Task 59
6th October 2014
Task 61
14th October 2014

Write a letter to a friend, who lives a long way away, inviting them to your birthday party.


  1. Invitation to My Birthday Party

    Dear Daniel ,
    I am inviting you to my 10th birthday party. It is going to be the most exclusive party you’ve ever been too! We will have the most delicious cake, a chocolate cake. My friends will be delighted to meet you and maybe you could make friends with some of them. It’s in the afternoon so then you have got enough time to travel the long distance.
    The time of the party is 2:00p.m.
    It’s at SS7 8AR Samson beach
    It will be at the beach under the blazing hot sun were we can swim in the beautifully blue sea! Hopefully, you come to my birthday party. I haven’t seen you for a long time so I am very excited to meet again.


  2. Zoe olakanpo says:

    98 Lower Mardyke Ave
    Rainham Essex
    Dear Cassie,
    I am writing to you to invite you to my 11th birthday party celebration.It is going to be the most magnificent party you have ever been to. As well as this, there is going to be scrumptious cake with delicious sweets that taste like heaven! The party starts at 1:00 p.m prompt on the 9th of September. I hope you can make it! it will be in Thorpe Park Adventure Island! Since I haven’t seen you in ages I am very exhilarated to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kind regards 🙂

  3. Ryan Wong says:

    Dear Jack

    Hi Jack,how are you doing? I’m doing fine and it’s my birthday soon, and I want you to come.

    The place where my birthday is going to be celebrating is laser combat, and the time you have to arrive is 7:45 pm. It’s going to take 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are going to be 6 friends coming including you.

    How you play.What you do there is you put on vest with a gun attached to it and when you put it on you go upstairs into the battlefield and when the game starts you shoot lasers at your enemy.

    You have a choice what you want to eat the choice is a burger, fish fingers, pizza. My birthday cake is a minecraft theme.

    Hope you could come to my birthday.

    From Ryan

  4. Dear Lottie,
    It’s your Insane, dramatic best friend, Grace. Tommorow I am reaching the grand age of 13, so like every year, I will be hosting a party. This year it’s a pool party!

    You have to be there at 1.00pm at 39 Bedhead Street, Langdon Hills. Don’t panic or worry if your not there by 1.00.
    It will be sensational consider it a promise!

    There will a be cake a, gigantic chocolate one and delicous food .

    Don’t worry If you can’t make it but it would be great to see you.

  5. Dear Mary,
    I hope everyone is well and had a great Christmas! It is my 10th birthday on the 6th of February! I am so excited. I wanted to invite you to my epic party! (Don’t worry if you can’t make it!) It will take place on my actual Birthday (6th of Feb), at my house in the garden, at 12:00pm. There will be lots of animals there like: snakes, meerkats, ponies and tarantulas.
    It’s an animal party! I know you LOVE animals! People from Colchester Zoo do it round peoples houses!
    There will be scrumptious food and an animal cake!

    I really hope that you can make it so that we can see each other again! My friends from school are also coming, so you can meet some of them too.

    Lots of love Ruby x

  6. tommy says:

    5/02/15 4 Rhum mews ss129ju
    Dear Sam
    On the 23rd of September I am having a fabulous sleep over party for my 11th birthday!I would really appreciate if you came since I have not seen you for ages!At my amazing sleep over party we will be doing a range of activities such as; a football tournament ,a nerf gun battle, a fifa 15 tournament and watching a movie that we will all decide on!For dinner we will have some scrumptious burgers , chips and beans and for desert we will have some delicious football birthday cake!The other people coming to my awesome birthday party are Reece H , George M,George T and Matthew but Matthew has to leave early because he has to go football practise in the morning!If you could get here at 2:30 that will be great and if you can be picked up at 12:00 that would also be great ! Hope you can come.
    from your pal Tommy F

  7. Dear Lilly,
    On the 25th of September I’m having my 11th birthday party and would like you to come to my party it will be at my house they’re will be a beauty lady doing our hair and nails it would be lovely if you could come they’re will also be a sleepover after please come.
    Shianne xx

  8. Will Chow says:

    Dear Arthur,
    How are you feeling? Because I haven’t talked to you since Christmas, I know you feel a bit lonely sometimes so the reason I’m sending you this letter is because it’s my birthday party on March the 5th and I want you to come to my party!

    It’s going to be so much fun because all my friends are coming and were having a sleepover! I’m really excited because you’re coming with my friends and we can stay up to 1 ‘o’ clock in the morning because my mum and dad will be letting us do whatever we want!

    If you can come that’ll be great but if you can’t for some reason come just phone my mum and she’ll sort out another day for me and you!

    From your #1 BBF


    P.s you can bring your gadgets and were also aloud to bring sweets!

  9. 80 Fairfield Rise Billericay Essex CM12 9NU


    Dear Jack, how are you, is everyone well? I heard that you fell, and I was wondering if you’d recovered yet. I’m well and the family are well too, my sister, though, is as always, annoying, but she’s getting better!

    I am inviting you my 10th birthday party, on the 23rd September (the day after my birthday.) It will be a laser party at laser combat, Widford Industrial Estate, Tattersall Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3UB from 11:00-13:00.
    From Jake

    P.S. Please let me know if you can come, it doesn’t matter if you can’t!
    P.P.S. If you are coming, could you please be there at about 5 to? Thanks!

  10. Tim says:

    To Jack,
    I am inviting you to my 11th birthday party, I know that you won’t know much of the people there, but that’s OK, because I will introduce you everyone there so you meet some new friends. I would be extremely happy if you could make it to my birthday party. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to come because if you text my mum (see below) or you could tell me in person at school, if you will have to tell me that at school then meet me in the playground at thirty past twelve tomorrow so we could talk, I hope that you don’t live too far away from the place where the party is.
    The party is on 12th November 2016.
    The time of the party is 4 o’ clock in the afternoon.
    It’s at 00 Washingon rd
    Phone number 00000000000
    Thank you, Ben

  11. Firehot1497 says:

    2 Coach House Lane
    Fictional Town
    Made Up County
    SS99 999

    22 July 2016
    Matthew Brown
    443 Southampton Street
    Imaginary Town
    XX9 9XY

    Dear Matthew

    Hi Matthew – I would really like to invite you to my 11th birthday party.

    It is on Saturday 5th August at 2pm at Delta Force in Billericay. My party is a paintball party – have you ever done paintball before? It’s awesome ! I did mini-paintball last year but will be old enough this time to do proper paintball which is way cooler and more exciting !

    It might seem a long way for you to travel such a distance but I really miss you and would really be so happy if you could come. Addtionally, I am also inviting lots of school friends that you used to know when you lived here and they would all be so excited to see you !

    Please let me know asap if you can come – I really hope you can.

    RSVP to my Billericay address.



  12. Sophie H-E says:

    Party Invitation

    Dear Jess,

    I am writing to inform you that it is my amazing birthday and that I would love to invite you to my bouncing party.

    First of all, how are you? I haven’t seen you in 1 and a half months. I hope you can make it to my party, I would love to see you. Please come it will be amazing.

    My bouncing birthday party will be on the 31st of August 2017 at 10pm. We are going to the one and only Jump Giants in Lakeside. It will be great! even better if you’re there! We will be bouncing like kangaroos everywhere.

    Hope you can come, I can’t wait to see you. Please write an astonishing letter back to me to say how you are doing and if you can come to my spectacular party.

    Kind regards,
    Sophie Hellier-Evans

  13. Sophie H-E says:

    Dear Anne,

    It’s my fabulous birthday party this weekend and i was wondering if you could come. It will be astonishing if you could come.

    It will be like a remarkable hurricane full of laughter. Trust me, you will enjoy it. I am laughter. The mouth-watering creamy cake will be blowing amazing fire out of the candles. The fire is as red as the beautiful spring sunset.

    It will be at 9AM till 10PM. We will all be enjoying ourselves while our bossy parents tidy the gloomy grub up. Please come, it won’t be the same without you.

  14. cheeky boy says:

    To Daniel,

    I want to invite you to my birthday party. It will take place in ‘Jump Giants’ in Lakeside, United Kingdom and it will be extremely fun. I know it is far for you but you can probably still make it.

    We will be having pizza (gluten free and with gluten) with your chosen toppings. If you want dessert, you can either choose ice cream (any flavour) or chocolate cake. I you are going to get a present, I would either have a game voucher or some money.

    If you are coming, please reply to me.


  15. Nihal says:

    Mr birthday had approached, and now was the time I could face-time mt friend. So I clicked on his face-time name, as soon as he came on the screen he shouted, ‘Happy birthday!’ as loud as a lion’s roar. TJ was his name as soon and as soon as he said it I laughed loudly just like his roar.

    After 15 minutes I had finished our call, and then cut my beautiful birthday cake. The candles danced all over the place like ballerinas. I took a deep breath in and blew them out with great gusto. I was now eleven years old!

  16. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Dear Amelia,

    I hope that you well and safe at your new home. I am soon going to reach the royal age of twelve, so I would love to invite you to my birthday party, as you are a wonderful part of my life. I ts going to be a special birthday, as I have been extremely helpful to my family. Moreover, we are to have a carnival too, which is at the end, and songs will be sung enthusiastically. You will come, won’t you, and you won’t disappoint me, or will you? It will be held on the 21st of March, 2017, Friday. You are the one I am most eager to see.
    I can promise you that you will have the time of your live. If you are coming, please remember to write compliments after the party to say if it was eye catching or not. It will be astonishing, and that’s a promise.

    Your loving friend,


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