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16th October 2014
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16th October 2014


  1. Zoe olakanpo says:

    The Sweet Shop

    It was Sunday morning when my friends Josh, Charlie and I stopped in front of a magnificent sweet shop. IT WAS EXTREMELY COLOURFUL and was filled with different sweets. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. We ran madly through the shop like a hurricane,rushing and speeding for the incredible sweets. For a few minutes, I was filled with joy. There were swirly wirlys, gob stoppers and many more.

    We approached the isles of sweet filled jugs that held us staring in awe. Stealthily, we grabbed the sweet bags and filled them to the brim with delicious, delightful, delicate sweets and majestically marched to the tills to pay for them.

    “Oh No”, Charlie exclaimed. “Where is my wallet?” I turned to him and stared with eyes of stone because all the money was with him. “What are we going to do now?” questioned Josh. “I don’t know” Charlie replied. Disappointingly, with left the bags of sweets and walked out of the shop with our heads bent down in sadness.

  2. Joseph says:

    ”I love candy ”said Jake
    ”same here ”answered Harry
    Harry and Jake are best friends they do every thing together but one day after school it was a warm summers day .The hot shinning sun was shining.they went into Henry’s sweet shop and he had a full stock of yummy treats.Jake had £5.00 and Harry only had 50p.

    ”Jake” pleaded harry
    ”yes”ansered Jake
    ”can I please have some of your money? ”
    ”NO!!you can not”screamed Jake
    and then Harry stormed out of the sweet shop hopping he did not come across Jake in class the day after that.

    The next day came along and the day after that came and many days past they both found new friends but they both felt lonely when after school Jake, and his new best friend went to Jake’s house they went to the the sweet shop and the same thing happened the only thing different was Jake was the one with less money and it made him think how selfish he had been before and he know what he had to do the next day and that was to apoligise to his old best friend so the next day came and he apologise to Harry

    Then after that they would share everything they had with each other

  3. Grace says:

    I love sweets they taste really good.
    Some kinds really change my mood.
    Red sweets,blue sweets,orange sweets, white sweets.
    They are very special treats.
    Lollipops,bubblegum ,toffee and more.
    While eating these I could never get bored.
    At the end of the day I get many treats.
    Tasty,tasty yummy sweets.

  4. I stepped inside, I felt hungry immediately , and ran towards the counter.
    “Hello,”I said to the lady.
    “Hello,” She replied sweetly, and smiled at me kindly. “Are you looking for anything in particular?”
    “Well yes,” I said to her, and nodded. “I’m looking for sweets that you think are the best, even if they’re not the most popular in the store.”
    The lady wondered why the question as asked, but didn’t want to be rude, so she put a massive grin onto her kind face, and answered: “The sweets that I think are the best, are the magic beans.”
    “Magic beans?” I said. “Aren’t they the beans in Jack and the Bean stalk, that made the Bean stalk grow?
    “Hmm hmm.” Answered the lady, still smiling, “Why don’t you try one?” She said turning around to the piles and piles of jars filled to the top with sweets.
    I then spotted a Jar with a label that read:
    in block capitals, and looked like it had been written with a bird feather and a pot of ink! The sweets inside the jar were like tie-dyed jelly beans, all of the colours of the rainbow, and more! She handed me one. I looked at it, laying on my palm, thinking.. thinking weather it was a good idea to eat it, or not.
    “I wonder if it will make me grow, it would be nice as I am rather small…” I was also thinking.
    I popped it into my mouth, and there was a taste of, candy floss, then blueberry, and then apple pie, custard, strawberries and cream and…then I felt a tingle. It started running up my spine, up the back of my neck and then… I looked down. I felt as if I was tall enough to touch the sealing.

  5. OC says:

    Once in a village called Spits there lived a boy called Harrison, he was 7 years old. One day he got up and as a treat his father took him to HoneyDukes the finest sweet shop in the land with the most extraordinary sweets let me name some; mouth-watering melon drops, sherbet pinnacle pieces, and the best one of all, all flavoured beans that change flavour every minute. One time I was unlucky and got a vomit flavoured one. So we set off at about 10:30 to get there for it opening. When we arrived there was a whole crowed of people waiting to get in, they let us in around 11:00 when Harrison entered he didn’t know what to choose. Then suddenly he heard a voice begging for him to come closer he stepped forward but no one was there he emerged forward again but absolutely nothing, he continued to search around picking and choosing what he liked the look of. Then he heard it again, and again, and again what was happening.

    His mother came running in to hear what all the fuss was about and woke him up then he said “where am I” his mother replied “in your room” then he started to explain about the funny dream.

  6. Nancy Pitt says:

    sweets taste good to me
    sweets sound like children cheering you see
    sweets look so yummy who wouldn’t want to eat them if they could
    sweets smell to good
    sweets feel all nice and smooth,and make you want to move

  7. One sunny Saturday morning, two girls named Riley and Madelin went to they’re favorite sweet shop just to find it was closed so they ran home and told their mum she said they’re was nothing she could do about so the girls ran to the owners and asked if they could bye the shop they said yes. the next day they told their mum and they opened the sweet shop named Riley+ mads candy shop everyone love the shop worldwide they got paid so much money the business is still running from this day forward.

  8. Dylan says:

    Sweets, sweets how I love a good mouth-watering sweet,
    But they do make you hyper from your head to your feet,
    They’re so tasty and delicious and most of them are chewy,
    But the ones I love are the gummy bears, as they are really gooey!

    Crunchy Chocolate is the best,
    And with flying colours it past my sweet test,
    Marvellous Marshmallows, their surprisingly yummy,
    The sweetness is just enough to fill my tummy,

    Blue bubble-gum is what everyone tells me not to eat,
    But I don’t care because it’s still a special treat,
    Lovely lollipops are so appetising and great,
    But if you’re hungry it is the human bait,

    Now I think I’ve forgotten the main ingredient but what could it be?
    For when you eat this little bundle of joy, your body is filled with glee,
    I think I know what it is, and I’m gonna say, its sugar,
    But actually it’s happiness, just a little sweeter!

  9. Land of sweets

    It was after school, me and my friends stopped by to buy some candy from the sweet shop which had a beautiful bright colour. We travelled home and realized the amount of candy we had bought, I had no idea how to eat all of this on my own, since my friends are home with separate bags. I ate and ate, getting quite over-weighted. In the end I passed out, but then something woke me up…

    Suddenly, I found myself in a candy land, I jumped around eating everything around me. There was candy people who cheered for me and I gave them autographs with candy pens and paper. From the amount of sugar I had I once more passed out.

    I woke up in my bed, it was all a dream.

  10. “Clink! Clink! Clink!” went the mouth-watering sweets as they dropped into a roomy, glass jar. The Billericay sweet shop was ‘the most famous, most loved sweet shop in the whole of the world, it sold every type of sweet you could think of’ tangy popping candy of every flavour; powdery sherbet with a sticky, black liquorice; sweet scented candy lollies; hordes of multi-coloured skittles; exotic flavoured jelly babies – hundreds of sweets of all sorts.

    A girl called Zoe walked past the window, which was bursting with colour, just couldn’t resist but go in and buy something, “Ting! Ting! Ting!” went the bell as she walked in, the shop-keeper just carried on her job, only glancing up to see who it was. Zoe walked around the room in amazement, she saw something she really wanted, a pot of mint humbugs – her favourite! But it was very high up and the shop keeper was in the storeroom! What to do, what to do.

    Suddenly, she noticed that there was a wheelie ladder that was on tracks, she could push that to the right spot, climb up it and get them, then wheel it back to where it was. As soon as she had climbed to the top, she realised that she still couldn’t reach it.
    Balancing precariously on the top rung on her tip-toes, Zoe, accidentally knocked a jar, which set off a row of falling jars, all of them – down, down, down they went…

    All the delicacies were dispersed on the floor, with jagged shards of glass scattered in-amongst.
    The shopkeeper came dashing out to see what all the commotion was about and when she found out that there were smashed fragments of glass on her floor, she rushed out to get a brush Zoe apologised solemnly, but luckily, there was more in the store room in the store-room.
    Zoe made sure that she never, ever did something dangerous again.


  11. Raquel Martos-Orgaz says:

    Whenever you eat too many sweets you get that sick queasy feeling in your stomach. Why do we get that feeling? Why do we have a limit in our sugar levels? Why can’t sweets and sugar be something that we mainly need, like carbohydrates or the fibre in fruits and vegetables? Have you ever wondered any of those things? Well, if you have, let me tell you why.
    Sugary products are typically light on essential nutrients and heavy on ingredients that could lead to health problems. If you eat too much sugar your pancreas can’t metabolise that sugar into energy or something useful for your body. If this happens you may become diabetic. This will lead to a shorter life and not being able to do some things like eating any more sweets.
    So if you’ve ever had a dream or thought about eating all the sweets you can think of, push those thoughts away because being diabetic is a terrible result for anyone.
    Another interesting matter is the reason why kids are attracted to sweets so much. Ask a child if they like sweets and the answer would be almost universally a resounding yes! From the moment they are born children normally have a sweet tooth, preferring the sweeter substances. One theory is that biologically when we are younger we need more sugars and calories than when we are older. But that still doesn’t explain why older children are attracted to sweets so much.
    I asked myself, what is the first thing children like me notice about sweets? The answer is the colours, of course. Have you ever thought about how children judge food in general with their eyes and not with their mouths? When food is the colours they don’t like they think it will taste horrible. But because sweets are brightly coloured, and normally the colours kids are attracted to, they become a perfect match for kids’ tastes.

  12. Adam Hickey says:

    The Candyland
    I stepped inside the strange, antique shop reluctantly. “You go along my dear and see what you can find,” said my mum gently. So, I did what I was told and searched for intriguing things. Just then, I came across a glorious, marvellous isle of… SWEETS!!! I carefully scrutinised some odd looking treats, as if I was a detective. I hopped and jumped and leapt to and fro. Grabbing sweets gluttonously, I devoured them in an instant. Spiral, hypnotising lollypops, Extra, Orbit, Mentos and lots more lay on solid shelves neglected. I picked out some luscious, ambrosial sweets. Looking at all these heavenly treats made my appetite insatiable. I walked over to my mum elatedly and presented the treats euphorically. I positioned them onto the timber counter. The emaciated, phlegmatic shopkeeper groaned ambiguously, “thank you.”
    My mum called me, because it was time to leave. I didn’t want to go.
    Eventually, I sauntered out of the shop ready to eat the mouth-watering sweets. I had a lovely time.

  13. Tima says:

    I woke up extremely early this morning, doing my normal daily things that I do every morning. Suddenly, while I was in the middle of brushing my teeth, I heard a noise that sounded like it was coming from an ice cream van. So I ran outside like mad (yes in my pajamas) what was happening loads of people in my neighborhood also were outside their houses in their pajamas, pushing to see what was going on. We couldn’t see anything really that well so I ran onto the main street to see where the noise was coming from. It turned that that the endless, unstoppable noise was coming from… A new sweet shop in town. I tried to rush inside it, but, of course, they were closed (it was 6:00 am). I got changed at home miserably, nearly weeping with tears because I couldn’t wait for the sweet shop to open. Then, I noticed that on “the opening and closing times” on the table for today said that the sweet shop opened at 9:00 am today, straight after school. So then I had to pretend that it was a normal school day, even maybe a Monday (well, it was a Monday in reality). In school at first everyone looked dull and miserable in class, but at one point someone started talked about the sweet shop and everyone started chatting about it as well. People were talking almost non-stop once the conversation started. My friend talked about the sweet shop, the grumpiest people talked about it, you name it, almost everyone in the school was chatting. “Dring!” as soon as the school bell rang and we were allowed to go, I shot out of class as fast as the speed of light, barging anyone in front of me out of my way, I was literally the first one to get into the sweet shop, the walls were all surrounded by colossal shelves of sweets and chocolate. I had £1, now, what did I spend it on?…

  14. Denzel says:

    The Sweet Shop
    I love going to this spectacular sweet shop, It’s called Paradise Wines. It’s filled with a variety of different sweets and drinks. There is a sweet that I really like called Twangers. There are two flavours, The Deluxe Strawberry and The Sour Blueberry. I am quite fortunate because I live 2 minutes away from the shop

    Coming on to my next favourite sweet is actually Brain Lickers. There are three flavours, Strawberry (which is not favourited by many people); Blueberry (which is favourited by a variety of people including me) and Cola( which is my second best flavour)

    That is why Paradise Wines is my favourite sweet shop.

  15. Tami says:

    On one hot day in America, an independent sophisticated girl called Tiffany was reading a chunky book “War and Peace” (which was her favourite book). An hour later her best friends, Zuri and George, jumped inside her transparent window. “What are you doing here? I was trying to my book!” shouted Tiffany, looking frustrated. “We just want you to try something.”
    “Only if it’s healthy.” Zuri had her hand brimming with sweets. She knew that Tiffany hadn’t tasted anything sweet in her whole life. Then when Tiffany closed her eyes, and the sweets leapt into her mouth and danced on her tongue. “It’s amazing, right!” George said, while smiling. Crunch! Her mouth was filled up with excitement. When she had finished devouring the sweets, she started to get furious with Zuri and George. “Why on earth did you feed me marvellous and mouth-watering sweets?!”
    “I gave it to you because you had to taste the goodness of sweets. Do you want more? Come on, have some!” The persuasive voices of Tiffany’s friends made her shiver with fear, and she had no choice but to say yes.

    The next day, Tiffany had her own stash of sweets and started to gobble them all up like a beast. Will she ever go back to her old ways? …

  16. Mel says:

    How can anybody survive without sweets? Just looking at the beautifully bright sweets makes my mouth water. With such a variety of different colours, delicious sweets could just be my thing! From lovely lollipops to magnificent mouth-melting mints, it’s just wonderful! It fills you up with such bundles of joy that you just can’t miss out. Just feel the colourful candies dance happily on your tonge fills you up with laughter which lights up your day. Not to forget the tasty chocolate – it’s my favourite, with it crunching in my mouth makes me feel marvellous! Aah, it’s like sinking into paradise with an amazing world around you, something that makes you feel great. So I must say, sweets will have to be my thing!

  17. Hadassah Afolabi says:

    Sweets this is a poem about why I love sweets.
    Sweets taste good all the time ,
    Even with a squirt of lime.
    I like to eat them in the car,
    ( Especially my chocolate bar!)
    My favourite sweets are lolipops ,
    And I like to lick them from the top.


  18. olivia sinden says:

    Delectable cubes of joy, every one in a different shape, every one with a different taste. Liquorice, haribo’s and more lovely confections. Sweets, I can name so many, chocolate and smarties and so many more. My favorites, are lollipops and maybe um oh I can’t decide there is so many to choose from. Do you know, I could eat about 20 in a day they are so delicious, they burst with flavour they are so bright and colourful. Every time I pop one in my mouth they are so luscious.Chocolate when I start to chew the gooey chocolate dissolves in my mouth and then runs down my throat in a long frothy river of pleasure. The popping candy popped out of the volcano of sweets and shocked me when it jumped into my mouth, as it popped I could smell the sweet scent rising up my nose.

  19. Aran says:

    Michael Man was in his bedroom getting ready to go to the sweet shop. At the sweet shop he could see fudges dancing, Easter eggs singing like pop stars and jelly beans jumping up and down! When he put a chocolate into his mouth it started to curl up cosily in his tooth! Suddenly Michael started to nod off thinking about the marvellous world of chocolates, the woman at the counter snapped “Wake up!”

  20. Bee says:

    Sweet sweet
    You can rely on me to complete
    Love the ones that are chewy
    And the ones that are gooey
    I really have to confess
    That I make quite a mess
    It drive my mum mad
    I agree I am quite bad!

  21. Aryan says:

    Sweets… Like heaven on earth! Given by rewarding parents. The sweets pander my taste buds, as the confectionery is passed down to my throat, via my tantalising taste buds. Sweet sugar coats the treats; my mud brown eyes broaden, like a bulging frog seeing a plump, fat fly. The sweets looked like a wave of people waiting impatiently to enter a concert. From jelly beans to lolly pops, they all had something mouth-watering about them!

  22. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Honeydukes was the best sweet shop that existed. Strawberry laces slithered down the store’s neatly tiled walls, and marshmallows that were dipped in a mouthwatering chocolate fountain. During a mundane but gloomy day, Hermione walked past Honeydukes, and saw all of the succulent treats. She remembered that her mum had scolded her for being greedy, so she looked away.After a while, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore, and couldn’t resist not having a nibble. Hermione strolled inside, and the miserable place outside transformed into a world of colours. All around her juicy, irresistible sweets had welcome smiles, and were greeting her fondly.Suddenly, Hermione spied a tin labelled ‘UNKNOWN SWEETS’, the mysterious food was quite colourful, and lay untouched. Hermione decided that she would try it. But, as no one had tried them before, Hermione wanted people to know what she was going to investigate, so, in a loud and clear voice, she announced,
    ”I’m going to try the unknown sweets, ”
    Customers stopped shopping and stared at her, before edging away. Hermione took a deep breath, and popped a red sweet into her mouth.It was delicious. Not only that, but the sweet told her that it obeyed wishes.So, she said aloud,
    ”I wish to be famous for being brave, and discovering something new,”
    ”Your wish is my command!” exclaimed the sweet, and everyone gathered around Hermione, praising her with wonderful comments. Today, she is 22 years old, and still fights for courage.We must all bless her for being courageous and brave.

  23. Lana says:

    As I look longingly down, I can spot a huge heap of delicious sweets. I dive in, like I am an olympic diver, wanting to win a medal. The scrumptious jelly beans and smarties are smiling at me, when the glorious light shines down on them. It felt like a mad colour explosion! Pinks and yellows, purples and bright oranges all laugh in the yummy pile. My hungry taste buds can’t even imagine the lovely taste of these sugary delights. Even a dentist can not resist eating at least one. The fuchsia pink shrimps are swimmers, plunging deep down where no one can see them. Yum!!!

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