Task 62
14th October 2014
Task 64
14th October 2014


  1. Aki says:

    There are 10,000 types of ants. Each ant colony has at least one or more queen ants.These ants are worker ants and they are carrying food.If a worker ant has found a good source of food,it leaves a scent so that the other ants can find the food.In this way the worker ants collect the food.

  2. Concrete, earth and soil are infested with all sorts of fascinating mini beasts, hiding so many secrets. But there is one in particular busy bee, ants. Over ten thousand different types of ants live, picking up leaves and walking in a lengthened long line to a certain destination. The little parasites are an army of soldiers, marching to battle, serving their queen. A human being will never see an ant in the darkness, to us they’re only a shadow.

  3. Ammiel Richards says:

    Ammiel Richards

    Ants have been able to survive on earth for more than 100 million years and with over 20,000 different species of ants, they can be found anywhere in the world. Below are some facts and information on these amazing eusocial insects that are related to wasps and bees.

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