Task 68
16th October 2014
Task 70
16th October 2014


  1. Will Chow says:

    “Good morning Mum,” yawned Harry as he greeted his mum Jo with a nice, kind smile. “Good morning dear, how are you?” she asked smiling back at him “Oh yeah, good” replied Harry. He looked down at his shiny watch “OH NO IT’S 7:50AM I HAVE TO RACE TO THE BAKERY NOW. SEE YOU LATER MUM BYE!” He chased to his bedroom and quickly changed into his plain white baker suit then gave his mum a brief squeeze and ran down the stairs as fast as lightning. When Harry arrived at the bakery he started work, he thought that selling bread was pretty boring. Whilst at the bakery, Harry’s bosses Will and Max approached Harry (Will and Max are Harry’s brothers’) and said they wanted to talk privately with him. Will said in a very kind voice “Max and I have been talking and we’re decided we’re going to promote you to an actual baker!” Harry was stunned. “Yes we are because every day you never complain about your job and you’ve always got a great smile on your face when you sell our bread so that’s why we’re going to promote you to a baker!” said Max showing a joyful smile. “Okay that’s great but I don’t have one of those fancy baker hats’ I’ve only got a sales assistant hat!” cried Harry “Ah that’s what you think,” said Will with a sneaky smile he pulled out something white behind his back “Here you go Harry!” laughed Max and in Will’s hand was a plain, white, fresh baker hat. “Well then baker Harry get to work now!” said Will with his kind smile.

    When Harry got to his work station Will came over and gave Harry instructions as to what to do; Will said that Harry had to make some dough, flatten it into a pancake then make it into a piece of bread and throw it into the oven. So Harry got to work straight away and started to make some bread. After baking five hundred loaves of bread he started to pack up and leave.

    At home, after his busy day he sat on the couch and told his Mum Jo and his Dad Geoff:

    1. How he had got promoted to a baker.
    2. Made his first loaf of bread.
    3. His brothers had invited him to a meeting in the staff room.
    4. Made five hundred loaves of bread.
    5. Finished his work.

    So the moral of this story is if you work really hard and put a lot of effort into your work, you’ll get promoted to something good like Harry.

    The End

  2. I walked inside. There were whooshing and banging noises. Hands were inside pots of doughy stuff. They were making squelching noises as if they were walking on the thickest most ooziest mud on earth. I felt as hungry as a lion that hadn’t been fed for a year. I had been on the street for days and had had no food for hours. The dough was thick mud and the hard working people were literally servants.
    “Could I help you?” I asked. Nobody answered. Had they heard me, or did they not understand? I wasn’t sure.
    “Could I help?” I said again, a little louder this time. “Oh well,” I said,” I will just find a spot and help anyway. They clearly can’t understand what I am saying,”
    I found a bowl with some dough in it already. I didn’t want to make some on my own, I didn’t know how. I started to squidge and play with the sticky dough.
    Once I had seen my mum squelching and squidging dough, and so I knew when it was ready to be cooked. When the bits of dough around the bowl stuck to the ball that I was squelching, and the dough started to get less sticky, I picked up the dough, and found a rolling pin to flatten it out with. By this time I knew how I was going to use the dough. Pizza! Of course it was going to be pizza, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about it in the first place.
    When my plane had crash landed that day, I really thought I would starve. But I was wrong. I topped my dough with cheese and tomato sauce, and put it in the oven excitedly, and so excitedly, I almost had to start my pizza again!
    From that day, I have gone to that cooking place to eat, without paying, or getting told of by the workers, as they couldn’t speak to me!

  3. Messy Business

    Tomorrow, it’s my birthday! I am going to make delicious, funny-shaped, home-made cookies baked by me and my mum. We had already bought some self-raising flour, sugar, butter and eggs from the huge local supermarket. Mixing all the ingredients together with water very thoroughly, we made a soft, creamy dough.
    I put my hands in the squidgy, sticky, messy dough and squeezed it with all my fingers. It was extremely fun; in fact, it was my favourite part of the whole process. Squeezing the gooey dough, it looked like small fat snakes were slithering out of my fingers. It was a very messy business that even my little brother wanted to join in, but my mum wouldn’t allow him! Making funny shapes with the dough was extremely difficult and some of them turned out to be pretty ugly.

    Mum switched on the oven and I helped her with putting the funny shaped, unbaked cookies into the blazing hot oven. Luckily, I didn’t burn my delicate fingers (as I did the last time when we baked a creamy chocolate cake). Whilst waiting patiently and excitedly for the cookies to be baked, me and my mum played a game of snap.

    Mum took the perfectly baked, golden brown cookies out of the red-hot oven and it smelled really lovely and looked mouth-watering! My brother and I were so tempted to eat them that we could not resist stealing a few of them without mum seeing us. I counted the yummy cookies to make sure that there would be enough for all my friends at my birthday party.

  4. Naila Hayat says:

    The Woods

    One day Anna, Abigail and Tom Jenkins were playing in their room, when suddenly Mrs Jenkins, (Jo) and Mr Jenkins,(Peter) came into their room. They sat next to the kids and Jo questioned “Do you know why there are so many boxes around the house? and why some of your things are gone missing?”
    “No,”Replied the kids.
    “Its because, were,”Paused Jo,
    “Moving!” Shouted Jo and Peter
    “yes!” Shouted the kids

    The next day it was moving day. The truck came and they went away to their new home.

    When they got there after an hours journey all the kids asked to Jo “Can we please go and explore outside? please!”
    “Ok”Jo replied,
    “Yes!”Shouted the kids and they ran off.

    5 minutes later the kids found an endless ditch, and the other side there was a huge Forest. in the ditch was some sloppy light brown gooey lump running along, so they put it in an old plastic bag they found and rushed home with it.

    At home the kids went to their dad, peter and asked “what is this stuff?” But he was to busy working,then they went to their mum Jo but she was cleaning the kitchen, so The kids got a bowl and put the gooey, mushy and dull stuff inside. after everyone of the kids had a turn playing with the thing and then left it for half an hour, later it was all hardened up and Anna called out “This is clay!” and everyday they went to get clay and make sculptures.

    The End

  5. Shrey Biswas says:

    I pushed my hands deeper into the dough. I wish Mother and Father had been here to take me away. I imagined them walking through the door, holding hands and looking happy.
    “Come on Julia.” They would say “Lets go back-”

    “Day dreaming again?” boomed a deep voice. I looked up into the face of the ‘boss’ or so she called herself. She. ‘She’ hadn’t even told me her name.
    “I don’t know why I even bothered bringing this lump of poo.”
    I wished she hadn’t too. I thought the truth. Mother was running from bombs far away in London, and Father – He was on the front line of battle. Both of them could be seriously injured, or even – dead. Mother had thought it was to dangerous for ‘little
    baby Julia’. So she sent me away to a ‘kindly old woman’. Ha! Good one. I pushed my hands deeper into the dough when I saw the shadow approaching.
    “Get on with it.” She muttered.
    My hands got stuck. I desperately pulled at it, But it didn’t come out. Finally, it shot out and I reeled backwards. She was on me in an instant. “Why, you-” She pulled a wad of hair out of my head. I screamed. She kicked me back towards the bucket. I silently prayed “Mother, Father. Come, get me.”

  6. Cake

    As the rubbery dough squelched like mud between my aching fingers, and though I had been preparing this cake for what felt like hours , I knew it was what had to do and this gave me the energy to continue.

    The king , as mean and as evil as could be , was going to regret the day he sent my Father to fight his war. He was too lazy and scared to do it himself!
    “I’ll show him!” I thought to myself .
    You see the cake I was preparing was full of poison!
    So strong and dangerous that just one mouthful would finish him off!
    I decorated the cake with fruit and cream. I knew the king would like this because he was fat and greedy and wouldn’t be able to resist!
    I went to bed with a churning stomach but I would still give the King the horrible treat .

    The next day I served the cake to the king. He took two big handfuls and the cake was gone. How greedy!
    I turned and walked away , my job was done.
    As I went I felt so happy ( to kill the monstrous beast that used to be our King .)
    I skipped to the door hearing the King calling for help, but I carried on regardless

    A week has gone by and every one in the kingdom deep down was glad that their King was no more. Nobody knows how it happened , it remains a mystery to this day , and I won’t tell!

  7. Will Chow says:

    “This is a horrible disaster!” panicked Stan. “Our best baker Zeus is on holiday. What are we are we going to do?”
    “Gentleman I have an idea”, interrupted a figure rising from his chair. “I now know what to do, we will promote an ordinary worker to a brilliant baker!” “Benny I think you could actually be right but do you think this will work?” asked Ray the other boss. “I don’t know Ray old chap”, replied Benny. “May be it will, may be it won’t, we have no choice to do it.” Beep, beep, beep, be – “Uh is it morning already”, moaned Will with a tired face. “Well, better get ready for work”, muttered Will with a bit more happiness. The first thing Will did was to get changed into his fresh white baker clothes , then ate breakfast, after that he brushed his teeth and finally he looked into the mirror. Come to think of it Will hadn’t looked in a mirror for a long time. He had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, white skin and last but not least the silver birthmark. His dad said that if you had a birthmark on the back of your head you would be lucky. Anyway after staring at the mirror Will decided to make a move and head off to work. So Will left his house and hopped into his snowy, plain, clean, white car. He started the engine and vroom, vroom went the car. Vroom Will reversed the car and left the street and turned left. The white car was as fast as a leopard racing after its prey.
    When Will finally arrived at the bakery he jumped out of his car and walked to the store, he stopped and stared at the sign “Benny’s Brilliant Bakery”, the motto was “the best bakery building ever”. As he opened the brown door the smell of buns, bread and doughnuts rushed up his nose like horses galloping over a fresh green field of grass. “Hey Will how’s it going?” asks a familiar voice. “Sonny, hey Sonny I’m doing fine, brrr it’s colder than usual. Why’s that?” replied Will. “Oh you know seller’s get the cold, old, boring room where the special bakers get the warm, dry room” complained Sonny. “Anyway let’s get to work so the two boys started to work but the thing with Will’s and Sonny’s job was pretty lame the boys job was to sell boring bread and buns and they hated the room they worked in it was freezing! They wondered why the bakery had to be hot and cold. The two boys were working normally when suddenly their boss Benny came up to the boys and said “you two boys are fantastic at your job so I’m promoting s you to a proper baker!” “Wow that’s awesome, let’s go!” burst Sonny with excitement.” “Ok, but remember to work hard” reminded Benny. They entered the dry, warm room with nervous feeling and worried thoughts but they still felt confident. Benny guided the two boys to an empty station. “This is your station to make your own bread and baguette”, Benny told the two boys. “Er, Benny what is a baguette again?” asks Will puzzled. ” Sigh, baguette is a pencil shaped crusty bread”, replied Benny. “I’ve got another question Benny how do we make bread?” asks Will again. “Sigh, you make it like this”, replies Benny.
    First Benny got the ingredients flour, yeast, salt and water. Then he made some dough from the ingredients. Next Benny shapes the dough into a bread shape, and finally put the dough in the oven and heat it then take it out and ta dar, the bread is made.

    “Oh and here’s your bag of flour”, Benny tells Will as he hands the bag to him. “Man your bag weighs a ton!” bellows Will. “Well then better get started”, chuckles Benny with a smile. At first Will was absolutely rubbish but after a few tries he starts to get the hang of making bread and soon he is terrific at making bread.
    As it gets darker Will starts to pack up and get ready to leave. When he leaves he can’t believe that he’s made about 500 loaves of bread in one day! On the way to the car Benny gives Will a little chat, he says “well done Will I’m impressed I’ll look forward to coming tomorrow and making more bread.” After the little conversation Will gets into his car and drives home, as he drives he can see the bright lamp post lighting up the streets and the dark night covering the city with black blankets. When Will arrives at home he smiles and makes his way to the door.
    Finally when the day is over Will brushes his teeth and washes his hands from work and as he leaves he can hear the gurgly noise from the sink. When he gets into his pyjamas he puts his baker outfit away and hops into bed and finally he stares at the sky and believe it or not it looked like that the stars above him were dancing playfully in the moonlit sky.

    The end

  8. OC says:

    Hi mum called lily, mmm what have we got for breakfast, pancakes said mum proudly, that is if I can get this dough nice and soft I’ll help cried lily, eager to help because she was hungry and of course desperate to help her mum. This dough is sticky today isn’t it mummy, yes lily darling it is replied mum. Suddenly the dough rose to the ceiling bursting outside into the garden and stopped wow! We better get inside then. 1 hour later wow said mum that was a challenge mum can we eat now yes of course said mum. They ate happily and never had that problem again.

  9. OC says:

    “Hi Mum” called Lily, “mmm what have we got for breakfast?”
    “Pancakes” said Mum happily, “that is, if I can, get this dough nice and soft.”
    “I’ll help” cried Lily, eager to help because she was hungry, and of course, desperate to help her Mum. Lily began mixing the dough, first of all the dough went a creamy colour when they mixed the flour in. When they finished, it went an oatmeal colour. Lily kept mixing while her Mum put some baking powder in, then Mum got distracted by some birds outside! She accidently poured all the baking powder in! “Whoops!” said Mum.

    Suddenly, the dough rose to the ceiling, bursting outside into the garden and slowly stopped. “Wow! We better get it inside then.”
    One, hour later…
    “Wow” said Mum, “that was a challenge.”
    “Mum, can we eat now please?” Lily asked hungrily, “yes of course” said Mum.
    They ate happily and never had that problem again because from now on they were more careful.

  10. RG says:

    I saw mum getting stuck in with dough. Just then it sprang out of the bowl. They transformed into dough monsters! Eating and
    duplicating. There is no stopping them. the door swung open and mum was was worried. It jumped behind her back and ………………………….

    Right then laying flat on my bed, noticing that it was all a dream

  11. Mel says:

    Looking at the sticky dough, makes you want to throw your hands in to make some mess! You would hear the delicious dough make the sound of boots gliding in the most squelchy…oozing…and most gooey mud there is to be around. It’s unbelievable! As you push your hands deeper and deeper into the dough, you would start to get the feeling of it making you hungrier than ever. The icky mixture makes my mouth water with delicious thoughts. There were so many wonderful recipes to think of, it made it impossible to choose which one to make out of it! The tasty dough, which could make a variety of different and fantastic foods, is incredible. I would put it as dough is something nobody can miss out on!

  12. Aran says:

    Write Instructions How To Make Margarita Pizza

    1.To make a margarita pizza you need to firstly, obtain some dough and carefully place it on a baking tray.
    2.Next with a ladle pour three hundred millilitres of tomato sauce on this dough.(remember to flatten the dough using a rolling pin before attempting this act.
    3. Now acquire a packet of grated cheese from your fridge. Sprinkle only four handfuls of cheese on top of your dough. If there is a pinch more than this required amount the pizza will taste disgusting!
    4.Finally, get your baking tray and procure it in your oven at one hundred and eighty degrees for twenty five minutes. Once this time is up you have to take out the pizza from the oven and quickly place it on a ceramic plate.(the baking tray will be hot so it is ideal for you to wear oven gloves.)
    5. After you have put the pizza on your plate you can enjoy your: marvellous, delicious, scrumptious and mouth-watering pizza!

  13. Sofie says:

    Arepas are a bready treat for any meal and are simple to make. Arepas are common in Latin America(most of the Spanish speaking countries) and Spain. Here are some easy instructions on how to make them.
    arepa flour ( cornflour) 1. Gently stir the arepa flour, water and salt until there are no dry bits.
    cold water (drinkable) 2. Carefully squeeze it with your fingers until it becomes sticky.
    salt 3. Form the dough into small balls and squash them so they are no less than 1/2 centimetres thick.
    4. Cook them on a stove until they turn a crispy, golden colour.
    5.Cut them cautiously in half and stuff in a filling of your choice.

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