Task 63
14th October 2014
Task 65
14th October 2014


  1. Ryan Wong says:

    One day a dad and a son were not in a great mood. One was angry because his son didn’t do his homework, and the other one was angry aswell because he didn’t want to do his homework.

    One went to school bored, the other went to work angry. They both had a miserable day. They both made mistakes everywhere because they were distracted.

    After school he did a club he went to multisports when he got home he was very sweaty.

    While their mum cooked diner they sorted something out, they both agreed that they will not fight any more. They were both called to diner, they had spaghetti. Their happiness took over and then they had a food fight.

  2. The Food Fight

    Finally the dreaded day arrived! Mike’s exam results had been given out to him and they were pretty appalling! Having got told off by his teacher for his poor results, he went home in misery after the school day.
    Reaching home, he found his dad equally upset because he had had a bad day at his work. Without saying a word, Mike handed over his exam results to his dad. His dad was furious and started to yell at Mike in extreme anger.
    Trying to diffuse the situation, mum exclaimed, “cheer up! It’s dinner time, we’re having spaghetti!” She settled baby Dan in his high chair for dinner.
    Finally the dinner was served. As Mike gobbled the spaghetti, he accidentally spilled some on his clothes. Dad saw this and thought that Mike looked incredibly silly. Suddenly dad started laughing and subsequently spilled some of his spaghetti on his shirt. Mike could not but laugh back. The only thing they could think of was… FOOD FIGHTS!
    So they both got their plates and started hurling the spaghetti at each other. Laughing hysterically, they smeared the sticky orange sauce on each other’s bodies. Mum entered the room and looked as horrified as if she had seen a ghost! The grown up dad and the teenager, Mike were throwing their food everywhere and the baby was eating sensibly!

  3. Grace Mernagh says:

    Today was one of the weirdest day in my life . It all started on annual test day when we do big tests and we get our results . I was so nervous and scared I thought I had failed the tests and got a terrible report . So we did all our tests sadly and I asked my two best friends how well do they think they did. They both said terribly just like me . I trudged home , opened the door and their were mum and dad . Mum, dad I don’t understand why are you both here ( they have very important jobs in the city so were never home ). Darling we are here to see your report ,saying it so slowly it made me look like an idiot ,she tore the report out of my hands and started reading. ” Huhhhhh !! darling we are so proud ! ” said mum . Why? I asked stupidly , but mum only said, because of your report . I looked down, it said, your daughter came top in both maths and english . 87% in english and 85% in maths your daughter is a stunning pupil always helping and always perfect . I sighed just like last year and the year before . Mum was so pleased she let me ring Hazel . Hazel has four brothers and three sisters so she had to nag , fight , shout , pull and frame her younger sister to get the phone . She asked whether I came top again ,I sighed she must have got the message so changed the subject .Then said excitedly guess what I got in the maths and english, I got 15% in my maths and 12% in my english . Better than last years though I got 8% and 10% and I still came bottom . Then I heard a shout and a scream from the receiver and she told me her brother had an accident and she needed to go . I suddenly felt a pang of sadness my life is so normal I wish something strange would happen to me and it did . I came downstairs to find out my mum was at the shops I told about it so dad said he would get out some food and they would have a food fight . We were hitting each other with food when there mum got home.She walked into the room and a huge plate full of lasagne fell on top of her . Dad and me just held our breaths but all mum did was laugh . So after ten more minutes of the food fight, we cleaned ourselves up and ordered pizza and watched movie ………………………………………………………………………BEST DAY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BS says:

    It may come as a bit of a surprise but there are millions of young people in the UK who would happily choose a burger over an apple, crisps over some veg and even a can of coke over a nice cool glass of orange juice. Ask yourself, are you one of these people? Do you crave McDonald’s and need it every day? Or do you just like the taste? The taste of fat that is. This is a matter of life and death. Indeed, eating healthily can reduce your chances of suffering from heart related illnesses, diabetes and the big one: obesity. Over 19% of children in year 6 (U.K.) are obese. If the way you look is so important, why continue to snack on crisps, chocolate and other kinds of sugary treats? Therefore, for the sake of your health, as well as your looks, choose a piece of fruit instead. It’s definitely not as expensive to buy a few pieces of fruit as to paying for the doctor who’ll be looking after you when obesity causes your heart to pack up, or the new wardrobe for when everything starts getting that little bit tighter. Go to the shop now or maybe even grow your own! If you don’t choose healthy food for a healthier body or a healthier bank balance then, choose it for a healthier mind. You could be even more alert in lessons, more active in PE. So there you have it, it’s been proved. As you can see and as you probably knew anyway, healthy eating is very important. Most of all though, it is about ensuring you are a fit and healthy when you are young, as well as being able to set an example for the youth of tomorrow. Make sure your not one of the obese army.

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