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14th October 2014
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14th October 2014


  1. Raquel says:


    This is amazing, I can’t believe it! Oh, hi there would you like to hear about my perfect day?Yeah, of course come over here and i’ll tell you about it.
    ” Come on, we’re going to be late for school Max!”
    ” You can’t boss me around, and plus i’m coming!”
    ” Guys, guys, stop fighting your buts off.”
    ” You know mum, why don’t you go get a cup of tea?”
    ” For once Max is right!”
    ” Shut up Libby, i’m always right!”
    ” No you’re not!”
    ” Yes I am!”
    ” Max! Go up to your room until I call you,”
    ” Libby, you come with me.”
    ” Libby,”
    ” Yes mum?”
    ” You are going out tonight,”
    ” Am I going to the junk yard with you ?”
    ” No, you are going to a fire work diplay with your friends!”
    ” Really?”
    ” Yes really!”
    The rest of my day at school, I was as happy as ever, and not one problem made me frown. I knew that that night I was going to be amazed!
    Rebbeca, Vanessa and me headed down to the field where it would be taking place. The show started at 11:00 and while I was watching I thought, this IS really amazing.

  2. Daisy Parker says:


    As sizzling sparkling fireworks zoom up into the stars I sit and gaze at the rest of the spectacular collection of colours. “Pop! Pop! Pop!” The noise of the exploding fireworks could be heard from many miles away.

    They elluminate the pitch black nights sky filing empty bodies with joy. A brilliant blue one bangs leaving sparks dropping from the heavens. They burst and create a sensational display. An overwhelming orange firework magically list up the dark night. Millions of eye-catching orange splashes of paint spread the heavens. A perfect purple explodes into outer space! Stunningly an emerald green firework splashes and unexpectedly zooms up into the night. It is as bright as the shining stars surrounding it.

    The smell of burning trees wafts through the clear air. It smells like stinky smoke. The night is freezing but I am warm and cosy wearing the fluffiest onesie I own. It is a magical night!

  3. Ryan Wong says:

    One day a boy called Jack went to a place when it was bonfire night.
    “This is amazing!”Jack said,he was shocked with all the fireworks. He didn’t care about the noise but he gazed at the wonderful fireworks.

    “Mum, I love this display of fireworks,”Jack said happily. He wanted to go home and light up some fireworks. He loved when the fireworks exploded into different stuff.

    He was thinking about when he got older he could design what the explosions could look like.Jack loved a particular explosion it was a very beautiful pattern. When he got home he could’t stop thinking about the bonfire night.

  4. Fireworks

    Fantastic Fireworks flying high,
    Impossible spins as fast as a cheetah,
    Raining ashes from the sky,
    Every child smiling up at the night,
    Wonderful, wild Catherine Wheels spinning,
    On the ground the people watch,
    Rockets flying high,
    Keeping safe watching from a distance,
    Sparkling fireworks.

    By Daisy Nash

  5. Adam says:


    As dusk descends, sensational, sizzling and spectacular fireworks rise rapidly up into the opaque sky astonishing spectators. Miscellaneous colours explode like dynamite into little, diminutive fragments, dispersing all over the arid, grey ground.

    Ubiquitous, luminous colours erupt from red, hazardous and precarious rockets. Rainbow colours make so many entertaining and overwhelming patterns. The sapphire blue lights up the dull sky. Golden yellow like the shining sun shatters swiftly. Observers taking pictures of the phenomenal sight. Kids have hotdogs with ketchup squirted on their smooth sausages. Even adults fussing frantically about the view!!!

    It is such fun that when I went to bed, it was like a candle being blown out by a biting wind. I definitely want to come back to this BRILLIANT and AMAZING place again next year.

  6. OC says:


    Fireworks in the sky,
    Blazing hot and high,
    What a spectacular sight I see,
    Lighting up the night sky,
    Catherine wheels spinning,
    On the ground the people watch,
    The hot ashes flying down,
    All the colours I see,
    The children watching gleefully,
    Rockets fly high,
    The fireworks I see.

  7. Fireworks are fantastic, very bright and colourful.
    I love them a lot they are my favourite.
    Red, blue and other different colours.
    Every different, special colours.
    Wonderful I love looking at the bright colours.
    Or see them turn in different directions.
    Keeping together and being with someone.
    Special, amazing fireworks.

  8. Adam says:

    Fireworks Poem

    Bang goes the red rocket,
    Making beautiful patterns.
    People at home putting things into a socket,
    Boys getting pancakes at a stall, that the man flattens.
    CRAZY colours go round and round,
    A girl spending a pound!

    Men making candy floss,
    Women putting on lip-gloss.
    Tiny crumbs fall onto the ground,
    Mice have such a pleasure with what they’ve found!
    Cake-selling stalls, smoothies and slush puppies,
    Older boys playing with a football, doing keepy-uppies.

    People calling ,”Jack!”
    Boys and girls having a special snack.
    Coca Cola, Lemonade, Tango, Fanta,
    Swirling fireworks making images of Santa.
    Finally, the firework show has ended

  9. Fireworks
    Fireworks shoot up as high as a plane,
    send color to the sky ,
    making funny pictures in our eyes,
    hear the people laughter
    as we drink fizzy pop and eat hot dog,
    see the swirling fireworks dance in the air,
    now the shows over there’s no more laughter.

  10. OC says:


    Fireworks in the sky,
    Blazing hot and high,
    What a spectacular sight I see,
    Lighting up the night sky,
    The moon is a balloon,
    Round like cheese,
    Catherine wheels spinning.
    In the air the fireworks float,
    Like a ship or a sailing boat,
    On the ground the people watch,
    Eating hot dogs.
    Funny faces for all to see,
    As they watch,
    As happy as can be.
    So now the nights over,
    And they have to go home,
    To be tucked up in bed,
    Dreaming of that night.

  11. A blaze of colours illuminate the night sky. As cunning as foxes, yet as elegant as swans, you never know when or where they will elate the crowds. Fighting for the glory, the vain show off their colours, the fireworks grab your attention with their deafening bangs and ear-piercing screams as they shoot up towards the heavens. Vast legions of faces roar with anticipation, the excitement churning in their stomachs. They are a rolling mass of glee. Zipping around are all sorts of fireworks and rising up is a plume of smoke, only noticeably by its smell and when it covers the show, down below it are the crackling flames, licking up the rest of the decrepit guy. One firework is set off, while, simultaneously, another is set up.

    Soon the show is over, and the ruddy-cheeked spectators all went to their cars, back home with happy memories, got changed and retired to their beds, to a luxurious sleep that awaited them full of sweet dreams and great memoirs.

  12. Tima says:

    One beautiful sunlit day I woke up with a gargantuan yawn, at first I thought that it was a normal day and that I would go to school as usual. Once I finally got out of bed I asked Mum at what time was my music lesson at school, but she answered “Don’t you remember? It’s the fourth of November today!” “What about school?” I questioned “There’s no school today because all the teacher’s have got a meeting that carries on for the whole day.” I couldn’t believe it, no school for a day, on the fourth of November! I thought that I was dreaming until I pinched myself so I knew that I wasn’t asleep. Despite all of that the best thing was that everyone was coming round my house to watch the fireworks go off. By just about seven o’ clock almost every friend was round my house, people were chatting and waiting for the show to start. Finally, once everyone was here (which was about nine o’ clock) the first firework was set off. After the first firework it seemed like there were millions left over until the final firework shot up into the air like a beautiful rocket, it shot up kilometers into the sky until… it exploded into thousands of colours and the fireworks ended. Now that was the best day of my life.

  13. Ruby humphreys says:


    Bonfire night

    It was the fifth of November. Sarah opened her eyes. A lovely sensation of excitement rushed quickly and over her body, leaving her puzzled.
    “Something is happening today…” Sarah thought quietly to herself, “but what?”
    Sarah lay cozily curled up in her bed, clutching the duvet, her eyes wide open and confused. Why had she felt the excited sensation fly over her? Was it someone’s birthday? Or was it a different special occasion like Halloween? No, it couldn’t be. Easter? Of course not! It definitely wasn’t Christmas…so it had to be…
    “Bonfire night!” Sarah gasped, throwing the duvet off her warm body, and leaping out of bed.
    The warmth of her body was the bonfire, throwing off sparks into the cold night air, and the excited feelings in her stomach were the fireworks, exploding into bright, colourful, star-shaped lights inside her. WHIZZ! BANG! YIPEE!
    “How spine-tinglingly exciting!” cried Sarah, hauling her ginormous bag of delicious foods and pleasurable amusements down the stairs.
    She gulped down her last mouthful of chocolatey coco pops and pulled her big heavy bag along the floor to the car. She wouldn’t stop chatting the whole way to the field to her mum and dad, about the gorgeous and such pretty things they were going to be silently gazing curiously at later, on that splendid and marvellous day.
    The excited Sarah and her also quite excited parents arrived at the ginormous, muddy field. They lay a furry, warm blanket on the floor and sat comfortably, and sleepily from the long, boring car journey, onto the blanket. The enormous, chilli red bonfire was already as big as ever, sparks flying here and there, lighting the dark, cloudy sky, that nearly looked as if it were midnight. What was the time? When were the brightly coloured explosions of the stunning and magnificent fireworks going to appear?
    Lush Lights to buy at the stalls, Fascinating Fireworks to watch explode glamorously and intriguingly. Sarah loved every second of the dark-skied, lively night.
    Sarah and her family were sitting happily on their blanket and suddenly a loud BANG came from the sky above them. They jumped with fright and looked into the beautiful, black sky.
    “It’s the fireworks!” Sarah gasped surprised, looking up at the sparkling fireworks in the pitch black night sky.
    The fireworks were the hands of giants that lived at the top of the beanstalk. There was ruby red, dazzling pink, sunny yellow, fiery orange and grassy green. It, to Sarah, looked like a whole new world in the sky. Yellow for the sun, green for the grass, the orange and red for the fire, the pink for the flowers.
    “This is fantastic!” Sarah exclaimed, jumping around in a circle.
    Suddenly, there was no noise. Had it finished? Was it over?
    Sarah looked around disappointed.
    “Oh, I think it’s over…” She said.

  14. Adam says:


    Bang goes the red rocket,
    Making beautiful patterns.
    People at home putting things in a socket,
    Boys getting pancakes at the stall, that the man flattens.
    CRAZY colours go round and round,
    A girl spending a pound!

    Men making candy floss,
    Women putting on lip-gloss.
    Tiny crumbs fall onto the ground,
    Mice have such a pleasure with what they’ve found!
    Cake-selling stalls, smoothie and slush puppies,
    Older boys playing with a football doing keepy-uppies.

    People calling, “Jack”!
    Boys and girls having a special snack.
    Coca Cola, lemonade, Tango and Fanta,
    Swirling fireworks making images of Santa.
    Finally, the firework show has ended.

  15. Estelle B says:

    Firework display
    “Bang!” and the fireworks shot up into the air sizzling and leaving a beautiful trail of colours. I gaze at the beautiful bright explosion of fireworks. All around me I could hear everyone go ‘wow’ once a firework goes to touch the stars. The noise of the fireworks was so loud you could hear it from miles away. The beautiful sight wouldn’t stop and all I wanted was for it to go on forever. As a bright electric blue firework shot up and gave life to the darkness my body filled up with warmth. As the last firework shot up, my heart sank! This was the end of it but I told myself this is the last one, so I’m going to enjoy it as much as the other ones maybe even more. It was multi-coloured and was the brightest and the biggest firework I had ever seen in my whole entire life. You could see little specks of sparkles long after it exploded. Everyone was going back home but instead I stayed and stared into the darkness were the fireworks had been seconds before.

  16. Emma Corrigan says:

    Promenade fireworks

    Late yesterday evening, it was the time of day when the sun went down and darkness came. Everybody in Maldon came to see the wonderful firework display. It was a tiresome wait until…
    Suddenly loud fireworks shot into the sky to far out distances, wide eyes were facing up into the enormous display! Open mouths “ooo’d! and “aahhdd” at psychedelic shape exploding very high into the sky.
    Booming stars shower sparkling flashes of glitter in the ink black sky, racing rockets rain twinkling coloured specs of light cackling and crackling over the enormous expectant crowd. The rainbow coloured finale draw gasp and applause as the last firework died.

  17. Sophie H-E says:


    Ellie was in her azure, shinny car with her mum, dad and brother. It was eight pm when excited Ellie arrived at the busy firework display. The firework display was for Guy Forks night. After twenty minutes, there were fireworks sizzling down from the dark, blue sky. The bangs were as loud as thunder roaring. The fireworks were as colourful as two rainbows put together. Ellie was watching the amazing fireworks as though she had never seen them before. Once the firework display had finished, her mum, dad and brother all got into their car to go home. When they got home they had a tasty, warm hot chocolate and then went to bed.


  18. Ali says:

    Bonfire night

    Finally, bonfire night had arrived and excitement filled the air. The fire was as hot as lava it burned the core of my soul. Bright yellow-orange, flames danced, flickered knowing they were being watched by an amazed crowd. The fire was a dragon roaring with fury and spitting charcoal, with the immense heat that slapped your face. In the middle of the dragon stood guy Fawkes. He was stuffed with wool, it was wearing a tatty blazer, his eyes were painted red, and he is standing on a big bulky brown stick it looked like a demon. You could smell the wood as it was burning it smelt like charcoal. Above the dark black clouds were low and hairy in the skies, like locks blown forward in the beam of eyes. People watching the bonfire were in high spirits. The babies were crying because the fire was too hot, and the dogs howling like wolfs, the owls in the trees were tooting.

    I felt a drizzle of rain on my head, all the people quickly got out their umbrellas in case it started to rain heavily as the guard did more fireworks the more brighter and beautiful the sky looked it felt like it was daylight. You could hear the people saying ‘oh look that one’ ‘beautiful’, ‘that one’s my favourite’. If you listened carefully you could hear their voices echo. Suddenly it started to rain really heavily. People ran left and right towards their cars, some people ran straight ahead. I was running as fast as I could to find some shelter, it muddy everywhere my feet squelched into. As I looked into the distance I could see the kid’s little legs running for shelter, following their parents. The food tasted like a soggy sponge because it was wet. People had thrown the food on the ground it smelt of over dated food. The fire was going out, now it was more of a dark red-orange colour.

    When I looked up in the sky I saw the most beautiful colours they were as bright as glitter, it looked like glitter had been thrown in the sky. It smelt like gunpowder was burning in the air it smelt like tarmac, I could taste it in my mouth it tastes like deodorant. Then the man shouted hears the grand finally I heard a loud bang , then when I looked up in the sky I saw the most beautiful multicolour in the sky. After 15 minutes everyone had left. The ground was empty it was all quiet all you could hear were the dogs howling and the owls wings flapping as the owl was flying from one tree to the other. As the fire brigade was coming you could hear the loud engine from a distance, when the fire brigade was putting the fire out you could hear the firemen’s voices echo around the ground. As I was walking home I was thinking how wonderful the fireworks were

  19. Lakshmi Janipireddy says:

    Fireworks, Fireworks light up in the night.
    The colour will never be white.
    so watch out and be careful or otherwise pay
    since I will make a colourful day

    Loud bangs are coming your way
    Did you know some people love May?
    So don’t sit down and feed your horse hay!

    If you want to come bring some glitter
    But remember do not throw it down as that will be litter
    Don’t be melancholic, but be happy
    You baby will cry if you don’t change it’s nappy!!

    If you see a firework gasp
    But if you see a wasp…….
    I think run
    Bring dome food including a bun!

    Fireworks are the best
    You will pass the light fireworks test
    I think some people love shooting fireworks to the west.
    How about you, or will you be snuggled bored in your comfy nest?

  20. Oreo girl says:

    The sound of fireworks is like a roaring lion screaming at its defenceless prey. First it starts as a single streak of light, and then it bursts into life with vivid colours. It was a cold, crisp night; the weatherman had predicted snow. We all wrapped up in our warm woollen coats and snuggled up around the blazing campfire.
    Remember, remember the fifth of November.

  21. Sophie H-E says:


    It was a dark, gloomy winters day after school when Ellie and her mum were walking home. Like usual, they passed the alleyway that had rats and foxes in. Then they passed the freaky forest (it feels like walking passed a petrifying jungle with tigers and lions and lots of different ferocious animals.) About a few minutes later, they arrived home. The tremendous trees were waving hello as they approached their shiny, clean front door.

    When they got in, Ellie’s dad came running down the stairs waving his hands and shouting “I’ve got three golden tickets for front row seats in the flaming firework display just down the road!” Well, what you waiting for, lets go!” replied Ellie’s mum. So they got in the car and off they went! When they arrived they went to their seats and the fireworks started! BANG…BOOM…BANG!

  22. Aaron juhti says:

    The Fireworks

    Finally, the day had come, its was Diwali. The fireworks, as vivid as Vegas at night. They were upside down volcanoes erupting and waving their multicoloured tuffs of hair. CRASH!!! BANG!!! And BOOM!!!!! It was like fire in the air, sunrise and dust mixed together. The colours were crimson, gold, damson, and terracotta.

    Sadly there was a feeling of melancholy because Diwali had now ended. The last fireworks shooting down back at us and the men and women all leaving. With everyone’s faces dour and dropped down, they suddenly had an idea which illuminated their faces. Let’s be prepared for next year’s Diwali.

  23. Millie Adams says:

    “Pop pop pop!” Rapidly but swiftly, the explosions departed from each other, although, the dynamite like sight was satisfying,sparkling,sensationally, pharnomanal they unfortunatly detachted and turned into minisque specks,speedily.Steadily spreading, the aromatic scent of gun powder fulfilled my nostrils. This was bonfire night! Suddenly,an extraordinary radient spark shot through the sky seperating the dark in half ,while,growling with all its might trying to guard the colossal city.It was so overwhelming! Without knowing, a pair of fireworks twirled up into the deepest black…vibrant,colourful and fascinating was a word to relate to these beauties ,however,they did not stay up for long…gloomily,descending as well as working their way to the horizon,they unexpectently …vanished.

  24. Shubhi says:

    Fabulous,flaming fireworks were blazing brightly in the spectacular sky on New Year’s Eve. As the clock chimed twelve, many people gathered round to watch the fireworks talk to them. It was so crowded. Some people were so excited and happy, they started to cry with joy. No-one could hear their own voices it was so loud. The fireworks were like a rampaging storm of elephants. BANG! BOOM! CRASH! A blaze of colours illuminates the azure, night sky.

  25. Jeffreyn says:

    Amazing enormous firework are spectacular and firework are like star,sparkling the world. I want to see huge massive firework because firework are exploding bombs. You can see bright coloured fireworks flying in the sky even though firework zooms in to space. Fiery firework very hot to touch. Yellow orange fireworks bursting out immediately.

  26. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Today was the day of the bonfire, and I was leaping in glee. I had heard rumours that the bonfires were terrifying, but I never believed tales told by these dishonest people.
    ” Maria! Are you ready yet?” Questioned my mother.
    ” Yes!” I replied.
    I jumped into my fathers gleaming, ivory car, and we zoomed rapidly into the night.
    When we arrived, a spectacular scene was set before me. Lights brightened, lovely couples were roaming my surroundings and everything was in its perfect place. A few minutes later, it happened, the lights dimmed, and colourful sparks flew into the air. It all happened so perfectly, that my eyes broadened in astonishment. It was like colours being thrown into the air, then bursting int rainbows. I just stared at it, my mouth was in the middle of nowhere for words. It was magnificent, and is extremely memorable to me personally.

  27. Riya Jena says:

    WHIZZ! BOOM! A firework went off as I watched the sky. Colours lit the sky as I watched, and the crowd around me oohed in amazement. The colours danced across the black night sky, outshining the many stars and the moon. More and more went off but no one was bored of them as every one of them was as different as every snowflake. My nose filled up with the smoke from the exploding fireworks, but I still didn’t get put off from the astonishing show.

  28. Diya Jena says:

    ZOOM! The firework made its way up to the brilliant black sky dotted with white pin pricks of light. It was in a second that it exploded into a shower of golden sparks, raining down upon the dazed people. The next one was just as beautiful, this time making a large BANG! The golden fireworks were just as magnificent as lions, or as pretty as butterflies.
    The half-moon which was trying its best to stand out, was just a small, unnoticed thing, although the fireworks were quite the opposite, smiling and flashing their shiny, vibrant teeth at the crowd below. Everything was unimportant except for the firework that was hypnotizing children as well as adults. With one, large, smooth swish, the last fireworks slashed into the air in unison, at last exploding into a crowd of colour and light, blending together well. Sadly, slowly, reluctantly, the last sparks flew down, leaving the watchers below crying and pleading for more.

  29. Lana says:

    BANG! CRASH! CRACKLE! A million fireworks exploded before my eyes. KAPOW! Another lot came. Bouncing like a ball, I stared in amazement at the fireworks. The bare, black sky had been replaced with beautiful colours and dazzling white stars. The trees swished their branches. It looked like the fireworks had been painted on! Little sparks of pink and blue became spinning Catherine wheels, setting the velvety sky ablaze with beauty. The sound nearly destroyed my ears, banging consistently. I’d never see a sight the same as this. Over people like me watched in awe, utterly amazed. It was like a ginormous pack of colouring pencils had come along to earth and brightened up our galaxy.

  30. Diya Jena says:

    Being New Year’s Eve, our family went out to see the beautiful fireworks.
    An orange snake whizzed through the navy blue sea of stars. With a tremendous BANG, it burst as if it was a bag full of surprises that couldn’t be contained. The spiralling sparks greeted the earth before dying, slowly, sadly. Before I could count another second, one of its companions shot upwards, this time putting on a more tricky, elaborate show than its comrade’s. Many more like those went up, though I didn’t notice the last, most spectacular one, because I closed my eyes and drifted into a tranquil, serene sleep.

  31. diya Jena says:

    Against the inky sky, the thousands of fireworks boomed open simultaneously like pins pricking colourful balloons. When my eyes were closed, the crackles and bangs were heard amidst the shouting and laughing and wondrous sighs at the beautiful view. Slowly, sadly, the embers lightly danced to the floor as ballerinas wearing bright orange. Smoke filled my lungs in hardly a matter of minutes, but I didn’t mind; the sublime performance could not be missed. I clutched onto the wooden fence as the biggest firework burst in the sea of stars.

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