Task 69
16th October 2014
Task 71
16th October 2014

Back to School means……..


  1. Will Chow says:

    “MAX WAKE UP! MAX WAKE UP!” yelled Jo in an angry voice. “What? What’s going on?” stammered Max his round, brown eyes barely open. “What’s going on I’ll tell you what’s going on YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL AND IT’S YOUR FIRST DAY IN YEAR 4!” roared Jo looking really cross now and like a bull charging at a red cloth. “Okay, okay mum calm down I’ll get ready for school now.” Said Max his eyes fully open now.

    Ten minutes later “Okay mum I’m all ready for school now!” shouted Max at the top of the stairs looking all smart and tidy. “Okay honey get in the car now you’re going to be late for school!” shouted Jo starting her plain white car. When Max and his mum arrived at school she gave him a little advice to start the day:

    Advice 1. Be nice and kind to your teacher (even though you haven’t met him/her yet).
    Advice 2. Pretend year 4’s just like your last year even though the work is harder and last but not least…
    Advice 3. Have a really fun time!

    As Max walked into the school gates he knew that something good would happen today. His new teacher Mr Cornall was quite funny and kind, but the best thing that Max liked about his teacher was the sound of his laughter. It just made Max feel like he didn’t have to worry about a single thing and for the rest of his first day in year 4, it was a breeze. When Max got home he told his mum everything he had done on his first day:

    1. He took the register down to the reception.
    2. Then he was in the group that read first.
    3. After that he was also the first group to go outside for break time.
    4. Next he had his favourite lesson ICT.
    5. Plus he had his second favourite lesson D.T (design and technology).
    6. Max got in his lunch box a 5 fingered Kit-Kat.
    7. In maths he had a times table test and got all the answers correct.
    8. But the best part of the day was when he won the star of the week! (something where you work really hard and you get a little certificate).
    9. Max was invited to one of his friend’s birthday party.
    10. Home time.

    So Max thoroughly enjoyed his first day at school and if you’re going into year 4, my advice is don’t be worried because the day will be great.


  2. Shrey Biswas says:

    Ugh. Back to school. Don’t teachers ever give us a break?

    Ash, half term is a break, dumbo.

    Butt out Serena, this is my part. By the way, Serena’s my annoying – emphasis on annoying – twin. Anyway, as I was saying. Don’t teachers ever give you a break? Work after work, after work, after work, aft-

    I think we get it.

    I said butt out. So as I was saying, Arcen has already started to be seriously funny. I mean Mr, um-


    Whatever. Anyway, his looks could’ve fried a pancake. I tried that with my old one, winding her up when we were frying pancakes. It set on fire instead.

    Correction. It turned out to be the worst one. By the way, did I introduce my brother, Ash Annoying-

    She made that up. It’s Ash Fieron. And of course, Serena Fieron.

    -the most exaggerative person in the world. Also he loves me so much, he’ll dunk me in the nearest sewer.

    And by the way, your pancake was way worse than mine!

    How do I cook if my pan is outside, thrown by a certain somebody, Ash. I wonder who that was.

    Any way, back to the subject. I was put through gruelling hours of work, sentenced to life in the world of boredom, bores and boars.

    Boars are wild animals. And see what I mean about exaggeration?

    Mr Robginson even has gin in his name. It’s a sure sign that he drinks.

    I think he’s going mad.

    Come on. Not everyone is in love with their teachers, read every book before they are out and is a Know-It-All.


    So, summary of this bit – I hate Serena, Serena hates me, I hate school and Serena loves school. We’re one big happy family, right.

    Do I hear a hint of sarcasm?

    Yep. Yes you do.

  3. Back to school

    Back to school. The most horrible feeling I have ever felt. Ever, felt. Ever, ever, felt.
    “Get up! Get up Ruby, get up!” My mum was saying.
    “Did I ever go back to sleep, because it feels just three seconds ago I was saying that going back to school is the worst feeling I have ever felt.” I said, puzzled.
    Mum looked extremely puzzled too.
    “You must have gone back to sleep honey,” mum said to me,”But right now you need to get up!! She yelled.
    “Alright, alright.” I said. “Don’t worry, I won’t be late on my first day back!”
    I flung the duvet off my sleepy body and jumped out of bed like a champion high-jumper! I threw on my clothes and almost skipped all twelve stairs when I was going to the kitchen, to have a slice of toast! There was whirring and whooshing noises when I came (flew) into the kitchen. Maybe it was because my mum was making me a smoothie! Even better, a berry smoothie! I said a great thanks to mum, and legged it to catch my bus.
    My best friend Rosie had saved me a Seat.The morning had gone perfectly well, and just as I thought it couldn’t get better, I realised I had my favourite lessons today, art, drama, music, and D&T, with my favourite teacher, Miss Beth!
    When I arrived at school, there was an announcement in assembly.
    “Good morning all of you!” My headmistress Miss Maya said kindly. “I have an announcement to make. All who were expecting to do lessons with Miss Beth today, will now be taught by Mr Carnell, just for today, thank you.”
    “No no no no no no no no no no!” I thought. “That can’t be right… Well it mustn’t be right. Miss Beth is always in school. Oh well,”I sighed.” I have never met Mr Carnell, he might be nice…”
    Well, I arrived at drama. He was alright. Just alright though.
    I guess I was right. My day couldn’t get any better. Not better at all, just… Worse. Well, I arrived at drama, but instead we had p.e.

  4. Back to School

    Laying in bed the night before School I felt so sad. The past six weeks , where did they go? I love my holidays with my Mummy and Daddy its not fair…..I wish I didn’t have to go to School.
    I fell asleep feeling sad and teary. School tomorrow meaning home work, homework , home work!

    The next morning the alarm went off and I got ready with a big grey cloud floating over my head. I ate my breakfast , and even with my Mummy trying to cheer me up I couldn’t shake my feeling of sadness,
    I got into the car with a face like a wet weekend and all I could think about was maths, literacy, geography…..all boring stuff….no fun just work, work, work….,boo!

    I walked into the playground and sadly waved my Mummy goodbye….I couldn’t wait until home-time.

    “Hi Robyn!”
    I turned around and standing there was my two lovely friends Jessie and Ruby.
    We all had a hug and the three of us all started talking at once about what we had got up to and the fun things we had done during the holidays. Before I knew it we were laughing and teasing each other, and I realised it was great to see them again, and as I walked into class after the bell rang I realised I was smiling like a cheshire cat. Was I actually pleased to be back?

    The morning was really busy and I really enjoyed my maths and literacy lesson. I got everything right……result!
    Lunch time was great fun catching up with all my other friends and running around the playground in the sunshine…..actually being back at school wasn’t too bad!
    Then ‘Ding Ding Ding’ the bell rang for the afternoon lessons and before I knew it I was running back to my class room. History now, my favourite!
    The next hour or so just whizzed by…..and all of a sudden it was home time.

    I ran out of the playground and shouted bye to my friends and found my Mummy waiting to take me home.
    We drove home and I couldn’t stop telling Mummy about my day.
    Sitting back in the car thinking why I was worrying last night I chuckled to myself….I mean, the first day back and being back at school wasn’t so bad after all..

  5. Raquel says:

    Back to school

    Today the whole school reunites after a long holiday, greetings happily fill the corridors. Children meet each other with hugs and smiles, others groan loudly as they know there is a lot to learn. Most of them run happily to their classrooms, eager to start a new year of learning new subjects, while others sit nervously on their seats wondering, wondering how they will build up their confidence.
    As you step into the playground, you notice all the equipment is brand new. When you look around, faces light up as bright as little stars, every one of them wondering who will be the first to try it out.
    Another year has joined the juniors, and another has sadly left. We all hope the new year group is as nice as the one who left.
    We are in a new year now, everything has changed. Our new teacher is a bit grumpy but I guess it’ll be ok.
    We must get used to this new routine that we’re in. It’s sad that we had to leave our last class, because our teacher was as fun as we hoped.
    Then, all we ought to do is not be as loud as lions, not upset our teacher, behave and reach good grades. It’s not such a piece of cake, but at least we’ll try.

  6. “Bye mum!” screamed Libby.
    “Be good, impress your teacher!”
    First day in scary Year Five.Teachers talking,mothers meeting and children chatting.
    “Good Morning everyone, I am Miss Crews. First we have outdoor games, get your kits and get changed silently !”shouted the teacher.
    “It’s burning out here .”complained Libby’s best friend Lola,a lovely girl with Brown hair and beautiful Hazel eyes.
    As the lessons went by it became lunch.”I’m having Red band Spaghetti carrots and Apple pie.Yum!Yum.”said Libby quickly.
    “5C form three lines, Blue, Green and Red,please!”called the helpful, kind dinner ladies.We all enjoyed our lunch.
    “Next we will learn a song about the Vikings.” Miss Crews explained.
    “Mum i’m home!” “Guess what I had a fantastic day!I’ll tell you all about it”.

  7. Will Chow says:

    “Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’ve had a pleasant holiday and it’s good to see you all but tell me, who do you think is the most sensible and intelligent student in your class?” asked Mr Eastwell the head teacher. “The most sensible and intelligent person in my class is Will because he always listens to instructions and he always puts effort into his work,” replied Miss Whitfield. ” Miss Whitfield can you give Will and some other pupils some harder work tomorrow please?” asked Mr Eastwell.

    Beep, beep, beep, be- click “Uh not school today I wish I could have one more day because I am so tired!” muttered Will. He started getting ready for school. First he made his bed, then he got changed into his school uniform, next he went down stairs for breakfast, after that he brushed his teeth and finally packed his bag for the day. “Will, dear it’s time to go to school now!” reminded Will’s mum Jo. As Will walked out of his brown door the refreshing gust of wind streaked past his face like a motorbike racing down the road. “Man, it’s freezing mum I so totally wish I had one more day off school!” complained Will “Well stop complaining and get in this car now because you’re about to be late for your first day back at school!” yelled Jo with a worried look on her face. Will hopped into the white, snowy, plain, clear car with a nervous felling deep down inside his tummy. Jo started the car and drove off to school. Will’s car was as fast as a leopard chasing its prey and although it was bought two years ago it was still very clean inside and glamorous. When Will arrived at school he stared at the gate, he felt that deep inside his body were colourful butterflies swooping around. “Well Will good luck and listen to instructions ok?” asked Jo “Goodbye!” then she drove off leaving a trail of smoke behind her. As Will walked through the gate he glared at the sign in front of him Lincewood a super splendid school especially built for young children. As Will walked through the playground he suddenly felt like something terrible was about to happen. Like when he might put his snack wrapper in the bin the bin might walk off and he hasn’t learnt for a week or two so he’ll be useless at answering any question like what is a lizard and he’ll say it’s a animal with no legs. But the worst that could happen is that if he walks up to one of his friends and says hello and they just ignore him and walk off. Will was about to cry when suddenly a voice emerged “Hey, Will how’s it going?” asked a boy who was running up to Will “Jack is that you?” replied Will “Yeah it’s me you wouldn’t forget your best friend right?” smiled Jack “Come on we’re about to be late for class but I forgot where was class again?” asked Jack with a confused face. When Will and Jack finally arrived at class they sat in their seats and waited for further instructions. “Good morning children, did you all have a pleasant holiday?” asked Miss Whitfield “Yes!” the children replied “Well you now all have to do this really hard work,” chuckled Miss Whitfield “Come on!” groaned and moaned the children. When Miss Whitfield came to check how Will was doing she was surprised how much he had wrote, “Is your name Will?” asked Miss Whitfield with a stunned look “Yes my name’s Will,” he replied hatching a little smile “Wow you’ve changed. Over the term before half term you had shorter hair but now you have long dark brown hair and brown eyes, anyway you have changed your looks but you haven’t changed how great you are at working have you” laughed Miss Whitfield. In fact Will wasn’t having a rubbish day he was having a great day! When he was in literacy and his teacher asked him what was the definition of a particle he answered a particle is are the building block of the universe and he was also clever enough to give the teacher an example a particle is like a tiny, microscopic brick to build anything like dirt. But the only bad time of the day was when Will had lunch, he ate a piece of bread which was as soft as a stone! While it was playtime Will played a game called opposite, the aim of the game was to say a word that’s opposite to the other word (In other words it means someone say’s a word and the other person has to say the opposite of the word). Will beat the person by saying the word scorching but the other person lost because he said another word for scorching which was boiling but Will knew the opposite of the word was freezing. When school was finished Will was upset because he really wanted to stay at school for more learning; While walking across the playground on his way out Jack had a little chat with Will he said “So did you have a good day at school?” “I bet you loved it!” “Yeah I liked it a lot but when I woke up this morning I thought this day was going to be extra boring but it wasn’t,” said Will with a little giggle. As Will drove home with his mum he thought how his day would go tomorrow he wondered if it would be good or bad? When Will walked through the door he went up to his room and smiled.

    When the black blankets of sky, stars and moon were out Will started to get ready for bed. After brushing his teeth and putting his pyjamas on Will snuggled in his bed ready to go close his eyes, but before shutting his droopy eyes Will stared up at the moon with a mighty smile across his face. The thing that really made Will happy was when he looked at the moon it was round, huge, bright and had everlasting light and believe it or not the moon actually winked at him, so he closed his droopy eyes and drifted off to sleep.

    The end

  8. Ryan Wong says:

    This story begins with a boy called Sam,he loves school. At 7:00 he got up to get ready for school, and he done his daily stuff like brush his white teeth,have a cool shower. He went downstairs to have his breakfast. For his breakfast he chose frosted flakes, he enjoyed it. He went off to school in a blue shiny car.

    When he got there he went to meet his friends, they had a chat for a while. Suddenly the bell went and the children went into straight lines to go to their classroom, their first subject was mathematics.

    They went into their different classrooms and got started, Sam was learning about area. Sam got on with his work like the other children. After that he knew how to workout area. When mathematics was finished it was break time. At break time Sam went thud against the ground, he was a strong boy and felt fine but his wound did need healing. His next lesson was ICT.

    He enjoyed ICT because you can play games and write information and show it to the class. Since it was the first day they got to play games. Afterward they did science, he loved this lesson because they were doing experiments. He made a potion that made you laugh for 30 seconds, it looked funny when other people used it.

    Next was lunch, he had pizza, its toppings were cheese, tomato and pepperoni. After that they went back to class and made something that they could keep , it was a back to school sign.

    After that they went back to there houses and Sam was asked
    “Tell me about your first day of school,”
    “It was awsome we done mathematics,ICT,science and made a back to school sign”Sam replied.
    The end

  9. OC says:

    My School Life In World War One

    His head hung low as he walked into class, he slowly sat down. The day started lazily with a slow maths lesson and key skills, all he could concentrate on was the deepest black curtains you have ever seen. To him he felt like a minute was an hour and an hour was a whole day he felt like going to sleep. He hunched himself up into his chair. He looked up and saw the teacher Mrs Buff was tapping the cane on the side of her leg.
    He stared. He listened. What was happening! He never could have seen such a sight, it was slow but not now… A strange sound came from overhead, bursting into your ears, it echoed around the shaking room!
    The terrifying sound of sirens entered the classroom, the whole class leaped under their desks [including the teacher] to keep away from danger. He thought “I’m too young to die.”

  10. FC says:

    The day I dreaded, time to go back to school.
    My names Alex, and I hate school, I have no friends and our teacher’s so strict.
    I made sure I was late, as I slowly stepped in the class I heard some people chant rude things at me like: “here comes the weirdo”.
    “Are you all right loser?”
    When the school day was finally over I was begging my mum not to take me tomorrow but she said it was the law the next day was just as bad maybe even worse as the days passed the worse it became, it’s like living hell at the moment to me although I don’t know what other children’s lives are like I think my ones the worst.

  11. joseph gray says:

    ”Zack wake up now it’s your first day in year 7 you don’t want to be late now wake up”. called his mum. His blue eyes that sparkled and opened, wide awake with excitement “oh mum I love school it’s fantastic I can’t wait to get there I wonder if my teacher is going to be nice I hope he likes me.”

    ”Stop stressing i’m sure he’ll like you just try your best and everything will be fine”. Then Zack saw his best mate Garry, they had been friends forever they met in reception. When they got into school they found out they were in the same class then to make it even greater they got to sit next to each other.

    Then as the the day went on they had a wonderful chat over lunch and in some lessons they got some homework but none in others. Then as they all went home all of Garry’s friends came over to his colossal house and built a miniature campfire at night. Everyone all slept in a large tent and the next morning they all went home and all said we should meet up soon again.

    The End

  12. Joseph says:

    ” Will wake up it’s your very first day of year 4 are you excited?”
    ” yeah”
    ”come on then” shouted his big sister Jane who had long dark hair that shimmered in the sun.”come on then if you don’t want to be late.” Finally as Will walked down the stairs with his smart uniform on he said
    ”whats for breakfast?”
    ”full English” replied his mum as she prepared the food on the plate
    ”thanks” said both the children. As they arrived at school, they got out of their car to greet there new friends, The classes that will had were:-

    2.PE[his favourite lesson of all]

    so his day turned out quite well, he realised that he loved year 4 and his teacher was great. As he was walking home he thought about how he felt, he was so happy and joyful, he could’nt wait to tell all his family about his wonderfull day he had just experienced


  13. Back to School
    Today is the start of a new school year. I feel very excited to be in a higher class (Year 5) than the previous year. My mum woke me up really early in the morning because she did not want me to be late on the very first day of school. Tiredly, I got up from my deep sleep and sat up on my bed, stretching and yawning and wishing my holiday had not ended!

    Quickly, I brushed my teeth with my brand new, blue electric tooth brush(I have been asking for one of them for ages) and got ready for school.

    At school, everyone in my class was present today, which was very rare for us because usually someone is sick. Our new teacher, Mr Hummels told us to discuss on our tables about our holidays. Everybody was talking about their holiday’s, most of them went to Spain but my friends said that mine was the best because I went On a cruise ship to Italy, France, Germany and of course Spain, and best of was that my cruise ship had a swimming pool. All off my friends were jealous of my wonderful holiday!

    Together, me and my friends played Tag, where if they get you, you’re on their team. I was picked to be Tag. First I got Alfie easily and it was not long till I got Charlie then Charlie got Will. After about five minutes we got Mason and we all got Toby. I won the game because I was Tag and everyone was out. We had to go back into class So we lined up to go into class.

  14. FC says:

    Back to School

    As I slowly approached the doorstep, I knew my punishment, I was late.
    If you were late, you got punished.
    You got punished badly, you don’t want to be late.
    “BOB!” shrieked Mr Smith “hold out your hands!”
    That very moment, smirking, Mr Smith slowly picked out his cane.
    And … SMACK!!!! “AAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!” I screamed. The pain was creeping all throughout my wrists.
    The pain was dreadful.
    It was like a bullet crawling from wrist to hand from hand arm.
    Tears were streaming down my sweaty face.
    As I cried and cried.
    I hate my teacher, I thought why does he have to be so mean?
    Going round smacking people with a cane.
    He’s like a bully.
    No wonder nobody wants to have him as their teacher.

  15. FC says:

    As I slowly approached the doorstep, I knew my punishment. I was late. If you were late, you got punished. You got punished terribly!
    You don’t want to be late.
    I put my hand on the door handle and, taking a deep breath, opened the heavy door a little. “BOB!” shrieked Mr Smith “hold out your hands!” That very moment, smirking, Mr Smith slowly picked out his cane from his collection. This one was quite thick, a very long and vicious weapon.
    “AAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!” I screamed! The pain was creeping all throughout my wrists. The pain was dreadful, it was like a bullet crawling from hand to wrist from wrist to arm. Tears were streaming down my sweaty face, as I cried and cried, as I thought, ‘I hate my teacher, why does he have to be such a monstrous man? Going round hitting people with a cane.’
    My teacher is ruthless: he is a poisonous snake closing in on his prey, on all of his students. He is a bully; no wonder nobody wants to have him as their teacher. I don’t know why the Head Master allows him to teach at school.

  16. It was the first day back at school and we doing really easy thing today such as,
    1. times tables
    2. assembly
    8.guided reading
    home time
    that was busier than I thought it was going to be.

  17. Ruby humphreyss says:


    It was midnight. Lucy was waiting for the most important thing in her childhood to happen: to receive a good secondary school. She had chosen six schools and wrote them down in the order of favourite to least wanted. She had been waiting for this day since the beginning of primary school. Lucy had taken billions of tests to get into all sorts of schools like Grammar school. Her favourite Grammar school was at the top of her list. It was called Southend school for girls. She had adored everything about it, the girls there, the teachers, the building, everything. She was hoping that she would be able to see that school again.

                      “Lucy!” her mother called,”guess what!”

    “What is it?” asked Lucy,”Have they said what school I have? Or even what tests I passed?”

    “They have said that you have…Southend school for girls!” Shouted back her mother, waiting for Lucy’s excited reply.

    “Really?” Lucy gasped running into her mothers room.

    “Really!” Her mother smiled, and hugged her, happy for her daughter.

    “Well I just can’t believe it! When will I get to view it again? Will I get to view it again?”

                      Lucy was overwhelmed with the school she got. She couldn’t stop going on and on about it, but finally, the day came. It was time to move on. She said a goodbye to her lovely primary school, and thanked everyone who taught her there, but that wouldn’t stop her from feeling so excited about her first day at Southend school for girls. Lucy wouldn’t stop blabbering on for the whole school holidays about her exciting day that was still to come.

                       Lucy’s special day came. The first day back to school. Not her old primary school, but her new secondary school, that she new she would be much harder to say goodbye to, than her other school. Lucy put on her new school uniform, that she thought made her look very smart indeed.

    “Are you ready Lucy?” called her mum.

    “Nearly…Yes! I’m ready!” Lucy shouted back.

                       Lucy and her mother jumped into the car and pulled their seatbelt’s over their body. Lucy’s mother started the car with a twist of a key and zoomed down the lane, heading towards Southend school for girls.

                        When they arrived at the school, lots of kind looking cheerful girls were standing at the entrance, like they were at the open evening. Lucy kissed her mother goodbye, her mother wished her luck on her first day, and slammed shut the car door and headed home, waving as she left. Lucy walked shyly up to the girls at the door, and they greeted her kindly.

    “Oh hello,” the girls said, smiling,”Aren’t you Lucy? You were here at open evening.”

    “Yes, that’s me!” Lucy replied. She was the happiest she had ever been in her life. “Do you like this school? Are you happy here? Will I like it?”

    The girls laughed,”Oh we love it here, everyone is so kind and happy and you’ll love it too! I’ll show you the way to your first class.”

    “Thank you!” Lucy replied, and held the girls’ hand.

    “My name is Lilly, I will be guiding you around the school for a couple of weeks, just while you get used to where everything is.”

    Lucy was enjoying every second of her time at Grammar school. Even her worst lessons she enjoyed. Most of her worst became her favourites so she was happy at all times. She even made new friends, and went out with them sometimes, so suddenly Lucy’s loneliness of not having
     a brother or sister disappeared. Lucy doesn’t remember having one sad time at that school, apart from her leaving assembly. She cried and cried, but she new that happy times always had to end.

  18. Tima says:

    Back to school means…
    That we get new teachers and we start off fresh once again. Coming back to school also means that we get a new classroom and we also can recap what we did last year. If you’ve just finished Year 6 that also means that you might lose your friends or even your huge collection of friends as you could be going to different schools as well. When you’re going back to school this also means that you have to work harder than you did last year because teachers will expect more from you. You may even decide that coming back to school means that you will have better handwriting than you used to have because you’re growing up. You might receive a load of homework to do over the summer holidays so you are almost always educated.

  19. RG says:

    Uggh! Back to school. I have had an amazing time off, soon to be ruined as school is creeping upon me. Well not quite because we still have two terrific weeks left of the holiday. It is like the rain bursting out in winter. I’d better have an amazing time because school will come quickly. We’ll have to purchase new school things. It is so stressful even mum ‘s getting tired.

  20. Hadassah Afolabi says:

    Back to school!
    I absolutely love going back to school because I get to see all of my old friends and it gives me a chance to make new ones.’Year 4 is so exiting and I always enjoy exiting things.’said my best friend Nina.

    My new teacher is called Mr Edwards my form is 4NE and they say every year the children in 4NE are always well behaved.We started school on Thursday so we barely had any lessons and so we talked to the teacher about our new lessons and who we had for them.But normally we would have many lessons so we had to move around a lot so we had to travel light and be right on time for all our lessons.

    But any way I LOVE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hadassah Afolabi

  21. Mairyll Pacure says:

    Back to school means well going back to school , but it really has another meaning its to start a new fresh year to improve you grades and have more friends.Some kids dread about back to school with all the shopping and organising its just to stressful.

    The time it comes to back to school you’re grumpy and just think why do I even go to school?why can’t I just have a few more weeks.Well its great to back to school because you can be as smart as Albert Einstien when your done with it. I mean it is pretty tiring but take it from me it gets better you can start a new chapter and be a better you.

    So really back to school means learning more and turning a fresh new leaf despite all the whole work its all worth it because you could come out being the next president.

  22. Maia Clare Hattrell says:

    Back to school means more homework, waking up a lot earlier and putting up with the horrible school lunches, plus this year I’m going to have to do more exams and a lot more work (if your me this is not going to be a good year at all ! ) Anyway at least we have a lot more P.E , Maths and computer lessons . Actually I Kind of like all lessons but sometimes my teacher can make it really boring! Every morning a moan to my mum,” Why do go to school ?” ,but my mum always ignores me . At school I always feel left out because . Oh sorry got to go to school ( again !), Bye !

  23. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    By Sujana Tazmeen

    “Max! Max wake up! Max!” shrieked Jenny in an infuriating voice.
    “Why, whats going on?” Max muttered.
    “Whats going on, whats going on, I’ll tell you whats going on, it’s your first day of year four!” Jenny screeched.
    “Come down mum, I’ll get up” Max replied.
    Max got up, brushed his teeth and wore his uniform. Then he picked up his bag and groaned. School meant work, homework and home work. Max went to kitchen, where his breakfast was lain neatly. He ate and went to school.

    Max scrutinised the school gates morosely as the icy wind threatened him like a sharp knife. He walked gloomily into the classroom. However, the day didn’t sound so bad at all. There were Max’s favourite lessons, art, history, literacy and maths. Max enjoyed his lessons and went to lunch . Lunch wasn’t bad either. There was tuna wrap, potatoes and apple pie. Max ate his lunch and played with his friends. After break they had P. E. and then home time. When his mum asked him how his day was, Max just couldn’t stop telling his mum how great it was.

  24. Ammiel Richards says:

    Ammiel Richards

    That’s it the vacation is over!

    Now that September is officially here, we have to face the ugly truth — the summer has almost ended and it’s about time to go back to school! Of course there’s a lot more to going back to school than actually getting out of bed on a predetermined day and finding a place to sit (hopefully as far away from the teacher as possible). By now you’ve probably bought new school clothes, caught up on all the gossip and let’s not forget, finished all of those annoying projects they gave you to work on over the break. The worst of these pesky projects is, without a doubt, the dreaded “What I did over my summer vacation”

  25. Grace Woodcock says:

    Oh great, another term of school!!! It was the worst day of my life today because I had to go back to school another long term of hard work, and always being on the go, after a long 8 weeks of relaxation doing nothing!!! But I guess it has it’s good things like, seeing your friends and sometimes school really isn’t that bad. But also sometimes it is bad because some lessons are the most boring things ever and you have to do homework, and you have to work really hard.
    I hate and love school!!!

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