Task 65
14th October 2014
Task 67
16th October 2014

Where did Dad leave the car….?”


  1. Mason Rogers says:

    One sunny day we want to the shopping center but several hours of going through the isles we want outside after we paid for the shopping. Then when we came out, we easily got lost because of the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CARS THAT WERE THERE!!!! We were really frustrated, lost, dizzy, confused and annoyed! The first solution was to wait no. The second solution was to run no no no! The third solution was to wish we never came here in the first place nooo. Finally the last one was to…….. call for help yes. But our stuff was not okay so we had to do the same thing a loop!!

  2. “Look, I see it!”
    “No, no, we brought the other car.”
    “Oh… Look, there it is, see, it’s got the right number plate too – lucky I remember our number plates.”
    “Oh yeah, well done son”
    “Thank you, thank you”
    The next problem, dad and son faced was getting to their black, shimmering car that had just been washed. They had arrived at the Blue water shopping mall first, but hours later, their car was stuck! They had parked it in the very centre of the car park and people had parked around them, like the police surrounding a scoundrel. The pair of them only just fitted through the gaps. To add to this, it was drizzling, so annoying especially when it is light but constant, as it was at the time. When they did get to the car, they had to wait for hours, for everyone else to clear before they could even start the engine.
    Finally they arrived home and by that time, it was almost the son’s bedtime! The just had time to have dinner, have a shower, do all the rest of their evening routine, and get to bed, hoping that will never happen again.

  3. Denzel says:

    One day, I went to Lakeside (shopping mall). We parked on the 3rd floor in the parking lot. We went to JD Sports to get Huaraches and I picked the blue and white ones. My Dad said it was nice so we strolled to the car park to find our car. My Dad said he forgot where he parked the car. My Dad and I split up I went to the 3rd Floor and he went to the 2nd Floor. I took my phone just in case I find the car first. 2 HOURS LATER… we were still looking for the car until Super Mum came (my mum). She found the car easily. My Dad and I were bewildered by how fast she found it. After those hectic 2 hours of looking for the car we went home.

  4. Zach Baldwin says:

    Where’s dad’s car

    One sunny summer day my family went to a popular restaurant in London a posh restaurant as well. First my dad struggled to find a space and then we found one my dad nearly got beat to the space but didn’t. Soon after that we got in the restaurant.
    Later on we finished our fantastic tasting dinner but then a crisis happened and we forgot where we parked the car. We nearly had a panic attack my dad thought it got compounded or stolen.
    Soon after we started to look at the number plates on the cars to see if any matched my dad’s number plate then we gave up and met back up in the middle of the parking lot.
    A couple of minutes later we started looking at the colours of the cars to see if any matched the colour of my dad’s car we kept on looking for the colour black because my dad’s car is the colour black
    Then I had the idea to ask the man doing the cameras to replay the camera to 4 o’clock to see where we had parked and we saw our car and we parked at the very back of the car park.

  5. Lakshmi Janipireddy says:

    One ordinary day, ( Well at least I thought It was) I was about to go mesmerising shopping with my handsome dad, I don’t know why my sensational mum refused to come. Now I am here having the time of my extraordinary life. My wonderful friends will be stunned to see me at school tomorrow when I am beautiful!! I can’t wait. Well, I guess I can wait because I am playing heart-beating CHESS with amazing, spine-thrilling dad, I love this brilliant game because I always WINNNN!!!!!!!!!!After a few hours, we left to make our rough journey.To tell the truth I was sweating like a football player that has been practising for a month.WOW!Yeah,Yeah! That was a song I was singing to myself, anyway i thought of amazing shops like sport direct, Accessories,Tiger and my favourite CLAIRES. My large car ran rapidly through the parking place like an Ostrich. Then, after some drinking, buying, eating and buying and eating, well i think you get the point now but it was a lotus flower( the mall.) We were going to get and find the car however, I couldn’t find it at all!! Dad got apprehensive. All the cars were Nissans in the parking lot, not only that but dad lost his paper were he wrote the car number plate( awkward right, who carries a paper with a car number plate?) I got raged with anger that the walls of the parking lot were crying and weeping. I got F-R-U-S-T-A-T-E-D! Really, and i mean it. how on wondering earth are we going to find the car?………..

  6. Nihal says:

    Coming back from the funfair, I saw endless rows of turquoise, pitch-black and scarlet coloured cars. Fluorescent number plates were displayed on the back of the cars that glowed like torches. Our car was a hidden black leopard even though it was quite huge. We couldn’t recognise our car because most of them were a black tunnel, just like ours. We tried to find it as we knew the number plate.

    As soon a car ran off into the distance, we heard an almighty ‘Zoom!’ At last we had found our car and drove back home to our awaiting mum.

  7. Ashlee says:

    It was one boiling summer day and I suggested we go to the large, beautiful beach . We went to the car park and drove round to at least find a place to park. Just as we were about to leave , I suddenly, spotted a free parking area. Off my family and I went to the vast, golden blankets. We had our picnic baskets and up to twenty bottles of sun protection. After a few hours roasting under the burning sun we left. All of us started searching for our car in the crowd of vehicles. The car was hidden and impossible to find in this swarm. Where did we leave the car?

  8. Lana says:

    One bright day,me and my family were happily walking out of the supermarket,when Mum stopped. “Where did you leave the car Mark?” she asked. Dad started to reply,smiling awkwardly,”Ummm… I’m not quite sure,” “Uggh our lunch at Wimpy will have to wait.” Mum replied, looking grumpy. As we walked around, the different vehicles seemed to be a field of corn, but just colourful and bright. Annoyingly,the click click of cars unlocking filled the atmosphere. Would this day ever end?

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