Task 73
16th October 2014
Task 73
16th December 2014


  1. Naila says:


    This story is about a Muslim festival called Eid-ul-fiter.


    Eid is a very special festival especially for the Hayat family.Sarah and Ahmed love Eid. first they invite their family and their mum applies mendi ( henna ) on Sarah’s hand. they make scrumptious and spicy food like : palow (spicy rice and chicken ), spicy roast chicken and chicken curry with naan bread and lots of salad.

    when the day comes every Muslim goes to the mosque ( a worship place ) and offers namaz ( a Muslim prayer ) and then their family went to Sarah and Ahmed house. there were lots of children to play with , so they went to play in the front room. everyone had lots of fun and the food was sooooooo! yummy , colorful and a bit spicy including the dessert matay ( an Indian sweet ). when everyone was gone Sarah and Ahmed had to tidy up.

    AND THAT WAS THEIR BEST EID EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Today is the end of lent and all we Christians can eat all we like. Firstly, having woken up, we bathe ourselves and wash away the sins, then we get dressed and start off to the church. Once there, we take our seats and as soon as the service finishes we go off home with the rest of the family to an immense 3-course feast.
    Tender, appetizing chicken in a scrumptious, salty sauce with a sprinkling of emerald green basil. Fiery red chilli peppers, golden yellow lemons and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar topping a refreshing salad made of crunchy lettuce leaves, slices of delectable cucumber and a handful of freshly chopped, succulent and crispy spring onions. Delicious egg fried rice topped by juicy green peppers. Barbecue spare ribs glazed in hot barbecue sauce and well-seasoned, ambrosial chicken curry accompanied with naan bread, followed by a hunk of melt-in your mouth Victoria sponge cake and a heavenly slice of American cheesecake. All of this was washed down with a hot tea and a sapid biscuit.
    Stuffed and joyful, everyone goes home and we clear up, then retire to our beds for a good sleep, jam-packed with wonderful dreams that only end the next day. As soon as we’re up, we’re out running, burning off all the fat and energy from yesterday’s feast and when we get back there is a mountain of plates, cups, glasses, bowls and all sorts to be washed up, but luckily, the family come round to help, having done their run as well. Once that is all finished with, the whole family gather round the T.V. and watch a celebratory film that lasts the rest of the day. Soon after, everyone disperses back to their own home and that is the end of pasca.


  3. OC says:


    My mouth waters,
    My tongue tickles in glee,
    My taste buds are screaming “feed me,”

    I open wide till my mouth hurts,
    Throwing the spoonful in,
    I cherish every little flavour,
    Every little bite,
    And chew with all my might.

    I chew for what seems about hours on end,
    Trying not to swallow,
    But whoosh I take a drink,
    And I swallow really hard,
    I cough and splutter for all its worth,
    Oh no I swallow,
    Don’t worry you’ve got another one hundred tasty bites to go.

  4. Lana says:

    I peered over the delicious food, my mouth watering in hunger. A sweet smell hung in the air, like a chocolate factory with its windows closed. Herbs and spices were scattered all over the chicken wraps, adding a lovely flavour. My hand reached out, slowly and carefully, nearly touching the meat. Unfortunately, my Mum slapped my hand away. Her face was a map of lines as she frowned at me. A few moments later, I turned my attention to the pasta. It was the bright yellow sun in a dark, silver bowl. Yellow tinted egg-fried-rice sat next to it. It was a feast, fit for a thousand Kings and Queens. Suddenly, a loud and booming voice spoke. “Eat!” it barked. My eyes were scanning the endless trays of deliciousness, looking for the perfect meal. A steaming plate of fir-tree-green vegetables and rice caught my eye. My hands shaking, I picked them up and began to eat. Yum!

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