Task 66
14th October 2014
Task 68
16th October 2014


  1. aryan nadeem says:

    On a summers day Jack swiftly bounced into the lake whilst holding onto a rope.
    the emerald green shimmering trees reflected onto the warm deep calm lake and the clouds disintegrated above Jack.He swung back ad splashed so loudly you could hear it two miles away and all you could see was water every where!
    You could smell dirty water wafting into your fresh nose.
    Jack was soaking and was cold on the way home!

  2. Vishalprajith says:

    On a hot summers day, Alex Rider was going to dive into the lake! Alex and his friends were on a school trip to the lake.He thought to himself for a second, then dived in!Well, I wouldn’t say it was a dive but rather a leap into the crystal-clear water.Just when he was going to touch the water,he remembered that he forgot his spare clothes! When he came out of the water he realised that he had a rope tied around him!Oh no!How did this get here?His teacher,Mr.Ross,had to try and get the knotted rope off Alex,while trying to bear the smell of moss,rusted leaves and weeds.After an hour or so,Alex was walking home with water dripping from his face and opened his door.Suddenly, all you could hear was shouting!Alex was getting told off by his mum!

  3. Sophie H-E says:

    It was an ordinary summers day when Terry went for a speedy walk on the wooden, stable bridge. When Terry had walked about halfway, his smelly foot got tangled in the mischievous rope trap. What could have done this? Who could have done this? Nobody knows!! It forced him over the rusty railings and into the brown, filthy, disgusting water. GOLP!!!! He came up from beneath the horrible water. “YUCK!” gasped Terry. “I have just swallowed some horrendous mold from the disgusting, ancient water YUCK- YUCK- YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!” exclaimed Terry.

  4. Aryan Nadeem says:

    Tightly, Brave Bob held onto the makeshift rope and prayed that it wouldn’t break, or it would be a catastrophe! GULP! Bob took a leap of faith into the mucky water. Unfortunately, it was not the rope that broke… it was that a tiny pebble tripped him and landed head first, with a SPLASH! Panting for his life, brain-dead Bob breathed incessantly, as he slapped the water around him. Depressed, Bob swam ,grumpily, to ground and shivering , like it was the Antartica, for the two hour journey home.

  5. Harley Taylor says:

    The rope swing

    They wouldn’t leave me, alone i had no choice, my hands felt clammy. Sweat trickled down my back as i slowly edged to the side of the bank, i gulped, as i looked into the depths of the lake, the frayed rope was shoved into me, it was horrible. The experience of this much tension made me feel sick as a dog. There was no option, i couldn’t back out so i held on tightly, i wasn’t letting go they pulled me back , the chanting began “DO IT!! DO IT!!” they pushed me and i heard a parade of cheering gushing past me …

  6. Gracie Parker says:

    How to do Front Crawl in Swimming!

    Are you needing some help in front crawl? By the end of this simple guide you’ll be able to swim like a pro. All you’ll need is a pool, googles, suitable swim wear, yourself and some positive mental attitude.

    Before we get started make sure a life guard is near by. Put on your swim wear and goggles, but don’t get in the water yet.

    Your first step to success is to stretch and warm up, this will avoid any injury or cramp during your session. Please refeer to http://www.graciesstretchguide@howtodothings.com to see how to stretch for a good swim.

    Enter the pool and hold onto the wall. Put your legs in the opposite direction and kick hard. You’ll need to do this when swimming as it will propel you along. Everything will come from your hips so there is no need for the knees to be bent.

    Your next step is to be able to swim with your arms. Hold onto the wall, again with your legs in the opposite direction. Don’t kick, but one at a time let go of the wall with only one hand. Put your whole arm behind you and then bring it over your head. Do the same repeatedly with both your left and right arm.

    Now you are ready to swim away from the wall. Put all of the techniques together and breath every two to three strokes.

    Once you have swum a length or two you’ll get used to it and realise this is the fastest stroke.

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