Task 58
6th October 2014
Task 60
6th October 2014


  1. “Come on Honey, cheer up, we have to go to your Granny’s house now.” Said Little Honey’s mother.
    “Granny’s house?” Honey asked.
    “Yes, don’t you remember, when you met the little tabby cat?” answered her mother, looking puzzled.
    “Oh yes! Granny’s house!” cried Honey, immediately putting a massive cute grin on her face.
    “Ha ha ha!” laughed her mum.
    Honey’s mum was called Lizzy. Lizzy had had a happy life, ever since she gave birth to her adorable daughter Honey. Honey’s father had gone to Germany with his friends at work, and wouldn’t be back for quite a while, so Honey was staying at Lizzy’s mums while her father was at work.
    “In the car Honey,” said Lizzy softly as she clicked the button on her car keys.
    Honey was only three at the time, but was extremely adventurous for her age. She could do a lot of things that three year olds couldn’t, especially at her Grans house.
    When they reached the house, Lizzy picked Honey up out of her car seat, and slammed the car door with her other hand.
    “Hello everyone, come in,” said Gran kindly. “why don’t you go outdoors Honey,” said her Gran, and winked at her when Lizzy turned to make some tea.
    “yeah!” screeched Honey enthusiastically.
    “Of you go then, you have all day to play!” Gran called after Honey, as she skipped out of the back door.
    “Dear me,” Gran said, “What have you done to her to make her so lively?” laughed Gran.
    Lizzy laughed too.
    Back outside, Honey had remembered the cat she had met in the garden.
    “Kitty?” called Honey, “Where are you?” just then, like the cat had heard Honey call, the tabby poked her head round the corner, and caught sight of the small child. She dashed towards her and rubbed her head against Honey’s waist.
    “Kitty!” cried Honey, “Now, What could we play this time I wonder, hide and seek perhaps?”
    Now, when I said that Honey could do a lot of things other three year olds couldn’t, especially at her Granny’s, what do you think that special thing is?

  2. Once there was a little girl called Lucy who longed for a friend to play with at home . Her parents said they had a special surprise for her birthday which was in three days time .
    It was the summer holidays and the sun was always shinning. Lucy played in the garden all day long with her toys and teddies. Her mummy told her she wasn’t allowed in the spare room. Lucy promised .
    It was the day before her birthday ( like birthday eve . ) and she went to bed early to get up early.
    When she awoke she ran into her Mummy and Daddy’s room shouting “Its my birthday !” Her Mummy and Daddy sat up and sung happy birthday . Her Mummy asked if she was ready for her surprise.
    “Yes, yes shouted Lucy”
    “Well here you are, your special birthday surprise!.
    Lucy’s mummy lifted up the box and passed it to Lucy.
    Lucy carefully lifted the lid and looked inside.
    Sitting there with big brown eyes was a beautiful tabby kitten .
    “Hurray a friend at last !” shouted Lucy
    ” You’re called Kitty and I will love you forever and ever!”
    They had their breakfast and Lucy and Kitty played in the garden and were the best of friends.
    By Robyn Hodghton – Year 5 – Lincewood School

  3. Naila says:

    One day a little cute baby girl holding hands with her beloved mum ,went to the town center nursery and dropped her off .

    Meanwhile her mum went shopping. She went to the pet shop and saw a black stripped cat that some one was buying so she went to asda to buy some home things including things for her birthday party next week and presents plus it was nearly Christmas ( yippee!) and then ran to the post office for some letters.

    As time went by the bell rang ,so she dashed off to get her child called Ella . On the way home Ella found a cat that was black stripped so she stopped even though her mum kept going further and further away thinking she was with her.

    Ella looked around there was none there apart from herself and the cat. So she started to hug the cat but the cat didn’t have a collar and suddenly the cat scratched Ella and the owner of the cat came out side and told Ella off. Ella started to cry her mum heard so she sprinted as fast as she could and took her home .
    ( lesson for grownups don’t ever leave your kids alone.)


  4. Ryan Wong says:

    One day a cute girl called Mia was going to her Granny’s. When she got there she was asked what she wanted to do.

    Mia replied “I want to play aeroplanes,” after that she had her lunch, she ate a ham sandwhich. While she played the leaves gracefully swayed over her head, she suddenly heard a mieow. She wondered what it was.

    A stray cat appeared over the fence she approached the cat, the cat didn’t harm her, she knew the cat was friendly so she gently kissed the cat on the nose. Mia was called to come back in but she knew she was going to see the cat again.

    (A few days later) “Mummy can we go to Granny’s again?” asked Mia
    “Alright let’s go,” when they arrived Mia rushed to the garden and there the cat was, they started to play games together, which they really enjoyed, after all that fun she asked her mum if she could keep the cat.

    “Ok but on one condition you keep the cat in your room,” she said
    “Ok,” replied Mia.

    Mia named the cat Ginger and really cared for it.

    The end

  5. Shrey Biswas says:

    “Meow?” asked the newborn kitten. Sara giggled. she fondled the baby a bit more. They had similar pasts. Both taken from their mothers, taught how to survive and dropped without any warning. Then they had found each other. Sara had immediately taken a liking to it, and thought they should stick together. “Mice mat,” she lisped. It was obvious she still had not learnt English yet, and had picked it up from passing strangers. Suddenly a heavy thumping sound rang through the air. The house owner was back. “Run!” she whispered. The tabby took off, a streak of grey lightning, Sara sprinting behind. “Run, run, musht run!” she said. Run. The only word she knew. Perfect for an outcast.

    “Dat vas closhe,” she lisped. I think we’ll put this bad English knowledge aside.
    “We were nearly caught! Now, how do we get food?”
    The cat meowed, as if it were saying “Just leave that to me.” and darted inside a nearby MacDonalds. It plodded in front of a rich looking couple, and sat down, looking woebegone.
    “Look at the poor dear kitten, my dear,” said the lady to her husband.”So thin and starved. Who could have done this?”
    “Here.” said the gentleman in a deep, rich voice,handing it half of his pizza. “You’ll need it!”
    The cat took it, meowed gratefully, and plodded back outside. Sara was astounded by this cat’s acting skills and believability. “Lets stick together.” she said.

    With the two of them they can survive anything, and maybe even find their mother…
    And Sara started giggling again.

  6. Will Chow says:

    BEEP,BEEP, BEEP went Jo’s alarm clock she hopped out of bed and said to herself it’s my 5th birthday. She took her pyjamas off in a hurry (she wasn’t actually it was 7:15am in the morning). She raced down the stairs and opened the door into the lounge and right there in the lounge she saw her mum, dad and brother waiting for her with smiles upon their faces. Her mother Gina came up to Jo and said to her “Me, your dad and your brother Nicholas chose this present I think you’ll love it “. Jo slowly unwrapped the gift and when she opened it there was huge cute eyes staring at her, it was a kitten.

    She picked up the kitten gently and whispered “I’ll call you Stripes”. Jo’s dad came up to her and asked “Would you like toasted waffles with cream, strawberries and syrup for breakfast dear? Besides it is your birthday and Stripes would you like a salmon and tuna paste for breakfast as well?”. ( Warning never eat cat food it’s gross!) “Yes please dad!” said Jo jumping with joy.

    20 minutes later

    “Yum, yum said Jo licking her lips. Meow, meow purred Stripes as he ate the remaining lumps of salmon and tuna. “Come on Stripes let’s open the rest of the presents”. After all the joyful unwrapping fun, the rest of Jo’s family came round to wish her a happy birthday. Jo showed everyone the small, cute baby kitten there were ooh’s and ahh’s as she showed everybody. She was stopped when her mum came up to her with a delicious, mouth watering chocolate cake then she started to sing in a jolly voice “Happy birthday to you (by now everyone was singing joyfully) happy birthday to you happy birthday to Joanne happy birthday to you”. “Blow out your candles now dear and don’t forget to make a wish but don’t tell us or else it won’t come true”. With one great blow she blew out all the candles at once.

    Then she shouted out really loud and said “Thank you everyone for making me such a great birthday party especially you Stripes”.

    The End

  7. Alfie and the cat

    In the morning, on a hot summer day, Alfie (the two year old toddler) and Fluffy, the cat were playing together. Alfie was not an ordinary toddler, he was a magical one!

    Other than his parents, Alfie had only seen Fluffy in his life, so far. As Alfie grew up, he could understand and talk in the cat language. So, when he went to school he got teased by other children because the only word he could say was ‘meow’. But when he got teased, he luckily did not understand a word they said! By the time he got to Year Two at school, he could understand a few words in the English language.

    On a dark, spooky Halloween night, when Alfie was ten years old, he magically transformed into a cat! He did not know it until the next morning, when everyone at the school started laughing and pointing at his tail. But Alfie was happy to be a cat, because, unlike his friends at school, his cat friends were kind and loving to him. He could understand what they were saying to him and they all played happily together with him. It was the best time that Alfie had in his life!

  8. OC says:

    The lost kitten

    Once there was a little girl called Sophie and Sophie had always had longed for someone or a pet to play with and be her friend she is too young to go to school so she is at home all day every day, only her mother for company her mum is always busy working from home so they never really spend much time together. But today her mother asked the people at work to have a day off to spend with her daughter and they very kindly let her have the day off. Her and Sophie had a fabulous time they went out shopping together and went to by fruit, went to the park. The next day it was the same but this time they found a little tabby cat and of course Sophie fell in love with it and longed to take it home so she asked her over and over again so her mother eventually had to take it home to their house but first of all they went and brought cat food, toys, a bed, so then once they had ever thing they headed home. When they got there Sophie longed to show the kitten her bedroom then Sophie declared “the little kitten should be called Molly and it shall sleep in my bedroom I will feed it and everything she is now my responsibility” so her mother had to agree and forever she treasured the moment when she rescued the little kitten and her and Molly grew up very fast and when Sophie grew up she told this tale to her children.

  9. One day in little Milly’s garden she saw a cat that was meowing and purring so she asked he mummy to go outside her mummy said yes so she went outside and played with the little kitten for ages she played all day with her. Eventually it was home time went home and wet for the little kitten and little Milly went home and went to bed.

  10. OC says:

    There once was a baby called Rosie,
    She took her best friend a posie!
    One day in the sun,
    They laughed and had fun,
    Then sat by the fire all cosy!

    There once was a kitten all fluffy,
    She lived in a cabin, so stuffy!
    Her best friend was coming,
    She skipped along humming,
    She arrived to cats house all puffy!

    One day Rosie and cat brought coffee,
    It cam along with some toffee.
    They fancied some cake,
    But couldn’t really bake!
    Then went away all stroppy!

    They danced away to the moon,
    And hoped to sea each other soon.
    When tomorrow came,
    They did it all again,
    And promised to meet around noon!

  11. Tima says:

    I was round my friends house, playing around, telling each other secrets and annoying my friends brother. We went into the living room and Jack (my friend) nearly smashed my photo that I gave him. I caught it just in time, just before it would have landed on the floor and broke. “Careful Jack!” I shouted out as he zoomed of into his room. The photo was extremely dusty, so I gave it a tiny blow. Suddenly, dusty flew around everywhere and I coughed like mad, it was “it”.
    By “it” I meant the oldest picture of me ever, it had me sitting near my granny’s cat and playing with it. Then it felt as if I was going back in time, traveling through my head scanning through my memories, searching for the time that it was round my granny’s. It felt like I searched everything in my brain, I even saw some really embarrassing moments, which I won’t tell you because if I do then I would be a laughing stock. Then I found “it”, I remembered how I found my granny’s cat and played with it, I just wished that Jack was there…

  12. Sam Craig-Greene says:

    One day, when I was licking my paws as usual, I saw a face, but not just any face, the face of my owner’s baby. The other kids fed me veggie protein bites (i’m a vegetarian) and played with me,but the baby just stared. it stared its eyes out and still, nothing. the kids then picked her up and lifted her to the garage where their mother worked. Their father worked for Scotland Yard and is in London for a long time, and they lived in Wickford, miles away from London. I had no one to play with so I walked over to the garage across the road, and, yet again, played with my owners. By lunch, I was worn out, and my owners were too. So we ent back home and had lunch. I had soda to drink because I was good, and had egg, bread and butter, and an apple.

  13. Diya Jena says:

    Bailey, with his tail wagging charmingly in the air, looked up at a man ambling past him with his large, soft eyes that gave an innocent, hopeless look to him. As usual, the man walked past as if he was an undesirable newspaper on the side of the road. Looking down with a depressed expression, little Bailey wandered on, through the streets, his home.
    Tall, powerful buildings mocked and taunted Bailey, saying they were better than him. The whistling, wandering wind made a WOOSH, passing neglected Bailey. The snow crunched under his small paws, that were being pricked by the bitterness and cold of the white carpet. Small drifts of snow plummeted to the ground, landing on Bailey’s thick coat of matted fur.
    In the part of the street that he was, there was nobody but himself. The buildings here were gloomy and dejected, with large weeds and plants growing on it. The windows were either shattered or boarded up, and on a few there were signs saying: Danger! The sky was just turning red when Bailey, almost instantly, caught sight of a small girl, aged about ten, walking alongside a tabby cat. The girl was wearing a thick scarf, a hat and mittens. This was his chance; Bailey quickly lay down on the biting snow and started to whimper a bit, as if he was hurt. Instantaneously, the girl whipped her head around. With a small gasp, she ran over and knelt down.
    And that was the last day Bailey ever slept in the streets of London.

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