was bitterly cold and thick with islands of sparkling white ice.

    Suddenly black menacing fins poking the wavy ocean surface surrounded the two whales. The next moment they saw a huge black and white animal throwing itself into the air. They were attacked by a pack of killer whales!

    The tired mother knew the predators wanted her calf so she tried to stick to him. Unfortunately after minutes of struggling one sly attacker managed to squeeze between the two whales and the rest of the pack pushed them asunder. The calf was trapped and the giant blue whale had to abandon her child…

  3. As the lonely whale leaped over the tall lapping waves he continued his search for his brother, who got lost at sea a month a go . He was so unhappy his parents were even worse .
    The whale cried out” come home brother , come home! ” He searched for months but he could not find him . A year later he was still lost. His mum said” If he does not return I must go and look. The weeks went by and mummy wale went to look . On the way they met a hole range of sea life , there were blue wales , turtles, fish crabs and more.
    They were out looking for a month non stop . They gradually gathered a search party for the missing whale. They went a another tow months looking stopping briefly for food . They struggled no and on until they were dieing for rest . They stopped looking for a day .
    They started again they went on for tow more months, the mum was not going to give up the group of sea animals were on going until they turned round and started home ,but all of a sudden there was a call from behind it was so familiar that mum turned round ,she saw her long lost son.

  4. It was humungous, it was black and white. What was it? Was it some kind of shark, or the most ginormous fish on the land? It leapt in and out of the ocean joyfully. I stood at the edge of my boat amazed. Suddenly, the black and white creature, was coming closer and closer towards my boat. I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there, at the edge of my boat alarmed, and helpless. It eventually got the closest it could of got, and it SPOKE TO ME!
    “Hi,” the creature said to me, surprisingly in a very kind voice.
    I suddenly realised what creature this was… It was a whale!
    “H-…..hi?” I spluttered, not really knowing what to say.
    “I’m Arana, the whale, you’re the golden whale, right?” Arana questioned.
    “Well… I don’t really know…” I answered back.
    “Oh,” said Arana. “Well, a golden whale is someone who comes out to sea most days, and if they get in the water, they can turn into a whale.”
    “Oh, well I am not really sure if I’m one of those!” I laughed, though inside I really wished I was one.
    “Are you sure?” asked Arana, “because usually if you’re a golden whale you wear one of those necklaces you’re wearing.” Arana looked puzzled.
    “Oh, well maybe I am a golden whale but I just don’t know it,” I said hopefully.
    “Maybe,” laughed Arana “Try getting in the water,” suggested Arana.
    So I dipped my foot in the water, biting my lip, worried whether something would go wrong. I immediately felt a tingling feeling rising up my body. I slipped with alarm and looked down, my arms were two fins, and my body had turned black and white.
    “You are a golden whale!” giggled Arana, “You could have known me for years, but you have only known me for only ten minutes!”
    I laughed too and said, “I’m Ruby, and thank you for making this happen.”

  5. Isla says:

    The Orca

    Stealthily leaping into the lapis blue sky
    of the early Artic morning is an immense pod of killer whales,
    Darting like bullets through the numbing ice topped waters,

    Swimming, gracefully over, away from the main pod is two enthusiastic calves and one scarred old bull,
    Slyly winking at the eager calves he dives from sight,

    After three long minutes, in a sensational flurry of spray , he shoots out of the icy depths
    as if fired from a cannon,
    The academic calves try in vain and give up,
    Leaving their knowledgeable teacher to laugh at their failure.

  6. FC says:

    Excited, thrilled was the baby killer whale he was allowed to be away from his mum.
    Although, it was upsetting to be away from his mum, it was like he was a grown up.
    His mum told him to be careful because he was holding a lot of responsibility, but he was too excited to listen.

    A couple of weeks later, he was in a very difficult situation with two sharks chasing him.
    He was only a baby so he was very frightened and he wished his mum was with him.
    Just at that moment there was a very familiar voice coming from the stormy sea his mum!
    “Come here! My darling “shouted mum.
    “I’ll save you”
    He exploded into her arms “I love you mum” he shouted.

    From then on he didn’t even think about leaving again.

  7. Adam says:

    The Whale

    As the beautiful creatures leap out of the restless sea, vast waves ascend like rockets. The crystal clear water shimmers, reflecting the scorching sun like a distorting mirror. The shining, spectacular sea pummels vigorously. Circles of soft white foam rise gracefully into the fresh air. The skin of the orca is as smooth as silk. Making excellent and deafening sounds, the intelligent, colossal animals communicate with each other. The whales submerge under the sapphire sea almost impossible to see. Gently, the tremendous, terrific tide subsides back into the open. The whales submerge again and a massive wave comes up and… it swishes away like a curtain.

  8. Shrey Biswas says:

    We all looked. A spout of water shot up from the water. “Good spot Harry, keep looking,” said a crackly voice. I peered between the seats and spotted our pilot, Ross carefully manoeuvring the Cessna across the Antarctic Peninsula. Suddenly, it got quiet. The static blocked out most of the sound, but under it the rumbling of the engine had stopped. Ross had become very busy flicking switches and checking dials. “Guys,” he said. “We’ve got a problem.”
    “What happened?” asked Dad.
    “Our engine has stopped.” He looked sweaty. “Okay. Strap yourself in, and put any loose parts away where it can’t fly about.”
    “Harry, put your Game Boy away.” I told him
    “But I’ve nearly got to the end!”
    “Didn’t you hear what Ross said?” I shoved it in his backpack.
    “Okay guys, here we go!”
    Suddenly the plane tipped to one side and the bottom skimmed the ice wall. Then it righted itself. It slowly lowered down onto ice-yes ice, not water and with a flick of a switch Ross set the skis down. That was when I saw the Killer Whale. It rose majestically out of the water and gracefully dived down. We all applauded. Little did we know it was a warning. For its brother tipped the Ice floe. One second we were skimming the ice, the next was heading for a wall of ice-of doom

  9. The whale

    In my blue submarine I was about to be dropped in to the Antarctic ocean when suddenly there was an ear piercing screech. I immediately leaped out of the cab at the front of the sub just to find that I was too late to catch a glimpse of the whale. I knew one was close with the screech reverberating around the ocean air and I knew if I got into the cab and into the ocean as soon as possible I will see this elusive creature.
    I was dropped into the sea and goodness me, the sights I saw!
    There were fish, seals, killer whales…wait did I just see the most feared predator in the Antarctic Ocean!?!?! I looked again, all I could see was a black and white tummy right in front of me. There it was, I couldn’t get enough of this wonderous encounter I was scared, amazed and confused. Why would this very special animal just lie on top of my submarine? I needed to get away but at the same time I wanted to stay I thought great what am I going to do?
    I sat in my submarine for what felt like hours, watching the whale swim around me, it looked at me one final time and sped off.

  10. Dylan says:

    “NO!” I screamed, icy cold sweat trickled down my forehead. It had been almost two years since the holiday but I remember it as if it was yesterday…
    “Mum I’m fed up!” I moaned because my brother couldn’t pluck the courage to. After two weeks of being stuck on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, we were absolutely jaded.
    “Look!” screamed Mum. A malicious, demonic face peered through the crystal clear water. Its beady black eyes glinted with greed. Its skin was like polished slate, its reflection glistening in the water.
    As the killer whale charged towards us, our boat began to violently tremble. I thought we were all going to die. Numb and paralysed by fear, I sank into a heap and curled up next to my mother.
    “We’ll be ok. We’ll be ok,” repeated my mother who was just as scared as me, if not more.
    All of a sudden, I heard the sailor shout to his crew to turn the boat around. We sailed at lightning speed, not daring to look back at the giant sea monster. After what felt like hours, we reached the shore. I was as happy as someone who had won the lottery and so relieved to be off the wretched yacht.

  11. The Holiday
    Just last week me and Mum travelled all the way to Tenerife
    We stayed for four days.On the first day we went to the beach, we bought cool drinks,sunbathed and went for a little swim.
    On the second day we went to Jungle Park. We saw ginormous lions,alligators,and huge gorrillas.
    On the third day we went to the Spanish Fair.At the end there was a show, with men in bright red suits,and women with colourful frilly dresses.
    The fourth day was the best day, We went to Aqualand. We went on high slides,we dived in, we swirled around in the showers.When we were dressed we watched a dolphin show.At the end of the show a dolphin leaped in the air.It was outstanding !
    When I got back from England my classmates kept questining me about the holiday,and every time I would divulge and share my experiences.

  12. It was a misty morning and a big cruise was traveling through the sea and it was all fin then all of a sudden bang a Hugh Orca came past and made Hugh wave and sent the boat flying for miles now every time the cruise sees an orca he go away,

  13. FC says:

    The Baby Whale

    Excited and thrilled was the baby killer whale he had permission to be away from his mum and play with some friends.
    When he had finally left, a word of magic and wonder stood upon him.
    He was making loads of friends!
    His best friend was also a killer whale called Nathan and he loved juggling bouncy balls on his head, rounder than the moon!
    He was having so much fun, that he forgot that his mum and he agreed whenever fish swam, screamed and the wind howled, in addition, the sea roared while the sharks swayed in delight, swim and escape go to her!
    As he didn’t listen, he panicked but thankfully Nathan knew just what to do.
    As he had listened to his mum.
    “Swim!” he howled
    We and swam at this terrifying event.
    Until we finally reached home.
    “I’ve been so worried!” explained mum
    Ignoring mum’s fuss, he had to thank Nathan and forgive mum.
    He would listen to mum in the future.

  14. Tima says:

    I was swimming with my baby, Orcy, to the Arctic, returning from our vacation from the South back home to the North. It seemed like forever until we were only just halfway! Yes only halfway! Then, Orcy started to cry because he was extremely hungry and and wanted some seals to eat.
    Then I took him to the nearest “Seals by the sea” restaurant and we had a gargantuan cooked seal to eat there (even though we were underwater) that was just… D E L I C I O U S. Soon after that we carried on our journey and we kept swimming towards the north. It was just then when Orcy suddenly screamed “Look Mum! It’s a bunch of Orcas! And Orcy was right! It was a gigantic group of orcas all swimming North.
    Suddenly a human fishing boat floated overhead and threw a giant net over us and nearly grabbed me and Orcy. We swam away as fast as we could but the fishing boat was catching up….

  15. Oreo girl says:

    How much do you think you know about Killer Whales? Did you know Killer Whales are not actually whales? They actually belong to the dolphin family which is made up of around 40 different species of dolphin. Read on to find out some unbelievable facts about this fascinating creature.

    Hungry Hunters
    When hunting for food, Killer Whales can often be seen working together, in teamwork with other whales in order to capture their prey. One strategy they use is for a group of killer whales to circle a swarm of fish, making them swim into a tight huddle. Another Killer Whale swims beneath them to push the fish upwards. Many killer whales will then stun the fish by smacking them with their tails

    Family Love
    Killer Whales are extremely family orientated; children, parents, grandparents and sometimes even great grandparents are seen traveling together. Even when the children reach adulthood they can be seen swimming with their mother. The mother whale will go to great lengths to protect children like any parent would.

    Killer whales are very intelligent mammals and can learn complex skills from watching what their friends and family do. Communication among these creatures involves making high pitched noises and whistles which they use to share their thoughts and feelings.

  16. Aran says:

    Raymond and his dad were so excited to go aqua-jetting in the brilliant, blue, sandy beach. He was a hyper bunny hopping! When they put the aqua-jet on they went backwards and backwards, but then something strange happened…The battery ran out! What is more, in the distance they could see a blood thirsty and scary shark which was coming towards them… Surprisingly, Raymonds dad was as fast as a cheetah in swimming so he started to swim while Raymond got a plan from the friendly fish! The fish said to” throw the aqua-jet on the sharks head!” So Raymond threw the aqua-jet on the sharks head which scared him so much that it decided to run away…

  17. James Gold says:

    Splash! A huge breathtaking killer whale emerged out of the deep sea ocean. The sight was like a celebrity was standing right next to you,basically the sight was phenomenal. The beautiful, majestic creature was taking another breath before descending back into the depths of the murky waters. The vast air was floating around, bored senseless. The mesmerising water was glancing up at the glaring sun as it set. Just then, there was a sudden flash and there standing tall and proud, a megaladon.

  18. Diya Jena says:

    The thing that was disturbing me the most was the rocking of the boat on the waves. Small and white, the boat sped along the water’s surface, which was a great sheet of transparent cloth.

    I found this holiday the most boring; all we did was go and see the ancient castles, hurry to the museum, and spend most of our time sitting inside our hotel, playing old games with our grandparents, who were deaf, which helped a lot. This day, for once, we had gone out somewhere.

    The small ripples and waves crashed against the side of the boat and made me jump back. All the clouds in the sky were grey and dancing, not able to control their energy. The salty sea spray landed in my mouth and I tasted salt everywhere.
    It was suddenly that i had heard an immense SPLASH, as if an elephant had dropped into a lake. We all, my mother, father, brother and me, whipped around with shocked faces to face an enormous, black and white creature that was floating on the surface of the sea. I didn’t know that there were whales in this part of the country, but here was one, a killer whale! Its small, black eyes looked at us with a playful glint.

    At first, I thought it was petrifying and elephantine, but now, whenever it comes close to the boat, I stretch out my arm and touch it’s slippery, rubbery skin.

  19. Riya Jena says:

    The Whale
    Suddenly, I woke up to find myself on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually, I could make out I was in the ocean, as blue stretched out in front of my eyes in any direction. I had no idea how I got here, but I had always wanted to explore the ocean; and here I was kind of exploring the ocean.
    As it was sunset, the sun had painted the sky around it orange and red, as it was disappearing. The serene waters were mirrors, reflecting any sight. The boat I found myself on wasn’t very big, being the size of a rowing boat. The ripples were the only things causing disruption on the surface of the sea that was as vast as the sky above.
    A sudden splash! woke me up from my content reverie. As I looked at the ocean’s surface, the most beautiful sight met me: a whale, a real whale had jumped up from the water. It was covered with black that looked like rubber and white patches could be seen on the whale’s body. It was the sight I had always dreamed of; being able to see a whale in person, but I never thought it would come true!

  20. lana says:

    SPLASH! SPLASH! The engine of the cruise ship rumbled deeply behind me. A breeze as cool as the ocean itself spread around my face, making my hair spread behind me like a magic carpet. I dipped my fingers into the ocean. Tiny water droplets fizzed around me, and the under current was a mass of force, strong enough to pull me in. A blanket of silence spread over our ship. Most of the time I hate silence – but right now I loved it. It was me, the wind and the sea. Then, something slimy ran across my fingertips. For a moment, it was black – black like leather. In a fraction of a second, the mysterious floating object flipped on its side. This time it was white snow with black running on the sides. Suddenly, it leap out of the air! It was an orca! The whale like creature spun gracefully in the air before diving back into the water with a splash. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though the moment only lasted for two seconds, it felt like an eternity of wonder.

  21. Diya Jena says:

    The smooth, slippery surface of the whale’s skin was like a dark rock plunged in water. Its small black eyes were packed with such kindness that it could not be described. Waves splashed the whale in an affectionate manner and the glorious sun bathed the majestic creature with a golden light, perfecting the look of this magisterial mammal.

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