Task 71
16th October 2014
Task 72
16th October 2014

Describe a night spent at a fairground. Make your writing as vivid as possible.


  1. Naila says:

    The Funfair

    “Bed time girls!” Shouted Emma and Amy’s mum, “Its ten o’clock!”
    “Ok,” Replied the sisters.

    One night later

    “Good morning everyone!” Shouted Emma,
    “And good morning back to you,”Replied their mum “Now guess we’re going today,”
    “I don’t know,”Answered the sisters.
    “We’re going to the Funfair!” Answered their mum to the sisters
    “Yes!” Shouted the girls
    “Now let’s get ready shall we,”
    “Ok!” They called out

    Ten minutes later, in the car.

    “Were going to the Funfair!” Sang the girls.
    “Ok, were here now!”said their mum
    “I’m going on the Ferris Wheel first!” Taunted Emma
    Emma went to the Ferris Wheel and when she got on, the whole Ferris wheel fell over and luckily, Amy saved Emma but were badly injured and they ended up in Hospital.

  2. joseph gray says:

    Fun in the sun!
    Unbelievable roller coasters!
    Never want it to end!
    Families having fun!
    Amazing times!
    Incredible rides!
    Rides as fast as a cheater!

  3. FC says:

    The Funfair

    It was nine o’clock, the time has come, his heart thumped.
    Time to go to the funfair, he had waited days for this event.
    The magical, shining lights were glowing in the dark.
    The sight was visible from miles away.
    Fraser stepped in the entrance, he ran to the Spiderman ride it was his favourite, they actually made a real explosion in front of you!
    He waited in the queue, 9:25 was when he got on (with his dad.)
    He loved the hulk too, it went upside down several times, last time some even lost their glasses in the river. Fraser’s dad a couple of years ago had to hold Fraser’s uncle’s hand.
    They had a firework display, and it was Disney themed.
    It was unbelievably brilliant, the fireworks were probably the best in Britain.
    We went to pizza express for dinner it was delicious.
    After that, we didn’t go on many big rides because we just ate.

  4. It was 11o’clock at night and the twins mum shouted”bedtime” ”OK” said Sabrina and Lucas said . Then next morning they all got up and went to the funfair Sabrina couldn’t wait because there was a boy band playing there called The Vamps she loved they’re songs so much. After the concert it was time to leave when everyone went to the gates they were closed everyone started screaming.Eventually everyone stopped and carried on going on the rides then suddenly they stopped no one screamed but people started panicking. suddenly the gates opened everyone ran out as quick as a cheetah. the manager took of is invisible cloak started laughing happy April fouls day everyone stopped and laughed.

  5. Dylan says:

    For my birthday treat, my best friend Danny and I were going to the fairground. I glared over at Danny and a huge excited smile covered his face. I turned over at my mother and her eyes were lovingly looking at me.

    “We’re here,” called the cheerful voice of my Dad, “Off you go and have a wonderful time!”

    We threw our arms at the door and pushed it open. We galloped like horses to the rollercoaster. In huge bold letters it said” The Intimidator 305″. I saw plastic bags and crisp wrappers flapping around like streamers. My face was frozen in shock at the immense height of the roller coaster. My jaw felt like it had fallen off. My body felt like it had just skipped a beat and squeezed like a vice by the throat.
    My stomach gripped with fear, like an erupting volcano. I glanced over at Danny, I didn’t need ask, his expression told me everything!

    We entered the crimson red cart with metallic bars. Thank God for these, we clung onto them for dear life. I heard my Mum faintly whisper, “This will be their first white knuckle ride.”

    The cart began to move. It was slow at first as we climbed up but gradually went faster and faster. It waited at the top, tension building up, when all of a sudden it flew down like a jet. It stopped in a few seconds, everyone was driven forward from their seats. We bolted off to the car and vowed never to go on a roller coaster again!

  6. Tima says:

    Today was the day, today I was finally going to the fairground. Mum called out “Come on boys! Today’s the day that we are going to the fairground!” I ran as fast as the speed of light to get down and pack my things for the fairground. Then my brother, Thomas, came darting down to get his things as well. It was eleven o’ clock at night; by now me and my brother would be asleep, but today was no normal day, as we were going to the fairground! When me and Thomas had packed our things we came out of the house and breathed in the fresh air. “Finally!” I screamed “We’re going to the fairground!”
    Once we got there it was already about twelve o’clock at night, despite the time about a million people were already there waiting for the main attraction to open, “The Death Spinner” Thomas and I were one of the first people to get there so we were extremely excited. “Ladies and gentlemen,” I heard a voice say “I present to you… The Death Spinner!” In a second the ground rumbled like mad and a huge machine split up from the ground. It was a huge glowing yellow machine that looked like a gargantuan claw. Thomas and I were the first people to go on so we were really worried about what would happen because we didn’t see anyone else go on it before. The man pulled the minute lever and I and Thomas started to get spun around like mad. People gasped at every second of the action.
    It seemed like ages before we finished spinning and eventually we got back home. “Did you find that good boys?” asked Mum “Y-y-yes, it was g–g-g-great Mum.” I replied queasily.

  7. Tima says:

    Today was finally the day, today me and my brother, Thomas, were going to the fairground. Suddenly Mum called out “Come on boys! Time to go to the fairground!” I rushed down in search of my things for the fairground. Straight after me Thomas darted down to get his things ready ready as well. It was nearly eleven o’ clock at night, by this time me and Thomas would be in bed and asleep, but not today, as today was no normal day, it was the day that me and Thomas were going to the fair! When we got outside I shouted out “Finally some fresh air!” Soon we got into the car and set off. Even though it was quite late at night people were still walking about and having fun.
    Soon we got to the fairground, when we got there it was about twelve o’ clock at night , the sky was pitch black and the only light was coming from the moon. Despite all of this, people were still in the fairground, probably because there was this awesome new attraction coming called “The Death Spinner”. There was a huge queue waiting for “The Death Spinner” to open. About five minutes after the queue had started people were starting to complain. Suddenly, a huge rumbling noise surrounded the fairground, people were worried when a gargantuan, glowing and bright yellow claw-like thing emerged from the ground. Once all of the rumbling stopped I heard a voice exclaimed “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “The Death Spinner!” I and Thomas were right at the front of the queue with a few other people. We got in and strapped ourselves, immediately the gigantic claw started spinning, people gasped at every second of this action. Eventually (what felt like forever) the ride ended and we went home.
    Once we got home Mum asked “Did you have fun today boys?” Soon I and Thomas replied queasily “Y-y-yes it w-was g-g-g-great fun!”

  8. Adam says:

    The Funfair
    As night grows darker, remarkable rides illuminate, making colours appear and dissolve and vanish and evaporate. Bright hues and dim hues shine gently onto the grey ground. Red, yellow, orange, white, green, blue and purple emphasise the entertaining, spectacular, splendid and superb sight.
    Amazing roller coasters whizz around briskly with petrified people screaming deafeningly, causing a horrendous havoc. Ferris wheels circling gradually, rides twirling like a spiral, entrances as bright as a button and sweet shacks have queues as long as a football pitch. Kids are absolutely adamant to go on every ride. Parents directing children and others having delectable, delicious ice-creams.
    Parents struggling to pull the energetic youngsters because they’re attracted to the flashes, acting like they’re hypnotised.
    Children leaving wretchedly after a busy and enjoyable day.

  9. Emma C says:

    The 1950’s, large, gleaming Octopus has eight, enjoyable, quadrilateral metal seats that spins me wildly one side to the next. I always dizzily get off of the seat looking forward at the candy floss stall then getting pulled away by my dizziness onto the ground. I crack open the candy floss bucket seal and I can taste the candy floss by smelling the sweet smell as it wafts up my nose. The moment I tasted it, “oh how I love candy floss” I said in my head while the candy floss was grabbing onto my cheeks. I was using my tongue like a sword to get it off, we were having a war! “oh no!” I screeched “It’s all gone!”

  10. Bella Savage says:

    At the funfair

    When I went to the funfair ………
    I first ran over to the ruby red roller-coaster. I chose a speedy one to ride on because I wanted to scream. The next thing I knew the roller-coaster zoomed up and up. It felt like falling when we came down. Then it stopped, we got off and walked over to the big wheel. We got on to it and it started. Up and up and down and down it went until we had to get off for the next person. Soon we went to the merry-go-round. My little sister and I sat on a white wooden horse each and then the merry-go-round started. We went round and round and got very dizzy, finally we went on the spinning tea cups and got even dizzier. On the way out we got some strawberry candyfloss. When we got home we fell strait to sleep because we were so tired.

  11. Sophie H-E says:


    It was an outstanding night at the beaming, gigantic, colourful fun fair. It was shocking. There were lots of different extraordinary colours, it was the most intense funfair I have ever seen! I wished we could go there every day instead of doing boring, ancient work. The first fantastic ride I went on was the monumental Big Wheel. I saved my favourite ride till last. It was the rapid Roller Coaster! I always go on the rapid Roller Coaster when I go to the charismatic fun fair.

    THE END!!

  12. Shreyas Nigam says:

    Mum decided that we would go to Winter Wonderland and the whole family of seven people so we could have a day of fun.Avidly,we got into the seven seater car with everyone in the car.We immediately jumped into the car and went off into the distance.Mum was chatting to people on her phone,Dad was getting ”carried away” with his driving and Grandma was asleep for the whole duration of the journey.Astonishingly, John secretly started fiddling around (my goody two shoes young brother).As soon as we got into the amazing Hyde Park I could hear people shouting and screaming vehemently like mad hatters.I was next in line to go on the roller coaster.I sat down on the smooth surface of the roller coaster’s seats with me suddenly nibbling the nails I’ve on my fingers ; my back sweating.Creak! I soared across the sky going up and down.round and round.I crash landed onto the ground ( well that is what it seemed like ) as my hair was a ferocious beast cuddling me.

    We then went to the hot dog stall but on the way I vexed John until he started complaining to Mum.The same nasty ”nag nags” and the terrible ”don’t do that don’t do this” came to me.I was later dragged away to the merry-go-round where fat John sat on the horses talking to it like a babbling brook.After that we granted a farewell to the extraordinary place and I soon decided to relate this tale to my descendants.

  13. Ali says:

    A fairground

    It was a scorching hot summers day: perfect for a day at the fair. The sky was dotted with a few fluffy clouds that looked like candy floss. The entrance to the fair could be seen in the distance and the long queues edged forward slowly. Customers were becoming increasingly excited and impatient as they took a few steps forward every so often. Faint music could be heard from beyond the tall gates with the occasional happy scream suddenly piercing the air. Closer to the entrance and the massive structures of the rides could be seen: a rollercoaster, a big wheel and a helter skelter.

    Below, younger children stood watching, eating their sweets and snacks. Ice creams wobbled perilously over the cones and dripped down their small fingers as they melted. Some munched on brightly coloured balls of candy floss. The strands dissolved on the tongue and the sweet sugar stuck to the teeth like glue. A few ate too much and complained to their mummies and daddies. Across from the queues for the rides, were the picnic tables, a refuge from the madness. Families, young couples and groups of friends sipped on drinks, applied sun cream or kept a vigilant watch on their children. One harassed mum, struggled as a pack of young wolves yelped and cried around her for a drink, a snack, to go on the tea cups, to go on the big ride, to go to the toilet, to go home.

    Inevitably, we edged closer to the best ride. We stared at the unsettled giant towering above us. Suddenly, we all said to go on the ride and, my legs shaking jelly, I climbed to the top of the stairs. We all got in and we all stared at the towering height below us. Then the announcer said” In three, two, one, GO!I braced myself for the worst.

  14. Aaron juhti says:

    As the lights from the funfair rides dazzled on my face. I gazed up at a majestic luminous horizon. I distinguished lots of colours like sapphire, navy, Cardinal, terracotta, viridescent and fuscia.

    The first ride I wanted to experience was the bumper cars, but my sister wanted to go on the bouncy castle. So we went on the bouncy castle. But it didn’t matter, for I was as lucky as a four leaf clover because I was at the funfair. So I happily yielded to my sisters wish. I thought to myself at least this is going to be a fun night because I’m also going to go on an amazing roller coaster. After the bouncy castle I went on the bumper cars. Bang! Went the bumper cars when they crashed. But sadly every ride needs to end.

    So within minutes the bumper cars stopped. But that was also good because now I could go on the roller coaster. So me and my dad lined up to go on the roller coaster. It took an hour to get on, but finally we embarked on the ferocious beast, my pulse was racing because I wanted to encounter this adventure, but simultaneously I was scared and anxious. The moment arrived for me to confront my fear as the harness came down. I held on for my dear life. But it was actually quite fun, how it swung and swirled. I didn’t know why I had been scared. Suddenly the ride stopped in the air, half way through the circle. It was stuck. My luck had run out.

  15. Sophie says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was amazing!
    My best friend and I went to the fun fair. It comes to my town every year. The fair has many rides including the Wheel of Colour, bumper cars, sky drop and more. My favourite ride was LOOP ‘N’ SCREAM. For the younger children there is a small play area and a circus.
    First, my friend and I went on the bumper cars – we were very competitive. Then we went to the candyfloss machine and bought a large bucket to share. I love the taste of candyfloss, how it melts in your mouth. Afterwards, we went on LOOP ‘N’ SCREAM (loads of times) and other amazing rides. I like the fair because of the vibrant, dazzling colours.
    We went into the circus tent and watched the performance. First there was a comedian clown who did many amazing magic tricks, and then a man walked a rope 30 feet high. Other amazing acts performed.
    Today was incredible!

  16. Ammiel Richards says:

    Ammiel Richards

    Walking towards the fairground was a thrill in itself – one that
    grew with every step. The night was cool but dry: perfect for a great
    night out! The fair wouldn’t be visible until we turned the final
    corner but already our expectations and the sheer suspense of it all
    were building to a peak. Sounds were already beginning to pour
    through the air, “Boom! Boom! Boom!” and laser lights were
    lighting up the clouds making them seem somehow unearthly and
    weird. We were going to have the time of our lives.

    Then we arrived. The first thing we saw, because it was so huge,
    was the big wheel. The blurb had billed it as the biggest outside of
    London and wow was it big! It shone like a circle of diamonds in
    the sky, spangled, bright and vivid. Surely the London Eye can’t
    be bigger than this? How can they transport something that huge
    on the back of a lorry?

    The next thing that hit us was a gloriously warm smell unique to
    funfairs: a mingling of frying hot dogs, burgers, fried onions,
    candyfloss, toffee apples and… diesel fumes! This was a delight
    for the senses: lights, sounds, smells, the thought of tastes to
    come… even the very air felt electric as if it was alive and urging
    us to take part. And take part we were going to do! As we looked to
    our left we saw the scariest ride we’d ever seen, “Hell’s Door” it was
    called. We’re for it!

  17. Charlie Nicel says:

    A fairground would be glorious at night, they might have: roller coasters which go as high as Mount Everest; bumper cars of every colour combination; a “BIG WHEEL” which is a King who rules over the fair and stands where you win worthless prizes.

    At the fairground you would hear music from all angles, see blinding lights, smell sensational
    food, feel exited and taste messy candy floss.

  18. Lana says:

    As I step into the bustling fairground, my eyes light up like all the other peoples do. The absolutely amazing ferris wheel guards over the fairground. It is ablaze with bright colours. Delighted kids run around like they’ve never ran in their lives. Popcorn flies through the air being a zooming ruby red red royal air force plane. I start hearing the triumphant cheers of winners, they are either choosing teddies, or hugging them! The sky is as bright as colourful fireworks. I can smell the tempting hotdogs as their irresistible smell wafts through the sweet night air. The sky is getting darker but no one cares. Everyone is smiling and cheering like the bright yellow sun that used to be beaming up in the sky many hours ago. It felt like the fairground was the best place in the world!

  19. Riya Jena says:

    I looked around in amazement as I stepped out of the car. The sound of cries of delight filled the night air, and nothing else except the whizzing of the ferry wheel and the variant rides were heard. Eagerly, I ran to one of the rides which looked entertaining. Sitting comfortably in the seat, I got ready for the ride. WHOOSH! I nearly fell back as the ride started, suddenly. All I could see were the lights on the other rides whizzing faster and faster. Soon, a whirlwind of colour like a rainbow was the only thing I could see and I felt quite dizzy. After a few minutes it stopped, and I was relieved, for I found it too fast for me. Me and my parents then went to have candy floss and hot dogs which I ate gratefully as I was hungry as can be. We had so much fun that I didn’t even realise the a few hours had passed. It seemed like it had been only a few minutes that I had been there for.

  20. Harley Taylor says:

    The Fun Fair

    The wind of the roaring ride gushed past my face as i stood in astonishment; I was desperate to get on and enjoy the thrill of the marvellous ride. From a distance I could smell a mouth watering aroma, it smelt like a candy dream land. I raced towards the sweet sent with my mouth open wide ready for the best taste I’ve had in a long time it, didn’t disappoint, I shoved it down as i waited in the queue, my dad stood behind me, trembling in fear as we approached the fling bing ming machine .

  21. Harley Taylor says:


    Finally it was here. After a year of waiting. The hipdy dipdy fun fair. As I trudged through a muddy field, the gleam of the powerful lights blinded me. I could hear the roaring rides and the screams trailing behind them. From a distance I could see a foreign lady selling sweet, succulent candy floss whilst the amazing aroma wafted around me. I was ready for my first roller coaster of the night – the fling ming bing machine this was my most favourite ride ever, the thrill of when you plummet from the top is like jumping out of a plane, the wind whispers in my ear. . . However this time it was no ordinary ride…

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